IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2006-12-28

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Pioanyone have experience with fceu? seems whenever I start fceu my display gets nuked and i have to restart..00:59
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pixelmonkeyis the Nokia 770 USB port USB 1.1 or 2.0?  Does anyone know?  I'm finding it hard to find out online.01:30
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Jaffapixelmonkey: 1.101:40
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pixelmonkeythat decision is so strange to me... makes pushing files by wifi/scp almost faster01:48
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saaboanyone home?07:22
saabohow do i install minimo on os 2006?07:22
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saabohow do i install minimo on os 2006?07:30
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saabo<--- needs minimo help ... anyone woke?09:52
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dieguitoI have an application with a ./ that says that the following is missing: AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2 AM_PATH_AUDIOFILE AC_MSG_ERROR AM_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADERS PKG_CHECK_EXISTS09:59
dieguitoit says that they are possibly undefined macros10:00
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timelessping world10:28
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timelessanyone here know anything about ?10:29
timelessanyone alive?10:29
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* timeless sighs10:40
timelessthe people who run have absolutely no common sense10:41
Knirchgot to love all flash sites10:47
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AD-N770good morning11:12
keesjhi AD-N77011:12
Guardianmorning all11:13
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keesjI still have a ptrdiff_t problem. it is a variable that can be used to store differences between pointers. older autogen/configure generated different test code12:23
keesjnow configure thinks ptrdiff_t is not defined and defines it as long12:24
inzUse older autoconf/make?12:36
tkomissing an include?12:36
keesjI don't really know12:39
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keesji don't know if this would be the right definition for the amrel platform12:42
keesjO would say that it should be a int (32 bits)12:44
inzlong and int are mostly of the same size12:44
tkoexcept when they aren't12:45
tkosame with long, int and pointer12:45
tkoand IIRC data pointer vs. function pointer12:46
keesjI't pretty funny to ask such questions on the c or c++ irc channel , people start talking about 7bit bytes etc12:46
tkobut who's counting12:46
keesjbut it works under SDK_PC :(12:48
AD-N770I need an idea to solve a GUI issue in maemo/hildon12:52
AD-N770I've a treeview and I want to implement a contextual menu12:52
AD-N770options on the menu depends on the row selected12:53
AD-N770I wrote the code following the sample at
AD-N770it works under sbox12:53
keesjbut it's not stylus friendly right?12:54
tkojust attach a mouse :)12:54
tkosee gtk_widget_tap_and_hold_setup12:54
tkoit's badly documented, though :-/12:54
AD-N770I tried with tap_and_hold12:56
AD-N770but my problem is that I need to create options for the menu depending on the row selected12:56
AD-N770sorry for the delay I attended a phone call12:57
tkoyou can do that in the callback12:57
keesjAD-N770, I tried to solve this problem by requiring the user to drag an item12:57
AD-N770I can't understand keesj12:58
AD-N770keesj: your choice is bind popup menu on drag signal ?12:58
keesjNo , I was a bit more theoretical. My choice would be to let user draw a tree item to a help button if they want help12:59
keesjand instead of a popup I would have different items on the right of the tree13:00
AD-N770I need to explain more my target i think13:01
AD-N770I'm improving the nethack game for the N77013:01
AD-N770the idea is related to the inventory dialog13:02
keesjAD-N770, no , not really it have wild ideas:)13:02
AD-N770the dialog show you your objects in a treeview13:02
AD-N770sometimes you want select an object13:03
AD-N770and perform an action with it13:03
AD-N770for example read an scroll of enchant weapon13:03
AD-N770in the current GUI you need to push the button for read action on the toolbar13:03
AD-N770and after select the scroll object13:04
keesjperhaps like the mac then. where you need to use a button that is not on the mouse so show the menu?13:04
keesjlike "the windows" key on conventional M$ keyboard13:04
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AD-N770mmmmm, ok bind the popup menu to the menu key in the device is a solution too13:05
AD-N770but I would like do it with the stylus if is possible13:06
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keesjAD this what I want do make
keesjyou see the :google: text in green13:08
keesjbut there is also a green arrow that allows the link to be launched13:09
keesjthere could be a second to open links in a new window for example13:09
AD-N770I see13:09
AD-N770I'm going to think in that approach13:10
keesjthe nice thing about it is that is it really stylus friendly IMHO13:10
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AD-N770keesj: I think that you have given me  the right idea :)13:11
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jtokash2anyone interested in trying a very alpha version of an lightweight front end to Google Reader?13:35
timelessanyone here familiar w/ glib?13:35
timelessi need to know how g_list_append works13:35
jtokash2wow, cosy is awesome!13:36
keesjjtokash2, can we thrust you?13:37
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jtokash2yeah, that's one thing that sucks about the reader api13:38
jtokash2some other google products let the user do an authentication for you and then you get passed the key13:38
jtokash2reader's API doesn't do that, yet13:38
jtokash2you have to use the clientlogin system13:38
tkotimeless, it iterates to the end of list and appends the item13:39
tkotimeless, sort of, you know, like the function name implies13:39
jtokash2keesj, I'm not logging anything and if I ever do, I won't be logging passwords.13:39
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tkojtokash2, and if you did, you wouldn't be doing anything evil with them etc. :)13:40
tkotimeless, line 63 onward13:41
keesjjtokash2, cosy needs a little love13:41
jtokash2yeah, like I said, it makes me unconfortable, too.  I suggest using a test account.13:41
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pahartikis "macromedia-flashplayer" package available in some repository?  I cannot seem to find it in ""13:53
jtokash2keesj, Ideally, reader will support this api soon.
