IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-12-27

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mahtava_mattis anyone there?02:53
mahtava_mattcan you help me with my maemo problem02:55
mahtava_matti'm looking to connect my maemo to my pc, to transfer data wirelessly02:56
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saerdnaeri use a cardreader for this, because my 770 is in usb host mode03:21
saerdnaerbut if it is in client mode you can access your storage card via usb03:23
mahtava_mattcan i connect to a pc wirelessly03:29
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jtokashmahtava_matt, you can if you have a wireless router03:36
jtokashthere is also a bluetooth transfer option, but that requires more set up.03:37
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mahtava_mattcool, thanks03:52
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minragood morning08:43
jtokashgood morning08:45
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minraah mp3 encode author?08:52
minrai mean 770 encode08:52
minrabeen finding some fascinating ways to reduce bandwidth08:53
minrawill send soon... will get internet around january 7 at home08:53
minragotta run08:53
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AD-N770good morning10:54
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keesj__it is such a boring moment of the year15:13
timelesswant some excitement?15:15
timelesstry https://bugzilla.mozilla.org15:15
timelessit's a new look and feel15:15
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timelesseventually if you don't express opinions now, you'll probably see that look and feel on or other similar bugzillas15:15
keesj__it almost looks web.2.0!15:24
timelessit's like web 1.55 or maybe web 1.715:24
timelessit's definitely not web2.015:24
inzThe buglist table is web 0.515:24
timelessthere are plans for 2.0, but they won't make bugzilla3.015:25
timelessmaybe 3.215:25
keesj__it looks more atractive15:25
timelessanyway, i'm more interested in complaints than praise15:25
keesj__I still prefer jira by far15:25
timelessthe only form of praise that counts is complaining to your friendly neighborhood bugzilla admins in january that they haven't upgraded15:25
timelesswhy do you like jira?15:25
timelesstry loading (in firefox)
keesj__it matches better with in workflow. it's a pleasure to use it15:27
timelessplease be more precise15:27
timelessi really can't read minds15:27
tkotimeless, was that supposed to be an improvement?15:27
timelesstko: which 'that'15:27
timelessi really can't read minds :(15:27
tkotimeless, bugzilla.m.o upgrade15:27
timelesswell, yeah :|. what's wrong15:28
timelessthere's a red box at the top which kinda explains15:28
tkothe first page of a bug is full of useless noise, more or less15:28
timeless/index.cgi ?15:28
keesj__timeless did you ever use jiro?15:28
timelesskeesj: pretend i haven't15:28
timelessheck, pretend i've never used any bugtracker15:29
timelessand explain what you like better about jira over bugzilla15:29
keesj__I guess it is user friendly, you will amost create and reuse view with no effort, it's nice that you can add time to a bug15:30
timeless"add time to a bug?"15:31
timelessnote that bugzilla has a time tracking feature, it's not enabled on bmo15:31
timelessplease please be preicse15:31
timelesswhat does "it is user friendly" mean? what is "it" what/how is [it] "user friendly"15:31
timelesswhat do you mean by "create and reuse view"?15:32
timelessi'm not being or trying to be mean, i really really don't understand15:32
timelessand i can't fix what i don't understand15:32
X-FadeTimeless, the problem with bugzilla on maemo is also that you have just too many options..15:33
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keesj__oke, but it's a bit hard for me to explain . bugzilla has this barebones feeling to it.15:33
X-FadeHardware,product,OS,Version,priority,sverity etc etc..15:34
timelessx-fade: pretend i've never used "bugzilla on maemo" (in fact there's more than one)15:34
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* mgedmin thinks that GNOME bugzilla (but not the upstream bugzilla) is the most bug-submitter-friendly bug tracker /me has ever used15:34
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timelessmgedmin: we will try to integrate their things15:34
X-Fademgedmin: Yep, I like that one too..15:34
