IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-04-19

konttori_roope: Any ideas on the scratching of the n800 screen? I just removed the protection screen from it a few days ago00:00
konttori_Should I buy a new one or live in fear of it getting scratched?00:01
konttori_770 didn't get any scratches even though I never used a cover00:01
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roopethe n800 screen is similar, it's not scratching.00:07
roopeso no worries there.00:08
Pioif i hold my 770 at the right angle, i can see marks on the bottom corresponding to the keys on the on-screen keyboard00:10
Pioand they dont seem to wash off.. but they are very faint.. you have to have ideal conditions to see them00:10
Pioor non-ideal as the case may be heh00:11
roopecompare to the ipod which scratches if you sneeze at it.00:11
wazquisanyone had problems with calibrating the n800? I can't hit the second keeps saying i should tap closer to target 2...00:11
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konttori_Pio: Have you removed the protection screen from your n800?00:15
konttori_Because that scratches so easily that I have no idea why it ever existed00:15
implThe piece of plastic?00:20
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roopeI guess people would complain if it would be missing. :)00:24
Tak|workas long as the actual screen doesn't get scratched *through* it, it's doing its job00:25
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implUsually those plastic protectors are the first things I remove when I get stuff00:28
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Pupniki still think this is an awesome game for the 770
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roopeI guess you need the BT keyboard for it, right?01:12
roopeI've finished Ultima IV a long long time ago. :)01:12
Tak|workis that the same one that's on nes?01:13
roopeNES ultima is a simplified version, afaik.01:13
Tak|workoh, I'm sure01:13
PupnikEssentially yes.  I played through it on the Apple ][ back in... 84?01:13
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PupnikLooking into the music now.. might be easiest to play it back with libmikmod instead of going with timidity01:17
glassi haven't keeping up to date.. is there exult(ultima7 engine) port to maemo?01:21
Pupniknot that i've seen, the deb package wants "flex" so i didn't look at it much yet01:23
Pupnikwill also need a bit of UI work01:24
glassprobably.. there was port to zaurus few years ago01:24
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Pupnikevening unique31103:15
unique311i played with the preference in mtpaint...03:15
unique311lots of goodies..03:15
unique311everything pretty much work...03:15
unique311going to dedicate myself to learning how to hildon freaking apps..03:16
Pupnikcool, any crashes?03:16
unique311might take my lifetime...03:16
unique311no crashes03:16
unique311only issue03:16
unique311is when you use the tool ne\before the zoom03:16
Pupniktry making a new rgb bitmap 1024x768 or larger and draw in that for a while03:16
Pupniktool ne?03:17
unique311not sure what it is..but i learn pressing a this button release it on the train03:17
unique311so its not an issue03:17
unique311hold on03:17
unique311pan window03:18
Pupnikhere's my log of stuff for mtpaint03:18
unique311whats the button in the middle of the up down left right called03:18
Pupnikdpad select i think03:19
unique311yeah that releases  it03:19
Pupnikalso notice that some of the f-keys hide/show the toolbars03:19
unique311i learned that on the way home03:19
unique311which is cool03:20
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Pupnikcan you make fullscreen work first?03:20
unique311did you read the files in the directory03:20
unique311should be an easy hildon process?03:20
Pupniki didn't read much03:20
unique311well give me the link to the lines03:20
unique311and i'll find the file i need to modify03:20
unique311and compile..and see if it runs..03:20
Pupniknah i'm working on xu4 right now03:21
Pupnikgetting midi music working03:21
unique311the link you gave me yesterday for the fullscreen03:21
unique311i'll find it03:21
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unique311/etc/init.d/alarmd: line 1: whoami: command not found03:32
unique311[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] > which whoami03:32
unique311getting these command not found errors...03:32
unique311 /etc/init.d/alarmd: line 1: whoami: command not found03:33
Pupnikwhich whoami03:33
unique311i did03:33
Pupnikon mistral / it200603:33
unique311 /scratchbox/tools/bin/whoami03:33
unique311do i add /scratchbox/tools/bin to path03:34
unique311i did03:34
unique311and still not being picked up03:34
unique311ran fakeroot first03:34
unique311command not found03:34
Pupnikyeah in scratchbox it's there also03:35
Pupnikon my system03:35
unique311i added it to bash_profile03:35
Pupnikwhat is invoking alarmd?03:35
Pupniki don't have that in my scratchbox03:36
unique311well i did a dist-upgrade...and it won't complete because of the command not found errors..03:36
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Pupnikany audio equalizer possible in maemo05:39
Pupnikor does someone have compiled a beep-media-player, bmpx, audacious?05:39
