IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-02-15

nelsonExtremely good.00:01
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* Jaffa beds00:09
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* sp3000 chucles at the mail account setup wizard00:19
sp3000... >[cancel]<. all changes will be lost, do you want to /continue/? [ok] [cancel]00:20
Tak[Continue cancelling]  [Cancel continuing]00:20
* sp3000 wonders if he wants to cancel canceling or ...yeah, something like that :)00:20
lle2maybe it should have a "I feel lucky" button?00:21
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timelyinteresting, there are release notes00:24
timelythere are dialogs about cancel canceling00:25
mgedminsp3000: seen ?00:25
Fatal  my encounters00:27
timelyi dunno, have you seen the gui ssh dialog? it talks about accept/cancel or something and iirc has yes/no, i have a picture00:27
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fish_is there a script for maemo-mapper to download maps from google for a larger area?00:29
Pioyou can define as large an area as you want in that one dialog.. whatsitcalled00:30
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Piomanage maps -> area dialog00:31
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fish_ah cool ;)00:34
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sp3000fish_: fwiw osso_mime_open_file seems to work fine if your calling process stays up a bit longer, like, sleeping00:35
sp3000I don't know enough about the machinery to say if that's user error or if the api/impl is funny somehow00:35
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fish_sounds a little bit strange but okay, thanks ;)00:36
fish_i'll check that later00:36
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MDKtko: notifiication?00:56
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MDKinz: silly question - how do you do page up/down in the terminal?01:02
fish_maemo mapper crashed while downloading my maps :/01:03
[mbm]MDK: one of the xterm packages has a toolbar that lets you map hotkeys like pgup/pgdn to toolbar buttons01:04
fish_maybe there is still a script for that? than i could run it on my laptop...01:04
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mgedmininz: about that xterm toolbar with keys01:06
mgedminthe buttons in it resize automatically01:06
mgedminthat doesn't work well with hildon themes, which assume a fixed button height01:06
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mgedminI suggest you change osso-xterm to use fixed button height and just stack them from the top01:07
mgedminprobably just a matter of toggling some gtk vbox property01:07
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MDKhmm... hildon buttons don't asume fixed height01:07
mgedminwhy does the background tile then?01:08
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MDKdo you have a screenshot?01:08
mgedminwill have one shortly01:08
mgedminactually the tiling is visible only when the button is pressed01:09
mgedmine.g. ctrl01:09
mgedmintry that and hide the virtual kb01:09
MDKwhich theme?01:09
mgedminplankton, currently01:09
mgedminbut I saw it with the standard themes too01:09
mgedminscreenshot with plankton:
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mgedminscreenshot with Adria:
MDKyou're right actually, toobar-buttons (but not normal buttons) rely on fixed height01:12
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MDKwell, actually it's more complex01:13
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MDKbut it's due to fact we didn't really think about vertical toolbars01:13
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hapmgedmin: what is the arrow on the top, within the statusbar?01:20
mgedminoverflow of statusbar icons01:20
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hapaho ok, statusbar doesn't resize?01:20
mgedminI have bluetooth and contacts applets there01:20
hapi don't are about "X terminal utitled"01:20
hapi want more icons..01:21
mgedminand the empty space between the clock and the arrow is actually the cpu applet01:21
mgedminwhich becomes invisible during screenshot time for some reason01:21
mgedminyou can hide and reorder the statusbar icons01:21
mgedminbest feature of os2007, imho01:21
hapcan you ? I cant on my n800..01:22
mgedmincontrol panel -> navigation01:22
mgedminnot the most obvious place for it01:22
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hapoh yeah01:25
hapi was looking for drag&drop01:25
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haphas someone tried to play m3u playlist on the N800?01:26
hapfor steaming mp301:26
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mgedminI can try01:28
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mgedminand of course the first one I try is full of oggs01:28
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mgedminhap: it works01:29
mgedminbut not very well?01:30
mgedminno, all's well01:30
mgedminjust the usual media player stupidity01:31
mgedminwhen it is paused and I double-click on some other song in the playlist, it resumes the old song instead of playing the one I wanted01:31
hapah ok01:32
mgedminhow can a program find out which theme is selected?01:33
mgedminactually I want the filename of the image used for the statusbar01:34
timelyyou should be able to ask sapwood :)01:34
timelybut if you want a better answer, give me more details and i'll figure it out01:34
mgedminstatusbarclock is nearly invisible on dark themes, see
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mgedminit should figure out whether to show black or white digits somehow01:36
mgedminthe themes do not define a logical colour for that01:36
mgedminso I'm trying for a hacky solution: sample a few pixels in the statusbar background image01:36
hapwhere can i get themes?01:37
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mgedminhap: you have four in the device, you can get valentine from tableteer, and you can get plankton from tigert's blog01:38
mgedminthe application manager might contain moe01:39
hapok plankton then :)01:39
mgedminplankton is nice01:39
hapcan i get some through apt-get straight?01:39
mgedminmaybe too dark in places (e.g. the triangles at the bottom of the task navigator are barely visible)01:39
hapisn't there a deb repo for themes?01:39
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hapthe triangles sux anyway01:42
hapas said sean on his page :)01:42
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mgedminI think there should be an application catalog category for themes01:43
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mgedminbut there isn't01:43
hapvalentine theme01:44
hap=> trash01:44
mgedminhorrible, isn't it? :)01:46
Magii installed it just to show it to my girlfriend01:48
Magiguys at work commented a bit about it...01:48
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hapcan do i install the rm radio ?01:50
hapit says home -> select applets01:50
timelyrm radio?01:51
* timely wonders what frequency that is01:51
timelyam, fm, xm, ... rm :)01:51
Magirumbling modulation?01:51
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mgedmingaaah! :)01:52
mgedminI've ssh-ed into my n800 and am waiting for sudo apt-get install gconf-editor to finish01:52
mgedminand it is waiting for me to select a menu location01:53
mgedminwhoever invented maemo-select-menu-location ought to be punished for it01:53
* mgedmin discovers that the current gtk theme is not in gconf01:55
hapwhere can i find this status icon "time" applet?01:57
Robot101mgedmin: its almost like they reinvented the problem that debconf was designed to solve...01:57
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mgedminis there a maemo equivalent to gnome-open?02:01
mgedmin(to launch the application associated with a given file)02:01
sp3000talk to fish_ :)02:03
* sp3000 zzzs02:03
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fish_i have to go to bed now ;)02:03
fish_mgedmin: there is a function called osso_mime_open02:04
fish_        gpointer osso;02:05
fish_        osso = osso_get_dbus_connection(osso_initialize("osso_open_app", "0.0.1", 0, NULL));02:05
fish_        return(!osso_mime_open_file(osso,gnome_vfs_get_uri_from_local_path(argv[1])));02:05
mgedminok so the current theme name is stored in a root window property _MB_THEME_NAME02:06
mgedminand the full path to the matchbox theme in _MB_THEME02:06
fish_that _should_ work but it seams it only opens the apropriate app when its called the first time. the second time opens the given file. but sp3000 told me a few minutes ago:02:07
fish_23:25 < sp3000> fish_: fwiw osso_mime_open_file seems to work fine if your calling  process stays up a bit longer, like, sleeping02:07
fish_23:25 < sp3000> I don't know enough about the machinery to say if that's user error  or if the api/impl is funny somehow02:07
fish_i'm going to bed now, bye02:07
* mgedmin yawns02:07
mgedminso the plan is:02:07
mgedmin- make statusbar-clock pay attention to the _MB_THEME root window property02:08
mgedmin- append 'theme.xml' to the pathname stored in _MB_THEME02:08
mgedmin- parse the XML file02:08
mgedmin- find the filename attribute of <pixmap id="applicationtopbararea" />02:08
mgedmin- load that image02:09
mgedmin- pick a pixel right in the center02:09
mgedmin- if that pixel is dark, use white digits, if it is light, use black digits02:09
mgedminmaybe skip the xml parsing and assume the statusbar image is always "../images/qgn_plat_application_status_bar_background.png"02:09
* mgedmin -> bed02:11
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StregIs there someone developing MSN or ICQ components for maemos telepathy-interface?02:15
timelydoes icq not work?02:16
Robot101there's an MSN backend called butterfly, written in python, but it's not too well maintained and has some bugs :-/02:16
* timely seems to recall seeing someone w/ icq02:17
Robot101but we're working on a library to make backend development easier02:17
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Stregtimely:well outofthebox support is only for jabber & gtalk02:27
Stregthere's gaim, but personally I think it's the worst example of open source in the history.02:28
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Stregmaybe I should read those maemo-telepathy howtos, download gaim MSN protocol source and do something about it....02:30
timelessi presume you read that?02:32
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timelesshi dolske02:34
Stregtimeless:actually no [shameface]02:34
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Stregtimeless: thanks for the tip, msn works now just fine.02:49
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timelessthe tip should be "use google" btw..02:51
timelessi've never used any of this stuff02:52
timeless(except google)02:52
Stregwell normally i'd use google, but since someone ported gaim, i thought.... :)02:53
StregI mean why would someone use time and effort to make a piece of crappy software even worse (gaim on maemo) if there was the desired functionality available :)02:55
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* timeless grumbles04:47
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disqmmm hey everybody05:34
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disqi'm reading about gtkhtml it's genius05:36
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inzmgedmin, sorry I prefer functionality over looks in this case07:02
inzoops, he's no online07:03
