IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-03-23

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Markovsettings for tethering to cingular phone:
Markovthey're not what's used as default on the n80000:28
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ElrondTak - So what now?00:46
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ElrondTak - When will you ask the dwarves for a meeting date? ;)00:58
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neostriderhello folks01:35
florianhi neostrider01:35
neostriderhi florian!01:35
neostridermaybe you can help me01:37
neostriderthe "maemo restricted downloads" page is somewhat confunsing01:37
neostriderwhats the version of the imagem of gregalle?01:37
florianneostrider: gregale is the maemo 2.2 sdk01:39
neostrideryes,but in termos of that q3-2006 numbers that I dont understand01:40
neostriderthat thing is so confusing that I mistankenly flashed mistral on device yesterday01:40
neostriderright now, im using IT2006 version 3.2006.49-201:41
neostrideri need to know if this is gregalle, as Im reinstalling my SDK (I was using mistral SDK)01:42
florianneostrider: ah right, i guess any *2006* image should work with gregalle01:42
neostrider(i need gregale as I want to help the mono project ;-) )01:43
neostrideras a SDL developer, I was doing fine with mistral..but...who knows...there was lots of bug fixes01:44
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b0unc3which is the better place for a 'configuration' file ?02:38
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neostriderwhat is your application for?02:46
neostrider /etc? /usr/share ?02:46
neostriderthat question is mine too02:48
neostrideri want to know that too02:48
Takglobal conf file?02:48
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b0unc3It'a the 'my_application' config file02:49
kkitouser configuration goes to $HOME02:50
kkitomust to be hidden02:51
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kkitoglobal configuration in /etc02:51
neostridergreat =-D02:52
neostriderand about game data files/02:52
b0unc3uhm...yes, I think that $HOME is the best place for my config file02:52
kkito/usr/share is for contents that is shared by many apps, like icons, themes etc02:52
neostridermy game data files, hopely will be used for more than one game02:52
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neostrideri hope to use the same game engine (no code modification) in more than one game02:52
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acydlordi was cleaning my room today02:56
acydlordand opened my closet for the first time in about 6 months, and found out that i have a computer in it02:57
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neostriderI would love to make that discover too02:57
neostriderlet me check mine02:57
neostriderGREAT! a out-of-service 486!02:58
acydlordi just  got a free agp card and proc from a computer shop down the street to fix this one up02:59
neostridermine case is worst03:00
neostridera broken 486 notebook03:00
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neostriderthe powercord is malfunctioning03:00
acydlordi have a 286   from 197803:00
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neostriderso it powerup only when he wants03:00
neostrideri had a 8088 a few years ago03:00
neostriderand the LCD is broken03:00
neostriderand the bios refuses to boot linux!03:01
acydlordi was trying to boot an ubuntu live cd on this one and it was taking forever, scanned the cd and it had 9 bad checksums03:01
acydlordit has a weird mobo, has dip switches for overclocking03:01
neostriderdry damn small linux03:03
neostridermuch lighter03:03
neostriderand simpler03:03
neostriderindeed, I did some remastering on it03:03
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acydlordtrue, this thing has 256mb of ram i think, so it should be fine once linux actually loads03:09
acydlordthat cd i had was just scratched03:09
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b0unc3Why when I install the .deb , the config file under /home/user/.myapp/ is owned by root ?03:14
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neostrideracydlord, Damn Small Linux is very lightweight debian that runs with as little as 20 MB RAM03:31
neostriderwith X and fluxbox03:31
acydlordi know this, i use it as a repair disk03:31
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acydlordit was just an issue with the disk i was using,  ubuntu is loaded in to gnome now :)03:32
acydlordDSL is on a businedd card cd-rom in my wallet at all times03:32
neostrideri run it from pendrive03:33
neostridervery confortable03:33
neostriderand very easy to customize03:33
neostriderfor some time it was my main distro03:33
acydlordpen drive is a good idea too, i have a 512 pen drive with open office, firefox and gaim on it03:33
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acydlordi need to find that 40gb hdd i had around here03:39
neostrideri built (with a kit) a 80gb usb hdd ;-)03:41
neostriderthe good about DSL on a pendrive is that it does run both under qemu on windows or it can boot directly from usb03:41
neostrideron the same installation03:41
acydlordi have a 250gb external i built with a kit03:41
neostridernow you humilliated me hehe03:42
neostrideri cant dream of a 250gb hdd03:42
neostriderneither internal or external =-p03:42
acydlordi got it for $15003:42
acydlordisnt there a way to rig a laptop drive to hook up to ide?03:44
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neostridernot really03:48
neostriderhere in brazil things are a bit more expensive hehe03:48
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neostridereveraldo, downloading gregalle!03:53
neostriderfolks @ indt recommended me using gregalle03:53
neostriderand it should be just like bora in structural terms03:54
everaldoneostrider, hey03:59
everaldoneostrider, why use gregale?03:59
neostridermore compatible with 770 than bora04:00
everaldoneostrider, where you donwload it?04:02
neostridermaemo main repository04:03
everaldoneostrider, hey.. gregale is 2.204:03
everaldoI have it04:03
neostriderI guess bora packages doesnt work very well with the 77004:03
everaldobut most time I use bora04:03
everaldobora is 3.0, more compatible with N80004:04
neostrideryeah...but you have a 770, right?04:10
neostriderand most things that work with 770 will also work with n80004:11
acydlordi traded my 770      for a 19" lcd04:18
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neostrider[]s fellows04:44
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dolfunwhat is user experience of gregale on 770 like05:16
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JaffaMorning, all10:32
dolfunJaffa, glas55 i don't suppose you understand pixel-doubling internals on the 770?10:36
glas55no idea really10:38
dolfunok thanks10:39
baais that handled by s1d on the n800?10:39
baaerr, s1d1374x10:39
dolfundunno.  my problem is that a number of sdl calls seem to disable the 2x scaling, and i find no explanation as to what triggers this10:40
dolfunit's a bit of a black box, i'm afraid10:41
baawish i understood sdl so i could try & help out.10:47
baafeel bad for sdl people, hearing about the ~20 fps bandwidth constraint on n800's offboard lcd controller.10:49
dolfunmost games you can just update portions of the screen10:53
dolfunwhich is exactly my trouble with doubling on the 770.  only the current putrect() block is displayed doubled, then everything goes back to single10:54
dolfunsometimes, not always.  i've managed to reduce it by culling out all the sdl-locks10:54
dolfunbut as i said, it's total guesswork on my part and playing combinatorial guesses against this unknown device10:55
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dolfunif anyone is interested in testing some of this on a 770 running gregale, let me know10:56
