IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-04-15

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Pupniksnes_width and root_width are getting set correctly (256)00:59
Pupnikaha there it is, gui_width = 720 and height = 420, and the Scale16 routine is getting called01:06
Pupnikbingo.  running at 1x now01:06
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SonejIs it possible to rotate the webbrowser on the N800?01:07
Pupnikare you interested in hiring someone to write a rotated browser?01:12
SonejIf hiring means free, then yes01:13
SonejNokia should have thought about it at least01:16
Pupnikterrible idea.  how many web pages look good at <480 width01:17
Sonejtrue, damn..01:18
Pupniksome other things work in portrait mode... xgalaga for e.g.01:21
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s100useranyone using navicore here?01:22
Pupnikwhat's that01:24
mikemorrisongps navigation software01:26
s100userhow do you download it ?01:27
s100userapparently, it can be downloaded from navicore's site...01:27
mikemorrisonyou have to buy it01:28
s100userI know....01:29
s100userI would like to test it first... though...01:29
mikemorrisoni doubt that's possible01:30
s100usertoo bad...01:31
s100userI guess I'll buy something from someone else... for less than  200eur you can buy a full gps for the car...01:31
qgils100user: what dop you need to know, and where do you live01:31
s100userqgil: hi, I'd like do a "testdrive" with navicore. to see if I like it...I'm in SW europe.01:32
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qgilcontact top your closer retailer, there is little else we can help here01:33
s100userok. I thought there was a demo version avaliable... or even a 1week trial...01:34
qgilask them  :)  this is really out of our scope01:34
mikemorrisoni'm sure you could buy it and then return it if you don't like it01:34
s100userhow about that nokia "free" navigation project?01:35
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qgils100user: ?01:35
s100userwhat was it called?01:35
s100userno... :)01:35
qgilno no01:35
s100usernav2 something01:35
qgilI was pasting that url before seeing your question  :)01:35
s100userfree maps... free navigation...01:36
s100userbut only for simbian and win mobile.. :(01:36
Pupnikanother dumb question, is there something like shm or dga for kdrive?01:38
mikemorrisonthe navigation portion of that program is not "free"01:38
Pupnikor put another way, is there a reference to how my X app can blit rectangles to screen the fastest?01:39
qgils100user: fill a feature request in bugzilla and I will try to investigate if there are plans to have that service ported for the tablets01:39
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mikemorrisondoes anyone know how the multi-select is implemented in the file manager? i would like something similar in the treeview of my program01:41
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mikemorrisonthe media player has the same multi-select abilities. is this something that has been added to the gtktreeview code?01:45
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mikemorrisonok let me guess, they use HildonFileSelection?01:52
Pupnikhmm mplayer says it has xv driver avail01:54
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Pupnikssvbkkito: yes, xv is really faster, but this video is just too heavy for decoding (it needs 35 seconds of cpu time for decoding this 20 seconds video fragment)01:56
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mikemorrisonPupnik: do you have a 770 or n800?02:07
Pupnikright now just creating a regulat X window02:09
PupnikXCreateWindow(dpy, ...)02:10
Pupnikthere are only a few code snippets on garage but Rene Hexel's Turning a plain X11 Window into a GTK Window was useful for me02:12
Pupnikwow that snes scaler is fast02:16
Pupnikcutting it out hardly gained any speed02:16
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Pupnikxaos fractal zoomer kinda works :)02:34
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* Pupnik compares snes9x 1.40 to 1.50 and finds no speed differences03:47
* Juhaz takes the scythe to Pupnik 03:48
CountDownI'm making some progress in using gstreamer to stream video off of the N800 to a server.  The problem I'm having now is that I don't know the gstreamer pipeline syntax for including a username and password so that the receiving server will accept the stream.  Any ideas?03:50
CountDownBetter than nothing.03:53
unique311check out this repo....03:55