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wasabiAnybody aware of any later Mono versions for bora?06:33
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Pupnikwhat's mono good for?06:38
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Pupniktrying to run Beep-Media-Player and getting06:48
Pupnikopen("/home/user/.Xdefaults-Nokia770-49", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)06:48
Pupnikbut that doesn't seem to be killing it06:49
wasabimono is a .net clr06:50
wasabiso, it's good for running .net apps06:50
Pupniki don't like microsoft06:51
Pupnikare there .net apps that you want to run?06:51
fuelfiveI'd like to modify the bootloader to show a custom image (instead of the default NOKIA one). I realize that this is crazy, but if I were crazy, how would I go about doing it?06:51
wasabiYes. I write them.06:52
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Pupnikwasabi: what's an example of something useful on a tablet written in .net?06:52
Pupnikfuelfive: dunno - check the initfs06:52
Pupniklooks like you're trapped into the 'being compatible with microsoft's latest non-standard' treadmill wasabi06:54
wasabiWhat are you talking about?06:59
wasabiGuess you must read ./ a lot. :)07:00
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Pupnikactually no.  and i don't know anything about mono except the nature of the company that made it07:03
Pupnikthat made .net07:04
Pupnikso... not really a productive conversation07:04
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Pupnikanybody know a media player with equaliser?  or a plugin for esd on nokia that can do equalization?07:07
wasabiI'm pretty sure that maemo doesn't run esd07:09
Pupniki know i just compiled and ran timidity MIDI player with esd07:11
Pupnik /usr/lib/
wasabilibesd, but esd itself?07:15
Pupnikyeah it's emulation07:15
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Pupnikbut i figured it'd be a likely candidate api for a third-party eq filter07:16
Pupnikif i knew more about maemo internals i probably wouldn't be throwing out such questions07:17
wasabiI *think*, but might be wrong here, that the sound goes through gstreamer.07:18
wasabiTo a hardware dsp.07:18
wasabiAnd I'm unsure if that gsp has also or oss.07:18
wasabiI doubt anything uses libesd.07:18
wasabiI'm suprised it's there.07:18
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Pupnikmaybe somebody's working on it for gstreamer07:21
Pupnikpersnally i think it's a bit of a waste since the fidelity of the sound on the 770 isn't as good as my cheapo mp3 player07:22
Pupnikbut i've seen a lot of calls for eq07:22
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unique311anbody up07:42
Pupnik_zZzjust going to sleep07:42
unique311still working on this fullscreen07:42
unique311i'm hurting07:43
unique311im about to call it qits07:43
Pupnik_zZzgood things take time07:43
unique3112 files main.c and windowmain.h07:43
unique311F that07:43
unique311googling my ass off..07:43
unique311and no help07:44
derfFor what, exactly?07:44
unique311where's all the devs07:44
Pupnik_zZztake notes07:44
unique311i just want to see if i can make it fullscreen07:44
unique311which i doubt takes muh07:44
derfI mean, what's so hard about that?07:44
unique311i think the file i need to mod is windowmain.c07:45
unique311i know..07:45
unique311#include <hildon-widgets/hildon-program.h>07:46
unique311#include "graphics/icon.xpm"07:46
unique311GtkWidget*  hildon_appview_new07:46
unique311i have this so far..07:46
derfI thought you weren't supposed to use hildon_appview anymore.07:46
derfIt's been deprecated.07:46
derfJust use gtk_window_fullscreen() and gtk_window_unfullscreen()07:47
unique311thats it..07:47
derfDoes the program use GtkUIManager?07:48
Pupnik_zZzi don't think so07:50
derfWell, then it won't help you to paste my code.07:50
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unique311mtpaint does use gtkuimanager07:53
Pupnik_zZzderf, are you aware of (potential) equalisers for gstreamer+maemo?07:54
derfPupnik_zZz: No.07:54
*** Lyndon has joined #maemo07:54
derfWell, pastebin doesn't seem to want to actually work.07:54
derfFound one that does.07:57
Pupnik_zZzwell derf, mtpaint looks really nice for a sketch program - the executeable is only 602kB07:58
derfRename gjiten_add_fullscreen_action to whatever you want.07:58
derfAnd call that function with the window you want to fullscreen, and the GtkUIManager that manages its menu bar.07:58
derfAnd it should add a fullscreen item to it that's connected to the fullscreen key.07:59
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Pupnik_zZzi remember Dmitry talking about having xml for some ui elements08:01
Pupnik_zZzbut i didn't see it in the source i have here08:02
derfI mean, I think it's overkill, but I didn't write the parser, and hey, it works.08:02
Pupnik_zZzderf, what do you think about using a dpad-select plus screen tap to simulate a right-click?08:03
Pupnik_zZzor some other button08:04
*** unique311 has quit IRC08:05
derfPupnik_zZz: I think that's fine. I hate having to hold the damn thing down to simulate one in other programs. It takes forver.08:05
derfAnd the timeout doesn't appear to be configurable.08:06
Pupnik_zZzit should be done in the application then?  not some hack like 'emulate3buttons' in kdrive?08:07