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mk8Hi to all ...11:09
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mk8A little question. In the maemo documentation I not found any event associated to the HildonNumberEditor. It is derived from another Widget so inherit the event? If it is this the case12:07
mk8which is the Parent Widget?12:08
* timeless cries12:22
maddlermorning all...12:22
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dolfunhrm i read that as 'parent midget'12:39
mk8What is 'parental midget'?12:40
osfameronwell, it being a small screen OS, it makes sense12:41
dolfunwhich brings us back to the 'dwarves' discussion12:47
dolfun20:45 < Elrond> Tak - Will you ask the dwarves to come?12:47
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timelessi think my brand new n800 just caused my laptop to blue screen12:50
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osfameronyou think your laptop needs a *cause* to blue screen?12:53
osfameronremember, it's a computer.   It hates you.12:53
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zwnjhi. trying to update N800 packges, i get "401 Unauthorized" error.  is the server banned for any ip ranges?13:22
dolfunwhich server13:23
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zwnjdolfun: 8013:25
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dolfunwhat are the dns names in /etc/apt/sources.list?13:26
dolfunthat does not match repository.maemo.org13:26
dolfunor by my pings13:27
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dolfunzwnj: check that your dns resolves correctly13:33
*** dolfun is now known as dolfun_afk13:33
zwnjdolfun_afk: thanks, let me check13:36
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b0unc3is there any way to send an event (with dbus?) to an home plugin ?13:56
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inzif the home plugins listens on dbus14:11
Guardianbleh sometimes i find that gtk just sucks: i have 2 radio buttons, button1 and button2. button1 is active, then i click button2 ==> button1 receives a "clicked" signal. ffs button1 has been "toggled" and button2 has been "clicked and toggled"14:12
Guardianwhy bother documenting stuff that does not behave like it's documented then ...14:12
Guardianor maybe it's the compatiblity excuse: "we're sorry, it used to suck so we need to keep it sucking"  like java does for utf8 boms in streams :D14:13
ptman_utf8 bom? it shouldn't have anything like that14:15
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ptman_UTF-16 has BOM14:15
ptman_sorry for the nitpicking14:15
*** ptman_ is now known as ptman14:15
Guardianwell according to , there can be a BOM14:16
Guardiantypically, start messing with XML, you know XML ? the brilliant format that enables any text editor to edit the data ! edit your xml file with notepad.exe, try to read it with a java ==> exception because notepad detected utf8 content and added a BOM (well you could argue that it's because of microsoft)14:18
ptmanyes, there can ba a BOM, but it doesn't make any sense for UTF-8, as it is read one byte at a time14:20
ptmanUTF-16 on the other hand, is read two bytes at a time, and it's important to know which is the more significant one14:21
Guardianbut it should not crash badly, anyway we're not on #java :)14:21
ptmantrue, crashing is not a good thing, but neither is generating a BOM for UTF-814:22
Guardianin fact what puzzles me is the reason given by sun for not changing the behavior:
Guardianthe reason is "a lot of stupid applications rely on it ! we need to be compatible with this fucked behavior"14:24
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Guardianback to the subject, a radio button that is released because another radio button has been pressed should not receive a signal called "clicked"14:26
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kkitonice i get maemo virtual keyboard integrated on qt apps....14:38
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JaffaOfficial camera app? (according to maemo-users)15:04
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sbaturzioJaffa: yes..I'm just testing it15:04
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* Jaffa 's N800 is on charge15:07
kulvepretty simple thing..15:10
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JaffaDoes it do anything clever to get better quality out than the existing ones?15:25
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kulveOS 2007 edition v. 3.2007.10-7 includes improvements and fixes in:15:27
kulvewhen has that come?15:29
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jku__Judging from the name, some time in the last two weeks :) Interesting15:33
JaffaErr, excellent. kulve: how did you find that?15:34
kulveJaffa: by accident. Friend said that he has 51-7 even though I thought that everybody has 51-6, so I went to check it out :)15:35
pyhimysNokia_N800_OS.php       09-Mar-2007 14:19  7.3K15:36
* Jaffa 's download is only going at ~100KB/s :-(15:36
Takooo, the update is finally out?15:36
Jaffa has changelog15:36
Jaffa"Video and Flash performance and quality" - excellent15:37
TakI'll have to DL it tonight when I have access to the n800 and mac15:37
JaffaMaybe "Bluetooth connection" will be : let me turn bluetooht *on* from the status bar.15:38
Takall you have to do is pay it a little attention once in a while15:40
* Jaffa tars up his home directory before reflashing15:40
Taka foot massage wouldn't go astray :-P15:40
kulvebackup & restore does the things for sources.list too (I just heard)..15:40
Takit hasn't for me on any previous flash...15:41
kulveit would be nice, if it would..15:41
kulveso, how's the video? :)15:47
zyxulnagaguys is it possible to connect my n800 into an ethernet network?15:48
Jaffakulve: 01:17 remaining. 94% of download complete15:49
kulveI have it already, but I'll upgrade later..15:49
Takzyxulnaga: if you have a wap...15:50
dragornzyxulnaga: A wired network?  No.  Not until usb host mode works and you get a USB NIC, anyhow.15:50
zyxulnagai noticed it doesnt work like the n77015:51
zyxulnagahost mode is not supported?15:51
dragorncurrently there are no kernel drivers to do usb host mode15:51
dragornas of the last I knew anyhow15:51
zullaWhy didn't they announce the release?15:51
dragornzulla: Probably isn't really done, or still undergoing testing, or getting clearance, or...15:52
zyxulnagawhat about bluetooth to ethernet15:52
Takor waiting until #maemo quits thrashing their servers...15:52
zulladragorn: then it wouldn't be available on a public server for download.15:52
zyxulnagaI noticed there is a bluetooth adaptor that lets you get into ethernet15:52
dragornzulla: Not necessarily15:52
Takhell, they didn't even announce the n800 release15:52
kulvezyxulnaga: something like that might be possible, but the usb host mode is not15:53
dragornzulla: I've dealt with a lot of stuff where it went up on the site w/out announcements pending official stuff, or pending the web admins making the announce pages, etc.15:53
dragornzyxulnaga: There are some sort of BT "access points" which do things like that, but i've never messed with them.  At that point you might as well use 802.1115:53
JaffaUpgrade complete.15:53
disqooh new firmware!15:54
* Jaffa waits to complete the setup.15:54
dragornfigures, the firmware drops while I'm out of town and not entirely thrilled with the idea of wiping the thing15:54
c0ffeeand still no way to upgrade without losing all installed software i guess?15:55
zullac0ffee: they are working on that.15:55
c0ffeei know15:55
Takdragorn: hey, this way you'll have the server all to yourself when you get back ;-)15:55
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC15:55
dragornTak: Oh, i already downloaded it15:55
zullac0ffee: at least theys said so in the mailing list. I like what I read about their plans there.15:55
