IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2006-12-18

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user_his xchat verson dosnt shpw in the app list   ;(00:14
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Takminra: yeah, I looked at it - it crashes randomly within 1s of launch when built for arm00:41
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* minra drunk bye00:42
Taklol seeya00:42
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JaffaMorning, all10:54
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AD-N770good morning11:16
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inzgoddammit, left stylus @home12:45
inzGod bless thumb kb =)12:46
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tigertthumb keyboard rox0rs13:01
tigertI made meeting notes with it. the scary part is I am fast enough already13:01
inzYou've been ircing way too much13:03
X-FadeHmm is very, very slow for me. Anyone else noticed that?13:13
tigertkonttori_: around?13:13
tigertkonttori_: do you remember offhand the default font sizes for themes for thememaker?13:13
tigertsiunce I think the ones thememaker defaults to are smaller than the ones in the device?13:13
konttori_12.75 for text and 29 for big font13:14
tigertI mean, the ones in os2006 default?13:14
konttori_Umm... Oh, like the *original* ... could be 16.75 for text13:14
* pahartik just got Nokia 770 from local store, after dreaming about it for ~18 moons13:14
tigertkonttori_: did .85 have the layouts stuff?13:15
tigertor was it some prerelease?13:15
timelessgarage was fast enough when i tried to get the empty osso-xterm svn project :)13:16
konttori_Only the latest alpha version has layout stuff.13:16
tigerturl again, sorry?13:17
tigertits not on the website I guess?13:17
tigertor is it in garage?13:17
konttori_And even that's not 100% working. I think I fixed it this morning before I had to start *working*, but didnt' have the time to test it.13:17
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konttori_I'll take a lunch brake soon and I'll test it then13:17
konttori_If it works, I can send you the latest build13:18
tigertI think .9 is not even new enough13:19
tigertthat would be sweet, let me know - or can I test?13:19
tigertbut have the lunch :)13:19
X-Fadetigert: Errors when installing hildon-theme-plankton-3 in Sardine. Under what item in bugzilla should I file a bug?13:22
X-Fadehaf -> desktop? or haf->ui toolkit?13:23
X-Fadeor hildon libs.13:23
X-FadeAh hildon libs points to MDK.13:23
tigertyea that would be the right guy atleast13:30
tigertX-Fade: what errors?13:30
X-Fadetigert: You should have mail :)13:30
X-FadeI filed the bug already..13:30
X-FadeAh no, you aren't CC-ed for that bug..13:31
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X-FadeAh, crap. Upgrading from herring to sardine gives me the 'White desktop' again!13:41
X-FadeI wonder how I can debug that?13:49
X-FadeThe only thing that works is pressing the powerbutton. That displays the menu.13:49
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pokute_Reflash and install an ssh server?13:52
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X-Fadepokute_: I have dualboot ;)13:54
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X-FadeSo I can mount the partition from the other os.13:55
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konttori_I've now been able to get the theme to install based on -2 layout txt and image14:36
konttori_However, I had to rename some of the images in the layout.txt14:36
konttori_But even then... the resulting theme isn't too good looking. I'll try to see why.14:37
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konttori_left bar is completely white14:37
tigertdo you use the gtkrc also?14:39
konttori_Nope. I use an older 2006 gtkrc.14:43
konttori_Would it be wise to use the -2 gtrc?14:43
tigertdo a diff?14:44
tigertit should be the same14:44
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tigertyou need to use -2 template and -2 gtkrc of course14:45
tigertos2006 is -2 afaik14:45
tigertif it isnt, then there is a problem in the template14:45
tigertI'll have to see14:45
konttori_I think I found the problem14:45
tigertmixing -3 template with -2 gtkrc is not goign to work14:45
florian_kchi all14:47
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tigertkonttori_: any luck? :)15:02
tigerthi florian_kc15:02
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MDKkonttori_: we tested layout-2, should work with the supplied gtkrc15:06
* tigert builds the theme Nth time15:07
MDKkonttori_: BTW, speaking about the "bundles" -- is it okay for you if the bundles come in .tar.gz format?15:07
MDK(since I assume you have .tar.gz lib somewhere at hand to compress debian packages...)15:07
konttori_Well, considering that I can always repackage them as well if needed, it doesn't matter. I I can't get the tar lib to process it, I'll just put the package to a zip.15:09
tigertkonttori_: would be nice for users to be able to just fetch a bundle though15:11
tigertthis way the tool would be sorta generic15:11
tigertand one could do modified bundles too, to make the borders etc different size15:12
tigertthen you wouldnt need to have the font settings etc on the tool itself15:12
tigertbut those could be part of the bundle?15:12
tigertso someone could share a "small fonts" template for example15:12
konttori_I think it's better that people don't have to know how to edit the bundle to be able to create different font sizes15:18
konttori_or change fonts15:18
konttori_I was thinking of addind possibility to install fonts as part of the theme15:18