jtokash2For now, though, it only supports this api
tkopahartik, nope, only on device, just like the browser13:55
pahartiktko: I do not see reason to ever want to run such useless proprietary code, but I am afraid to "dpkg --purge" it if I cannot satisfy dependencies otherwise and cannot get it back... ("osso-multimedia depends on macromedia-flashplayer (>= 0.37)" for whatever reason)13:58
tkopahartik, osso-multimedia is a metapackage IIRC13:59
tkoremoving metapackages won't make any difference as long as package upgrades aren't used14:00
pahartiktko: "dpkg --listfiles osso-multimedia" confirms that14:00
keesjhow cool is it if you can ssh to your n770 and play music in order to find it!14:12
tkosounds like these old keyrings which beep when you whistle :)14:13
keesjthat would also be nice :)14:13
keesjperhaps the next killer app , the first device that responds when you call it14:13
jobihi all14:14
jtokash2Regarding the google reader app. will let you log in with and a password of x.  I switch those out for different values before I send them to the authentication server.14:15
jtokash2This version works well on the 770.14:15
jtokash2The reader account it is using is one that Ijust set up and plugged in my opml file.14:16
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keesjjtokash2, works alright14:17
jtokash2Doesn't have all of the GR features (yet), but it's 100X faster.14:18
keesjand you need to select the feeds on the real google reader?14:18
jtokash2at the moment, yes14:18
jtokash2I'm pretty sure that fn is exposed through the api, though, so I'll add that eventually.14:18
keesjthat orange is that my nokia uses a theme?14:19
jtokash2I chose orange for borders because it's the default 770 theme14:19
jtokash2I should probably use black14:19
jtokash2or make it a pref14:20
keesjit works 4 me :)14:20
keesjperhaps just creating border will make them the right color?14:20
jtokash2Didn't think about that.  I'll try it14:20
keesjwhy can't i move up and down the page with the stylus?14:21
keesji need to really touch the scrollbars14:21
pahartiktko: it seems to have worked without side-effects14:21
jtokash2keesj, good catch. that's because the scrollbars are on the divs.  The page itself doesn't scroll14:23
jtokash2I have to reset the scroll for the content pane when you click on a new feed.14:24
* Pierre is away: I'm busy14:28
* Pierre is away: I'm busy14:28
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* jtra 's mmc has broken filesystem :-(14:58
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keesjhappy happy joy joy15:02
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jobitko: seen #919?15:29
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tkoI'm trying not to think about work until tuesday :)15:39
jobitko: ok sorry :)15:42
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X-Fadejobi: About #910, I can't connect to my 770 when the problem occurs..15:46
jobiX-Fade: ok :(15:46
jobiX-Fade: I just made an upgrade which went pretty smoothly15:46
X-FadeIs there something I can do in dual-boot? chroot the filesytem and try something out?15:47
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jobiX-Fade: can you kill the x server, chroot, launch X, then try to launch desktop?15:49
jobistop maemo-launcher also before chroot15:50
X-Fadejobi: Ok, can you step me through it?15:50
X-Fadessh into the device and kill Xomap?15:50
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jobiX-Fade: yes, or /etc/init.d/ stop15:52
jobiX-Fade: and /etc/init.d/maemo-launcher stop15:52
X-FadeHmm x-server stop killed my connection? :)15:54
jobiX-Fade: do you use WLAN? maybe the connection dies with the connectivity UI :(15:58
X-FadeYeah, I used wlan..15:58
jobiyou could try the chroot without stopping X but I'm not sure you'll be able to connect to the X server after chroot16:01
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X-Fadejobi: Killing Xomap didn't kill my connection :)16:08
X-FadeNokia770-39:/# /etc/init.d/ start16:12
X-Fadedsmesock_connect: No such file or directory16:12
X-FadeI had to mount proc, sysfs too..16:12
X-FadeBut this one, I don't get ;)16:12
jobidoes /etc/init.d/mce restart works?16:13
X-FadeRestarting Mode Controller Entity: mcedsmesock_connect: No such file or directory16:15
X-FadeHmm /dev/ looks suspiciously empty..16:16
jobiI think the missing socket it's complaining about is in /tmp16:18
X-FadeI mounted /tmp also. No luck so far..16:21
