IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-03-18

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dolfunuqm 0.6.2 running on nokia 77000:14
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dolfuni don't think you're happy enough00:29
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dolfunhi florian00:36
florianhi dolfun00:36
dolfuni have no idea where i got for armel00:37
dolfunguess i'll just put it into the uqm package00:38
dolfunalthough somewhere god will probably kill a kitten00:39
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spaetz\j #gentoo-dev00:44
kenderspaetz, are you working on the gentoo distro for the N{770,800}00:46
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spaetzkender, no i'm not that crazy :-)00:50
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dolfunsome tips on building uqm
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*** qgil changes topic to "maemo is the application development platform for the Nokia Internet Tablets | Good questions deserve better answers | | irc logs at | |"00:56
uniceanybody seen a build of ruby for n800?00:56
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* dolfun ponders... 2x scaler hack or ogg to mp3 conversion...01:44
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dolfuncombat is bitterly slow - 3-4 fps atm01:50
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jwb_gonedid someone ever get ogg on n800?02:06
dolfuni see libraries for ogg02:06
dolfunfor the 77002:06
dolfunapt-cache search libvorbisidec102:07
jwb_gonewill those work on the 800 though?02:07
dolfundo the search on your 80002:08
jwb_gonewouldn't my results depend on what repositories i have set up?02:08
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dolfun ok with openal and low sound quality the game sound is almost glitch free, going to look at the scaling first02:34
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dolfunFor those who can't wait, here's the debug binary for Ur-Quan Masters / OS 2006
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DIrEctQLis there a way to get native compiler on the tablet?03:33
s100userit should be possible03:33
s100userenable the red pill mode, ans see if gcc is listed....03:34
DIrEctQLred pill mode?03:34
s100userdon't know the trick?03:34
DIrEctQLi'm new03:35
s100userthis is more for developers...03:35
DIrEctQLto MAemo03:35
s100userbut anyway, just for fun...03:35
DIrEctQLi got the devfs on it03:35
s100usergo to the repositories...03:35
DIrEctQLbut i don't see gcc03:35
s100useruse the app in the tabblet...03:35
s100useradd a new repository03:35
s100usertype matrix inthe url03:36
s100userthen select cancel03:36
s100userselect red pill mode03:36
s100usernow, if you go back to install app, you'll get lots and lots of hidden commands...03:36
s100userdon't forget to switch back to blue pill...03:37
DIrEctQLi noticed that dpkg lists more utilities03:37
DIrEctQLthan the app tool lists03:37
s100userso.. did it work?03:38
s100userbtw, what tablet are you using?03:38
s100userI know this works on the 770... not sure about the n800...03:38
jacquesred pill works on N80003:38
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s100usernice. I still have the 770. I'm thinking about upgrading to the n800...03:39
DIrEctQLjust bothers me that i have to setup a cross build enviroment03:39
DIrEctQLi would rather compile navetly03:40
DIrEctQLi also wonder if packages from debian ARM port would work03:40
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jacquesmaemo uses eabi03:41
DIrEctQLthere is a port of that too, no?03:41
s100useron the 770 there was a live bootable cd that has a ready to use dev system...03:42
s100userright on the beginning...03:42
DIrEctQLyes, i saw that03:42
s100userdoes anyone know if there's a recent version?03:42
s100user(I still have the original 1st one..)03:42
DIrEctQLi already looked03:42
s100userDIrEctQL: and?03:43
DIrEctQLno new version03:43
s100userthe one in there is still compatible with the 770?03:43
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DIrEctQLbut if it does have arm cross-compile enviroment03:45
DIrEctQLyou can compile a native compile enviroment03:46
dolfunqemu cross compiling worked here (just did it for the first time today)03:46
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DIrEctQLdo you have an image i could get from you?03:49
dolfunwhat OS?03:50
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dolfunwell you want to compile for a n800 right?03:50
