IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2007-04-09

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MDKjust returned to HEL00:22
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MDKwe smuggled over 100kg of luggage in total for 2 people free00:24
MDKyay for finair00:24
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killfillfinnay can use my n800 in the inet.. :P00:25
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mv_welcome back mdk.  100kg of polish sausages?00:29
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killfillwhat are the sites you guys go?.. (about the n800 obviously..)00:31
MDKmv_: actually, we brought around 1kg of polish sausages00:40
qgilkillfill, not so olbvious: are you interested in the N800 as a consumer, in maemo development for this device...?00:41
MDKit's hard to get this kind of stuff here00:41
qgilmdk: what about an exchange: one Polish sausage for one Catalan00:42
qgilstill have got some00:42
killfillqgil: boths. but first as a customer..  :)00:42
killfilli got already some report setted up, i.e. maemo, and maemo hacker.. but the app list is quite small ...00:43
killfill <--- is that all the repos avaible?00:43
qgilkillfill: if you like this kind of stuff00:44
* killfill boomarking ..00:45
qgilkillfill: for something independent00:45
killfillyup.. got that00:46
mv_Mmmm, sausages....00:46
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qgilI wiosh I could continue with my maemo selecta! i.e
killfilli miss a big repo with all kind of proggies :)00:47
killfill(do you all?..)00:47
qgilwill counterattack via once the new site is uo & running00:47
killfillah greate00:47
killfillyah.. saw tingert wanted to change the web00:48
killfillwhats a nice email imap-ssl client?00:48
qgilsomething like that  :)00:48
mv_qgil: 'somebody' should go and create .install files for the catalogues listed on
tortoise_has anyone succeeded in using osso_thumbnail_factory_load?00:50
killfillnot all app listed in are in a repo, are they?00:52
qgilmv_:  you mean an install file to add a repo to your sourcs?00:53
qgilhum, interesting00:53
killfillshow me a "click here to add all repos" and ill definitly click on it.. ^_^00:54
mv_A .install file lists a package plus its repository.  You can omit the package and then you just get the repository.00:54
mv_The next version of the Application Manager can have more than one repository in a single .install file.00:55
qgildo you add a catalog without being interested in a specific application in that catalog?00:55
mv_The AM in IT OS 2007 supports only one repo per .install file.  That was stupid.  Just didn't think of it.00:56
mv_qgil: some people seem to do that.00:56
qgilaren't these people the same ones that know perfectly what a source apt is and are perfectly capable of adding it manually to the app manager?  ;)00:57
mv_Of course, "thou shalt not have too many repositories besides"00:57
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qgil(I'm thinking of the risks of normal users adding 3rd party catalogs just like that and then complaining about the unstable stuff they get)00:58
mv_We should make it easy for people to use the "extras" repositories.  (I have no specific complaints.)00:58
qgilit is as easy as being interested in an app there and click install in the application catalog00:59
mv_Yeah, you don't really see where something is coming from when you install it.00:59
qgilI can't remember if it can be easuly activated from te app manager beforehand00:59
qgilif a new repo needs to be installed you get a warning detailing the repo01:00
mv_what is "it" in "it can be easily activated"?01:01
qgilI hope the application catalog gets in good shape and is incresingly used by users and maintainers - with proper tags and search engine + widely used ranks (and user comments) it could be really useful01:01
qgilit = extras repository01:01
mv_Yes.  I still think that it would be ideal to have just one repo on that contains everything.01:02
qgilwell yes, let's see  :)01:02
mv_That would allow the community to maintain the whole thing and make a properly integrated system.01:03
qgilyes, yes, i know, i know  :)01:03
killfillyou guys are talking about the two repos i.e. and and make them one?01:03
* killfill just got there was a /extra repo.. (adding it)01:04
mv_I know I am pushing too much against third party applications, and too much towards the "in Debian or bust" model.01:04