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timelessthey're just slow to refactor their patches and send them upstream15:34
X-FadeQuick summary at the top..15:34
timelessthe classification work on bmo came by stealing the patch they had15:34
timelessand fixing it :(15:34
timelessbecause their patch wasn't good enough for them to send upstream :(15:35
timeless is the old BMO in case you want to compare15:35
X-FadeI just think that the number of options should be reduced to 20% of what it is now..15:35
X-FadeBugzilla also assumes too much knowledge about the product by the user..15:36
X-FadeIf my desktop is white, what category should I use?15:37
X-FadeIt is just too complicated to determine that..15:37
timelessx-fade: hrm15:37
timelesshave you seen guided enter bug?15:37
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X-Fadetimeless: ?15:38
timelessunfortunately you need to be logged in to use enter_bug :(15:38
X-Fadehaf:   Hildon Application Framework15:38
tkoX-Fade, General/General or whatever.. if you ask me there should be two ways to file bugs, 1) as end user you don't need to care about internal structure (there's only one way to file it) and 2) as a developer you definitely need to know the package15:38
X-FadeWHAT the hell is that :)15:38
X-FadeUsers don't know what that is..15:38
X-FadeThey just know that their desktop is dead..15:38
timelessnote that maemo for whatever reason has essentially broken guided and doesn't show it15:38
timelessthis is a bug in maemo's configuration15:39
timeless(the people running maemo really could use some help)15:39
timeless(they're free to talk to me at any time)15:39
timelessis probably a slightly better form15:39
timelessanyway, the way maemo is setup using products isn't the wisest way to do it15:40
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timelessend users should probably only see the Nokia 770 product15:40
timelesssince the others don't make sense to end users15:40
X-FadeYeah, and then a lot of options don't make sense..15:40
timelessso let's take your example, "desktop is dead" (not that i have a clue what you mean by that"15:40
X-FadeHardware, OS..15:41
timelessassume you landed at15:41
timelesswould you be able to pick the right component?15:41
keesj__I don't think real end users will enter a bug in bugzilla ever15:41
X-FadeDesktop is there..15:41
* timeless will now drag x-fade through the process15:41
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timelessok, will you choose it?15:41
keesj__they will call or go to the shop15:41
X-FadeBut the next 3 options don't make sense at all..15:41
timelessthat's a misconfiguration of maemo's bugzilla15:41
timelesson bmo i can change what os's exist and what platforms15:42
timelessthat's not my fault15:42
timelesspretend you saw this:15:42
timelessHardware: [ Nokia 770 |v]15:42
timeless          | Nokia 870    |15:42
timelesswould you be able to pick that correctly?15:42
timelessassume also that if you chose to use your device that it would correctly guess the model15:43
timelessOperating Ssytem [ OS 2005   |v]15:43
timeless                 | OS 2005 SR1   |15:43
timeless                 | OS 2005 SR2   |15:43
timeless                 | OS 2006    |15:43
timeless                 | OS 2006 SR1 |15:43
timeless                 | OS 2007     |15:43
X-Fadetimeless: I filed multiple bugs on maemo. And I know the components of the product. I only say that it is currently to confusing for joe user.15:44
timelessnote that i'm merely guessing about these names and numbers15:44
timelessx-fade: please stay with me,15:44
timelessassume that you were presented w/ the url i gave15:44
X-FadeThose options you present would be easy to follow..15:44
timelessso far we're describing misconfigurations in maemo's bugzilla15:44
timelessfigure out how to get the person who runs it to contact me and i'll get them resolved15:44
tkotimeless, you forgot the option "I don't know / I don't care" that should be selected by default :)15:45
timelessnext, Build Identifier15:45
timelessPretend it said something about opening control panel and opening the device or about product thing15:45
timelesswould you be able to fill that in?15:45
timeless(guided is a template and can be replaced/changed/customized, and this field should be customized for maemo)15:45
tkotimeless, ferenc is on leave for a while now..15:45
timelessi can't help that :(15:45