konttori_e.g. windows themes include fonts15:18
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tigertyou should just probably package a bunch of fonts separately15:23
tigertnot make one huge megatheme?15:23
pokute_have the font package suggest/require the font package?15:27
MDKkonttori_: I was asking about .tar.gz since we don't have zip in sbox env15:27
MDKand getting it in would be a pain15:28
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konttori_no probs15:34
konttori_i'll try to get the tar to open15:34
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konttori_do you have compiled -2 gtkrc file? A compilation that contains all rcs?15:57
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thomasHi all!16:06
tigertkonttori_: ask MDK16:12
tigertlemme poke him16:13
MDKkonttori_: you mean the bundle?16:13
thomasI don't know if this is the right place to ask, buz.. is there any way to get rid of busybox so I can install things like net-tools (for a decent route-command)..?16:18
* pahartik wonders what is "Invalid FIASCO subblock count (2)" all about, when trying to "sudo ./flasher.linux_ppc -F SU-18_2006SE_2.2006.39-14_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R"16:20
AD-N770pahartik i think is because you are using an old flasher tool16:22
jtraperhaps flasher 2.0 is needed16:22
pahartikAD-N770: very well... I do not see one at ""...16:23
sp3000thomas: in some cases dpkg --force-overwrite -i works usefully16:24
thomasthanks :-)16:24
AD-N770pahartik you shoud ask to nokia in that case16:26
AD-N770or use one of the supported platforms16:26
AD-N770to flash scirocco on your device16:27
pahartikAD-N770: oh, I think I will try that last option16:29
konttori_MDK: yeah. Sorry.16:29
MDKkonttori_: a sec16:41
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konttori_I took gtkrc from device installed theme now.16:42
konttori_But It would be great to test with the bundle as well16:42
MDKkonttori_: sent16:44
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X-FadeMDK: Any idea how to debug a 'White desktop' problem?16:45
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MDKX-Fade: white desktop? You mean maemo-launcher crashing?16:48
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X-FadeMDK: Well, I can't really tell ;)16:49
X-FadeThe power menu does work..16:50
X-FadeBut nothing else..16:50
MDKhmm, prolly something else than16:50
MDKX-Fade: that's sardine?16:50
MDKdid you switch to plankton theme?16:51
inzIt may be crasing maemo-launcher, system UI doesn't use it.16:51
X-FadeI just updated from the regular image to sardine. Rebooted and it was like this..16:51
MDKah. So I guess it's the old maemo-launcher again16:52
X-FadeIt installed the plankton theme, but I haven't selected it.16:52
thomassp3000: that didn't help... dpkg says busybox conflicts with net-tools16:52
X-FadeIf I dualboot, mount,chroot and apt-get upgrade. Everything is up to date. Nothing is pending..16:53
MDKX-Fade: I'll try to setup sardine from scratch tomorrow on a spare machine16:54
MDKI did my last sardine upgrade a week ago16:54
MDKbut managed to breake it completely since than16:54
mgedminthomas: the right solution would be to build a net-tools package specifically for the 77016:54
mgedminand use dpkg-divert to push the busybox commands aside16:55
thomasokay.. i would think that packages from are build specifically for the 770?16:55
X-FadeMDK: I have installed Sardine about 10 times over the last half year orso ;) And it always ended in the white desktop dead thing..16:55
mgedminthomas: no, they are built specifically for stratchbox, and most of them work on the 770 as well by happy accident16:56
mgedminat least that's my understanding of the situation (I don't work for nokia etc etc disclaim disclaim)16:56
X-FadeBut it is hard to debug when I can't get a connection running and log in..16:56
thomashmm.. okay..16:57
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MDKX-Fade: I'm running sardine too, like I said, last week it was working fine for me17:01
MDKthough it required some manual pushing during apt-get17:02
X-FadeMDK: Yeah, but this time i hadn't any problems upgrading packages etc. After reboot it just didn't work ;)17:03
X-FadeI'm trying to find out what package is to blame..17:03
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spaetzwhy the heck is maemochron the most popular project featured on tableteer?17:18
spaetzit's a week old, has no news, mailing lists, or fora. thee are no svn commits either17:19
spaetzthat does look to me like marketeering, not tableteering17:20
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Jaffaspaetz: Is the screenshot on the ApplicationCatalog2006 page (syndicated on linking into their project on garage somehow?17:21
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spaetzmmh, they are actually linked, that might have boosted the weekly stats, true17:24
JaffaSame thing happened with Karolina's airplane metrics thing17:24
* spaetz apologizes if the author feels offended, i have nothing against it :-)17:25
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pahartikAD-N770: I got Bluetooth OBEX file transfer working between Apple iBook G4 and Nokia 770, but "SU-18_2006SE_2.2006.39-14_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin" does not seem to fit on 64 MiB RS-MMC17:52
AD-N770pahartik, you need a bigger RS-MMC :) I've a nice one with 1GiB now17:55
AD-N770pahartik I think that the easier solution for you is find I32 computer running linux or windows17:58