qgilin any case you probably need extra repos to separate things, like i.e. Ubuntu does01:05
qgilI mean more than one01:05
mv_No its terminology class again.... ;-)01:05
mv_There are repos, distributions and components.01:05
qgilI do mean completely separate repositories even in different machines01:05
qgilNokia Corporation official software and Garage projects totally independent need to be separate01:07
qgilfor the goodness of both01:07
mv_Ahh yes, sure.01:07
qgilmv_: did you have a look at the maemo 3.1 repo?01:09
mv_No, I'm pretty much in a Sardine-only world.01:10
mv_(which is not good, I know)01:10
qgilit is good01:10
mv_in what way?  apt-get dist-upgrade works?01:10
qgilif it wouldn't be good we wouldn't maintain sardine, or do you think we are massochist?  :)01:10
mv_Heh, I meant, it is not good that I am ignorant of things other than Sardine.01:11
mv_Ahh, I though you meant "maemo 3.1 is good"01:12
qgilany specialization implies ignorance01:12
mv_doesn't make it good :-)01:12
mv_I think it is a really good sign that you can dist-upgrade from maemo 3.0 to maemo 3.1.01:13
qgilstay in sardine, it is an exciting place to be01:13
mv_Sardine is missing a good base definition.01:14
qgilI'm glad you are able to read the signs01:14
mv_We are still based on maemo 2.1 or so.01:14
qgilsardine is in some ways ahead of maemo 3.101:14
mv_Hmm, lemme try to explain.01:15
qgilthat's what sardine is for01:15
mv_If you decide to use Sardine, you need to install it.  In order to install it, you need to start with a rootstrap for the SDK configuration and a IT OS FIASCO image for the device configuration.01:15
mv_right now, the rootstraps that you are supposed to start from are still the maemo 2.1 ones.01:16
qgilgot it01:16
qgilwho needs to do what in order to get this updated?01:17
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mv_In an ideal world, there would be nothing 'before' Sardine and Sardine would have its own rootstraps.01:17
qgilas said, stay in sardine, it is an exciting place to be, and work01:18
mv_(Of course, in a totally ideal world, Sardine would be called "maemo unstable".)01:19
qgilf***, I just realized I have missed sardine in the text for the development section...01:20
qgillet's see01:20
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mv_qgil: Sardine was always meant to be a temporary thing until maemo itself has changed enough to make Sardine unnecessary.  Let's not put too much weight on the "Sardine" name.01:24
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qgilmv_: of course, but the sardine concept needs to be explained even to new developers, they need to know it exists - and today it's called like that01:32
mv_Yes, very true.01:32
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mv_I am a bit worried that now when Sardine finally gets into its own (having significantly newer and exciting stuff), we might also be not too far away from renaming it to "maemo unstable".  That would also be confusing.01:34
mv_But these worries are of course not big.01:36
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mv_(in case you didn't know, we now have Sardine unstable and Sardine testing.  Sardine testing isn't useful yet, but should be soonish.)01:37
qgilmv_: what about "Developers willing to follow maemo's bleeding edge development should have a taste of [Sardine]. Very useful to test your applications against the latest changes."01:38
mv_Yes, sounds good to me.01:39
killfillmistral is maemo 2.0 right?.. i.e. OS2006?01:39
mv_killfill: yep.01:39
qgil"Developers willing to follow maemo's bleeding edge should have a taste of [Sardine]. Very useful to test applications against the latest changes."01:39
killfilli should not try to install mistral packages into bora right?..01:39
mv_killfill: depends.... :-)01:40
mv_if you are prepared to do some open heart surgery...01:40
qgilmv_:  done, and now it's time to slepp01:41
qgilgute nacht!01:41
mv_I think people have good success with many packages, but it is not officially supported.01:41
mv_nukuu hyvin!01:41
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killfillmv_: hey.. things like this:  not all app pride binaries, right?.. in this case i would haveto compile one myself?. i guess with the dev enviroment?01:44
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sp3000killfill: I guess02:46
* sp3000 loves those heading anchors02:48
sp3000afaiui downloads.m.o isn't quite, um, "done" ( etc)02:50