X-FadeSure, but how would I reach that in my case? :)15:45
timelessx-fase: your device is broken?15:46
X-FadeWe were filling out the bug that the complete desktop is white ;)15:46
timelessplease ignore my typos, i'm tired and trying to type quickly15:46
timelessThe note should say "if you can't figure this out, leave it blank" or soemthing15:46
X-FadeSo checking things is not an option..15:46
timelessfine, that's no problem. moving along15:46
timelessURL should also have a note about leaving it blank15:47
timelessyou're now at summary15:47
timelesswhat was (is) your summary?15:47
* timeless waits15:47
X-FadeBut if you would describe that is simple steps, a normal user should be able to find that..15:47
* timeless is in interactive mode15:47
timelessX-Fade: one sec15:47
timelessTap the Home Hardware key on your device (after powering it on)15:47
timelessTap the widget in the center of the bar on the left side of your screen15:48
timelessit should give you a menu15:48
timelessassuming the menu hasn't been customized, tap tools15:48
timelesstap control panel15:48
timelesstap device15:48
timeless(double tap)15:48
timelesstap about product15:48
timelessenter the  text from the line labeled Version:15:49
X-FadeSure. A normal user should be able to do that..15:49
timelessthere's nothing preventing this from being in guided15:49
timelesscan someone do me a favor and log this and send it to when i finish?15:49
timelessor to ferenc cc timeless, whichever15:49
* timeless isn't in a position to do that :(15:50
timelessnext, back to your example, please tell me your summary15:50
* timeless busy waits15:50
X-Fadebug 91015:50
X-FadeDon't think I need to paste all that here :)15:51
timelessok, so, um, i'll fill this in, stop me when you think i did something wrong15:51
timelessSummary: Upgrading to Sardine results in unusable device.15:51
timelessDetails: <as you wrote in c0>15:52
timelessReproduc... Every (default)15:52
timelessSteps to Reproduce:15:52
timelessyou didn't fill this in15:52
timelessand guess what?15:52
timelessi have a 770 right next to me, i can't follow your bug15:52
X-Fade"I have been able to reproduce this for the second time by flashing the device15:52
timelessseriously, i'd gladly follow your steps and antagonize someone to get it resolved15:52
X-Fadeagain and following all steps on the wiki."15:52
timelessbut i can't15:52
timelessyou didn't fill in the URL field and there's no URL in the bug15:53
timelessi'm not going to go hunting for some wiki15:53
timelessdon't make me do that. please15:53
timelessi have thousands or millions of things to do15:53
X-Fadetimeless: In this case, whatever you do. You will always be able to reproduce it..15:53
timelessno. i won't, because instead i'll do something else15:53
timelessseriously, i'm sure for you an expert it's trivial to do15:53
X-Fadetimeless: Heh. not even 1000 bugs in 1.5 years :)15:53
timelessbut ofor me,15:53
timelessx-fade: remember the buglist url i gave a while ago?15:54
timeless This list is too long for Bugzilla's little mind; the Next/Prev/First/Last buttons won't appear on individual bugs.15:54
timeless1798 bugs found.15:54
timelessi'm quite serious when i say thousands of bugs15:54
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X-Fadetimeless: This bug is directly filed agains members of the HAF team. They *know* something is broken.. And they know how to test it..15:54
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timelessx-fade: sure, but the thing is, i'm not a member of haf15:55
timelessand yet, i can and will antagonize people into fixing things15:55
timelessbut only if i can follow steps to reproduce15:55
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timelesscompare your bug w/ that one15:55
X-Fadechange mistral -> sardine in sources.list and type apt-get update, apt-get upgrade :)15:55
timelessok. now we've made progress15:56
timelesscould you have filled that into steps?15:56
suihkulokkiX-Fade: I agree with timeless, there should be step by step instructions. But it's the person bug is assigned to, who should have asked for it15:56
timelessi mean seriously, your steps clearly wouldn't have taken long to write15:56
timelesssuihkulokki: the assignee should have, and bugzilla /can/ if properly configured15:57
timelessi'm willing to admit that is misconfigured15:57
keesj__I have this error  message while  compiling xmoto is it my fault?