Jaffa RSS feed reader's icon has changed (includes the orange RSS icon)15:57
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disqthe changelog is more like a "NEWS" file16:02
*** maddler has quit IRC16:03
inzdisq, hardly more useful than nothing at all...16:04
JaffaI'd say YouTube was better: around 8fps now16:05
disqi'm looking for a quick link to the win32 flasher16:05
disqmy linux boxes are either on vmware or remote16:06
dolfunall my windows botzes, er, boxes are remote16:09
Veggenmy only windows at home is in vmware.16:11
Veggen(and when I get something to replace Garmin Mapsource, or gets it to run properly in wine/Crossover Office, I'm gonna scratch it)16:12
dolfunyeah it's always those must-have apps16:13
zullaBefore reflashing, how can I store the configured WLAN connections?16:19
Takdoesn't the backup software catch them?16:20
zullanah. Manually, of course. :-)16:22
*** dolfun is now known as dolfun_afk16:22
*** zulla has quit IRC16:26
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Molagihmm the new update is out?16:27
*** RealNitro has joined #maemo16:29
Molagibefore updating it should i backup everything?16:29
*** ttobin has joined #maemo16:29
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kabtoffeMolagi: At least all the stuff you need. Like Settings and Bookmarks.16:41
kabtoffeBy the way, does the new release support SDHC?16:42
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zullathey still use the ugly throbber :-)16:50
disqso what is the codename for the new version?16:50
zullatoo bad they don't update the theme artwork. tigert's theme is soo much nicer.16:51
Takyeah, the codename!  I demand a codename!16:55
*** maddler has joined #maemo16:55
Takpreferably some kind of nordic sealife16:55
*** Guardian has quit IRC16:56
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inzI'd guess bora16:57
*** pleemans has quit IRC16:57
inzThey didn't bother changing the name for the 2nd release, why would they for the third16:57
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zullaJaffa: Is there already a repository for MUD-built-software?17:04
ptmani think they only change the codename if there's some incompatibility between the versions17:05
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo17:05
ptmanah, I wasn't scrolling down with the new messages17:06
Jaffazulla: not an official one, there's which should be configurable, though17:08
zullaThanks! Though: deb bora user - didn't work.17:09
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:09
TakJaffa: is that not browsable?17:14
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC17:17
zullaThere is still the old throbber in the new firmware - guess I should finally make .deb out of this:17:21
*** RealNitro has quit IRC17:26
zullaow, sorry for spamming.17:30
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC17:32
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plr_hello, is there a working mplayer version for n800? The one I found says it is incompatible17:42
*** makuchaku has quit IRC17:42
*** kender has joined #maemo17:42
*** kpenrose_ has joined #maemo17:45
zullaYou should be able to install it via apt-get17:46
zullathe developer is constantly improving it17:46
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo17:46
zullait just crashed on me with the new firmware, but I'm sure that he will fix that soon, as he usually does.17:46
zullaRepository: bora/free17:47
plr_ok, I just got the n800 and was happy to find that it just had a new update17:47
Takgood timing17:49
plr_I can't see it through the application manager even though I add that repository, I installed the xterminal though, how does the apt-get work?17:50
*** daf` has quit IRC17:52
kpenrose_pir_:  I just logged in and see you talking about an update - of what?17:53
plr_apt-get install mplayer gives me an error "could not open lock file"; Unable to lock the list directory17:54
*** Tak|work has joined #maemo17:55
Pioplr_, did you leave the app manager running when you did it?17:56
Pioyou have to close it to install through apt manually17:56
plr_oh ok17:57
*** [TheMan] has joined #maemo17:59
[TheMan]is kismet fully functional on N770 now?18:00
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:00
plr_well it still doesn't work. I cannot understand why it won't show in the application manager18:00
[TheMan]wasnt the problem that it showed ghost networks?18:01
Pio[TheMan], he's talking about something else18:02
michidid you update the package cache after adding the new repo?18:02
[TheMan]Pio- ok =)18:02
plr_michi yes, if that is done when it asks whether to download the package info again18:02
tkozulla, I just made a deb out of the throbber. I don't want to maintain it though. interested? :)18:02
[TheMan]anyone tested the Silica?18:03
*** chenca has quit IRC18:03
zullatko: If you send me instructions how you did it, that'd be really really nice.18:04
*** everaldo has quit IRC18:05
tkozulla, -- basically it's all in the diff18:05
tkoplease don't distribute that URL too much, at least update the debian/control Maintainer and debian/copyright if you take that18:06
tkoI didn't try installing it on the device though :-]18:07
zullatko: well, you just published it here in the irc log...18:07
tkowell, I'll remove it when I remember18:07
tkoI meant to do the debian packaging the first time I saw that, but never found the time or forgot18:08
*** Pooh22 has quit IRC18:08
tkoall the magic really is in the preinst/postinst/postrm scripts18:08
dolfun_afkit should be noted that the log is findable via google18:09
tkoI know, but google is unreliable :)18:10
[TheMan]what does throbber do?18:10
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:10
zullaTheMan: It's just a nicer activity indicator.18:11
[TheMan]ah ok thnx18:11
[TheMan]does metasploit work on the N770?18:11
kendermaybe yes, there is ruby and perl support18:12
kenderwhy not?18:12
[TheMan]yes... just heard it was slow18:13
*** greentux has joined #maemo18:13
kenderno idea hehe18:13
[TheMan]so guess it doesnt work that great18:13
*** ocnarfid has joined #maemo18:13
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:13
[TheMan]im looking for some software similar to the Silica device18:13
tkozulla, the section user/graphics should be user/themes18:14
*** spect has joined #maemo18:15
zyxulnaganice i got silica connected to a wired network18:15
dolfun_afksomehow i find little motivation in helping people commit crimes18:15
zyxulnaga[TheMan]: I am the silica developer if you need something18:15
dolfun_afkwell i shouldn't assume18:17
zyxulnagaits not a crime :>18:17
dolfun_afkwhat's the legal status of selling a product based on open-source?18:18
zyxulnagano idea about that!18:18
[TheMan]zyx- im very interested18:18
Pioare there any patches to do packet injection on 770 or 800 yet? :)18:19
dolfun_afkzyxulnaga: obviously it's possible, see redhat, suse etc.18:19
*** Disconnect has quit IRC18:19
zyxulnagadolfun_afk: if I had the chance i will provide the sw for free and have them receive money for support18:19
*** lele has quit IRC18:19
zyxulnagaI guess the python license allows it through18:20
dolfun_afkzyxulnaga: cool niche market though18:20
*** koen|lab is now known as koen18:20
[TheMan]zyxulnaga- how much for the Canvas? =)18:20
*** koen has quit IRC18:20
zyxulnaga[TheMan]: if you want any technical details drop me a line18:20
zyxulnagadunno anything about the sales part18:20
[TheMan]i priv msgd u about it18:20
zyxulnagadidnt get it18:21
zyxulnagayou need to register i think18:21
[TheMan]ah ok18:21
[TheMan]is it based on Metasploit and kismet?18:21
tkozulla, it didn't brick my device.. yet. I must be doing something right :)18:21
zullatko: it bricks your device only if it is not user-readable. then the UI stops responding the moment it tries to open the animation...18:22
[TheMan]zyx- i will register just a sec18:23