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* timeless tries to setup sbox207:13
timelessanyone here familiar w/ sbox2?07:14
timelessso, sbox2 is built around syscall() ?07:24
lle2well, no07:25
lle2it's built by wrapping glibc functions07:25
lle2like fakechroot07:25
timelessmaybe i should rephase07:25
timelessif i don't have |syscall|, sbox2 won't work?07:25
lle2probably it won't work07:26
lle2where would you want to use it that you wouldn't have syscall?07:26
* timeless can't believe sbox2 *requires* autoconf 2.5907:28
* timeless only has 2.5707:28
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo07:28
lle2I think you're going to find it tough getting it to work without glibc07:29
timelessi'm not sure i don't have glibc07:29
lle2I've been thinking of getting rid of the direct syscall()s in there07:30
lle2they are not entirely necessary anymore07:30
timelessoh, heh, you're the person i want to talk to07:31
timelesscan you change the autoconf req from 2.59 to 2.57?07:31
timelessi changed it locally and it seemed fine07:31
lle2it only tests the existence of the functions07:31
timelessLinux centos 2.4.21 BrandZ fake linux i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux07:31
lle2and some other really minor stuff07:31
timelessit'd be nicer of course if i could use autoconf2.1x ;-)07:31
timelessbut i have 2.57 here07:32
timelessanyway, i did fixing), configure, and make07:32
lle2yeah, should be fine if configure went through07:33
* timeless wonders what's supposed to build preload/libsb2.so07:33
lle2it didn't build?07:33
timelessmaybe not07:33
lle2what version of make do you have?07:33
timelessi don't have lua :)07:33
timelessGNU Make version 3.79.1, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.07:33
timelessand nothing really complained about a lack of lua :)07:34
lle2too old! :}07:34
* timeless goes to check configure07:34
lle23.81 is needed07:34
lle2you're obsolete07:34
timelessof course i'm obsolete :)07:34
* timeless doubts 3.81 is available readily07:34
lle2the recursive structure of my fancy build system probably totally fails on your make07:35
* timeless sighs07:36
timelessmake3.79 was good enough for gecko for many years07:36
lle2lua is included in the sb2 sources so you don't need to have it on your box07:38
* timeless grabs wget07:38
timelessbtw, your git instructions didn't work for me07:39
timelessi had to do a git checkout after the clone07:39
lle2they didn't?07:39
timelessotherwise i had an essentially empty directory07:39
lle2which version of git you have? :)07:39
timeless(all the data was in the .git, but it didn't have any real visible data)07:39
timeless"how do i ask?"07:39
lle2git --version?07:40
timelessGit command '--version' not found. Try one of07:40
* timeless loves git07:40
timelessit's unlikely to be the newest07:41
lle2you must have some ancient relic07:41
lle2my git supports --version07:41
lle2and it's
timelessi suppose i could try asking git to get me another version of git from one of the repos we have07:41
timelessbut um ... getting git to work was moderately painful07:41
* timeless goes back to make07:41
lle2this will be interesting if you get it to build, I've not tested sb2 on anything older than glibc-2.3.607:42
timelessi was hoping that your system would let me avoid having to deal w/ syscall and friends07:42
timelessbut first, lemme see about getting it to work w/ centos07:43
lle2it might be possible to implement it using FUSE07:43
timelessi won't have fuse for a few months07:43
lle2but I'm not entirely sure it would be very nice07:43
timelesswhy would you want to use fuse?07:43
timelessmy machine has plenty of processing power/disk space07:44
timelessand ram07:44
lle2fuse or some other user space filesystem07:44
* timeless doesn't understand07:44
timelesswhy would you want that?07:44
lle2SB2 is all about mapping paths, you could do that by faking the entire filesystem07:44
timelessso that all writes/reads are mapped to fuse07:44
timelessinstead of a nromal thing?07:44
* timeless shrugs07:44
timelessi have lots of file systems07:44
timelessbut yeah, fuse would probably be a way to go07:45
timelessi've already sent bug reports to the people working on that07:45
lle2wrapping glibc was easier for me, I'm kinda used to doing that07:45
timelessok, make3.81 is giving more output07:46
lle2I hope it failed?07:46
timelessutils/ warning: missing initializer for member `Name::var07:46
timelessof course :)07:46
timelessutils/ `execv' undeclared (first use this function)07:46
timelessi'm not actually sure why it failed, i'm guessing that's why07:47
lle2can you paste all of it somewhere?07:47
timelesscan you reach swift?07:47
lle2not at the moment07:48
timelesspastebin it'll be07:48
lle2damn c++07:50
timelesswant utils/sb_gcc_wrapper.i ?07:51
lle2dunno what you should do now07:52
timelesspresumably i get to search for execv in headers and figure out why you didn't get it07:53
timelessdon't worry, i like trouble(shooting)07:53
timelessman claims <unistd.h>07:53
timelesswhich you don't include07:54
lle2yeah, that's not my code though :)07:54
lle2inherited from sb107:54
timelesswell, um...07:54
timelessi can ping timo savola too i'm sure07:54
lle2does including that help any? probably not..07:55
timelessdifferent file fails07:55
timelessso shall we say 'yes'? :)07:55
timelessmake install worked07:56
* timeless wonders what to do next07:56
lle2README helps07:57
timelessyeah, that's open in another tab07:57
timelessor was, it's a few pages back in history from grabbing gmake :)07:57
timeless(at this point you _really_ should go through that file and make sure07:57
timelessit applies to your host system and intended target toolchain).07:57
timelesshrm, can i skip that step? :)07:58
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ ../scratchbox/bin/sb207:58
timelessRunning scratchbox with these settings:07:58
timelessSBOX_LIBSB2 = //lib/libsb2.so07:58
timelesssomethinig tells me that's not what i wanted07:58
lle2it's not07:58
timelesscould you add an expected results section?07:58
timelessit'd help a lot07:59
lle2hold on...07:59
timelessthat's definitely not going to work :)07:59
timelessi suppose now's a good time for me to try to get qemu07:59
lle2so you skipped the important step07:59
* timeless ponders07:59
timelessyum install qemu or build it myself?08:00
lle2no idea08:00
lle2there's one static one available on rahina.org08:00
lle2that could work, maybe08:00
timelesswhat version?08:00
timelessAvailable package: qemu.i386 0:0.9.0-1.el3.rf from rpmforge matches with08:00
lle2it's really good08:00
timelesswell, yum offered me 0.908:01
timelessso i could get it08:01
lle2I'd bet that 0.8.1-sb2 is better08:01
lle2it's like magic08:01
lle2no idea why the proper qemu releases have never worked for me08:01
timelesswell it runs08:02
lle2ok, then it's golden :)08:02
lle2SBOX_LIBSB2 = /home/lleukkun/scratchbox/lib/libsb2.so08:03
lle2that's the important one08:03
lle2so something really failed in the sb2 script08:03
timelessi don't see that line in the sample file08:03
lle2no, that's the expected output you asked08:03
* timeless nods08:03
lle2I bet the first line of the script didn't work08:03
timeless'the script'?08:04
* timeless ponders08:04
* timeless isn't sure how to get this arm2006q3 compiler stuff08:04
timelessnow that i have qemu, i think it might be different?08:05
timelesshrm, no08:06
timelessok, that's strange08:06
timelessusing sh -x, i see:08:06
timeless/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: /home/timeless/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:06
* timeless doesn't have a lib directory08:06
* timeless has a scratchbox/lib/libsb2.so08:07
* timeless goes off in search of whatever lost 'scratchbox/'08:07
lle2something funny is happening on the first actual line in sb208:07
timeless+ SBOX_LIBSB2=/home/timeless/lib/libsb2.so08:07
timeless+ export SBOX_DIR=/home/timeless08:07
lle2yes, that one08:08
timeless+++ dirname sh08:08
timeless++ readlink -f ./..08:08
timeless+ export SBOX_DIR=/home/timeless08:08
* timeless should have just pasted the first 6 lines from the beggining :|08:08
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ ls -l ../scratchbox/bin/sb208:08
timeless-rwxr-xr-x    1 timeless webservd     2805 Feb 15 00:55 ../scratchbox/bin/sb208:08
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ pwd08:08
lle2do you have readlink?08:09
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ which readlink08:09
timelesswhat does readlink do?08:09
lle2anyway, you can "fix" that by changing the first line to export SBOX_DIR=/home/timeless/scratchbox08:10
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ dirname ../scratchbox/bin/sb208:10
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ readlink -f ../scratchbox/bin08:10
lle2something's eating "scratchbox" from there08:11
timelesscan you do sh -x ../scratchbox/bin/sb208:11
timelessi think i know what it i08:11
timelessit might be a bug, or it might be a design choice... i'll have to write a small testcase08:12
* lle2 is an idiot08:12
lle2you /bin/sh is not pointing to bash08:12
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ ls -l /bin/sh08:12
timelesslrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            4 Jan 29 17:26 /bin/sh -> bash08:12
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ bash --version08:13
timelessbash --version08:13
timelessGNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-redhat-linux-gnu)08:13
timelessCopyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.08:13
timeless[timeless@centos buildroot]$ sh --version08:13
timelesssh --version08:13
timelessGNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-redhat-linux-gnu)08:13
timelessCopyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.08:13
lle2I've 3.2.908:13
timelessoh, well ...08:13
lle2but there's no need for that script not to work on older ones08:13
timeless+++ dirname bash08:14
lle2so if you can figure out a way to get /home/timeless/scratchbox injected into SBOX_DIR variable, I can use that08:14
timelessi can't use sh -x08:14
timelessthat's the problem08:14
* timeless grumbles08:14
timelesshrm, no08:14
timeless+++ dirname /bin/sh08:14
* timeless returns to suspecting FakeLinux08:15
timelessit's definitely saying dirname /bin/bash instead of the script name08:16
timelessie $_ isn't behaving correctly08:16
timeless       _      At  shell startup, set to the absolute file name of the shell or08:17
timeless              shell script being executed as  passed  in  the  argument  list.08:17
timelesshrm, wait08:17
timelessmaybe it is  your fault :)08:17
timelesseven if the first line is SCRIPT_NAME=$_08:18
timelessit still says the wrong thing08:18
timelessok, temporarily ignoring that08:19
timelessRunning scratchbox with these settings:08:19
timelessSBOX_LIBSB2 = /home/timeless/scratchbox/lib/libsb2.so08:19
timelessSBOX_REDIR_SCRIPTS = /home/timeless/scratchbox/share/scratchbox2/redir_scripts08:19
timelessSBOX_GCCWRAPPER = /home/timeless/scratchbox/bin/sb_gcc_wrapper08:19
timelessREDIR_LD_SO =08:19
timelessREDIR_LD_LIBRARY_PATH =08:19
timelessSBOX_TARGET_ROOT = /home/timeless/buildroot08:20
timelessUnable to acquire cache lock: Bad file descriptor08:20
timelessUnable to acquire cache lock: Bad file descriptor08:20
timeless[SB2] timeless@centos ~/buildroot $08:20
* suihkulokki hands over a pastebin to timeless08:20
timelesshow important are the cache locks?08:20
timelesssuihkulokki: the channel is absolutely dead08:20
lle2do you now have /home/timeless/buildroot.sb2cache :)08:20
timelessit's not even 9am08:20