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|tbb|anyone around?03:09
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|tbb|is it new or do i havent reconized it before that if i hit a character at the soft keyboard and push the stylus upper then the character will be BIG03:11
MoRpHeUzhhmm...didnt realise that too03:12
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|tbb|its very beautiful and i love it, also for slash or other usefull things :)03:13
MoRpHeUzgood to know!03:14
|tbb|there are much functions,03:14
|tbb|try to push the stylus to left or to right it work like backspace and space03:15
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|tbb|typing that way is very usefull03:15
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|tbb|hi unique31103:15
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|tbb|have u run msf3 running on the n800?03:17
unique311i did03:18
unique311but the gui doesn't work03:18
|tbb|u mean the web iface?03:18
unique311and i am not a big fan of console...03:18
|tbb|do u have postgresql running ?03:19
unique311but i got it to work...found the ruby package for maemo03:19
unique311not sure03:19
unique311how would i go about running postgresql, and would that make the web iface run03:20
|tbb|no no, u will need rubygem or something like that which isnt available right now?03:21
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Radarbah, meant to get slimserver working with my n800 this weekend03:21
unique311yeah...when i looked up the error i got from trying to run the web iface..i did find that03:22
unique311have to update lots of apps tonight..03:23
|tbb|do u have the latest bora image INstalled?03:24
unique311think it might be possible to use the n800 as a webcam......03:30
unique311notice if you have good lighting the picture is nice....03:30
Radarthink that was the idea, but it's a pretty poor cam03:30
unique311i was able to use my phone as a webcam. running a a nice free software,03:31
unique311as a webcam for my PC03:31
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|tbb|i wonder  about the software keyboard, as i mentioned before if u push the stylus to the left or right while hitting a character it doing a backspace or a space, i would like to know if that is a new feature03:33
|tbb|btw. using the n800 as a spy cam would be nice too ;)03:34
unique311found the coolest thing...03:35
unique311hope there's a linux version of the app03:36
Radarthee pepperpad intrigues me03:37
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killfillhow do i login as rotot in xterm?04:11
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killfilloh.. rootme.. :P04:19
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killfillwoot.. my 8G sdhc works.. :P04:25
killfilljust as 4G tho.. :-S04:27
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PupnikError: Out of beer05:28
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unique311anybody up12:43
unique311anybody willing to port this app to maemo12:44
unique311thats the source..12:45
konttoriI don't do c compiling. Don't have linux installed.12:46
konttoriI had a look at the screenshots. What's so good about that soft?12:46
unique311how's the uk mp going?12:46
unique311have to update12:47
konttoriPretty ok. I had a few days vacation, so no deving in the past few days.12:47
konttoriSome new eye candy in 22 version12:47
konttoriIf you use dpad to scroll, it will add a half scroll frame so that it feels a bit more like 'proper' scroll.12:48
unique311i'm still on 1612:48
unique311all the bugs out?12:48
konttoriI was kinda hoping that this version would have weeded out problems with mp3 id tags that have odd charsets.12:49
konttoriIf that is true, then I'll go for the final 1.0 version pretty soon.12:49
konttoriI've also added some support for ogg files (although on osx version now... soon for the 880 version as well)12:50
unique311think i'm going to boot into ubuntu.and install scatchbox...12:52
konttoriif you want things ported, doing it yourself is probably the best idea12:52
unique311I know....12:53
unique311but i have no knowledge of coding..if i need to change stuff..12:53
unique311i do a hell of a job finding stuff out on google..12:53
unique311but that only goes so far12:53
unique311is there tutorials on how to hildonize apps after porting..12:54
konttorioh well, coding is easy. C coding sucks though. Code is not too readable and debugging may take ages.12:54
