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Pioanyone happen to know how to make osso-xterm start shells as login shells?01:09
Pioor is there an alternative dot-file besides .profile that will be executed if the shell is not a login shell?01:09
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tnbtcould anybody help me with adding a system start entry for vpnc-application?01:38
tnbtI tried to add a *.desktop file into /etc/others/extra_application, as well as an *.service file into /usr/share/dbus-1/services/, but it still does not work and I have no idea what the heck is going wrong...01:39
tnbtso, help would be really appreciated :)01:40
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MDKtnbt: yeah, there are some tricky bits01:49
tnbtMDK: ok, I'm listening :)01:50
MDKtnbt: well, I recommend you take a look at how it's done in nflick01:50
MDKin the "data" directory you'll find the service and the desktop file01:51
tnbthere are my files:01:52
tnbtNokia770-39:~# cat /etc/others-menu/extra_applications/0200_vpn-connect.desktop01:53
tnbt[Desktop Entry]01:53
tnbtNokia770-39:~# cat /usr/share/dbus-1/services/vpn-connect.service01:53
tnbt[D-BUS Service]01:53
MDKhmm, why /etc/ ?01:53
MDKfor the desktop file?01:53
tnbtI see the entry in the system menu, but nothing happens when I click on the item01:53
MDKit should go into $(datadir)/applications/hildon01:54
tnbtwhen I run the script manually (/usr/bin/ it works without problems01:54
MDKwhich will expand into /usr/share/applications/hildon01:54
tnbtyeah, this is just a link where all the other links are available as well01:54
tnbtlrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           50 Dec 29 00:15 0200_vpn-connect.desktop -> /usr/share/applications/hildon/vpn-connect.desktop01:55
tnbtfiles looks ok, right?!01:55
tnbthave no idea why it isn't working01:56
MDKI *think* the "exec" thing is launched via maemo launcher01:56
tnbtcan't find any log for this as well01:56
MDKwhich expects it to be a shared binary01:56
MDKwe use this trick to speed-up the app startup time/memory consumption01:57
tnbtok, but this doesn't explain why this setup isn't working...01:58
tnbtcould there be an issue with the dbus service name?01:58
tnbtor, is there any log available?01:58
MDKwell, you're trying to feed a shell script instead of binary01:59
MDKso, the maemo launcher might get confused01:59
MDKbut this is just my wqild guess01:59
tnbtah, ok02:00
MDKactually, I think that's the case02:00
tnbtwait, I can easiely test this...02:00
MDKbtw, are you the author of vpnc for 770? I'm using it myself, nice02:00
MDKworks cool with our vpnc nokia setup02:01
tnbtare you working for nokia?02:04
MDKyes, a lot people here do02:05
tnbtwhere? in helsinki or tampere?02:05
tnbtjust have been onsite in tamere for a while...02:05
tnbtah. ok. have been there beginning this year (working for redhat)02:07
tnbtbtw, calling the binary directly doesn't help02:09
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tnb1ping MDK02:49
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jtokashI'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I've been keeping a log of every major change I make to my 770.
jtokashNothing in the log should be treated as a howto because steps could be incomplete.  I'm keeping it mainly so I can diagnose problems later and it will serve as a recovery plan if anything goes horribly wrong.08:27
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* Pierre is back (gone 00:00:08)14:54
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pahartikis it possible to generate "information popup messages" from Bourne shell scripts?15:16
inzif you have zenity or something alike15:17
inzOr do you mean those little white boxes that appear in the top-right corner?15:18
pahartikinz: yes, like that "Updating..." or "Connected to <service>"...15:19
inzpahartik, dbus-send --system --print-reply /com/nokia/statusbar string:foobar15:22
pahartikinz: I managed to create "Application Menu" entries for Bourne shell scripts, and it would be useful to know if they succeeded or not... (like if "pand" got successfully connected)15:23
pahartikinz: all right, thank you... another mystery solved15:24
inzThe --print-reply was left there intentionally btw, it seemed not to work without it15:25
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pahartikinz: it seems my Nokia 770 runs IRC client and some other software over Bluetooth connection for 1,5 days on battery... with occasional interaction... and that is pretty good15:30
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inzpaha, afaik bt takes way less power than wlan15:31
inzpaha, which is nice =)15:31
pahartikinz: sure it is15:34
mgedminwow, 1.5 days15:35
mgedminI'd like to be able to tell my 770 to come online by sending some bluetooth message to it15:36
mgedminso that I could ssh into it without pulling it out of my pocket/backpack/wherever15:36
pahartikmgedmin: define "come online"?15:38
keesj__you an perphas also listen to cover on / off events , this would cost less power15:38
keesj__but How does the open / close cover gets detected. I can't find swichtes .That is a question I would like to see answerd!15:39
inzkeesj, it's magi^Hnetic15:40
mgedminpahartik: bring up the default internet connection15:42
mgedmin(if there is one; I'm happy if it does nothing if it doesn't find a wlan that's not in the known list)15:42
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pahartikmgedmin: use Bluetooth connection to SSH in, and then enable 802.11 network if it is really needed?15:44