lle2never too early nitpick08:21
timelessit's empty, but it exists08:21
timelesssuihkulokki: there's like 1 finn in the office08:21
lle2ok, if you now do some stuff in there?08:22
lle2like, host-gcc?08:22
lle2what happens?08:22
timeless[SB2] timeless@centos ~/buildroot $ host-gcc08:22
timelessUnable to acquire cache lock: Bad file descriptor08:22
timelessgcc: no input files08:22
lle2cool, so it kinda works08:22
timelessso, two questions: 1. how critical is that cache lock08:23
lle2you could try starting it with ../scratchbix/bin/sb2 --verbose08:23
timelessdoesn't seem to change anything08:23
lle2that disables the cache and produces shitloads of debug output to buildroot/sb2_mapping.log08:23
timelesshrm, doesn't seem to08:23
timelesswell, not sure about the log08:23
timelessbut it's still complaining about the cache08:23
timeless  open64(/dev/tty) -> (/dev/tty)08:24
timeless  fopen(/home/timeless/buildroot/sb2.config) -> (/home/timeless/buildroot/sb2.co08:24
lle2the locks are important08:24
lle2the cache will corrupt without them08:24
timelessok, so i should chase the lock08:24
timelessis that compiled or scripted?08:24
* timeless needs to know which tools to use to chase the problem :)08:25
lle2it's in sbox2/mapping/mapping.c08:25
timelessi don't suppose ./configure --disable-optimzie --enable-debug --disable-strip works?08:25
timeless(ignoring typos for optimize)08:25
lle2it doesn't strip08:25
lle2and debug is there I think08:25
timelessi'm paranoid at this point08:25
timelessdebians and nokians seem to love stripping08:26
lle2and configure doesn't work that way with my build system :)08:26
timelessit's like they have nothing better to do than make their code undebugable08:26
lle2you set that kinda things in sbox2/.config file, which is included08:26
lle2I cannot write proper autotools stuff, so I write my own build system. logical.08:27
*** koen has joined #maemo08:27
timelesshrm, you trap %Z08:27
timelessis there a convenient way for me to get the pid ?08:27
timeless^Z even08:28
lle2mm... could you echo $SBOX_MAPPING_CACHE inside sb2?08:28
timeless[SB2] timeless@centos ~/buildroot $ echo $SBOX_MAPPING_CACHE08:29
timelessso, i'm confused08:30
lle2me too08:30
timelessis sb2 basically an ldpreload of bash?08:30
timelessi.e. if i need to do anything, do i debug that bash?08:30
lle2it's LD_PRELOAD of everything08:30
timeless[timeless@centos timeless]$ TERM=vt100 pstree -G -a -p 2414708:30
timeless  ..bash,476408:30
timeless24147 is the bash that ran sb208:31
* timeless coughs08:31
timelesscentos has gdb6.308:31
* timeless goes to drop in 6.608:31
lle2the problem happens around line 280 in mapping.c08:32
timelessok, one problem at a time08:32
lle2could be your flock() implementation behaves differently08:33
timelessthat's quite likkely08:33
* timeless tries to remember if flock is not supported08:34
tigertwhy are you using some weirdass distro?08:34
timelessit's more fun08:34
timelessand a lot safer08:34
timelessif you mean centos, it's because it's one of very few that i can install08:35
lle2I'll have to start heading towards office, got an sb2 demo to give ;P08:35
timelessbut the flock stuff wouldn't be centos08:35
timelesslle2: where?08:35
* timeless will gladly show up08:35
timelesslaptop in tow08:35
* tigert thinks ubuntu is just fine for him08:36
lle2uhh, I think it'll be in C5xx, Mika Leppinen's office08:36
timelessi have a map08:36
tigertwhats cool in sb2?08:36
timelessalthough knowing his group would be help08:36
timelesstigert: it might be easier for me to avoid chroot()08:36
timelesswhich is absolutely not available :)08:36
tigerttimeless, yeah - that could be a slight problem ;)08:37
lle2tigert: stripped sb2 takes less than a megabyte, total08:37
lle2probably around 300-400kB08:37
lle2and you can use your host distro's tools08:37
lle2actually those are the only tools you have08:38
lle2there's also no chroot08:38
tigertrun it in the 770 to build apps for the N800? ;)08:38
lle2it can use whatever toolchain, unmodified08:38
tigertso  it is some env var thing instead to hack compiler flags?08:39
lle2it's wrapping your glibc file path handling08:39
tigertdoes it have rootstraps?08:39
lle2kind of a virtual selective chroot08:39
timelessi don't have a room number for him08:40
timelessi'm guessing C08:40
timelessoh you said that08:40
timelessok, well, i can scout around08:40
timelesspresumably window office by title08:40
lle2timeless: don't worry, I'll give plenty of demos in the future, this one's pretty fully booked already as it is :)08:40
tigertsee the intraweb08:40
tigertphonebook has the number likely08:41
timelesslast time i tried that thing, it was absolutely useless08:41
timelessit's useless08:41
lle2tigert: sb2 maps the paths based on the executable name, function that was called and path08:41
timelessit only knows floor and wing08:41
tigertwell, that characterizes a lot of the tools we have...08:42
timelesstigert: well, i can update my map if someone gives me the answer08:42
lle2tigert: so it's essentially a perfect way to not have any idea what's happening08:42
tigertlle2, so it is a shell basically that intercepts everything?08:42
timelessnot shell really, but yeah08:42
lle2with a scriptable mapping engine08:43
timelesssince it taints all apps08:43
tigerthm. could run sshd and irssi in one :)08:43
lle2the cache is really important08:43
timelessi can run sshd to centos if someone wants to come and play08:44
lle2otherwise builds take 3-4x longer than in sb108:44
lle2with caching, the penalty is only around 30% at the moment08:44
lle2I hope to improve that still08:45
lle2but now to the office ->08:45
* timeless pokes gdb08:46
timelesscan i use any random arm cross compiler? or do i need a specific code-sourcery 3.4?08:46
lle2any random will do08:47
timelessi suppose08:47
lle2there's a catch08:47
lle2sbox toolchains won't probably work08:48
lle2or may not work08:48
* timeless crosses that off and goes to find another08:48
lle2they are linked against sbox's glibc08:48
* timeless nods08:48
lle2which may or may not mean anything08:48
lle2but at least on my system it means that is linked against glibc-2.5 and the toolchain against /scratchbox/yaddayadda08:49
lle2end result being that can't find symbols08:49
* timeless nods08:49
timelesswe had problems using flash on a system08:49
timelessit was looking for an older version of libssl or something08:49
timelesseasily resolved w/ stupid symlinks08:50
timelessbut sucky08:50
* timeless ponders08:51
*** bergie has quit IRC08:56
*** Guard][an has quit IRC08:56
*** greentux has joined #maemo09:18
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:27
*** zbenjamin has joined #maemo09:29
*** zuh has quit IRC09:29
zbenjaminmorning @ all09:30
*** zuh has joined #maemo09:32
zbenjamininz, are you here?09:37
inzzben, aye09:38
zbenjamininz, do you have time to look at the code?09:39
zbenjaminarg maybe i think i know what the problem is09:40
zbenjaminbut have a look first maybe there are more problems09:40
inzzben, I think you're not setting the ic callback anywhere09:41
inzzben, otherwise it looks pretty much correct09:41
zbenjaminyes thats what i have seen too.09:42
zbenjaminI'll try09:42
zbenjaminstrange that i did not see it two days ago09:43
zbenjaminthanks inz09:43
inzzben, sometimes you need to look away to see what's wrong ;)09:44
*** dolske has quit IRC09:46
zbenjamininz,  i use this command line to compile the sourcefile : gcc -g main.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs libosso` `pkg-config --libs --cflags osso-ic` -DDBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE does this seem okay for you?09:49
zbenjamini have to use this define -DDBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE  to get it compiling. Do you know about it?09:50
inzzben, you don't need libosso09:50
koenthat has been deprecated a long time ago09:51
koenunless you use deprecated dbus releases09:51
zbenjamini use the dbus in the maemo2.2 gregale sdk09:52
inzWhich is 0.6x, and needs the define09:52
inzAnd it's there because the API was not final and they want devs to acknowledge that09:52
inzSardine uses 1.0.0, where the define is no longer needed09:54
inzOr 1.0.209:54
zbenjaminsardine is for the nokia N80009:55
zbenjamininz, i don't need libosso but i need glib09:55
inzzbenjamin, indeed, so replace libosso with glib-2.009:56
inzzbenjamin, and you can combine the two if you want09:56
*** dolske has joined #maemo09:57
zbenjamin`pkg-config --libs --cflags osso-ic glib-2.0` ?10:00
*** sabotage_afk has quit IRC10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
*** Guardian has joined #maemo10:01
Guardianmorning maemo10:02
*** dape has joined #maemo10:03
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep10:07
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo10:08
*** dralex has joined #maemo10:09
timelessafaik sardine is like unstable, and will change to something else eventually, and again after that10:12
zbenjaminyes but does sardine run on the N770 too ? or just on the N80010:14
*** maddler has quit IRC10:16
*** greentux has quit IRC10:17
timelessum, sardine isn't really designed to run on the device10:17
timelessyou can, but you're not likely to be very happy10:17
*** fab has quit IRC10:26
disqanybody know gtkhtml's editable support? would it be easy if i wanted to use it as a text/rtf editor? kinda pointless to actually implement formatting (and formatted data storage) in gtktextview if gtkhtml is sufficient10:26
disqknow about, i meant :)10:26
tigertdisq: was it you who did maemopad+?10:29
*** nomeata has joined #maemo10:30
nomeataHi. Is there a way to send something like Alt-n to the xterm (to control gaim-text via ssh)?10:30
tigertnomeata: xterm supports keyboard shortcuts toolbar10:31
tigertthat you can customize with gconf10:31
nomeataand it can send alt-sequences?10:31
*** Pooh22 has joined #maemo10:34
disqtigert: yeah :)10:35
disqbtw, i didn't have time to look at hildon-theme-tools yet (yet alone making a zero-gutter theme mod)10:38
tigertdisq: the pressure stuff is neat10:38
tigertdisq: hey10:38
tigerttry that10:38
tigerthas the code10:39
nomeatait seems it cant do Alt keys :-(10:39
tigertits amazing on a stylus10:39
tigertit would rock to have that implemented10:39
tigertnomeata: use irssi :)10:39
tigertnomeata: no wait10:39
disqwow that's sounds neat10:39
jacquesdoes N800 ts hardware support pressure?10:39
tigertnomeata: does ctrl-n wokr?10:39
tigertjacques: very limitedly, but yes10:40
jacqueslike 8bit?10:40
nomeatatigert: control-keys work, but gaim-text requires alt10:40
tigertthe signal is kinda bad and they have to filter it a lot, but it does a few levels10:40
tigertnomeata: ask inz10:40
nomeatastrange. bash accepts Esc-d instead of alt-d10:40
tigerthe maintains the xterm port10:40
jacquesoh, like 4bit?  ;-)10:40
nomeatamaybe I have to change the timing of alt-sequences in gaim-text10:40
tigertjacques: more like "4 levels" :)10:40
nomeataanyway, got to go. thx10:40
jacquestigert, oh :-D10:41
tigertjacques: install maemopad+ or horizon10:41
tigertit does a bit10:41
jacquesno caligraphy drawing programs for us then heh10:41
tigertjacques: try gddraw10:41
tigertit is just a simple hack10:41
tigertbut having the algorithm on maemopad for example10:42
tigertwould rokc10:42
tigertit rules10:42
disqjacques: it's actually more than 4 levels but it's not sensitive enough nevertheless.10:42
*** greentux has joined #maemo10:42
*** bergie has quit IRC10:43
*** nomeata has quit IRC10:44
tigertdisq: did you try gddraw?10:51
disqyeah. playing with the parameters10:52