Pupnik_zZzit's so ubiquitous in desktop environments...08:08
Pupnik_zZzmaybe someone reading this at nokia will consider it for the next maemo08:09
Pupnik_zZzor device actually, since there aren't really free dedicated buttons08:09
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wasabiLooking for a way to test network connectivity from the nokia device...09:04
wasabito another server. basically would liek netcat.09:04
tigertyou can very likely just rebuild the debian package09:12
Veggennetcat is a non-gui program, and surely should be easy to compile?09:12
tigertor i dunno if it can be found yet from debian armel project09:13
tigertit surely is easy to build in scratchbox. i could do it but i am in a meeting right now with just the N80009:14
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keesjcool maemo-otg10:53
keesjhmm usb-otg :P10:53
JaffaMorning, all10:56
Jaffakeesj: ?10:56
keesjthere was a post about usb-host mode , and possible even "on the go" use host mode10:56
JaffaAh, haven't checked my mail yet10:56
*** fab_ has joined #maemo10:57
zuhToo bad it still needs a bit of HW-hackery10:57
zuhBut at least the power injection doesn't seem to be neccessary anymore10:58
*** koen___ has joined #maemo10:58
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*** koen____ has joined #maemo10:59
keesjhere I have a powered usb, while not on the nokia I can perform usb host mode10:59
Jaffa sounds very cool11:00
*** koen_ has quit IRC11:00
keesjcan only provide 100mA of power,11:02
*** koen_____ has joined #maemo11:02
keesjso at least there is some power out , is 100Ma enough for a keyboard?11:02
sxpertkeesj, and your battery will last about 10mn :D11:02
keesjI have POWER11:02
*** koen_____ is now known as koen11:03
keesjHi koen11:03
koenhey keesj11:03
* koen goes zzzz now (1 AM over here in CA)11:03
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keesj I still have troubles setting up a good sbox :(11:04
zuhkeesj: The page states that it will not be enough for peripherials, only to "drive" the host mode11:05
zuhAny particular issues with sbox?11:05
keesjzuh: no just incompetent user:)11:05
* zuh knows a handful of usual difficulties and fixes for them11:05
keesjthe installation scripts for sbox and the maemo-sdk are just not that good11:06
zuhah, those11:06
zuhI never really used them11:06
keesjperhaps I must do the same. you also used gentoo right?11:07
zuhI got my sbox from tarballs, and created the neccessary setup & targets by hand11:07
keesjI want a fully automated scripts to produce a clean system every time11:07
*** greentux has joined #maemo11:08
keesjthe problem is that I must have done something wrong :p11:08
keesjdh_make for example is not the right one11:08
*** koen_ has joined #maemo11:09
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maddlermorning all...11:42
maddlerJaffa: the upgrade worked pretty fine...11:43
Jaffamaddler: cool11:51
maddlerJaffa: yup... despite some minor glitches... like not being able to access VTs :)11:52
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo11:59
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*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo12:18
Jaffa has some better - more polished - screenshots of the Red Flag MID UI12:23
Jaffaroope should be pleased they've improved so much :)12:23
maddlerlet's have a look...12:24
maddlerdoh... Thunderbird 2.0 released...12:24
maddlerJaffa: the mail screenshot looks a lot like Sylpheed... ;)12:25
maddlerand Red Flag Calendar _is_ Dates...12:26
maddlerbeside that... it UI looks a lot lie iPhone12:26
maddlerand another question... is this Red Flag Linux linked to the Red Flag distro?12:27
maddlerI mean... there was a Linux distro sponsored by China's government, some time ago...12:27
maddlerbtw... sounds interesting...12:28
maddlerbeside the size...12:28
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*** Arm1n has joined #maemo12:47
roopelet's see12:48
roopethey're using the promise of open source all right, take the best apps.12:50
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC12:55
roopei like some of the parts, all right.12:55
JaffaMore developers hacking on Hildon, and Hildon apps, will be cool.12:57
maddlertrue... true...12:58
maddlerbright times to come... :D12:58
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initsomeone got a hint how i can remote my winamp with my nokia770 (2006)13:02
initjust can remote over VNC with is not the best13:02
initfriend got some software on his damn mobilephone who connects over bluetooth to winamp and he can remote it full.. (start stopp play show artits tracks.. everything)13:02
initits there also such software for the nokia770?13:03
zeenixinit: it would have been very easy if winamp provided some UPnP devices for that13:03
*** alump has joined #maemo13:08
*** mattsqz has quit IRC13:10
initbut winamp didnt?13:10
*** mattsqz has joined #maemo13:11
*** mattsqz has left #maemo13:11
*** kkito has joined #maemo13:22
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*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo13:43
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*** hmacht has joined #maemo14:11
*** dieguito-zzzzzz is now known as dieguito14:22
keesjHe kkito, how is the qt stuff going?14:22