Pupnikunique, i got one of the snes devs to give me some advice, but it didn't help much03:56
unique311cacko src files....03:56
Pupniki'm gonna get pocketsnes working - apparently there's a mmu hack that gives a 3x speedup on arm03:56
Pupnikcool.. what's cacko?03:56
unique311i'm liking the GIMP src file...03:56
unique311run on zaurus i think..03:56
unique311im justyeah03:56
unique311theres a src file in there03:57
unique311can you run that for me...see what issues..and i'm hoping its not QT03:57
unique311gonna do some more investigating on that site...when i get home..03:58
Pupnikno i'm working on snes03:58
unique311perty please...03:58
unique311my scratchbox is scewed and need reinstalling...03:59
unique311anyone else care to get that gimp src and run it for me...03:59
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Pupnikwhat am i supposed to download03:59
Pupnikyou know nothing written for zaurus is going to run out of the box04:00
unique311im just wishing QT is not one of the issues..04:01
Pupnikbut i'll compile it to test04:01
unique311cool, you rock04:01
Pupnikchecking for libart-2.0... not found04:01
unique311crossing finger....down with QT until its ported to maemo..lol04:02
unique311check the makefile and see if there's a QT flag or something04:02
Pupnikjust a minute04:03
Pupnikbtw pocketsnes is totally the way to go for the nokias04:04
unique311how's that working04:04
Pupniknot running at all, i have to merge in the x11 stuff from snes9x04:05
Pupnikand take out the gp2x crap04:05
Pupnikand of course all that takes a lot of time when you have no clue04:06
unique311alot of work...?04:06
unique311i don't04:06
Pupnikyeah every change i do requires like 1/2 hour of googling04:06
unique311real quick and maybe stupid question....04:09
unique311wine for maemo?  possible04:09
Pupnikno because the windows programs run natively on the x86 of the linux box04:10
Pupnikwine just emulates the windows api04:10
Pupnikso theoretically, you might be able to run a windows program using an x86 cpu emulator + wine on the nokia to handle the calls04:12
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Pupniklike bochs or something04:12
unique311n800 powerfull enough to do so04:12
Pupnikyou might be able to get like 20mhz 80386 performance04:13
Pupnikprobably closer to a 12mhz 8028604:14
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PupnikHere's a video of the SDL+Xsp pixel-doubling problem in Ur-Quan Masters
Pupnikit's blurry but at least you can see what's going on04:19
Pupnikgimp compiled04:21
unique311oh happy dayzzzzz...04:21
Pupnikdoesn't show anything when i run it though04:21
unique311oh happy dayz04:21
unique311but it compiles which is good..04:22
unique311the readme04:22
Pupnik 10267912 Apr 15 02:18 gimp-2.004:22
unique311did you compile it on x86 or qemu04:22
Pupnikseeing if it runs on 77004:22
unique311send me when u done..04:23
Pupnikbut it installs a *ton* of crap which i'm not going to put on the 77004:23
Pupnikjust going to test the executeable04:23
unique311hopefully n800 is happy with it04:23
unique311danm i have to get ready...04:23
unique311this might force me to stay home..04:23
unique311test some of those sources04:23
Pupnikwell i didn't change anything to compile it04:24
unique311anybody has input on why it doesn't display04:26
unique311can it be fixed04:26
Pupnikwhy don't you set up another scratchbox target and compile it04:26
unique311i will..04:26
unique311i gotta go out in a bit..04:27
unique311shower in a few..04:27
unique311i'm like pushing it right now..04:27
unique311i will 2morrow night..04:27
unique311thanks Pupnik..04:28
Pupniksure -- ttyl04:29
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bipolarHow do I get ogg support in the media player?05:16
ishsorry to raise a possible faq, but is there any software way/trick to solve the white screen of death?  just happened after flashing the most recent release (770)05:16
* Pupnik can't help either question05:17
derfish: Have you tried putting the thing in R&D mode?05:19
derfI've been able to successfully un-brick my N800 that way: flash with R&D disabled (not sure if that matters), then enable R&D and reboot.05:20
bipolarI found this:
bipolarI'll let everyone know if it works :P05:22
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ishderf: will try, thanks.05:25
bipolarwell, that was a bad idea05:31
bipolarnow mediaplayer won't even start05:31
bipolarscrew it... installed mplayer :P05:40
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ishsigh, no luck with R&D mode..06:06
