IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-12-06

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Takarj: I wrote a little gtk app to connect to a machine by ssh and launch/control mplayer00:03
TakI haven't released it bc I thought nobody would care00:04
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arjTak: not exactly what I was thinking about but sounds a little related. I was more looking for something along the lines of uPnP. Thanks anyway.00:09
snuffelsandruko: ok, got the dump file I'll take a look at it with Ethereal now.00:10
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snuffelsandruko: As I suspected server is: Intel SDK for UPnP devices/1.3.100:15
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andrunkosnuffels: got go now, k-s[WORK] and _Handful_ can help you if you find something00:17
snuffelsandruko: ok bye00:19
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* Tak shrugs00:33
snuffelsk-s: Are you still there?00:35
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snuffelsSeems that my UPnP server does not seem to like the HTTP HEAD method for getting the file contents.00:37
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snuffelsDoes canola's UPnP code use the HEAD reequest to determine the content-type / content-length?00:47
k-ssnuffels: no00:47
k-ssnuffels: actually, canola doesn't have any lower-level UPnP code, it uses ClinkC, same as mediastreamer.00:47
k-ssnuffels: it's like libupnp, but already provided by maemo00:48
snuffelsk-s: hmm, the last request is a HTTP HEAD. The response does not have the CONTENT-TYPE field filled, but the rest seems ok.00:50
snuffelsk-s: So I think ClinkC, does no seem to be satisfied with that as it does not try a HTTP GET to obtain the actual data00:51
snuffelsk-s: Is the ClinkC sorce code available?00:57
k-ssnuffels: yes, at sourceforge00:58
k-ssnuffels: but seems that it's not the same version as maemo provides00:58
snuffelsk-s: :-(00:58
k-ssnuffels: the problem you related is known, we fixed it today :-)00:58
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k-ssnuffels: it's in our player plugin, we check for mimetype if it's known to be playable, but "" is not a known mimetype00:59
k-sin our beta00:59
snuffelsk-s: So what way do you use to determine the type of the data payload?00:59
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snuffelsk-s: Is the fixed/changed version already installable from the repository?01:02
k-ssnuffels: UPnP Content Directory provides the mimetype on <res> tag, as part of the protocolInfo attribute01:03
k-ssnuffels: no, we'll pack a new beta soon01:04
k-smaybe next week, but no promises01:04
k-swe're still fixing bugs reported on garage.maemo, testing more upnp servers (also fixing some, like ushare and gmediaserver)01:04
k-sbut after this release it should work with most servers01:05
k-swe've found some glitches...01:05
k-slike apple's server doesn't report childCount, I've thought that it was required but it's not01:06
k-salso, we don't check if objects support sortCriteria="+dc:title", however we use it01:06
snuffelsk-s: that's cool. I'll install the version when it's available and tell you if it's working.01:07
k-slast but not least, if we detect server uses Microsoft XBox360 object id schema, we'll use it01:07
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k-sUPnP have object classes like object.container.musicContainer, but nobody uses it for root items :-(((((01:07
k-safter microsoft, a huge company, came with their limited xbox360, they used their market share to force a new "standard"01:08
k-sand devices are using it01:08
k-sinstead of music classes, you use object's id, like "1" = "Music"01:08
k-s"2" = "Picture"01:09
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k-sobject ids can be any string... just "0" is known to be the "root" item01:09
snuffelsk-s: MS is know to widely ignore existing specs/practice. ;-)01:10
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k-ssnuffels: I know :-(01:11
snuffelsk-s: They sometimes even igore their own specs/documentation in the MSDN library.01:11
k-sso far, I have one opinion on upnp01:11
k-supnp is a spec that don't spec much01:11
k-sit's so broad that users can do anything01:12
k-sthere is always room for vendor extensions where you don't need any01:12
k-sand lack of checking/validation allows you to just use extensions01:12
snuffelsk-s: Had similar problems with Web Services. Even it is a W3C spec every implementation comes with its own interpretation of it.01:14
snuffelsk-s: At least it helped me to read plain HTTP/XML/SOAP tcpdumps. ;-)01:15
snuffelsk-s: Just like watching the MATRIX. ;-)01:15
* snuffels has to go now. Thanks for the great support. bye.01:17
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k-ssnuffels: yes01:19
k-ssnuffels: I don't like w3 standards that much01:19
k-ssnuffels: ok, they have html, but that's it01:19
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k-sxhtml is not that success01:19
k-scss is somehow...01:20
k-sbut xforms, xpath, ... what a shame01:20
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JaffaMorning, all10:31
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JaffaHmm, is down?10:40
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X-FadeJaffa: seems so.10:43