kkitokeesj, is going ok, i must to write the tap.and.hold animation, and parse more vkbd keycodes to X keycodes14:23
keesjdid you try koffice or krita?14:24
keesjkrita is really getting great14:28
kkitokeesj, i didnt build koffice :/. when i finish to hack the qt i'll try.14:31
*** fab_ has quit IRC14:31
initfound a nice winamp remote thing14:33
init => WinAmp WebInterface14:33
initthis thing is great14:33
*** garrett has quit IRC14:35
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*** dvlahakis has joined #maemo15:08
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo15:17
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*** rodarvus has joined #maemo15:24
*** Pupnik_z1z has joined #maemo15:32
*** dvlahakis has quit IRC15:33
inithi there b0unc315:37
inithow im using btscanner on my nokia770?15:38
*** dvlahakis has joined #maemo15:41
*** Pupnik_zZz has quit IRC15:43
*** Lyndon has quit IRC15:45
maddlerb0unc3: hey dude!15:46
inithmm noone can helpme?15:50
inithow im using btscanner on my nokia770?15:50
inzinti, your questions tend to be a bit too abstract15:55
inzinit, your quiestion doesn't reveal your problem and thus it cannot be answered15:56
initsorry init15:58
initsorry inz15:58
initi downloadeded btscanner on my 77015:58
initbut don't know how to use15:58
initand i nowhere can find a howto or something15:58
initwhen i start btscanner then comes15:59
initopening OUI database.. reading OUI data.. finished reading OUI data..15:59
initbtsearch is not really more16:01
*** slomo has quit IRC16:04
*** jku__ has quit IRC16:06
maddlerb0unc3: it was you who asked me about an used 770 to buy?16:11
inzinit, are you running it as user or root?16:11
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:12
inzhmm, it actually works for me with either...16:12
initinz as root16:13
inzI really don't know, I just apt-get installed it and it works16:14
inzFrom both, xterm and via ssh16:14
initand what u run?16:15
initbtsearch or btscanner16:15
||cwinit: do you have bt devices nearby that are set to be discoverable?16:16
initmoment pleasse16:16
initgot my mobile nearby16:17
initbluetooth is activated16:17
*** spect has joined #maemo16:17
initbut btscanner gives no reply16:18
inzI get a window from which I can start search by pressing 'i'16:19
initopen xterm16:20
initsudo gainroot16:20
init=> Openening the OUI database16:20
init=> Reading the OUI database16:20
init=> Finished reading the OUI database16:20
initn'then u get back the console16:20
*** koen_ is now known as koen16:21
*** Guardian has joined #maemo16:22
initdamn =(16:22
*** fab_ has joined #maemo16:22
Guardianhello maemo16:22
*** pleemans has quit IRC16:23
inithello Guardian16:23
initgot a hint inz'16:23
inzno idea16:24
b0unc3maddler: ave :)16:27
*** sylvanthis has joined #maemo16:28
sylvanthishey, yesterday someone said that if i'd wanted to become root, i'd have to install ssh, but ssh root@localhost asks for a password16:29
sylvanthiswhat can i do?16:29
Veggenit's "rootme".16:29
sylvanthisrootme@localhost, or just rootme?16:29
Veggenthe password is rootme.16:29
sylvanthisok thanks :)16:30
VeggenNow, the first thing you do when you get root access, is to change it ;)16:30
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo16:30
VeggenNow that you've made it available from remote.16:30
sylvanthis:D yay16:30
Guardiangosh, everytime i drop maemo dev for a while, i'm facing big surprises at each release. tried to get back on my hildon input method plugin but the binary packages needed to run the example given on the wiki have simply been removed :(16:30
sylvanthisye :)16:30
Guardian, see
*** kender has joined #maemo16:33
*** fab_ has quit IRC16:33
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo16:33
*** pleemans has joined #maemo16:37
inithm when i try to install gpe, the msg popups i need some "programms"16:37
initwhere i can find all them16:37
Pupnik_z1zwill have to look into krita.  i see in maemo-developers that pressure information is available with XInputExtension - could this be useful for sketching (like mtpaint)?16:38
*** spaetz has quit IRC16:38
*** Pupnik_z1z is now known as Pupnik16:39
*** spaetz has joined #maemo16:39
*** pdz- has quit IRC16:46
*** Sonej^ has quit IRC16:48
*** fcassia has joined #maemo16:56
fcassiamorning/nite/whatever :)16:57
*** MarLaw has joined #maemo16:59
Pupnikmorning.  I'm seeing a fair number of requests for a media player with an equalizer.16:59
MarLawI tried some software on the n800, such as dsniff and tcpdump enabling before the monitor mode for the wireless driver, is it known to be working or not ?17:00
fcassiapupnik: you might be surprised to know that the folks at nullsoft once had an alpha level winamp for linux17:03
MarLawyeah I remember that too17:04
fcassiapupnik: I tried to convince them to release it (in fact I have the 32-bit x86 X binary on my HD) but they wouldn't listen. It was at the time of the Winamp 3 fiasco and then a lot of developers left17:04
fcassiaand/or were fired17:04
fcassiawinamp on my N800... snif17:05
fcassianow that would rule. :)17:05
MarLawI would prefer xmms than17:05
fcassiabut I'd just settle for Audacious (xmms with GTK2)17:05
*** dvlahakis has quit IRC17:05
MarLawwouldn't that be a possible (like easy) porto to Uildon/GTK ?17:06
