IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2007-02-13

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nomeataHi. Has anyone managed to use dasher as an input method for the n770?00:11
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nomeataAnd will there ever be one OS for both n770 and n800?00:14
Takone os to rule them all, one os to bind them!00:18
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[mbm]too quiet in here.01:27
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SchmotsI have good news.. and bad news on my quest to get the sdk vmware working.01:30
SchmotsI forgot I setup a transparent proxy on my network like a year ago.01:30
Schmotsturns out it was filtering out all sorts of files.. its off now.01:31
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SchmotsI added xterm to the sdk.. its in the program list via xypher.. but when I select it, it doesn't run.  Any ideas01:32
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Schmotsanyone else here using the vmware sdk?01:34
Schmotshehe, how can there be so many people in here and so few people talking :-)01:35
lle2most of the people are from europe I believe01:37
lle2if anyone wants to try new flashy Scratchbox 2 + Maemo rootstrap combo, instructions at tell you how.01:39
lle2To create debian packages you need to run it on a debian based system.01:40
SchmotsI just want to try xterm on this development application.01:41
Schmotsis there anywhere to look in scratchbox for logs of whats going wrong.01:41
lle2I'm afraid I'm not much help with sb1 stuff01:42
Schmotsahh.. maybe its cause I seem to be in sbox-SDK_X8601:42
[mbm]hmm anyone know how to get the new plazer client to do anything?01:43
Schmotshow do I change my target run?01:43
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Schmotsmaybe thats my problem with the sdk is I pulled down the i386 stuff.. and isn't it supposed to simulate an arm?01:49
garrett[mbm]: I tried; it just shows up in extras and... does nothing...01:50
garrettwould be nice to use01:50
[mbm]garrett: yeah that was my experience too .. thought it was supposed to pop up something on wifi connection01:51
garrettit actually makes much more sense on a device you carry around (:01:51
garrett[mbm]: yeah, or something, and it doesn't do anything ):01:51
garrettI looked in the applets area, looked in the status area config too01:51
[mbm]heh yeah, I want it to hop on the nearest hostpot, figure out where I am and download the maemo maps :)01:51
garrettthat would be pretty rad01:51
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garrettok, time to head home01:54
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SchmotsI was hopeing to be able to do some development or at least port some apps over to the n800, but I can't get any of the apps I install on the maemo development applicnet to work in the xypher x-window01:55
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frameratedoes the guy who ported nethack live around here? ;)04:06
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gnuite_I can't seem to get core dumps from my crashing app04:44
gnuite_does my core-dumps dir need to have special perms?04:45
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gnuite_Do I have to be in dev mode to get cores?05:11
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Takg++, why must you consume all my resources?07:17
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Sulishey all, can i ask how does maemo mapper actually load it's images?09:34
Sulisdoes it connect itself to google maps and download all the images that it thinks it'll need for the planned route?09:35
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Takhmm - is it probable that the g++ in my armel chroot has entered an infinite loop?09:53
c0ffeedo you get 'too many open files' errors?09:53
Takit just eats all my resources and never exits09:54
c0ffeehappens :)09:54
c0ffeei had that problem with sb 0.9/maemo 1.x and gawk09:54
Takhmm - any tips for working around?09:55
c0ffeewith gawk that was easy :)09:56
c0ffeeyou could submit a bugreport09:56
* Tak changes some flags and tries again09:58
Sulissubmit a bug report!09:58
Takto what?  gcc? maemo? qemu?09:59
jacquesdon't worry, wherever you submit it, they will point fingers at the others10:00
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Takare they going to accept a bug against 0.9.8 ?10:07
c0ffeedunno, try10:13
c0ffeebut if it's a bug with 0.9.8, you could upgrade and see whether that helps10:13
Takyeah - I have a newer one with the bora rootstrap10:14
Sulisis the n800 better than the sony mylo? i don't even know if the mylo is released yet...10:14
Takwhat's "better" ?10:15
c0ffeethe n800 is better than everything10:15
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Suliswow, better than everything? sign me up!10:15
c0ffeethe club membership fee is $40010:16
Sulisno, it's £280 :P10:16
c0ffeesame value, just different unit of meassurement10:16
Sulisah, those imperial measurements, never got the hang of them10:17
c0ffeei also always have to convert prices to DM10:17
SulisDM now?10:18
c0ffeenow what?10:18
Sulisdeutsch mark...i thought germany went euro?10:19
c0ffeedoesn't keep me from converting prices, right? :)10:19
inzSulis, germany went, all people didn't ;)10:19
inzI, too, sometimes convert prices to FIM to get a grasp of the real price10:20
c0ffeeit commonly hurts to do so :)10:20
inzc0ffee, it really does10:20
inzc0ffee, that's why I only do it sometimes10:21
inzNormally just ignore the high price and buy things anyway ;)10:21
Sulisi don't suppose there's any kind of media player for the n800 with a web interface? or even a kind of music player that can have a visual client program running on a remote computer?10:22
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Takthere's glurp, but I think it's the reverse of what you want10:23
Sulishmm, no, if i could run mpd on the n800 that would be quite good10:25
TakI don't see why not10:27
Takhmm, I think I'm having the same issue with the bora env too10:27
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* sp3000 wonders who to blame when #2006-11-23T22:45:17 in a link alternate in the feed reader comes to the browser urlescaped such that the anchor doesn't work10:34
konfoois there a CHM reader for the n800? anyone?10:36
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Takgoo review10:44
cybergyp1ykonfoo: try fbreader - its ace10:46
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konfoocybergyp1y: just adding the source as you mentioned it ;)10:48
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tigertSulis: mylo has a tiny small screen with very low resolution10:58
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tigertits "cute" but I wouldnt browse the web with it really10:58
konfooits horrid10:58
tigertit has cool blue leds though10:59
tigertthat pulsate nicely10:59
konfooa child's toy :)10:59
konfooahh fbreader works like a charm with chm files10:59
Sulistigert: you've used one?10:59
tigertplayed with one briefly11:00
tigertwhat kind of uses are you looking for?11:00
bergie_"When you first attempt to access the Internet, you'll be presented with a list of available wireless networks. Pick one, authenticate if necessary, and you're ready to surf. The N800 can remember up to four connections and associated passwords."11:00
tigertfor web browsing the N800 is the best mobile browser so far I have seen11:00
bergie_WTF? I though it remembers as many as you need11:00
tigertand the screen is nice11:00
tigertbergie_: eh?11:00
tigertbergie_: indeed11:01
tigertwhere is this?11:01
tigertperhaps the clever person counted that the dialog fits four lines :)11:01
tigertand didnt assume we have the feature of scrollbars :)11:01
tigertAFAIK I think it should remember more11:02
tigertand there is no real reason why it couldnt11:02
* tigert thinks the reviewer had a brain fart11:02
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konfoohmm the n800 owrks great as an rf jammer11:04
tigert"The N800's menu system is well-thought-out and easy to use"11:05
konfooif i put it between my rf keyboard and receiver no text comes through11:05