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pahartikAD-N770: yes, I plan to get one soon... one of those fast-capable 1 or 2 GiB MMCmobile cards18:02
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pahartikAD-N770: and... my brother does use MacOS X on his PowerMacintosh workstation... I think I will try update with that during next weekend when I see him18:06
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pahartikAD-N770: though, flashing from MMC is supposed to work just fine?18:08
AD-N770I never tried it18:09
AD-N770but I think there was a howto on the wiki about that18:09
AD-N770pahartik you can check that link related to MacOS X
AD-N770or you can try to flash the device in a public computer  (school, library, ...)18:11
pahartikAD-N770: I can see "flasher-2.0.macosx" but no "flasher-2.0.linux_ppc" at ""...18:13
pahartikAD-N770: but anyway, I can start to figure out things about Maemo with current version18:16
AD-N770I think so too18:16
AD-N770you can play nethack if you want18:17
AD-N770I'm preparing a new release as a cristmas gift :)18:18
pahartikAD-N770: if I start that, I can easily get stuck on it and do nothing else for few moons, except for going out once every few days to get food stuff18:19
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AD-N770pahartik :)18:20
pahartikAD-N770: so I try to avoid18:20
AD-N770I understand18:20
AD-N770I mainly use my device for reading ebooks as end user18:21
AD-N770and some ocasional net browsing18:22
AD-N770and when I find time some hacking on multimedia stuff or the nethack port18:22
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desrtshapr; wtf?20:49
desrtshapr; porting ghci to the 770 for us? :)20:50
mlpugi did command :  ./flasher.dapper -r Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.1_armel-rootfs.jffs2 -f -R   . when I boot the 770 the only thing I see is blue text NOKIA. what went wrong?20:54
mlpugnext I will try 2.0 if no other suggestions20:55
desrtanyway... guys... i wanna hack on maemomapper.  is there a dev channel for that?20:57
* desrt has invented a file format to save time/space for storing map tiles20:58
koendesrt: forward porting the no-hildon patch would be neat20:58
desrtthere's a no-hildon patch?!?20:58
desrtholy crap i want that20:58
desrtanyway.  it's in very non-UIish areas, so i doubt it would matter20:59
desrti see awesome.20:59
koenthat makes hildon optional, so you can run it on regular platfroms as well20:59
buck68mplug:  i use flasher-2.0 on ubuntu (edgy) without problem... i have 2.1 root image installed on my 770 with it21:00
desrtkoen; what does this one do?21:00
desrti take it this no-hildon patch is against CVS....21:01
* desrt watches it utterly fail to apply to stable release21:02
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koendesrt: you need to apply it against rev 53 or something (the one on 20061114)21:22
desrtthat seems not useful.21:23
koenthat's why I said it needs to be forward ported21:23
desrti thought you were asking me to forward-port my work to the no-hildon patch.21:24
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mlpugcan I have command prompt access to the device with ITOS 2.2006.39-14 from or do I need some special image21:45
buck68mplug:  yes... there is xterm (i think installed by default or trivial to install, but I don't remember which), or what I personally do is ssh from my PC to the 770 over the USB cable, and issue commands from the ssh login21:47
desrtxterm trivial to install21:48
buck68mplug.. oh wait... my bad I was talking about the developer image.   but i think it still applies to the ITOS image21:48
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desrtbuck68; is there an automatic setup for usb networking these days or is it still more or less manual?21:48
buck68desrt: the device side setup is already done on the developer image...21:49
desrti get the impression i ought to be running that image21:49
buck68desrt: umm, it depends. that image has lots of stuff missing too.  i'm luck to have several 770s, so i run with the ITOS image, and another with the developer image.    if i only had one device, I'd probably look into doing dual/multi-boot21:51
buck68but yea, i tend to use the developer image more21:51
desrti'm personally fascinated by maemomapper at the moment :)21:53
desrti don't suppose the dev image has gcc on it? :)21:54
buck68oh wait...sratch taht21:55
mlpugwhat is the developer image? is it Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.1_armel-rootfs.jffs2  . If yes, it seems to be missing kernel. just rootfs without kernel??21:55
buck68yes it is root fs without a kernel... i'm not sure if it is necessary, but i always install the 2006 update ITOS first, which does include the kernel, and then install the above rootfs21:56
desrtso here's a question21:56
desrtdoes anyone have a problem with their device where sometimes it seems to not go to sleep properly?21:56
desrtit gives no signs of not sleeping other than the fact that it drains its battery very rapidly21:56
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JohannesHello... how do I upload the translation och canola?22:49
_Handful_Hi johannes22:49
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo22:49
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_Handful_you can send it to us, as we are setting up how to receive that...22:50
_Handful_please send it to andrunko AT gmail com22:50
andrunkohey that's me  :)22:50
_Handful_yeah =)22:50
Johannesplease check so I have not done eny wroths22:51
Johannesnot so god at writing english :)22:51
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