IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-04-20

Pupnikdid you try snes9x 1.40 Tak?00:00
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TakI thought that was just the stock source?00:10
Takhmm - my battery indicator tells me it's "Charging"00:11
* Tak is unplugged00:11
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tallihi, i have a new n800 that has fallen into the nokia screen of death00:16
tallihow do i resurrect it?00:16
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derfTry putting it into R&D mode after flashing it.00:20
tallihow do i do both of those steps?00:20
Pupnikyeah it's stock, just wondering how it runs on n80000:20
derftalli: Google.00:20
tallii have00:20
derfThere's pretty complete instructions out there.00:21
Pupnikyou'll need to #define LSB_FIRST00:21
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talliis there a flasher utility for OSX on x86?00:27
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fuelfiveanybody know what the file format is for the logo-nokia image in initfs?02:04
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fuelfive>>> print imghdr.what('logo-nokia')02:05
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nomisfuelfive: I'd suspect something raw. Do you happen to have the file online somewhere?02:06
fuelfivesure, hang on a sec02:06
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nomisok, that is too small for something raw.02:09
nomis800*480 would require 768000 bytes for 16bit.02:09
fuelfivewell, could be smaller since the logo only occupies a portion of the screen02:09
* nomis tries loading into the gimp.02:10
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Pupnikit's not gzip, not recognized by 'file'02:10
nomislooks a lot like noise when looking at the raw data, which suggests something compressed.02:13
fuelfiveor encrypted02:13
nomismaybe something runlength encoded.02:14
nomisfuelfive: kind of doubt that.02:14
kkitois it ?02:14
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fuelfivei thought bootsplash used a jpeg (?)02:15
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Pupnikwell tome is running in ncurses mode at least03:11
Pupnikthat annoying "return" bringing up the touchpad has to go03:12
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unique311Hi all,03:43
unique311I got Qt working on the Nokia 770 (ran the examples/widgets  example),03:43
unique311but I would like to start the application in fullscreen mode, without03:43
unique311the top and lateral desktop toolbars.03:43
unique311How do gtk based apps achieve this ?03:43
unique311this seems what the VNC client for maemo does:03:43
unique311well i didn't03:43
unique311but how true is this?03:43
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brentfudQuiet here06:29
brentfudTook a sickie today06:29
Taklol - me too06:30
brentfudWhere you?06:32
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brentfudTrying to get wireless usb going on my linkstation06:33
brentfudSO I have wireless for the n80006:33
brentfudI shoulda just bought a wirless router06:33
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unique311my attempt at fullscreening mtpaint tonight was a failure...07:17
unique311computer language i just can't do...07:18
unique311where'z everybody at?07:18
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AD-N770good orning11:26
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maddlerAD-N770: morning...11:33
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floriangood morning12:15
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* pahartik tried "handwriting" input method on Maemo 2.2, but it probably requires handwriting skills to be useful, much unlike "graffiti" on PalmOS12:57
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Pupnikunique311_: hey13:39
Pupniki have been getting crashes with my compile13:39
Pupnikhow was stability for you?13:39
Pupnikfor example drawing in brush mode and dragging the stylus off the edge of the paint area crashed it13:40
PupnikThis could be related to mistral's gtk2.0 implementation13:47
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knoppixhi there.13:52
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lardmanI see someone asking about checking the battery level from a terminal on the ml14:04
lardmanI guess he needs something like the tool mentioned here:
lardmanThe question is, is it legal to release this code ?14:04
lardmanah, who cares, it's online already:
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b0unc3good morning14:13
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Pupnikoooh enhanced xterm is so much nicer with Bitstream Vera Sans Mono - Bold14:24
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tigertyes it is14:54
zuh"enhanced" as in the maemo-hackers version or something else?14:55
tigertI guess that one14:56
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Pupnikyou can download it for mistral / it2006 zuh15:11
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zuhPupnik: I have it on my N800, was just wondering if there was some other version around...15:43
unique311_morning all15:46
Pupnik_morning unique311_ - did you experience any crashes when making large rgb canvases with mtpaint?15:51
Pupnik_actually please update me in privatemessage - i have to go ear15:51
unique311_no crashes at all..15:53
unique311_well work bound...15:53
unique311_i'll let you know later...15:53
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einariwould someone have an idea that is my memory card broken os would this indicate some other problem?16:13
einari[  206.098175] FAT: Filesystem panic (dev mmcblk0p1)16:13
einari[  206.098205]     clusters badly computed (59 != 50)16:13
einari[  206.098236]     File system has been set read-only16:13
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derfHI THERE.16:44
