IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2006-12-16

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tigertjoo, zeta on hyvä kirjain nyt. just pudotin intternettitabletin lattialle ku meinasin nukahtaa... ;-)02:03
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keesjcan somebody recommend a virtual keyboard to use in a SDL application ?10:20
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keesjis read that gp2xmess contains a virtual keyboard
keesjdoes scummvm contain text input?10:23
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pokute_keesj: Save file entry. :-)11:42
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deveshguys .. i am trying to enable mthumb option for building, does anyone know how i can do so in debian rules file cleanly ???14:55
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tkodevesh, see existing packages? :)14:59
tkoifneq (,$(findstring thumb,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))15:00
tko        CFLAGS += -mthumb15:00
deveshi have , but i am not yet very clear how the thing work15:00
deveshso do i have to set env variable DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS15:00
deveshbefore i run dpkg-buildpackage15:00
tkothe basic idea is that build environment is expected to set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=thumb,maemo-launcher and whatnot when those things are wanted15:00
tkohmm, I wonder if sardine build env does that actually...15:01
deveshat least in our armel scratchbox its not done by default, i think , or am i missing something. so is the guideline15:01
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deveshthat i have a .profile or .bash script which sets this env up ?15:01
deveshtko : and i also checked, where abi stuff was also specified .. it would be nice somewhere this is documented. I think code density is good with thimb option15:02
tkosetting it in .profile is a little bit easier than setting it just for dpkg-buildpackage, though do not set the env var on 386 target!15:03
tkothumb indeed decreases the code size, but it had some other tradeoffs.. IIRC they were related to fpu, though15:04
deveshdoes the file command shows that the binary is thumb ???15:04
koentko: thumb instructions are slower, and the interworking takes extra cycles15:05
koen'bx' causes a pipeline flush15:05
tkono, readelf does. I've forgotten the details, they're in an internal wiki.. should probably move the to public, come to think of it15:06
tkoI'm sure koen knows the stuff by heart :)15:06
deveshkoen: isnt it that thumb instructions are pretty much shortcuts, so should not have a performance penalty15:06
koendevesh: that's what ARM ltd marketing wants you to believe15:06
deveshkoen : so why is there a performance penalty ?? any good link to become a bit more aware of these issues15:07
tkowell, decreased code size should improve cache locality as well. the performance penalty wasn't that big IIRC15:07
koenif your app needs a non-thumb instruction a lot you loose because the pipeline gets flushed all the time15:08
koentko: right15:08
koentko: 'regular' apps will run 'faster' due to being smaller and jffs2 sucking15:08
deveshtko : ifneq (,$(findstring thumb,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))15:09
devesh        CFLAGS += -mthumb15:09
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deveshis ithis good ???? i also set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=thumb15:09
tkodevesh, yes, works for gtk :)15:10
deveshbut atleast the file command does not show it is thumb15:10
deveshdebian/synaptic/usr/sbin/synaptic: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.4.17, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped15:10
koenthe easiest way is to compare file sizes15:10
tkofile does not make any difference, you need readelf with some options and grep for something15:11
tko...or compare file sizes :)15:11
deveshi am doing something wrong, size is the same15:11
deveshis there any other magic ???15:11
tkodevesh, you did use export, right?15:12
deveshexport DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=thumb15:13
deveshhumm .. trying again15:14
tkodevesh, and CFLAGS is correctly passed to configure script etc?15:14
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deveshaah that might be a problem ...15:16
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deveshtko: do i pass it like ./configure $(CFLAGS) ???15:20
AD-N770hi all15:21
keesjdevesh, DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip,noopt dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot15:22
tkoCFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" ./configure15:22
deveshok, did this , also added this to CPPFLAGS .. not atleast i see it in the compile command .. so looks good now :)15:24
deveshkeesj: thanks !!15:25
* tko wonders why that page is not in the wiki..15:26
deveshi will add that to useful thinks section  :) right now15:26
deveshdone .. ;)15:30
deveshand now i can see binary size drop from 680kb to 500kb :) i am happy !!15:32
deveshthanks guys15:32
koendevesh: cheers15:36
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deveshhow do i turn off -g in ./configure ???15:40
koenis there a --disable-debug option?15:41
deveshbut is it not that strip would anyway remove the debug symbols ?15:44
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tkoyou should *always* (debian policy) have -g set when compiling. dh_strip will then (not) strip the debugging symbols, depending on DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip15:57
koendoesn't debian have -dbg packages for that?15:59
tkocompiling != package16:02
tkoit would be rather silly to build without -g and yet make a dbg package16:02
koenright again16:02
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rdzhi all17:06
rdzi am trying to get mplayer work on the Nokia 770. i tried different audio outs: when using 'gst', mplayer crashes immediately. with 'esd' its only coming noise out of the speaker. with 'sdl' i get a noise as well, that sounds different from the 'esd'. what is a recommended player to play audio and what is a recommended output?17:10
rdzi tried both mp3 and wav17:11
pokute_which version of mplayer?17:12
rdzpokute_, MPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.217:13
pokute_have you tried different videos?17:13
rdzpokute_, i only tried playing an audio file17:13
rdzpokute_, why do you expect that audio works better with a video file?17:14
pokute_what's the audio format?17:14
rdzas i mentioned: mp3 and wav. i tried both17:14
pokute_hmm. try mp3 with I think mp3dsp (or dspmp3) audio output.17:15
rdzdo you mean mpegpes?17:16
rdzCould not open/initialize audio device -> no sound17:16
pokute_Aa. -ao gst -ac dspmp317:17
rdzmplayer[1056]: GLIB ERROR ** default - file ao_gst.c: line 126 (init_gstreamer): assertion failed: (mp3sink)17:17
pokute_Chances are, mplayer bugs with playing audio files, as it can play audio streams of videos quite fine for me.17:18
rdzpokute_, aha ok... i'll try a video file, then17:19
rdzthank you so far17:19
* pahartik wonders if "Presently there is no known driver for the audio input, so Linux apps can not use the microphone..." described at "" is still the case17:19
suihkulokkipahartik: thats incorrect (there always was a way) and out of date (now you can use even gstreamer to record)17:21
pahartiksuihkulokki: damn, incorrect information has been sitting on that document for at least 11 moons...17:24
rdzpokute_, i can play a video file with the '-nosound'-flag17:29
rdzbut mplayer crashes with the same error when i don't disable audio17:29
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pokute_rdz: Definitely weird. Try reboot. Maybe something has crashed the sound system. :-)17:33
rdzpokute_, today is not the first time i try it. it was the same last time17:33
rdzpokute_, the thing is, that i did not install maemo myself on this device. i am just trying to help a friend with figuring out, how to play an audiofile trough the commandline17:35
rdzmaybe mplayer is an overkill17:35
pokute_Does any audio stuff work?17:35
pokute_rdz: Preferably, a gstreamer interface could be the best...17:35
pokute_Maemo-developer mailing list had some info on it day or two ago.17:36
rdzpokute_, yes. when i change the volume i hear the jingle-sound17:36
rdzpokute_, ok. i'll have a look thanks17:36
rdzis there no other commandline based tool to play audio files?17:58
rdzthat mplayer doesn't work here, is a pain... :-(17:59
ssvbrdz, does standard audio player work for mp3 files on this device?18:00
rdzssvb, which is the standard audio player?18:01
ssvbgui audio player that is preinstalled on the device18:01
ssvbtop entry in the application start menu18:02
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rdzssvb, i must be blind. i still cannot find it18:03
rdzthere a few apps in applications-> 'Extras'18:04
ssvbthere is a chance that something got broken (probably after installing some thirdparty packages), if default audio player refuses to work as well, you may have to reflash the device18:04
ssvbit is in applications->''Audio Player'18:04