tigerthey! see!11:05
koentigert: yeah 2 submenus called 'extra' is well thought out11:06
tigertkoen: my point exactly11:06
tigertwe need something different at some point11:06
konfooyou guys complain a lot11:06
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tigertwe see and hear it all11:07
roopeYeah. :)11:07
tigertin the ui team11:08
tigertand we know its not the best solution but that's what we have now11:08
roopeIt's easy to be critical, since we know (well nearly) all of the bugs. Even those that the average user won't understand that are bugs.11:08
tigertnow, how to do it better and taking everything into account while doing it, is a good question11:08
* tigert builds a new deb of Plankton while pondering that11:09
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konfoowhen's that smaller font in plankton coming?11:09
* konfoo whistles11:09
tigertit wont :)11:10
tigertdo it yourself :)11:10
konfooboo hiss11:10
tigertits hard enough to use without a stylus already :)11:11
tigertand I dont have a stylus when I finger-type with the finger keyboard a lot11:11
tigertso it makes sense to have stuff not-that-tiny11:11
c0ffeei normally finger-type on the normal keyboard11:11
c0ffeeit's quicker somehow11:12
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jacquesdang how do you do that?11:19
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AD-N770good morning11:34
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parttigert: why isn't there a repository for the theme package? would make updates easier...11:50
maddlermorning all!11:50
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tigertneed to do that sometime12:01
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Jaffamorning, all12:09
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parttigert: how about just uploading it to extras?12:25
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tigertyea, will need to look into that12:31
bergie_tigert: does the theme have a garage project yet?12:34
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tigertbecause it is part of HAF12:38
tigertit is in sardine, the development theme12:39
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X-Fadebergie: It automagically gets build here:
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tigertyes, I am thinking of moving it to garage13:14
partyes, well, garage -> extras13:15
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kkitois it possible to detect where the pen is untapped from touchscreen?13:36
mgedminyes, you get a mouse release event there13:36
mgedminI assume13:36
kkitomgedmin, ah ok :) thx13:37
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mgedminso far all the repositories on my n800 are specifically for bora13:52
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mgedminhowever I did not find maemo-mapper13:52
timelydoes the 770 maemomapper not work?13:52
mgedmindoes the os2006 version work on os2007?13:52
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mgedminI'd like to avoid adding mistral repositories to the app manager13:54
mgedminmaybe that's silly of me13:54
|tbb|_is the source of the built in picture viewer of the n800 available?13:56
Stregmgedmin: just click the .deb from garage, no repos needed :)13:57
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* timely found something interesting14:08
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* mgedmin peers over timely's shoulder14:14
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timelypeople who can physically peer over my shoulder are welcome to do so14:15
kkitoi want to do a package that installs some files to the /media/mmc1, but the dpkg -i fails because it cannot set the ownership of the files/directories. Do you know how to do it?14:17
mgedminnow where did I put that remote for my spy satellite...14:17
mgedminkkito: it seems to me to be a bad idea to require an MMC card for an application14:18
kkitomgedmin, is for the quale2 game, you dont want to install the game data files to the internal flash ....14:19
mgedminprobably not14:19
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kkitothen for some apps we need to install some data files to the sd card.... And because the sd is vfat it hasnot got the ownership property, then how to install some files and dirs to the SD card without the dpkg fails claiming that it cannot set the ownership bit?14:22
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mgedminI do not see a way, kkito14:28
mgedminperhaps offer the game data as a separate download14:28
mgedminand make the game launcher in your deb offer to download it automatically14:29
mgedminbonus points for letting the user choose one of the two sd cards on the n80014:29
ocnarfid8install to the local card then move to the mmc in the postinstall?14:29
mgedminthat seems to be a bit pointless, if the game data does not fit in the builtin flash14:29
* ocnarfid8 goes back to sleep14:30
kkitoocnarfid8, well it can be possible. Because only few kbytes of data is published witrh the package, because the quake2 original data cannot be distributed freely14:30
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mgedminif the data fits in the internal flash, just keep it there14:32
kkitomgedmin, but it must to be complemented with the original quake2 data that it is 300 MB or more14:33
mgedminbut you cannot distribute the quake2 data anyway14:33
mgedminso you cannot put it in the deb, right?14:33
*** etrunko has joined #maemo14:33
mgedminif the user has it, tell him to put it in the mmc card14:33
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kkitomgedmin, offcourse... but the installer can create the correct directories, and there are some data files that aren't from official quake2 that must to be installed too14:34
kkitosorry but my english is very bad, ai dont know if you can understand me :D14:34
mgedminmust these files be in the same place?14:35
kkitomgedmin, yes14:35
mgedminI think I understand you perfectly14:35
mgedminjust not the whole situation14:35
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kkitoanyways it is only a very early release, because i dont want to work so much with it because the  game must to be played with a 400x240 resolution for a good framerate (15-25 fps), and it is annoying without the double pixel feature on the n800. If nokia releases that feature on next updates or implements the powervr support, then i will make a really maemoized build, with a good graphical configuration and better controls...14:38
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k-swhat do I need to get window title set?14:46
k-sI'm using SDL and its WM_SetCaption()14:47
k-sit uses XSetWMName() internally14:47
k-sbut it still fails to display14:47
k-sso I wonder which X property does hildon-desktop/matchbox uses14:48
kkito    program = HILDON_PROGRAM(hildon_program_get_instance());14:51
kkito    g_set_application_name("App Title");14:51
kkito    /* Create HildonWindow and set it to HildonProgram */14:51
kkito    window = HILDON_WINDOW(hildon_window_new());14:51
kkito    hildon_program_add_window(program, window);14:51
mgedmink-s: have you read ?14:52
k-skkito: it's an SDL app, not hildon... should I use hildon program anyway?14:53
etrunkok-s: no way14:53
k-setrunko: that's what I imagined14:53
k-smgedmin: it doesn't work14:54
etrunkok-s: still get that "unknown"?14:55
k-sI already have SDL_WM_SetCaption() (see above) and SDL_VIDEO_X11_WMCLASS set properly14:55
k-setrunko: yep14:55
etrunkok-s: and it works in 77014:55
k-smgedmin: any other idea?14:56
mgedminno :(14:58
*** vivijim has joined #maemo15:01
etrunkok-s: fill a bug??15:01
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*** NickDe has joined #maemo15:27
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*** mukund_ is now known as mukund15:33
k-sSDL set WM_NAME, while GDK set _NET_WM_NAME15:34
k-sthat sucks15:34
etrunkok-s: damn15:36
pyhimysIs canola ported for n800 allready?15:37
etrunkopyhimys: on the way15:38
pyhimystracker says it's closed15:38
kkitowe must to wait for the beta2 release...15:40
kkitok-s, i think that you can call the XchangeProperty directly then....