DIrEctQLimage of the cross enviroment03:50
Creteilhi all03:50
dolfun770 here ... hi03:50
Creteili'm currently trying to install maemo gregale 2.2 devel on my box03:51
dolfunthat's what i have here03:51
Creteilscratchbox clain 'You dont have active target in scratchbox chroot.' but there is no step by step informations how to create the target ...03:52
Creteilsomeone can drive me ?03:52
Creteildolfun : ok ... done ... then ?03:52
dolfun1 log in to scratchbox 2 sb-menu and create a target03:53
Creteildolfun : what make sense for 'Enter name for the new target' ?03:53
dolfuni used HOST03:54
dolfunselect the "debian" devkit03:54
Creteilwhat does HOST refer to in this case ?03:54
dolfunjust a name for the i386 build target03:54
Creteildolfun : ok03:54
dolfunit could be "mypc"03:54
Creteildolfun : no it ask me for 2 choices 1) cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm   cross, 2) cs2005q3.2-glibc-i386  cross ...03:55
dolfunpick 203:56
Creteilwell, now i have DONE, CLEAR, debian-sarge, debian, doctools, perl (i'm currently running ubuntu edgy)03:57
dolfunthen cpu transparency none, then put the maemo rootstrap 2.2 in there03:57
Creteildolfun : i'm not already at the step for cpu transparency03:58
Creteilwell, now i have DONE, CLEAR, debian-sarge, debian, doctools, perl (i'm currently running ubuntu edgy)03:58
dolfundon't pick debian sarge03:59
dolfuni picked debian03:59
dolfunthen done03:59
Creteilok now i'm on cpu transparency and i have only none as choice ...04:00
dolfunright none,04:00
Creteilnow it ask me for 'Do you wish to extract a rootstrap on the target?'04:00
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Creteili suppose i have to choose 'Download  Download a file via HTTP or FTP' since i have not get any rootstrap file for now ...04:01
Creteilfor gregale 2.2 what URL i need to put ?04:02
dolfunonce you get the target set up04:02
dolfunyou'll want to get xephyr x server04:03
dolfuni don't know the url04:03
Creteilwell look like i found it in Maemo tutorial, have a look :04:04
Creteillook good for you ?04:04
Creteilgreat ...04:04
Creteillet me dl the file ...04:04
dolfunhnmm wait04:04
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dolfunminimal not sure if you want that04:05
Creteiltutorial say :04:05
Creteil To test the maemo platform and applications, you need the i386 rootstrap. To be able to build packages for maemo devices, you also need the ARMEL rootstrap, whose installation is covered later.04:05
dolfuni think that's the right rootstrap - mine just didn't say minimal04:06
dolfuni have Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.0_i386-rootstrap.tgz lying around here04:06
Creteilok so let me start the dl now ...04:06
dolfunyeah go for it04:06
CreteilFailed to download rootstrap:                                            │04:07
dolfuni don't know what's missing in the minimal04:07
dolfunahh there's the gregale04:08
Creteilargh !!!04:09
Creteilalready started the dl from the precedent url04:09
Creteilit's the same04:09
Creteili remember 2.2 is symbolic link to gregale or vice versa somewhere04:10
Creteildon't know what you are thinking in general about site, but imho, i'm really thinking it's a big bazar !!!04:11
Creteildamn, 130Mo approx with only a 1024 dsl line :-(04:12
dolfunwhat does the o stand for in french?04:12
Creteildolfun : what do you mean by that ? :-)04:12
dolfunahh MegaOctets04:13
Creteiloh and it's only 45 mins approx from the 1st 2007 F1 grand prix04:14
CreteilForza Ferrari !!!04:14
dolfunwhat are you interested in compiling / porting to nokia ?04:16
Creteildolfun : to be honest, i don't already know, just want to learn and test ...04:17
dolfuni just got one of the best games ever compiled for 770 - Ur Quan Masters04:19
Creteili'm currently try to determine why since i buyed this device it constantly reboot when it come back from sleep mode04:20
Creteilit's annoying !!!04:20
Creteili have waited for many upgrade and the garanty of 1 year have expired04:20
Creteili tired of all this dhit04:20
dolfunsorry to hear that, i don't know a solution04:21
Creteiland reading about the new N800 on google, i see the second edition of the device reboot also too many times ...04:21
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Creteili have waited for images updates thinking the problem where fixed, but without any chances :-(04:22
Creteilthe bug is always reproduceable04:22
Creteilit's amazing Nokia buy shit like that04:22
Creteilthe bug is also here after a fresh flash of latest image, and without installing any applications ...04:23