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keesjSTOP doing that!17:21
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Pupnikthere we go17:22
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Pupnikkeesj you gave me a link to avoid the synergy client carriage-return-bringing-up-onscreen-keyboard, but i lost it after accidentially killing my X session17:23
Pupnikdo you know any keywords i could search on? or have the link handy?17:24
keesjPupnik kees it is in kbdd maemo-gtk-im-switch osso-input-method17:27
*** korpios has joined #maemo17:28
Pupnikthank you... saved!17:28
*** fab_ has quit IRC17:29
keesjdev_uinput.c  there also has Keep screen actice code17:29
keesjit's not my code :P17:29
Pupnikwhat do i change to set input method to X / synergy?17:30
plaesis it possible to hide the icon in the hildon_wizard dialog?17:31
keesjmaemo-gtk-im-switch xim17:31
plaesat least API doesn't show anything :(17:31
keesjxim = x input method , that might also fix the x11vnc problem perhaps?17:32
Pupnikthat's it - just that one command... maemo-gtk-im-switch xim17:33
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* Pupnik bursts with happiness17:33
* zulla is still not familiar with n800 development.17:38
zullaboy, I'm so behind the times.17:38
zullajust curious: where to look for the public sources of the n800 bundled apps?17:38
zullaI wonder if it's possible for users to modify the n800 media player app with some small patches.17:39
* zulla is doing so much management these days, he hardly gets to do actual coding anymore.17:39
derfzulla: Well, the media player is based on gstreamer.17:40
*** mazzen has joined #maemo17:40
derfI don't know that the actual application code is open source, but gstreamer is.17:40
zulladerf: I just want to patch a few very minor enhancements into it.17:41
derfI'm saying, if those enhancements are to the stuff gstreamer is responsible for handling, you may be in luck.17:41
derfOtherwise, I wouldn't count on it.17:41
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zulla  and
zulladerf: yeah, I was wondering about the application's source.17:42
keesjzulla you can have a look there17:43
zullakeesj: Thanks! The player is in the deb package mediaplayer-ui, but its source appears not to be in there.17:47
zullaI'll ask Nokia's package maintainer.17:47
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zullaDarn. The package is closed source:
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keesjI heard that canola was anounced to become opensource17:54
*** polac has joined #maemo17:54
zullakeesj: Yes, "someday". I still like the original media player, despite the beautiful UI of Canola.17:56
*** booiiing has joined #maemo17:57
lsobralhi keesj, that's true it was announced during the bossa conference that canola will be open source17:57
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage17:57
lsobralbut it is still pending legal checks17:57
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keesjI did not really do a lot with my nokie lately17:59
zullalsobral: Great! What are the legal issues?17:59
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keesjat work there is no wifi and I did not setup a bt / wifi  or usb network up18:00
*** pancake has quit IRC18:00
keesjI would love to use the n800 in combo with canola on my desktop18:00
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:00
lsobralzulla, I don't know, I am just a programmer :)18:02
*** frodon13 has joined #maemo18:03
lsobralkeesj, what do you mean by using the n800 in "combo" with canola?18:03
*** korpios has joined #maemo18:03
zullalsobral: Could you note the "please store time position on stop & close" feature request for Canola, too?18:05
*** polac_ has quit IRC18:07
keesjlsobral: so in combo with my desktop , so I can stream etc18:07
lsobralzulla, yes we are taking this feature in consideration, specially for podcasts, where you may want to restore the last position you stopped18:08
zullalsobral: Thanks! It's highly practical for feature films, as well. I watch movies on my N800 while on the subway and can watch 10-20 minutes per ride, only. It's quite annoying to search the last playback position each time.18:09
lsobralkeesj, canola is not a media server, it is a media client, you  will be able to run it in your desktop too, but for consuming media not for streaming18:10
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bhima|n800Hrm. Wasn't there a package that let you get root without R&D mode? I thought I saw it once but I can't find it now.19:27
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*** bhima|n800 is now known as bhima|n800|drivi19:37
zuhbhima|n800|drivi: ssh?19:46
keesjlsobral My point was not clear. what I was trying to say is that the n800 is not very interesting without a connection19:46
bhima|n800|drividerf: ooh, thanks.19:46
keesjI did use a 4Gig sd card for a while. that helped :)19:47
bhima|n800|drivikeesj: did you put gcc on it?19:49
bhima|n800|driviok, back to driving.19:49
keesjno , media19:49
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Tak|workI'm a little surprised that mono wasn't mentioned at
robtaylorTak|work: well, all the technologies are one that are currently deployed and tested21:14
robtaylorTak|work: mono on arm's really a little young yet21:14
Tak|worknot even in the "Technologies we're considering" section21:15
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:15
Tak|workI had the impression that there was a stable, workable mono port for os200521:15
robtaylorTak|work: yeah, i'll suggest we add it, cos its pretty cool21:15
keesjI hope mono has a bright future21:15
robtaylorTak|work: well, there was an experimental port for os200521:15
robtaylorit did hello world, at least21:16
keesjI also did hello world on a s3c2410 arm21:16
keesjperhaps it was a 244021:17
keesjbut I had the impression people where doing graphical hello worlds :p21:18
keesjhow do I resove such issues ?
