IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2006-12-07

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kalais there a better place to discuss Nokia 770 hardware features?00:13
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kalathe standard Nokia 770 doesn't support Bluetooth headsets with microphones, right? Is this something which could be enabled with none-standard software?00:17
alpusually if a chipset doesn't support the audio profile, you can flash it to do so00:20
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alphaven't tried with the 77000:20
kalabecause there are pictures in the gallery with usb keyboards and other devices, which are said also not to be supported.00:21
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arjI read somewhere that the problem seems to be getting the headphone to work with the rest of the software (gstreamer etc.)00:23
arjbut I'm no expert. I would also very much like to use my head phones for VOIP calls :-)00:24
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kalayep, thats the idea:P00:24
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kalaalso, I understand that the syncronization software with Exchange or Outlook or with mobile is somewhat lacking?00:29
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kalawould it be possible to run Evolution on this thing?00:32
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kalaoh, there's commercial option of
Takthere's also Dates00:37
arjTak: how do you actually use Dates? :)00:44
arjI've installed it but I can't really use it for anything00:44
arjthe calendar is empty and there is no way to add somehting :)?00:44
kala(oh, and a freeciv port as well. certainly a businessapp)00:44
Takis that the latest version?00:45
Takthere's a largish bug, I think00:45
arjI'm running 0.1.1 I think00:45
arjI'm just using their repository00:45
arjI would really like it to sync with google's calendar since that is what I'm normally using and opera can't read that page00:45
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|tbb|anyone got the navkit allready ?01:11
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minraman, connecting to freenode with xchat takes me four minutes or more05:19
minragotta restart xchat brb05:21
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minrai gotta get started porting05:26
minrahow about synergy?  use pc mouse and keyboard on the 770...05:27
minrai am having trouble with an apt source05:31
minrathe tilde character in the url is screwing up apt-get05:38
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dot_janybody get missing package errors while installing canola?06:19
marceolihei dot_j what are you facing?06:19
marceolithe repositories have been fixed for a while06:20
dot_jit says the following packages are missing:06:20
marceolido you have free non-free mistral | scirocco ?06:20
dot_jlibsqlite0 >= 2.3.13-206:20
marceoliyou need the maemo repository06:20
dot_jlibsdl-ttf2.0-0 (listed twice)06:20
marceoliis written in the installation notes06:20
dot_jyeah, i do have that one06:20
marceoli these libraries comes from there06:21
marceolinot from our (openbossa...)06:21
marceolidouble check that06:21
marceolifree non-free06:21
dot_j(can the be listed on the same line)06:21
marceolior.. enter #canola so we can track your problem down06:21
dot_jwill do - thanks06:21
marceoliyes.. free non-free is written in the same filed (component)06:21
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minraargh maemo opera always downloads to "documents" but i want to change the dl to my mmc1 card07:14
minraand i cant find "dokumente" (documents) on the filesystem07:14
minraand opera wont let me change the default download location07:14
minraat least i cant find it07:14
minraany help?07:15
minravery big gaping usabilty hole07:17
minranot allowing user to specify a download path in a web browser07:17
minraid symlink the "dokumente" directory to something on mmc107:18
minrabut  i can NOT "find" the documents/dokumente directory07:18
minraanybody please.... help07:18
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minra_well i dunno..  this last surfing session i had to reboot 7 times08:12
minra_running this device too hard.08:13
minra_it can not handle a ctorrent session, irc chat and 4 opera windows08:13
minra_and that is pretty much my usability minimum08:13
minra_maybe maemo should limit a user to two sumultaneous apps08:15
minra_still gonna keep it, but gonna get the money for a laptop.08:16
minra_can not replace a laptop...08:16
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minra_bler... just gotta learn what not to do08:26
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Guardiangood morning all08:59
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sxperthmmm. scratchbox appears to be working :D09:42
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tigertos2006 hildon-theme-layout soon..09:58
tigertand i need to finish my theme10:01
X-Fadetigert: Do you have a sneak preview yet? :D10:03
tigertwell, i keep changing it :)10:04
X-FadeAh :) Doesn't have to be perfect the first time.10:05
tigertbut i realized  need to do it in Gimp instead of Inkscape since the drop shadows are too unstable in svn head Inkscape ;)10:05
X-Fadeyeah, Inkscape crashes a lot on me too with cvs -head.10:05