[TheMan]got it?18:24
kulveTak: btw. It did restore sources.list18:26
*** philipl is now known as phil|work18:26
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo18:27
tkozulla, dpkg-divert can also do bad things, leaving the icons unreachable18:31
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC18:33
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:36
*** fab_ has quit IRC18:36
*** booiiing has joined #maemo18:36
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC18:37
*** klausade has quit IRC18:51
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo18:52
Molagistupid nokia updater is saying my n800 is up to date18:56
kendermaybe because it is18:56
Molagii wanna install the new firmware18:56
kenderyou need to download it and flash your device18:57
Molagifrom where18:57
kenderfrom... here18:57
Molagiok ty18:58
Molagihow do i flash it19:01
mgedminMolagi: make sure you make a backup before that19:06
mgedminif you have anything useful on your tablet19:06
Molagiyeah ive backupped19:06
Molagihow can i flash with nokia internet tablet software update wizard19:13
dolfun_afkyou get the flasher and the image then you execute the command with the right options19:14
*** slomo has joined #maemo19:14
* sp3000 thought it sounded more like windows19:14
Molagilooks pretty hard19:15
Molagiim using win200019:15
zyxulnagais it possible to create a fiasco image of the current install n800 I have?19:15
mgedminMolagi: then use this:
mgedminflasher and that RX-34... image are more for Linux users19:17
mgedminI *think* the update wizard exe for windows contains the image within itself19:17
mgedminI have no idea, because I do not use windows19:17
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo19:17
Molagimgedmin yeah i got that, how do i flash with it, when i open it it just checks that my n800 is up to date19:18
mgedminmaybe nokia didn't update it yet?  I dunno19:19
*** klausade has joined #maemo19:20
Molagioh yeah now its working19:20
mgedminget a Linux machine and use flasher-3.0 with the RX-34_2007SE_3 image19:20
mk8I go out .... bye to all ....19:20
kenderCU mk819:21
*** mk8 has quit IRC19:21
kulvezyxulnaga: in theory yes19:26
*** bencer has quit IRC19:26
zyxulnagaI am reading up now how to do the rootfs19:26
zyxulnagathats all i need really19:27
kulvehmm.. actually maybe it's not possible..19:27
kulvebut you might be able to do a rootfs jffs2 image that can be flashed with the flasher-tool19:27
zyxulnagathis one19:27
zyxulnagayeah thats what i want19:27
kulvewith a quick thought I think you need to tar your rootfs inside the device with gnu tar and then create a jffs2 image out of it. That might work..19:29
zyxulnagaoh really?19:29
zyxulnagathats nice19:29
kulvelike I said, I really don't know if that really works..19:29
zyxulnagaso i need to convert the tar to jffs2 with dd and mkisofs?19:29
kulvebut it might :)19:29
zyxulnagait will be good trying19:29
zyxulnagai 'll give it a shot19:30
kulveI think you need to untar the tar and then create a jffs2 with mkfs.jffs219:30
*** daniels has joined #maemo19:30
zyxulnagadont i need to make it as a single file though?19:30
zyxulnagawith dd19:30
zyxulnagaor something19:30
kulvebut don't blame me, if the new rootfs image don't work ;)19:30
zyxulnagai dont mind19:30
zyxulnagai have a couple of n800 here to test19:30
kulvemkfs.jffs2 makes a single "flashable" jffs2 image from a directory19:31
mgedminthere might be a few problems19:32
mgedmintar in the n800 limits pathnames to 100 characters19:33
mgedminsome of the files in the default image are longer than that19:33
mgedmin(iirc that's some gconf schemas and some theme images)19:33
kulvemgedmin: tar in the device or gnu tar?19:33
mgedmintar in the device19:33
mgedminwhich is busybox tar, I think19:33
danielsit is busybox tar, yes19:34
kulvemgedmin: that's why I said "gnu tar" ;)19:34
kulve(I think that means something else that the busybox's tar..)19:35
mgedminah, I didn't notice19:35
X-FadeHmmm video seems to have less tearing on the new image. It's not all gone, but better.19:35
X-FadeCanola still suffers from tearing.19:35
*** guyvdb has joined #maemo19:35
X-FadeYoutube is better, although still too slow.19:36
kulveI'm a bit surprised how well the backup & restore went.. But I didn't have any emails etc. Just few gmail contacs. But sources.list, wlan APs, statusbar & home plugin settings, theme, etc19:37
mgedminTuomas: when will hildon-theme-plankton make its way into the maemo extras repository?19:37
mgedmincool, sources.list is preserved19:37
danielsi think canola still tears because i'm dumb and only half-fixed the ui tearing issue.  i'll probably put an unofficial x server up somewhere.19:37
kulvemgedmin: yep, but it didn't rei-install all my apps ;)19:37
danielsyoutube dosn't take advantage of the hardware video acceleration we have because of flash's design (pixel precision), so you can't infer anything about youtube performance from general video (e.g. media player), and vice-versa.19:37
mgedminnow if only the app installer let me select multiple apps for installing at once...19:38
mgedminI suppose that's what sudo apt-get install is for19:38
daniels(if you're bored, you could grab the xorg-server source, and remove the plane_info->vsync = 0 line from hw/kdrive/omap/omap_plane.c to force vsync off for the ui, and rebuild.)19:38
Molagioh fuck19:39
kulvedaniels: Your mails on the list has been very nice. Very open source :) Thanks for that19:39
Molagiall my programs disappeared19:39
Molagiit didnt backup my softwares19:39
Tuomasmgedmin: no idea... maybe you're asking wrong person here.. ;)19:39
danielskulve: that's okay19:39
mgedmindidn't you create the theme?19:39
danielskulve: i'm an open source developer and no-one's told me to shut up yet, so i guess it's okay19:39
mgedminah, name collision19:40
danielsmgedmin: you're looking for tigert (Tuomas Kuosmannen), not Tuomas19:40
Tuomashehe =)19:40
mgedmintigert:  when will hildon-theme-plankton make its way into the maemo extras repository?19:40
danielsi'm almost certain i've misspelt tigert's surname, but that's his fault.  mine is only five letters. ;)19:40
kulvedaniels: yep. I hope the rest of the nokia people start giving details on the list. I think e.g. kernel details would be interesting to some people19:41
sp3000s/nn/n/, not too far off ;)19:41
danielskulve: anything in particular? i hack on the kernel when i have time away from x.19:41
* mgedmin found repositories for all of his installed packages except for hildon-theme-plankton and hildon-theme-sketchy (and hildon-theme-cacher that is needed by both)19:41
danielskulve: most of it's pretty straightforward; the generic drivers are generic, and there's a whole sub-architecture and omap framework within the kernel.19:42
kulvedaniels: not really. I'm just generally curious. But e.g. the mmc stuff has been on the discussions..19:42
danielskulve: so the n800-specific stuff is basically all contained within arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-n800*19:42
mgedminhm, has 0 files and 0 adds in svn19:43
danielskulve: hmmm.  i don't think i can really say anything about the mmc stuff.  basically just that and the bootloader (since the latter is closed source).  but everything else is fine. ;)19:43
*** dape has quit IRC19:45
Molagihmm damn how do i setup the ssh19:48
kulvein the red pill mode (if you want open ssh)19:48
kulvedropbear can be installed "normally"19:49
Molagiok ill choose the dropbear19:49
*** spaetz has quit IRC19:49
kulveMolagi: you can get it from maemo hackers repo19:51
X-Fadedaniels: Do you have a binary I can test?19:51
danielsX-Fade: no19:52
danielsas i said, it's a one-line fix, so it's trivial to make yourself if you want, but i probably won't get to it until next week.19:52
danielsi generally avoid scratchbox on weekends19:53
X-Fadedaniels: Too bad ;)19:53