timelessthat's cheap for me :)15:57
keesj__sorry 80915:57
timelessthis paste is either expired or it never existed at all! ?15:57
X-Fadetimeless: I would agree that if there is a question to describe it step by step. That I would have done that..15:58
timelesshead -52 /scratchbox/compilers/cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm/lib/gcc/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/3.4.4/../../../../include/c++/3.4.4/cstddef| tail -115:58
timeless=> keesj__15:58
timelessx-fade: seriously, i know you think it isn't worth your time15:58
timelessbut there are random people who will follow steps15:58
timelessi'm one of them15:58
timelesseven if it isn't something i work on15:58
timelessbut i don't read minds. i absolutely refuse to read minds15:59
X-Fadetimeless: But if you need that info, there sould be an option to ask for that..15:59
timelessnote that i file hundreds of bugs, but i still include steps to reproudce15:59
keesj__   using ::ptrdiff_t;15:59
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X-Fadetimeless: the guided form has "Steps to Reproduce" which should be ok for this..16:00
timeless=> keesj__16:00
timelessx-fade: right, ok16:00
timelessanyway, i take it that you'd be ok w/ the rest of the fields16:01
timelessobviously additional information shouldn't mention Talkback, that can be customized (and probably shouldn't be in the default, i'll file a bug nowish)16:01
X-FadeNow the bug summary page :)16:01
X-Fadethe show bug page is way to complicated. It isn't easy to pick out the key elements.16:02
timelessplease hold, i'm not the best multitasker16:03
timelessok, talkback bug filed16:03
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timelesswhich bug should we use, 910 or 916?16:04
timelessobviously i have a preference for one of them since i kinda like it, but i don't care that much16:04
X-Fadedon't care. They all look the same ;)16:04
* timeless nods16:04
timelessfwiw in case people are curious, any numbers i write here except specific bug numbers are totally random and have no bearing on anything real, imagined, or otherwise </standard-disclaimer>16:05
timelessok, so, hrm... now i'm kinda stuck16:05
timelesswhat do you actually care about?16:06
timelessoh man, this is 2.17.716:06
* timeless sighs16:06
X-Fadetimeless: Don't care which one you pick for our example.16:06
X-FadeNot "Don't care" in a general manner :)16:06
timelessbmo is running 2.23.316:06
* timeless wonders when 2.17.x is end of lifed16:06
X-FadeLet's pick that one..16:07
timelessdo you have an account on
X-FadeI have a 1280x1024 display, and still can't see what this bug is about without scrolling..16:07
X-Fadetimeless: Nope..16:07
timeless2.18 dates to some time around Mar, 200416:08
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timelesssupported versions appear to be 2.18.6, 2.20.3, 2.22.1, and 2.23.316:09, ?16:09
timeless(anything that's at least slightly less ancient than maemo/bugzilla)16:10
timelesssorry, the reason i ask this is that maemo/bugzilla has 3 tabs for preferences16:10
timelessbugzilla in 2.20 had 5 tabs, one was a 'general preferences' which included some ui prefs16:11
X-Fadetimeless: Yeah, on gnome..16:11
timelessoh good :)16:11
X-FadeSorry, was on the phone :)16:11
timelessjust a random bug, you're free to pick a different one16:12
timelessi presume you're logged in16:12
timelessnote the When viewing a bug, show comments in this order option16:13
timelessnot sayinig it's a great option or anything, just noting that it exists16:13
keesj__timeless: the ouput of the program is quite long and I can't pastes itfully
timeless:( pastebins do have limits :(16:13
X-Fadetimeless: Yeah, i know that option..16:13
_matthias__anyone at 23c316:13
X-FadeBut gnome has the advantage that you can see all info about the bug in a glance.16:14
X-Fadetimeless: So you see your report, and all product details in one glance..16:14
timelessx-fade: you mean the box on the right w/ the light greenish background?16:14
X-Fadetimeless: yep16:14
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* timeless nods16:15
*** _matthias__ has quit IRC16:15
X-Fadethat info takes the whole page on ;)16:15
X-FadeCompare that to:
X-FadeThe horror :)16:16
* timeless nods16:16
timelessnote that it's an excuse, but there's a link "Last Comment" at the top right16:16
timelesswhich will get you kinda where you want to go16:16
timelesss/note/not/ :(16:16
* timeless pings bkor about the box16:17
X-FadeTill takes too much screen estate..16:17
* timeless nods16:17
X-FadeAll options that don't have a value should be hidden too..16:17
X-Fade Keywords:16:17
X-FadeAway with them :)16:17
* timeless looks for a wiki page or something to add these notes16:18
X-FadeSame for target milestone..16:18
timelessx-fade: seriously, do you have a log?16:18
timelessbecause i'd like to have it, and i really can't get one easily16:18