kkitoand get the properties with
k-spyhimys: do you want to be an earlier tester?15:41
k-swe're recruiting :-)15:41
kkitok-s, iep i want too! :D15:42
pyhimysk-s: sure, haven't bricked the device yet ;)15:42
kkitok-s, i havnt the nickname registered in freenode i cannot do private messages i think15:42
k-skkito: no problem, just say it here15:43
X-Fadek-s: Can I test too? :)15:47
mgedminyay, maemo-mapper appeared in extras for bora15:49
k-sX-Fade: sure15:49
*** dolfun has joined #maemo15:50
k-scanola is due to be released tomorrow, if no showstopper is found15:51
* andrunko hides15:51
koenreleased as in 'source'?15:52
andrunkokoen: not yet15:52
kkitok-s, the installation goes ok using the canola.install :)16:03
k-skoen: put some pressure on how good would be canola as open source16:04
k-skoen: also, when you come for bossa conference, try to talk to our managers16:04
Veggenk-s: Have they solved the problems, yet?16:04
koenk-s: you mean get them drunk and steal the source?16:05
Veggen(s/they/you/ ?)16:05
X-FadeHmm is it me, or is Canola actually slower on N800 than on 770?16:05
etrunkokoen: lol16:05
k-sX-Fade: it's slower16:08
k-sX-Fade: check tracker to see how to speed it up16:08
andrunkoX-Fade: run gconftool-2 --set /apps/canola/ui_frame_delay -t int 15000 as user16:09
andrunkoX-Fade: check
X-Fadeandrunko: Yeah, just found it in the tracker ;)16:11
pyhimysCanola thinks my .mp4 video files are audio, should I file a bug-report?16:11
andrunkopyhimys: please do it16:12
etrunkook i promisse to release gconf-editor till tomorrow16:12
andrunkoetrunko: :)16:12
k-spyhimys: try to change GConf option extensions_audio16:12
k-spyhimys: canola-conf-set_extensions_audio.sh16:13
*** dape has joined #maemo16:13
andrunkoand extensions_video also16:13
k-spyhimys: I did think that mp4 were just audio16:13
X-Fadek-s: Ah, that is _much_ better ;)16:13
k-sX-Fade: but is the tearing effect too annoying or you can accept it16:14
X-Fadek-s: I hate waiting more than I hate tearing..16:14
andrunkoheh, most beta testers said the same16:14
X-FadeAn application needs to be responsive. Adding delays to avoid tearing is not my thing :)16:15
tzzk-s: canola N800 beta2 bug report: gmediaserver register as a server, but no songs are found.  Otherwise it has worked perfectly for me.16:22
andrunkotzz: see
andrunkoit's not a canola bug16:24
andrunkothe same happens with ushare16:24
tzzOK, thanks16:25
tzzI may try fuppes tonight I guess16:27
*** bergie has quit IRC16:29
*** zbenjamin has joined #maemo16:30
zbenjaminhi @ all16:30
*** ajturner has joined #maemo16:30
X-FadeHmm scrolling between picture,video,audio while holding your finger pressed on the screen takes about 80% cpu :) That makes me wonder if that can't be optimized somehow..16:32
*** everaldo-zzZ is now known as everaldo16:34
kkitoif you open a not supported video file with canola, then a black square appears but if you go back to select another video, the black square didnt dissapears, you must to open a supported video file and then go back to remove the black square16:35
*** epx has quit IRC16:37
*** epx has joined #maemo16:37
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:39
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo16:40
lsobralkkito, please fill a bug16:40
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:43
*** benzea has joined #maemo16:44
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo16:44
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo16:45
zbenjaminis it possible to wait with sleep() for a dbus signal?16:47
zbenjamini send a dbus request and go to sleep and wait for the answer16:47
*** Eloi has joined #maemo16:47
Robot101zbenjamin: no, if you want to block your program use dbus_connection_read_write_dispatch16:47
zbenjaminRobot101, okay i need to use the osso_iap_get_statistics is there a blocking version too?16:48
zbenjaminor do i have to create my own blocking function?16:48
Robot101oh... just go into the mainloop?16:48
zbenjaminthe problem is i have no mainloop i want to dump the connection statistic every 20 seconds to a file / stdout16:49
zbenjamindo maemo have a pastebin'?16:50
c0ffeetry nomorepasting.com16:50
Robot101zbenjamin: that would be trivial with a mainloop16:51
Robot101so yes, your problem is you have no mainloop.16:51
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo16:54
*** hub has quit IRC16:55
zbenjaminRobot101, thats the code16:55
zbenjaminmaybe i do the dbus call by myself?16:57
Robot101just use a mainloop16:59
*** benzea has quit IRC16:59
Robot101g_idle_add (callback, 30000)16:59
zbenjamincallback == my callback ?17:01
*** waite has joined #maemo17:01
Robot101in your timeout function, call the osso iap thing, then return TRUE so it keeps scheduling your call17:03
Robot101then every time you get the OSSO IAP signal, print17:03
*** vittorio has left #maemo17:03
*** [pcfe] has left #maemo17:05
zbenjaminokay i need a new callback function that gets called from the mainloop. There i have to call the  osso_iap_get_statistics go back into mainloop and wait for the SIGNAL17:05
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:07
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC17:11
inzRobot, you probably mean g_timeout_add instead of g_idle_add?17:11
*** benzea has joined #maemo17:13
*** benzea has joined #maemo17:13
zbenjamin? what do i have to use?17:14
kkitoi think that canola needs a direct access shortcut to the now playing screen17:14
andrunkokkito: file a feature request17:14
inzzbenjamin, g_timeout_add(30000, _get_statistics, NULL); or something like that17:15
zbenjaminwhile(1){ g_timeout_add(30000, _get_statistics, NULL);} ?? this is enough?17:15
k-skkito: do you know that from every screen, clicking on the big icon on the left goes to home? Than it's quick to go to nowplaying17:16
inzno, you use glib mainloop instead of your own.17:16
k-skkito: you don't have to go "back" many times17:16
k-sX-Fade: about scrolling, it's hard, because we redraw texts on demand and you have to redraw almost the whole screen17:17
kkitok-s, true :), but anyway a direct acces will be a cool feature17:17
inzzbenjamin, i.e. GMainLoop *loop = g_main_loop_new(NULL, FALSE); g_timeout_add(30000, _get_statistics, NULL); g_main_loop_run(loop);17:17
k-sX-Fade: if we keep 8000 text lines rendered on memory, it would bring n800 to knees17:17
zbenjaminAH okay17:17
kkitothen canola needs a memory management17:18
inzzbenjamin, then, if you have used dbus_connection_setup_with_g_main (or something that calls it), and have added a dbus match for the signal and installed a filter, it will get called17:19
zbenjamininz, thank you i hope that osso_iap_get_statistics will do this17:19
kkitoand i think that i shortcut for pause/play and volume is necessary too... n800 hasnt an external volume control, then if you are not on the now playing screen on canola you cannot change de volume, and sometime you need fast access to the volume for example if you recives a phone call17:21
andrunkokkito: volume you can use the hardware keys17:21
kkitoah ok :D17:21
kkitooh, canola crashed...17:22
andrunkokkito: can you reproduce?17:22
andrunkokkito, X-Fade: please join #canola17:23
*** ophelix has quit IRC17:24
*** mat has quit IRC17:25
inzzbenjamin, you might need to explicitly call dbus_connection_setup_with_g_main17:25
zbenjaminso i have a problem because i cannot access the connection object17:25
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo17:26
k-spyhimys: mp4 can be both audio and video?17:27
zbenjamininz,  it seems that it gets not called17:29
inzzbenjamin, well, dbus_bus_get (which osso-ic uses) returns a shared bus.17:30
*** hub has joined #maemo17:31
inzzbenjamin, so if you call dbus_connection_setup_with_g_main(dbus_bus_get(DBUS_BUS_SYSTEM, NULL), NULL); you should do just fine17:31
zbenjamini have to call it BEFORE entering the mainloop?17:32
inzzbenjamin, yeah17:32
inzzbenjamin, you can call it from the inside too, but I'd say it's not too smart17:32
zbenjaminits still not working it seems i miss something17:37
Takdoesn't that function create a main loop?17:38
pyhimysk-s: I suppose so.
*** X-Fade has quit IRC17:38
*** xan has joined #maemo17:39
zbenjaminTak, what function?17:39
zbenjaminmy new code:
k-spyhimys: I'll leave it as both video and audio17:40
zbenjamindbus_connection_setup_with_g_main (DBusConnection *connection, GMainContext *context)17:40
zbenjamin Sets the watch and timeout functions of a DBusConnection to integrate the connection with the GLib main loop.17:40
zbenjamininz, can you have a look at my paste?17:41
pyhimysk-s: that's propably for the best.
