IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-01-14

* cesman uses vnc viewer to connect to his mythtv mbe00:02
frameratehave a good weekend, fellas.00:04
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framerate|afkps. it was trenka who rebuilt that maemo mapper for N80000:05
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EvilGHi, I need some help regarding my Bluetooth Keyboard; can anyone please assist or give me a hint on where to find help?01:10
EvilGI have a "Smart Bluetooth Keyboard" which can be used with kbdd. I used xmodmap to fix the layout for the german keys.01:11
Disconnect770 or n800?01:11
Disconnectgot the bluetooth plugin?01:12
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EvilGNope, works fine without. But some keys only produce characters in xterm, not in other apps.01:12
EvilGespecially german "Umlaute" or the EuroSign.01:12
Disconnectdunno. the 770 input methods are a disaster, i'd use the bluetooth plugin and see how that works.01:13
Disconnect(the 800 uses standard input methods, so a ton of the problems went away)01:13
Disconnectits somewhat late in the day for most of the people likely to have intl keyboards01:14
EvilGdisaster seems a pretty accurate description :-/01:15
Disconnecthopefully the engineering release will fix it01:15
EvilGi hope so too01:16
EvilGmaybe it is an x11 problem, though. xev gives me:01:16
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EvilGKeyPress event, serial 21, synthetic NO, window 0x1200001,01:16
EvilG    root 0x37, subw 0x0, time 499027017, (185,261), root:(265,321),01:16
EvilG    state 0xc0, keycode 26 (keysym 0x20ac, EuroSign), same_screen YES,01:17
EvilG    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:01:17
obrais there genuinely no perl in the bora repository01:17
* obra is surprised01:17
EvilG0 bytes is the prob - most keysyms work correctly, though01:18
Disconnectthere's a mapping file.. don't remember where tho :( been a long time since i messed with that (back when most multimedia keys, like, say, the windows key ;) weren't mapped in X)01:18
Disconnectxkeysyms maybe, something like that can map them on the fly01:19
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EvilGi'll have a look at that...01:21
Disconnectfor a simpler fix (maybe..) try taking out all the custom stuff and using the bluetooth plugin, it might Just Work. (and if not, well, thats why you save all the stuff you take out :) ..)01:21
EvilGi think that the bt plugin is intended for hid keyboards, but mine is an older one and needs kbdd. at least the bt plugin was not able to connect to the kbd01:26
Disconnectah ok01:27
* Disconnect grrs. dsp_dld keeps rebooting my n800 :(01:27
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Jaffalo koen01:52
koenhey Jaffa01:52
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chxhi. do we know whether the N800 has a powered USB port or not? another question, I was looking at this and was thinking "is there a BT keyboard which would let me do this with the Nokia 770/N800"? It just needs a good holster mechanism...02:49
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Jaffachx: I think the answer on "powered USB port" is a "no"02:49
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Disconnectchx: same usb as 77002:51
chxI see. Not good news :(02:51
Disconnect(remember, the hardware isn't designed for usb host. its -capable- of it, but thats different....)02:51
chxsure. And what about a good keyboard for the tablet?02:52
* Disconnect likes the thinksecret bluetooth foldable. 02:52
Disconnectgot it for the 770, still like it on the 80002:52
chxGot an URL?02:53
chx(I thought thinksecret was an Apple rumour site. I could be wrong, of course)02:53
Disconnectyah stowaway but its got some other name printed on it iirc02:54
Disconnectthinkoutside, thats it02:54
Disconnectheh yah02:54
Disconnectexpensive but (to me at least) worth it. over a year of use, only one battery change (and that was recent)02:55
chxthen I am contemplating gadgets like Nokia N95, HTC TyTN and such, a keyboard can't be called expensive :)02:55
* Disconnect thinks it was ~$100USD when he got it, not $150, but that might be wrong02:56
Disconnectno dedicated number row, thats my biggest irritation with it02:56
chxthere is no gadget that matches my needs. I might need to wait for the HTC Kaiser. But that'll be still Windows Mobile :(02:57
Disconnect(mine just says 'think' and it doesn't even say that very clearly anymore :) ..)03:01
chxI *might* be better with a slim HSDPA phone (Samsung has very nice ones) , a BT GPS receiver , a keyboard and the N800 than putting all these together in one fat package which runs Windows03:04
chxI saw at Maemo Garage that there is a mapper. That's cool.03:05
Disconnectthats sorta where i'm going (although i don't have a slim phone - 9300i)03:05
Disconnectmaemo mapper does maps (google maps, draws on top of it) gpsdrive does vectors (half-ported)03:06
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Disconnectmaemo mapper can (in theory) load routes that say "follow this path, alert at these turns" etc.. gpsdrive can say "how do I get there from here"..03:07
chxand, does it public transport?03:09
chxI am looking forward on moving to Vancouver and that's a *huge* place. Somewhat easy to get lost.03:10
chxI would love to have to gadgets that tell me 'you should get off the bus at the next stop' :)03:11
jonekWOW! That last mail on bluetooth head set support is by far the most detailed information EVER published by Nokia bout this topic!!03:15
jhejonek: you're welcome :)03:15
Jaffajhe: I very much appreciated it, even if it doesn't directly impact me at the moment.03:16
MilhouseThanks Johan :)03:17
MilhouseI'm the OP - the one with the SE W950i as well03:18
jheit's mostly a resourcing and prioritization issue why it hasn't been dealt with earlier. at least now we have official software requirements for it.03:18
jheMilhouse: ah, yes, hi :)03:18
jonekit doesn't impact me, too. one eye cries because it has taken so long until such detailed information was released. the other one laughs because now we know what's in the pipe. thx Johan!03:21
jonekjhe: I assume in the TI related paragraph you mean "so there is NO guarantee that it'd work"?03:24
jhejonek: yes, it's a typo03:25
Milhousejhe: seems pessimistic - are you just being overly cautious?03:25
jheI talked to our bluetooth kernel developer this week and he was quite skeptical of it working (not that he'd tested it either)03:25
Milhouseobviously not :(03:26
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jonekjhe: if you find out that you are allowed to use the mentioned secret TI command, would "using it in GPL code" == "you publish it"?03:27
JaffaBah, I want to go to bed but I'm waiting for stupidly long, but failing auto-deb builds to fail again (or, well, work would be nice but let's not get our hopes up)03:27
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jhejonek: I suppose so. Though the entire thing is pretty silly (IMHO). Even if we had the command in some binary-only component, you could still sniff it using hcidump.03:29
MilhouseRemind TI how it went with the SD specs...03:30
jonekjhe: ok - that means the TI bt component is mainly GPL incompatible! :-(03:30
* Jaffa beds.03:30
jonekJaffa: sleep well03:30
