IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2006-12-26

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jtokashSounds good, Disconnect, I'll take that approach instead.00:15
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espohi is it possible to run java jdk under the nokia 770?01:06
esponot to use the apps only compile them01:06
desrtespo; why would you want to compile java on your 770?01:07
desrtuse its fine wifi capabilities to ssh to home :)01:07
espobecause i'll want to buy me a small thing to write some code on the way to school01:08
espodesrt, ;) then i need a big antenne on my department :D01:08
desrti think you're asking a bit much01:09
desrtuse a text editor and compile when you get to school :)01:09
desrti doubt you'd get a java compiler to run in 32megs01:09
desrt(this is about how much memory apps get)01:10
espoahh okay01:10
desrtwait for nokia's new model to come out01:11
desrtin 200701:11
espoahh sounds great :D01:11
pahartikhow to send notification pop-up from Bourne shell script?01:23
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jtokashHow do you add run commands to the load (run/screenshot/load) applet that will be executed as root?03:47
pahartikjtokash: use "sudo"?03:58
pahartikjtokash: may require editing "/etc/sudoers", of course03:59
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jtokashthanks pahartik, I'll read up on that04:07
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jtokashpahartik, that works great, thanks.  Now I can shutdown without typing anything!04:20
pahartikjtokash: but that works with power button as well...?04:27
pahartikjtokash: but sure it is good to have it working as you expect04:29
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jtokashWell... I'm not sure what the power button actually does.  Sometimes, it seems like it doesn't do a full shutdown.05:16
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orzelhello. i'm having problem installing scratchbox as described on
orzelusing the same versions14:11
orzelhere is what i get :
orzelif i try to log in, i have the message ......<user>/scratchbox/bin/  doesn't exist14:12
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orzelthe computer is amd64. it seems like the run_me_first (or some other script) doesn't creates all required dir/files14:14
orzelbut i can't say more14:14
sp3000 ?14:15
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orzelthe pb even happen before login (dev...)14:20
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orzelthis line gives the same error :(14:23
orzeland trying to log fails with the same error14:24
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orzelmmmh, it just works ok on my 32bit computer, running the same OS (gentoo)14:29
orzelbut i only have ssh to this box14:29
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orzelmmh, i confirm, it really works ok on the 32 bits, and not at all on the 64bits. I did several installations, from scratch (removing group, /scratchbox..)14:38
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|nuke||i've need to help for Canola:18:23
|nuke||when i start canola it crash:18:23
|nuke||canola[2337]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Unable to find a plugin to handle filter 'Controller/Container'18:23
|nuke||can somebody help me?18:24
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|nuke||canola[2337]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Unable to find a plugin to handle filter 'Controller/Container'18:40
|nuke||can somebody help me?18:40
aCiDBaSe|nuke||: canola's authors are not here... they are traveling for holidays...18:46
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|nuke||would nobody never have this problem?18:51
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saerdnaeris there a real sip client for n770?21:43
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||cwi've seen some command line tools21:56
saerdnaerminisip doesn't work with maemo 2.121:59
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||cwon the application catalog i think, maybe hte WIP one22:12
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greentuxsaerdnaer: whats the raeson that minisip doesnt work?22:23
saerdnaerit's website say it doesn't work with the newest maemo platform22:34
saerdnaerand i have 2.122:35
saerdnaerand i haven't found a deb to download22:35
greentuxmmmh and something like linphone?22:36
saerdnaerdoest it run on nokia 77022:37
greentuxdont know. will order a 770 in january... I assume it should work. Its not a very complicated command line sip client22:39
saerdnaeris there an already compiled version?22:51
Robot101 specifically23:03
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