X-Fadedaniels: Yeah, I was trying to do that too ;)19:53
*** chenca has joined #maemo19:53
*** spaetz has joined #maemo19:55
*** chenca has joined #maemo19:55
*** chenca has quit IRC19:59
* mgedmin dropped the /me by accident19:59
*** koen has joined #maemo19:59
mgedminwow, that was fast19:59
mgedmin5 megs per second20:00
X-Fademgedmin: Yeah, surprised me too.. 6MB/s..20:00
hapIs there something to convert my mac os x addressbook for my n800 ?20:01
hapI look at my N800 once a month, and I still see no changes, mostly the problems listed on
mgedmin4 confirmations to restore a backup... I get the feeling somebody loves confirmations20:02
mgedminprobably nokia's lawyers20:02
*** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC20:04
*** skandaleras has quit IRC20:05
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo20:06
tigertyeah, thats the other Tuomas20:10
*** fab_ has joined #maemo20:10
tigertman, it really took _this long_ to get name clashes20:10
kulveI've always been in irc with my surname instead of my first name. Which is Tuomas..20:12
kulvethere's quite few kulves in irc..20:12
*** zulla has quit IRC20:17
keesjdoes the new it2007 image provide power "bugfixes" ?20:18
*** daf` has joined #maemo20:18
danielskeesj: as in, extended battery life?20:19
*** neal has quit IRC20:19
danielskeesj: i think it's a bit better, yes20:19
mgedminbackup/restore does not restore the opera home page20:20
hapkeesj: how do i know i have the latest it2007 ?20:22
kulvecat /etc/osso_software_version20:23
danielshap: go to 'about device' or something in the control panel, it'll tell you you have 2007.10-6 or something20:23
kulveor click click from control panel20:23
*** skandaleras is now known as skanda_out20:24
*** chenca has joined #maemo20:26
keesjhap if you have not downloaded it in the last 24 hour you are running an ancient version20:28
hapah ok20:29
hapkeesj: do i have to flash the whole thing and loose my current configuration ?20:29
hapcat /etc/osso_software_version20:29
hapi guess this is the old one20:29
mgedminyes, SE_3 was released today20:29
mgedminif you make a backup you won't make the current configuration20:29
mgedminyou'll only have to reinstall all the apps and change the browser's home page20:30
*** florian has quit IRC20:30
mgedmineverything else is restored20:30
hapah, reinstall all my ssh, etc :(20:30
hapmgedmin: is there a changelog to view the changes?20:30
mgedminI saw the url to the changelog on today20:30
mgedminthe changelog is a bit terse20:30
hapok thanks20:30
mgedminbug fixes and improved video support, essentially20:31
danielsi don't think there are any real fixes aside from various stability issues; the video stuff was the only real major item20:31
hapflash performance20:31
c0ffeecan you watch youtube now?20:31
Tak|workhah - no real fixes apart from a massive video improvement, the addition of pixel doubling, ...20:32
hapwhen is gtalk video for computers available to talk with friends with video20:32
Tak|worksuch modesty20:32
hapand when is supposed skype to be released?20:32
danielsTak|work: well, pixel doubling is exposed to apps, but in reality we can do arbitrary upscaling20:32
Tak|workeven better20:32
danielsin theory, we can do downscaling by factors of half and one-quarter, but it's difficult to implement and no-one asked for it, so20:33
Tak|workis there a published api for the upscaling?20:33
mgedminit seems that the hardware keys not working bug is fixed20:33
mgedminthat makes me very happy20:33
daniels(no-one even noticed the pixel-doubling until after the release of .51)20:33
danielsTak|work: not really, it's not exposed to anything above the x server20:33
Tak|workwell - I noticed as soon as I got my dev unit20:33
danielsTak|work: well, no-one noticed and told me ;)20:34
Tak|workoh well - 2x is what I really need20:34
Tak|workI probably didn't get my dev unit until after .51 release20:34
danielsyeah, it wasn't announced until jan 8th20:34
danielswhich is definitely after week 51, 200620:34
Tak|workyeah, and I had to wait until start of feb anyway20:34
danielsoh well, it's friday night.  can't sit on irc all weekend.20:35
* daniels -> out20:35
Tak|workdownscaling might be useful for the people that don't want to have to transcode20:35
Tak|workseeya, thanks for all the hard work20:35
danielsactually, it will make things worse because you'll be sending _more_ rather than less data over the problematic rfbi bus, which you really need to avoid20:36
*** mrflakes has quit IRC20:37
Tak|workhmm, good point20:37
Tak|worknm then :-P20:37
* mgedmin builds an empty package that depends on ssh and does not require red-pill mode20:38
mgedminyay, it works!20:41
*** greentux has quit IRC20:41
tkodaniels, "downscaling by factor of half" ? lol20:41
*** rev has quit IRC20:46
mgedminit is a bit annoying when /media/mmc1 and /media/mmc2 swap places20:48
kulveswap places..?20:50
mgedminum, no, they didn't20:51
kulvedevice names and mount dirs swap places..20:51
b0unc3is there any way to set the brightness of a GtkImage ?20:51
mgedminthe internal card is mounted on mmc2, even if I don't have anything in the external card slot20:51
kulvemgedmin: yep20:51
mgedminI had a symlink ~/mmc -> /media/mmc2, and it stopped working after I reflashed and restored20:51
kulveinternal is always mmc220:51
mgedminprobably something wrong with my restore script20:52
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:52
mgedminah, stupid me20:52
*** ttobin has quit IRC20:53
* mgedmin created three symlinks: mmc1 -> /media/mmc1, mmc2 -> /media/mmc2, mmc -> mmc2, and then tar'ed up only one of them20:54
*** ttobin has joined #maemo20:54
*** pdz has joined #maemo21:00
hapif i plug the N800, Idon't need the battery to be fully charged, right?21:02
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo21:03
kulveplug in for what..?21:04
kulveif you flashing, just make sure the battery wont run empty..21:05
hapwell if i plug the AC adaptor21:05
mgedminiirc you can't flash while the n800 is plugged into AC21:05
hapah, how stupid is that ?21:06
kulveat least it can be tricky as you can't shut it down..21:06
Tak|workyou can't hold the home button and plugin?21:06
KevinVermaI just installed WMaker, can some one pls point me out where to configure to start wmaker instead of hildon ? for user21:06
mgedminthe software must be running to monitor the charging process or something, so you can't replace it while it is charging21:06
kulveKevinVerma: check /etc/init.d/af-* if you really know what you are doing..21:08
KevinVermakulve, thanks for the tip i sure know what i am upto :)21:08
kulveKevinVerma: and if you get it running, post a link to screenshot on the dev mailing list :)21:09
KevinVermasure :)21:09
zyxulnagaok I am doing the tar now21:09
zyxulnagado I need to exclude /mnt/init* and /proc ?21:09
Okkomgedmin: if the software is not running is it not charging at all or can it overcharge?21:10
*** pdz- has quit IRC21:11
mgedminOkko: I think it's impossible to get into that situation21:11
Okkogood :)21:12
*** booiiing has quit IRC21:14
kulvezyxulnaga: yeah21:14
*** booiiing has joined #maemo21:16
zyxulnagatar --exclude /proc --exclude /mnt --exclude /dev --exclude /sys --exclude /tmp -cpvf root.tar /21:17
zyxulnagathat did it21:17
zyxulnagai need to make a single file now out of the filesystem21:18
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo21:18
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo21:18
*** guyvdb has left #maemo21:19
guerbyhmm osso-xterm 0.13 doesn't want to install on N800 with 2007.1021:20
guerbyam I alone in seeing this?21:20
mgedminguerby: try the maemo-hackers version21:20
mgedminthat one installs and works fine21:21
* sp3000 grumbles21:21
sp3000"...koskettamalla kuvaketta Valmis"21:21
sp3000uh, it's a buttn, not an icon :)21:21
sp3000button, even21:21
tigertI think there are more important things to worry about :)21:21
sp3000(phone wizard)21:21