dolfunthat sounds like hardware problems to me04:24
Creteili just wait for the device switch screen totally off, the i tap the touch screen, then i have approx 1 minute before the device freeze and finally reboot04:24
Creteildolfun : if it's hardware is in fault, the it's in fault since i buyed it, because it bugged like that since the 1st day  :-(04:25
Creteilthe only error i made is thinking it's a firmware bug and waiting for updates ...04:26
Creteilthis bug render the device totally unusable :-(04:27
CreteilUnpacking rootstrap...04:28
dolfunif you had a program to disable sleep mode / screen dimming, you would be ok04:28
Creteilalready checked that with navicore 2007 europe04:29
Creteilthe prog leave the screen on04:29
Creteilthen it work properly04:29
Creteillook at it's the dmesg output when the device goes to reboot after unsleeping04:30
Creteilwell, now scratchbox ask me for 'Do you wish to install files to the target?'04:31
Creteili suppose i need to answer yes here ?04:31
Creteilok now it ask me many choices with checkboxes for C-library, /etc, Devkits, fakeroot, gdb, strace04:33
Creteilselecting all the options look good for me ... what do you propose ?04:33
dolfuni selected everything, haven't needed gdb/strace yet04:33
Creteilok ... i select all the stuff ...04:33
Creteilnow it ask me for 'Do you wish to select the target?'04:34
Creteilyes ?04:34
CreteilShell restarting...04:35
Creteil[sbox-HOST: ~] >04:35
dolfunnow get xephyr on ubuntu04:36
Creteilvia synaptix ?04:37
Creteiltuto say : Xephyr is pre-installed in the rootsrap.04:38
dolfunah hrm yeah i think youre right04:38
dolfunnow you can start xephyr and see the maemo desktop04:39
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Creteilbigbob@bigbob-laptop:~$ ./start-xephyr04:45
Creteilexec: 4: prefix=/scratchbox/users/bigbob/targets/HOST/usr/bin/Xephyr: not found04:45
Creteilbigbob@bigbob-laptop:~$ ls -al /scratchbox/users/bigbob/targets/HOST/usr/bin/Xephyr04:45
Creteil-rwxr-xr-x 1 bigbob bigbob 775356 2006-09-25 12:06 /scratchbox/users/bigbob/targets/HOST/usr/bin/Xephyr*04:45
Creteili have just cut-paste the example launch script from the tuto04:46
dolfundude i have a bad feeling04:47
Creteiloops !!!04:47
Creteili see the mistake04:47
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Creteilok it work04:48
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Creteil_<dolfun> dude i have a bad feeling <- what do you mean ?04:58
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Creteil_warm up at adelaide :-)04:59
Creteil_oops melbourne05:00
dolfuni see a HOST target on my scratchbox but i don't remember adding it, so...05:00
dolfuni am using SDK_PC and SDK_ARMEL...05:00
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* dolfun tries to find tak's 2x scaling code in fceu05:06
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Prez_is there a telnet client for the n80005:19
dolfunthere's one for 77005:20
Prez_u think it'll work on n800?05:22
Tenkawait should05:22
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dolfunTak, anybody with pointers to 2x scaling?06:24
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wolfgI can't log in with my garage account. why?07:30
bmidgleydidn't they reorg credentials recently?07:31
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wolfgI create a new one, still no luck.07:33
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* dolfun is breaking his compile by including SDL_syswm.h08:00
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keesjdolfun: on the n800 or 770? there is a pixel doubling page on the maemo wiki09:21
keesjthe current n800 does not support the pixel doubling feature but there is a bug report about this , the resolution was that the next relase of it2007 would support pixel doubling09:22
dolfunhi i am working with it on the 77009:24
dolfungot it almost working, just a link error now09:24
dolfun./ uqm09:24
dolfun  LINK     uqm-debug09:25
dolfunobj/debug/src/sc2code/libs/graphics/sdl/sdl_common.c.o: In function `set_doubling':src/sc2code/libs/graphics/sdl/sdl_common.c:70: undefined reference to `XSPSetPixelDoubling'09:25
dolfunuqm_LDFLAGS=' -L/usr/lib -lSDL09:26
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dolfun /usr/lib/ ->
dolfun/usr/lib/ ->
dolfunand there are no other sdl problems (app compiles fine)09:27
dolfunjust that one function?09:27
dolfunthe ahhhhhhhh09:29
dolfuni might have to link something with X1109:29
dolfunsince Xsp is in X11/extensions/Xsp.h09:30