fcassiaactually I'm here to try to find out how to get a build environment installed on my linux PC :)17:07
MarLawI've done that17:07
MarLawis pretty easy17:07
MarLawthey wrote the instructions very well17:07
MarLawor let's say, they did a good installer script17:08
MarLaware you on debian or a debian derivate such as ubuntu ?17:08
fcassiaAre you saying that this does everything?17:09
*** kender has quit IRC17:09
fcassiaor will I have to start chasing lib dependencies after the fact? :)17:09
fcassialet's try it...17:09
Pupnikaudacious and bmpx have rather bloated dependencies17:09
fcassiapupnik: probably :(17:10
Pupnikxmms doesn't compile.  i modified an older beep-media-player (which is based on xmms) to compile17:10
fcassiajust try openoffice ;-)) *joke(17:10
*** rkaway has quit IRC17:10
MarLawbut i don't get something, C++ is supported as C ?17:10
Pupnikbut it gets sigterm'd on startup, some problem with Xdefaults possibly17:10
MarLawbecause as I'm not an expert of C (but i'm ok with c++) and I was gonna give a try to python because of that17:11
Pupnikc++ works17:11
MarLawbut without template library ?17:12
Pupnikbummer fcassia17:12
*** rkaway has joined #maemo17:13
PupnikMarLaw: it's basically like an older debian distro17:14
MarLawdebian for sure is the one I know better but I'm not an expert .. I just want to develop something for it17:15
MarLawfor it I mean n80017:15
MarLawI've seen today there is something going on for the usb host , really cool17:16
*** ocnarfidW has joined #maemo17:17
Pupnikgood to hear, i'm not aware of anything missing for c++ development, but i can't make a statement that nothing you might want is missing17:17
*** Disconnect has quit IRC17:17
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo17:18
MarLawyou writing or porting something for the maemo ?17:18
bill20r3anyone know how to generate F-keys on a BT keyboard without them?17:18
Pupnikso far i've just ported/crosscompiled a bunch of apps without much attention to integrating into maemo17:19
Pupnikbill20r3: the buttons generate f-keys17:19
*** IrcNet has joined #maemo17:22
*** sylvanthis has quit IRC17:23
dieguitoanyone has got video calls to work?17:25
*** olafura has joined #maemo17:25
dieguitobetween n800 and a pc17:25
MarLawyou need a pc with windows with a camera otherwise won't work17:25
MarLawI don't get of which use that can be17:25
MarLawyou even need to send them invitation and is quite rubbish17:25
MarLawlet's wait for something better17:26
*** konttori has quit IRC17:26
dieguitowell i tried with a camera enabled pc17:27
dieguitonothing happened17:27
dieguitomaybe it was "in use"?17:28
dieguitoi'll try again17:28
*** IRCFrEAK has joined #maemo17:28
bill20r3pupnik, you mean the zoom/fullscreen/dpad/etc  hardware buttons on the N800 itself?17:28
MarLawbill20r3: yeah17:28
MarLawbill20r3: do you need them because you are trying it on osx ?17:29
IRCFrEAKhi I'm afraid I have a newbie question. I have an N800, and want to update the firmware on it. Can I do it from a MacBook(x86)?17:29
MarLawyeah IRCFrEAK17:29
MarLawI've done that17:29
Pupnikbill20r3: y17:29
IRCFrEAKwhat flasher should I use?17:29
MarLawthere is a flasher17:29
MarLawfor the n77017:29
MarLawthat works flowlessy17:29
MarLawon the n800 too17:29
IRCFrEAKoh the Gui based one?17:29
bill20r3marlaw, no, dosbox uses Fkeys for some of it's controls (speed adjustment, etc)17:29
MarLawyou can find it on google17:29
MarLawyeah that one, didn't work with you >17:30
IRCFrEAKI didn't see N800 mentioned, and got scared :)17:30
IRCFrEAKI'll give it a try17:30
IRCFrEAKis there much risk in updating firmware on this device?17:30
Pupnikbill20r3: you'll have to edit the dosbox config file to adjust those, sorry17:30
*** IrcNet has quit IRC17:31
Pupnikbill20r3: i basically found i had to tweak settings for each game17:31
bill20r3no worries.17:33
bill20r3I wonder if it'd run win3.117:33
MarLawanybody experimenting with the wireless ? I got kismet and tcpdump kind of working but not perfectly and dsniff works only locally (and without monitor mode)17:34
bill20r3kismet works fine for me.17:34
MarLawfor more than 10 seconds ?17:34
bill20r3runs fine, I haven't noticed any issues.17:35
MarLawwith me after a while the server (kismet is a client server app) goes down17:35
MarLawplus i don't see why if it works with kismet (because it does for at least a little) shouldn't work as well with urlsnarf and company17:36
MarLawcan I get the rep you used ? or you compiled by yourself ?17:36
bill20r3I'm not familiar with urlsnarf17:36
bill20r3let me boot it up and see if I can figure out where I got it.17:36
inithm.. its possible to sync my GPE Calendar with my .ics Files stored on a ftp server, or with SunBird directly?17:37
*** korpios has joined #maemo17:37
*** garrett has joined #maemo17:38
initThis is a small tool to handle the exchange between the gpe databases and the vcard, vevent, vtodo formats.17:38
bill20r3deb mistral user17:38
initbut think its not the right one17:38
*** saispo has quit IRC17:38
MarLawthanks bill20r3 , seems excatly the same version i got17:38
MarLawand i just flashed before with the last update17:38
MarLawdo you have tcpdump or dsniff ?17:39
bill20r3I haven't flashed to the latest.17:39