rdzssvb, i don't have category 'Audio PLayer'. what does that mean?18:05
rdzthere is only: web, contact, tools, utilities, games, extras18:05
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ssvblook at menu entries that are higher than 'web'18:06
ssvbyou should have 'Audio Player', 'Video player', 'RSS feed reader' and 'File manager' there18:07
AD-N770hi all18:07
rdzssvb, really, i don't have them18:07
rdzssvb, what maemo version are you using?18:08
rdzrdz, maybe my installation is already broken......18:08
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AD-N770rdz are you talking about scratchbox or about the device ?18:12
rdzssvb, do you know the command name? maybe i could start it from a terminal18:12
ssvbrdz, I still have the first release of OS200618:12
rdzAD-N770, what is scrathbox ?18:13
keesjrdz, it's above all the menus next to file manager rss reader and video player18:13
AD-N770the tool used for cross compile (chroot)18:13
rdzAD-N770, my original problem is that i'd like to find a way to play an audiofile (format doesn't matter) with commandline based tool18:13
ssvbrdz, no, I don't know it, anyway, seems like reflashing is the best option for you (unless you have lots of useful software installed and the device is tine tuned for you)18:14
AD-N770rdz: you can use gstreamer18:14
rdzkeesj, ssvb i have scirocce installed here...18:14
rdzAD-N770, i'll try thanks18:14
* rdz figures out how gstreamer works18:15
rdzAD-N770, should there be a command 'gstreamer'?18:15
ssvbrdz: mplayer should work fine for audio, if your system does not have a completely broken audion system of course18:15
AD-N770gst-launch filesrc location=<path to your file> ! decoder ! dspsink18:15
rdzssvb, no, yet there is not much usefull on that thing. i am just trying out a bit. maybe reflashing is not too bad...18:16
AD-N770rdz, you need to install gstreamer tools18:16
rdzAD-N770, thanks. what does '! decoder !' mean?18:16
rdzAD-N770, thanks they are already installed18:17
AD-N770depending on the format of audio file18:17
AD-N770you need to chose on decoder appropriate18:17
AD-N770you can use gst-inspect to get a list of features supported18:17
rdzi think you already helped me a lot.. thanks18:18
AD-N770depending on the format could be necessary add a demuxer in the pipeline18:18
AD-N770filesrc ! demuxer ! decoder ! dspsink18:18
rdzAD-N770, i'd like to play a wav-file18:19
AD-N770i think that was a message about that on maemo list last week18:19
rdzhave you an example line at hand for playing a wav-file?18:19
AD-N770give me some minutes18:19
ssvbrdz, you can run 'gst-inspect' to see what gstreamer elements are available18:20
rdzAD-N770, hey, no stress... i am already happy with all that hints you gave me18:20
rdzssvb, i tried that, but don't know yet how to interpret that output ...18:20
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ssvband construct a pipeline from them (elements are separated by '!'), the first part would be 'filesrc', next would be probably 'wavparse' and the last one 'dsppcmsink'18:21
rdzcould it be that my gstreamer misses somethink like a 'dspsink'?18:24
AD-N770you can use gst-inspect to list the features18:25
AD-N770dspsink should be one of the features installed18:25
rdzAD-N770, yeah i used it but it doesn't appear18:25
rdzi try to post the output of gst-inspect somewhere18:26
AD-N770sorry is dsppcmsink18:26
AD-N770gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=whatever.wav ! wavparse ! dsppcmsink18:26
rdzshould filesrc be replaced by something?18:26
rdzwhat does it stand for?18:26
rdzWARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "dsppcmsink"18:27
rdzthat is maybe the reason why mplayer refuses to play audio?18:27
ssvbthe only thing that needs to be replaced there is 'whatever.wav', 'filesrc' is the name of gstreamer element that reads data from files18:28
rdzssvb, ok18:28
rdzso, am i right in thinking that may gstreamer is broken?18:28
ssvbrdz, looks like your audio system is really broken, I think you need to reflash your device18:28
rdzssvb, jus reinstalling gstreamer would work, you think?18:29
AD-N770rdz, you can try it on desktop using alsasink18:29
AD-N770and after try it in n770 using dsppcmsink18:29
AD-N770I wrote tuner tool in that way, first in desktop and after in scratchbox for crosscompile for the device18:30
AD-N770if dsppcmsink don't work, could be a problem with the kernel that you are running18:31
AD-N770something related to the dsptasks18:31
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rdzAD-N770, i tried on a ubuntu dapper machine with gstreamer installed and i get the same error here:18:33