pyhimysk-s: that says for the mpe : "An ISO standard format that offers higher quality than MP3 at the same bit rate"17:43
pyhimysmp4 that is17:43
pyhimysIsn't there possibility to snoop mimetype magically from the file headers rather than extension?17:46
inzzbenjamin, maybe later, going home now17:46
k-spyhimys: it's MUCH slower than just checking filename17:46
zbenjamininz, hm its just a few lines of code17:46
zbenjamininz,  well i will be here tomorrow17:47
pyhimysk-s: yeah, there's that.17:47
k-spyhimys: to check file extension is done by reading folder entries, it's fast, almost always cached...17:47
zbenjamininz,  or maybe this evening17:47
k-spyhimys: but opening a file is slow, really... but it could be done when parsing, since the folder is already opened anyway...17:47
k-spyhimys: but we'll miss that in this release17:48
pyhimysk-s: no problem :) You're doing amazing job anyway17:48
pyhimysCan't wait to show canola my Apple loving, ipod-hugging friends ;)17:49
Takis there a canola release for n800 yet?17:52
andrunkoTak: just for the beta testers for now17:53
Takis this an open beta? ;-)17:53
k-sTak: not yet17:54
k-sbut maybe we release it here earlier17:54
k-sandrunko: right?17:54
andrunkoall of you that want to test please add "deb bora user" to your sources.list17:55
andrunkoor better, just access
andrunkothere is an one click install file there17:56
*** rhsanborn has joined #maemo17:56
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC17:56
andrunkouser: tester -  password: beta217:56
TakI appreciate that canola is so easy to theme, btw17:56
Veggenhow does the one-click install work? is the repository added for the future updates, and for other packages in the same repository, too? (not tried it yet)17:57
TakVeggen: yes17:57
rhsanbornHey devs. Does anyone know if someone is working on porting skype to the 800. Or are they jst waiting for the official release?17:57
Robot101rhsanborn: you can't port it without the source, so there can only be an official release...17:58
Veggenrhsanborn: There will probably be an official release. And skype is not open source, so porting for others is rather difficult.17:58
tzzAri Jaaksi's blog says Skype is coming later this year, but no specifics17:59
pyhimysI cheated and renamed the mp4 files into avi17:59
*** ab has quit IRC18:00
rhsanbornVeggen, Robot101 , i forgot that it was closed. I use it often and hate waiting until summer.18:00
Veggenpersonally, I sort of hate skype. I hate the tendency that "home ip-telephony" is in risk of being another proprietary protocol.18:01
Robot101why not use some more open standards like google talk?18:01
rhsanbornOnly becaue skype was first and now it is very difficult to get my sphere of people to change.18:02
Veggenrhsanborn: exactly the problem, I'd say :)18:02
VeggenPeople think free as in beer is "good enough", when it isn't really.18:03
*** ttobin has joined #maemo18:04
rhsanbornWell. Skype works...its free, they know how to use it...18:04
rhsanbornThat said18:04
Veggenrhsanborn: it's Microsoft all over again. And I wouldn't like that to happen to ip-telephony :)18:04
pbrookthomasvs: By your own statement, not it doesn't, and only as in beer ....18:04
rhsanbornJabber is open, right?18:05
Veggenjabber is open.18:05
Pierrejabber is free (as in free).18:05
rhsanbornAnd supports video, no?18:05
Veggenwell, sort of. Most clients doesn't, but I think the standard does?18:06
rhsanbornI'd like to find something that works w/ the 800's camera18:06
Robot101rhsanborn: the video stuff it does is open, it's Jingle18:07
Robot101Nokia made a Windows client too:
rhsanbornI haven't had much luck w/ nokias client so far18:08
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:09
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:12
Robot101rhsanborn: the windows one, or the one on the N800?18:12
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo18:12
rhsanbornThe 800 to a win client18:12
*** Guard][an has quit IRC18:13
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo18:13
*** Guard][an has quit IRC18:13
*** jacques has quit IRC18:14
*** X-Fade_ is now known as X-Fade18:14
rhsanbornI've sent the invitation, but the win client won't add the 800 to the contacts and won't see an incoming call18:15
|tbb|_u have to click the link on the nokia homepage addcontact18:18
rhsanbornAye, I did...nothing. I did, however, not try it in IE18:19
timelytzz: didn't they announce Skype @CES?18:19
rhsanbornSkype is supposed to be released end Q218:20
c0ffeeq2 which year? :)18:20
timely@CES they said this year18:20
timelyand given that CES was in January, i think it's pretty safe to assume they aren't confusing years18:21
rhsanbornI think that he was joking18:22
timelyin front of all that press?18:22
timelyr you mean coffee?18:22
timelyi need sleep, i don't think coffee would help me (clearly hasn't so far)18:22
rhsanbornI think coffee was joking18:23
*** fab has quit IRC18:24
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:28
*** skandaleras is now known as skanda_out18:30
*** RobHu has joined #maemo18:34
RobHuAre there any good applications for the n800 for taking notes in meetings, e.g. where you can draw diagrams and so on?18:34
timelyi presume you consider sketch a bad app :)18:35
JaffaRobHu: I believe someone's got the 770's Xournal port working on the N80018:35
RobHuerr... maybe something better for that purpose would be nice ;-)18:36
RobHuJaffa: Thanks, I'll look at Xournal.18:36
timelyi've played w/ xournal a bit, i was really not impressed :(18:36
RobHuI just ordered my n800, it won't arrive for a few days - but I am very exicted :D18:36
timelybut i'm fairly picky18:36
*** florian_ has joined #maemo18:36
* timely filed a couple of bugs about fmradio18:36
* timely has another couple to file18:36
timelyfmradio w/ valentine theme w/ portuguese - brazil locale is not pretty :)18:37
*** florian_ is now known as florian18:37
florianhi all18:38
maddlerflorian: heya18:38
*** Pooh22 has quit IRC18:41
* |tbb|_ count the days of a new rls from maddler ;)18:42
* maddler sets counter to void()18:42
*** kender has joined #maemo18:46
*** acidborg has joined #maemo18:56
acidborgIs GTK 2.10 support soon to come?18:56
*** fab has joined #maemo18:57
*** tigert has quit IRC18:58
*** benzea has quit IRC19:02
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:06
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage19:08
*** skanda_out is now known as skandaleras19:12
*** tolgam has quit IRC19:13
*** ssvb has quit IRC19:16
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:20
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:21
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo19:21
*** acidborg has quit IRC19:22
*** ferulo has joined #maemo19:25
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:28
*** hub has quit IRC19:30
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC19:32
*** mukund has quit IRC19:35
*** greentux has quit IRC19:38
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:42
*** rhsanborn has quit IRC19:45
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo19:46
*** dieguito has quit IRC19:50
*** dape has quit IRC20:02
*** ||cw has quit IRC20:03
*** ||cw has joined #maemo20:03
*** sbaturzio_ has joined #maemo20:08
*** _follower_ has quit IRC20:10
*** hmacht has joined #maemo20:13
* pahartik finds out that getting Maemo 2.2 to communicate with DUN is even more difficult than setting up networking with PAN20:15
mgedminmaddler: hi20:23
mgedminI believe you've contributed vim.xml to mud-builder?20:23
ocnarfid8There is a N800 launch party tonight in NYC, I may go.20:23
mgedminI have a patch for it20:23
*** sbaturzio_ is now known as sbaturzio20:24
myrenim' a little far away from ny20:24
mgedmineek beagle ate 74 gigs (!!) and filled up my ~ completely20:28
*** NickDe has quit IRC20:28
*** NickDe has joined #maemo20:29
Takhmm, so I've tracked down my g++ issue to the -mcpu=arm926ej-s flag20:29
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:31
*** booiiing has quit IRC20:32
*** RpJ has quit IRC20:32
*** booiiing has joined #maemo20:32
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:33
koenTak: in their infinite wisdom gcc people changed that flag between gcc3 and gcc4, to make things worse20:33
matt_cmgedmin: but it knows where everything is now.20:33
koenso when maemo2 updates to gcc4: *poof*20:33
Taks'ok - I can't use it anyway without g++ eating all my memory and then blowing its brains out20:33
*** slomo has quit IRC20:33
* pahartik assumes that document at "" is broken for DUN20:34
mgedminmatt_c: not really, 73 gigs out of that are in a single log file repeating one error message saying that it one (and the same) email message in my spam mailbox is an ill-formed XML file20:35
mgedminhow stupid is that?20:35
mgedminspeaking of indexers, does anybody else dislike the new media player20:36
mgedminor rather its method of library management?20:36
Takheh, my fiancee hates it20:36
mgedmin"so what if you've swapped your mmc cards around, I'll pretend that nothing changed and will just refuse to play anything"20:38
tzzI should see if Canola+Avahi notices that correctly20:39
tzzsince I have 2 2GB cards20:39
mgedminit could at least have a menu option "please reindex"20:39
etrunkoi've just uploaded gconf-editor to extras repository20:39
etrunkoboth 2.x and 3.x20:39
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC20:40
mgedminI had a symlink ~/MyDocs/.sounds/mmc -> /media/mmc1/mp320:40
mgedminso the media player, of course, duplicated every mp3 on my card20:40
mgedminI removed the symlink, switched back to the media player, and saw that it was "refreshing"20:40
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo20:40
mgedmin30 seconds later it refreshed (incrementally) the whole song list with all the same duplicates20:40
tzzmgedmin: heh, you have to admit that's not a common scenario20:41