*** saispo has joined #maemo17:39
MarLawoh i see17:39
MarLawthat could be the trick17:39
bill20r3I have tcpdump&dsniff17:39
bill20r3but if I run them, my ssh will die.17:39
MarLawurlsnarf is just in the package with dsniff17:39
MarLawyeah if you are in from ssh17:40
bill20r3I haven't run dsniff before, but I think tcpdump worked for me.17:40
IRCFrEAKhmm when I try the 770 flasher it says "suitible USB device not found, waiting17:40
bill20r3the only wireless-sniffer thing that hasn't worked is doing injection w/ aircrack17:40
dragornMarLaw: As I've said lots of other places, the wifi drivers are very broken in the firmware.  It's a crap shoot if the drivers will drop dead or not in rfmon in about 10 seconds.17:40
bill20r3but I guess that's a driver problem17:40
IRCFrEAKit said the same when I tried it from linux with flasher-3.0 as well :(17:40
dragornMarLaw: Until that's fixed, there will be no official kismet package17:40
dragornIRCFrEAK: Unplugged from the power adapter, turned off?17:41
MarLawif i can help17:41
MarLawin anyway17:41
inithmm.. with which software you use the nokia770 as an organizer? calender contacts and stuff?17:41
dragornMarLaw: Can you rewrite the drivers?  Thanks. :P17:41
IRCFrEAKdragorn: yup. Just charged it up, unplugged from power now, turned off17:41
dragornIRCFrEAK: i've found it won't initialize to a flashable state if it's plugged in17:41
dragornIRCFrEAK: ah.  hm.17:41
dragornIRCFrEAK: that's all the help I had, I'm afraid17:41
MarLawdragorn: I can't17:42
MarLawIRCFrEAK:  try to change the usb17:42
MarLawwhile it is connected17:42
bill20r3has anyone built a connector for the serial port?17:43
IRCFrEAKtried that :(17:43
IRCFrEAKstill can't find it.17:43
IRCFrEAKI've connected via USB to copy files etc and that worked fine,17:44
IRCFrEAK:( *sob*17:48
IRCFrEAKdamn thing17:48
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo17:49
IRCFrEAKany reason it can't just update itself via the internet? Like most other stuff these days...17:49
*** jacques has quit IRC17:50
Pupnikyes, security17:50
dragorni'd disconnect it from usb, pull the battery, connect it to usb, start the flasher, insert the battery again17:50
IRCFrEAKwhy is security an issue?17:51
dragornMore design and how they did the initfs than security, any time you download some user contributed package you've thrown security out17:51
*** pleemans has quit IRC17:51
*** bergie has quit IRC17:52
IRCFrEAKseems like a feature completely missing IMHO17:53
IRCFrEAKah well, at least its open - it can be changed :)17:53
Pupnikexactly, which is why auto-downloading something is taking the responsibility for security away from the user17:53
IRCFrEAKI'd say at least being able to point opera at the firmware update file you want, confirm you really want to do it.... That seems fine to me17:54
IRCFrEAKno more or less secure than downloading it to your PC first then faffing about with a usb cable17:54
Pupniki suppose you could modify the app manager to do an 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' every couple of days17:54
inithow application i should use vor PIM????17:55
Veggeninit: I think gpe is your best option now.17:55
inithmm but its not syncable Veggen?17:55
VeggenBut the N800 isn't a good PDA as such, at least not yet.17:56
initi know Veggen, butt got the 770 and must use it as pda17:56
*** IRCFrEAK has quit IRC17:56
initand with functions and stuff i think sync must be possible17:56
VeggenWell. GPE can be made syncable, on the 770.17:56
Veggennever done it, though.17:57
init"can be made syncable" sounds good =)17:57
initsyncable with what?17:57
VeggenFor example Evolution, I think.17:57
s-ndh-cusing multisync/opensync17:57
VeggenThere are various descriptions how to do it, they're fairly manual.17:58
s-ndh-ci have done that , but somehow it doesnt seem to sync changes back17:58
inits-ndh-c with what u synced?17:58
s-ndh-cinit: with evolution17:58
initneed syncing with SunBird or .ics Files stored on a FTP17:58
bill20r3my bluetooth is always off when I boot up, is that normal, or should that setting persist across reboots?17:58
derfIt's never persisted for me.17:59
derfWhat pisses me off is there isn't even an icon in the systray thingy for you to click on to enable it, the only way I know is to go through the control panel.17:59
bill20r3yeah, it's lame.17:59
*** mazzen has joined #maemo18:03
*** fab_ has joined #maemo18:04
Pupnikhmm the abiword people do have an upstream hildonized version of abiword18:04
*** ocnarfidW has quit IRC18:04
*** axod has joined #maemo18:04
axodso is all the hardware on the n800 open documented etc?18:05
axodfree for everyone to use18:05
axodwhat bits are closed?18:05
axodand whats the legal status regarding reverse engineering them18:05
PupnikTI's OMAP18:06
Pupnikand other stuff, but that's why you won't see 3d accel on the n800 soon18:06
Pupnikbut IANAHE (I am not a hardware engineer)18:07
axodhmm ok, interesting18:07
*** ocnarfidW has joined #maemo18:07
axodso *nothing* uses that capability on the device at the moment?18:07
Pupnikafaik correct18:07
axodor does the media player do anything with it18:07
axodwhat a waste...18:07
Pupnikat least it saves us from the 'why won't oblivion run on n800' requests18:08
axoduntil someone re's it :)18:09