jhejonek: unfortunately so, unless we get some special permission from TI to publish it in GPL code (no idea what the chance for that is though)03:34
lle2Jaffa: if you ever happen to have too much time and everything's all rosy with sb1, it would be way cool if you could test the mud-builder with sb2 :)03:35
jonekjhe: *sigh* - sorry, but for a device like the 770 that was supposed to be operated by OSS only I'd call choosing this kind of BT chipset a mistake.03:36
jonekjhe: but maybe there is a small chance left that everything goes fine in the end :) - good night03:37
joneklle2: what is 'mud'?03:39
lle2wasn't it mud-builder that jaffa was working on? I've such an unpredictable memory03:39
jonekok - what is mud-builder??03:40
jonekah, that one! thx03:41
* cesman hopes to show the N800 at SCALE streaming media off a MythTV backend03:45
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chxapparently, PHP exists form ARM CPU ( -- does it run on the tablet?05:07
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kw1Hi everyone. I'm having trouble finding one of t he dependencies for the osso-rss-feed-reader module in IT-2006 called osso-email-interface. Could anyone point me in the right direction?05:49
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kw1I'm logging off, but if anyone has an answer I'll still be logged in on another machine with the nick kwa.06:22
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AaronLkwl/kwa:  what was your question?07:41
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gpdi seem to be getting a download error with maemo mapper and google url that was working yesterday...07:48
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gpdhad a fab day with the device today -- checking email in random locations around LA with open networks -- very cool07:52
gpdmay have even convinced the gf that this is more than a toy! :)07:52
gpdor at least the me playing with it all week might have been 'useful'07:52
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* gpd notes new extras repository for bora :)07:56
obragpd: using webmail or the built in mail client?08:01
gpdactually using yahoo mail via web browser08:01
gpd-- gf's account08:02
gpdalso - took screenshot of google maps and scp'd to machine for driving directions to local stores -- used image viewer to check location (low tech - but worked well)08:04
gpdfound numerous open wifi spots around LA - but often got 'network error' - or 'local ip'.08:05
gpdconnected to friend's wifi at their apartment - but needed to type the entire wep key in -- even though he knew the passphrase - need to find a pw->key converter08:06
gpdfinding that google chat is very crap when multiple clients are open and connected -- it seems to send the chat messages to ONE of the clients - not all :(08:07
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nokHi,  I am using vnc to connection to my n800, and when I use xterm, the "enter" key on my keyboard brings up the keyboard on my n800.... How do I do an "enter" using from my keyboard08:40
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konfooanyone using the transcend 150x 4gb sd card on the n800? it doesn't work for me..09:46
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Jaffalle2: good idea. Once it's a bit more stable on sb1 I'll look at sb2 (I love the ideas you're playing with there)09:57
keesj770Jaffa, I have my mud notes but they are not ready yet for "publication"09:59
keesj770(but I would like a cvs/svn fetch target) ,10:00
Jaffakeesj770: it's on the TODO (but I may not have checked that in)10:00
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keesj770I was able to build ode with just a simple .xml that is just awsome.10:01
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keesj770I tried to build sdlgfx from deb but that went terebly wrong it started building tk or similar10:01
keesj770off swiming10:02
JaffaYeah, that's what I've found. Everything in Debian seems to want to build docbook, which wants to build tetex which wants to build tcl which wants to build tk10:02
keesj770perhaps a nodoc flag of some kind?10:04
JaffaYeah, that's my plan - there's no need for info, man pages and /usr/share/doc on Maemo for most packages10:04
keesj770and some direction where to find packages and when to start from the tar.gz because building from .tar.gz is really trivial10:04
JaffaYup. Need to add some dependency handling for tar.gz's though.10:11
k-sis there any way to remove /usr/share/$PKG from .deb packages?10:14
k-s /usr/share/doc/$PKG I mean10:14
k-sright now I have some metapackages just to get dependencies right10:15
Jaffak-s: in mud, yeah - I can just modify debian/rules to not to dh_install{docs,man,info}10:15
k-sbut they always install damn copyright, README.Debian.gz, ... wich brings about 10kb to package after installed10:15
Jaffak-s: I might go down that route. Be interesting to see how Debian address some circular build dependencies10:15
k-sJaffa: but afaik, copyright, authors and readme are always installed10:16
k-sJaffa: I'm fixing canola packages to behave nicely for upgrades10:16
k-sJaffa: I moved every .so to own package10:16
k-sJaffa: every .mo (translation) to own package10:17
k-sJaffa: but it's good to just have a plugins-base to get all libraries10:17
k-sJaffa: and one package to download all translation if wanted10:18
k-skoen: ping10:18
k-sdaniels: ping10:19
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep10:21
k-skoen, daniels: have you tried -mcpu=arm926ej-s?10:24
k-ssuccess? problems?10:24
k-sI'm planing to test with that, but need to get a real device at office... so just monday10:24
k-sok... 5:25am here... time to sleep10:25
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koenk-s[AWAY]: that works, but gcc3 and gcc4 have a different name for that flag, so beware when using multiple compilers12:41
jonekkoen: can you explain shortly what that flag does? I can't imagine it from what the section of th man page says.12:44
koenjonek: it tells gcc to optimize the the arm926ej-s core12:45
koenit will basically turn on armv5 instructions and not abort when encountring assembler using those12:45
jonekhow does one gain from setting it?12:46
joneks/how/how much/12:46
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koenjonek: some things get a lot faster, like libsdl12:47
jonekkoen: java PhoneME's makefiles are prepared for that compiler flag. would you recommend to try it?12:48
koenbut keep in mind that the phoneME makefiles are full of crappy assumptions12:49
jonekkoen: you mean that floating point configuration in there?12:50
koenit's closed predecessor cvm enabled softfloat unconditonally even when dynamically linking for a hardfloat system12:50
koenjonek: among other things12:50
koenI ended up writing makefiles and .ml files from scratch for my projectg12:51
koenbut that was 2 years ago12:51
jonekkoen: as far as I understand for linux-arm-... they now enable their own floating point implementation and disable the kerneltrap by default12:53
jonekkoen: what is the difference between -mcpu=arm926ej-s and -march=armv5te? when do I want both?12:55
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koenthere's not much difference13:16
koen-mcpu-arm926ej-s just knows more details about your cpu13:16
