IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2006-12-25

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timelessi think my device decided to reboot01:17
timelessbut first i managed to get the im context menu in front of the home app :)01:17
timelessoh fsck01:23
* timeless managed to install the wrong 39-14 :(01:23
timelesscan i get a list of packages i have installed and repositories i'm using01:33
timelessand then script apt to install that same set again on another device?01:33
timeless(really the same device reflashed)01:33
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rabelaisI have a problem with my 770, I bought it yesterday and it was working well...earlier today the screen went a little whacko, it's just turning white and I has a few vertical lines running across it10:13
rabelaisthe sounds still work, and I tried reflashing the device, the flash worked, but I still have the same problem10:13
rabelaisis this a hardware problem? or is there something else wrong10:14
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desrtrabelais; sounds like you should take it back to where you bought it.10:16
rabelaisit's not supposed to do this, right?10:16
desrtdefinitely not.  it's supposed to work :)10:16
rabelaishehe, ok10:16
inzThat is a quite frequently occurred prob, just take it back10:16
inzI think they got it somewhat fixed at some point, maybe you got an old device10:17
rabelaisit went berserk just after I was playing with the bluetooth settings10:17
rabelaisbut I don't know if that was a coincidence10:17
inzNo, there's just certain risk of that happening during the 5 or so bootups10:18
inzIt's a hw problem10:18
rabelaisoh, I had been playing with it a lot during the first couple days, I'm sure it went through a couple dozen bootups10:18
rabelaisbut I'm careful with my toys, so I didn't bump it or drop it or anything10:19
rabelaisjust wanted to confirm that it's a hardawre issue10:19
inzIf you check the maemo-dev list from back when the device was released, you'll see lots of similar reports10:19
rabelaisahh, I see10:19
rabelaiscurious, I do have the 2006 tablet edition with the latest firmware, so the hardware couldn't be that old10:20
rabelaisbut maybe the bug is still there10:20
rabelaisok then....thank you guys....just thought it was doing something that I didn't know how to fix10:21
rabelaisoh...I did have one more question10:24
rabelaisI really would kill for a sip voip client on this little device, is there anything available?10:25
rabelaisI saw the gizmo project from sipphone, but that ties me to their network, I would love to tie this device into my own sip network and use it as my phone10:25
rabelaisis there a working standalone sip client?10:26
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rabelaisif there isn't such a thing, does anyone know if anyone has had any success in using the builtin jabber client to make calls out to an asterisk (or SER) voip pbx?10:29
rabelaisbecuase, ideally, I'd love to use the contacts list and everything that is all built into the device, it's a nice framework10:30
rabelaisI'm thinking that if I could run my own jabber server and then tie it into my asterisk server, then I might possibly be able to make calls out that way10:31
rabelaisjust curious if anyone else had managed to do this10:31
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timelessanyone here have nethack working?10:41
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kpelhello and merry Christmas16:15
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* pahartik removed MPEG-4 container from AAC content but "Audio Player" only says "Playback Error"18:27
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* pahartik tries to figure out how to add Bourne shell script entries to Maemo application menu before getting too drunk19:12
Disconnectdrunk! thats what i forgot in my coffee! :)19:12
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slapin_nbhi, all!19:29
slapin_nbany successful runs of scratchbox 0.9.8 with Linux 2.6.18?19:30
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Disconnectjtokash: fyi a quick test of tiny tiny rss shows that it sorta works but the article-viewer window is rendered offscreen. so its mildly better than gregarius but..19:42
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minrai think the stability problems i am seeing are related to the use of bluetooth input device... all programs... xchat, xterm, maemo-browser crash occasionally with input, but never without BT keyboard20:34
minrathe new mplayer is amazing...  plays all my problem videos without jerkiness (ruckler)20:35
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Disconnectminra: did the original input crash problem ever get solved?20:52
* Disconnect hasn't checked the bug in a while20:52
Disconnect(hmm. someone removed the bug report from the app catalog. nice.)20:54