*** Fatal is now known as Knirch16:19
* timeless has already lost quite a large portion from scrollback :(16:19
X-Fadetimeless: Ehm I think I can get irssi to save this for me ;)16:19
*** spect has joined #maemo16:20
X-FadeI only have to find out how to save the backscroll :)16:21
keesj__I have a log16:27
keesj__can I paste it or something?16:27
||cwon a pastebin of some sort16:30
X-Fadetimeless: So what do you think, can be done to simplify that view?16:36
timelessi tend to use pageup16:37 would be nice16:37
timelesssorry, i was away trying to get someone to trigger a crash16:37
timelesswe have steps, but one of them is "install 50-100 packages based on dpkg -l'16:38
timelesskeesj__: wrt that .i file, you could probably just email it to me, i'd be willing to read it i suppose16:39
timelessfwiw i'm going to do a bit of revisionist history, e.g. i'll make the bars line up :)16:41
*** ssvb has quit IRC16:44
timelessif anyone wants to be removed from it, let me know16:46
timelessanyway, back shortly. baby sitting crash and such16:46
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timelessok, turns out that my crash is basically "install gpe and try using it"17:15
timelessso far i've crashed the desktop and the x server17:15
timelessnothing major :)17:15
keesj__ have found settings that make it work, aparently configures adds -Dptrdiff_t=long17:17
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* timeless tries to add that to a huge list of useless mental facts :)17:18
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keesj__Hi kender19:10
kenderhey keesj__19:10
keesj__you have you n770 for 2 week now right?19:13
kenderI haven't the n770 yet19:14
keesj__you only have the sdk?19:14
kenderby now yes19:15
keesj__your not a real gadget freak19:16
* mgedmin is always irritated by people misspelling "you're"19:16
*** pleemans has joined #maemo19:16
kendermgedmin, :D19:17
timelesss/your not/you aren't/19:17
timelesseven using "you're" isn't very good19:17
mgedminmaybe it isn't, but it doesn't irritate me ;)19:17
timelessalthough i'm not quite sure i'd expect a foreigner to know that one19:17
kenderI'm not english, and I have to do a great effort to undertand that19:17
kender<keesj__> your not a real gadget freak -> I'm expecting to be19:17
timelessmgedmin: your tolerance is higher than mine or your sensitivity is lower19:18
mgedminI'm not English, and I think that's why it's easier for me to see the difference between "your" and "you're" -- I do not pronounce them in the same way19:18
timelesskender: i'm not English (i.e. British) either19:18
kenderI'm waiting, to see how the future "870" goes19:18
timelessbut I am a native English speaker19:18
* timeless comes from across the pond19:18
kenderwell, that's what I mean19:18
timelessyes, but it isn't what you wrote :)19:18
kenderI'm not as good as I want in english language19:19
timelessSuomalainen != Suomi19:19
timelesss/in/to be when it comes to my mastery of the/19:20
timelessor something lik ethat19:20
timelessand capitalize English :)19:20
timelessif you want me to stop correcting, just say so19:21
keesj__I think I understand the difference,19:21
timelessi'm assuming otherwise that you're benefiting from it19:21
kendernomis, please, is the only way to learn19:21
* timeless is missing a comma or two in that last line19:21
kendertimeless, sure19:21
* mgedmin happy that vncviewer now works with the updated vino in ubuntu19:21
keesj__English is just to fuzzy , /me needs a compiler to learn things19:23
mgedmins/ ,/,/19:24
* mgedmin hides19:24
kenderkeesj__, but, by now, is the only way to understand each other19:24
kendermgedmin, I don't think so19:25
kenderthe correct way, is s/,/, /19:25
timelessyou should forgive whitespace19:25
timelessanyone using a 770 would have that space19:25
timelessotherwise their completion gets messsed up19:25
mgedminI disabled the "insert space after completion" option in my 77019:26
timelessi'm too lazy to do that19:26
timelesseverytime i restore my device, i lose my settings19:26
mgedminhelps a lot with vim :)19:26
* timeless needs to go find the maemomapper google maps urls again :(~19:26
timelessstupid backup doesn't understand the concept of "backup settings"19:26
timelessit seems to mean "backup some useless subset of nokia settings"19:27
kendersave all the /home/user/.*19:27
timelessit clearly doesn't do that19:27
kenderkeesj__, a compiler to learn things?19:28
timelessgcc -E19:29
timelesspreprocess to something more digestable :)19:29
timelesscl /Tenglish /E19:30
timelessfor those using an ms compiler19:30
timeless(not that it understands English)19:30
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo19:31
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC19:37
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo19:41
*** mahtava_matt has joined #maemo19:48
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo19:48