konttoriBut changing some small things should be easy enough for non coders as well. As long as you do minor changes.12:55
konttorianyway, if you have vmware player, I would recomend downloading the vmware image with preinstalled stuff rather than try to install scratchbox yourself12:56
konttoriAnd of course, you can download vmware player for free12:57
unique311I do have vmware12:57
konttoriso, you can run the image in your xp or linux or whatever12:57
unique311u have a link to the image12:57
konttoriI think its this:
unique311thanks konttori12:58
konttoriif you have the time to test preview 22, try it out and let me know if you hit any bumps on the way13:03
konttorithat should be something to do while you dl that torrent .. ;)13:03
unique311bout to update now13:04
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konttorigreat. I hope you have at least 21 albums on your card13:10
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unique311on a red hot chilli peppers song..13:22
unique311send you the track, email addy?13:22
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konttoriso, crash happened while playing it or when loading id3 info ?14:15
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konttoriunique311: Would be great if you could send the track as well. Thanks!14:22
fish_damn, the maemo mapper page is still down, i need to get a route..14:24
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Magiwell, maemo mapper keeps crashing a lot, about every second time when I try to save a track.15:10
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MagiI wonder how the route finding works. I presume it hooks to some other route finding service(?).15:12
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Appearshi, has anyone got some complete portlistening of the Nokia 770 Internet tablet?15:47
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konttorihi kender16:32
kenderhey konttori16:32
konttoriwhat's up?16:34
kenderhere, reading the news from the feed reader16:35
Veggenmm, at last. my home server, that had a broken mirror, is fixed. I needed to reboot to fix it, so I was just waiting for another reason to reboot....16:35
Veggenbut after 2.5 years without mirror, I decided it was enough ;-P16:36
konttoriLatest version of UK media player launched. Fixes annoyances and adds smooth scrolling for users with 10 or more albums.16:40
*** killfill has joined #maemo16:43
konttoriMost notable is flicker removal while doing the semi smooth scrolling with dpad. Also, dpad can be kept down. You press down and keep button down -> It will keep on scrolling until you take your finger off the button.16:46
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo16:48
Appearshas somebody a complete listening, of the ports for the nokia 770 ? in the maemo flasher category is some list, but the list , has not all ports meanings listed...because I read with some port, you can "unbrick" a bricked nokia 770, when it has an White screen of death(WSOD)...any idea where I could find a complete listening?16:49
konttorigoogle it? If it has been said in irc or in forums, you'll find it using google16:51
Appearskonttori, I also google it, but maybe I am just searching with  the wrong keywords16:52
*** smokie has quit IRC16:52
konttoriat least some discussion here:
konttorimore in here:
Appearsthx a lot konttori :)16:54
konttoriprobably doesn't help you at all16:55
konttoriSearch for layout16:55
konttoridisq: is saying that layout at 19:3316:55
konttoriSearch for serial console.16:57
*** sussman has joined #maemo16:57
konttorior just click here:
konttoriHope that helps you to do whatever you were doing16:57
*** greentux has quit IRC16:58
Appearsah thanks there is the layout :) yeah thx a lot again^^16:58
konttorinp. I think you've been looking for that for a while16:59
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JohnMeachamdoes the n800 come with any SD cards? or should I order some now?17:36
konttorithere's one 128 mb included17:36
killfilla 128 one17:36
konttoriBut you probably want to buy one more immediately17:36
konttori128 MB goes to swap alone17:37
derfThe device is inordinately more useful with at least a 2GB card in it.17:37
konttoriBut while you're in the mood for buying SDs, buy another as well17:37
JohnMeachamah. cool. i wasn't sure I wanted to devote a 2G card to swap to keep wear down on it, but if it comes with a 128meg one, I will use that one for swap.17:38