X-FadeProblem is that the crashes are pretty random.10:06
konttoritigert: Would be nice to see some version soon.10:06
konttoritigert: btw I just released 0.90 of theme maker to garage.10:06
konttoriit includes support for the top bar status icons.10:06
konttoriallows you to make much more themed feel to your theme10:07
X-Fadekonttori: Are you going to switch to the 'official' template?10:07
konttoriI'll add support for both.10:07
konttoriI think that the official template is exchaustingly big to use10:07
X-FadeWith the new tools you can reassemble an existing template. That is nice.10:08
konttoriBut if one fancies the template, I see no reason why one shouldn't be able to use it10:08
tigertyea. we are planning of making an icon template using the same tool btw10:08
konttoritigert: cool10:08
tigertyea. its 8000x800 now. we added the gtkrc colours there too10:09
konttoriOh yeah. That's such a great idea (the colors I mean).10:10
tigertsince they are tied to the design very closely10:10
tigertso there are swatches on the side of the template with specified coordinates10:11
konttoriI'll add the support for the official template today. Might not include the color picking from the template image yet, but will do that soon enough.10:12
tigertit is working nicely now, and i just need to make sure layout-2 and theme-plankton-2 works with os2006. the -3 is for sardine.10:12
konttoriAre there any screengrabs of plankton?10:14
tigertyea. and we plan to do an icon tool too. must fix the crap anyway since there is a lot of cruft there that has accumulated and not necessarily used much. or same icon exists with multiple names etc. time to do some cleaning :)10:14
konttoriwould be cool to see it10:14
konttoritigert: cleaning would definately help every once in a while.10:15
tigertwell. i need to do it. currently its the purple one.10:15
konttorithere seems to be some res versions of icons that are not used at all10:15
tigertso we get it working.10:15
tigertthen my idea is to make a new devel theme10:15
tigertusing the tool.10:15
tigertyes. and i want to theme them :)10:16
konttoritheme what?10:16
konttorithe icons that are no used? ;)10:16
konttoriWere we talking about different things?10:17
tigerticons are not., um.. exactly not my favorite style. ;)10:17
konttorioh, you'd like to theme those. Yeah, makes sense.10:17
tigerticons. sorry, typing with the thumb board in a moving bus :)10:17
tigertso its a bt slow10:18
tigertbit even10:18
konttoriah. cool. Love 770 in that regards. That it's so mobile.10:19
konttoribtw: how much mem does canola take?10:20
tigerthavent measured yet.10:21
konttoriSeems like it takes almost all mem from 770. I still have my 770 on loan to my faher, so can't test it, but from what I've read on the dev mails, it seems to be quite the mem hog.10:21
konttoriDo you use it?10:21
tigerthey btw, lunch today?10:21
tigertdont use canola currently10:21
konttoriHmm... could be. Yeah. why not. Although then I'll prefer kamppi10:22
tigertyea. kamppi is ok.10:22
tigerti will ask michael too10:22
konttoriI'm a  bit busy today, so the closest place would be the best one today10:22
tigertother fls welcome too if you are in helsinki10:23
tigertfolks even10:23
tigertat noon?10:23
* tigert jabbers MDK since his irc is idle 12 hours10:27
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konttorihey, tigert: can you try out nuvotheme for me? I don't know if the 090 themes work properly or not (the lcars folks did say that it works, but I'd like to have a second opinion as well)?10:28
konttoriI'm just compiling the theme. I'll put it to garage in a sec.10:29
tigertAh, thememaker version?10:30
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konttoriI don't know what happens if you don't use the vanilla 2006 edition though.10:32
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tigertlet me try10:36
tigertthis is fairly vanilla10:36
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konttoriGreat! Although Icons will only change after reboot.10:38
konttoriSo, if you have the time to do that as well at some point, it would rock.10:38
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tigertworks fine10:40
tigertwill reboot in a sec10:40
konttoriok. great.10:41
tigertmy world is grayscale! ;)10:44
tigertif this was the intention, it works ;)10:44
konttoriYeah, well, it was the intention to see that they actually change10:45
konttoricool. thanks!10:45
tigertyep they do10:45
tigertbut we should do it by making a new icn theme, so files dont need to be written over, if you do tat now?10:46
konttoriYeah, I do, although, on removal of theme, old files will be written back.10:46
tigertoh hey10:47
konttoriI think themes should include the icon themes in them. At least for the status bar icons and the left side icons.10:47
tigertoh hey10:48
tigerti realized that the thumb kb is a lot easier to use if pressed state is very contrasty so its very noticeable10:49
tigertso my theme has them solid dark blue10:49
konttoriAhh... Good idea.10:49
konttoriI'll try to add kb icons asap10:50
tigerta lot better to type than if it just shades a pressed key a bit10:50
tigertthe template has them all ;-)10:50
tigertbut yea, its big10:51
konttoriAlthough one doesn't have to change every bit and piece of it.10:52
tigertmichael joins us. see you in a hour in kamppi. the same place as last time, the game shop?10:52