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:09
dragornThe 3d is closed, the wifi is closed (mostly - in theory it can be run with a prism54 umac, but I haven't been able to do it yet)18:09
dragornand I'd expect using a p54 umac would ruin the maemo wifi integration since currently wpa and other functionality is implemented at the driver layer18:10
Pupnikdragorn: know offhand if anybody has done an 8086 emulation core for arm?18:10
dragornOr rather, the 3d is nonexistent, theres not even a binary interface to it18:11
dragornPupnik: ew? :P18:11
dragornPupnik: Someone got dosbox running, I don't know about any optimizations for x86->arm18:11
bill20r3I'm waiting for usb host mode.18:11
dragornyes, usb host would be nice18:11
axodis usb host possible with the hardware?18:11
MarLawbill20r3: You can try if you want, there is a patch available18:11
axodoh kewl, that would be very handy18:11
MarLawin theory ()18:11
axodlol k18:11
Pupnikdragorn: yeah i've been testing various builds of dosbox for a couple of weeks, and i think an 8086 specific core could be a good deal faster18:12
Pupnikall i can do at this point is try to see if some of ssvb's optimizations for mplayer could help18:12
axodI'm completely new to this. I did a lot of work on re'ing the Archos AV3xx portable media players though18:12
dragornaxod: USB host is possible, however there aren't drivers capable of doing it18:12
dragornMarLaw: url?18:12
axodlooking forward to trying some stuff with this :)18:12
Pupnikcool axos, rokbox?18:12
dragornaxod: You may need to do power injection into the usb bus tho, I'm not sure.  The 770 can't power it's own usb devices, you need an external power source18:13
axodvery similar. Had to start from scratch though as the av3xx is very different hardware18:13
axodah ok i c18:13
axodstill could be very useful18:13
dragorni haven't read anything definitive about the 800 bus power18:13
*** fab_ has quit IRC18:14
*** kender has joined #maemo18:14
dragornthe 770 certainly works alright with external power on the devices, I got the wispy SA running on it, and did some wifi tricks with an external card18:14
MarLawgive me a scond18:14
*** Sonej has joined #maemo18:16
dragornFor most USB devices you need to connect the N800 to a powered USB hub. N80018:16
dragorncan only provide 100mA of power.18:16
dragornWell, that answers part of it18:16
dragorni'm not so sure about his cable mangling directions18:16
MarLawwell 100 mA should be enough for usb penns , right ?18:17
Pupnika few people have just wired up 5v batteries into their usb cable18:19
dragorndefinitely not enough to power a radio18:19
*** axod has quit IRC18:32
*** jpetersen__ has joined #maemo18:45
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC18:46
*** koen has quit IRC18:47
*** rodarvus has left #maemo18:48
*** init has quit IRC18:49
*** xan has joined #maemo18:58
*** olafura has quit IRC18:59
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC19:01
*** dvlahakis has joined #maemo19:03
Pupnikdosbox65 'simple' core crashes19:03
*** hmacht has quit IRC19:06
zuhNow the cat's out of the bag:
*** olafura has joined #maemo19:06
* Robot101 is in the announcement talk now :)19:12
*** jku has joined #maemo19:13
Jaffazuh: cool19:13
*** fcarvalho has quit IRC19:14
bill20r3where's the talk?19:15
*** sKaBoy_ has joined #maemo19:16
jkuYou mean gnome mobile? CELF Embedded Linux Conference, in Santa Clara I think19:16
jkuPacific time zone anyway19:17
*** slomo_ has quit IRC19:17
*** nhdezoito_adrian has joined #maemo19:17
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:18
*** slomo has joined #maemo19:20
*** koen has joined #maemo19:34
konttori_does anyone have osx ppc?19:35
konttori_I need someone to do just a quick test19:36
konttori_won't take more than ... like a few mins19:36
*** mazzen has quit IRC19:36
*** greentux has quit IRC19:36
*** koen_ has joined #maemo19:37
*** koen has quit IRC19:40
*** koen_ is now known as koen19:40
* Pupnik no have 19:40
Jaffakonttori_: not any more19:40
konttori_Oh, indeed, you sold it.19:41
konttori_did you get good money from it?19:42
*** sKaBoy_ has quit IRC19:46
tkothis is crazy:
*** tigert_ has joined #maemo19:56
*** polpak has joined #maemo19:57
*** koen has quit IRC19:57
konttori_tko: it was crazy stuff19:58
* Pupnik doesn't have flash - was it a hard video game level?19:58
tkoa bit harder than usual I'd say19:58
MarLawtko, what is the guy doing ??19:59
tkoMarLaw: watch it with sound on and you'll get it19:59
*** koen has joined #maemo20:00
MarLawyeah he's just playing the game20:01
MarLawwithout being good20:01
*** koen has quit IRC20:04
MarLawyeah its funny20:04
MarLawdef funny20:05
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:06
*** tigert has quit IRC20:09
*** fab_ has joined #maemo20:10
bill20r3Has anyone figured out how to pop up a status-box from a shell script, using dbus-send?20:15
Pupnikaha new rendering code in dosbox 70 has pointer-alignment problems20:18
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:19
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:19
*** _follower_ has quit IRC20:19
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo20:21
*** vivijim has joined #maemo20:25
*** NickDe has quit IRC20:34
*** NickDe has joined #maemo20:34
*** maddler has quit IRC20:35
*** maddler has joined #maemo20:35
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:40