mgedminI gave up, installed sqlite 3 and went to google to learn the syntax of the SQL "LIKE" expressions :)20:41
mgedmintzz: agreed20:41
mgedminI wouldn't mind removing the existing wrong metadata and reindexing20:41
mgedminif I only knew how to trigger the reindexing20:42
mgedmintime to go file some bugs20:42
*** dolske has quit IRC20:43
*** tolgam has joined #maemo20:43
*** hmacht has quit IRC20:44
*** ferulo has quit IRC20:45
*** pleemans has quit IRC20:46
*** slomo has joined #maemo20:48
*** tigert has joined #maemo20:49
*** tigert has quit IRC20:52
*** tigert has joined #maemo20:52
mgedminwow, I filed a beagle bug and got a response from the developers saying that they can reproduce it from the test case WITHIN TWO MINUTES20:53
Takvery nice20:53
*** Michael has joined #maemo20:55
Michaelgood afternoon20:55
MichaelI am a newbie with Maemo.... and I have a few questions that I hope someone will help me out with20:55
MichaelI have a N800 that I am trying to get the power levels of access points around me20:56
MichaelI am using aircrack and to a point it works, but it (aircrack) doesn't report the power levels. All of the access points show up with a power level of -9620:58
MichaelI know that it can be done, because I have done it with the standard aircrack-ng on other linux distributions20:59
MichaelI do hope that someone will be able to assist me20:59
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:00
tigertwhat do you mean by power levels?21:00
tigerthow strong they are?21:01
Michaelok if I am sitting across the room (10 ft at most) from an access point21:01
tigertit could be the wlan driver and aircrack do not exactly understand each other on maemo21:01
tigertthe "Connection manager" app in Tools shows a crude level of 4 bars21:01
tigertwhich is better than nothing of course21:01
Michaelit should register the power level (rf strength) some where in the -50 - -60 range21:02
Michaelok, is there a way to change the wlan driver to something that can report power levels?21:02
tigertno idea :/21:03
tigertwhat about iwconfig?21:03
tigertit reports the signal level21:03
Michaelyes it does,21:03
Michaellet me look and see what it reports the power as21:03
tigertmaybe the wlan chip just doesnt report that correctly - but I know nothing about this stuff really more than this21:04
MichaelI am in the same boat here21:04
tigertI just make pretty themes and try to do UI :)21:04
Michaeliwconfig does report the power levels but i would like to some how get that to incorporate into aircrack21:05
Michaelbecause the way i look at it, if iwconfig reports it correctly, then so should aircrack21:05
Michaelmake sense?21:05
Michaelok, how about this now....21:06
tigertmaybe ask the aircrack port author?21:06
Michaelthere is an application out there called wmwave21:06
*** dolske has joined #maemo21:06
tigertkismet might work too, dunno if that was ported21:07
Michaelthis basically does what iwconfig does, but shows it in a "graphical" interface21:07
tigertI think it can report signal levels21:07
Michaeli have the armel package but when i install it i get an error saying that libc6 2.5 needs to be installed21:07
*** b0unc3` has joined #maemo21:07
Michaelbut there is no armel package for  libc6 that i can find21:08
*** ferulo has joined #maemo21:08
garretttigert: kistmet runs fine on my n800 fwiw21:08
tigertis it for OS2007?21:08
tigertgarrett: hm, can you help michael with the package?21:08
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:08
Michaelkismet runs fine on mine too21:08
tigertgarrett: perhaps there is a repository missing?21:08
tigertah ok21:08
tigertdoes it report the levels?21:08
tigertgarrett: disregard :)21:08
Michaelbut i need to get it working with aircrack21:08
tigertsince it works21:09
tigertMichael: I think the best bet is to mail the guy who ported it to maemo21:09
Michaelok... will do21:09
tigertor if there is a mailing list or suhc?21:09
Michaelwhere is a good repository?21:09
tigertif there is a repository  that some app has dependencies in, the website usually mentions it21:10
*** bipolar has joined #maemo21:10
Michaelok... i guess i will have to look around21:11
mgedminis it just me, or is the traffic in maemo lists higher than the traffic in ubuntu lists these days?21:11
Michaelwell... that can only be a good thing21:12
Michaelthis little nokia has gotten me so involved with linux21:13
*** vivijim has left #maemo21:13
Michaelwhich i have not had any experience with21:13
Michaelsince 2 weeks ago ;-)21:13
Takmgedmin: yeah - I like it though21:13
tigertMichael: :)21:13
s-ndh-cdoes itos2007 run on n770 too?21:15
tigertthere is a hax0r edition21:16
Michaelok for all of you wlan experst out there\21:16
tigertthat is basically the developer filesystem for testing software21:16
Michaelthis is my thing...21:16
*** vivijim has joined #maemo21:16
s-ndh-cdoes it have a newer gtk?21:17
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo21:17
s-ndh-cor is it still 2.6?21:17
tigertI think os2007 is 2.6 still21:17
MichaelI just ran kismet and it says the following" server is not reporting card powerlevels. No signal information is avaiable"21:17
tkoos2007 is 2.6.1021:17
tigerts-ndh-c: "cairo" is the magic word here21:18
s-ndh-cwould be cool if i could have that on my device(n770) for development21:18
tkocairo is a five letter word :)21:18
tigerts-ndh-c: you can have os2007 for development on your device21:18
ajturnerbesides, probably better to dev on a desk/laptop21:19
s-ndh-cso i could test that hildon-1 branch on the device21:19
tigertBut this is not an official release. It\u2019s not a end-user ready release. It\u2019s a tool to allow developers to continue working on the 770, moving on to the OS 2007 / Bora software platform, bridging the gap between 770 and N800. It\u2019s less than alpha. No Q.A. was done on it and who knows what it might do. It should not brick your device but then again, we can\u2019t be totally sure of that either. I\u2019m running it on my 770 and s21:19
tigertMultimedia is still quite broken, but there\u2019s still hope.21:19
tigertHave a look at Markku\u2019s notes if you are interested in the gory details. You will also find there instructions for how to flash this release on your 770. Markku is updating these notes as he continues to work on this. Help is appreciated. The wiki page is open to contributions. Additions and corrections are welcome, including suggestions for addressing the remaining issues.21:19
tigertstupid X cut buffer21:20
tigertthat was way more than I intended to paste21:20
*** skandaleras has quit IRC21:20
*** Eloi has quit IRC21:22
mgedmintigert: you know a lot about maemo and theming, right?21:22
mgedminis there a way for the theme to tell statusbar applets what would be a good text colour to use?21:23
mgedminblack panel clock on a dark blue status bar is a bit invisible21:23
tkotigert, common theme for us, if we're not using it (like text in status bar) it's probably badly themed21:25
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC21:25
tkosomeone should make sure our gtkrc's include settings for all kinds of colors even if we don't immediately use it21:26
mgedminhow does the drawing of status bar applets work?21:26
tigertmgedmin: well21:27
mgedminwhen it is exposed, does the desktop/matchbox/whatever first draw an empty bar, and then each applet draws itself?21:27
tigertmgedmin: there are logical colours defined in gtkrc21:27
mgedminperhaps the applet could sample the pixel colour at its location and choose black or white depending on that?21:27
tkocould be fairly easy to check the average brightness of status bar background image and save the background color for bg[NORMAL] etc.21:27
tigertmgedmin: I am not sure if there is anything defined for that thing though21:27
tkoand same for fg[] and text[] and all that21:28
mgedminI tried to look at the gtkrc files in the n800 themes21:28
tigertyea, the problem is when the themes are all images21:28
tigerttko: I think we could do something like PanelBackgroundColor and PanelForegroundColor?21:28
*** mlpug has quit IRC21:28
tigertfor such things - they generally should be approximately ok then21:28
mgedminthat would be nice, for the future at least21:28
tigertif the theme author uses some thought21:29
mgedmincould be also useful for this:
tigerttko: I'll try to put plankton in garage soon21:29
mgedminsystray icons in the panel21:29
mgedminerr statusbar21:29
tkotigert, yeah, but we also need to assign the logical color for certain widgets so that statusbar widgets get the right color already by default21:29
tigertdoes garage have forums or wiki?21:29
tkotigert, both, I think21:29
tigertthen we could use that for planning theme stuff21:30
tigertI hate this "all our widgets are actually gtk but we use our own weird naming for them"21:30
tigertie, treeview is "listbox" etc crazy21:31
tkoone wiki I found:
*** k-s has quit IRC21:31
*** k-s has joined #maemo21:32
tkotigert, I can see how the naming could be useful for UI design - call it a palette of widgets or something21:33
tkobut I hate the naming as well :)21:33
tigertwtf, why does creativecommons page show in french?21:33
tigerttko: yeah21:33
tigertbut it causes endless confusion21:33
tigertgtk should have a good scheme and everyone should use that21:33
tkoI think it's only treeview that gets overloaded, for many widgets there's 1-to-1 mapping21:35
Veggengconf-editor? does it work? (I see it's packaged)21:37
tigertit's good to be garage admin sometimes :)21:37
tigertferenc was faster!21:38
*** hmacht has joined #maemo21:39
*** koen has quit IRC21:40
*** koen has joined #maemo21:40
k-sVeggen: it's not "that optimized" (ui-wise) but it works21:41
Veggenk-s: I see.21:41
Veggengood enough for me.21:42
k-sVeggen: try it... etrunko is the man behind its port21:42
Veggenit does seem to work, although I haven't tried to change anything ;)21:43
Veggenhmm. camera-is-out.21:44
kenderany where can I get the source of this project?