VReDoes someone know some easy way to list the packages installed from one repository?10:52
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konttorigame shop is a good place. I hope we'll find some place with free seats left this time.10:55
tigertyeah. worth trying :)10:59
jtrainteresting, when I run SciTE under root, it shows classic GTK menu instead of hildon one11:07
tigertjtra: you need to /path/to/the/binary11:08
tigertotherwise nothing shows the hildon theme11:08
tigertsince that sets the environment up for you11:08
tigertthe same happens if your app is launched via the .desktop or dbus stuff11:09
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JaffaMorning, all11:12
jtraok, but I even like the GKT menus for SciTE, Hildon menus use too much space and you have to scroll a lot while GTK ones almost fit the screen11:13
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AD-N770good morning11:19
tigertmorning ad11:20
tigertok. whoever wants to have lunch with me and konttori and MDK, join us in Kamppi shopping center downstairs near the game shop in 30 mins11:20
tigertdum di dum11:55
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nomistigert: I believe I don't manage to be there in time.11:56
* koen tries to figure out how to get to helsinki in 30 minutes11:56
tigerthehe :)11:59
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florian_kchi all12:35
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qgilhi ferenc :) thank you for the planetization13:21
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Guardianis there any qtopia enabled image out there ?13:36
|tbb|i dont think so13:37
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minrahi the 770 is still the coolest thing ever... but the software is bleeding edge13:38
minraand i am bleeding :/13:39
minrai think a dillo port might be a really good thing for a slimm web browser13:39
minractorrent crashes the system regularly13:39
minrai am not used to linux crashing13:39
ferencqgil: you are welcome :)13:40
minrahey what do you use for an image viewer?13:43
minramy favorite under linux is gqview13:44
|tbb|minimo webrowser looks nice, but i cant get it to fullscreen mode13:44
minragod, i HAVE to get up to speed with porting13:45
minrai just sold one of these in a bar... and the guy had a job offer i might be able to do13:45
|tbb|i really would like to have macchanger on my n77013:45
minrathe 770 may have gotten me a job...  that would rule13:45
minrawhat is macchanger?13:47
tigertminra: do you use the swap on mmc?13:49
tigertthat helps a lot in how much stuff you can run at once13:49
minrayes i am using swap now13:50
minragot the 2gb -25 kernel running... maybe i should upgrade to the -3913:51
tigertmine is quite stable13:51
* Jaffa wants to port NetSurf, but haven't had a look at the Gtk+ version's source code (
tigertbut the swap helps a lot13:51
tigertbut hey, remember, its not a desktop machine13:51
tigertI try to keep web browser windows to max 313:51
tigertit has its limitations as a device, but once one learns to live by them, its very useful13:52
konttoriis websurf good?13:52
konttoriI mean, have you actually used it as well?13:52
* Jaffa 's used NetSurf on RISC OS. Very nice, quick, browser - but no JS.13:53
JaffaGah, it uses Glade - and I'm not sure how you port a Glade app to Hildon. Dates uses glade in weird ways I couldn't immediately fathom.13:53
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VeggenI went on a two week trip to France/Italy, brought my 770. Granted, a smart cell phone could have done a lot of it, but I did find it very useful. One of the more useful applications for travelling, I guess, was maemo mapper set up to use google maps. Instant city maps wherever you go :)13:54
VeggenAnd it also helps if you're planning along the way, to have easy access to web at whatever time you want. Found a train/connection that the guy in the french railway station didn't find, when going on to Italy.13:55
minrawell some countries are more restrictive with open hotspots13:58
minragermany is a hotspot dead zone13:58
minrayou want access anonymously you pay 8 euro per hour13:58
minraand as far as i can tell, it is illegal for a person to give free access to his flatrate dsl connection13:59
minrathis seems to be a characteristic of society... even if something is almost free to produce, the law makes artificial barriers to make it expensive, so some asshole can make money off of it13:59
minrasame thing with drugs... cheap to produce.  law makes them expensiv e14:00
|tbb|minra: could u port macchanger, it where usefull to grant access to mac address restricted wlan routers while ur notebook is allowed to get acces on the ap14:01
JaffaAnyone know of a HOWTO for porting Glade stuff?14:02
florian_kcminra: Its no illegal to give access for free... but you are responsible in cases of misuse.14:03
|tbb|it is illegal if the contract with your isp doesnt allow it to share it with others14:04
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minrayes to tbb14:07
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC14:07
Jaffa|tbb|: Is it actually "illegal", or is it just a breach of contract?14:07
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minragood question14:08
minraafaik any use of a network without explicit authorisation is "hacking" and a felony14:08