guerbymgedmin, thanks (I can't add repo since I get an error on app manager update so I'll do the .deb)21:22
* sp3000 ponders if it makes sense to ask for time before timezone21:22
KevinVermawould it be a good idea if n800 ships with a default skell of /home/user in /etc/skel ?21:22
mgedminwhen you change the timezone the clock app adjusts the time as well21:23
mgedminvery irritating when you're traveling to a different tz21:23
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:23
KevinVermaso if I screw up or loose my nerves and run a cuttter on /home/user21:23
KevinVermathen i can re-build it the other day without re-flashing ?21:23
*** ssvb has quit IRC21:23
guerbymgedmin, urls for .deb on don't work...21:24
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:24
sp3000mgedmin: it's a bit weird after flashing when the abs time is right but when it asks you in the first run wizardry it's off by the tz hours21:24
KevinVermabtw i am anyways sick of n80021:24
KevinVermai have to re-flash it every week anyways21:24
mgedminsp3000: exactly21:24
KevinVermaif i won't then something will screw  up on its own21:24
Tak|workKevinVerma: difficult to understand why, when you're doing things like nuking /home/user21:25
KevinVermawell lets see...21:25
KevinVermathis morning i updated fbreader and it stopped running anymore21:25
KevinVermamany times it happens that ...21:25
KevinVermaif some update screws up then lot of apps fails to even start21:26
*** bilboed has quit IRC21:26
KevinVermai hardly have time to fix things on n80021:26
guerbymgedmin, doesn't work for me, goes to app manager which has an error on update21:26
KevinVermai can fix big and small things of linux but i don't have luxury of being a stable user of n80021:27
guerbylet's hunt the .deb...21:27
KevinVermait started to suck for me21:27
luckunkoguerby, I've added address:  dist:bora  components:free non-free extras  and everything is fine21:27
mgedminguerby: what does the app manager's log say?21:27
luckunkoguerby, using the application manager21:27
mgedminsometimes it complains about some unrelated repository21:27
guerbymgedmin, how do I get the log?21:27
guerby(I disabled all repo)21:27
mgedminand then you have to go to the app manager and find the package by itself21:27
mgedminguerby: Tools -> Log21:28
mgedminin the menu21:28
KevinVermaseriously i have now got my palm back to life to use it for my serious PIM usage at-least21:28
mgedminyes, the tablet is not PIMmy21:28
guerbymgedmin, "couldn't stat source package list ...21:29
guerby"you may want to run apt-get update ..."21:29
mgedminbah, ignore it21:29
mgedminyou can still install packages from other repos21:29
guerbymgedmin, no it refuses all package even the new camera app21:29
mgedminrefuses when you choose a package in the app installer, or when you click on an install link?21:30
mgedminisn't the camera app from catalogue.tableteer.etc?21:30
guerbymgedmin, both21:30
guerbyI'm totally stuck21:30
KevinVermamgedmin, its wrong rather nagetive of a vendor to confine users for their scope of usage21:31
mgedminwell, if my lawn mower cannot vacuum carpets, is that negative of the vendor too?21:32
KevinVermaespecially for open standards21:32
mgedminalthough it does seem that nokia doesn't understand the open source ecosystem/community very well21:32
KevinVermabet then i know the pains if they don't draw the line - too21:32
Tak|workI know, my lawnmower doesn't even change diapers!21:32
mgedminTak|work: how many babies have you used up testing that?21:33
KevinVermayeah , but what is it with maemo - are we actually short on developers ?21:33
KevinVermaor there are just too many apps to make ?21:33
Tak|workdon't worry, they weren't mine21:33
*** pleemans has joined #maemo21:33
KevinVermathe updates are so slow , i consider general linux development is much faster21:34
mgedminimagine if somebody like mark shuttleworth hired a bunch of debian developers and started maintaining a single repository with addon packages21:34
mgedminported, hildonized, tested and working21:34
mgedminhelping volunteers get their own packages into that repository too21:34
tigert"nokia" is a weird term, as we consist of various people21:35
tigertfor sure there are people who have zero clue about free software21:35
tigertthen we have people who do21:35
sp3000and three teaspoons of vinegar21:35
zyxulnagais there a way to change the device lock code? (note I had never set it before and its prompting me for one)21:35
tigertzyxulnaga: try 12345?21:35
tigertor maybe it prompts you to set it?21:36
*** luckunko is now known as luck21:36
tigertif you did powerbutton -> lock ?21:36
tigertit asks you to set the code if it wasnt set before I guess?21:36
mgedminheh, I had that problem with voicemail in denmark21:36
KevinVermawell actually bravo of Ari to get this all this far ..21:36
zyxulnaganop just to change it21:36
zyxulnaga12345 worked21:36
tigertAri is pretty good guy21:36
mgedminwhen I first dialled into the mailbox, I heard a long Danish phrase, and the only bit I understood was 1 2 3 421:36
KevinVermabut however many times I have seen my RFE's being shutup on me by nokia developers21:37
mgedminI thought that was the default code and tried entering it21:37
tigertits not easy for him to be between all those different stakeholders21:37
mgedminturns out the man said "now pick and enter any code EXCEPT 1 2 3 4"21:37
tigertKevinVerma: RFE?21:37
KevinVermaoff course not all rfe's that i had put up were useful but some of them made sense21:37
KevinVermarequest for future features21:37
tigertthe problem is21:37
KevinVermafuture enhancements21:37
sp3000req for enh21:37
tigertthe development has been so disconnected from the community21:37
tigertthat by the time you guys had the stuff on your hands21:38
tigertthe stuff that is being developed is totally different code and stuff21:38
guerbymgedmin, saved, I was able to install libncurse then osso-xterm21:38
tigertso things are way "too late" in that sense21:38
KevinVermawell it will be great if the development of maemo can be free / liberal as fedora or gentoo kind of projects21:38
tigertand the ui designers did not follow the community at all21:38
tigertwe try to change this though21:38
KevinVermabut then i realized one funny technical problem21:38
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo21:38
KevinVermawanna know ?21:38
tigertbut its a big machine and I know I have been saying this for a year :(21:38
jku__tigert, just keep at it...21:39
tigertbut people _do_ read bugzilla21:39
tigertand developers are being told to treat the public bugzilla with importance21:39
*** chibiAcyd has quit IRC21:39
tigertthe biggest problem usually is that patches etc are too late :(21:39
KevinVermawell let me tell you why n800 is not able to be a better community project21:40
tigertsince we are moving at a different pace internally21:40
tigertwhich sucks21:40
tigertbut sardine tries to fix that21:40
tigertwe are now really pushing it as our internal devel platform21:40
KevinVermai have a blessing of having lot many embedded developers backing interesting ideas where i work ... but then21:40
tigertthus it hopefully wont be so fricken broken all the time21:40
KevinVermathey tried to add fun to my n800 device ... but asked me to attach a serial port .....21:41
KevinVermanow a serial port ?21:41
KevinVermawas it easy as an accessory ?21:41
tigertit has one21:41
KevinVermai could solder one !21:41
tigertbut it needs this thingy21:41
zyxulnagathe omap board supports it21:42
tigertsince there are just contact pads21:42
zyxulnagabut nokia doesnt use it i think21:42
KevinVermathen i would end up having a cool star trek device with a TAIL21:42
tigertbut usb->serial probably works fine21:42
tigertas well21:42
zyxulnagaBT is good too21:42
KevinVermaeven if i test my kernels from my friends ?21:42
zyxulnagaI use BT to connect to wired networks21:42