killfilli wish i can see my IMAP folder with a program.. is there one or n800 already?17:39
JohnMeachamthen just wait until the 32G SDHC cards come out and I can finally migrate my music off my Rio Karma :)17:39
derfMine was actually pretty unstable with any card at all in the internal slot, so I don't even run with swap.17:39
derfkillfill: I thought the default mail program it comes with supported IMAP?17:39
derfJohnMeacham: I think your Karma will still get better battery life than an N800.17:40
dieguitodavyd: do you know where to get the gnome t-shirt you posted on your blog some time ago?17:40
JohnMeachammost likely. and it plays OGGs :)17:40
dieguitothe design I mean17:40
konttoriSwap won't wear SD down. SD wear down is history these days. DOn't worry about it17:41
derfI was amazed it played FLAC. I don't think it did Speex, though. I could be wrong.17:41
*** RpJ has joined #maemo17:41
derfAnd they actually get internationalized tags right.17:41
derfThe Rio Karma was sweet.17:41
derfUntil it was discontinued.17:41
JohnMeachamderf: indeed. I still treasure mine... that would be a good OSS project, reimplementing most of its features in a very small portable package that can be put onto various devices such as maemo and whatnot.17:42
killfillderf: yes, but is shows only the inbox folder17:43
killfillim filetering to folder in the server.. so..17:43
derfkillfill: Oh. That's pretty suck.17:43
JohnMeachamI mean, rhythmbox and amarok are nice and all, but the small form factor and limited resources places other constraints...17:43
derfOf course, my inbox has like 25,000 messages in it, so it didn't even get that far for me.17:43
derfI just use webmail.17:43
killfillheh.. yah..17:44
killfilli hate webmail tho.. anyway...17:44
derfIt's not my favorite, but it works. Usually.17:44
sp3000killfill: maybe you could get all adventurous with
sp3000hmm, "not working yet ... account editing, ..., attachments" heh :)17:46
* killfill searching to binaries..17:46
* sp3000 is under the impression it's at a stage where they'd be insane to do binaries17:46
JohnMeachamare 2G cards supported out of the box actually?17:48
dieguitooh boy I have issues I lost total notion of which channel I was17:48
derfJohnMeacham: Yes.17:49
derf4G and up you need a kernel patch.17:49
derfBut 2G works fine.17:49
*** rev has quit IRC17:49
*** lmoura has joined #maemo17:52
*** adoyle has quit IRC17:55
`0660some 4G cards work fine17:55
*** dieguito is now known as dieguito-zzz17:56
`0660at least i haven't had any problems with my transcend TS4GSD15017:57
konttorisp3000: is modest already ready for end users?18:02
sp3000not according to that page18:03
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo18:07
*** daf` has quit IRC18:08
*** mazzen has quit IRC18:18
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage18:21
*** koen has joined #maemo18:25
*** konttori_ has joined #maemo18:25
*** NickDe has joined #maemo18:26
*** konttori has quit IRC18:26
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:27
*** jacques has quit IRC18:27
*** Molagi has quit IRC18:29
*** mazzen has joined #maemo18:29
*** chelli has joined #maemo18:32
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo18:32
*** _gpolo is now known as gpolo18:38
*** Appears has quit IRC18:41
*** Molagi has joined #maemo18:43
konttori_Hi all!18:57
*** andrunko has joined #maemo18:59
konttori_I'm about to prepare for the release of uk media player. As the name of the player has been there for debugging purposes, I'm rebranding it for launch. My wife suggested the name: music garden or music office. What do you guys think?19:06
glassi'd rather have some unique name for an app19:07
*** unique311 has joined #maemo19:08
glasskonttori_: because.. Results 1 - 10 of about 497,000,000 for music office.19:08
konttori_thanks. good idea. that's a bad name19:08
sp3000and only 46,200,000 for uk mp :)19:08
sp3000(356,000 with quotes)19:09
konttori_about the same as music garden.19:09
*** rev has joined #maemo19:12
konttori_Ok, I'll have to think about the name a bit further. thanks!19:12
glassgood luck with it19:14
glasswe tried to find a name for a product last week19:14
bill20r3ok, the gizmoproject client is kind of cool.19:14
glassspent a lot of paper on that one.. hard to find something that doesn't sound too bad and has a .com free19:15
Jaffakonttori_: "Musicality"19:15
*** wundo has joined #maemo19:15
*** koen has quit IRC19:17
*** tigert has quit IRC19:17
*** tigert has joined #maemo19:18
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:24