minraso even connecting to an open wlan with dhcp is a felony in germany14:08
|tbb|let us say it isnt allowed14:08
minrayeah... but people with money use a umts flatrate14:09
minraand they dont care14:09
minrathe poor people must break the law and the rich people ride unhindered14:09
minrathats "social justice"w14:10
minraanyway the usa is much better for the 770 than europe14:10
minrain the usa you can find open hotspots everywhere14:10
minrain germany... you deal with people with guns14:11
|tbb|minra, is ur nick registered?14:11
minrajust one example... i was in an american housing area... some americans said "sure we have an open hotspot" so i sat down to use it and within an hour i was looking at security forces with hands on guns14:11
tigertmaybe that speaks more of your usage patterns and site visits? :)14:12
minrait was but i forgot the pass14:13
|tbb|so u cant pm then14:13
minrawell it is fun to visit the american housing area14:13
florian_kc|tbb|: that would not make it illegal... it just violates your contract with the isp14:14
minraok... nevermind... we have no secrets14:14
minrai am asking on a german channel14:14
florian_kcminra: its illegal as soon as the network is protected - e.g. cracking a wep protected net would be illegal. (even if wep is trivial to crack)14:15
|tbb|florian: u are right, ive take my msg back, vioalate contract is the correct msg14:15
|tbb|minra ./join #maemo.de14:18
*** qgil has quit IRC14:18
minraon this server?14:19
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bergiewow, saw the btxfer tool actually send a file for the first time ;-)14:26
bergieof course it crashed when trying to send another file, but this is at least progress14:27
*** etrunko has joined #maemo14:27
minrawhat is that tool? i use scp to transfer files14:27
minrai use the -c blowfish option to speed transfers14:28
minrai use the -c blowfish option to speed transfersmmc14:28
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k-skonttori: hi16:15
k-skonttori: you were asking about canola mem usage?16:15
k-swere you....16:15
konttoriwondering about it16:15
k-swe can use a great deal of it when viewing images16:15
konttoriafter hearing that some people had hard time multitasking while runing canola16:15
k-skonttori: I have hard time multitasking while running anything ;-)16:16
k-skonttori: are you interested on the details or just the amount?16:16
konttoriI was more interested in the general behaviour. -> the amount when playing music16:16
k-skonttori: about 10mb16:17
k-sin canola process16:17
konttoriAs I still don't have 770 at the moment, so can't test it16:17
konttoriahh... so, not that bad really16:17
k-syet you may have osso-mediaserver consuming it in another process16:17
konttoridoes that take significant amount of mem?16:18
X-FadeAnd avahi + canola-conf also use a few MB.16:18
k-sand you have canola-conf, but since you're playing music it's sleeping (idle) and not using much ram16:18
konttoriwhat's avahi?16:18
k-slet me "measure" it (there is no way I can measure for sure on linux, due shared memory, bla bla bla)16:18
k-skonttori: avahi implements Apple's Rendevouz, also known as Zeroconf16:19
k-skonttori: so you can discover other machines on intranet16:19
konttoriahh... nice. Although appraently not yet 7.016:19
konttoriI mean itunes 7.0 support16:19
k-skonttori: right now we use it to detect itunes/iphoto, rhythmbox...16:19
X-Fadek-s: smaps ->
konttoriahh... good.16:19
k-skonttori: itunes just use avahi to announce16:20
k-skonttori: itunes uses another protocol with its own challange/auth16:20
k-skonttori: problem is to crack their challange...16:20
k-sno one could do it yet16:20
andrunkokonttori: apple changed the challenge auth key on itunes 716:21
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andrunkokonttori: and this has broken all softwares compatibles with itunes >= 4 && <= 6 :)16:21
andrunkoincluding itunes 616:21
konttoriWill itunes 6 comp on local net be able to access  itunes 7 streams?16:21
k-sX-Fade: I already know about /proc stuff, but not about this nice script to summarize it all :-) Thanks!16:22
k-skonttori: no16:22
konttoriyep. shame on them16:22
k-skonttori: you know that old tech to force upgrade?16:22
k-skonttori: m$ word remembers you anything?16:22
andrunkokonttori: itunes 7 can access itunes 6 shares, but itunes 6 can't access itunes 7 shares16:22
konttoriOh well... I guess they had their reasons.16:23
k-skonttori: yes, we could play their game... that's the reason16:23
k-s"that's my ball! I want to choose (sell to) who will play"16:24
konttoriyeah. nasty stuff16:25
X-Fadek-s: that is what you get with closed source software ;)16:25
X-FadeThe inability to fix things yourself.16:26
konttoriSo, I guess that the code should still be possible to hack from a running itunes process.16:26
k-sX-Fade: sorry, I know what you mean16:27
k-sX-Fade: but I'm not a closed source developer16:27
andrunkokonttori: it's possible, but not a easy task16:27
k-sX-Fade: I never been and I don't want to be...16:27
konttoriyeah, reverse engineering from code won't be easy.16:27
bergiek-s: what's the plan with Canola's sources BTW?16:28
konttoriI mean from compiled code16:28
X-Fadek-s: Don't take it personal ;) I just had to say it..16:28
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:28
k-sX-Fade: that's why I'm trying to get those who need to approve it to release it under lgpl16:28