tigertcarman + bt serial21:42
tigertI need to get the scantool21:43
sxpertbt would need a complete overhaul in the protocol to be useful.21:43
zyxulnagait works as is by default21:43
mgedminbt is useful, but it is also irritating21:43
zyxulnagayou can emulate an IP network on it21:43
mgedminscans take ages, connection establishing is slow21:43
zyxulnagato me it works very fast21:44
sxpertmgedmin, for instance, I'd like a button on my earpiece to switch phones21:44
sxpert(I have 2)21:44
zyxulnagai was sftp'd to it21:44
mgedminah, yes, and the user interface is often cumbersome21:44
*** skanda_out has quit IRC21:44
sp3000is it actually possible to find anything on
mgedminsp3000: occasionally21:45
mgedminpretty rarely, though21:45
sp3000like, 'xterm' doesn't find
sp3000wth is up with that21:46
mgedminthe search is pretty broken21:46
sp3000what else is there?21:46
guerbymgedmin, ok now I undestand. I set up privoxy a while ago, and I removed it a few days ago in connectivity settings (before updating)21:46
sp3000(that's rhetorical)21:46
guerbyhowever it looks like application manager is still trying to connect to privoxy21:46
guerbyhence the update failure21:46
mgedminsp3000: potential21:46
sp3000it shuold be asy enough to replace with google ...21:46
mgedminthat's what's there21:47
guerbymgedmin, now where is the file where app manager has memorized it wants a proxy21:47
sp3000for frustration, sure :)21:47
mgedmingood question21:47
mgedmincheck its settings?21:47
guerbymgedmin, I'm not finding anything there21:47
tigertsp3000: file bugs21:47
* sp3000 cries21:48
* mgedmin never used proxies21:48
tigertsp3000: to the the maemo2midgard project in garage21:48
guerbymgedmin, me neither but I tried privoxy just to see what it was :)21:48
mgedminthere are plenty of bugs there...21:48
jku__mgedmin, privoxy is great for n800/77021:48
mgedminand not enough developers to do something about it, I got the impression21:48
jku__no more ads...21:48
* mgedmin does not browse those web sites that have obnoxious ads21:49
*** ocnarfid has quit IRC21:49
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo21:50
Okkohmm, why do I need to flash the N800 to update to the latest software, couldn't it just update the .debs with the app manager?21:50
mgedminthat's a planned feature for the future21:50
guerbymgedmin, do you know where the openssh .deb is? (URL)21:52
Robot101the debian packaging quality is apalling21:52
Robot101in many cases, upgrading will fail horribly21:52
mgedminguerby: repository.maemo.org21:52
* mgedmin assumes Robot101 is talking about 3rd party apps for maemo21:53
guerbymgedmin, it's a web page, what is the repo http url?21:53 lacks a way to distinguish tested and working apps from experimental stuff21:54
*** klausade has quit IRC21:54
Robot101mgedmin: ... no21:54
mgedminguerby: try looking under /dists; I don't remember21:54
guerbydists ok!21:54
keesjsorry but I just already rulez so much that we get intructions how to flash it under linux21:54
* mgedmin suggests fixing the proxy settings and using the app manager21:54
keesjno wizards no sh*t just   ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-34_2007SE_3.2007.10-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R I just love it21:55
mgedminmm, unixy cmdline goodness21:55
mgedmindon't forget chmod +x and sudo21:55
keesjthe last Troubleshooting tip is also pretty geeky.21:56
* mgedmin sees maemo halfway between horrible and excellent, and is afraid that our constant whining may drive away the people who could push it towards excellence21:56
keesjIt's pretty hard to do stuff right . be open etc. apparently even whining is apreciated, and listented to21:59
keesjI just want nokia to find a way to sell many of those devices. it looks like they are moving towards the multi-media experiance/ home device22:00
tigertthe whining does help22:00
tigertplus writing to Ari's blog etc22:01
tigertie, comments22:01
tigertnot suggesting you hax0r it and post entries =)22:01
*** panthar has joined #maemo22:02
* sp3000 rofl22:02
sp3000now try entering that search url into the url box of a garage bug report22:03
keesjbwt download of tuxpaint and supertux did not work I did get a mindard error22:03
tigertplease file bugs22:04
tigertand bug bergie :)22:04
sxperttigert, any knowledge of the N70 ? I have it connected via USB, but can't seem to get USB storage for the data. I only get the modem part to show up22:04
mgedminhm, I do not see the camera app in my app manager22:04
keesj(and search for tux only return tuxpaint and not supertux) I already see the sql being created :p22:04
tigertI have no idea about phones22:04
tigertsxpert: hmmm22:04
tigertsxpert: I think one phone I had had this "pc link" app22:04
tigertthat was actually a program to fire up usb-storage?22:05
sp3000tigert: yeah the problem with reporting bugs is they see you coming and attack you en masse22:05
tigertsp3000: ?22:05 end up finding more :)22:05
pantharmaddler: have you had any more luck with the N800/BT PAN stuff/22:05
keesjhmm still no sdhc in the kernel :(22:05
keesjpanthar: I have also been playing with bt pan,(with lame retults)22:06
pantharit works great for apps launched from the shell22:07
*** skandaleras has quit IRC22:07
panthartrying to get all the "normal" apps to believe that a connection is there = ugh22:08
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo22:08
sp3000hrm, do you have to linkify your urls yourself on garage reports/comments somehow? :(22:08
sxperttigert, the interweb tells me the stupid thing doesn't do USB storage...22:09
sxpertgah, wtf is the phone part of nokia doing there ??22:09
sp3000I thought them computer thingamabobs were supposed to do this fancy stuff22:09
sxpertguess not. crap22:09
zyxulnagakulve: it didnt work :/22:10
kulvezyxulnaga: what part?22:10
zyxulnagaafter flashing with my own rootfs it started rebooting endlessly22:10
kulvetry disabling the life guard reset..22:10
keesjthere was a garage project for the downloads , where I can fill bugs but I don't remember the name of the project22:10
kulveand install syslog. Maybe it will show the reason22:10
sp3000garage didn't give me an email trail of filing a bug22:11
keesj(and it's not in the faq :P )22:11
dragornso if anyone cares, the new firmware for the n800 doesn't seem to have the latest cx3110 drivers22:11
dragornwhich means it still thrashes in rfmon22:11
sp3000now I can go and explicitly monitor the, uh, artifact22:11
mgedminkeesj: midgard2maemo22:11
zyxulnagahow do I disable the life guard check?22:11
sp3000but I don't see in the garage prefs anything about automatically monitoring what I file22:12
sp3000which is kind of essential22:12
kulvezyxulnaga: flasher-3.0 --set-rd-flags help22:12
sp3000(the reverse, not so much)22:12
guerbymgedmin, could you try gconftool-2 -R /system/proxy22:13
*** andrunko has quit IRC22:13
guerbyand report what you see?22:13
guerby socks_host =22:13
guerby mode = none22:13
guerby secure_host = localhost22:13
guerby ftp_host =22:13
guerby rtsp_host =22:13
guerby socks_port = 022:13
guerby secure_port = 811822:13
guerby ftp_port = 022:13
guerby rtsp_port = 022:13
guerby autoconfig_url =22:13
guerbyI suspect app manager does not respect mode = none22:13
* sp3000 looks into the future and sees a pastebin22:13
jku__sp3000 you obviously have talent22:14
guerbymgedmin, thanks!22:14
sp3000clearly :)22:14
keesjsp3000 the trackers contain a "monitor" feature22:15
sp3000"If you add comments to this item, or submitted, or are assigned this item, you will also get emails for those reasons as well! "22:15
sp3000so I guess I don't need to monitor22:16
guerbymgedmin, could you try  gconftool-2 -R /system/http_proxy22:16
sp3000but I'd like to get the initial message in mail too, since, you know, I might look for stuff I've touched, there22:16
* sp3000 <3 bugzilla22:17
* mgedmin ♥ unicode22:17