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dolfunhah RTFM!09:31
keesjdolfun: you are hakcing in libsdl?09:34
dolfuni don't udnerstand.  the game uses sdl.09:35
dolfuntesting hw scaling in a minute09:35
keesjwhat is src/sc2code/libs/graphics/sdl/sdl_common.c09:35
dolfunoh, Star Control 2 / Ur-Quan Masters09:36
dolfungreat* game09:36
keesjand they include the sdl libs in the code or is sdl_common sc2 specific09:36
dolfunsc2 specific09:36
dolfunmeh, it didn't work09:37
dolfunback to drawing board09:38
dolfunwhoah is kinda works09:41
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dolfunsdl guru sought. $0/hr11:13
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dolfunthe rotating planets are ~beautiful~11:33
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ed__Hi all,11:37
*** behdad has joined #maemo11:38
ed__Is anybody here able to answer "python for maemo"-related questions?11:39
dolfunhi ed__11:39
dolfunnot i11:39
keesjnot i to11:39
keesjyou can try anyway11:40
keesjYou should:p11:40
ed__OK. I'm trying to play with python-hildon and even examples don't work.11:40
ed__look: [sbox-scirocco: ~/python/python-hildon-0.8.7] > ./examples/wip/download.py11:41
ed__Traceback (most recent call last):11:41
ed__  File "/home/ed/python/python-hildon-0.8.7/examples/wip/", line 233, in <module>11:41
ed__    Download(model).run()11:41
ed__  File "/home/ed/python/python-hildon-0.8.7/examples/wip/", line 106, in __init__11:41
ed__    self.vbox = self.view.get_vbox()11:41
ed__AttributeError: 'hildon.AppView' object has no attribute 'get_vbox'11:41
ed__I think I misconfigured something, but have no idea what exactly :)11:42
keesjed__: you have python 2.5 and such?11:43
ed__Yep. The latest from scirocco repo.11:44
melmothi play with python too, but am completly lost as soon as it start to be libosso related :(11:47
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ed__well, last time I tried to play with it I managed to even build gconf and gnomevfs bindings, ipython and a couple of other python packages. After that I screwed up my scratchbox target and now I'm trying to set up it again with no luck :(11:51
melmoththere seems to be no get_vbox method anyway:11:51
melmothimport hildon11:51
melmothfor i in dir(hildon.AppView):11:51
melmoth    print i11:51
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*** jonnylamb has joined #maemo11:52
ed__Yeah, I understand that. The question is 'why?".11:52
melmothdon't ask me ; it tool me hours to realise i could use 'dir' when there was no 'help' :)11:53
ed__:). I'd recommend you to use ipython. It has nice python completions.11:54
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melmothhaven you ported ipython and put it on garage ?11:56
ed__look: In [2]: app=hildon.A11:56
ed__hildon.AddHomeDialog  hildon.App            hildon.AppView11:56
ed__It was <TAB> pressed at the end of 1st line.11:56
ed__Yes, I rebuilt it, but not uploaded to maemo. If you wan't to try I can give you a package, no prob.11:57
melmothyop. i386 .deb would do11:57
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:57
melmothand you should consider putting it on a web page somewhere so people can use it :)11:58
ed__Well, I'm going to speek with maemo python developers first. It's not user application, it's developer tool.11:59
ed__melmoth: enjoy :)
ed__let me know is any.12:02
melmothconnexion refused...12:02
ed__hmm. Just a minute.12:03
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo12:03
ed__it works just fine for me: wget
melmothgrumble. Let me try from another box12:05
melmothoh, works there.12:05
ed__cool. Try it then :)12:05
melmothcool. it installed and it start :)12:08
ed__wow! unbelievable :)12:08
ed__you can try my example to check it out.12:09
melmothExcellent, i have a help() working !!!12:09
ed__whith hildon.A<TAB>12:09
melmothhmmm.. no auto completion12:10
ed__show me what are you trying to do12:11
ed__btw, does it show its prompt in green color?12:11
melmothno color.12:12
ed__did you imported hildon before? just curious :)12:12
melmothyep :) it s imported.12:12
melmothbut the main feature i lacked was help :) so it s cool anyway12:12
ed__show me the output of 'dpkg -l |grep curses'12:13
ed__It has a lot of features, beleive me :)12:13
melmothii  libncurses5                                5.4-3.osso1                   Shared libraries for terminal handling12:13
melmothii  libncurses5-dev                            5.4-3.osso1                   Developer's libraries and docs for ncurses12:14