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minraDisconnect, i still am getting crashes but i am on the 2.021:03
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minrawe must make this thing rule... we must make maemo rule the pda world21:16
minramany companies must make maemo devices21:16
minranot just nokia21:16
minrawe need devices larger, and smaller21:16
minrawe need devices faster, and powersavinger21:16
jtokashDisconnect: Thanks for the info!21:18
jtokashI just realized why Google Reader works for me in Opera but not for other people (still SUPER SLOW, though - 30 seconds to change feeds)21:22
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slapin_nbrehi, all!21:22
slapin_nbany successful runs of scratchbox 0.9.8 with Linux 2.6.18?21:22
jtokashlast week, I changed the user agent from 3 (IE6) to 1 (opera).  I did that to fix Exchange Server's Outlook Web Access, but it looks like it helped Google Reader, too.21:23
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desrtshapr; so what up?21:38
slapin_nbhow to enable core dumps without mmc? (probably to /)21:52
desrttake a look at /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern21:57
desrtyou could also just symlink /media/mmc1 back to /21:57
slapin_nba problem is there's no core dumps when I echo /core >/proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern22:02
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slapin_nbprobably I need to touch it?22:02
desrtqgil; it's you!22:02
* desrt big hugs22:02
qgilahm... yes, still  - hi desrt  :)22:02
desrtcongrats on the election.  looks like you kicked some serious ass :)22:03
qgilwhat are you doing here, are you also part of the clan?22:03
desrteh.  not really.22:03
desrti snagged a free device in catalonia so i play with it sometimes22:03
desrtand i was having a hairy scratchbox problem the other day22:03
qgilthe election... I wanted to propose to change th elction systm and now I have the proof that the current system doesn't work properly, otherwise I would have get another result  :)22:04
desrti doubt it.  you're a rockstar :)22:04
desrteveryone knows it's true22:04
desrtwe all witnessed your super-human displays of strength and stamina before and during guadec :)22:05
qgilhum, and now I'll have to try not to deceive all these misconceptions  :)22:05
desrtya.  that's one thing.  you have a tall order to live up to.22:05
desrtwhat are ya doing for nokia these days?22:05
qgilanyway, let me tell you life&live thank you for your optimization work, you, Ben Maurer and Federico are the guys I'm following more - from the distance22:06
desrti'm sorry for not getting back to that email you sent22:06
qgilthese days nothing, but I'll start working at Maemo in a couple of weeks22:06
desrtit was crunch time at school for me and the guy's claim just seemed really silly22:06
desrti can understand KDE maybe using marginally less memory than gnome22:06
desrtbut if all your applications are already using libg* then using KDE as the desktop is just plain silly22:07
desrtgonna make it to l.c.a?22:07
qgilat the end it was IceWM, not KDE - the PPRR guy gave a wrong answer (embarrasing)
desrtah.  that makes a bit of sense, then22:08
qgildesrt: I have enough mileage moving a whole family and house 4000km from south-west Europe to north-east (and from +18 to -18 or so)22:09
desrtyou're moving to finland?22:09
qgilin the membrane - but hey22:10
desrtwhat do they drink there?  vodka?22:11
qgiland lots of milk derivatives22:11
desrtbetter get practising :)22:11
qgilindeed, if in Spanish there is just a neologism for "yogourt" in Germany they have like 5 words to define 5 variants but in Finland can make upt to 3 varieties from a single German word, if you follow me22:12
desrtsounds like a subtle language22:13
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qgildesrt: suomi must be subtle, but it's about the different milk-based stuff you can buy in a supermarket and drink22:15
qgilbut well, I confess I'm not moving to Finland for the milk22:16
roopeGood evening. :)22:16
qgilhi roope, good evening22:17
desrtis suomi another name for finland?22:18
desrti just saw that word on google maps for the first time a few moments ago :)22:18
desrtFinland, a northern European country (written with capital initial letter: Suomi),22:19
desrtThe Finnish language itself (written with lower-case initial letter in Finnish: suomi)22:19
qgilyou're quick and clever, man  :)22:19
desrtpfah.  i just have a wikipedia smart bookmark :)22:19
desrti guess that's what passes for quick and clever these days :)22:20
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jtokashDoes anyone know if you can have multiple load applets running at the same time?  I'd like to have the "run" version and the "swapon/off" version running simultaneously.23:44
Disconnectprobably be fine, just more overhead23:47
Disconnectone tip is to add swapon/swapoff as commands in the run version23:47
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