derfThe only other thing I could think to try would be to disable the watchdogs (NOT the retu one, that's a deadman's switch).06:09
derfBut that's only likely to work if you're caught in an infinite reboot loop. If it's just freezing, I dunno.06:10
derfYou took all the MMC cards out before flashing, right?06:11
ishI hear the sound, so it sounds like it booted successfully..06:11
ishoh well..06:11
ishno, didn't remove the MMC card.. don't see that in the HOWTO.06:17
ishHmm, I get this after a flash:06:17
ishFinishing flashing... done06:17
ishSending request 0x83 failed: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown06:17
ishDon't recall seeing that when I flashed successfully months ago.06:18
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Pupniklooks like i can use XF86DGA in maemo?07:45
Pupnikhrm no xf86dga.h07:56
* Pupnik comments-out all the dga crap07:59
Pupnikcpuexec.cpp:            APU_EXECUTE(3); // notaz: run spc700 in sound 'speed hack' mode08:26
Pupnikwe definitely want "speed hack"! :)08:26
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kulvebipolar: if you want to just play oggs, use kilikali :)09:47
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Bighugoi try to checkout sdk's source code10:23
Bighugobut there is an error10:23
Bighugoi am using windows TortoiseSVN10:24
BighugoError: Can't check path 'C:\SourceCode\Maemo_new\maemo-branches\IT-2006\osso-gnome-vfs2\data\mime\WHERE_IS_THE_MIME_REGISTRY?': The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.10:24
Bighugoanybody know this?10:27
mikemorrisonwindows can't handle question marks in the file name10:27
Bighugothanks, but i don't have Linux machine at hand10:28
Bighugoany solution?10:28
mikemorrisonmaybe you can just not check that file out10:30
Bighugobut it can't skip the error then continue10:30
Bighugoit stops10:30
BighugoI have some questions about maemo and hildon10:31
Bighugoi found that Hildon widget uses many hardcode10:31
Bighugothis isn't so flexible for programmer10:35
Bighugoany idea for this?10:35
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Bighugosuch as:/* Toolbar width and height defines */10:37
Bighugo#define TOOL_MINIMUM_WIDTH 7510:37
Bighugo#define TOOL_DEFAULT_HEIGHT 4010:37
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Bighugohas anybody tried maemo on other platform?10:45
Pupniksometimes abstracting is a waste of time10:47
Pupnikafaik maemo was designed for the 770, and 800x48010:48
Pupnikbut i am just guessing, i do not speak for nokia10:48
Bighugobut It also supports x8610:48
Pupnikalso consider number of developers and amount of time they had to make it10:49
Bighugoi agree, this may need extra efforts10:50
Bighugoseems Nokia wants to promote GMAE10:51
BighugoGMAE will be more open, i think these dependencies could be removed10:51
Bighugoif somebody wants to use maemo for his own resolution, saying 1024x600, he may have to modify them10:54
Bighugomaybe this needs big effort, because there are too many hardcode values10:55
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Pupnikyou're trying to run maemo on windows?11:12
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Bighugoi wants to run it on my laptop11:16
Bighugoi am curious how the issue will be addressed11:18
Bighugobecause i saw many hardcode11:18
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Bighugoany plan to support other resolution?11:27
_handful_hei big hugo11:29
_handful_you may want to give a look at lucas's blog11:30
_handful_he's working in the next hildon desktop... and he talks a lot about this things11:30
_handful_I think if you download the newest version of sardine.. you can test it11:30
_handful_    -> hildon desktop scalabilty11:31
* Pupnik is in bat-country11:33
Bighugohi handful11:34
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Bighugoit works under 1024x768 perfectly11:35
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_handful_you can talk directly to lucas or karoliina here about that =)11:38
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Bighugowhere can i get the latest sardine?11:39
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Pupnikdu pocketsnes/  - 522013:07
Pupnikdu nokiasnes/  - 370813:07
* Pupnik flexes13:08
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JaffaMorning, all14:38
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Pupniki wonder, if someone sponsored me to write some gpl code, could i mention their name in the source, or even put an ad banner on the program (but not barring others from removing that banner in recompiles or derivative works)14:41
