IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2006-12-09

MDKi released today updated plankton theme by tigert to sardine, but sardine bot seems to be stuck and doesn't pick up any sardine.packages changes00:00
jobidoes it have the new graphics?00:02
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jobihey carlosguerreiro, was about to bug you by mail00:03
MDKjobi: yeah00:03
carlosguerreirohello jobi, MDK00:04
jobicarlosguerreiro: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/x11-common_1%3a7.0.14osso1_armel.deb (--unpack):00:04
MDKcarlosguerreiro: i released today updated plankton theme by tigert to sardine, but sardine bot seems to be stuck and doesn't pick up any sardine.packages changes00:04
jobisubprocess pre-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault), core dumped00:04
carlosguerreirohhhhmmmmmmmmmm. I'll look into these problems00:05
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qgilhi carlosguerreiro, see you on Monday/Tuesday  :)00:23
carlosguerreiroqgil, looking at flat options?00:24
spaetzqgil: you are the one made maemo product manager, right?00:24
spaetzI saw that on p.g.o00:25
spaetzgood luck to you :-)00:25
carlosguerreiroMDK, the robots are now up, the new hildon-theme-* packages built fine00:26
carlosguerreirojobi, I'll try to reproduce the sardine breakage as soon as I get the chance00:28
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jsunOK let me ask in another way - Has anybody installed 2.1 SDK and *has* xephyr pre-installed with rootstrap?00:29
MDKcarlosguerreiro: thx!00:31
carlosguerreirojsun, yes. xephyr comes pre-installed00:31
jsuncarlosguerreiro, with 2.1 SDK?00:31
jsunI know it is in 2.0 ...00:31
carlosguerreirojsun, yes with 2.1 too00:32
jsungood - I wonder which step I did wrong.00:32
jsun2.1 has two package files.00:33
jsunI installed rootstrap00:33
jsundo I have to do anything with rootfs?00:33
jsunhere is what I am referring to:00:34
jsunAre those the right files for 2.1?00:34
jsuncarlosguerreiro, which one I should use as the rootstrap?00:37
jsuni386/Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.1_armel-rootstrap.tgz ?00:37
jsunAhh, I see.00:38
jsunwha tis the difference?00:38
MDKusing the armel rootstrap you can compile for the device00:38
jsunI see - I assume i386 is for the emulator on PC.00:39
MDKusing the i386 rootstrap you run/test stuff on your machine00:39
MDKno, i386 is not emulated00:39
jsunSo I would need to create two targets, e.g., SDK_PC, SDK_N770?00:39
MDKarmel can be emulated00:39
jsunMDK, I meant emulating the machine ... hehe.00:40
MDKjsun: SKD_PC and SDK_ARM is commonly used00:40
jsunOK.  Thanks a bunch.00:40
MDKof course you're free to choose whatever you want00:41
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qgilthanks spaetz, yes that's me00:45
|tbb|how can i resize home-applets00:46
qgilcarlosguerreiro: yes, I'm supposed to visit some on Monday afternoon - there is one in my list which is 15' from your home00:46
qgilcarlosguerreiro: I'm still considering if this is good or bad  ;)00:46
carlosguerreiroqgil: well, Rudi would be very happy ;-)00:49
qgilhe he00:50
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dot_ji think i just did something bad07:23
dot_ji was following the instructions to get to gainroot after installing ssh07:23
dot_jand set passwd -l root07:24
dot_jthen logged out07:24
dot_jand gainroot doesnt work07:24
dot_jwhen i run sudo gainroot07:25
dot_ji get:07:25
dot_jcal_read_block (r&d_mode): size zero, block not found?07:25
dot_jEnable RD mode if you want...07:25
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dot_jam i in trouble?07:26
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dot_jso any ideas what may be causing "cal_read_block (r&d_mode): size zero, block not found?" when trying sudo gainroot?07:58
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wiremanhi all09:38
wiremanI'm going to buy nokia 770 and I want to know if gps kit is really convenient . May somebody help me?09:39
Taksorry, I don't have the gps kit09:51
*** xan has joined #maemo09:52
sxpertwireman, what's the question ?09:55
wiremansxpert, I want to now if there is another way to use 770 as a navigator without nokia gps kit09:57
wiremanI'm reading about maemo mapper but I understand that it isn't a really navigator09:58
sxpertyou can use any bluetooth USB device09:59
sxpertthey all work the same09:59
wiremanok, and what about software?09:59
sxpertthe nokia one is pretty good and has a nice look. :D09:59
sxpertwhat is navicore ?10:00
wiremannavigator software in nokia gps kit10:00
sxpertcare to share a link ?10:01
sxpertah, found it. one second10:01
sxpertno. navicore is only for phones.10:02
sxpert(the crappy flash presentation takes forever to load)10:04
wiremanthe software is Navicore Personal 200710:04
sxpertwell. I didn't know this existed.10:06
sxpertI don't use that sort of proprietary software or data. I prefer working on www.openstreetmap.org10:06
sxpertthere are already some italians involved that you could work with, see
*** bilboed has joined #maemo10:08
wiremanopenstreetmap may be used on 770 as gps navigator?10:08
*** booiiing has joined #maemo10:09
sxpertwireman, openstreetmap is a project to create free map data.10:09
sxpertso, you can say it can be used. some software needs to be written to use it though10:10
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minrai see some ppl are getting usb hard drives to work11:03
minrahmm.  i see theres a busybox with ping11:17
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arjanyone using Dates on their n770's?13:12
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czrhas anyone measured what is the read speed of rsmmc within 770? (running a program on the device itself). at least reading the rsmmc through the usb cable gives pretty abysmal speeds (lower than SPI speeds)15:29