keesj__kender: if there is nobody to correct me, how can I learn?19:49
kenderkeesj__, learn what?19:49
*** kender has quit IRC19:50
mahtava_mattis it possible to stream data from my laptop to my 770. (xp to maemo)19:51
*** kender has joined #maemo19:51
*** bergie has quit IRC19:52
kenderkeesj__, reading a lot, and learning english gramatic19:52
timelesss/gramatic/grammar/ ?19:53
timelessnote: i'm not paying attn to this channel at all19:53
* timeless shouldn't abbreviate attention19:53
kenderthat's what I'm going to say19:53
mahtava_mattis anyone able to help19:56
*** |tbb| has quit IRC19:56
* Pierre is back (gone 04:50:39)19:58
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo19:58
myrenmahtava_matt: we would except you've expressed such profound lack of knowledge its hard to know where to start.  there's probably a samba-client for maemo that'll let you access windows file shares.20:00
mahtava_matt"such profoundlack of knowledge" That is just too rude20:01
myrenthen bugger off20:02
mgedminhowever "to stream data" is too vague for a good answer20:03
myreni presume he meant access files20:03
mgedminwould HTTP work?20:03
mahtava_mattmyren:  you're a real piece of work you are, i come looking for help, so you first tell me i have a profound lack of knowledge, then you tell me to bugger off! i think you should, this is no place to be rude like that!20:05
mahtava_mattan example of what i want to do is: play an mp3 file that i have on my laptop hdd on my 770 without having to actually store the file on the device.20:06
mahtava_mattis this possible?20:06
myreni fucking told you god damn it there's probably some samba client you can fucking use to mount windows fiel shares.20:06
mgedminI am sure it is20:06
mgedminmyren: there's no call to be rude20:07
*** ssvb has quit IRC20:07
timelessyou could just configure an internet radio thing20:07
myrenif you want to be a stuck up twat and ask the same question again after getting offended at my first answer20:07
timelessassuming all you want is mp3 playing20:07
mahtava_mattmyren:  pull your head in!!20:07
* timeless wonders if shoutcast works20:07
mgedminI use gnump3d for that purpose20:07
mgedminbut then I use ubuntu instead of XP20:07
myrenyes it does but i suspect windows shares would be easier for this luser than setting up a shoutcast server20:07
mahtava_mattmgedmin:  thanks20:07
* timeless shrugs20:08
*** |tbb| has quit IRC20:08
mgedminah, but I suspect mounting windows shares on the 770 might be harder than exporting a directory over HTTP20:08
timelessi think it's easier to buy a radio and listen to a  real broadcast20:08
timelessget an xm radio and you can have even more channels :)20:08
myrenhow could he mount the http?20:08
mgedminthen there's that UPnP stuff that I know nothing about20:08
mahtava_mattmyren:  i may have phrased my question vaguely but that doesn't mean you have to be utterly rude towards me20:09
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:09
timelessi think windows media center edition does upnp20:09
mgedminmyren: IIRC if you click on a .mp3 file in Opera, it will open that file in the Audio Player20:09
myrenmy rude answer doesnt mean you have to ignore the techn ical suggestions20:09
timelessnot really sure about xp20:09
timelessi've certainly never tried20:09
mgedminof course, if you want to listen to more than one mp3 at a time, something like gnump3d might be better20:09
mgedminassuming it runs on XP20:09
myreni wasnt aware thre was upnp on the 770.20:09
mgedmin"Portable across different varieties of Unix, the GNU Operating System, and Microsoft Windows platforms."20:10
mahtava_mattmyren:  you being rude means, that i will ignore you, you're not worth me time20:10
glassput a winamp on the xp machine giving a shoutcast stream and then winamp web interface...20:10
*** kender has quit IRC20:10
*** |tbb| has quit IRC20:10
* mgedmin would be happy if people actually ignored each other instead of being loudly rude to each other while innocent bystanders have to listen20:10
timelessmahtava: be nice, mgedin was here first20:11
timelessyou came in and made some very very very very vague statement that could be interpretted as a useless query20:11
myreni just think its insane what a crybaby this kid is, and how he's ignored all technical disucssion to instead whine about how greviously i've injured him.20:11
timelessno one here read minds20:11
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:11
myrenok that was a whiny statement myself20:11
mahtava_matttimeless:  it does not matter who was here first, we are not in preschool anymore20:12
myrenthen express knowledge greater than that of a preschooler.20:13
* timeless shrugs20:13
*** Guardian has quit IRC20:13
* timeless likes preschool20:13
mahtava_mattmyren:  you have not greviously injured me, that's a joke.20:13
*** jtokash2 has joined #maemo20:14
* koen hands #maemo