k-sX-Fade: i know16:28
k-sX-Fade: it's good you put some public pressure, so others will listen (or read)16:28
andrunkoX-Fade: you can be sure, we as much as you want to release the code, but your know, we can't do much16:28
k-sbergie: mine plans or the company plans?16:28
bergiek-s: which ever is the one that gets implemented ;-)16:29
*** skodde has quit IRC16:29
k-sbergie: so it's the company, and I cannot comment on it :-/16:29
k-sbergie: but be sure we're doing our best...16:29
bergiegood to hear16:29
k-sboth as developer (writing good software)16:29
*** marceoli has joined #maemo16:30
k-sand as community members (trying to get non-community guys to get it)16:30
X-Fadeandrunko: It is the same with a lot of things inside Nokia. Complaining on public mailinglists gets the message through. Slowly.. but it works. They do read it ;)16:30
bergiek-s: Canola is definitely a good start16:30
andrunkoX-Fade: sure16:30
k-sX-Fade: yes16:30
bergieI like the UI concept, though obviously it still has some issues16:30
X-FadeBut I still have to say that I like the whole concept of Canola.16:31
andrunkothat's great to hear16:31
bergie"Front Row for 770" :-)16:31
X-FadeSome things bug me :) Like not being able to directly click on the second item in a list, while it IS visible. ;)16:32
andrunkoX-Fade: this is something we discussed a lot with our UI gui16:32
bergiek-s: Does it support UPnP in addition to DAAP?16:32
andrunkoX-Fade: marceoli is the guy to discuss this things :)16:32
andrunkobencer: shared is UPnP+DMAP (DAAP/DPAP)16:33
X-Fadeandrunko: I want to be able to click on everything that is visible..16:33
*** skodde has joined #maemo16:33
andrunkoDMAP uses libdmapsharing (
X-FadeOtherwise it gives the impression that it didn't register the click.16:33
bergieandrunko: OK, good to hear... I'm planning to set up a home UPnP server soon16:33
marceoliX-Fade: I know16:34
marceolieveryone complains about it.. I have some issues to be solved before allowing that16:34
X-Fademarceoli: Don't you love the pressure ;)16:34
k-severything is a trade-off16:34
bergieandrunko: what about remote speakers like the "Media Streamer"?16:34
k-sif we enable u to click on everything...16:34
marceoliX-Fade: I know..16:35
k-syou'll start to ask you want to drag everything...16:35
X-Fademarceoli: Funny thing is, that you implemented that feature for the icons, but not for the options.16:35
k-sbergie: no, we don't16:35
marceoliwiat a second16:35
andrunkobergie: we have plans to support it16:35
andrunkobut not now16:35
bergieBTW, any way to take a screenshot in Canola? Since the applet bar is not shown...16:36
k-sbergie: no16:36
marceoliI think you can use the delayed screenshot applet16:36
X-Fademarceoli: Although I think that in the icons case you just made the arrow button click area so large that it includes the icon :)16:37
k-sX-Fade: :-)16:37
marceolimore or less like this..16:37
marceolithe problem with the list.. is16:37
marceoliif you just press, but not release it.. and then drag.. you will want to know at least if you are right...16:38
bergiemarceoli: delayed screenshot doesn't work because switching back to Canola window is too slow16:39
marceoliso, does the user needs indication of what he is about to select? this is solved pretty well in the Hildon UI16:39
X-FadeWell, it i try to drag the selected item that doesn't work. It just activates that option instantly.16:39
marceoliI will ask some beta testers how they took screenshots16:39
JaffaSSH in & use osso-screenshot-tool16:39
marceoliX-Fade: I know... the problme is not the drag.. but the indication that you have selected16:39
X-FadeOh man ;) I crashed Canola hard..16:40
andrunkoX-Fade: what you did?16:40
andrunkocan you reproduce it?16:40
X-FadeDelayed screenshot, go back to canola running the discovery video.16:40
marceolilook at reboot reason and tell us =)16:40
X-FadeAt the moment of screenshot it hangs..16:41
marceoliI bet that it wasn't canola =)16:41
chencaX-Fade: are you sure?16:41
X-FadeWell, I can go back with the home button.16:41
X-FadeIf I switch back to Canola the screen turns black and doesn't register any clicks.16:41
marceoliX-Fade:  can you join the #canola channel? we don't want to bother everyone else here...16:42
marceolithis is a known issue..16:42
marceolipress 2 times16:42
andrunkoit's a bug on SDL16:42
andrunkoi will make a FAQ page today16:42
k-sX-Fade: it's a bug with SDL16:42
X-Fadek-s & andrunko. That doesn't help at all.16:43
marceoliX-Fade: try clicking on the bottom right corner :16:43
k-sX-Fade: i known16:43
marceoliisn't the video paused?16:43
X-FadeBut I'll take this over to #canola16:43
marceoliwe really need our not fullscreen video playback screen back!16:43
marceolithat was the worst sentence ever lol16:43
k-sbtw, if someone hacks maemo-af-desktop, please drop me a note16:45
k-ssdl fullscreen + maemo-af-desktop don't play nice, you have to force a window repaint in order to have your sdl window to repaint and back to fs16:45
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:51
*** pancake has joined #maemo16:53
pancakedoes anybody know how can I configure the n770 to "emulate" a handsfree headset?16:53
bergieso far no screenshot here :-)
andrunkobergie: it's not only DAAP, it's DMAP16:58
andrunkoDAAP (music), DPAP (photos)16:58
bergieI see16:58
bergieDMAP has no WikiPedia entry...