sp3000showoff :P22:18
guerbymgedmin, thanks again. Now why is the thing set to true when I checked no proxy...22:18
* sp3000 can't remember the unicode code point for love22:18
sp3000but I know several dashes!22:18
* sp3000 sighs22:18
* mgedmin knows how to zgrep /usr/share/i18n/charmaps/UTF-8.gz22:18
zyxulnagakulve: done, its rebooting again :/22:18
zyxulnagait waits a bit in the main screen with the product, hw-build info22:19
zyxulnagai guess there could be something wrong with the tar path22:19
zyxulnagamaybe i had to append /22:19
keesjI still can't login to the downloads is that a known issue?22:20
kulvezyxulnaga: too bad :(22:20
kulveit's hard to debug that..22:20
*** kender has quit IRC22:23
pantharkeesj: do you know how the Connection Manager knows when a connection is... connected?22:23
*** klausade has joined #maemo22:24
kulveprobably through the conic api22:24
pantharwish I could just send it a dbus message and say, 'yup, connection worked'22:25
kulvepanthar: have you checked
kulvepanthar: what do you mean actually..?22:26
pantharwell, I can watch for the PAN connection attempt easily, set the thing up nicely22:27
pantharthen I want to tell the connection manager that it succeeded22:27
kulveI think the connection manager is just a gui to the user.. Telling something to it doesn't affect anything..22:28
pantharwell, behind the scenes22:28
sxperttigert, ok, got something. apparently you have to use obexftp ...22:28
sp3000oh bloody kitten on a flaming bicycle22:28
sxpertguess I'll be writing some python code22:28
pantharbut the link you pasted could help a lot..22:28
sp3000if I search for %Xterm% or *Xterm* it finds it22:29
sp3000nobody's done search like that since the 90s22:29
sp3000and even then they'd find whole words :(22:30
kulvepanthar: for 770 there's also
kulvebut I think I haven't seen similar for n80022:31
pantharyeah, that's what I'm trying to make work :)22:31
panthara workaround for lack of dummy22:31
* mgedmin suddenly wants to search for something like xterm'; DELETE FROM *22:32
sp3000mgedmin: yeah, the org_openpsa_products_search%5B3%5D%5Bconstraint%5D=LIKE part of the url gave me a hint22:33
mgedminwhew, looks like quotes are escaped properly, so no sql injection bugs22:35
*** Streg has quit IRC22:35
guerbymgedmin, ok I got a set of steps to reproduce, now bugzilla22:37
mgedminbugzilla is good22:37
keesjawfull ,22:39
guerbymgedmin, already reported by someone:
* sp3000 can't get "how do you work this thing" out of his head today22:40
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:41
*** Pio has quit IRC22:41
sp3000I've tried and tried22:41
sp3000well, not really22:41
keesjmgedmin this is the escape from the browser22:42
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC22:46
hapIs there something to convert my mac os x addressbook for my n800 ?22:50
*** Pio has joined #maemo22:52
Veggenapart from a full tar of /home/user and the package list, is there usually anything else I need that the standard backup util doesn't take?22:54
haphow do you get the package list btw22:54
hapdpkg --list-packages ?22:54
panthardpkg -l shows what's installed22:54
Veggenhap: dpkg --get-selections is useful.22:54
hapah yeah22:55
haptoo late, i'm downloading the firmware22:55
sp3000Veggen: why not everything, it doesn't take that long after all22:55
*** Zenton has joined #maemo22:55
sp3000but maybe that's generally  just how I end up filling storage  ;)22:56
* sp3000 tries to figure out if it's the desk lamp, the bulb, or the power that's being flaky tonight22:57
*** pdz- has joined #maemo22:58
Veggensp3000: or, you.22:59
Veggen(can happen if you had too much to drink ;P22:59
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo23:00
*** booiiing has joined #maemo23:00
*** Pio has quit IRC23:01
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio23:01
sp3000hmm, I guess the missing .install in sw search gives green arrow that leads to a midgard stack is appropriately bugged about somewhere23:05
*** koen has quit IRC23:05
*** kpenrose_ is now known as LinuxApe23:06
sp3000oh, no, it's not23:06
*** krau has quit IRC23:06
sp3000keesj: ping23:07
sp3000keesj: where did you try to click on .installs to get a midgard dump?23:07
sp3000ah, those break on the project pages themselves23:08
sp3000hm, no, tuxpaint doesn't23:08
sp3000that only breaks for me with in the search, not on its own page, where it gets the grey arrow23:09
*** krau has joined #maemo23:09
sp3000which is the case I ran to23:09
sp3000into, even23:09
*** pdz has quit IRC23:10
sp3000wait a second23:10
* sp3000 is confused now23:11
* sp3000 wonders what sort of magic crack makes a search for 'tux' find TuxPaint but not TuxPuck23:13
Tak|workor 'chat' not find "maemo x-chat"23:16
* sp3000 monitors another artifact23:17
sp3000I'm such an artifact monitor23:17
sxpertthere, I can spawn "obexftp" and read the xml file that comes back ;D23:18
sxpertnow I need to analyse that xml file ;D23:19
Tak|workhell, even a search for tuxpuck doesn't find tuxpuck23:20
Tak|workit's unsearchable23:20
Tak|worksame with maemo x-chat23:21
mgedminxchat can be found if you search for "x-chat"23:21
mgedminat least it used to be23:21
sp3000that works23:22
*** ssvb has quit IRC23:22
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:25
*** luck has quit IRC23:25
*** krau has quit IRC23:26
*** peejelprup has joined #maemo23:30
*** tank17 has quit IRC23:32
*** tank17124 has quit IRC23:32
guerbywow youtube video work just fine23:33
Veggen....reinstalling all the packages semi-automatically now.23:33
Veggen(tho, confirming every install)23:33
guerbyVeggen, how semi automatic?23:34
* sp3000 doesn't23:34
Veggenwith --get-selections to file, then:23:34
* sp3000 is curious about to what extent finding and installing stuff manually sucks less now than last time23:34
Veggenfor i in `cat /path/to/packagelist | cut -f1`; do apt-get install $i;done23:35
Veggentho, better remove busybox first from the list, just to be sure :)23:36
guerbyVeggen, you're more organized than me :)23:36
sp3000if osso-xterm depends on vera, why doesn't it default to it?23:36
sp3000or, conversely, why depend on it if you don't default to it23:36
guerbyanyway I spent two hours on this one:
sp3000it should of course, it's that dramatically better23:37
* sp3000 slaps gforge23:38
sp3000so I'll receive notifications if I comment, so it tells me23:38
Veggentho, everything that's not from a repository is lost, I guess. Have to find out that I miss it. Half of it, I won't, tho ;)23:39
sp3000but if I run across something interesting, it's hard to know if I need not to monitor because I've commented23:39
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:39
sp3000then again, clicking on monitor isn't much work23:39
* sp3000 shrugs23:39
guerbyvideo is indeed waaaaaaayy better23:40
sp3000also, wow, gforge's notification mails suck wrt comment content and ordering :( (well, imo)23:41
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo23:42
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:42
*** guyvdb has joined #maemo23:44
* sp3000 grumbles at the webmail notifier23:45
mgedminyoutube still does not cut it23:45
* sp3000 would rather be directed to mail/h/ since it lays out better23:45
mgedminvideo lags from audio by several seconds23:45
*** behdad has quit IRC23:45
*** behdad has joined #maemo23:45
mgedminat least audio doesn't stutter any more when you switch quality to low23:45
mgedminbut you have to do that manually for each flash movie, the plugin resets it to high every time23:46
*** mikkoh has joined #maemo23:46
sp3000oh, my bad, it does default to it, just the font install takes a reboot (or other magic dust)23:48
*** Vudentz has quit IRC23:49
*** Streg has joined #maemo23:54
*** pdz- has quit IRC23:54
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:56

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