myrenit wont render in lynx.  :(20:15
myreni never got framebuffer working in links220:15
myrenwhich comic is it?20:15
mgedmin"words that end in gry"20:17
myrenaggry, ahungry, angry, anhungry, hungry, unhungry20:18
myrenthose are the 6 english language words enging in gry20:18
* mgedmin thinks myren missed the point20:19
myreni cant see it.  :(20:19
myrenand i dont remember it20:19
myrenwed, must be the new one20:19
myreni wonder if xkcd is parsable via AA lib20:20
*** rabelais has quit IRC20:21
myren(my fuji p1120's ATI driver broke in the last superpatch to the ati tree... i've been out an X server for 2 months now)20:21
mgedminI remember the time when I used links and zgv for reading webcomics20:22
mgedminmy laptop had less horsepower than my nokia 77020:22
myrenexcellent, i'll have to try that20:22
myreni need to figure out how to get SVGATextMode to accept a better resolution20:23
myrenit crashes the display if i specify >80 column width.  suxor.20:24
mgedminsvgatextmode never worked for me with any recent video card20:27
mgedminbut radeonfb gives me a pretty sane 128x48 text console on my laptop20:28
Krushwhen talking about resolution, is there a way to make hildon work on larger screen, e.g. 1024x768 on a tv20:29
Krushi have already noticed a screenshot: showing a 1600x1200 (perhaps one of yours) desktop, but it looks a bit crippled20:30
*** jtokash has quit IRC20:31
*** |tbb| has quit IRC20:38
keesj__are there people interested in helping porting xmoto to the n770?20:39
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:40
keesj__perhaps I'd better send an email to the list20:40
*** |tbb| has quit IRC20:53
*** skodde has joined #maemo20:53
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo20:54
inzkeesj, I could try to give a hand20:55
keesj__inz I have been working on it for some time now
keesj__and the xmoto guy is mering the code as we speak. but there will be some performace issues21:04
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:07
inzkeesj, I'll take closer look tomorrow21:08
*** benzea_ has quit IRC21:10
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:11
*** jtokash2 has quit IRC21:20
*** jtokash has joined #maemo21:20
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:20
*** jtokash2 has joined #maemo21:21
myrenearleir thread, mgedmin just left,21:25
myrenhow do i adjust my resolution with a fb module?21:25
myreni have radeonfb modprobed, how do i alter its resolution?21:25
keesj__myren: are you on the right channel?21:26
myrenwe were discussing it earleir21:27
myrenjeezus, i cannot spell earlier21:27
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo21:28
*** jtokash has quit IRC21:29
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC21:30
c0ffeeneither can you spell 'jesus'21:31
*** koen has quit IRC21:34
*** Guardian has joined #maemo21:37
*** |tbb| has quit IRC21:38
mahtava_mattdoes anyone know where i can get the "smbfs" package for my 77021:46
*** Disconnect has quit IRC21:48
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo21:54
||cwmahtava_matt: it's not on the application catalog?21:57
*** koen has joined #maemo22:00
*** Guardian has quit IRC22:03
*** skodde has quit IRC22:04
*** Krush has quit IRC22:09
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo22:21
*** |tbb| has quit IRC22:25
*** lpotter has quit IRC22:28
mahtava_matt||cw:  no i can't find it and when i try and install "samba" or "smbclient" they both come up with errors, saying that they can't find it.22:29
*** lpotter has joined #maemo22:30
*** koen has quit IRC22:30
*** Eloi has joined #maemo22:40
*** Eloi has left #maemo22:40
*** pleemans has joined #maemo22:52
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*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:01
*** |tbb| has quit IRC23:03
*** koen has joined #maemo23:08
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:10
timelesshello, i'm getting a script error in IE when i load wiktionary pages23:17
timelessis this expected behavior?23:18
*** mahtava_matt has quit IRC23:19
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:20
*** epx has quit IRC23:22
||cwtimeless: what, IE not supporting standards?  yeah that's pretty expected in general :D23:22
||cwi have a win2k insall with ie6 sp1 that gives about 10 errors on loading msn.com23:24
||cwI don't get an error on though23:24
*** koen has quit IRC23:31
timelesshrm, wrong channel23:35
* timeless cries23:35
timelessthis is more like people who can't write good js23:35
timelessstandards was a different bug i had an hour before23:36
timelesswhere ie chose to use an ALT attribute as a tooltip instead of a TITLE attribute :(23:36
*** Guardian has joined #maemo23:45
*** mat has quit IRC23:45
*** Pio has quit IRC23:45
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo23:46

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