*** skodde has quit IRC16:58
andrunkobergie: but tnx for the page :)16:59
bergieno prob :-)16:59
bergieany schedule on getting iTunes 7 support?16:59
andrunkobergie: no idea, we don't have anybody working on it16:59
*** Daelus_ has quit IRC17:00
andrunkobergie: but for sure, there is someone in the community working on it, so as soon as the first open source software breaks it, i will change libdmapsharing to support it17:00
andrunkobergie: or when i find sometime i can try myself17:00
andrunkos/sometime/some time/17:00
andrunkook, time to lunch17:01
chencabergie: This a fresh screenshot17:03
bergiechenca: can you mail that to me? fw is blocking file transfers17:04
chencabergie: ok, What theme you prefer? Default or Wood_Box ?17:04
bergiedoesn't matter17:05
bergieas long as I can publish it using GFDL license on wikipedia ;-)17:05
chencabergie: hahah, mail sent17:08
marceoliI also need to change the picture in the application catalogie17:08
JaffaYay: NetSurf works:
JaffaI need to work out how Glade apps change their GtkWindows to use the HildonWindow subclass, and do proper Hildon menus17:09
bergiechenca: thx17:09
*** terral has joined #maemo17:10
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:15
chencabergie: To make your own screenshots: as root install SSH (client deamon),  connect from your desktop ("ssh root@<770 ip addres>"), run canola (background canola&) and finaly run "osso-screenshot-tool /media/mmc1/screenshot.png"17:16
*** skodde has joined #maemo17:17
bergieJaffa: good start!17:18
chencabergie: great!! Canola Team say thanks!!!17:21
bergieno prob, just keep fighting to make it open source ;-)17:21
k-sbergie: ;-)17:22
k-sbergie: pay attention to screenshot...17:22
bergiek-s: ?17:23
*** Daelus has joined #maemo17:23
k-sbergie: that one you've uploaded17:23
k-sbergie: compare it to your current canola17:23
k-sbergie: you can already see one new feature there17:24
* bergie starting up...17:24
bergiek-s: it shows only two menu items, and "greys out" arrows for directions that are not available?17:25
k-sbergie: bonus++17:25
k-sbergie: it was requested on garage17:25
chencabergie: Congratulations!!17:26
marceolithat one was easy .. the best thing is under the hood, chenca's work on cpu =)17:26
k-sbergie: marceoli is preparing some screenshots to demo that on lists17:26
k-smarceoli: a video wouldn't hurt... with that nice effect17:26
X-FadeYeah, do a video :) Always nice to show off some eyecandy.17:27
marceoliyeah for sure17:27
marceolithe problem is that is so subtle.. that youtube screws it up17:27
marceolibut I will edit it as k-s suggested here17:33
*** bstock has quit IRC17:38
bergieguys, when will you make a new Canola beta?17:40
k-sbergie: no promieses, maybe next week17:40
k-sbergie: but I'd say "when it's ready"17:41
bergieanything else new?17:41
k-sbergie: most are not visible17:41
k-sbergie: visible I think are: improved themes and folder now indicates position17:42
k-splayer also shows 3 lines instead of 2, one for title, other for album and then artist17:42
k-sbergie: but we have a lot of things underneath17:43
bergieanyway, have to go to do a bit of website hacking with tigert...17:43
*** xan has joined #maemo17:43
k-sbergie: improved upnp (I've also fixed some free servers)17:43
k-sbergie: less cpu usage, daap now have dynamic playlists (by artist, album and genre)17:44
bergieregarding upnp, is gmediaserver any good?17:45
k-sbergie: buggy...17:45
k-sbergie: I doesn't do simple things as escaping generated xml17:45
k-sbergie: they generate it using naive printf()17:46
*** bergie has quit IRC17:46
Takyou really disturbed him17:46
k-sTak: :-D17:46
k-slunch time here17:47
*** k-s is now known as k-s[LUNCH]17:47
* k-s[LUNCH] is away: Gone away for now.17:47
*** k-s[LUNCH] is now known as ks-[AWAY_WORK]17:47
*** dralex has quit IRC17:54
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:55
*** ab has quit IRC17:58
*** pancake has left #maemo18:02
*** bstock has joined #maemo18:13
*** fab_ has quit IRC18:39
*** ssvb has joined #maemo18:40
*** benzea has joined #maemo18:57
*** tko_ has joined #maemo19:00
*** bergie has joined #maemo19:05
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC19:06
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:09
*** wasabi_ has joined #maemo19:19
*** marceoli has quit IRC19:21
*** ferenc has quit IRC19:21
*** booiiing has joined #maemo19:21
*** booiiing is now known as papa_booiiing19:23
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo19:29