jonekthanks, koen13:19
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cambbadoes anyone know reason why N800 wouldn't boot? or even better, how to fix this? flashing won't make any difference...13:42
*** greentux has quit IRC13:47
cambbaor let's ask it other way: why wouldn't flasher-3.0 restore the firmware to its original state?13:48
suihkulokkidoes the charger work? ie is there a progressbar on the device when you run flasher?13:50
cambbayes, there is a progress bar13:50
cambbaand flasher says that everythings ok13:50
suihkulokkithen the software is in original state13:50
cambbabut it won't boot13:50
cambbait just shows the Nokia logo and shuts down13:51
suihkulokkidoes your battery have enough power?13:51
cambbayes, it is full13:51
tkocambba, shuts down as in power off?13:51
cambbatko: yes13:51
tkocambba, low on battery13:52
tkootherwise it would try to reboot again13:52
cambbatko: but wouldn't it work then with charger?13:52
cambbawhen I do that, it gets into reboot loop13:52
tkocambba, plugging in the charger should boot up partially and start charging, you should see the charging animation13:53
cambbatko: no, it does not start that13:54
cambbatko: it just blinks the logo, as if it tries to start up but then shuts down immediatelly13:54
tkosounds like the battery is drained..13:55
tkonot sure, though13:55
cambbabut why wouldn't it then recharge it?13:56
cambbaI've owned this N800 only for two days, and I just charged the battery before it died13:56
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*** qgil has left #maemo13:58
tkoit needs a little bit power to run the charging software, so if the battery is totally drained (which shouldn't happen) it can't even start reliably. or so it worked in 770 IIRC13:58
cambbait does have power left, since I can flash it without the charger13:59
tkoI may be mistaken about it though, I don't know too much about battery13:59
tkogood point13:59
cambbaI know there has been some other people with this problem, but don't know if they have been able to fix it14:01
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Tyborhi people. Is there any European shop selling the N800?15:02
Tyborkoen: when I tell them I'm italian they want to sell me the 770 8-/15:04
koentry and click "buy now"15:05
*** greentux has joined #maemo15:06
Tyborkoen: 10x a lot. It works (somehow)....15:08
Tyborkoen: their wireless keyboard costs 151€... Isn't it too much? Do other bluetooth keyboards work? (they should. AFAIK)15:10
koenthat one surprised me as well15:10
koenother bluetooth keyboard should work, as long as they don't use the serial port profile (as the cheap on I have does)15:11
Tyborkoen: thanks!15:12
*** jose__ has quit IRC15:14
Tyborkoen: I know that the 770 can't use USB keyboard. Can the N800 use them?15:15
Tyborkoen: it seems that most of the bluetooth keyboards costs 130-150€... Sigh...15:20
keesj770yup :(15:20
keesj770And the ones  i prefer even more , and I love the media-center keyboard15:20
keesj770that is the one thing that MS is dam good at, creating keyboard15:22
Tyborkeesj770: I would prefer "smaller" keyboard. More or less the size of a laptop keyboard.15:22
koenTybor: last year they were €90-110 :(15:23
koenstupid inflation15:23
keesj770this might me something for me
Tyborkeesj770: oh I found it resold on ebay! ... (too small for me)15:24
keesj770I have a keyboard like this
keesj770but I really can't work on that15:25
Tyborkeesj770: why?15:25
keesj770that size keyboard need a table and still are to small/ weird15:25
* Tybor was thinking to buy an N800 + keyboard as an emacs/X11/vnc/ssh terminal15:26
Tyborkeesj770: doesn't it work open on the lap?15:26
*** kender has quit IRC15:27
keesj770not the freedom , it's not strong enough so typing really is a pain . idem in the bus or train15:28
nnodhow about this:
keesj770I guess the keyboard I am looking for must be usable when there is no surface , the virtural thumb keyboard is pretty good I have heard and many here use that15:29
Tybornnod: it still need a flat, clean surface...15:30
Tybornnod: I want to hack sitted in the sofa without cooking my lap15:31
keesj770but there are some hacks around to still use a real usb keyboard15:31
nnodyeah, that laser thing isn't very practical15:32
keesj770at home that might be just wat you want.15:32
nnodkeesj770: i can't imagine learning how to type with only one hand on that15:32
keesj770nnod, they are really stupid why did they put s shift lock on that keyboard15:33
TyborThis would be good
nnodif you could find something like this but with SD instead of CF:
Tyborperhaps it would be better to have a tablet-friendly text editor15:38
keesj770Tybor, yes15:38
Tyborkeesj770: is there anyone?15:38
keesj770I don't really know15:39
keesj770I use vi most of the time15:39
Tyborkeesj770: with the onscreen keyboard?15:40
* Tybor can use vi on the tablet if he still can be productive15:41
Tyborkeesj770: how much are you "productive" compared to a full keyboard/PC?15:41
nnodhas anyone ordered one of the 800s from within europe? how long did it take to arrive? they ship from belgium, right?15:42
keesj770770 is a complete waste of time. it has nothing to do with my work and here I am on sunday talking about keyboard and such15:42
Tyborkeesj770: agreeable...15:43
keesj770Tybor, but I am not very productive , I really try to type the bare minimum.15:44
guerbynnod, ordered monday at 1pm, was there tuesday at 2pm (from Paris, came from belgium by UPS) got it only wednesday at 1pm because I wasn't there tuesday15:44
*** jose__ has joined #maemo15:46
nnodguerby: did you have to pay any duties on it? i'm in geneva15:47
leleTybor,  i did many hours of "emergency" ssh-ing with the 770 and bt keyboard, its much lighter than my laptop, and besides, i had my laptop stolen recently and no replacement yet15:47
guerbynnod, no I just paid the amount displayed with my VISA15:47
Tyborlele: Oh! how unlucky!15:47
guerbylele, what bt keyboard do you use?15:48
keesj770and I am just waiting to order. I had my 770 for 250 euro15:48
guerbylele, which model? (or URL?)15:48
leleguerby: uh, it was the only one with bt available at the time, let me check15:49
guerbylele, displays "stoaway" and "sierra" models15:49
lelethink it's this but name and price has changed15:50
lelebut this one looks exactly like mine15:50
guerbylele, ok thanks, the sierra looks different, don't know exactly which could be better, are you satisfied with yours?15:51
*** spect has joined #maemo15:54
lelei don't know much about the other models, the only thing i would like is the ability to register to more than one device, which mine hasn't15:54
leleas about the keyboard: once you are used to the numbers being shifted, it feels like a laptop keyboard15:55
Tyboroh ... 149$... not so different from the 151€ of Nokia's15:59
guerbylele, I think the Nokia SU-8W I have can register to more than one device (never tried with both N770 and N800 could do...)15:59
lelei paid it less than 100€, but now the name has changed to "low profile" (but looks exactly the same :)16:00
lele"ultra slim" that is16:01
keesj770mine was below 100euro16:02
keesj770but it did not support HCI and needs serial communication16:03
Tyborkeesj770: what does it means, speaking of N800/700?16:04