*** smokie has joined #maemo19:24
*** mazzen has quit IRC19:25
konttori_jaffa: thanks .. I'll consider it. Sounds like a good name. Almost web 2.0 name.19:26
konttori_I was also thinking about tablet conductor.19:27
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo19:27
konttori_jaffa: musicality falls also into the google pit (1.5 million hits)19:27
konttori_So, musicality is off. Has to be somewhat unique name.19:27
glassmaybe something that sounds like musicality when pronounced19:27
glassor such19:27
konttori_Something maybe with myy sign ;)19:28
*** Zenton has quit IRC19:28
konttori_but then again, no-one knows how to write that either19:28
*** Molagi has quit IRC19:28
*** Zenton has joined #maemo19:29
||cwkonttori_: what's special about this player?19:31
*** frade has joined #maemo19:31
konttori_Well, at the moment the browsing mechanism, but the name should also reflect that it will have upnp file access and file sharing in local network along upnp devices19:31
konttori_for example if you have two N800s in the local net, you both open this player and will be able to browse each others music and move tracks both ways.19:32
konttori_Although that is also a reason why I may postpone the renaming until the upnp stack is operational in it.19:32
*** zwnj has joined #maemo19:34
*** jonty__ has joined #maemo19:34
*** adoyle has joined #maemo19:37
smokieHi, i want to compile maemo-mapper in scratchbox for i386. Where can i get a deb pkg of libsqlite3-dev for i386 ?19:38
smokieI got one from debian, but i requires a newer glibc than maemo 2.2 has.19:39
unique311can't seem to get the maemoappliance  working19:41
*** koen has joined #maemo19:42
jkuI'm planning on buying a gps (for 770/n800). Can anyone recommend a device?19:48
tchanwell since USB host mode still doesn't work on the n800, buying a gps unit for it is kind-of pointless19:49
jkuAlso, is there any reason to buy something else than one of the cheapest models (about 80€ in Helsinki)?19:49
jkuI was thinking of a bluetooth model19:50
tchancheap GPS units are usb. For a bluetooth gps unit you're close to the price of some standalone handheld gps units19:51
jkuI see, I'll have to look more carefully19:53
mikemorrisonyou can get a bluetooth gps for pretty cheap19:53
tchanat least in the usa anyways, handheld gps can be had < $100. usb gps units that work with a computer/handheld for displaying the maps can be had for < $5019:55
Disconnecttrek m3 is what i'm using, kicks butt with maemo mapper19:55
Disconnect(its one of the new ones, listens to cell towers and such to refine position. and it goes -forever- without a chage.)19:55
*** pleemans has quit IRC19:55
mikemorrisontchan: i don't see that on sites like and usually handhelds are much more expensive19:56
Disconnect(random side note, the 4g non-spec sd cards woot had a while back seem to work great in the tablet. yay.)19:56
smokieI own an Adapt 700. Its very new, but so far i am happy.19:57
*** ajturner_ has joined #maemo19:57
tchana quick search on for "handheld gps" returns Magellan eXplorist 100 for $7919:58
Disconnect $99 for the m319:58
tchanMagellan eXplorist 300 for $10019:58
bill20r3add "bluetooth" into your search terms.19:59
*** florian__ has joined #maemo20:06
bill20r3what apps use the gps besides maemomapper?20:06
*** koen has quit IRC20:07
*** florian__ is now known as florian20:07
*** greentux has quit IRC20:10
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:10
*** ajturner_ is now known as ajturner20:11
*** koen has joined #maemo20:11
*** koen has quit IRC20:11
*** koen has joined #maemo20:12
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:13
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC20:14
*** frade has quit IRC20:25
smokieWhere can i get an i386 deb package of libsqlite3 for maemo 2.2 ?20:38
sp3000apt-get install libsqlite3-0 ?20:38
smokiein scratchbox ?20:39
smokie=> could not find package libsqlite3-020:39
sp3000(or more generally, apt-cache search sqli)20:39
sp3000mind you, I don't know if one exists, just checking if you've looked there20:40
* sp3000 doesn't remember the maemo release numbers without a reference anyhow20:40
smokieapt-cache search returns only libsqllite0.  think thats the wrong version ?20:41
sp3000I guess20:42
smokiei can compile from source, but dpkg isn´t happy about that :-(20:43