melmothii  ncurses-base                               5.4-3.osso1                   Descriptions of common terminal types12:14
ed__dpkg -l |grep readline12:15
*** kerwood has quit IRC12:15
ed__apt-get install libreadline412:15
ed__and try again12:15
*** kerwood|afk has joined #maemo12:16
melmothNiiiiiiiice :)12:16
*** behdad has quit IRC12:16
melmothcolors and auto completion :)12:16
ed__Congratulations! you've managed!12:16
melmothed__: would you mind me giving the url of your deb to a guy i know who would most likely like it ?12:17
ed__Please do it ;)12:17
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ed__melmoth: try hildon.App?<Enter>12:18
*** Pio has joined #maemo12:19
melmothHmm ? what is this supposed to make ?12:20
ed__melmoth: I didn't try it on the device though. I only use it on PC.12:20
melmothme too12:20
melmothi do not code on the n800 :))12:20
ed__it should display some kind of help info, I beleive.12:21
ed__BTW, you can find some ipython tips here:
ed__I hope you'll enjoy it ;)12:22
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo12:23
ed__i didn't check all of them, I mostly use competion feature.12:23
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AD-N770good morning12:24
dolfunanybody have experience doing dsp mp3 playback? :)12:25
dolfunUr-Quan Masters will be very fluid when it doesn't have to playback oggs/mods for music, and the 2x scaler is implemented12:26
ptmananyone able to log in to downloads.maemo.org12:26
dolfundon't have an acct there, just garage12:26
ed__did you try to use garage account?12:27
dolfuntrying now12:27
keesjdolfun: garage account are the only ones supported for the downloads.maemo.org12:29
keesjyou don'12:29
keesjyou don't need a different account12:29
dolfunauth failed12:29
ptmani can login to garage, but not to downloads.maemo.org12:29
ptmanit's been like this for a week12:29
melmothed__: ohh the %run magic seems nice, like a sort of gdb..12:30
melmothProblem is, if the script is not laucnhed from the run-standalone wrapper, osso context cannot be started...i wonder if there is a way to sort this12:31
ed__melmoth: I like you like it :)12:31
keesjYup I can't login either12:32
ed__melmoth: Why do you need that? What you're trying to do.12:32
melmothits great indeed. You should really consider porting this officially !12:32
melmothwell, right now, nothing..but it may be usefull to debug a python app.12:32
keesjalso is "hiden" behind a http authentication12:33
ed__Well, for me it's just 5 minutes work to put it into extras.12:33
ed__But I really don't want to make it like a separate project. I have about 5-6 python packages ported, so probably I should ask official maemo python developers to get them. But I have to make sure they work before :)12:35
*** bipolar has quit IRC12:36
keesjed__: is it simple/plain porting or is it more difficult?12:36
ed__keesj: I'd say it's rebuilding and twiking. They're not gui packages but development ones.12:36
*** bipolar has joined #maemo12:37
keesjyes, creating different projects would not be the most time friendly solution.12:38
ed__keesj: for example gconf and gnomevfs bindings, crypto, cracklib. They're kind of 'side effect' of porting revelation :)12:38
keesjwe mudders still did not upload packages but if the diffs are to to big you could consider putting them there.12:39
dolfunwhen i uploaded to garage, it said max filesize 4MB.  is there an ftp or something?12:40
devhmm, my n800 has just started to reboot over and over12:42
devthe only way to stop this was removing the battery12:42
dolfundid anyone make a mini app to keep the nokia active yet?12:50
* dolfun adds to the to-do list12:51
devseems I need to reflash it12:53
dolfundunno what causes that12:54
ed__try to set --no-lifeguard flag first. It might help.12:54
ed__I mean not reflash, just set no-lifeguard.12:55
ed__melmoth: I've just uploaded ipython 0.7.3-2.maemo2 to the same place. It has dependency to readline. Would you mind to test it?12:58
deved__: thx, will try that first12:59
melmothok let me try it out12:59
ed__Please, remove libreadline4 first.13:00
ed__It should be installed automatically when installing ipython.13:00
melmothseems to work:13:02
melmothdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of ipython:13:02
melmoth ipython depends on libreadline4; however:13:02
melmoth  Package libreadline4 is not installed.13:02
melmothi tested with dpkg , so i assume it would work on a apt repository13:03
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC13:03