TakI believe there have been kernel hacks to increase the mmc i/o speed15:30
Takwell, not the speed, but the throughput15:30
czrok. since reading sd/mmc using linux drivers gives at least SPI speeds (around 1.7-1.8 MiB/sec)15:31
czrgoing through USB drops this down to sub 1.0 MiB/sec15:31
czrspeed as in throughput in this case15:32
czrthe same cards read through an external usb card reader give from 7.0+ MiB/sec15:32
czrTak, are the kernel hacks in vanilla or arm-tree?15:33
Takpossibly, tbh I don't keep that much track15:39
keesjssvb, are you there?15:47
czrjtra, thanks, interesting page :-)15:49
jtraI did not tried such kernel though (yet)15:50
czrneither will I, just was curious as why the speed in 770 was so abysmal15:51
ssvbkeesj, yes, I'm here15:52
keesjI rewrote my method to using memcpy, you sugested that I should run with -gp15:54
keesjI don't know if it's a bug or not but my program won't compile in scratchbox if I add this flag15:55
ssvbyou should use '-pg'15:55
ssvb'man gcc' helps to get the details15:56
keesjsorry yes I do , and on i386 it works15:56
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo16:10
TakI thought I was going to have to reflash there :-/16:10
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo16:17
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*** spect has joined #maemo16:19
TakI'm not going to be using pixel doubling in fceu :-/16:23
keesjTak, why?16:24
Takthe desktop is...weird...after I turn it off16:24
keesjwho cares, it's AFTER the game :)16:24
keesjbut rotating the screen can be very nice because the "joystick" will be on you right hand16:26
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo16:29
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Takhah, and of course the screenshots look perfectly normal and not at all like what was actually being displayed16:30
*** smcv has joined #maemo16:30
keesjssvb, if you offer to look at the code still stands I can put the code online16:31
ssvbkeesj, sure, by the way, did '-pg' build work on Nokia 770 for you?16:32
keesjthe program won't compile16:33
ssvbwhat does gcc say?16:33
ssvbmaybe you have some -pg noncompatible optimization options enabled such as -fomit-frame-pointer ?16:35
keesjsources :  (both top links)16:35
*** sxpert has quit IRC16:38
*** sxpert has joined #maemo16:38
keesjssvb, invalid sections for operation on `.LEHB664' and `.LFB3175' .......16:38
keesjError: can't resolve `.text._ZN4vapp7GameAppD0Ev' {16:39
ssvbdownloading these tarballs (it will take a while as my internet is slow :/ )16:39
keesjsorry :)16:39
keesjand this it how I add the flags CFLAGS="-gp" ./configure16:40
ssvbhave no idea, did you also use -pg option for linking?16:40
*** richardg1952 has joined #maemo16:40
richardg1952failing flash update16:42
richardg1952Suitable USB device not found, waiting16:42
richardg1952USB device found found at bus 002, device address 01816:42
richardg1952Found device SU-18, hardware revision 160216:42
richardg1952NOLO version 0.9.1116:42
richardg1952Version of 'sw-release': <no version>16:42
richardg1952Sending and flashing kernel image (61693 kB)...16:42
richardg1952Sending request 0x55 failed!16:42
richardg1952Bootloader error log follows:16:42
richardg1952  Image 'kernel' too big (63174272 bytes, while maximum is 2097152 bytes)16:42
richardg1952now in an endless boot loop, that only removing the battery stops16:43
richardg1952tried flashing previous release, but get the same result16:43
ssvbrichardg1952: check flasher options, they probably contain a typo (looks like you try to flash a full image as a kernel image)16:43
*** obi has joined #maemo16:48
richardg1952still fails, but without an error.16:51
richardg1952sudo ./flasher-2.0 SU-18_2006SE_2.2006.39-14_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f -Rflasher v0.8.1 (May 30 2006)16:51
richardg1952Suitable USB device not found, waiting16:51
richardg1952USB device found found at bus 002, device address 02916:51
richardg1952Found device SU-18, hardware revision 160216:51
richardg1952NOLO version 0.9.1116:51
richardg1952Version of 'sw-release': <no version>16:51
richardg1952there is a LF after the -R16:51
richardg1952the unit is in an endless boot loop until I pull the battery16:52
ssvbtry adding '-F' option: 'sudo ./flasher-2.0 -F SU-18_2006SE_2.2006.39-14_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R'16:54
richardg1952thx. Good things are now happening16:56
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Takapparently it only destabilizes the desktop for certain usages17:56
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Takhmm, that's a bit of an improvement18:28
Takfull speed with decent audio at frameskip=218:28
*** obi has joined #maemo18:30
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jtrais gdb in SDK_ARM mode of sbox supposed to work?18:31
Takdoesn't work for me :-/18:31
jtramine says:18:31
jtraDon't know how to run.  Try "help target".18:31
jtrait shows this line in startup:18:32
jtraThis GDB was configured as "--host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --target=arm-none-linux-gnueabi"...18:32
*** mlpug has joined #maemo18:36
jtrahmm, it is possible to run arm gdb like this: SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE=/usr/bin/gdb /usr/bin/gdb18:40
jtrathen it shows:18:40
jtraThis GDB was configured as "arm-linux-gnueabi".18:40
jtraand seem to load the file at least18:41
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pancakelooks like the wiki-planet communication is pseudo-borken20:14
pancakethere's a way to change things without being published in the planet20:14
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