VeggenHmm. I see good possibilities for customizing functionality here.21:44
kenderaren't all the garage project open source?21:44
tkokender, should be in the garage project...21:46
* pbrook can't see any source there either.21:46
etrunkois it possible to set one .install file for each OS in the new application catalog?21:46
s-ndh-cwow it boots lets see what works and what not :)21:46
tkohmm, I thought sources were required for garage project hosting .. misses pretty much the whole point otherwise21:46
kenderthe SVN is empty, and in download section there is not src21:46
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo21:47
etrunkoi have for N80021:47
k-setrunko: you can use just one install21:47
kenderetrunko, wow, thanks21:48
k-sjust use both lines21:48
etrunkoand for 77021:48
etrunkok-s: the problem is i didn't create this file21:48
kenderetrunko, the app is in the web page?21:48
etrunkoand i don't have access to it21:48
mgedmink-s: the extras repository creates the install files automatically21:48
mgedminI think the best solutions would be to change the application catalog21:48
mgedminso that you could enter the fields in a web form21:48
etrunkokender: i'm trying to create an entry for it21:48
mgedminand it would give you a single .install file for multiple OS versions21:48
kenderetrunko, nice :)21:49
*** zyga has joined #maemo21:49
mgedminwhere's the issue tracker for
zygais the n800 capable (on its own) to run the toolchain and build software or is cross compilation the only way to develop software for this platform?21:51
tkoI have a better quiz: where's the issue tracker for ? :)21:51
*** behdad has quit IRC21:51
kendertko, hehee21:51
tkomgedmin, I'd try bugzilla21:51
kendertko, I'm still trying to get the admin of the maemo-fm project...21:52
Veggenzyga: there's not that much memory, but in theory, I don't see why it shouldn't work.21:52
kenderI have mailed them, but they don't answer21:52
mgedminI think it's at
tkokender, is that the tableteer radio or something else?21:52
kendertko, it is a shell-fm port; a radio streamers player21:53
kenderknow I'm dealing with Gstreamer, trying to learn how to do a plugin to make a new src element21:54
kenderetrunko, gconf works really nice, thanks a lot!21:54
etrunkokender: you're welcome21:55
kenderetrunko, but, you can't edit the keys? :S21:55
s-ndh-cis there xterm for the n800 too? or can i install the package for the n700 with that hacker edition?21:55
kenders-ndh-c, xterm is available for the n80021:56
etrunkokender: try some clicks over the key21:56
kenderoh, hehe, over the Value21:56
kenderno over the key itself21:56
etrunkoor over the value21:56
etrunkoover the key it opens a dialog21:56
kenderno for me21:57
etrunkoat least it should21:57
kenderhola timely :)21:57
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo21:57
kenderetrunko, over the value, the key could be edited21:57
kenderover the key name, nothing happen21:57
timelyyo estoy buscando ayuda con el ..21:57
etrunkokender: works on 770 only22:00
kenderetrunko, :S22:00
kenderand, so, why it is in bora repo ? :P22:00
kender*is it22:00
etrunkokender: because it sort of works22:01
timelyjefe de los applicationes22:01
kenderetrunko, ok :)22:01
etrunkoi'll try to fix it later22:01
kenderetrunko, nice to hear that :D22:01
kendertimely, no sabes ingles?22:02
timelyperdoname :)22:03
*** maemokid has joined #maemo22:04
kendertimely, no importa22:04
Michaelhello again22:04
timelyshouldclicking that link work?22:04
Michaeldoes anyone here know how to change the wlan driver on a n800?22:04
Michaelu have to double click22:05
kendertimely, yes22:05
timelyi got it from download.maeemo22:05
Michaeli cant get maemoplazer to work22:05
timelyit asked to add a epsitory, i let it22:05
Michaeli installed it but it does nothing22:05
*** RpJ has joined #maemo22:05
Michaelit doesn't open up22:06
timelythen it said there ws a missing dependency22:06
kendergood night22:06
garrettMichael: I also had the same problems22:06
ajturnerMichael - have python installed?22:06
ajturnerI ran it22:06
garrettI do have python too22:06
Michaeli will go and get it now22:06
ajturnerand ran from the cmd line22:06
*** kender has quit IRC22:06
Michaelu know how to change the wlan drivers?22:07
ajturnerI don't22:07
*** Guardian has quit IRC22:07
Michaeli really wish that some one knew how to do it22:07
ajturnerMicheal - why?22:08
Michaeli am trying to get aircrack working properly22:08
timelyisn't the point  of the link to make sue dependences will just work?22:08
*** mat has joined #maemo22:08
*** NickDe has quit IRC22:08
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:09
*** NickDe has joined #maemo22:09
timelyi'm not realy sure hat's wrong since the eror is in portuguese22:10
*** booiiing has joined #maemo22:11
maemokidhmmm should i deinstall maemo mapper v1.3.5 before installing v1.4?22:13
JaffaI wouldn't've thought that should be necessary.22:14
dolfuni want to set up tv streaming to the 77022:14
dolfunanobody done that here?22:15
mgedminmaemokid: what would be the point?22:15
dolfuni was thinking mplayer + a little website to control the channels22:15
*** spaetz_ has quit IRC22:15
mgedmindpkg/apt/the application manager all support upgrades22:15
maemokidwell i installed it from the mistral repository22:16
maemokidsomeone said i should delete mistral repositories...22:16
Michaelanyone remeber the command to convert a arm.deb package to armel.deb in scratchbox?22:16
JaffaMichael: err, you need to recompile it from source.22:17
Michaelok, i have the source as well22:17
* timely would suggest an audrey - less squinting22:17
mgedminmaemokid: do you have a nokia n800?22:17
Michaeli am trying to compile dsniff22:17
JaffaMichael: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b22:17
mgedminmaemokid: if so, I would suggest that you remove the mistral repository (just to be on the safe side)22:18
mgedminthen upgrade maemo-mapper to 1.4 from the bora repository22:18
maemokidthx mgedmin22:18
JaffaMichael: However for porting I'd plug as that'll handle the Application Manager requirements as well, if it's not already a Maemo package.22:18
jobitigert: :)22:18
mgedminuninstall + install is almost exactly the same as upgrade with the debian packaging tools22:18
tigertjobi: I'll try to do you another bg image for this22:19
tigertit looks neat22:19
inzjobi, is that missing a minus sign ;)22:19
maemokidmgedmin: updated successfully :)22:19
tigertmake a package? :)22:19
tigertor does it depend on a new framework?22:19
Michaeli have never tried it out yet, so i will give it a shot22:19
Michaelis it easy to use?22:19
inztigert, aren't you running hildon-desktop yet?-)22:21
jobitigert: it uses the new desktop code22:21
*** greentux_ has joined #maemo22:21
*** greentux has quit IRC22:21
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo22:21
jobitigert: and it's not doing anything but lying about the weather in helsinki yet22:21
jobicool thing is this translucent stuff would work just as well with bora desktop22:22