*** bergie has joined #maemo14:41
Pupnikwhat would an open-source advertisement look like?14:42
czryou could add "such and such work was sponsored by foo"14:42
robtaylorPupnik: in general, if you're emplyed to write code, the copyright is owned by the person who paid for it14:45
robtaylorPupnik: but you can always negotiate other terms, and if there's no contract involved, i'd guess the copyright would be owned by you14:46
robtaylorianal ;)14:47
`0660you could put banners on the homepage of the software14:47
`0660mention the company in the readme and release notes...14:47
Pupnikthe nokia has gotten be back into programming.  it's wonderful14:52
Pupnikstubbing my toes a lot of course14:57
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Pupnikok it's quiet15:22
Pupnikwhy am i going blind here15:22
Pupnikgcc -g -O3 -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -DXTHREADS -DXUSE_MTSAFE_API -I/usr/X11R6/include -mcpu=arm926ej-s -c sa1.cpp -o sa1.o15:22
Pupniksa1.cpp:87: error: `SA1SetFlags' undeclared (first use this function)15:22
Pupnik... but sa1.cpp #includes "sa1.h"15:22
Pupnikoh DDDUH15:23
Pupnikit's #ifdefd out15:23
Pupnik#define USE_SA115:24
Pupnik:) nm15:24
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Pupnikhey Tak, i'm making progress on nokiasnes (snes9x 1.4 + pocketsnes v6)15:39
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Pupniki have no idea how much speed improvement to expect15:40
Pupnikbut the core is simpler and the sound emulation also15:40
Pupnikmissing some ADSR stuff15:41
Pupnikpulled out a ton of stuff15:41
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glasswhat you're porting this time?15:45
Pupnikwell i built snes9x 1.5 and 1.4 (which one of the snes9x devs hinted might be faster)15:45
Pupnikand they're both too slow by far on the 77015:46
Pupnikso i'm doing my first real port - i.e. something that doesn't basically build with minor tweaks15:46
Pupnikmerging the arm-optimized pocketsnes with snes9x 1.415:46
Pupnikhour 14 :)15:48
Pupnikboth the stock snes9x versions ran so slow, it didn't make a difference whether they were stretching the display to full screen or not15:51
Pupnikthough on the 800 they're said to be fairly playable15:52
Pupnikthese things are pretty incredible15:54
Pupnikjust some food for thought, probably the most cpu intensive part of the SNES to emulate is the PPC - pixel processor15:55
Pupnikwhich does the 2d blitting / blending and effects15:55
Pupnikjust to see what's involved, check out these variants of the PPC emulator15:56
Pupnik30842 Oct 16  2002 tile.cpp15:56
Pupnik357457 Jun  1  2006 tilenew.cpp15:56
Pupnik383089 Jun  3  2006 tiledave.cpp15:56
Pupnikin addition, there are 17 different coprocessors that were integrated into Snes ROMS throughout the years, which increased the performance of the console in various ways15:59
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Pupnikunique311: you there?16:12
Pupniki was wondering if you had a reference to the usage of that gimp port16:15
Pupniki.e. how was it modified to work with a stylus?16:15
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Pupnikgot to remove snapshots for now16:35
*** Pahtz has joined #maemo16:36
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unique311Pupnik whats up?16:36
unique311\had to get ready for work...16:37
unique311whats going on?16:37
*** MDK has joined #maemo16:37
Pupnikstill working on snes16:37
Pupnikno sleep yet :)16:37
unique311hehe...snes is going to be the death of you...16:38
unique311how's it coming?16:38
Pupnikit's more complicated than i could have imagined16:39
Pupniki'm hopefully 2/3rds of the way to getting something that will compile16:40
unique311but you're up for the complications..16:40
Pupniki didn't look at gimp yet16:40
unique311thats good16:40
unique311i will tonight16:40
unique311i get off at 716:40
konttori_either of you still looking at the pico?16:40
Pupnikno i'm more motivated for snes16:41
unique311I was..but i forgot why i stopped..16:42
unique311something wasn't working16:42
unique311maybe there's a picdrive for cacko..16:42
unique311hold on16:42
Pupnikkonttori_: is there hardware pixel doubling for the n800?16:43
*** ish has left #maemo16:43
Pupnikif not, there's no reason not to package and release snes 1.5 for the n80016:44
konttori_Pupnik: Yeah. It works in teh latest firmware16:44
Pupniksomebody besides me would need to look into sound16:44
konttori_From what I've understood, the call is the same as for 77016:45
