IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2006-12-24

mgedminhm, but then why isn't the task navigator blended into the background on my 77000:00
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Zmanui have a wifi connection, but impossible to find how to define security key00:21
Zmanui select connection00:21
Zmanubut after i don't find where put my key wifi00:22
wasabi_anybody use a gps with the 770?00:24
wasabi_Need brand recommendations. Cheep. Simple. Only ups + bluetooth00:24
Zmanui ask because i don't have doc and with links it's not easy00:25
mgedminZmanu: who needs docs, just explore the menus00:26
mgedminIIRC if you go to control panel, you'll find a connectivity sections applet00:26
Zmanumgedmin: i explore and don't find :/00:26
spectZmanu: it should ask you automagicaly when you are trying to connect00:26
mgedminin there there's a button that gives you a list of saved connections00:26
mgedminand in that window you can add or edit connections00:26
Zmanuspect: it ask but don't give to me 0 to 9 only letters00:26
mgedminand when adding/editing you can specify all sorts of nifty things like wpa passphrases00:27
mgedmin0 to 9?00:27
Fatalwasabi_: i got a cheap one, uhm.. navibe, no idea how good it is since i haven't tried to compare it with anything else00:27
Zmanumgedmin: wifi key don't use only letter but number too, and there's no number00:27
FatalFCC ID: SZF-GB62100:27
wasabi_small, rechargeable, good signal?00:27
mgedminZmanu: what do you mean there's no number?  sure there are, in the pop-up virtual keyboard00:28
mgedminwasabi_: my globalsat bt-308 works, but I think I'd've been better off with the nokia one (ld-3w or something)00:28
Zmanuin the pop-up i have number but é è and other like this00:28
mgedminthat one has the same charger as the 77000:29
wasabi_dude, that's super expensive00:29
mgedminZmanu: what language do you use?00:29
wasabi_why so pricey?00:29
Zmanumgedmin: french00:30
mgedminZmanu: maybe you need to press shift or something on the vkb00:31
Zmanuok i gonna try00:31
Zmanuyou're right thanks00:37
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wasabi_can't seem to find the ld-3w in the us01:07
jtokashWould anyone mind checking my backup command?  tar czvf /media/mmc1/backups/full/test -C/bin -C/boot -C/etc -C/home -C/initrd -C/lib -C/opt -C/proc -C/root -C/sbin -C/srv -C/sys -C/tmp -C/usr -C/var01:35
mgedminit doesn't make any sense01:36
mgedminI think tar accepts -C only once01:37
jtokashah, for some reason I thought it was supposed to prepend each directory01:37
mgedmintar -czvf /media/mmc1/backups/full/test.tar.gz -C/ bin boot etc home initrd lib opt root sbin srv sys tmp usr var01:38
mgedminwould make more sense01:38
mgedminI suggest that you do not try to tar up /proc01:38
mgedminand I do not understand why anybody would want to back up /tmp01:38
mgedminoh, and skip the /sys, I didn't notice it at first01:38
jtokashsounds good, I'll leave those off.  I already left off /dev and /mnt01:39
wasabi_sounds silly.01:41
wasabi_Why not just back up your home dir?01:41
jtokashI just want to have a backup of all installed apps and everything.  Set it and forget it.01:41
wasabi_i guess.01:41
mgedminwhy not tar up / and tell tar not to traverse into other filesystems?01:42
mgedmintar -l (aka --one-file-system) does that01:42
jtokashoh, nice!01:43
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mgedminof course, if, say, /home is on a different filesystem, you'd want to tar it up too01:43
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jtokashmakes sense.  Currently, I don't have the extended stuff going on, but maybe later.01:43
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jtokashI wonder if Herring and Sardine support larger swap files.05:23
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shaprdesrt: d00d09:26
rabelaisis there a true SIP client for the 770? I don't want gtalk, I don't want sipphone's thing, I just want a normal sipphone09:28
rabelais*normal SIP client09:28
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jtokashHmmm.. anyone know of initfs dual boot can be set up for dual booting between 2 mmc file systems rather than 1 flash and 1 mmc?10:13
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JaffaMorning, all10:50
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jtokashI crashed when trying to dual boot into herring on mmc2.  The blue progress bar is at around 80% done.  I don't have sshd installed and I can't figure out how to reboot from this hang.  Any ideas?12:11
jtokashIf not, I'll take the battery out.12:11
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desrtshapr; hello12:24
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AD-N770good morning13:29
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* pahartik followed "Alternative 2" instructions (except for only having one partition and ext2 filesystem on it) of document at "" but "/dev/mtdblock4" is still "/" after trying to boot from MMC15:20
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AD-N770hi ppl17:39
AD-N770any hildon developer in the channel ?17:39
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AD-N770is someone in the channel that could help me with treeview and a contextual menu issue ?17:48