*** ferulo has joined #maemo16:05
guerbymodel   closed(mm) open       weight(g) battery keysize(mm) rows price(USD)16:06
guerbySU-8W   132x87x20  260x 86x12 199       2xAAA   15          4    149.0016:06
guerbySierra  128x90x23  350x129x12 303       1xAAA   19          5    129.9916:06
guerbyStoaway 139x99x13  251x148x13 160       2xAAA   18          4    149.9916:06
*** bilboed has joined #maemo16:08
*** kender has joined #maemo16:08
keesj770Tybor, I  had to install  kbdd  (the default bt plugin only supports HCI)16:09
Tyborkeesj770: using it any bt should work, isn't it?16:10
keesj770any bt keyboard the support HCI (human control?? interface)16:10
Tyborkeesj770: wonderful! So I can buy a less-branded, fewer € keyboard...16:11
keesj770because that is some kind of stantard.16:11
keesj770Thats what I did and had to search for a good software solution because it did not support HCI . but it was all fun!16:12
ntrsCan someone please port minicom for n800?16:14
koenyou mean compile16:14
Tyborguerby: it seems that nokia's keyboard is not so costly when you compare quality hardware16:14
guerbyTybor, I have one SU-8W quality is good, but it's still small keys16:15
ntrskoen, yes, I guess.16:15
keesj770the nokia keyboard looks good.16:16
Tyborguerby: well... 15mm is not so small... I usually work with 19mm keys.16:16
guerbyTybor, one thing is that when open it's not rigid (not much of a problem in practice)16:17
guerbyactually SU-8X key size is 16 not 15 (160mm for Q..P)16:18
*** kkpaul_ has quit IRC16:20
*** kender has quit IRC16:22
*** Guardian has joined #maemo16:22
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo16:27
*** kender has joined #maemo16:34
*** atla has joined #maemo16:34
*** atla has quit IRC16:56
*** florian_ has joined #maemo17:06
*** florian_ is now known as florian17:07
florianhi all17:08
*** melonipoika has joined #maemo17:20
florianhello bmidgley17:21
bmidgleydid you pick up an n800 yet? :)17:21
floriani didn't have to...17:23
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo17:24
jonekhi florian17:24
bmidgleydoh :)17:25
sp3000there a bug on the home key emitting a tilde into my irssi?17:25
* sp3000 didn't spot one at a glance17:26
jonekbmidgley: I'm sure you are at least on the developer program list ;-)17:27
sp3000...or is there something convenient I can poke at to fix it17:29
* jonek leaves for sauna17:31
*** guerby has quit IRC17:31
*** melonipoika has quit IRC17:31
*** melonipoika has joined #maemo17:32
*** shackan has joined #maemo17:33
*** jose__ has quit IRC17:33
*** guerby has joined #maemo17:45
*** melonipoika has quit IRC17:45
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC17:52
*** HGFB has joined #maemo17:52
Guardianhi tko, did you have time to sort out how to get the libs required by the im tutorial ?18:00
feruloseebs: have you seen the webcam tutorial on
seebsI should look at that, huh!  :)18:01
seebsOf course, half the fun of learning to do something is all the things you learn about along the way.18:02
*** kender has quit IRC18:02
seebsI'm multitasking, right now, I'm alternating between PS3 Linux work and N800 work.18:02
chxnow, we have some activity on channel.. I was thinking about running PHP on N800 and I saw there is an ARM deb package already. How hard would it be to get it running on N800?18:03
chxI saw thttpd and sqlite was already ported18:03
seebsDrat!  That's way better than mine.18:03
seebsWell, now I have to think about whether I want to do this demo app anyway, or pick another app that hasn't been done to write about.18:04
koenchx: forget thttpd, use cherokee18:04
seebsInteresting to note that the gstreamer stream design is pretty much exactly the same as mine.  :)18:05
tkoGuardian, I'll find an answer for it later18:05
Guardiantko: ok18:05
tko(generally I don't work on weekends)18:05
tkoGuardian, there was a bug filed, right?18:06
seebsHmmm.  Interesting; they apparently get a simple linear framebuffer, I was getting YVYU.  I wonder why!18:06
seebsAhh!  Because of the filter.18:06
Guardiani understand, didn't want to bother you, it was just that i really had to go before the conversation moved to another topic18:06
seebsVery elegant.18:06
Guardiantko: generally i don't fill in bugs when i'm not sure i just don't forget to had some apt source :)18:06
mdamtGuardian: All the libs needed should be installed when you install maemo-explicit.18:07
chxkoen: I am happy with any webserver.But I need PHP too.18:07
*** ferulo has quit IRC18:08
chxkoen: I would buy an N800 if I could do PHP development on it. I am a Drupal (PHP CMS) developer and whenever I have free time, I would like to do something on it. A Sierra keyboard and an N800 keyboard looks even better to tout around for this purpose than my Dell X1 subnotebook18:08
chx"N800 tablet"18:09
Guardianmdamt: is it something i should install using apt-get ?18:09
mdamtNo apt-get for maemo-explicit.18:10
mdamt and get the Nokia Binaries.18:10
Guardianthe packages mentioned by the input method tutorial mention libhildon-input-method-header-sdk-dev and libhildon-input-method-framework-header-sdk-dev packages.18:10
tkomdamt, the doc only refer to "libhildon-input-method-header-sdk-dev and libhildon-input-method-framework-header-sdk-dev packages." and even that is fairly nicely hidden18:10
mdamtYes, they are inside the maemo-explicit package.18:10
*** pure has joined #maemo18:14
*** pure is now known as purex18:14
purexinstalled scratchbox yesterday and was ableto login and start a test app in xephyr.. today when i started scratchbox with ../login i get "ERROR: Scratchbox is not properly set up!"18:16
*** vandenoever has joined #maemo18:16
vandenoeverhi guys, where can i get information about the maemo developer program?18:17
Guardianvandenoever: in the topic18:17
shackanhi vandenoever18:18
vandenoeverah, ok, so basically, they want devs to start writing code and then they select which code needs testing?18:18
Guardianmdamt: will the .sh script take into account that i named my scratchbox targets differently (herring-i386,scirocco-i386,bora-i386 and so on) or will it just consider it has to be SDK_PC ?18:18
vandenoeverhi shackan, doing dbus for n800?18:18
shackanit already has dbus18:19
gpdchx: I am a drupal user - and you are 'famous' :)18:19
vandenoeveri know and that's really cool, but maybe not for c++ ?18:19
gpdchx: I just got my n800 and think that it was the best thing i ever did -- my sierra is being deliveredd and i think it will make a great pseudo-laptop18:20
shackanvandenoever, it seems they don't like c++ a lot, the only c++ thing I know maemo uses for sure is libjingle18:20
vandenoeverah ok, but does it have libc++ ?18:20
purexhas anyone had that problem with scratchbox working one day and then fail after reboot of the system18:20
gpdchx: the screen is amazing and you can easily use vi in an xterm for writing php - i have not found a php port for the device yet - but there is thttpd and sqlite - and i plan to try and get drupal running on it18:21
shackanbtw, a generous user contributed patches to crosscompile libdbus-c++ for arm so I hope I have that covered already, tough I don't have a N800 to test it on :P18:21
vandenoeveri think Strigi would be a nice lightweight search proggy for the N800: it has dbus support and is very small and light18:21
Guardiangpd: writing php on a N800 ? are so that fond of virtual keyboards ?18:21