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*** rev has joined #maemo19:34
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*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo19:41
*** X-Fade has quit IRC19:46
*** |tbb| has quit IRC19:47
*** ks-[AWAY_WORK] is now known as k-s19:53
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*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:02
* Jaffa homeishes20:04
*** marceoli has joined #maemo20:04
*** bstock_ has joined #maemo20:05
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo20:12
*** bstock has quit IRC20:17
*** florian_kc has quit IRC20:18
*** shapr has joined #maemo20:19
czrhmm. has anyone ran across some mechanism to make userspace block dev drivers?20:25
mgedminnetwork block device20:30
mgedminI think it can do that20:30
czrthe daemon is local20:30
czrno need to shuffle data through network stack20:30
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo20:30
czrand running nbd and nbdd causes problems20:31
czror at least used to when I tested it. kernel locks and fun stuff like that20:31
*** qgil has joined #maemo20:34
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:34
*** mallum has joined #maemo20:35
*** chenca has left #maemo20:37
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo20:37
*** arj has joined #maemo20:38
*** tenshiKur0 has quit IRC20:50
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC20:53
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo21:09
*** mproctor has joined #maemo21:13
*** ssvb has joined #maemo21:14
*** kender has joined #maemo21:23
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo21:24
revhey kender21:24
kenderhi rev21:24
revhow goes it?21:24
kendernice :)21:25
kenderhere, doing some experiments with the "fonera"21:25
kenderdo you know it?21:25
revthat weird VoIP/Wifi company?21:25
kendermore less, yes21:26
* rev nods ok21:26
revyou get a free router, stick it in your house, then it's lsited as a place people can use it for VoIP, ja?21:26
*** chenca has joined #maemo21:26
kenderthe company is a little bit suspicius, or strange; but the gadget "fonera" is pretty21:26
revis the gadget the router?21:26
*** Guardian has quit IRC21:26
mgedminwhat's suspicious?21:27
kenderrev, hehehe, and then, you go away, and you use others users wifi21:27
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC21:27
kenderrev, yes21:27
kenderrev, it isn't exactly a router21:27 AP21:27
revcan you use it for non-VoIP?21:27
revon someone else's AP21:27
kenderbut....if you "hack it", opening it's ssh, it is very useful21:27
kenderrev, yeah, of course21:28
kenderfor internet access simply21:28
kendermgedmin, mmm... that they send you the ap free...21:28
mgedminI though they were selling the APs for 30 EUR21:29
kendermgedmin, I get 5 of them, free at the begining21:29
mgedminafaiu they make money (or plan to) by selling Internet access to aliens21:29
kenderandrunko, 3 months ago, they give you a linksys router, by the price of 25 euro21:30
kendermgedmin, hehehehe21:30
kendermgedmin, I dunno, that's because it is...strange21:30
kenderanyway, if the idea goes on, it could be...interesting21:30
mgedminisn't that more or less the same as google paying you $$ for putting google ads in your website?21:30
kenderwith the nokia 770, everywhere with internet access21:31
mgedminyou get a cheap AP, people pay $$ for using it, fon gets money21:31
mgedminyou get to use other people's APs for free21:31
kendermgedmin, I don't think so21:31
sxpertI'm getting :21:31
kendermgedmin, no no21:31
mgedminor you can choose to get half the money21:31
sxpertYou have 4 other Scratchbox sessions running!21:31
sxpertYou must terminate them before the active target can be changed.21:31
sxpertany ideas ?21:31
kendermgedmin, well, yes..21:31
mgedminsxpert: close the other scratchbox sessions21:31
mgedminor are you saying that you don't have them?21:31
sxpertmgedmin, I don't have any other21:32
mgedminthen there must be some processes from a scratchbox session running in the background21:32
mgedminfind them with ps and kill them21:32
sxpertmgedmin, hmmm...21:32
mgedminIIRC something like this happened to me once21:33
*** febb has joined #maemo21:34
*** corypho has joined #maemo21:35
*** corypho has left #maemo21:36
* kender is away: Busy21:43
*** marceoli has left #maemo21:48
*** febb has quit IRC21:48
*** febb_ has joined #maemo21:49
*** febb_ has quit IRC21:49
*** Huixquic has joined #maemo21:49
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:50