*** maddler has quit IRC20:41
*** maddler has joined #maemo20:41
*** ab has joined #maemo20:47
*** tigert_ is now known as tigert20:48
*** florian has quit IRC20:52
* Pupnik gives maddler a donut20:52
maddlerPupnik: doooonut.... doh! doh! doh!20:53
Pupnikmmm donut20:55
*** behdad has quit IRC20:55
*** bergie has joined #maemo21:01
*** djcb has joined #maemo21:07
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:09
Pupnikone unfortunate thing about having mmc1 formatted as vfat is you can't do a number of unixy user-file permission stuff on it21:10
Pupnikso just dumping say some program's /usr/local/share stuff on there won't work21:10
*** olafura has quit IRC21:10
s-ndh-cPupnik: why not?21:11
s-ndh-ci mean you allways have full access to it21:11
Pupnikfstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0755, st_size=140737488355328, ...}) = 021:12
Pupnikstuff like that needs to be handled21:12
s-ndh-ci only have some librarys and executables there21:13
Pupnik/media/mmc1/usr/local/share# du -s tome/21:14
Pupnik34336   tome21:14
*** RealNitro has joined #maemo21:16
fuelfivekonttori_: I have osx ppc21:17
konttori_cool. Could you please try Media Converter from here:
konttori_It's supposed to be universal binary, but I'm not sure if it works in ppc21:18
fuelfivehmmm... ok, in initfs, there's a /usr/share/images/logo-nokia file, but I can't figure out what format it is21:18
konttori_Unzip it, open the containing media converter.21:18
fuelfiveuh, intel?21:18
fuelfivei have ppc21:18
fuelfiveoh wait21:19
konttori_Yeah, as I said, I just call it intel just to make sure21:19
fuelfivedidn't read your messages after the url21:19
konttori_Ok, after it opens, try to convert (make a 30 sec preview) of any video21:19
konttori_You can drag 'n' drop a video there.21:19
konttori_and tell me what happens.21:20
fuelfiveok, seems to be converting21:20
fuelfivefile progress is filling up21:20
konttori_cool. So, it works as universal binary. great!21:20
konttori_Phew. No I don't even have to worry about ppc/intel stuff. ALl should just *work* (like always on a mac)21:21
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC21:21
fuelfiveheh, this is clearly a UI designed by a coder21:21
*** kender has quit IRC21:21
konttori_;) indeed.21:21
konttori_Hey, if you could also do me a favor and download 480p video from of 300 (a trailer) and try converting that. It would be great21:22
fuelfivepaste a direct download link here and I'll do it21:23
*** koen has joined #maemo21:24
*** qos has joined #maemo21:30
*** philn|home has joined #maemo21:30
*** philn_ has quit IRC21:34
Pupniktimidity is fun on n77021:34
Pupnikthose .MIDI files take up no space21:35
*** Sonej has quit IRC21:36
*** rvalles has quit IRC21:39
fuelfivekonttori_: that downloads as like a 3kb file21:40
fcassiatimidity on the n800??? now thats nice21:41
konttori_ah. umm... Try from here:
*** __shawn has quit IRC21:41
konttori_DL the 480p version and save it to desktop once it has been loaded completely in quicktime21:41
fuelfiveI just did that21:41
fuelfiveand it had the same problem21:41
fcassiawget is your friend21:41
fuelfivenot installed, and i don't feel like using darwinports to install :P21:42
fuelfiveit worked on the original file I used (a decent sized trailer for Bioshock)21:42
konttori_Ok, no probs. I'll just assume that if it works on my intel mac mini, it works the same way on PPC. Thanks for helping me out on that one!21:43
fuelfiveno prob21:44
*** rvalles has joined #maemo21:49
*** behdad has joined #maemo21:50
*** olafura has joined #maemo21:53
*** RealNitro has quit IRC21:58
*** dolske has quit IRC21:59
*** RealNitro has joined #maemo22:08
*** fuelfive has quit IRC22:15
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:20
*** koen has quit IRC22:22
*** qos_ has joined #maemo22:25
Pupniki'm an idiot, i forgot how to start up matchbox-window manager (whatever) in scratchbox22:26
Pupnikanybody around remember this offhand?22:26
`0660af<tab>22:27 start22:27
*** chelli has joined #maemo22:31
*** konttori_ has quit IRC22:41
*** qos has quit IRC22:43
*** Sonej has joined #maemo22:48
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo22:57
*** ocnarfidW has quit IRC23:00
*** renatofilho has quit IRC23:11
*** s100user has joined #maemo23:15
*** s100user has left #maemo23:21
*** fcarvalho has joined #maemo23:27
*** xan has quit IRC23:34
*** koen has joined #maemo23:35
*** fuelfive has quit IRC23:38
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo23:39
qos_hey guys ...23:41
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:41
qos_i am searching the command "ip" but i cant find it ... i which packet will i find it?23:42
*** MarLaw has quit IRC23:48
*** garrett has quit IRC23:48
Pupnikno apt-file23:49
*** skodde has joined #maemo23:50
*** ab has left #maemo23:52
Pupnikiproute package qos_23:53
*** _follower_ has quit IRC23:56
*** koen_ has joined #maemo23:56
qos_pupnik, debsearch?23:56
Pupnikno apt-file will find packages containing binaries23:57
Pupnikbut ip is part of the "iproute" package23:57
qos_which iproute package?23:57
* Tak waits for 16G sdhc23:58

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