gpdGuardian: Sierra BT keyboard... fullsize18:21
gpd330grams :)18:22
shackanvandenoever, then you could spam the mailing list and tell them about it, they might send you one for a cheaper price (beware,  I used *might*)18:22
Guardianok doesn't make sense to me but have fun anyway :)18:22
gpdGuardian: i sold my laptop - and this would be great when in a cafe / on the move18:23
lle2purex: you need to run /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_ctl start after reboot18:23
chxgpd: yes, I am also after the Sierra as I already mentioned and it's a honor that you recogn me18:23
chxgpd: you probably then can understand why PHP on N800 is important for me18:24
*** maddler has quit IRC18:24
chxgpd: there is SQLite patch already for Drupal, I will opt to get it in for Drupal 618:24
purexlle2: thnx18:24
mdamt Guardian: The .sh is specific for Bora I guess.18:24
*** maddler has joined #maemo18:24
gpdchx: yes indeed!  if you have any questions just let me know18:24
vandenoevershackan: ok, thanks18:24
chxgpd: question. Where is the PHP package :)18:24
mdamtBut you could get the IM packages from ~/maemo-sdk-nokia-binaries_3.0rc9/ directory.18:25
gpdchx: good question! i haven't started my search on that yet - do you want a fully running drupal server on the device - or do you just want Vim to edit the code?18:25
koos_vandenoever: there is a libstdc++ on the device18:25
purexlle2: cool it worked perfect18:25
chxgpd: full Drupal environment18:25
chxdear maemo developers, this is the guy who begs for a PHP package.18:25
vandenoeverkoos_: a good! then then # of deps is already smaller18:26
vandenoeveris there maybe a simple env. to try to compile an app for the n800 ?18:26
gpdchx: if there is a working php package in the debian ARM port - then it might be a simple as a recompile -- however the memory and performance issues might be tricky18:26
shackanvandenoever, scratchbox18:26
shackanvandenoever, or rather, the maemo SDK, which requires the nokia scratchbox crosscompiler tools18:27
chxgpd: there is a php in the arm port. yes, performance might be quite tricky. but what other gadget could I get ...?18:27
gpdchx: do you know if drupal can work easily with sqlite?18:27
* purex is away: eating18:28
gpdchx: well - if you can guarantee a powersupply then one of the umpc's might work18:28
maddlerchx... I tried basic applications with php on 770 and I don't think drupal can be usable...18:28
shackandrupal is a CMS, right?18:28
maddlershackan: yes...18:29
shackanmmm, a cms on an internet tablet?18:30
gpdmaddler: where did you find the php packages?18:30
maddlergpd... compiled from debian soruces...18:30
gpdmaddler: any mods - or patches?18:30
maddlershackan: I was considering using a CMS or a Wiki too...18:30
maddlershackan: but it was too slow...18:30
gpdmaddler: what php apps did you try? and with thttpd? and sqlite?18:30
maddlergpd... simply --disable whatever you don't _really_ need18:31
gpdmaddler: if you still have the .debs - i would like to try :)18:31
maddlerI was trying using a PHP addressbook...18:31
gpddrupal might be a CMS but is is very well written and should be scalable in both directions18:31
maddlerbut it was too slow...18:31
gpddid it have any sql?18:32
maddlerno debs here...18:32
maddlergpd... it was using sqlite18:32
maddlerI tried it with monkey httpd18:32
gpdwas it slow due to swapping -- or just processor?18:33
maddlerit was slow because monkey needed PHP to end the whole stuff in order to come up with the page...18:33
vandenoeverdoes scratchbox come with a virtual n800 for testing?18:33
gpdi run drupal on a virtual server ( with 64M ram, apache2, MySQL and 150Mhz -- but no gui... the critical thing is getting the memory down to a minimum18:34
maddleryup... but apache+php are way faster than monkey+php18:34
gpdand you didn't try thttpd -- any reason?18:34
maddlerand if I recall correctly things weren't better with php+thttpd18:34
chxthese are bad news18:35
gpdmaddler: this was on a 77018:35
maddlergpd.... yes...18:35
gpdchx: the 800 has more ram and faster processor - so might be better18:35
maddlerI'm gonna try it on the N800 as soon I'll get mine...18:35
maddlerI think next week18:35
gpdi would try it now - but i need to check that that 770 packages will run on the 80018:36
maddlerthe point is the web server...18:36
maddlerthey all were running PHP in cgi mode...18:36
maddlerand that basically was slowing down things a lot...18:36
gpdhow about PHP5 -- with sqlite buit in - that might be better18:37
lle2gpd: don't forget that on the tablet you've also the browser and the rest of the gui running, so comparing that with a server running nothing but php+webserver is not strictly apples and bananas, but more like apples and tricycle18:37
gpdlle2: yeah - i realize - but just 'living the dream' for now :)18:37
maddlergpd... always the same problem... the bottleneck is the webserver waiting PHP to complete the whole stuff...18:37
maddlerI mean... I checked it running a .php from command line...18:38
maddlerand calling the same page from the web browser...18:38
gpdchx: of course -- if you have Internet -- then all this becomes mute... you have everything at your fingertips18:38
maddlerit was 1:1018:38
lle2gpd: sure, the increased RAM should help a lot18:38
gpdhmm -- well it is worth a try -- i'll let you know how i get on18:39
chxgpd: of course, but I do not always have Internet and data transfer over GRPS/EDGE/HSDPA is steep18:40
lelemaddler, php has quite an high initialization cost indeed18:40
chxmaddler: fast cgi?18:41
maddlerlele... yup... but there was a huge difference anyway...18:43
lle2maddler: did you run the test on the 770?18:43
maddlerchx... not sure it can really change so much ...18:43
maddlerlle2: yes...18:43
maddlerwith ITOS200618:43
chxI would try recompile this18:43
leleotoh, ruby seems fine, i have used webrick from the 770 a few times to perform software upgrade on ciscos :)18:43
lle2if you did then it's no surprise, it just ran out of memory and ended up being totally ineffective in getting anything done18:44
gpdchx: to be honest - i think if you want the power of a desktop from then N800 you will be a little disappointed - but the screen on the N800 and the flexible networking makes it genius to me.18:44
chxfire up php/fastcgi18:44
lle2purging the code from RAM and going back and forth between the different processes is just not going to give you a web page very fast ;)18:44
chxgpd: I am patient. I operated from a 400 Mhz Celeron based laptop for a full month18:44
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:44
gpdchx: you think ligthttpd is more light than thttpd ?18:45
koendrupal works with sqlite?18:45
gpd <- in case you haven't found18:45
koenthat'd be sweet18:45
* koen is getting tired of having to lart module authors for using mysql only sql18:45
Guardianmdamt, tko: just so you know, there is a mistake in the tutorial about one package name of the two. also, here is ( ) the result of trying to install the packages. seems that it removed more stuff than it added :)18:46
chxkoen: there is indeed an SQLite patch18:46
chxkoen: I would like to see Drupal 6 (next Drupal, not the one to be released tomorrow) operate with that as well18:46
koenchx: cool18:46
gpdchx: released tomorrow! sweet18:47
koenah, drupal 5 tomorrow18:47