*** sxpert has quit IRC21:53
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo21:54
*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:55
sxpertI rebooted the box, but scratchbox still complains...21:56
*** maddler has joined #maemo21:57
sxpertwhich file needs nuked for that stupid thing stops acting up ?21:57
sp3000grep the scripts :)21:58
* sp3000 doesn't have a sbox handy21:58
sp3000 also contains the question but not an answer21:58
*** konttori has quit IRC22:02
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo22:03
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:03
*** ajturner has joined #maemo22:04
*** rev has quit IRC22:06
*** sxpert has quit IRC22:06
*** sxpert has joined #maemo22:07
sxpertman... scratchbox is a real POS !!22:09
sxpertif you don't run debian, you're f**ed, it doesn't even try to work22:14
*** bergie has quit IRC22:14
tko_I had no problems running sbox on rh922:15
tko_but in general, sbox is nice as long as it works.. when it doesn't, well... :)22:17
sxpertok. let's try installing this god forsaken distro from hell :D22:23
dpbWhat distro doesn't it work on?22:24
bencerdo you know if tapioca-ui available for maemo supports common jabber, or just gtalk ?22:25
*** Huixquic has quit IRC22:25
Robot101both, but so does the in-built stuff...22:26
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC22:26
benceri'm going to try it, i'm fed up of the auto-connect feature of the bult-in im app ... maybe withh gconf could be disabled22:27
Robot101hm? what's the problem exactly?22:28
dpbsxpert: It should work.. which version of scratchbox? what problems are you having?22:29
benceri don't like that the im app auto-connects when the wifi connection goes up22:29
sxpertdpb, I tried the ebuild I found on bugs.gentoo.org22:30
sxpertI can't seem to be able to actually do anything. It complains about scratchbox session still opened22:30
sxpertbut I can't find anything22:30
dpbsxpert: Let me guess.. Kernel 2.6.18?22:31
sxpertis that a problem ?22:31
dpbFixed on the newest Scratchbox Apophis.22:31
tko_bencer, have you tried changing the 'Status when connected' preference to 'Off' ?22:31
*** epx has quit IRC22:31
tko_bencer, (Control Panel / Presence)22:31
bencertko_: where is this option ?22:32
bencerhoho, let me see22:32
sxpertdpb, ok, where's the ebuild ?22:32
dpbsxpert: Probably nowhere. Installing from the tarballs can't be that hard, can it?22:32
bencertko_: that's what i was looking for, thanks :)22:33
sxpertnever mind. time for me to swap to debian, see if it's any better now than it was 4 years ago when I ended up fed up with it carrying around 6 years old packages22:33
chencasxepert: I had no problems running sys-devel/scratchbox-  on gentoo22:34
benceranyway i'd like to get the im app integrated with GPE contacts, and this won't be possbile :-/ maybe could be with the tapica-ui which is free software22:34
sxpertchenca, lucky you22:34
ssvbinteresting, i did not know that scratchbox has problems with 2.6.18 (still using 2.6.17 kernel), so it is good that i was too lazy to upgrade :)22:34
ssvbhmm, even more interesting:
ssvb'The current version, maemo 2.1 only supports Scratchbox'22:36
ssvbso i guess it is just easier not to upgrade kernel (or downgrade it if necessary), is 2.6.18 that much better?22:38
ssvbsxpert, 'Linux localhost 2.6.17-gentoo-r8' here, scratchbox is working fine22:39
*** sxpert has quit IRC22:46
*** benzea has quit IRC22:49
*** benzea has joined #maemo22:50
*** buck68 has joined #maemo22:58
*** benzea has quit IRC23:03
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:13
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*** bergie has joined #maemo23:18
*** __shawn has joined #maemo23:24
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo23:26
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo23:28
arjwhere is Documents located in the filesystem?23:29
*** maddler has quit IRC23:30
*** dot_j has quit IRC23:31
|tbb|np :)23:33
*** kender has quit IRC23:33
arjhow do I become root?23:34
|tbb|install became root from the application list on then sudo gainroot23:35
|tbb|np :)23:37
arjI need to run a ppp script23:37
arjI think it is, anyone have experience with that23:37
*** matt_c has quit IRC23:40
* |tbb| not :(23:40
*** maddler has joined #maemo23:40
*** matt_c has joined #maemo23:49
*** wasabi_ has quit IRC23:49
*** xan has quit IRC23:52
*** daf` has joined #maemo23:52
*** sxpert has joined #maemo23:54
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