*** BasL has quit IRC10:52
disqthough i couldn't make it behave like i wanted yet10:52
disqmaybe my handwriting is just awful10:52
disqand also it's too slow10:53
*** X-Fade_ is now known as X-Fade10:55
AD-N770good morning10:56
X-FadeHmm am reading this right? Did my N800 restart 15 times due to dsp problems?10:56
X-Fade/usr/sbin/dsp_dld -p --disable-restart -c /lib/dsp/dsp_dld_avs.conf :  15 *10:56
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo10:57
disqi think that's the time the dsp_dld app has been killed/restarted before the last watchdog reboot. but not sure10:57
kulveit seems that the dsp is the reason for most resets..10:58
suihkulokkiX-Fade: are you reading resets or restarts file?10:58
X-FadeIt seems that the * indicates that the watchdog decided that the process was really beyond help and it needed to be rebooted..10:59
X-Fadesuihkulokki: that is restarts.10:59
suihkulokkiX-Fade: resets = device restarted, restarts = daemon respawned10:59
X-Fade/usr/sbin/dsp_dld -p --disable-restart -c /lib/dsp/dsp_dld_avs.conf :  310:59
X-FadeThat is _reset10:59
suihkulokkiso dsp_dld daemon has been restarted 15 times, and device has been rebooted 3 times11:00
suihkulokkiwhich is in line of the fact that after 5 failed respawns of daemon dsme resets the device =)11:00
X-FadeMostly while sitting idle. Not playing anything on the dsp..11:01
X-FadeI'm thinking it might be related to 'low battery' sounds.11:01
X-FadeThat is the only thing that gets played when idle on my desk...11:01
kulveI think people have reported same kind of behaviour with non-empty battery too11:02
X-FadeWell, maybe related to IM? That plays sounds too when idle?11:04
*** tenshiKur0 has joined #maemo11:04
*** cybergypsy has joined #maemo11:06
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo11:07
kulveI think does make some sound (maybe even if it should be silent), since there often seems to be esd restarting error before the dsp stuff..11:08
tigertdisq: yea., the width scaling is too aggressive for this11:09
tigertdisq: as the DPI is insane, it thinks you are swinging your mouse with a full arms length11:09
tigertdisq: but it has to be a bit slow11:09
tigertto work11:10
tigertyou just need to draw a bit slower11:10
tigertits a tradeoff11:10
tigertbut if we tune the params, maybe it works better11:10
*** cybergyp1y has quit IRC11:10
*** bergie has joined #maemo11:12
disqyeah it calculates the time you stay at one point and approximates the width accordingly11:14
tigertit should just scale the width a bit less11:16
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo11:17
*** tenshiKur0 has quit IRC11:18
zbenjaminwhat is a really bad signal strength for the nokia wlan if?11:19
zbenjaminwhen can i say there is not really a connection?11:19
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:21
*** bergie has quit IRC11:25
*** maddler has joined #maemo11:25
tigertwhen your intterweb is not walking towards you?11:27
*** zeenix has joined #maemo11:31
MDK1/w 4111:32
zeenixhi guys11:32
zeenixtko: read zuh's mail to the list?11:33
JaffaMorning, all11:35
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo11:35
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo11:37
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo11:38
*** tolgam has joined #maemo11:41
*** RobHu is now known as She-Ra11:43
* zeenix observes the channel is unexpectedly very quite11:46
zbenjaminmorning jaffa11:48
*** herzi has joined #maemo11:48
X-Fadezeenix: They are al lurking. Just say something like 'OMG I found PowerVR drivers and now I have accelerated opengl support!' and see how much reactions you will get ;)11:49
florian_good morning11:50
*** florian_ is now known as florian11:51
lardmanzeenix: Who's zuh (email name)?11:53
lardmanah, just read it in the email of interest rs vfp11:53
zuhYes :)11:54
lardmanIt is interesting indeed :)11:54
lardmanLibm is ~650k in size, I wonder if a short term answer to speeing up user apps is to statically link against a vfp version of that11:55
lardmanThough I think there was an email saying that there was no speed improvement...11:56
* lardman checks maemo archive11:56
zuhThat was mine too ;)11:56
lardmanah right11:56
plaeswoo.. full Maemo SDK installation on Gentoo done :)11:56
lardmanthat's interesting, I'd expect some speed up11:56
lardmanzuh: That was with whetstone?11:56
disqpowervr eh :P11:58
lardmanif only ;)11:59
zuhlardman: was there a foolproof way to detect VFP binaries? IIRC there was some talk about it here a while ago..11:59
lardmanNo, I asked but there was no answer11:59
lardmanThe only way I could work it out was to run one on my 770 and watch for the failure12:00
zuhI guess with libm it wouldn't be that hot of an idea ;)12:00
lardmantrue :)12:00
zuhThough, you could always just set some LD_LIBRARY_PATH I guess12:00
lardmanI'm wondering if some configure magic has stopped the vfp/float stuff being used in libm12:01
disqmake a /lib-optimized and prepend it to ld_library_path?12:02
*** pdz has quit IRC12:10
lardmangoing back to powervr, who usually does the development for the driver? Would it be Nokia, or Ti or Imagination Technologies?12:10
*** mukund has joined #maemo12:12
lardmanI know the technical details are closed, but the chip manufacturer (Ti) would need to know them, at least in part, wouldn't they?12:12
koenlardman: I suspect it takes something like nokia threatening to discontinue the omap platform to get it opened12:14
*** neurocyte has joined #maemo12:15
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo12:18
suihkulokkiimagenations business model is to give SoC vendors the hardware IP for free and bill the system builders who need 3d features for powervr firmware/driver12:18
lardmankoen: I'm not sure it'll ever be opened, but even up-to-date binary modules would be great12:18
lardmansuihkulokki: Do you happen to know how punitive the billing is?12:19
koenlardman: or open shim + blob12:19
suihkulokkilardman: nope.12:19
kulvels -l /media/mmc1/core-dumps/ | grep -c umount12:19
*** pdz has joined #maemo12:20
*** bergie_ has quit IRC12:21
*** mukund has quit IRC12:23
*** cybergyp1y has joined #maemo12:26
X-Fadelardman: At least we now know they have a linux 2.6 driver..12:28
kulveand they are discussing about this with nokia12:31
lardmankoen: Open shim + blob - that's what nVidia do I guess with their self compiling module? That would be ideal (barring them releasing the technical details ;) )12:32
lardmankulve: we know they are discussing with Nokia?12:32
kulvelardman: I asked that from IT12:33
*** fab has joined #maemo12:33
kulvethe reply sounded that we shouldn't really hold the breath waiting..12:33
lardmanoh, shame :(12:35
disqaccording to wikipedia nokia also uses omap2420 on 4 phones (on the E and N series) btw12:36
lardmanYep, but I'm not sure whether the powervr is used on them12:36
X-FadeWell, you could make a wrapper for the peppepad kernel driver :) But I'm not sure how legal that is..12:36
lardmanthere was talk about trying to get Quake 3 working on them, but not sure on the profress12:36
lardmanprogress even12:36
X-Fadelardman: Apparently the N-Gage2 will use the same cpu..12:37
lardmanX-Fade: iirc, the pepperpad uses the cut-down lite version of mbx12:37
disqso would that mean it won't be used in those platforms too? i don't think adding one device to the list would increase the cost that much, given the sales figures (a few hundred thousand phones on the new series and a few thousand n800, probably?)12:37
jacquesI was very surprised to see the report of no speed inprovement on those benches with a VFP libm12:38
lardmanThings may be different for Symbian as there are Symbian drivers (and probably fewer versions of Symbian cf Linux kernel versions). That's only a guess though12:38
lardmanI imagine there's also more demand for the Symbian drivers12:38
*** cybergypsy has quit IRC12:38
jacquesone way to make sure is to use objdump and look for the VFP instructions :-)12:38
lardmanjacques: Just need to whip up a script to do it ;)12:39
* lardman goes to get a coffee12:39
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk12:39
*** skandaleras is now known as skanda_out12:40
* zuh notes that please please someone double-check the libm test12:40
disqi've been up all night, gotta get a few hours of sleep. cya :)12:45
jacqueslater disq12:46
*** She-Ra is now known as RobHu12:49
*** bergie has joined #maemo13:04
*** dolfun has joined #maemo13:05
*** osfameron is now known as osfameromane13:07
maddlernice... just found a nice security bug in my Nokia E61 :D13:17
*** skanda_out is now known as skandaleras13:22
*** kkito has joined #maemo13:30
*** ploum has joined #maemo13:33
*** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC13:34
*** mikasa has joined #maemo13:36
mikasaIs there tool/util to take a screenshot from N800, and where I could find it ? Humble thanks.13:37
kulvewrapper for osso-screenshot-tool13:37
*** Guardian has quit IRC13:38
mikasakulve: Shall test it immediatelly :)13:38
kulvego ahead :)13:39
*** Eloi has joined #maemo13:42
mikasakulve: Excellent, works like a dream. Kiitos softan tekijälle.13:43
*** Eloi has left #maemo13:45
* timeless slowly grows things13:49
*** skandaleras is now known as skanda_out13:50
zuhtimeless: Just don't go around showing your "things" to people...13:51
*** mikasa has left #maemo13:53
timelesszuh: well, the point is to show things to people13:53
*** dieguito-zzz has quit IRC14:02
MagiQ: Does the openssh support X forwarding?14:06
koenA: yes14:06
timelessof course14:06
MagiOk. I suppose I need root privs to enable it from /etc/.../ssh.conf?14:07
Robot101the server needs to enable it14:07
MagiThe server has it enabled. Ok, maybe in ~/.ssh/config... I'll try that first.14:08
Robot101Magi: you are doing ssh -X, right?14:09
MagiNo I wasn't... But, setting it in config worked.14:13
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman14:17
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo14:18
MagiBut, the X programs don't show up in the taskbar, so if I minimize it, I can't maximize it again. :-(14:20
mgedminyou need a .desktop file with the correct window class in it14:21
kkitosomeone with a n800 wants to test the quake2 ?14:22
mgedminmmm... I should be working14:22
*** k-s has quit IRC14:22
Magimgedmin: thanks, I'll examine that.14:23
mgedmincheck the tutorial for all the specifics14:23
mgedminI really really should be working...14:25
mgedminmust... resist... the... temptation14:25
*** luck has joined #maemo14:25
kulvedon't we all14:25
* timeless frowns14:26
lardmankkito: Go on then14:26
timelesshow should i distinguish between git and svn?14:26
timelessis mixing the two in a single place a bad idea?14:26
robtaylortimeless: yes14:27
robtaylortimeless: why would you want to do that?14:27
timelesswell, so far i've named things based on the server they came from14:27
timelessbut someone decided to use one server for both14:27
lardmankkito: Do you have an url/instructions?14:27
* lardman will bbiab14:28
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk14:28
timelessrobtaylor: there's no useful explanation14:28
robtaylortimeless: on, its fint o have a server serving git and svn, if thats what you mean14:28
timelessi know it's fine to have a server that serves both14:28
robtaylortimeless: but dont svn checkout on top of a git tree ,or vice versa14:28
timelessthe question is, if you have a server that provides a cross reference of various resources14:28
robtaylorthat'd be madness14:28
timelessshould i distinguish between the two resources by sticking them in distinct directories14:29