Pupnikkonttori_: good, i'll see what i can do about sound then16:45
konttori_How fast is current version running without sound?16:46
Pupniki only have a vague report that speed is 'ok' on n80016:46
konttori_And on 770?16:47
Pupnikterrible.. 6-8 fps on chrono trigger16:47
konttori_I suppose the speed difference isn't that big between them anyway16:47
konttori_shame. Anything that can be done realistically for it?16:47
konttori_ANy idea how come vsun runs so fast on ARM?16:47
Pupnikthat's what i'm looking into.  I'm porting the gp2x snes over, which runs on a 200mhz arm94016:47
konttori_Is it running at better fps there?16:48
Pupnikyes much, but it doesn't emulate a number of add-on chips16:48
konttori_I suppose they use the secondary processor for audio on that device16:48
Pupnikthere were a total of 17 different add-on processors for the SNES16:48
konttori_Yeah, it's quite a beast16:49
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo16:49
Pupnikno, the DrSnes and pocketsnes on the gp2x don't use the 2nd cpu currently, there is a test code that does sound on it, but it's not working yet16:49
konttori_ahh.. ok. Well, that16:50
konttori_s better for you.16:50
konttori_easier to port16:50
Pupnikyou have 800?16:53
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devkonttori: hi17:11
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo17:16
konttori_Pupnik: Yeah17:16
* konttori_ was having dinner17:17
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neostriderhello folks19:07
*** kender has joined #maemo19:09
neostriderso kender, how is it going?19:09
kenderneostrider, fine thanks, what about you?19:10
neostriderfine too19:11
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo19:14
*** konttori_ has quit IRC19:15
*** neostrider has quit IRC19:16
*** ssvb has joined #maemo19:16
*** slomo has quit IRC19:17
*** jonty has joined #maemo19:18
*** ajturner has joined #maemo19:41
*** nostferka has joined #maemo19:55
nostferkawep cracking on a pda?19:55
b0unc3someone have encountered problems to use a non-default-icon in a .desktop file of a control panel applet ?19:58
*** tko has quit IRC19:58
sxpertnostferka, should be doable shortly :D19:59
osfameronchrist, even the web browser is buggy and unstable20:00
osfameronis it worth flashing my n800, mke it less flakey?20:00
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC20:02
nostferkaweb browser unstable?20:03
osfamerondoesn't like postin tet, eg sending webmail20:04
osfameronso it craps its pants and crashes20:04
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:09
*** ajturner has joined #maemo20:09
nostferkao well20:13
nostferkaas long as i cna irc :D20:13
osfameronwell, there is that20:15
osfameronwhen the browser doesn't crash it's pretty good..20:15
osfameronfucker crashed again. i'm realy not impressed20:18
osfameroni know! i'll reboot!20:18
nostferka->sxpert how shortly?20:21
*** felipec has quit IRC20:22
sxpertnostferka, considering how fast hardware is evolving :D20:22
nostferkabut my palm already has wireless 802.11b20:22
nostferkaand ive got a network sniffer20:22
nostferkai just need a wep cracker20:22
*** nostferka has quit IRC20:36
*** Bipolar_ has joined #maemo20:48
*** jonty has quit IRC20:54
*** greentux__ has quit IRC20:55
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo20:57
konttori_Hello all!20:58
* konttori_ Just released New version of Media Converter. Check out the stuff on:
konttori_640x368 @ 14 fps on N800.21:01
partkonttori_: do you need help with packaging?21:05
konttori_part: for which platform?21:05
*** slomo has joined #maemo21:05
partkonttori_: err, sorry, yes, meant ukmp21:06
konttori_Is there a problem in the current packaging of ukmp?21:06
partit's not very clean21:07
konttori_ahh... well, if you have ideas on how to fix it, I'm listening!21:07
partfrom looking at the binary package alone21:07
* konttori_ goes to watch survivors now though. Be back in 1 h.21:07
*** obergix[home] has quit IRC21:08
konttori_What kinds on things did you notice in there that were unclean?21:09
partI didn't look at the packaging in any detail, just checked the contents of the binary .deb21:10
ssvbkonttori_: can you try testing video encoding 512x384 (512x288) full fps for mplayer on N800?21:10
*** greentux__ has joined #maemo21:11
partkonttori_: removing all the cruft left by osx (.DS_Store & friends) would be a start21:11
philn|homealso the /debian if it's still there21:13
partoh, nice :)21:14
partanyway, time for sauna21:14
*** Bipolar_ has quit IRC21:15
*** Chelli has quit IRC21:19
*** user__ has joined #Maemo21:23
user__ /nick unique31121:23