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JaffaX-Fade: Hmm, I'm not sure our proxy's not suffering too: ITT and Gmail are both being slow10:49
X-FadeJaffa: It seems to work now.10:52
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florian_kcgood morning12:43
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MDKkoen: thanks for the comment, we're also doing some work on icon theming17:52
MDKkoen: btw, what are you up to with that efika board? Planning something?17:53
koenMDK: trying to get video conferencing working17:54
* MDK compares it to some via itx boards17:56
MDKah, they're bigger 17cm x 17cm17:58
MDKbut the mini-itx stuff is cheap17:59
koenyou can't beat free :)18:00
MDK60e for mini-itx with fanless 600mhz Eden + all the usual video/audio built-in suspects18:00
MDKhey, it's 160e normally18:01
MDK(efika I mean)18:02
MDKAlex Graveley was playing with stuff a while back, I think he was trying to build an embedded system with a UI made 100% in flash18:03
* koen tends to avoid x86 based systems18:05
koenflash, that reminds me18:06
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koenI should try to get a chumby18:06
* Jaffa 's Linux box's Via board died last night after a few years of sterling service. Now trying to work out whether or not to replace it with the same one, which stuttered a bit with the Myth front end (an ME6000), use a 1GHz Nehemiah (not fanless) or try and get XvMC etc. working with the shiny new CN700-based chipsetted boards18:09
MDKhmm, seems like the case is the most expensive bit when building a mini-itx system18:11
MDKtoo bad the fanless boards from via don't have integrated wifi18:14
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||cwJaffa: if you have room in the case, you can probably add a better heat sink to make the Ghz fanless18:18
||cwand I've seen cases that replace the stock sink with a heatpipe one that channels the heat to a large sink on the case itself18:19
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* Jaffa has a Silverstone LC-06 (or one of the nice Silverstone cases).18:34
Jaffa||cw: A fan may not be too noisy; but the 1GHz-based server I had was very noisy. Going to check this evening if that was case or CPU fans18:34
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MDK||cw: yeah, I've got one of those fancy silverstone cases for a full-atx server18:42
MDKin my living room18:42
MDKkinda silent, though I had to slightly down-clock the amd 2500 as it was overheating18:42
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MDKone nice thing about finland is that electricity is darn cheap here18:44
||cwon my dual Ghz p3 server the PSU fan is the loudest18:44
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TakUpdated fceu with save state and shiny esd audio now available19:02
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kenderwhich are the drivers used by the nokia 770 wifi card?19:33
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shaprkender: And they're available on maemoforge19:44
shapror whatever it's really called19:44
kenderandrunko, what modes it supports?19:45
shaprIt claims to support managed, ad-hoc, and monitor mode.19:45
kenderaircrack works?19:45
shaprBut I haven't tried ad-hoc yet.19:45
shaprThere is an OLSRd package.19:46
shaprWhat's wds?19:46
kendermm... get and resend19:46
shaprDon't know about that.19:46
kenderis used, most of all, in routers of wireless comunities19:47
kenderin the nokia 770, it weren't be really useful19:47
shaprWhy not?19:47
||cwbeasue it's  take for routers/ap's19:48
mgedminuse people with nokias instead of access pooints19:48
shaprWhy shouldn't 770s also be routers?19:48
kenderthat would be funny19:48
mgedmin"pete, move a little bit to the north, bart isn't getting a connection"19:48
||cwbecause they get turned off too much19:48
shaprFor example, I'd like to have a 770 music player that also shares all of my music via ad-hoc wifi.19:48
shaprHardware p2p...19:49
kendermgedmin, :D19:49
shaprMDK: That's an idea19:49
||cwk, but then you get 1 hours battery max because of you constantly using the wifi in full power mode19:49
shaprPretty good idea too19:49
shaprBut upnp players don't usually download as well as stream, do they?19:49
MDKshapr: hopefully we thought about that too19:50
MDKshapr: you can download via upnp19:50
MDKbut usually upnp just streams over http19:50
||cwuonp is just a way to find resources, the resources can then do anythign they want19:50
shaprYeah, but nokia already has a upnp player for the 770.19:50
shaprI guess it's not oss?19:50
MDK||cw: are you sure? Doesn't upnp also define the access method?19:51
||cwupnp doesn't stream over http, upnp just finds the http based media system, then http streams it19:51
shapr||cw: What about only going to full power for beacons?19:51
shaprIf your beacons were widely separated...19:51
||cwupnp can also find printers, drive shares, AP's, anything realy19:51
MDKsome nokia phones (ie. N80) have built-in upnp server/client19:51
MDKbut it's not very reliable I must say19:52
shaprThe gmediaserver debian/unstable package works well with the upnp 770 client.19:52
shaprExcept that FLACs aren't supported well :-/19:53
MDKushare worked well for me too with some patching from garage19:53
MDKI haven't tried, but I guess the hard part is when you actually share a very large library19:54
MDKI've got ~20gb of mp3's19:54