*** cybergypsy has joined #maemo14:29
timelessor should i just mix them and deal with the confusion of having them intermixed14:29
robtaylortimeless: i think i need more context to make sense of what you're asking14:29
* timeless ponders14:29
timelessimagine you chose to cross reference kde, gnome, ubuntu, redhat, mozilla, debian, fsf, and a couple of others14:30
*** Guardian has joined #maemo14:30
timelesssvn and git specifically have a tendency to be multiple repositories that come from a single server14:30
timelessimagine that chose to have a server "sources" i.e. sources.mozilla.org14:30
timelesswhich provided both svn (svn://, svn://
timelessand git (git://, git://
*** cybergyp1y has quit IRC14:32
timelessso far, i've merely assigned a top level directory by server name14:32
timelessand pulled each "repository" as a child of the server that served it14:32
*** obi has quit IRC14:32
timelesssources/bugzilla, sources/reporter14:32
timelesssources/tamarin, sources/nss14:32
timelessbut now when you visit sources, you see both svn and git repositories in a single list14:33
timelessto make matters slightly worse14:34
timelessit seems that svn://sources/nspr and git://sources/nspr both exist :)14:34
*** Pooh22 has quit IRC14:37
robtaylortimeless: i think you're on your own here...14:39
timelessi'll live :)14:39
kkitoif someone wants to test quake2 on the n800... you can grab the package there.....14:40
JaffaCan it be run without the original package?14:43
kkitoJaffa, the quake2?14:44
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo14:45
*** bergie has quit IRC14:45
*** etrunko has joined #maemo14:45
*** skanda_out has quit IRC14:45
dolfunthere are free level .paks, iirc14:47
dolfunq2 engine was open sourced ages ago14:47
dolfunJaffa, so the answer is yes14:48
dolfunkkito, is there a 770 version?14:48
*** obi has joined #maemo14:49
kkitodolfun, no sorry :(14:49
*** Guardian has quit IRC14:50
timelesswow, that's a new one14:53
timelesssomeone spelled Trunk (svn) w/ a capital T14:53
*** BasL has joined #maemo14:56
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb14:56
sp3000joy :)14:58
*** k-s has joined #maemo15:00
*** koen has quit IRC15:01
timelessand of course, they also have a corrupt svn repo!15:01
timelessit seems corrupt svn repos are a dime a dozen15:01
*** koen has joined #maemo15:01
mgedminberkeley db errors?15:03
timelesssvn: Unsupported special file type '#!'15:03
timelessi believe it's "we used an old version of svn to replace a symlink w/ a file, and svn corrupted itself"15:03
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:04
mgedminsvn likes corruption15:05
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:05
mgedminonce it created a cycle its revision data structures, in the repository I used for backing up my home dir15:05
* timeless chuckles15:05
timelessmight i suggest you use zfs?15:05
timelessit's a lot safer15:05
mgedminresult: svn allocates memory until it gets killed by the kernel15:05
timelesszfs snapshot root_pool/home/timeless@before-svn15:06
mgedminI spent a week studying the source code and patching it to skip that cyclic object until I could get a useful dump15:06
mgedminI lost one svn:ignores property only15:06
mgedminand promptly converted the bdb repo to fsfs15:06
timeless"just don't use svn<period>"15:07
timelessnote that i don't have a choice, i'm indexing other people's repositories15:07
timelessthey pick the vcs15:07
mgedminI dunno, other than a couple of bdb-related cockups, svn served me faithfully enough15:08
mgedminbzr isn't mature yet15:08
mgedminmaybe I should try git15:08
timelesshere it seems is a mix of git and svn15:08
timelessthe only minus i know of for git is that it sucks on windows15:09
timelesssvn and git both have features that require annoying third party libs15:09
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC15:09
timeless(libneon, libcurl)15:09
timelessbut if you don't care about windows, then there's probably nothing wrong w/ git15:10
timelessand i believe that the svn=>git importers work reasonably well15:10
robtaylortimeless: i thought it was better on windows nowadays?15:10
timeless(unlike the bzr and hg importers)15:10
timelessrobtaylor: morg ruled git out not too many months ago because of its windows characteristics15:11
X-FadeHmm nice. Software image updates via AI.15:12
mgedminartificial intelligence?15:12
timelessapplication installer15:13
*** greatgazoo has quit IRC15:17
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:17
zbenjaminif i use osso_iap_cb to register a callback function do i have to unregister it at programm termination?15:28
inzzbenjamin, if your program is a module, then yes, otherwise it doesn't really matter15:32
zbenjaminits a module15:33
zbenjaminit's a settings dialoge15:33
*** lele has joined #maemo15:34
zbenjamininz, do you know without reading the manual what function i have to call?15:34
inzzben, osso_iap_cb(NULL);15:35
zbenjamininz, thats easy ;-)15:35
* timeless tries to remember how to use svn checkout15:36
zbenjamininz, thanks again for your help15:36
timelessrev 436 killed the repo, which is on nearly 100015:39
zbenjamininz, how does osso_iap_cb know what callback to remove?15:39
inzzben, it only supports one15:42
inzzben, if you call osso_iap_cb from multiple points in the same process, they will override each other15:43
*** mukund has joined #maemo15:43
zbenjaminokay on callback per process or per thread?15:43
inzzben, process15:44
inzzben, I guess this is one of the fallbacks in osso-ic that motivated creation of libconic (in bora)15:44
zbenjamininz, if use it from a module it will override other handles from other modules?15:45
zbenjaminf.e. i use it in a settings plugin15:45
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo15:46
zbenjaminbetter example in a statusbar plugin15:46
zbenjaminthere can be multiple statusbar items at the same time and they are running in the same process?15:46
zbenjaminor dies every statusbar plugin get its own?15:47
inzzbenjamin, only one statusbar plugin can have a iap_cb registered15:48
zbenjaminso if i would call it from a second one it would kill the others callback15:48
*** dralex has quit IRC15:49
*** mgedmin has quit IRC15:49
zbenjaminis the libconic opensource ?15:49
inzzben, yes15:49
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:51
zbenjamininz, how much closed source is on the N800?15:52
*** MacSlow has joined #maemo15:52
inzzben, just about the same as 770, I'd guess15:52
*** MacSlow has left #maemo15:53
inzzben, the new alarm daemon (alarmd) is open, unlike the osso-alarm on 77015:53
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:56
makuchakuHi all, I was trying to upgrade my maemo (on Fedora) to Sardine ( when during apt-get dist-upgrade, I started getting following error - "/scratchbox/tools/bin/sh: line 1: /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure: No such file or directory"16:01
inzmaku, it shouldn't matter16:01
makuchakuI tried installing dpkg from sources ( but still, nothing doing...16:02
makuchakuinz: oh, how come?16:02
*** NickDe has quit IRC16:02
inzmaku, it should be just a notice16:03
inzmaku, so that you know that dpkg-preconfigure is not used16:03
*** NickDe has joined #maemo16:04
makuchakuinz: ah... then the error must be coming from --- Setting up docbook-dsssl (1.79-3) ...16:05
makuchakucannot open catalog /etc/sgml/ for writing: No such file or directory at /scratchbox/devkits/doctools/bin/update-catalog line 208.16:05
makuchakudpkg: error processing docbook-dsssl (--configure):16:05
inzThat's less fun16:05
*** mgedmin has quit IRC16:06
makuchakuinz: any pointers on how can I get past that?16:06
*** spect has joined #maemo16:06
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo16:06
*** everaldo has quit IRC16:06
inzmaku, nope, I didn't run into that, when I upgraded from bora to sardine(-experimental)16:06
*** NickDe has quit IRC16:09
makuchakuinz: seems like "cannot remove backup copy /scratchbox/devkits/doctools/etc/sgml/catalog.old: Permission denied at /scratchbox/devkits/doctools/bin/update-catalog line 202." is the line to ponder upon...16:09
timelesshello world16:09
timelesshrm, wrong world16:10
inzSegmentation fault (code dumped)16:10
timelessFriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your cores16:10
timelessif you make cores available to me, i'll find someone to consume them16:10
inzAll our cores are belong to you?16:11
makuchakuinz: :) I once had a t-shirt with this slogan - "All your bases are belong to Tux!"16:12
*** osfameromane is now known as osfameron16:14
*** everaldo has joined #maemo16:22
*** benzea has joined #maemo16:23
*** Guardian has joined #maemo16:24
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman16:42
*** bergie_ has quit IRC16:48
* Jaffa catches up with 195 threads with unread on ITT. Blimey, being ill sucks.16:51
makuchakuinz: solved it - had to do a chmod in the needed directory :)16:51
VReJaffe: reading 195 threads sucks16:51
tzzJaffa: makes you wish web boards supported NNTP, doesn't it...16:52
*** Mike-disconnecte has quit IRC16:52
* mgedmin never understood web forums16:53
osfameronthey have a low barrier to entry16:53
Jaffatzz: indeed16:55
*** gummibaerchen has joined #maemo17:01
kkitohey it is normal that if i have the battery completly charged, and if i connect the n800 to the electric network, the n800 is always saying that it is charging?17:04
*** hmacht has joined #maemo17:04
kkitoand sometimes i have the popup saying that the battery is completly charged, but after some minuts the battery icon says that it is charging17:05
kkitois it normal?17:05
pyhimyshow do you send crtl-c with onscreen keyboard?17:08
pyhimysor ctrl anything17:08
Veggenyou don't.17:08
kkitopyhimys, are you using xterm?17:09
pokute_pyhimys: the xterm had a ctrl- modifier in the menu17:09
Veggenwell, with a newer xterm.17:09
pyhimyskkito: yep17:09
osfameronyou definitely want the newer xterm17:09
pyhimyspokute_: oh, that did it, thanks :)17:09
osfameronthe old one had bugs with inputting spaces...17:09
Takkkito: I get that too17:11
TakI have no idea if it's normal17:11
mgedmindid the thumb keyboard work (well) with any version of xterm?17:12
*** ajturner has joined #maemo17:12
mgedminI find its handling of <enter> somewhat surprising17:12
kkitoTak, but battery has a limit of charges... if always is trying to charge... we can say goodbay to the battery in few months17:12
Stregdoes anyone know if rsync download is still available somewhere? it has been removed from
Takkkito: I would guess that it's not *really* charging17:13
Takmy 770 does that too, and I haven't noticed any difference in battery life yet17:13
JaffaStreg: someone else reported it to OS 2006, so my old OS 2005 port was useless. Look at the application catalogue.17:13
Takmgedmin: how so?17:14
mgedminit doesn't close the thumb keyboard17:14
mgedmininstead it adds an enter in the top-left text area and lets me write more text17:14
Takyeah, afaicr it's always been like that17:14
mgedminwhich gets sent to osso-xterm only when I press the "close the keyboard pls" key17:14
mgedminit works differently in single-line gtk input fields17:14
mgedminmaybe there's some property that could be set17:15
TakI kind of like it - it's like otf scripting17:15
StregJaffa: it just links to , wich is a dead end for maemo .debs... is it still available on some mistral repos?17:15
mgedminworks on my 77017:16
jtrapyhimys: my xterm modification has ctrl and other keys, but it is not yet working ...