*** polpak has joined #maemo20:52
smokiesp3000, your tip wasn´t bad. Looks like i only need to uncomment extra repositories21:02
*** Tak|work has joined #maemo21:07
smokieDoes anyone know how to simulate a gps device to maemo-mapper on scratchbox i386 for development ?21:17
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:18
*** Molagi has joined #maemo21:21
*** mazzen has quit IRC21:27
*** mazzen has joined #maemo21:27
*** unicyn_ has joined #maemo21:32
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:39
*** rodarvus has quit IRC21:41
*** Pupnik_ is now known as Pupnik21:43
*** rev has quit IRC21:44
*** fuelfive has quit IRC21:44
Pupnikmusikia konttori_21:44
konttori_musikia is better than musique or musikue. I'll take that into consideration21:44
Pupnikkonttori_: nokimusi21:45
Pupnikjust soem names with few google hits - nokimusi has 021:45
konttori_nokimusi just doesn't make sense to me.21:45
Pupnikfirst four letters of nokia and music21:46
*** rodarvus has joined #maemo21:47
konttori_But then again.. at least I run the prog on my osx and I consider that t least when the time comes for upnp access, I will try to get people to run it on their desktop pcs as well21:48
konttori_So, that is why I consider the name to not to be solely linked to nokia21:48
*** unicyn_ has quit IRC21:48
*** shackan has joined #maemo21:50
Pupnikkontiplay = 0 hits21:51
*** dolske has quit IRC21:51
konttori_kontiplay is nice. ;)21:52
*** shackan has quit IRC21:53
Pupniksomebody already took 'mediaslug'21:55
konttori_hmm... maybe uplay21:55
bill20r3the linksys nslu2 is nicknamed 'slug'21:55
konttori_that's kinda 'web 2.0' lingo compatible as well ;)21:56
PupnikInterested in buying Asking price: $40000.0021:56
*** ab has joined #maemo21:58
*** Vytas has joined #maemo21:59
*** |tbb|_ has joined #maemo22:06
*** |tbb| has quit IRC22:14
smokieI installed maemo-mapper in scratchbox i386 and nothing more except maemo 2.2 rootstrap. I can start mapper in xephyr, but map download fails. Is there an additional tool required to let mapper access the network ?22:17
*** ab has quit IRC22:17
Pupniksmokie, check that you can get name resolution inside scratchbox22:17
smokiePupnik, oh i can use `wget` and get an index.html22:19
Pupnikinteresting wget works here too22:20
Pupnikfor other apps i have to add the host to /etc/hosts22:20
*** zwnj has quit IRC22:21
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:21
*** aCiDBaSe has quit IRC22:24
smokiePupnik, maybe hildon apps require some sort of tool or connection manager to get network access ?22:25
MDKtry copying over your resolv.conf22:26
*** konttori_ has quit IRC22:26
*** konttori has joined #maemo22:26
MDKfrom your host /etc/resolv.conf to your sbox resolv.conf22:27
smokieMDK, where is the etc dir for my scratchbox user and target located  :-()22:29
smokieMDK, oh found it22:30
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #maemo22:31
smokieMDK, but it doesn´t help22:33
*** dolske has joined #maemo22:36
MDKpossibly other problem than22:40
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo22:42
*** frade has joined #maemo22:43
Tak|workhave you checked nsswitch.conf ?22:44
*** mazzen has quit IRC22:46
*** skodde has joined #maemo22:48
PupnikTak|work: did you ever find faster 68000 cores (with JIT perhaps) that could be used in UAE, Hatari, fceu etc?22:50
konttoriI guess cyclone doesn't have full 6800 core. Just what genesis needs22:51
Pupnikthese emulators will probably drive my purchase of the N800 successor :)22:52
Pupnikdosbox 0.70 seems a bit more responsive than 0.65 now, but the vga graphics are hosed22:52
*** mikemorrison has quit IRC22:53
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:54
*** tortoise_ has joined #maemo22:54
*** koen has quit IRC22:54
*** rodarvus has quit IRC22:55
*** fuelfive has joined #maemo23:00
smokieMaemo tutorial says that i need an 'apt-get install osso-ic-oss' to get network access for i386 rootstrap, but the pkg isn´t available. ???23:05
*** koen has joined #maemo23:08
*** lmoura has quit IRC23:08
Pupniksmokie: i spend all my time in the armel target anyway23:10
smokiePupnik, but it´s nice to develop and test on i386.23:11
Pupnikyou can run the apps in the armel target, via qemu, on your PC23:12
Pupnikfyi i see osso-ic-lib and osso-ic-dev23:13
smokiePupnik, hmm i expect the same (entwork) problems than.23:13
shawarmaIf my n770 doesn't boot (the progress bar makes it 80% of the way to the end and then starts over) is there any way to debug it?23:14