shaprI've got 120gb of music.19:55
TakOh yeah?! Well, MY penis is...wait, what are we talking about?19:55
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shaprgmediaserver takes a very long time to startup with that much.19:55
MDKshapr: and it works well with mediastreamer?19:55
shaprI don't know, I got tired of waiting for gmediaserver to suck up all the tags and just ran it on a few albums instead.19:56
MDKexacly same thing here19:56
shaprBut mediastreamer works fine with twenty or thirty albums.19:56
MDKI would expect problems on the mediastreamer side19:57
MDKthough, a well-designed client should have no problems19:58
shaprEn tiedä19:58
MDKbut people do stupid things in this kind of apps -- like trying to load all the data/database into memory19:58
MDKe-mail client is a genuine example here19:59
shaprThat's one reason I prefer non-strict languages.20:00
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Takalso appending lists in an inefficient way20:03
MDKspeaking of strict languages, would be cool if someone packaged ruby for scirocco20:03
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arjdoes anyone have internet (GPRS) using a samsung phone working?20:10
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linitrofeanyone with experience building Xserver?20:16
*** sxpert has joined #maemo20:20
sxperthi there20:20
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kenderhi sxpert20:21
sxpertso, any news on a howto install the sdk on gentoo ?20:22
sxpertbecause I don't want to have to install debian just for that :(20:22
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ssvbsxpert: it is easy to install sdk in gentoo20:39
ssvbsxpert: all the needed ebuilds are in sunrise overlay20:40
ssvbsxpert: also check this link
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sxpertssvb, thanks21:05
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arjmy nokia and phone doens't want to play with each other21:09
arjI tried connecting using my pc and it worked fine21:10
arjthe nokia connects and everything looks fine. It just gets a "remote server error" after something like 10-20 seconds (still trying to get the connection)21:11
arjI'm talking about internet over GPRS in case anyone was wondering ;-)21:11
mgedminhave you paired the devices?21:12
arjnot sure what you mean21:12
*** tigert has joined #maemo21:12
arjI added the phone under control panel -> phone and that working fine21:12
arjbut when I try to connect, the phone asks if it's ok to create a DUN21:13
arjon the phone I can't get a service list from the nokia but maybe that's ok21:15
mgedminthe nokia doesn't advertise itself via bluetooth, and I think it exports no services21:15
arjI have tried more or less anything I can think of21:15
arjit's the same every time.21:16
arj Connect on the nokia21:16
arjphone asks if ok21:16
arjseems to connect to GPRS (little icon)21:16
arjseems to send data over bluetooth (BT icon blinking)21:16
arjbut it just fails connecting after a little while21:17
mgedminstrange; I've no idea what could be wrong21:17
mgedmindialup settings on the nokia? bad APN or something?21:17
arjI tried using a computer and it worked fine21:17
mgedminI just added my phone, picked my mobile operator in the internet connection wizard, and it worked21:17
arjI have also tried with another phone and it worked perfectly21:17
arjso it must be something with phone/nokia interaction21:18
arjI just bought the phone to get DUN21:19
arjin case anyone was wondering it's a samsung E90021:19
arjbut it has to work. It doesn't make any sense21:19
arjwhy does the computer work but not the nokia ;-)21:20
* mgedmin no idea21:21
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MDKarj: post to the mailing list21:32
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:33
MDKarj: could be someone had this problem before21:33
mgedminI saw a post about dialup and samsung phones on the list21:33
mgedminbut I never had a samsung phone21:33
*** smcv has quit IRC21:35
arjok thanks21:35
*** smcv has joined #maemo21:35
arjmgedmin: the users list?21:36
*** skodde has joined #maemo21:36
MDKthere is also but E900 doesn't seem to be there21:36
arjah nice21:38
arjif you look at the samsung X820 it seems he did some kind of a magic trick to get it working21:38
* mgedmin probably dreamed it21:39
mgedminnice wiki page21:40
mgedmin"Please read table editing instructions at the end before adding/modifying!"21:40
mgedminthere are no instructions21:40
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MDKthe samsung X820 is the most recently added item21:42
MDKso you might have luck to catch the person who "fixed it" on the mailing list21:43
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:58
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* sp3000 presumes that's at the btm of the edit page under the form, and edits to that effect22:12
* sp3000 is confused22:14
sp3000how do I see older diffs in the wiki?22:14
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo22:15
sp3000(also, not showing diffs before committing is just annoying)22:15
sp3000ah, the link to the full history list is very poorly titled, s'all22:16
* sxpert emerges scratchbox22:29
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* sxpert is slowly getting scratchbox on his machine. not that easy ;(23:51
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