keesji have the same with lua13:03
ed__Ok, I'll probably upload it to scirocco extras and ask you to test with apt if you wouldn't mind.13:03
keesjlibreadline is in the extra repo13:03
keesjso I have a nice install file but it does not work perfectly :(13:04
keesjI also did not understand how to add wiki pages with install intructions to the repository13:05
melmothed__: i will probably not be able to test sirocco environment untill i ahev more disk space :(13:05
melmothbut i should receive a new laptop soon :)13:05
ed__which one do you use? mistral? bora?13:05
ed__Ok, I'll upload it to bora then.13:05
melmothcheers :)13:06
ed__melmoth: Can you point me out to section for bora extras?13:09
ed__found it.13:10
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:11
ed__melmoth: 'apt-get install ipython' should work now. Can you check it? And don't forget to remove libreadline4 first ;)13:23
ed__I uploaded to both scirocco and bora extras. Enjoy!13:24
*** acydlord has joined #maemo13:25
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC13:26
*** keesj has quit IRC13:26
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:26
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo13:32
*** mazzen has quit IRC13:33
*** behdad has joined #maemo13:33
deved__: only the reflash worked13:33
ed__dev: :(13:34
melmothapt-get install python ->13:37
melmothThe following NEW packages will be installed: ipython libreadline413:37
melmothWorks :)13:37
ed__Thank you!13:37
dolfunthe doubling in fceu is so easy - just needed to be activated in one spot13:39
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:41
*** _acyd_ has quit IRC13:43
*** zyxulnag1 has joined #maemo13:44
*** keesj has joined #maemo13:45
*** koen|lisboa has joined #maemo13:47
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo13:50
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC13:53
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:54
*** zyxulnaga has quit IRC13:57
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:07
dolfunok so maybe my libs are borked.  compiling fceu14:11
dolfunaha!  when i compile fceu i get the same strange behavior14:16
*** kender has joined #maemo14:21
*** Superbia has quit IRC14:26
*** shackan has joined #maemo14:27
*** dolfun_ has joined #maemo14:27
*** behdad has quit IRC14:28
dolfun_kender, have you compiled apps with pixel-doubling?14:29
dolfun_ok.  once i get pixel doubling and dspmp3 playback, ur-quan masters will be almost running at 100% speed14:30
kender:) great14:31
dolfun_you can play it full speed now but need to disable music and 2x scaling14:32
glas55ooh urquan masters14:32
dolfun_jku__ did the first port last year, there's a .deb for OS200514:35
dolfun_is there a hostap mode for the 770?  uqm 0.6 has netplay14:35
*** superbia has joined #maemo14:35
superbiagah, this is killing me... having to install nvidia drivers every boot :S14:37
*** dolfun has quit IRC14:38
*** superbia has quit IRC14:39
*** Pio has quit IRC14:39
dolfun_libXsp is identical14:44
*** jku_ has joined #maemo14:45
dolfun_hi jku_ i got the 2x hardware scaling code in ur-quan masters14:46
*** superbia has joined #maemo14:48
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:54
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:56
*** superbia has quit IRC14:58
dolfun_tak's fceu build works, mine dont15:00
*** jku__ has quit IRC15:03
*** jonty has joined #maemo15:06
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo15:07
*** koen|lisboa has quit IRC15:10
kenderhi sbaturzio15:12
sbaturziokeesj: Ciao15:12
sbaturziokender: ciao (oops!) ;-)15:13
sbaturziotab completion: my worst nightmare :-)15:13
kenderyeah, I have the same problem with others nicks too15:13
*** Kiki-n8 has joined #maemo15:18
*** jonty has quit IRC15:40
*** dolfun_ has quit IRC15:44
*** koen|lisboa has joined #maemo15:44
*** Kiki-n8 has quit IRC15:48
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*** jonnylamb has joined #maemo15:51
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*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:52
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*** net2 has joined #maemo16:36
*** Superbia has joined #maemo16:41
*** gerrynjr has joined #maemo16:45
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*** ed__ has quit IRC16:59
stoneAnyone know how to get more "sound/volume" from the N800 (earphones)?17:00
*** Pio has joined #maemo17:06
*** klausade has quit IRC17:08
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo17:21