pokute_jtra: Why won't you just code a new input method. :-)17:19
mgedminthat would be cool17:19
*** ttobin has joined #maemo17:20
*** hmacht has quit IRC17:20
pyhimysjtra: nice oldschool-look on the console :)17:20
pyhimysreminds me of the vaxterminals17:21
jtrathis is inside of libvte which xterm uses17:21
fish_is it possible to reset the wlan driver? i can't connect to a wlan after using kismet. that quiet normal, i have the same issue on my laptop but on that i remove my pcmcia card and reinsert it which works fine...17:22
fish_but i cant do that with my maemo ;)17:22
plaesfish_: you probably have set it back to managed mode17:23
fish_i guess its not that easy but i'll try17:23
*** shackan has joined #maemo17:24
fish_cool =)17:24
fish_well, i didnt think it would be that easy17:24
fish_plaes: thanks17:24
shackanwhat's the preferred way to listen to the mp3s on my laptop via the n800 ?17:29
fish_i used mpd + icecast17:30
kkitoshackan, an upnp server for your laptop17:30
fish_on the laptop17:30
shackankkito, ok, looking for one, any suggestions ?17:31
kkitoshackan, i use twonky server and it runs ok for me17:32
*** epx has joined #maemo17:32
mgedminshackan: gnump3d also works well17:33
mgedminweb server + streaming mp3s over http17:33
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:33
maddlercoffee time!17:34
maddlerI'm using Ampache which has a nice web interface...17:35
zbenjaminim out ca tomorrow17:36
*** dolfun has quit IRC17:36
*** zbenjamin has left #maemo17:36
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:37
*** ocnarfid has joined #maemo17:38
*** shackan has quit IRC17:41
*** fab has quit IRC17:42
daveaitelI'm playing "how many threads can you start in the N770's python"17:47
daveaitelit's a fun game17:47
ajturnerdaveaitel - what's your highscore?17:49
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:49
*** everaldo has quit IRC17:50
*** everaldo has joined #maemo17:52
*** shackan has joined #maemo17:55
*** rhsanborn has joined #maemo17:55
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC18:01
*** hub has joined #maemo18:03
*** everaldo has quit IRC18:03
*** shackan has quit IRC18:11
*** jacques has quit IRC18:15
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:16
fish_ <- that seams not to work anymore.. has someone a new url?18:18
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC18:18
*** everaldo has joined #maemo18:20
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo18:20
*** rhsanborn has quit IRC18:20
partfish_: where are the seams in an url?18:21
fish_Juhaz: that doesnt work either..18:22
fish_nomis: doesnt work...18:24
* nomis doublechecks18:25
mgedmin is what I get in a real web browser18:25
* fish_ tripplechecks18:25
timelessnote that 2.29!=2.3918:26
fish_timeless: i tried 2.29, 2.39 and 2.99918:27
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:27
nomisworks in my maemo mapper.18:27
fish_crap ;)18:28
fish_disc full18:28
ajturnerfish_ get yourself a 2GB card :)18:29
fish_ajturner: yes, i will18:30
ajturnerdefinitely useful - I used it for 3 weeks in NZ18:30
fish_but they are very expensiv in the locale stores here so i have to order it online and than i'll have to wait...18:30
ajturnerah, yeah, check dealram.com18:30
fish_i'll buy it at ;)18:31
tzz2GB SD cards are $15 here in the Boston MA Microcenter...  hell of a deal if anyone is in the area.18:32
ajturneryeah, you can get 1GB MicroSD for <$2018:32
fish_well, i need a rs-mmc...18:32
fish_but they are at 24 euro for a 2gb card18:33
tzzah sorry fish, I thought SD18:33
fish_afaik the n770 is rs-mmc only18:34
timeless770s need rs-mmc, n800s take too many formats18:34
ajturner'too many' :)18:35
ajturneryeah, that was somehting nokia definitely rocked out on in the N800 - memory cards18:35
timelesslooks like 26 USD from CD-R is the best price18:36
tzzajturner: not yet, they have to give us SDHC :)18:36
ajturnertzz - true, but I don't yet have need for that much memory18:39
MagiI just bought a 2GB SD card for 16 euros18:40
MagiMini SDs are about 22e.18:41
*** koen has quit IRC18:41
timelessminisd doesn't help 770 owners :(18:41
matt_cI wish the external memory card slot were a little nicer to get cards out of, but I shall not complain too loudly18:41
matt_cRSMMC's have been getting pretty rediculously cheap in the US18:42
ajturnermatt_c, it's nice, the door can be a little tough to swivel18:42
maddlermatt_c: I haven't found it so uncomfortable...18:42
*** koen has joined #maemo18:42
Takmatt_c: yeah - I wish it was springloaded like the 770's18:42
matt_cI miss the spring-loadedness of the 770 and 6680's etc18:42
timelesstak: you prefer having the mmc fly out of the device? :)18:42
ajturnerbetter to defend yourself with18:43
Takbecause, when you have an rs-mmc inserted with the expander, and you try to pull it out, the expander has a tendency to come off18:43
ajturnerbeware, for I wield MMC-Shuriken18:43
ajturnerTak - ouch18:43
timelesssomeone here had there minisd expander get stuck inside18:43
timelessi think the rsmmc adapters are actually some of the less likely to get stuck flavors :)18:44
ajturneryeah, there should be some kind of warning sticker against that :)18:44
sp3000maybe you could prevent things getting stuck by creative use of such a warning sticker ;)18:44
*** stanlly has quit IRC18:45
*** benzea has quit IRC18:48
*** benzea has joined #maemo18:48
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:51
*** fab_ has joined #maemo18:53
*** bedboi has joined #maemo18:55
*** behdad has quit IRC18:56
bipolarI just got my n800. the first thing I installed was dropbear.19:01
bipolaris there any reason it should be really, really slow?19:01
Tak"it" being ssh, or the n800?19:02
bipolarlogging in is extreamly slow.... lots of lag when typing.19:02
bipolartrying to change the root password. I entered it twice and now it's sitting there. I don't have my prompt back yet.19:03
ajturnerbipolar - it works for me quickly19:04
ajturnerso not sure why it would be slow19:04
bipolardoes the 800 suspend when plugged into ac?19:05
Stregbipolar:I recommend using Openssh, because dropbear has issues with "random seed" etc. in N80019:06
bipolarah... ok streg19:06
maddlerStreg... ?19:06
maddlerI've been using dropbear since the 770 times... and never had any problem...19:07
maddlerbipolar: slowness is sometimes related to metalayer-crawler process... eating CPU cycles...19:07
maddlerbipolar: as well as (sometimes) DHCP enabled for Wlan connections...19:07
mgedmintry top19:08
mgedminit may be indexing your media files19:08
mgedminhm, but that would affect the entire n800, not just ssh19:08
maddlermgedmin: yes... but if you are working over ssh you will just feel slow...19:08
*** acidborg has joined #maemo19:08
bedboibipolar: i fear it is the ad-hoc mode19:10
bipolarbedboi: ad-hoc mode?19:11
*** behdad has joined #maemo19:11
bedboihow do you connect with your n800?19:12
bedboiwifi ad-hoc or infrastructure?19:12
bipolarbedboi: I just attached to the local access point. I didn't really pay much attention to what mode it was in.19:12
Stregmaddler: when using with grsync (and sometimes without it) it complains about random sed source. you can fix it with some symlink-kungfu, but it sucks.19:13
maddlerStreg: nice to know... :)19:14
*** stanlly has joined #maemo19:15
maddlerbipolar: launch top and see which (if any) process is eating your CPU19:15
bipolarmaddler: nothing. it's mostly free19:16
maddlerdoh... and still slow ssh?19:16
fish_can i download the cgi somewhere?19:16
*** aCiDBaSe has quit IRC19:17
maddlerfish_: I think I saw it somewhere... but... can't recall...19:19
Stregbtw. which one ot those n+1 status/process/screenshot applicatios is the best?19:20
*** acidborg has quit IRC19:21
*** _follower_ has quit IRC19:21
mgedminStreg: if you figure it out, tell me :)19:22
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:22
Stregmgedmin: sure :)19:22
mgedminI use a patched version of load-applet from
mgedminthe patch is to make it not report completely bogus memory usage numbers19:22
*** bstock has joined #maemo19:22
bstockso is most of the n770 3rd party software running on the n800 now?19:23
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage19:24
Stregmgedmin: I'm considering that as well, but it's 6 months old. I have a bad feeling :)19:24
*** philipl is now known as phil|away19:24
*** phil|away is now known as phil|gone19:24
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo19:25
mgedminI should maybe check if it was applied upstream19:26
*** dape has quit IRC19:27
mgedminI used load-applet-run on my 77019:27
mgedminit worked quite well19:27
mgedminI think it could report memory usage with better granularity19:27
mgedminload-applet has only 4 possible values19:27
*** stanlly has quit IRC19:28
*** stanlly has joined #maemo19:29
*** dape has joined #maemo19:29
mgedminbut load-applet seems to be newer, at least looking at the version numbers19:30
mgedminand maybe I dreamed about the partial bars19:30
*** kkito has quit IRC19:31
bipolarI guess I should probbly move to a file system on the internal sd card slot.19:32
bipolarI plan to do a lot of stuff with this thing19:32
maddlertime to leave here...19:33
maddlerlater dudes...19:33
*** shackan has joined #maemo19:34
daveaitelajturner: a lot less than 256 :>19:34
bipolar'The password for user cannot be changed.' wtf?19:36
StregThis is a bit odd. I'm using grsync+openssh+publickey on my local wlan network to sync videos to my N800. the speed is only 100kB/s, but its not about the network or N800 CPU, because i can make gtalk calls without dropping the throughput rate. any ideas?19:37
hapwhy is the clock statusbar applet an analog one, i want numbers, not a circle19:38
jonnylambbipolar: i changed it as rroot- worked thaat way19:39
*** skandaleras has quit IRC19:39
bipolarjonnylamb: but I can't become root using sudo becouse I don't know my own password :\19:39
mgedminhap: it follows the settings of the osso clock app19:40
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:40
hapah ok19:40
mgedminbipolar: the default user account does not have a password and cannot use sudo to get root19:40