AD-N770i need some help to implement a new feature in the nethack port for maemo17:58
AD-N770I implemented a contextual menu on the inventory treeview, is working under sbox, but the menu isn't launched on the device17:59
AD-N770please could someone give me some help to fix it ?18:00
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timelessso does anyone here actaully have a 770 + gmail?18:07
timelessforgive my typing, pretend i'm drunk from all that egg nog i'm not drinking18:09
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MSchoengood morning all.19:02
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tigerttimeless: yes. I use gmail with it a lot19:15
timelesscan you use it w/ your 770 (try now)?19:52
timelesshrm, i think disney is showing peter pan songs in finnish19:56
timelessbecause it sounds familiar, but i can't understand a word19:56
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tigerttimeless: I can, though it really likes to have mmc swap enabled22:06
tigertbecause its quite heavy on javascript22:06
tigertit loves the extra 64MB22:06
timelessi egt a security error22:06
timelessit doesn't let me log in at all22:06
timelessor log out22:06
timelessor read mail :(22:06
tigertah hmm22:07
timelesswhat version of the system are you using?22:07
tigertreboot :)22:07
tigertI didnt try just now22:07
timelessum, i think i have...22:07
tigertcould be something different or temporary22:07
timelesswhen did you try last?22:07
tigerta while ago22:07
timelessit worked for me about a week ago and hasn't since22:07
tigerton desktop now22:07
timelessi mean the 77022:07
timelesssilly person22:07
timelessif i was curious about gmail in general, i wouldn't ask her e:)22:08
tigertlemme see, need to find a charger22:08
* timeless sighs22:08
* timeless coughed up the remants of iguana vegetarian fajitas22:08
timelessit wasn't spicy as i ate it, but now :(22:09
tigertI think iguana is not exactly vegetarian ;)22:10
* tigert knows what you meant though :)22:10
timelessi was pretty sure they'd be open22:10
timelessthe one closest to me wasn't of course, but the main one was :)22:10
timelessit'll be open again at 2pm tomorrow22:11
tigertok lets try22:11
timelessprobably the only food shop that'll be open tomorrow :(22:11
timelessi'm open to suggestions of course ;-)22:11
tigertok loading..22:12
tigertthe suggestion is: buy stuff in advance before christmas and midsummer and wappu22:12
tigertgmail loads fine22:12
timelessos ver?22:12
timelessi'm using 2006.1 (39-[14?])22:13
tigertwhat was scirocco?22:13
timelessi'm using the match for the latest official release22:13
timelessi don't follow the maemo sdk versions22:13
tigertyeah, same here22:13
tigertthat is what I meant22:13
timelesstoo confusing, and no one could explain how to install them anyway22:13
tigert2.2006.39-14 as well22:14
tigerttimeless: I am confused as hell and I am an employee22:14
tigertI am surprised if anyone can figure out all the versions and their correspondence22:14
tigertits a fscking mess :)22:14
timelessmy favorite part of course is that some versions are gauranteed to break your system :)22:15
spectMerry christmas :)22:15
timelessok, i just rebooted my device22:15
timelessspect: as a non christian in finland, it's not a happy time22:15
timelessif not for iguanna, i could starve22:15
timelessand the movie theaters are closed in helsinki!22:16
timelesstigert: i tried loading
timelessi get an alert22:16
timelessi Unablae to complete secure transaction22:16
tigertlemme make sure its https22:16
timeless[ OK ]22:16
tigertthey have this nasty habit of falling back to http22:16
tigertand I dont like that22:16
timelessi Unable to complete secure transaction22:16
tigertthough that seems to load too22:17
tigertyeah, loads ok22:17
timeless[ OK ]22:17
timelesstry logging out? :)22:17
timeless(that was me trying to use http: instead...)22:17
timelessnow doesn't know who i am, and i can't sign in22:18
* timeless killed all cookies22:18
timelessthis is going to suck royally22:19
timelessi might have to go into the office on christmas and test22:19
timelessstill works?22:30
tigertyea, it works ok22:31
tigertreflash yours?22:31
tigertI logged in via http22:32
tigertthen switched the url to https manually22:32
tigert(usually works without relogin)22:32
tigertbut I have seen that problem sometime22:32
tigertbugzilla might have something22:32
tigertbut I dont remember and I try to avoid work for the next week ahead :)22:33
timelessi can't find any path to log in22:35
timelessit'd be funny if it turns out i deleted a cert i need :)22:36
* timeless backs up22:39
* timeless grumbles22:39
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timelesshas anyone noticed that the date picker is broken?23:24
timelessoh fsck23:29
timelessso um23:29
timelessbacking up the device doesn't save all the apps i installed23:29
timelessso i lost maemo mapper23:29
timelessand the other dozen apps23:29
guru3yeah that bit's a pain23:30
* timeless grumbles23:34
timelessdoes it at least back up my "settings"23:35
timelessi did tell it to back up "settings" and "documents"23:35
timelessthat's nice23:35
* timeless needs to look into altroot support23:50
* timeless hates debian packages23:50

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