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mgedminthat would work as well15:45
pahartikmgedmin: make sure that Nokia 770 is running "pand --listen" and that "bnepX" interface gets configured to have IP address after PAN connection is created...15:52
mgedminthat's way way ahead of my knowledge about PAN15:52
pahartikmgedmin: I have been using Bluetooth PAN for two years... no 802.11 experience15:55
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waitekeesj__ , There is an internal magnetic switch right behind the buttons. Put a magnet just below the down button and you will see.16:22
keesj__My room used to be full of magnets, but now I realy need one I have a wife and kids.16:50
keesj__it worked with a fridge magnet!16:51
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qgilkeesj__: you really need one magnet or one room?  ;)16:53
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keesj__inz: xmoto is getting there
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keesj__it only needs to get 5 times faster :) the first i did port did 8 fps17:20
keesj__and I need to start working on some kind of minimal user input17:22
inzkeesj, nice!17:22
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keesj__one thing I can't get working is a version compiled with gprof17:30
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inzkeesj, on the device?17:34
keesj__i can't compile a armel version with -pg flags17:35
inzmaybe 'tis just not supported17:35
keesj__I managed with other programs17:36
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keesj__did not try with c++ progams I must say17:36
keesj__it works on in scratchbox i386 target17:39
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keesj__what does "ah" mean in this context ?17:56
inzIt was mostly an "ack" to the "I managed with other programs"17:57
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dottedmagI'm looking for source of bme-dbus-proxy. Is there it?19:49
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Piokeesj__, wow that xmoto screenshot looks great20:54
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Pioi'd seen the shots on where it was in 'ugly' mode20:56
kenderPierre, where?20:56
Pio<keesj__> inz: xmoto is getting there
kendersorry, the TAB is evil20:57
Pioi wish clients would just not complete in the presence of multiple possible completions.. or show a list..20:57
Pioactually, xchat seems to do exactly that now20:57
Pionever noticed that heh20:57
kenderany place where I can find many maemo apps shots?20:58
Pioyou've seen the application catalog right? quite a few screens on there20:58
kenderyes, but few20:59
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kenderhaving those apps installed21:00
kenderhow much can they fill, in memory?21:01
kendersee you21:02
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keesj__Poi , yes it looks great :)21:04
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keesjHi ssvb21:35
ssvbhi keesj21:35
keesjstill busy with mplayer?21:36
ssvbyes, i have some plans for further mplayer improvement, it will probably take a few more weekends21:38
keesjwhat would be a good start project to learn arm assembly?21:39
keesjperhaps this is a wrong question on a wrong channel21:40
ssvbassembly in general is good for some small simple functions which take a lot of cpu resources21:40
keesjso I need to create a nice fire emulator21:42
ssvbprobably a few frames shown in a cycle can provide results that are good enough21:43
keesjI would be better to create something more useful:)21:44
ssvbkeesj, by the way, do you have any experience with assembly programming on x86?21:57
keesjin the early dos and windows 3.1 days. i wrote an optimized bmp reader21:58
keesja terminate and stay resident program. so no:)21:59
* tko remembers 13 byte hello world21:59
tkoand a starfield in ~100 bytes21:59
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ssvbkeesj, I see, learning ARM assembly should not be a problem then, it seems to be rather simple and clean :)22:00
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ssvbkeesj, probably optimizing SDL libraries for ARM can provide some decent improvement for games22:02
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keesjI am quite sure of that yes.22:03
keesjI am currently trying the art of programming: the art of caching22:04
keesjbut sill no luck with profiling on the device :(22:04
ssvbkeesj, yes, it's a pity that gcc from current maemo sdk seems to be quite buggy with -pg option, it does not work for mplayer as well (you can compile executable, but it crashes on start when you try to run it) :(22:06
keesjThat's good info!22:07
keesjI am still a java developer during day , so many things here are quite a challenge for me.22:08
keesjI will keep thinking it's me who is not understanding the software22:08
suihkulokkikeesj: I don't think -pg is tested at all with those toolchains :|22:18
ssvbkeesj, I think I'm going to try installing crossdev on my gentoo system eventually (I have seen some favourable comments about it) to check if it can be used to build software for maemo, mplayer is C only, so it should not have ABI problems even if built with the latest version of gcc22:18
keesjssvb, it did work for me at least once the gmon file was created on the device22:18
keesji use gentoo too22:18
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keesjI do like scratchox a lot. and the 2.0 versions sounds great23:00
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