*** spaetz has joined #maemo22:23
MacSlowtigert, btw... did xrender hit hildeon?22:23
tkohmm, I wonder how the TN would look if the same effect would be applied to the buttons22:23
MacSlowtigert, just wondering with the obvious transparent stuff in screenshots going on22:24
jobitko: you mean, seeing the home window underneath?22:24
tigertI bet that is still the "uglyhack" dept22:24
tkojobi, or rather, the background image22:24
tigertMacSlow: ask jobi :)22:24
MacSlowjobi, so...22:24
jobiMacSlow: it's the poorman's composite ;)22:24
MacSlowjobi, still no true xredner?!22:25
jobiMacSlow: grabbing the content of the underlying window and doing composite on the client side22:25
zuhHmm, hasn't xrender been available all along?22:25
jobiyes I think it is22:25
jobinot accelerated though AFAIK22:26
MacSlowjobi, btw... what about that powervr mbx driver for the pepperpad... any slight chance of getting driver-sources of any kind?22:26
jobiMacSlow: no clue sorry22:26
zuhjobi: So far, nothing has been ;)22:26
myrenhmm good call on the pepperpad22:27
myrenbeen looking for anyone that powervr mbx support22:27
pbrookI wouldn't bet on getting anything useful out of PowerVR.22:28
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC22:29
X-Fadevermagic: preempt ARMv5 gcc-3.422:29
X-FadeThat looks like a 2.6 kernel powervr driver to me..22:29
Takis there a doc for programming the fm radio yet?22:29
MacSlowwell even if it would lack GL (as daniels hints) maybe it comes with some EXA-support22:30
JaffaTak: it's just a V4L device, AFAIK22:30
*** jeepers has joined #maemo22:30
MacSlowthat could still mean some acceleration22:30
Takincluding setting the frequencies, etc?22:31
jeepershey, folks... anyone know why i might be told that a chgrp is "not permitted?"22:32
jeepersi tried it as root and user on the actual device22:32
jeepersi can do a chown22:32
inzjobi, hildon-desktop doesn't compile without hildin-libs-dev currently, hd-notification-manager.c uses <hildon-widgets/...>22:32
Jaffajeepers: not trying on a FAT filing system are you?22:32
jeepersdoh!!! um... maybe...22:33
jobiinz: damn22:34
jobilet me check22:34
maddlermgedmin: heya dude22:38
* mgedmin waves back22:38
Veggenhmm. X on the N800 has tcp-port open. Hadn't noticed before.22:38
maddlerVeggen: yep...22:38
maddlerfire up iptables :)22:38
timelykender: so..22:42
mgedminhey, true22:43
wumpusVeggen: from outside even?22:43
*** behdad has joined #maemo22:44
Veggenwumpus: yup, although not with "xhost +"22:45
wumpusI see, it has port 6000 open22:45
jobiinz: hopefully fixed, I can't compile from here22:45
wumpusit should probably be configured to only accept locally via unix sockets22:45
Veggenmmm. Where does the X config live?22:45
wumpuslike most modern linux distributions22:45
wumpusit's something in the X command line22:45
* mgedmin creates a bug:
wumpus/usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp22:46
wumpusthat's the line on my desktop machine22:46
wumpusit's probably the nolisten tcp part22:47
Veggenwumpus: sure, but this Xomap server I don't know.22:47
wumpussame, I think22:47
mgedminit is started as /usr/bin/Xomap -mouse tslib -nozap -dpi 96 -wr22:48
mgedminaccording to ps22:48
jobiinz: now for real :)22:48
wumpusps output is cropped22:48
mgedminthis is shorter than the width of the screen22:48
mgedminso I think not in this case22:48
wumpusthen look at the dsp_dld line, it's cropped at the same position22:48
Veggenwump: nope.22:49
mgedminon the 770 it was Xomap -mouse /dev/input/mouse0 -mouse /dev/input/event2 -dpi 9622:49
mgedminno mention of tcp in either case22:49
Veggen /sbin/udhcpc -i wlan0 -s /etc/udhcpc/udhcpc.script -H is cropped.22:49
mgedminwumpus: dsme -d -l syslog -v 4 -p /usr/lib/dsme/ is longer22:49
wumpusif you don't mention tcp22:49
wumpusit will listen there22:49
Veggenbut /usr/bin/Xomap -mouse tslib -nozap -dpi 96 -wr is shorter.22:49
wumpusadding -nolisten tcp  should fix it22:50
Veggenhmm. strings. I need strings.22:50
wumpusbut might get you into other trouble :)22:50
mgedmin/proc/$pid/cmdline confirms that -wr is the last argument22:50
mgedmin+1 for strings22:50
mgedminoh how I miss my strings...22:50
wumpusI see22:50
mgedminum, don't quote that out of context22:50
Veggenmgedmin: should be easy to compile.22:50
wumpusthere it is22:50
mgedminI think I tried once, and got bogged down in dependencies22:50
Veggenbinutils. ugh.22:51
wumpusuhm, I stopped X and the device rebooten22:52
wumpusthis is scary22:52
timelyx is lifeguarded22:52
*** b0unc3` has quit IRC22:52
timelyas are a dozen other items22:52
*** jeepers has quit IRC22:52
timelythis is the way you make a consumer device if you've been making cell phones for 10 years22:52
wumpushehe , more like booby trapped22:52
wumpuslets' see if it worked22:52
*** b0unc3` has joined #maemo22:53
wumpus6000 is closed22:53
wumpusand the device works fine22:53
VeggenInstalled binutils from repository. Now I have strings.22:53
mgedminwumpus: what did you do?22:53
mgedmin-nolisten tcp?22:53
wumpusyup, added -nolisten tcp to ARGS in that init file22:54
*** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC22:54
mgedminwumpus: please comment on then22:54
Veggenmgedmin: binutils is in a repository, and installed ok. With strings.22:55
mgedminoh, cool22:55
mgedminum, which repository?22:55
Veggen(how do I see, again?)22:55
mgedminapt-cache policy packagename22:56
*** Guardian has joined #maemo22:57 mistral/free.22:57
zygais there any hardware driver for the n800 a closed source binary?22:57
wumpuszyga: yes, the wifi chip22:57
zygawhat about the display?22:58
wumpusand the DSP part of the codecs22:58
wumpusthe display is open, at least the kernel driver22:58
wumpusit's in blizzard.c22:58
Michaelwumpus: I am just jumping in here.... is the wlan driver able to be changed?22:59
mgedminhm, binutils is not in bora/free23:00
wumpusafaik, the CX3110x driver is closed source binary blob23:01
wumpusit's some conexant chip23:02
wumpusthere's also an umac driver that is closed.. bluetooth I think23:02
* timely ponders23:02
timelyi thought i saw CX3110x on garrage23:02
Michaelit is there but there is nothing in it23:03
pbrookThat N800 also has proper graphics hardware (pvr MBX), but just doesn't use it.23:03
Michaelso there is no way to tell the 800 to use a different driver for wireless?23:03
pahartikwumpus: I "rmmod cx3110x umac" and BÃluetooth still orks on Maemo 2.223:03
pahartikwumpus: I "rmmod cx3110x umac" and Bluetooth still works on Maemo 2.223:04
timelythere's a driver in the cx3110x project23:04
wumpustigert: someone is trying an open source project I think23:04
timelyat least i checked it out23:04
wumpussorry, timely23:04
wumpusyeah adressed the wrong person :)23:05
wumpusstupid tab23:05
* timely still doesn't get it23:05
*** __shawn has joined #maemo23:06
* timely tries to remember how to find out who a person is23:06
* timely goes to attack the garage database23:06
Michaeli have a question for you now23:07
tigertwumpus: ?23:07