smokiePupnik,  osso-ic-lib and osso-ic-dev are installed :-(23:14
shawarmaI added the herring repo and did a dist-upgrade. Apparantly, that's not a good idea.23:14
unique311Pupnik, see how you manage to run pose on the nokia, you think apple's newton is possible on the nokia also?23:15
Pupnikis there a newton emulator?23:15
unique311    not sure23:15
Pupnikshawarma: i can't think of anything23:15
shawarmaPupnik: Oh, well. Perhaps that will teach me not to do that.23:16
unique311someone is working on a 77023:16
shawarmaPupnik: I thought herring was not that dangerous.23:16
unique311wrong 77023:16
shawarmaI don't quite understand this herring concept. Is it something akin to debian's testing?23:17
shawarmaOr is it more like experimental?23:18
Pupnikgood question shawarma, tell us if you find anything in search23:18
unique311       Pupnik23:19
shawarmaPupnik: Is that your way of saying RTFM?23:19
Pupnikshawarma: i don't know anything about herring and i'm curious23:19
shawarmaPupnik: My sarcasm-o-meter is broken atm..23:19
shawarmaPupnik: Ah, ok.23:19
Pupnikunique311: yeah but where is the .deb for einstein?23:20
*** everaldo has joined #maemo23:21
unique311time to see if it'll run on n80023:24
Pupnik./einstein: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:25
*** koen has quit IRC23:27
konttoriHey, did anyone get the picodrive working on N800?23:27
*** koen has joined #maemo23:28
Pupniklooking at the picodrive for gp2x now23:28
konttoriit would rock23:29
glassthat would be nice23:29
konttorifullscreen, full speed.23:29
*** dolske has quit IRC23:29
glasson n800 it would seem somewhat plausable23:30
Pupnikbleach... grab  PicoDrive_0963src.rar  and look at it23:30
glassknowing the perf on 107mhz s60's23:30
konttoriyeah. Ngage ran it full speed with no audio.23:32
konttoriso, this puppy should have no probs running it in 320x200 in double pixel mode23:32
Pupnikpicodrive is a mess23:33
*** NickDe has quit IRC23:34
*** ocnarfidW has joined #maemo23:34
konttoriI can imagine23:34
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:34
konttoriBut it should be enough to hack it to run.23:34
unique311picodrive?  sega emu23:34
Pupniklooking at cyclone now23:35
unique311sonic the hedgeho..yeah23:35
konttoriand cyclone is the 68000 emulator core that picodrive uses23:35
*** koen has quit IRC23:35
unique311hope this helps.....
*** dolske has joined #maemo23:37
konttoriPupnik: so, does it look doable?23:37
Pupnikwell picodrive has a linux makefile23:38
Pupnikso it might be doable23:38
Pupnikit's broken here23:38
konttoriConsidering someone ported the symbian source of pico to gp2x, it should be possible to get the gp2x version running with minor modifications23:38
konttoriProbably will take some fixing of the makefile and the code, but I hope you'll be able to figure it out.23:38
Pupnikok what's breaking right now is gp2x/menu.c dependencies23:42
konttorisounds like a pretty good place to just drop and later replace with maemo stuff23:43
Pupnikah there's a slightly newer release here,0,0,0,5,180123:45
Pupniklots of emu sources there which might have clues to optimization for nokias - like dosbox, uae etc23:46
Pupnikoops that link was to the binary23:47
konttoriSomeone should look into those and then digg their fingers into how SDL has been implemented in nokia and fix up the blitting speeds of surfaces23:47
Pupnikkonttori: have you used gprof on the nokia?23:47
konttoriI was kinda thinking about profiling ukmp23:48
konttoriBut then I figured that the time is spent blitting anyway and dropped sprites and moved to surface blitting. Improved speed quite a lot23:49
konttoriBut then I hit the SDL roof and ... well, not much chance of improving blitting in python.23:49
Pupniklooking into gprof now23:50
unique311pupnik which src version of picodrive you dl?23:51
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC23:51
konttoripupnik: do you feel you need gprof to get picodrive setup?23:52
unique311i found an 0.11 and 0.1023:52
Pupnikno i'm trying to get Ur-Quan Masters up to playable speed23:52
Pupnikunique311: source files? url?23:52
konttoriPupnik: Ok. Fair enough. Would be great if you / someone could have a look at pico later on23:53
Pupnikyes, if someone with a clue would :)23:54
*** tortoise_ has quit IRC23:56
Pupnikok newer version for gp2x23:56
Pupnikargh justa  bin23:56
*** frade has quit IRC23:57
*** smokie has quit IRC23:57

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