mgedminwell, it can use sudo gainroot if you've enabled R&D mode19:40
Stregbipolar: ssh root@mydeviceip password:rootme19:40
jonnylambhap: go to menu-> utilities -> clock, thhen on the 'view' menu choose digital..19:41
mgedminsimplest way to get root is to do what Streg said19:41
Stregthen passwd user19:41
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo19:41
* mgedmin uses ssh keys instead19:41
bipolarStreg: I have to get openssh installed first :)19:41
* bipolar is slow19:41
mgedminbipolar: you can do that with the application installer if you enable red-pill mode19:41
mgedminor use dropbear19:41
hapjonnylamb: ok thanks19:42
hapmy n800's batteries keep going down when i leave the device turned on19:43
hapjonnylamb: my N800 on menu -> utilise -> clock has only date/time/summer time/choose city19:47
hapno "view"19:47
*** stanlly has quit IRC19:48
bipolarwoot! got it19:48
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:49
jonnylambhap: press the hhardware 'menu'-button.. or tap the top of  the app where it says Clock.. then choose view from that menu19:50
*** aCiDBaSe has joined #maemo19:50
jonnylambwhat are the proper names for the three hardware buttons to the left of the screen?19:51
jobihi all19:51
*** greentux has quit IRC19:52
*** ocnarfid3 has joined #maemo19:52
hapjonnylamb: aah ok19:53
hapjonnylamb: hidden feature... all that UI sux.19:53
hapjust wondering, is someone here using usenet binaries, _and_ a n80019:54
jobiusenet binaries?19:55
bipolarHow big of an SD card can I put in the internal SD slot?19:55
bipolarI'm going to put my rootfs on it.19:56
kulve2G both19:56
jobibipolar: officially 2GB19:56
jobibut I heard 4GB actually works for some people19:56
kulveI have 300M partition on external for rootfs  and 1700M for vfat19:56
hapjobi: don't know about it?19:57
bipolarjobi: interesting. maybe the docs were written before the 4gb ones were out?19:57
Streg4gb should work in n80019:57
Stregsomeone blogged about it.19:57
bipolarStreg: cool. I'm going to go down the street and buy one.19:57
*** shackan has quit IRC19:59
Stregbipolar:don't blame me if it doesn't work :)19:59
bipolarStreg: I'm already composing a nasty email... I'll hit send if it doesn't work :D19:59
*** ocnarfid has quit IRC20:00
konfooanyone know the solution if any to get python 2.5 to install on the n800, with this libluetooth1 error?20:01
mgedminjonnylamb: (1) dunno, but I call it ESC, (2) menu and (3) home20:01
jonnylambmgedmin: yeah they sound nice! cheers20:02
luckkonfoo, are you using the right repository?20:02
konfooluck: which is the right repo for 2.5?20:03
mgedminI've got a 4gb sd card (not sdhc) in my n80020:03
luckkonfoo, n800 uses bora repositories20:03
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:03
bipolarmgedmin: whats sdhc?20:03
konfooluck: you don't say..20:04
luckmaybe you are trying with a scirocco repository20:04
bipolargoogle knows all... I guess I should avoid sdhc cards then?20:05
mgedminthe shop where I bought it let me try it before buying20:05
mgedminbipolar: standard for high-capacity sd cards20:05
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:06
luckkonfoo, which repositories (pointing to do you have in your application manager catalog?20:06
mgedminchanges two things: addressing (block level instead of byte level) and filesystem (fat32 instead of fat16)20:07
mgedminnot supported in n800 yet, but there's an unofficial kernel that supports sdhc cards20:07
*** acidborg has joined #maemo20:07
bipolarmgedmin: interesting20:08
konfoonm it worked :)20:08
acidborgis there any DAAP client for Maemo (bora) ?20:08
luckkonfoo, great! :)20:08
bipolarok.... time to head down to the store20:08
konfooluck: indeed :)20:08
*** Guardian has quit IRC20:12
ajturnerwhere is Carman hosted?20:14
*** florian has quit IRC20:15
ajturnerah -thx, thought he was pointing to, but waren't thar20:15
*** florian has joined #maemo20:15
timelessit has both a www set and a source svn20:15
timeless.. of course, i need to get this xref onto so you can use it :|. not before FOSDEM :(20:16
ajturnerI was curious what obd-ii interfaces worked20:16
timelessthe docs dir is empty20:16
acidborgany DAAP client for Maemo(bora) ?20:17
ajturnerthere is a BT OBD tool, but not sure if supported20:17
ajturnernot to mention bt serial is ~$10020:17
*** bedboi has quit IRC20:18
*** dolfun has joined #maemo20:20
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:22
*** tolgam has quit IRC20:24
*** dape has quit IRC20:25
*** skandaleras has quit IRC20:29
*** abock has quit IRC20:32
*** matt_c_ has joined #maemo20:34
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:34
*** abock has joined #maemo20:35
*** jpetersen has quit IRC20:37
*** acidborg has quit IRC20:38
maddlerheya... :)20:39
*** benzea has quit IRC20:40
dolfunwonder if one could license lucasarts games for distribution with the 77020:41
konfooanyone tried this obd2 app?20:44
*** florian has quit IRC20:44
bipolarkonfoo: no, but I'd like to20:44
konfooi already have a bunch of obd2 scanners20:45
konfooallinone, elmscan, etc20:45
konfoothis firefly device is powered via the serial port right?20:46
konfoothe elmscan powers itself off the obd2 bus, i assume this will add a few mA to the load20:47
* konfoo scratches chin20:49
tkow00t, osso-xterm has .install file.. \o/20:50
tkomaemopad didn't :-/20:50
tkoirssi doesn't.. guess I have to install x-chat then20:51
tigertuse ssh + screen20:54
konfoodone and done20:54
tkotigert, still waiting for my shell access on :)20:54
tigertrun it at home20:54
tigertits not like you irc just for work ;)20:55
X-Fadetko: There is a request for the new application catalog to automatically create an .install file..20:55
X-FadeOr make it easily editable.20:55
*** tko_ has joined #maemo20:56
Takxchat + dircproxy!20:56
*** tank17 has quit IRC20:56
tko_xchat is pretty broken...20:57
Takthe maemo build?  or in general?20:57
*** tank17 has joined #maemo20:58
timelessanyone know how much you have to build for sb2? just gcc? or also ld?20:58
*** tko_ has quit IRC20:58
lle2timeless: I'm finding it hard to parse that?20:59
tkothe user info dialog doesn't scale right, the dialog after joining a network doesn't accept input so I can't enter the channel name to join20:59
tkothe font size - colors combination makes text hard to read21:00
Takyeah - it needs to be ported21:00
Takinstead of just recompiled ;-)21:00
Takalso it doesn't fullscreen21:00
tkozoom in/out buttons don't work21:00
tkothe user list seems to always be there21:00
bipolarfriken Radio Shack didn't have 4GB SD cards.21:01
konfooi gave up and got a 2gb sd card21:01
konfoobipolar: i hear the adata 4gb cards from newegg work21:02
tkobut like I said, irssi wasn't on the options list :)21:02
andrunkodoes someone know how do i allow application installer to update a package that depends on a package that was renamed. it needs to remove the old package and install the new one renamed, but it fails with "some application packages required for the update are missing"21:02
andrunkobut it works fine with apt-get directly21:02
Takdid anybody try the 8G sdhc cards with the custom kernel?21:02
nelsonkonfoo: are there 4gb cards that don't work?21:03
bipolarTak: what? 8GB?21:03
Taknote sdhc21:03
bipolarwow... thats, like *double* the 4GB ones! :D21:03
konfoonelson: i have a transcend 4gb 150x non-sdhc sitting here that doesnt work on either of the two n800's i have21:03
nelsonAhhhhh, sounds like care needs to be taken.21:04
konfooindeed. this one may have been on the shelf for a long time though and be a first rev, but hard to tell since they dont etch a serial/rev on the backside of their cards21:04
mgedminkonfoo: I have a transcend 4gb 150x non-sdhc that works in my n80021:05
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:05
nelsonsame kernel?21:06
konfoomgedmin: shrug. this doesnt work on 3 n800s21:06
konfooand thats with the original firmware, updated firmware, and the sdhc-enabled kernel build21:06
mgedminI got lucky then21:07
mgedminmy n800 came with the same firmware that's available for download (I guess it's the updated one?), and the card worked right after I inserted it21:07
mgedminshows up as 3.8GB free21:08
konfoothis card 'works' as well.. just dont try create swap on it, or use the file manager to access files on it21:08
konfooany of those two corrupts the fat table21:08
bipolarkonfoo: what if you format it ext2?21:09
bipolarkonfoo: have you tried it?21:09
konfoohmm guess i could try that. did u format yours to ext2?21:09
bipolarkonfoo: I've done that with my Zaurus, not with the 770/80021:09
mgedmincool... not21:10
mgedminI didn't try swap21:10
mgedminI did copy a gig files to it (with mc rather than the file manager)21:10
bipolarI want to use the internal SD card slot for my root file system, so I'll be reformating it ext221:10
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo21:11
bipolarok... I'm going to run out and try another store. hopefuly office depot has one like their website says they do.21:11
konfoothats where i got the 2gb21:11
konfoothey didnt have 4gb in the store21:12
konfootime to try mkfs on this card i will let u know if it works :)21:12
*** mproctor has joined #maemo21:13
b0unc3when I try to upload a file to the extras repository i get this error : Unknown upload method: scp , someone now why ?21:19
*** mproctor has left #maemo21:19
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo21:24
gpddoes anyone have experience with FUSE - or using ssh to 'mount' filesystems from remote machines?21:26
c0ffeein general or on the 770/800?21:27
*** _follower_ has quit IRC21:28
gpdholy lag batman21:32
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:32
gpdI'ld like to start using it and availability on ht etablet would be a large bonux21:33
mgedmingpd: I use sshfs to mount my nokias on my laptop21:33
dolfungpd, i just had failures with nfs mounting21:33
mgedminI haven't tried it from the other side21:33
c0ffeei'm using fuse + ssh regularily here21:33
gpdi have not looked into sshfs or fuse -- anythin else i should investigate? - nfs is out21:33