rdzWARNUNG: Fehlerhafte Leitung: Kein Element »dsppcmsink«18:34
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AD-N770on desktop you have to change dsppcmsink for alsasink18:34
rdzAD-N770, ah yes you mentioned that i am sorry....18:34
AD-N770dsppcmsink is only present on nokia 77018:34
rdzi see. it works on desktop with 'alsasink'18:35
rdzAD-N770, do you have also scirocco installed?18:35
AD-N770i'm going to install gst-tools on sirocco, i'll come in some minutes18:35
AD-N770I've a pair of devices :)18:36
rdzAD-N770, ah op..18:36
rdzAD-N770, how is actually the sound played, that you hear when changing the volume?18:43
rdzi mean, this sound sounds nice. so there _is_ at least an opportunity on my N770 to play a sound, that works.18:44
AD-N770try  gst-launch audiotestsrc ! dsppcmsink18:44
AD-N770it works on my sirocco18:45
AD-N770if you want control volume you can add a volume element to the pipeline18:46
AD-N770gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=whatever.wav ! wavparse ! volume <someprop>=<somevalue> ! dsppcmsink18:47
AD-N770rdz, you can use 'gst-inspect volume' to get info about the props18:48
AD-N770and can do the same with the rest of gstreamer elements18:48
rdzstill: WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "dsppcmsink"18:48
rdzwhere can i download all that gstreamer stuff?18:48
AD-N770can you ssh as root to the device ?18:49
rdzAD-N770, i working logged in to a shel18:49
AD-N770rdz, using xterm on the device ? can you run as root ?18:50
rdzyes, i do that all the time18:50
AD-N770you can use apt-get --reinstall install18:50
rdzAD-N770, ah.. ok18:50
rdzthe thing is that apt is broken, too18:51
AD-N770in which way is broken ?18:51
ssvbrdz, is there anything that still works there? ;)18:51
rdzit is not my N770, but i try to help a friend with audio. that is why i don't know what exactly is the problem with apt18:51
rdzssvb, i can play video only using mplayer... ;-=18:52
AD-N770you can try if red pill works18:52
AD-N770go at application manager18:52
AD-N770add a new repository18:53
rdzAD-N770, when doing 'apt-get <something>', it just clears the whole sources.list-file18:53
AD-N770on http write matrix18:53
AD-N770really strange18:54
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rdzyes, indeed18:54
rdzbut you say this all works on your device with scirocco installed?18:55
AD-N770yes rdz18:55
AD-N770you can go at
AD-N770download debs18:55
rdzAD-N770, i try.... but anyway18:56
AD-N770and install with dpkg18:56
rdzif you say, everyhting works fine on yours, than it seems more and more worht to just reinstall the whole thing.18:56
AD-N770yes I think that you should reflash18:56
rdzbut first i try to install all that gstreamer stuff18:56
rdzAD-N770, ok18:57
AD-N770is the easier way to fix all18:57
rdzAD-N770, thanks a lot foryour patience and all your help18:57
rdzAD-N770, yeah, it seems so18:57
AD-N770can you run uname -a on your device18:57
rdzLinux Nokia770-45 2.6.16-omap1 #1 PREEMPT Tue Jun 20 18:38:54 EEST 2006 armv5tejl unknown18:57
AD-N770Linux Nokia770-39 #1 PREEMPT Tue Sep 19 16:46:58 EEST 2006 armv5tejl unknown18:58
AD-N770on my device18:58
AD-N770I don't know which kernel you are running18:58
rdzyours is more recent, right?18:59
AD-N770it's a fresh sirocco from two weeks ago or so18:59
ssvbhmm, and mine is: Linux Nokia770-26 2.6.16-omap1 #1 PREEMPT Tue Jun 20 18:38:54 EEST 2006 armv5tejl unknown19:00
AD-N770I think that you are running I2006.1 (mistral)19:00
rdzAD-N770, me or ssvb ?19:00
ssvbi have mistral installed19:00
AD-N770rdz, I think that you are running mistral19:00
AD-N770almost the mistral kernel19:00
rdzAD-N770, oops....really?19:00
rdzi've been told, that it is scirocco installed.19:01
rdzok. this is even more confusing and a reason to just reflash everything19:01
AD-N770I think so19:01
rdzAD-N770, where is the best place for finding some documentation on how to install scirocco on N77o?19:08
AD-N770you need to use flasher tool as root, flasher -F <imagefile> -f -R if I remember right19:10
AD-N770check maemo/wiki19:10
ssvbrdz, you can also check here:
rdzthank you guys19:11
AD-N770on maemo/wiki/howto/upgrade you will find some info too19:11
ssvbrdz, don't forget to backup everything useful that you have stored on internal flash19:12
ssvbafter reflashing you will have a 'brand new device' :)19:13
rdzhehe, i hope so..19:13
AD-N770rdz after reflash I suggest you install openssh on the device, you can use the redpill trick:
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