Tak|workpkg-config is not installable?21:20
keesjthat is what sbox is saying21:20
Tak|workisn't there some tool in sbox that will fake-install packages for stuff that comes preinstalled?  (like pkg-config) ?21:21
keesjalright , thankt , Yes hmm  .that is the last part of the install where they say it's easy !21:21
Tak|work"It's so easy, we didn't do it for you!"21:22
keesjIt's so easy , use the installer, look in , Copyright (C) 2006 Nokia Corporation This is proprietary software owned by Nokia Corporation :p21:23
keesjthe problem is that I still don't understand enough of debian to really be happy and understand what they are doing21:25
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siggersetting up scratchbox.  can anyone give me a little help installing rootstrap?  can't seem to find the i386 rootstrap22:02
*** CountDown has joined #maemo22:05
CountDownAnyone know which MPEG-4 audio elements are available for gstreamer on maemo?22:06
*** forcev has joined #maemo22:07
*** ilpanda has joined #maemo22:08
forcevhi, if I have installed scratchbox via apt and not the script does that complicate get up and running with the sdk?22:09
Ha2xRiCountDown: ex. dspmpeg4sink?22:10
Tak|workwell - have you followed the instructions?22:10
CountDownHa2xRi: Doesn't show up in gst-inspect.... are you guessing at the name or is that a known element?22:13
forcevI'm following the instructions, I'm just curious22:13
forcevI have a habit of breaking things22:14
Ha2xRiCountDown: what you are using? 770, n800, scratchbox?22:14
siggerforcev, you have the rootstrap for i386?  I can't find it.22:14
forcevsigger: I've just installed scratchbox22:15
CountDownHa2xRi: I'm on the N800.22:15
forcevim going one step at a time :)22:15
siggerheh, well then you're at the same step as me.  (though I did wget and tar rather than apt)22:15
Ha2xRiCountDown: is there v4lsink? i don't have now n800 device here, so i can't check it :)22:17
sp3000is there a diff somewhere practical22:18
sp3000diff(1) even22:18
CountDownHa2xRi: Nope, just v4lsrc.22:19
forcevsigger: what toolchain did you set up?22:19
*** vanhoofp has joined #maemo22:19
siggerforcev: mm, I think I got rs.22:19
siggerone sec22:19
*** krau has quit IRC22:19
forcevand that would work with Bora?22:20
CountDownHa2xRi: Basically, I'm just trying to add audio to an RTP video stream that QuickTime Streaming Server will understand.  I have the video portion working already.22:20
siggermm, I'm using the Maemo 2.1 tutorial on getting scratchbox up22:20
siggerisn't bora a later version?22:20
*** mazzen has quit IRC22:21
forcevyeah it's 3.0+22:21
CountDownThe folks at #gstreamer say that I'll need to build the faac plugin for Maemo, but I doubt I'll have time for that.22:21
siggerI'm setting up for 770.  that only uses the older, no?22:21
forcevI believe so22:21
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC22:34
*** CountDown has quit IRC22:36
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo22:43
*** slomo has quit IRC22:46
*** slomo has joined #maemo22:47
*** Milhouse has left #maemo22:50
siggerew, when setting up the rootstrap, I did sbox-config -cc and got "cp: cannot overwrite directory `/usr/include/asm' with non-directory"22:51
*** philn_ has joined #maemo22:52
*** jonnylamb_ has joined #maemo22:53
*** philn|home has quit IRC22:55
*** JohnMeacham has quit IRC23:00
*** JohnMeacham has joined #maemo23:00
*** jonnylamb has quit IRC23:06
*** jonnylamb has joined #maemo23:06
*** jonnylamb_ has quit IRC23:11
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:12 search is broken again :(23:12
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo23:12
* sp3000 is annoyed23:13
* sp3000 can't reopen the bug on garage23:13
Tak|workhah, has the search ever worked?23:14
*** s100user has joined #maemo23:16
Pupnikpocketsnes must be ported to nokia23:16
Pupnikthose jerks are getting full frame rates on a 250mhz arm cpu23:16
maddlerI should install dspam on our mail server...23:19
*** Bipolar has joined #Maemo23:24
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo23:25
sp3000Tak|work: yes, for the last two weeks23:27
Tak|workmaybe we need this:
*** djcb has quit IRC23:39
*** ilpanda has quit IRC23:47
Pupniki hate intel23:47
Tak|workwhy today?23:49
Pupnikevery day23:54
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC23:55
Pupnikread up on the 8088, read up on a20, read up on their israel fab23:55

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