tigerteh ok :)23:07
timelytigert: bad nick completion :)23:07
tigertyea, figured about now23:07
Michaelhow can i go about using aircrack to give me correct data from the access point power level?23:08
tigertMacSlow: the transparent stuff is part of "we should be less boring on our "desktop" -thinking23:08
MacSlowtigert, :)23:08
tigertMacSlow: its a start at least :)23:08
MacSlowtigert, it certainly is!23:08
mgedminI like the new themes on the os200723:09
mgedminespecially the virtual keyboard in Balaton23:09
timelymgedmin; install valentine23:09
timelyand tell me if you retain that opinion23:09
wumpusMichael: I don't know, I ran kismet though23:09
wumpusaircrack or anything that injects packets probably doesn't work23:09
Michaelso did i23:09
Michaelbut it doesn't show the signal strengths23:10
mgedmintimely: I do not see how Valentine can change my opinion on the look of virtual keyboard in Balaton ;)23:10
Michaeli dont want to inject anything23:10
Michaeljust want to be able to see whats going on23:10
* timely ponders23:11
*** ssvb has quit IRC23:11
timelythe drivers for cx3110x don't look that different23:11
TakI like the new themes as well23:11
Michaeltimely: how would you install the driver?23:12
timelywhat's the license of cx3110x anyway?23:12
timelymichael: i woudln't23:12
timelyi read things, i don't install them23:12
Michaelmakes sense23:12
Michaelbut if you did install things..... how would you go about doing it ;-)23:13
tigertwhich reminds me I need to update plankton23:13
wumpusat least don't replace the other one, you could of course upload the driver and temporarily insmod it23:13
wumpusyeah, like insert kernel module :p23:14
Michaelstill very new with this side of the world23:14
tigertwumpus: michael is linux newbie still23:14
tigertlearning fast though :)23:14
tigertyou are doing fine :)23:14
disqi still feel like i should complain about the osso-mediaplayer23:14
Michaelbeen messing around with this thing for 1 week now23:14
* timely ponders23:14
timelyare you guys absolutely certain the cx driver isn't part of the open source release?23:14
wumpusno I am not sure23:15
disqplaylist operations are virtually nonexistent23:15
wumpusbut *usually* wifi drivers are closed23:15
wumpusbecause of some regulation restricting the strength of transmissions23:15
Michaeldoes anyone know what kind of wifi chipset it is?23:15
Michaelmaybe we can find a driver that will work with it23:15
timelymichael: really, the cx driver in garage is a very very close match23:16
timelywhich is ocnfusing me23:16
wumpus[74615.844512] Loading 3826.arm firmware23:16
wumpus[74616.087585] (c)opyright 2004 Conexant23:16
wumpus[74616.087646] build info: PRISM SoftMAC23:16
wumpus[74616.087677]   creator: [kvalo]23:16
wumpus[74616.087707]   date: [06/11/28-15:03]23:16
wumpus[74616.095092] CX3110x: MAC address 00:19:xx:xx:xx:xx23:16
Michaelbut i dont see one23:16
Michaeli see a garage, but no file23:17
wumpusthat's what mine says in dmesg23:17
maddlerit's a conexant23:17
timelylemme put it differently23:18
timelythe person who created the garage project is the author of the driver23:18
Michaelgo ahead23:18
Michaeloh ok23:18
timelyit's not just some random person23:18
Michaelso there is no file in there right now23:18
timelywhat do you mean?23:18
Michaelthats understandable23:18
timelythere's an svn repo23:18
Michaeloh ok23:19
timelyand you can check it out23:19
Michaelstill new23:19
*** yerga has quit IRC23:20
Michaelok now i see... didn't know about svn's23:20
wumpuslet's check it out23:20
wumpusyep that seems to be the driver23:21
timelyit's not necessarily absolutely current23:21
wumpusbut it has two closed source components23:21
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:23
timelyoh, and umac23:24
timelycounting is hard :)23:24
timelyyeah, i don't think nokia has them23:25
timelysorry :)23:25
timelyyeah, sorry23:26
suihkulokkifunnily enough I hear a lot whining about non-free wifi driver, but not a single test report of the GPL wifi driver...23:28
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone23:28
wumpusmaybe you don't even need the closed source components to change what Michael wants, to see the network strengths23:29
lle2suihkulokki: that's because people don't drink enough guinness23:29
suihkulokkille2: was there guinness in aussie bar?23:29
* pahartik gives up on trying to set up DUN between Maemo 2.2 and Bluez on Linux workstation, continues using PAN instead23:33
ocnarfid8Anyone going to the NYC nokia N800 launch let me know we can say hi there later. :)23:35
lle2suihkulokki: yup23:35
TakI'm not fond enough of reflashing to hack around with my tablets' kernels23:35
myren^-- powervr mbx stuff for the pepperpad23:36
myrenthat just got released23:36
tigertjobi: around?23:36
myrenits binary, but hackign it to work isnt inconcievable23:37
jobitigert: yes23:37
Pioanyone have any reason why i should *not* buy this for use with my 770?
tigertjobi: got you another graphic23:37
jobitigert: cool23:38
tigerthows something like this?23:41
*** koen has quit IRC23:41
tigertits huge too :)23:41
*** ajturner has quit IRC23:41
tigertbut not that big on the device screen23:42
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC23:42
jobitigert: but it's not that transparent :)23:42
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo23:43
tigerthrmph :)23:45
tigerta sec23:45
*** axique has joined #maemo23:46
tigertthis has some transparency23:46
garrettwow that looks dark here23:46
tkojobi, oh, how were you painting the applet background? or is it just a bg_pixmap too ?23:47
garrettbut I'm sure it will look cool in context (:23:47
lle2who was the mud maintainer? I tried to use the svn version with sb2 and basically nothing worked :)23:47
* garrett looks at the previous URL23:47
garrettoh ok, nice!23:47
tigertuse that?23:48
tigertalign the weather icon at 128x128 size so that it is equally far from each white border line on the left edge of the rectangle23:49
tigertlemme actually update the mockup23:49
jobitko: painting23:49
c0ffeelle2, Jaffa23:49
jobitigert: thanks, will try23:49
axiquehi..can someone please help me with a localisation question? My localisation works perfectly when I (also) use textdomain(PACKAGE). But this binds my gmo file, so the rest of the hildon desktop (which was not loaded) will not find its own strings anymore. How can I avoid this?23:49
tkojobi, gdk_draw_pixbuf ?23:50
lle2c0ffee: right, thanks23:50
tigertlike this23:50
axiqueforgot...its a home applet23:50
tigertw00t that looks good23:50
tigertgarrett: like the font btw?23:50
tkoaxique, dgettext23:50
tigertgarrett: its a recent discovery. Computer Modern Unicode23:50
garrettoh cool23:51
axiquetko thanks I'll try23:51
tigertthe same site23:51
tigertthe boldface is very pretty imho23:51
*** epx has quit IRC23:52
jobineed to adjust the offsets but
*** herzi has quit IRC23:57
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:58
*** luck has quit IRC23:59

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