X-FadeHmm don't kill too much :) The device rebooted ;)16:27
jobiyou can start Xomap without using the script16:28
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Guard][anis it possible to instal applications to mmc ?16:33
X-Fadejobi: Ok, I have started Xomap..16:34
jobican you try maemo-summoner /usr/bin/maemo_af_desktop.launch?16:35
jobihmm guess it's missing dbus connection too16:43
X-Fadeaf-services should do that, right?16:47
jobiX-Fade: yes, but I would expect it will try to use the dsme socket thing16:48
jobiyou can try to move /usr/sbin/dsmetool away so the startup scripts start the binaries directly16:49
jobilike on scratchbox16:49
X-Fade/etc/osso-af-init/real-af-services: Error, X server did not start16:53
X-FadeError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name was not provided by any .service files16:53
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Guard][anwhere is the maemo api documentation located ? i don't remember the svn url16:58
jobiX-Fade: once you have moved dsmetool, can you start mce and x-server via the scripts?17:01
Guard][ani'm trying to understand why osso_initialize returns NULL now that i'm trying to recompile a very old app with herring17:01
tkoGuard][an, dbus isn't running and/or the environment variable isn't set?17:03
Guard][ani'm not sure :(17:04
Guard][anin fact i have an assert that fails on the context returned by osso_initialize17:04
X-Fadejobi: mce does not start. It silently exits..17:04
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Guard][andoes the "service name must start with" still apply ?17:07
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jobiX-Fade: does the dbus session bus starts at least?17:12
X-FadeNo, It stopped with that .service message I posted.17:13
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X-FadeBut I can confirm that removing dmsetool doesn't get me further. I rebooted the device and tried to boot it that way..17:15
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jobiX-Fade: not sure if that's enough to get a syslog, but you could install sysklogd17:31
jobiand remove the --quiet in /etc/init.d/maemo-launcher17:32
jobithen maybe we would at least know what process crashes for you17:32
* jobi goes home17:33
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X-Fadejobi: Will try that :)17:39
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Guard][anhmm is it possible to make a shared library (.so) out of a static library (.a) ?19:13
mgedminprobably not19:13
Guard][anthat's what i thought, someone already told me that, but i fail to remember the reason :/19:14
mgedmindifferent compilation options19:14
mgedminshared libraries must be compiled as position-independent code19:15
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Guard][anthank you19:24
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Pioyou guys use screen protectors on the 770?20:44
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Pioim having a hard time finding places with 2gb rs-mmc cards in stock21:29
Pioany suggestions?21:29
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Pioahh.. mmc mobile is the same as rs-mmc eh?22:17
Piono wonder22:17
waiteI think so.22:18
Piosure looks the same22:18
waitenot sure now let me investigate22:18
*** vidar has joined #maemo22:19
waiteYes MMCmobile is RSMMC compa22:23
Pioyeah thats what i gathered from googling too22:23
Piodifferent but compatible22:23
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Pioanyone know if theres packages available with smbfs modules, akin to the nfs-client-kernel-modules package?22:40
Pioor perhaps pages with alternative kernels, or instructions on building your own kernels for your 770?22:40
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jtraPio: I have 2GB mmc mobile from Kingston - it works22:41
Piojtra, good to know, thanks22:42
Piothink i'll order that guy22:42
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waitemobileMMC card can operate at a lower voltage (1.8V) but still support running at 3V also22:49
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minragoodday... the 770 still rules23:32
minrawas looking at a sony pda sized x86 pc for over 2000 dollars.... LOL...23:32
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minrayeah, just crashing constantly with the bluetooth23:41
minratotally hopeless for me to do anything about it23:41

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