*** Pio has quit IRC17:25
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*** booiiing has joined #maemo17:34
*** phil|sleep has quit IRC17:43
*** philipl has joined #maemo17:47
zuhstone: After setting both the global volume and (possible) application volume setting to the max, the answer will be "with external amplifier" ;)17:51
*** Pio has joined #maemo17:55
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo17:59
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo18:05
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*** zumbi has joined #maemo18:15
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*** klausade has joined #maemo18:25
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*** spect has joined #maemo18:34
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*** neostrider has joined #maemo18:37
*** bipolar has joined #maemo18:37
neostriderunique311 , are you there?18:37
*** vivijim has joined #maemo18:37
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC18:38
stonezuh: thought so, I was hoping for some magic hidden /{proc/sys} setting...18:38
neostrideraCiDBaSe , você esta ai?18:39
*** DIrEctQL has joined #maemo18:40
DIrEctQLhey, does anyone know where i can find the kernel with ext3, smbfs, nfs?18:41
DIrEctQLfor N80018:41
*** Superbia has quit IRC18:49
*** DIrEctQL has quit IRC18:51
*** everaldo has quit IRC18:51
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo18:52
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*** fab has joined #maemo19:21
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*** philipl is now known as phil|out19:23
*** unice has joined #maemo19:29
unicegood day19:30
*** dis has joined #maemo19:33
*** Disconnect has quit IRC19:34
*** dis is now known as Disconnect19:34
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*** neostrider has joined #maemo19:53
neostrideranybody home?19:54
*** inode0 has quit IRC19:55
*** inode0 has joined #maemo19:57
*** everaldo has joined #maemo20:00
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*** neostrider has joined #maemo20:17
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*** einari has joined #maemo20:23
*** gwak has joined #maemo20:28
einariany ideas why zsh is jamming?20:28
*** neostrider has quit IRC20:28
einarii am not able even install it correctly20:28
einariinstall scripts seem to never finish20:29
*** dolske has joined #maemo20:31
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo20:32
*** bipolar has joined #maemo20:38
*** Moo^^^ has joined #maemo20:38
Moo^^^could it be possible to use memory card as swap memory? I hate out of memory problems. Also, how fast memory card writing is?20:39
dragornyes, it's possible, go to the control panel20:40
dragornno, it's not super fast.20:40
einarieditin postrm scripts manually made it possible to remove zsh, luckily.20:41
gwakis the N800 reliable with 4gb sd cards ?20:41
einariare there any ways to get media player work correctly? it seems to jam quite regularly on longer videos20:41
einarii noticed there is a bug report in bugzilla but no one has provided any solution20:42
dragorngwak: my understanding is yes, it is, but I don't have personal experience on it.  you may need the HC kernel.  I don't know where to get that, either, but I'm sure it's on the wiki.20:42
gwakdragorn: thanks, i  will check there20:43
b0unc3gwak: I use my sd 4gb card with the generic kernel20:47
*** gerrynjr has quit IRC20:47
gwaki am googling now, and it seems i have to find cards w/o SDHC20:47
b0unc3for the sdhc kernel, you need the hc kernel20:48
b0unc3sdhc card*20:48
*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo20:52
*** Kiki-n8 has joined #maemo21:00
*** melmoth_ has joined #maemo21:04
*** dolfun has joined #maemo21:04
dolfun"The XSPSetPixelDoubling villed a void we did not know existed, but it's *broken*, aaaaehhh!"21:04
* dolfun dons the Purple Mask of Futility21:06
*** pwille has quit IRC21:07
*** _follower_ has quit IRC21:08
*** florian has joined #maemo21:10
*** melmoth has quit IRC21:12
dolfunn brief the pixel doubling is something that is enabled or disabled. When it's enabled, all draws to the display (in particular with SDL SDL_Flip() and functions to update rects on screen) are doubled. This allows lower-quality graphics to be drawn partially on the screen (for example you can have high-res statusbar and low-res game area inside the game). The benefits? Speed.21:13
* dolfun crunches21:13
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo21:21
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC21:29