*** Chelli has joined #maemo21:24
user__ /nick unique311/subway's21:24
user__ /nick unique311/subway's21:25
*** user__ is now known as unique3121:25
unique31work sucks....rain sucks even more.....21:30
*** konttori_ has quit IRC21:31
*** ilpanda has joined #maemo21:33
*** tko has joined #maemo21:39
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo21:41
konttori_About the osx stuff, I might drop them at 1.0 final. But the crud doesn't cause any problems, thus I've kept them as it's easier to live with them.21:42
konttori_ssvb: You mean adding 512x384 resolution ?21:43
konttori_Well, there is a resolutions.txt in the media converter and you can just change that.21:43
konttori_If you have linux, you have to put that file to your home dir (if you just double click on the jar).21:43
partkonttori_: all the .py files seem to be in /usr/bin, some of them look like libraries21:44
konttori_ssvb: Is there something special about the 512 resolutions?21:44
*** daf` has quit IRC21:44
konttori_part: So, you recommend putting them to usr/lib?21:45
partkonttori_: oh, the package name is ugly, call it "ukmp" (all lowercase) instead21:45
ssvbkonttori_: it is not special, it just seems to work fine for me and looks better than 400x24021:45
konttori_ssvb: good idea. I'll try it out now.21:45
konttori_Oh, can't now. COmmercial break has ended. back later21:46
ssvbkonttori_: I'll try encoding some more videos to test it better, maybe it will have to be lowered a bit21:46
*** unique31 has quit IRC21:50
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:52
*** koen|gprs has joined #maemo21:55
*** zwnj has joined #maemo21:55
*** koen|gprs is now known as koen|chicago21:56
*** koen|chicago is now known as koen21:56
*** RpJ has quit IRC21:56
konttori_ssvb: Forgot that resolutions txt isn't quite working for *all* resolutions. WIll make a few tests now.21:56
konttori_ssvb: what would be a good stream rate? 768 kbps ok?21:57
*** RpJ has joined #maemo21:58
ssvbkonttori_: I noticed that resolution affects performance much than bitrate, so bitrate is not that important, 768 should be ok21:58
konttori_ssvb: 512x288 Looks great on default player as well.22:03
konttori_I just re-installed thus, will have to reinstall mplayer to test as well.22:03
konttori_is rc9 the latest?22:04
*** Chelli has quit IRC22:04
ssvbkonttori_: no, the latest is mplayer_1.0rc1-maemo.14.80022:04
konttori_ok. wasn't in the app repo.22:05
ssvbkonttori_: it should be also available at bora extras repository already22:05
konttori_and so it was. I just had to reload the repo info22:06
konttori_so odd that it didn't do that automatically22:06
trenkassvb: Sergey, mplayer for n800 is better then for 770 already?22:07
konttori_Also, so odd that the OS itself doesn't every once in a while do autoupdates22:07
konttori_yeah, 512 was great on the mplayer as well22:09
ssvbtrenka: I think it is quite usable already and faster then 770 (because of faster hardware), but mplayer does not use full N800 potential yet and can be still improved22:09
zuhNothing uses full N800 potential due to missing drivers...22:09
konttori_ssvb: can you add the use of video sync soon?22:09
konttori_ssvb: mplayer also played the 640x384 videos flawlessly.22:10
ssvbkonttori_: it is used already, but looks like xv still has some issues22:10
konttori_ssvb: Oh. It's still got some residual flickering issues. But not too bad.22:11
ssvbzuh: sure, but I was talking about the realistic potential which can be used with the current state of documentation available22:12
ssvbzuh: there is still room for improvement22:13
* zuh was just grumbling again... ;)22:13
*** kender has quit IRC22:18
*** _follower_ has quit IRC22:19
trenkassvb: cool. will try. Are there any other n800/700 in Minsk?22:20
* konttori_ tests 800x400 on mplayer22:21
ssvbtrenka: have no idea really, I have only seen one advertisement for selling used 770 in one of the local forums22:24
konttori_cool. plays smoothly on 12 fps. bitrate will probably be much higher than my tested 76822:24
*** krau has joined #maemo22:24
konttori_Not that I even care for such high resolutions anymore. You'd need much bigger screen for such things to matter.22:27
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo22:27
Pupnikssvb: wana see some Xsp pron?22:29
ssvbtrenka: they say N800 may become available in Russian shops soon, so N800 may become available here in Minsk some time later as well, not sure about the price though22:29
ssvbPupnik: what about Xsp?22:30
* b0unc3 IDEA 1.0 is out.