mdamtGuardian: The page is 404. Could you please file a bug?18:47
chxkoen: and Souvent22 and his merry band provided patches for enterprise stuff like Oracle and MSSQL18:47
chxnow... back to mobile18:47
gpdchx: have you looked at the ultramicro's ?18:47
chxgpd: the what? UMPC? Windows, seven inch, no keyboard?18:47
Guardianmdamt: sure, [17:43:50] <lele> otoh, ruby seems fine, i have used webrick from the 770 a few times to perform software upgrade on ciscos :)18:47
Guardian[17:43:55] <lle2> if you did then it's no surprise, it just ran out of memory and ended up being totally ineffective i18:47
Guardianah sorry :(18:48
chxgpd: please. I would rather buy a picturebook and replace the HDD with flash.18:48
*** Tybor has left #maemo18:48
gpdchx: good -- glad we are on the same page.  i didn't know there were no linux ones.18:48
mdamtGuardian: Thanks!18:48
gpdthe next up is the micro pc's from fujitsu / sharp - those are just tiny laptops -- but VERY expensive18:49
chxten inchers?18:49
chxI already have a Dell X1 for subnotebook18:49
chx2.25lbs or somesuch18:49
chxI need something _significantly_ smaller18:49
chxthose 8-10 inchers do not cut it18:49
Guardianmdamt: in fact i'll try again from a fresh 386 sdk root strap, i vaguely remember dpkg complaining that i had to launch "apt-get install -f) but i don't remember if it was under my herring or bora target18:50
Guardianmdamt: but i'll fill bug for the package name error at least18:50
gpdchx: so what would be your major use case for the n800? testing drupal code or writing it?18:51
chxgpd: the two are so closely related that they are the same18:51
chxwhat do we know about ?18:52
gpdchx: i will try and setup drupal on my N800 this week -- if you want i can let you know how i get on.18:52
chxgpd: please. always finds me , but I on #drupal about 24/7 :)18:53
chx"I am"18:53
* gpd looks at sony ux micro pc tour18:55
maddlergpd... drop me a line as well :)18:55
gpdwow -- 1024x600 -- 4.5 inch screen, 4.5hour battery, no mention of weight so far18:57
*** mdamt has quit IRC18:58
gpdspecifications page gives me blankness
maddlergpd: what about price?19:00
gpdoh. i thought it said $999 -- but it is 'starting at $1899.99'19:01
gpd... James Bond 007 US Spy Bundle --- $2499... heh19:02
chxindeed most place sells this baby for $2K but that place I found on bizrate it's only 1K19:03
chx this is much older. But might better fill my needs...19:06
purexhas anyone gotten mplayer to work on the n800 yet. I thought i read somwhere that mplayer started but there was not picture19:08
chxwow, mplayer on _that_ ?19:20
*** koos__ has joined #maemo19:21
keesj770chx, mplayer runs fine on the 77019:23
keesj770thanks to ssvb I think19:24
chxis the CPU enough to decode DivX?19:24
chxif it is then PHP for sure can run at a speed acceptable for me :)19:24
*** mdamt has joined #maemo19:24
lle2chx: I don't think it's about cpu, it's more about not having enough RAM to keep the pages for all the needed processes in memory19:25
chxthen N800 will probably be the solution... let's hope.19:26
chxwe will know more when gpd tries.19:26
*** lpotter_ has joined #maemo19:28
purexis it possible to use the n800 or n700 as a development machine.. what works today? python,c,java ?  .. would like be able to write code when i am traveling or away..19:28
purexssvb: thanx.. nice work19:28
ssvbchx: cpu usage can vary a lot depending on video resolution and bitrate, so not every divx video is watchable on 77019:28
keesj770purex, many things are work in progress, if you say today i think "python,lua,mircoperl,ruby,smallbasic," check the maemo wiki for applications and applications WIP19:31
keesj770and also phoneme java , but no GUI stuff yet19:31
purexkeesj770: oh i see. will look at that page.. it is hard to tell if they work on n800 .. but i guess its just trial and error19:32
keesj770purex, with a little patience I think most things will work again, but perhaps you have to wait a bit19:33
*** mlpug has joined #maemo19:33
purexkeesj770: of course :-)19:34
keesj770perhaps you can downgrade the n800 for the time being19:34
*** lpotter has quit IRC19:34
keesj770currently many application can run on both but it is trial and error , but I think there is a page on the wiki telling what works and what not19:35
purexwhat do you guys think of the possibility to port the new opensourced JVM's from SUN. Is it possible to run J2SE ore is the ME version the way to go?19:35
*** koos_ has quit IRC19:39
mlpughow would you design the solution if you should run some alien binaries like palm or symbian on top of your n77019:42
purexkeesj770: nice thanx.. java support would be great. I suppose Nokia will bring it to the platform becouse it is needed to be able to compete with .NET on windows moblie devices19:42
mlpugor are there some emulator for these or other OSes19:42
Jaffakeesj770: I've got the deb build dependencies sorted out in mud-builder, I've made it so it'll build a mud package in preference to a Debian package if possible, and that added a simple links port from the upstream tarball.19:43
obraJaffa: are you publishing the packages it's building?19:43
Jaffakeesj770: I'm just going to ensure that any run-time depencies which have been built are also copied to the `upload' folder.19:43
Jaffaobra: yes, once they're a bit more stable part of the process is uploading them to the extras repository. Therefore anyone porting stuff just needs to provide the mud packages to the mud-builder project and we/I'll handle compiling them and uploading them to extras.19:45
Jaffaobra: see, uys switch off your mobile phone before19:47
Jaffa> >going to bed, right?19:47
Jaffaobra: see
obraRockin. Thakns19:48
obraI need to actually get the cycles to set up scratchbox properly. I'd really like a Perl port to exist.19:49
*** sp3000 has quit IRC19:49
*** nnod_ has joined #maemo19:54
*** nnod has quit IRC19:54
*** pleemans has quit IRC19:57
*** mdamt has quit IRC19:57
Jaffaobra: Cut-down Perl's built-in, and full Perl is in the Maemo repository19:58
*** matt_c has quit IRC20:03
*** mdamt has joined #maemo20:05
*** gummibaerchen has joined #maemo20:09
c0ffeewe could register some maemo vhost for freenode20:14
c0ffeelike maemo/staff/$nick and maemo/contributor/$nick etc20:14
gpdssvb: i am trying out mplayer experimental on my n80020:20 Apple QuickTime movie (fast start, compressed header)20:22
gpdthat was 1 frame per 10 seconds at most -- but Quicktime :(20:23
gpdEvanescence - My Immortal - New Video Clip - Microsoft ASF20:23
gpdthat one is much better -- but still very choppy20:23
*** matt_c has joined #maemo20:24
gpdseems to be skipping / stuttering20:24
gpdboth run from internal SD card (256M) - first is 15M, second 12M clip20:24
Disconnectgpd: if you are worried about read speeds, istr /tmp is a ramdisk20:26
gpdhow much faster is the internal 256M faster?20:26
* Disconnect doesn't think anyone has tested it yet20:26
gpdDisconnect: what is 'istr'?20:27
Disconnecti seem to recall20:27
gpdi seem to recall -- sorry20:27
gpdAvalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist.mpg: MPEG sequence, v1, system multiplex20:29
gpdrunning again from the card -- this one 88M -- runs perfectly --- clearly not read problem but codec20:29
DisconnectssvbDisconnect: can you try to benchmark mplayer using these instructions?