*** kender has joined #maemo21:34
*** Moo^^^ has left #maemo21:36
*** kkpaul has joined #maemo21:38
dolfunhi kender21:38
kenderhey dolfun :D21:38
stoneanyone know if fping is avail for the n800?21:39
kenderno, by default, it isn't21:40
stonekeesj: do you know if it's "ported"?21:40
keesjwhat is fping?21:41
stonesends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts21:41
kenderstone, yes, you can install a new busybox21:42
kenderwith those tools21:42
stonecool thanks21:42
kenderbut usually they are a little bit buggy21:42
kenderand you can have n800 that doesn't boot21:42
stoneI'm writing a "host checker" program and I was hoping to use fping to do the hard work21:42
kenderthat's why there is a complain21:42
kenderin the bugzilla21:42
kenderasking nokia to put ping and some other tools per default21:43
stonekender: ok, i will se if I can port it..21:43
*** roope has joined #maemo21:44
*** Kiki-n8 has quit IRC21:47
* dolfun dons the Mask of Gruelling but Necessary Activity21:50
*** _guardian has joined #maemo22:01
*** guru3 has quit IRC22:01
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*** sampeson has quit IRC22:44
*** sampeson has joined #maemo22:44
dolfunhate to be spammy, but has anybody successfully cross compiled fceu/xmame to the 770?22:44
neostrideri guess so22:45
neostriderI saw some discussion about xmame in the lists22:46
dolfunthe pixeldoubling isn't working when i compile it, but the binary works fine22:47
*** nelson has quit IRC22:48
*** fab has quit IRC22:50
neostriderdolfun , pixeldoubling still not a good thing to do...22:51
neostriderhave you tried hedgehop ,for instance?22:51
neostridergreat game. but if you press "home", you have to reset your device22:51
dolfunthere's a fairly simple kludge workaround to that actually22:52
dolfunjust write a seperate program that turns off pixeldoubling22:52
dolfunand run that on exit of the game22:53
dolfunso even if it is killed or crashes, the next started program always turns off doubling22:54
dolfunalso there should be a way to turn it off if the game detects it is not the active app22:54
dolfunso yeah, the primitive implementations we've seen are not good yet :)22:54
neostriderkind of hard for a SDL developer to all of that22:55
neostriderif someone choose SDL is becouse he/she doesnt want to deal with all that stuf22:55
dolfuntrue.  I do need to optimise Ur-Quan Masters though.  Combat with music turned on is too slow (3-4 fps), not to mention many other parts of the game.22:57
*** bipolar has quit IRC22:58
kulvewhat does it use for playing the music? I.e. in which format the music is?22:58
svuanyone managed to make video calls work? can they work behind NAT?22:58
kulvevideo calls works trhough nats22:58
*** bipolar has joined #maemo22:59
dolfunkulve, uqm uses ogg and .mod music22:59
kulvedolfun: what codec is uses for playing ogg? tremor?23:00
svukulve, really? I sent the invitation to myself, downloaded windows client - no luck. I cannot even add n800 to the contact list :(((23:00
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:00
dolfunkulve - second main optimisation will be a converter to mp3 and dsp mp3 playback23:01
kulvesvu: you need to accept things on both ends couple of times.23:01
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo23:01
kulvesee the contacts menu on the bottom (just in case if you missed it..)23:01
svukulve, ghm. I see nothing to accept on n800 side :(23:02
*** bipolar has joined #maemo23:04
*** koen|lisboa has joined #maemo23:05
*** Olof has quit IRC23:06
*** Olof has joined #maemo23:07
dolfunnow does integer cpu performance of n800 compare to 770?23:08
kulveI would guess n800 is better. It has half more MHz and maybe the armv6 does something good. If you can use it properly.23:09
kulvebut I'm off to bed now23:10
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo23:11
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:12
*** bipolar has joined #maemo23:13
svukulve, I see the contacts menu, I am even able to choose the contact. But when I try to connect ... "Invalid address"23:19
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo23:28
*** bipolar has quit IRC23:29
*** Cwiiis has quit IRC23:40
svuthe funniest thing is that new contact does not even appear in windows client. whatever number of times I press "Add contact" on the invitation web page23:41
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo23:45
*** mazzen has joined #maemo23:46
*** kkpaul has quit IRC23:48
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