konttori_Ok, I was mistaken. It's absolutely amazing to watch on that rez.22:31
konttori_b0unc3: Amazing!22:31
b0unc3konttori_: thanks22:32
konttori_how does it retrieve the icons? I'll try installing it in a sec. I'd like uk mp to work well for your app22:32
konttori_idea looks just the kinda app that should be in n800 by default.22:33
Pupnikkeithp tried to do a good job22:34
b0unc3konttori_: you can set the icons that you want, through a control panel applet22:34
ssvbPupnik: try to reenable pixel doubling before every blit to screen22:34
Pupnikmany things i haven't tried yet22:34
konttori_b0unc3: any way of setting the icon by the app as default?22:35
Pupnikthanks ssvb /me bows22:35
b0unc3konttori_: of course22:35
b0unc3konttori_: can you see the vide-guide ?22:36
konttori_what's that?22:37
b0unc3I added an extra-tab on the garage page , for a usage-video-guide... is not visible ?22:38
konttori_oh, now I saw it22:39
konttori_can you add scaling to the app?22:40
*** koen has quit IRC22:40
konttori_so that I could take a bit less space for the app.22:40
konttori_Like the rss reader allows you to22:40
Pupnikkonttori_: you disappeared when i asked you a question22:42
Pupnikwill you test my snes 1.4 and 1.5 builds22:42
konttori_Pupnik: Sure!22:42
konttori_Where can I dl them?22:42
b0unc3konttori_: not yet... but it's on my todo list22:43
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:46
Pupnikkonttori_: you have two minutes to ignore22:46
Pupnikhi sbaturzio22:47
sbaturzioCiao to *22:47
konttori_Pupnik: Did you get my messages?22:47
Pupnikkonttori_: no sorry maybe irssi is being stupid22:48
c0ffeeirssi isn't stupid!22:48
Pupniki see nothing from konttori_22:49
Pupnikand i have registered nick22:49
Pupniksend another message konttori_22:49
Pupniknow i see it22:49
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:53
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo22:55
*** NickDe has quit IRC22:56
*** NickDe has joined #maemo22:56
*** RpJ has quit IRC22:58
*** slapin_n770 has joined #maemo23:00
*** RpJ has joined #maemo23:01
*** ssvb has quit IRC23:04
*** ssvb has joined #maemo23:04
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo23:06
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo23:07
Pupnikthat the hell everybody dead?23:09
*** sp3000 has quit IRC23:13
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:13
*** bipolar has joined #maemo23:14
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*** trenka has quit IRC23:16
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*** greentux__ has joined #maemo23:20
*** kerwood|afk is now known as kerwood23:22
*** kerwood has left #maemo23:22
*** rkaway1 has quit IRC23:22
Pupnikhi NSA23:22
*** Pupnik has quit IRC23:23
*** kerwood|afk has joined #maemo23:23
*** kerwood|afk is now known as kerwood23:24
*** Pupnik has joined #maemo23:26
Pupniklike i care23:26
*** ilpanda has quit IRC23:27
*** Pupnik is now known as dolfun23:27
*** slapin_n770 has quit IRC23:31
konttori_dolfun: works just fine!23:32
dolfunhave fun with it, and send me a snes9x.conf that works with dpad, if you want to23:33
konttori_dolfun. I'll do that tomorrow.23:33
konttori_Can you email ping me to urho.konttori@gmail.com23:33
dolfuni have to lie down23:34
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:43
*** MishaS has joined #maemo23:44
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC23:45
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