DisconnectssvbDisconnect: benching just idct=16 should be enough, also we can see how n800 compares to other ARM devices (there are some other benchmarks in that thread) :)20:30
Disconnectfrom the archives.. so if you have a new version, hit that benchmark :)20:30
gpdDisconnect: what that to me? -- will try20:31
gpdthe current video seems to get stuck occasionally and frames skip back and forth with no sound for 5 seconds before resuming20:32
Disconnectgrr the archives are weird. can't find it in the full archive on that day20:32
ssvbDisconnect, gpd: it is the same version, it was not updated yet, I have also posted Disconnect's test results to that thread20:33
Disconnectah ok20:33
Disconnectmight be worth doing anyway, make sure you get the same results :)20:33
Disconnect(ok did find it in the archives. for some reason firefox wasn't searching the page properly.)20:34
ssvbgpd: N800 is better than 770 it playing video with mplayer, but still not good enough to be able to play any movie you throw at it20:34
ssvbgpd: at least right now20:34
gpdit isn't doing badly at all20:35
gpdcan't seem to exit right now though20:35
gpdok done20:35
Disconnectyah it doesn't respond to inputs particularly well20:36
gpd# mplayer -loop 5 -quiet -benchmark -nosound -vo null -lavdopts idct=7 Doom.divx | grep BENCHMARKs20:39
gpd[MENU] Can't open menu config file: /home/user/.mplayer/menu.conf20:39
gpdthis needs more setup--- need to exit the house -- ttyl20:39
gpdhmm .. actually seems to be working anyway20:40
*** ferulo has joined #maemo20:40
gpdcan you copy and paste from osso-xterm?20:40
ferulohumm, vnc client is not working on my n800 :(20:41
gpdvc: 53.720 vo: 0.072s a: 0.000s sys: 0.731s = 54.53220:42
*** sxpert_ has joined #maemo20:42
gpdferulo: worked for me - i had trouble with beryl on target20:42
feruloI using it against a Mac mini runing OSXvnc 1.7120:42
ferulofrom my linux box vnclient works fine20:43
gpdhave to go... sorry20:43
*** sxpert_ has quit IRC20:43
*** sxpert has quit IRC20:43
*** sxpert has joined #maemo20:43
ssvbbtw, can any N800 owner run 'cat /proc/omap_clocks' on the device?20:45
ssvband check the values of 'dsp_ck' and 'arm_ck'20:45
Disconnectdsp_fck 219428571 220:47
Disconnectdsp_ick 109714285 120:47
Disconnectnothing in20:47
Disconnect'grep arm'20:47
Disconnecthang on, pastebinning the full file20:49
Disconnect(wow pastebin is slow as hell)20:50
Disconnectbtw if it ever comes up, is a nice shortcut for .. well.. n800-related stuff :)20:51
Disconnectnice and fast, yay20:52
koentill freenode discovers it :)20:52
* Disconnect should set one up locally20:53
Disconnecti do enough pasting these days ;)20:53
koeniva1_mpu_int_ifck 54857142 020:53
koendoes that imply it has an IVA block?20:53
Disconnectyou could tell me it implied the second coming and i'd probably have to believe you. been a rough week (and i did a -lot- of "recovering" last night ;) ..)20:55
*** jose__ has joined #maemo20:55
koenthe IVA is the block that allows realtime vga mpeg4 decoding and encoding20:56
ssvbDisconnect: it was 'mpu_ck' then, so we have a confirmation that ARM core runs at 330MHz and DSP at 220Mhz20:57
* Disconnect figured it did mpeg based on dsptask (
Disconnecter s/_/)20:58
Disconnectbut maybe that was naive ;)20:58
ssvbkoen: the chip should have IVA according to TI docs, whether it is supported in linux as another question20:58
chxcan we overclock :) ?20:58
* Disconnect needs to get the beefy myth box set up to run the video transcoder21:00
Disconnectat least until youtube et al work "natively"21:00
Disconnect..or until we can overclock it during playback :)21:02
ssvbDisconnect: there is the same set of dsptasks on 770, the only notable difference is that N800 does not have mpeg4dec, probably it got retired :)21:03
*** chx has left #maemo21:03
*** ferulo has quit IRC21:04
ssvbDisconnect: can you run 'gst-inspect' on your device as root?21:04
ssvbDisconnect: probably mpeg4 is now decoded with ARM core, so we should see some DSP elements for it21:05
Disconnectpasting now21:05
* Disconnect has to clean - i'll be in and out, queue up requests :)21:07
Disconnectactually.. if you promise not to trash my device (or the rest of the network) I'll set up an open shell you can use to do your own tests.21:07
Disconnecti'll even open up the camera and such (vnc, if you get me a working vnc server)21:08
* Disconnect is somewhat annoyed that hasn't got something like that already21:09
Disconnector maybe they do and they haven't told the right developers about it yet ;)21:09
Disconnect..anyone from nokia can answer a flasher question? want to find out if its possible to brick it as root or if the 'cold flash' option will recover it21:09
obraJaffa: Really? an apt-cache search found me nothing21:12
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo21:15
*** gummibaerchen_ has joined #maemo21:18
cambbaDisconnect: what is this cold flash? because it seems that my N800 is somehow bricked, at least it won't be repaired with the flash operation suggested in maemo pages21:19
Disconnectcambba: its in the help, thats all i know about it21:22
*** myren has joined #maemo21:24
vittoriocambba, how did you brick your N800?21:25
*** atla has joined #maemo21:25
cambbavittorio: really can't say, application manager seemed very slow and I rebooted it, it never came back21:26
cambbavittorio: since then I've tried flashing it 50 times, but it just does not make any difference21:26
vittoriocambba, removing battery doesnt help?21:27
cambbavittorio: for how long? I removed it for couple of minutes21:27
vittorioi guess thats long enough21:27
obra Jaffa: looks like Perl is in mistral, but not bora.21:28
Veggencambba: SD cards?21:28
cambbaVeggen: only the one that came with the package, but I've tried also without21:28
vittoriocambba, does it reboot all the time?21:29
cambbavittorio: if I put charger on, then yes, but if I just power it on without charger, it just shuts down after Nokia logo21:30
vittoriocambba, did you try the no-lifeguard-reset option with flasher tool?21:31
cambbavittorio: what's that? I'm willing to try anything now...21:32
*** benzea has quit IRC21:32
cambbavittorio: some flag with the flasher?21:32
vittoriocambba, yes,
*** gummibaerchen has quit IRC21:34
*** benzea has joined #maemo21:34
vittoriocambba, i never did than and im not sure about the syntax. but someone in this channel could recover his bricked N800 with this option21:34
cambbavittorio: thanks for the tip, I'll try that21:35
vittoriohe installed something and his n800 bas bricked. it did reboot all the time21:35
*** myren_ has quit IRC21:36
Disconnectvittorio: in theory the reflash (if it succeeded) would solve that too21:36
cambbavittorio: sounds like mine21:36
Disconnectmight be hardware21:36
*** dijix has joined #maemo21:36
Disconnectfull reflash replaces the kernel, rootfs, etc21:37
dijixMy icons (except for the middle one) on the left side are stuck as the ones from the AquaOS theme, no matter what I do.. anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?21:38
vittorioDisconnect, he reflashed and it didnt help (or didnt work to reflash)21:38
dijixthis is on an N800, by the way21:38
*** Daelus has joined #maemo21:38
Disconnectdijix: when in doubt reflash :)21:39
*** myren_ has joined #maemo21:39
dijixHow do I go about doing that?21:39
Disconnectwindows or linux?21:40
Disconnectsee the topic for 'new image' - it works to flash the same image too21:40
Disconnectthe site is for you then. iirc the windows flasher has an option for "reflash anyway, even if its the same ver"21:42
*** myren has quit IRC21:42
* Disconnect hasn't used it since early in the 770 days, but..21:42
*** kender has joined #maemo21:43
Disconnecthmm. i should leave the camera open. i can ssh to the 800 but i can't find it..21:43
