IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2006-12-30

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dottedmagI'm looking for the way to disable switching off display on nokia 770 after timeout to make some tests. Is there easy way to do it?08:34
dottedmaggoogle gives nothing interesting08:34
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jtokashThat would be useful.08:57
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dottedmagjtokash: if you're still interested: I just written simple shell script which pings the daemon controlling backlight every minute by using dbus-send.11:49
dottedmagjtokash: dbus params are taken from
dottedmagUnfortunately, the daemon itself seems to be closed-source.11:51
* dottedmag starts hating all this semi-open things11:51
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jtokashcool, thanks dottedmag12:35
jtokashFYI, anyone who's using for Google Reader on the 770: I have a version on Alpha that has a lot of improvements including stylus drag scrolling.12:36
dottedmagAnd for those who have private feeds or just don't trust google: tt-rss ( works pretty well on 770's Opera.12:38
dottedmagI just hacked css of tt-rss file a bit for a small screen.12:39
jtokashI like that 3 pane look.12:41
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dottedmagbtw, is there good offline RSS reader (or maybe anyone know RSS aggregator which converts feeds to HTML? I will be able then to rsync fetched feeds to device).13:01
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inzdotted, there's a mce-dev package in which has the dbus APIs, but yes, mce is closed source13:05
dottedmaginz: thanx, will look at it13:06
* dottedmag wonders how components were chosen to be open- and closed- sourced and why do not open privately-developed things at all (it's ok to have closed parts licensed from Opera and others)13:11
tkothere's a gconf key for the display blank period, setting the timeout to 0 disables screen blanking13:11
tko/system/osso/dsme something maybe13:12
tkodottedmag, there's always a cost attached to opening things, if the perceived benefit isn't big enough there's no point..13:13
dottedmagtko: I always felt that costs are nearly constant whether you open parts of code or full project. More, just have a look at Sun: they had sources available for a while (without setting up full infrastructure) and it was easy to them to do it.13:16
dottedmag*sources of java13:16
tkobefore opening anything someone has to go through all the code and related documentation and make sure we're not leaking any patents or confidential information. it takes at least time from the right people (who usually are overloaded already) - which is not necessary and thus not an issue if the source is kept closed13:21
dottedmagah, patents.13:22
tkoyes, patents and agreements with third parties13:22
* dottedmag then just wishes death for all who keep archaic patent system running.13:24
tkowrt to agreements I believe, for example, that you need to pay different amounts of money when you're shipping some decoders depending on do you ship with or without sources13:25
dottedmagtko: third-party parts may be easily kept closed, until code using it is open, so it gives enough information how to use those closed parcts.13:26
* dottedmag just really looks for commodity hardware/software system for small devices, like PC/Linux is for desktops. Maemo is closest approximation, but still not perfect.13:28
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whirmhi all13:50
whirmis there any way to get a serial console via usb in the nokia 770?13:50
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tkoflasher --enable-usb-host-mode --set-rd-flags=serial-console and usb to serial converter ought to do it14:13
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tkooh, and --enable-rd-mode as well I think14:13
whirmtko: so when I plug the nokia to my laptop it will detect a serial to usb conversor? great! many thanks!14:14
whirmI thougt that option was to use the pins on the side of the battery14:15
whirmas a serial console14:15
tkoI'm not sure how those serial consoles are related, it's not exactly the same IIRC14:16
tkofor usb serial you only get the login prompt, not kernel messages14:16
tkobut it's been a long time since I last used usb serial14:16
whirmtko: ok, it's enough for me, I want to try to see why the sardine I installed in the mmc boots  to a white screen14:18
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rabelaisdoes maemo use the telepathy framework? if so, was it newly implemented in mistral, or was it around in the 1.0 release as well?14:36
keesjrabelais, it is mentioned on this page
rabelaisthank you14:40
rabelaisdo you know why that page states that building telepathy idle requires the sofia-sip libraries?14:41
rabelaisI thought telepathy idle was a connection manager for irc, not sip....clearly, I must be missing something14:41
keesjNo , I don't know14:44
rabelaisok, thank you all the same14:45
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tkoTelepathy Idle -- A Telepathy ( connection manager implementation for the IRC protocol. --freshmeat14:58
tkoerr, sourceforge14:59
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inzgood name15:03
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Kuphi. is there a way to copy the ext2 module into the system without flashing?17:18
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tkoKup, isn't the module already present?17:21
tkoor even built-in (rootfs can be either jffs2 or ext2 from what I recall)17:22
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Kupso why there is an extra kernel image with ext2?17:45
Kupbut your right17:57
Kupi can mount ext217:57
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Kupalways searching for the hard way :D17:57
tkotechnically ext2 could be optional17:58
Kupok, i changed my fstab but i get an error: Invalid argument. from fstab:/dev/mmcblk0p1  /media/mmc1 ext2 rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,utf8,uid=29999 0 018:01
Kupwhat's worng with my arguments?18:01
tkois mmcblk written like that?18:06
Kupjust changed vfat to ext218:06
tkoutf8 wasn't valid for ext2 I think18:07
tkomaybe uid as well18:07
* pahartik just used first MMC partition for swap and second MMC partition for ext2 (no need for filesystem overhead on swap)18:09
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tko"A rational [software] design process: How and why to fake it" :)18:10
Kupok, works fine now with fstab, but after boot i says there is no card inserted. have i missed something?18:13
pahartikKup: GUI expects retarded filesystem on first MMC partition?18:14
pahartikKup: "GUI" as in "default GUI utilities"18:16
Kupah, i see18:16
Kupworks fine now18:22
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kendersomething similar to SDIO but with MMC?20:15
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Kuphow can i mount an ext2 partition as user? i tried user,users,owner as options in fstab21:22
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pahartikis "arping" available in some package for Maemo 2.1?23:02
* pahartik tries another approach23:13
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