gpdis i folder dav? i think i tried that a long time ago21:34
*** RobHu is now known as Trebus21:34
gpdmac + windows + tablet + ubuntu would be ideal - with a debian virtual server as central storage.21:35
gpdcurrently i use unison21:35
*** Trebus is now known as RobHu21:36
gpdwhich works pretty well - but requires a little bit of maintenance21:36
c0ffeeit's some commercial product by novell21:37
gpdlooks like sshfs is based on fuse (somehow) - website makes it look /supereasy/21:37
c0ffeethere's also a free version available21:37
mgedmingpd: yes, sshfs is a fuse plugin (or whatever those things are called)21:38
*** Streg has quit IRC21:38
gpdhmm.  fuse: failed to exec fusermount: Permission denied21:41
gpdinstructions aren't hugely clear... sshfs hostname: mountpoint21:41
konfooext2 doesnt help this 4gb card21:41
konfoo[81227.820709] EXT2-fs error (device mmcblk1p1): ext2_readdir: bad page in #4867321:41
konfooIO error hell21:41
*** xan has joined #maemo21:42
gpdhmm again.  seems to work if i run sshfs as root - nasty21:42
konfooifolder is complete crap21:43
konfoothat thing should be shitcanned21:43
mgedmingpd: adduser $USER fuse21:44
Takkonfoo: so you've got a bad card?21:45
mgedminkonfoo: perhaps you can replace that card under warranty?21:45
konfoo'lifetime warranty'21:46
*** Streg has joined #maemo21:46
konfootime to put that to the test :)21:46
*** lardman has joined #maemo21:46
konfooanyone buying transcend.. i advise against it. their site is slower than mud21:52
konfookulve: nice im going to try that with my hacked tivo right now :)21:55
bipolarDangit... *nobody* has a 4GB SD card on the shelf21:57
kulvethe gstreamer theora encoder has quick-option. I wonder if I should somehow set it with vlc too..21:57
mgedminis there a solution for on-the-fly transcoding and streaming videos for the n800?21:58
mgedminwould vlc work?21:58
Takhow's theora size/quality compare to mpeg4 in the ranges needed by the 770 and 800?21:59
kulvemgedmin: I think vlc could work. I'm doing it now but with low res..21:59
kulveTak: I really don't know. The quality seems good. I could even be happy with much lower quality if the encoding would be then less cpu intensive..22:00
* mgedmin has never tried to use vlc22:00
Takhmm, maybe I'll do some testing22:00
MoRpHeUzkulve: check my blog...I've tested something with vlc22:01
kulveMoRpHeUz: url?22:01
kulvethx :)22:01
MoRpHeUzkulve: just having some problems regarding mp4 to theora transcoding..22:01
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:01
MoRpHeUzthe theora codec from vlc is bugged22:02
kulveMoRpHeUz: yeah, I read there are/were some bugs22:04
*** bilboed has quit IRC22:06
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo22:07
konfoobah ty->ogg remux is bugged22:07
MoRpHeUzkulve: people from vlc told me that ffmpeg's implementation is 100% working...they will fix that on vlc on a near future...22:08
lardmanzuh: ping22:08
lardmanor even kulve (as /me reads the email)22:09
kulvelardman: ?22:09
lardmankulve: How did you compile glibc?22:09
* lardman is still having troubles understanding the debian buildsystem22:09
kulvelardman: I compile everything with "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroo"22:09
Takhmm - will mencoder create an ogg container?22:10
lardmankulve: cool, that's started something happening. Where can one set configure options?22:11
kulveMoRpHeUz: yeah, I just selected the ogg-stuff, because I happened to have the libs and found a nice example with those and vlc22:11
kulvelardman: now you are getting in the more difficult parts :)22:12
kulvelardman: just a sec22:12
MoRpHeUzkulve: yes...ogg is godd =)22:12
lardmankulve: export the CFLAGS, etc., before running dpkg-*?22:12
kulvelardman: debian/rules is usually the file to set all kinds of stuff related to compiling and building a deb22:13
kulvelardman: I enabled my gcc flags the like this:22:14
kulveBUILD_CFLAGS = -O2 -g -mcpu=arm1136j-s -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=softfp22:14
jtrahmm, my 770 got stuck while openning "select connection", battery disconnect was needed, and now I see there is internal filesystem corruption22:15
lardmankulve: no executables built & run during the build?22:15
lardmankulve: looking at the armv6 -mcpu switch22:15
matt_c_lardman: I found that reading the debian new maintainer's guide was pretty useful in understanding the build system (
matt_c_I recently packaged up PIL for python2.5 and reading that helped *a lot*22:16
kulvelardman: most build systems will build and run some executables22:16
lardmanmatt_c_: Thanks, will take a look at it22:16
bipolarI'm still having a hell of a time getting a ssh conntection to my 80022:16
kulveI'm pretty sure the libc too22:16
kulvebipolar: I've installed both dropbear and openssh successfully and decided to use openssh in the future22:17
lardmankulve: Dunno about you, but the CFLAGS aren't being used from debian/rules22:18
bipolarkulve: I've got openssh installed. It's like the wifi connection is not working right. If I ping the 800's ip address it starts working.22:18
bipolarIf I keep pinging the 800, the connection stays responsive.22:19
bipolarAs soon as I stop pingging, lag city22:19
bipolardoes anyone know if this works for the 800?
Takbipolar: I think that's been reported before22:21
Takthe wifi seeming to disconnect when it's idle22:21
MoRpHeUzbipolar: that happend to me once22:22
MoRpHeUzI just flashed it and everything came back to normal =)22:22
kulvelardman: in most cases setting the CFLAGS is the right way, but not with (this) libc22:22
fish_fuck.. my nokia 770 doesnt come up again.. it hangs on the boot screen (with kernel/initfs version) and reboots after a few seconds22:22
kulvelardman: there are separate flags for host gcc and cross compiler..22:23
* jonnylamb can't wait until all the docs move to the new wiki-site :)22:23
fish_i had that problem a few hours ago the first time, but after some time it came up again..22:23
fish_but now..22:23
fish_now it boots again.. wtf? that sucks...22:27
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC22:27
fish_a few hours ago i thought 'hey, since the last software release it works very well'..22:29
*** __shawn has quit IRC22:30
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo22:34
lardmankulve: Good call, forgot it thinks it's compiling natively22:34
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo22:38
fish_uhm.. and maemo-mapper 1.4 now uses sqlite3 for the poi.db22:38
*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo22:39
melmothfish_: it happens to me recently (yesterday) on my n800, i filled / and this is what happened next22:46
kulveMoRpHeUz: so, stuff is my blog is already old news compared to your blog.. :)22:46
melmothi had to reflash it, and it works again now22:46
*** koen has quit IRC22:46
MoRpHeUzkulve: hehe, no problem...let's keep each other updated the news...does your blog have an rss feed ?22:46
kulveMoRpHeUz: yes, but probably I'm not going to put any updates there.. I'll add a link to your blog..22:48
*** koen has joined #maemo22:48
MoRpHeUzkulve: do I !22:48
melmothsay i want to have a gtk textview to behave like the opera browser does as far as touching the screen is concerned (ie being able to scroll down and up with one finger on the screen), any idea how to do that ?22:48
*** __shawn has joined #maemo22:50
tkomelmoth, connect to button-press-event and do magic22:56
tkoor hack textview and send patches :)22:57
tkook, I'm slow today. how do you use convert to scale 720x480 image to 800x480 ?22:58
tkodoesn't change the size..22:59
konfoo-scale 800x480\!23:00
tkokonfoo, the ! did it23:01
tkohow obvious23:01
*** everaldo has quit IRC23:08
*** ajturner has quit IRC23:16
maddlermumble... just got a reboot...23:20
maddlercpu went to 100% and BAM!23:20
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo23:20
maddlerwhat's up?23:22
sbaturziouhmm....let me see...23:23
sbaturzionot really a good day...23:23
sbaturziobut now is over, so I'm taking a break ;-)23:23
melmothtko mhhh, do you know if there is a motion-notify-event for textview as well ?23:23
bipolardoes the charging status change when the battery is fully charged, or does it say charging as long as it's plugged in?23:25
*** everaldo has joined #maemo23:25
melmothbipolar: it just stop 'blinking' or being animated23:25
bipolarmelmoth: ok, cool. thanks.23:26
maddlersbaturzio: hehehe... don't remind me of today, please...23:28
maddlerI've been fighting all day long with brainless idiots...23:28
sbaturziomaddler: lUsers?23:29
*** tolgam has joined #maemo23:30
*** behdad has quit IRC23:32
tkomelmoth, of course there is23:34
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC23:36
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo23:36
bipolardo alarms wake the device up?23:37
melmothtko cool, i m playing with it now, looks like all is left for me is to know how to tell the texview to scroll now :)23:37
maddlersbaturzio: hehehe... right... :)23:37
maddlerbipolar: yes...23:38
*** xan has quit IRC23:38
bipolarmaddler: when I hit the power button, it asks what I want to do. which one is what I expect to be 'suspend'? :p23:38
bipolarswitch off, i hope...23:39
maddlerthere is no default "suspend" action...23:39
maddleryou need do modify /etc/systemui/systemui.xml file in order to have "Soft Poweroff"23:40
bipolarwell, it woke up from 'switch off', but didn't play the sound I selected :)23:40
maddlerdunno... It worked for me...23:40
maddlerin since Jan 25th til this morning...23:40
maddlerand never had problems...23:41
bipolarI wonder if it's becouse I moved root to the internal sd card23:42
bipolarand the sound I wanted to play was on the OTHER sd card... hmmm..23:42
Takmine doesn't play alarms if I have "system sounds" turned off23:42
*** epx has quit IRC23:43
maddlerTak: that makes sense... well... I think...23:44
* Tak shrugs23:44
TakI can see arguments both ways23:44
tkomelmoth, GtkScrolledWindow::vscrollbar23:47
*** everaldo has quit IRC23:51
bipolarwhen the alarm mp3 is in the root fs, it works. :p23:52

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