dijixI wish the N800 came with extra screen protectors.. I've already jacked mine up :)P21:43
keesj770Disconnect, just run mplayer on a audio file21:44
Jaffaobra: that's a pain21:45
dijixI'm using a bluetooth usb adapter on my computer to connect to my 800.. is there a way to have the 800 use this bluetooth to piggy back on my net connection?  It seems to only want specifically a cell phone for bluetooth or WLAN..  I don't want to need to go get a wireless router if I don't need to just for web access from home21:47
purexKaffe JVM on IPAQ linux:
obraJaffa: indeed. but the pointer got me to look again, so thanks :)21:56
Disconnectkeesj770: found it but good call. not sure the volume is up21:56
* Disconnect turns the volume up21:56
cambbavittorio: thanks a lot, I got it working!! :)21:57
keesj770Disconnect, I am always so happy when in the middle of the night my phone tries to wake me up , telling me she needs power21:57
keesj770"help , help" , but this device just dies in silence21:58
keesj770Like a real man21:58
vittoriocambba, great!21:58
*** Guardian has quit IRC21:59
*** maddler has quit IRC22:01
*** maddler has joined #maemo22:01
*** maddler has quit IRC22:03
dijixDisconnect: thanks - that was a simple process to reflash22:04
*** rev has quit IRC22:05
*** kender has quit IRC22:14
*** _JP has joined #maemo22:16
*** sp3000_ has joined #maemo22:17
*** sp3000 has quit IRC22:22
obrawin 1022:25
obramischan, sorry22:25
cesmanperhaps it is preaching to the choir:
Jaffacesman: good lisst22:38
*** rincewind1013 has joined #maemo22:39
s-ndh-cis there some remotecontrol software thing for the 770? i would like to control the mediaplayer thats running on my desktop system via bluutooth or wlan22:44
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC22:45
keesj770it would be nice if that was possible with mediastreamer22:46
dijixI just reflashed my 800 and now it won't let me install any themes22:46
glasswell.. i run the winamp web interface plugin on my winamp running on the desktop..    it's not too fancy though, but the same principle of using a web controlled mediaplayer should work quite easily22:46
jtras-ndh-c: vnc can be used as remote control22:47
*** _k-s_ has joined #maemo22:49
*** k-s[AWAY] has quit IRC22:50
*** _k-s_ is now known as k-s22:52
*** k-s is now known as _k-s_22:52
* Jaffa has a good feeling for developer discount codes tomorrow, or early next week.22:59
*** jose__ has quit IRC22:59
*** purex has quit IRC23:01
*** memnoc has joined #maemo23:02
*** sp3000_ has quit IRC23:02
memnochello, I know this is pretty much for maemo dev, but was wondering if I could ask an N800 question23:03
* koen adds a week to Jaffa's expectation23:04
koennokia legal has to go over it to check for gpl violations23:05
koenor some other excuse lawyers use23:05
*** __k-s__ has joined #maemo23:05
memnocI picked up an 800 yesterday, and it seems that the internal SD slot ignores if an sd card is locked, was wondering if anyone else had seen this23:06
cesmananyone know what video codecs media streamer can handle?23:06
cesmanmemnoc: internal works fine here23:06
cesmanusing teh 128 that came w/ unit23:06
*** __k-s__ is now known as k-s23:06
memnocworks fine here as well, except it doesn't care if I lock an sd card23:06
memnocI used another card I had, which I had locked, inserted the card, then put a 128 meg swap file on it23:07
memnocit's not a big deal23:08
memnocother question is, no matter what I try my google talk credentails (from an existing account) don't work whne I try to login23:08
rincewind1013anyone ever use ffmpeg to ecode videos? i'm having trouble with the files i make using ffmpeg23:11
rincewind1013if i use quicktime, they work23:11
jtokashmemnoc, that's very interesting23:12
rincewind1013it seems the difference is in the mpeg4 header,
memnocjtokash which question? ;)23:13
memnocwith the SD card, I haven't tried to write to the locked card in the external slot23:15
memnocwas also write to the locked card when the 800 is hooked up via USB as well23:15
tkomemnoc, you need to have the battery cover closed23:17
*** philipl is now known as phil|out23:17
memnoctko, battery cover was closed23:18
*** _k-s_ has quit IRC23:19
dijixAnyone have difficulty installing themes? after making a flash update?23:22
seebsHey, this might be a dumb question, but... Does anyone but me have a hard time getting the N800 to go into flash mode?  It mostly just boots up normally instead.23:26
dijixseebs: you mean for upgrading?.. you need to have the usb plugged in and hold the home button (the very bottom one on the face of the device) while pushing the chrome power switch...23:27
seebsYeah.  It doesn't always seem to work for me.23:27
dijixthen you should see a USB icon in the upper right corner of the screen while on the NOKIA splash screen23:27
seebsI know what to do, in theory.  It's just that, sometimes, it doesn't actually happen, and instead I get the regular boot.23:27
*** _k-s_ has joined #maemo23:28
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo23:31
*** jaebird has quit IRC23:31
HGFBseebs. I have the exact same problem. Both my 770 and 800 tend to go into USB mode for a second and then boot normally23:32
seebsWell, I got it to work enough to reflash.  I have to reflash to test out the details for my article.  Whee!23:32
HGFBI have to swear and curse at it for a long time whenever I want to flash. It works eventually but it's not reliable in the slightest23:33
seebsWell, one thing I did wrong this time:  I didn't have the USB cable in the first time I tried.23:33
dijixHGFB: you ever have problem reinstalling things after reflashing?23:35
HGFBJust Nethack until i realised it needs a reboot before you run it the first time23:36
HGFBI'm having a problem at the moment though. I can't get the minimo repository to work at all23:36
*** k-s has quit IRC23:37
*** Guardian has joined #maemo23:40
ntrscan someone please port minicom for n800?23:41
Fatalminicom :(23:42
ntrsand some java runtime so I can use java applets in the browser?23:42
*** HGFB has quit IRC23:42
ntrsFatal, yes minicom, the terminal application.23:42
Fatal:( != ?23:43
*** dijix has quit IRC23:44
ntrsFatal, I know.23:44
Fatalntrs, I know.23:44
tigertseebs: my trick:23:45
tigertseebs: 1) remove battery23:45
tigert2) install battery, but dont turn the device on23:45
tigert3) plug in USB23:45
tigert4) start flasher on computer23:45
tigert5) plug in charger23:45
tigertit works every time23:46
seebsActually, that's EXACTLY how I ended up doing it the other day, pretty much.23:46
tigertit wakes up and instantly goes to flash23:46
seebsNow the tedious process of getting a terminal on here so I can get ssh attached.23:47
*** _k-s_ has quit IRC23:47
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:49
koos__hmm, both ARMEL and X86 SB targets enter '#if __BYTE_ORDER == __LITTLE_ENDIAN'23:49
seebsI really do wish they'd have included a shell in the base install.23:50
*** Rotund has quit IRC23:54
tigertseebs: just get it from maemo-hackers repo?23:54
tigertits not THAT hard23:54
seebsIt's not, but the third time I have to install files using application manager to get to a prompt, it's gotten tedious.23:55
seebsI mean, own fault for flashing several times, but still.  If they'd just leave the terminal in the release, I wouldn't have to do anything.  :)23:55
tigertjust fetch the debs to a memory card then :)23:56
tigertand make a .install file23:57
tigertthe .install file would not be too bad idea anyway23:57
tigertfor inz for example23:57
guerbytko, memnoc, I confirm the write lock for external slot is ignored by the N800, I opened
seebsA .install file?23:58
*** xan has quit IRC23:59
seebsBut this time, I'm making a backup with JUST ssh/xterm/passwords/WEP-key done, no other apps touched, so I have a clean backup to revert to later.23:59

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