IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-11-29

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bhimaI don't like the look of the 870. It doesn't look as pretty as the 770.02:37
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minraI LOVE THE 770!!!!!03:14
minraright now i miss some unix commands tho03:15
minra /usr/bin/play   (for kismet)03:15
minraanybody  here?03:19
Juhazof course not. you're just hallucinating the 117 other people03:20
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Juhazping is availabe, take a look at application catalog03:20
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minraty juhaz... i did not see it03:26
minrai am still in the "OMG this is so awesome" phase of 770 ownership03:27
minragonna upgrade my kernel tonight to get that  2gb rs-mmc  thing going03:28
minrathis thing has replaced my psion netbook03:29
minrabtw i found a guy who ported  the nx client to  arm (for the netbook) itd be nice to have nx as well as vnc for the 77003:31
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myrennx on arm?  fuck'n a03:34
myrentaht _has_ to run like balls03:35
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minraactually it ran better than vnc, which needs to de-jpeg everything03:38
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minrathe netbook has a 190 mhz arm... so it should be comparable03:39
Pioso that support for 2 gb rs-mmc is pretty simple right? im getting a 770 for xmas, wondering about my options in that area03:40
minrawhat kernel do you recommment?  i need nfs, 2gb but no ipv603:42
minraoh another question...  is openssh or dropbear better ?03:43
myrenvnc sucks03:49
myreni hope the 870 supports SDHC03:50
myren4gb is not sufficient03:50
myren8gb is tolerable03:50
minraok  i am just throwing them out now... respond if you feel like it and thanks in advance03:50
minrais there a way to switch apps with a key combo? like alt-tab03:50
glasspress the home thing button for a long time03:51
minrathx glass that works... i will keep looking for a way to quickly switch apps with my keyboard03:53
minrathere is always a way... with open source03:53
minrai hope nokia is making money with these things03:55
myrennot significantly, i'm afraid03:55
myrenits still sooo niche03:55
glassvery niche03:55
glasscompared to other nokia stuff03:55
myrenusb missile launchers are more niche03:55
myrenthat was the only thing i could think of that was more niche03:55
myrenoohh dude03:56
myrenoh fuck03:56
myrenthere is no usb host03:56
myrenis there03:56
myrenthat would've rocked.  webcam 870 + usb missile launcher == remote turrent install03:56
glassthere's a way to enable usb host03:58
glassyou need to construct a special cable though03:58
glassit needs the +5v line03:58
glassi haven't done it myself so that's all i know about it03:59
minrai have read that also.   too  bad..  it is so sexy, i get women chatting me up when i surf in cafes03:59
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minrawell ill come  back when im less enthusiastic. :)04:03
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myreni can get +5v somewhere04:13
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minraa faster nokia would be nice05:06
myreni hope the dsp gets an upgrade05:06
myreni want better video resolution05:06
myrengimme more headroom and i'll start using it for audio effects processing05:07
minraso    the new thing is the 870?   it will be released?05:07
minrathere  is no   line input... what for effects processing....05:08
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myreni regularly abuse the @#$@#$ out of usb sound card05:08
myren24/96 is permissable05:09
myrenalthough if you want really cool sound processing, 24/192 is the way to go05:09
Tak-roamingvideo resolution is fine unless it gets a bigger screen05:09
myrentwo mics and you can do @#$@#$ triangulation at that rate05:09
Tak-roamingwhy would you want to triangulate @#$@#$ ?05:13
minrayou could do motion capture with audio05:15
myrenin case there are snipers on the rooftops, DUH05:16
myrenwell, once you triangulate a noise source, its very easy to filter out all audio not coming from that point05:17
myren"very easy" may be slightly inaccurate05:17
myrenand slightly inaccurate might be a gross underestimation05:17
minrathat is supposing you have a multichannel adc  that works with usb and the 77005:18
myrenusb sound cards are extremely uniform05:21
myrenthey're very simply very stupid data pipes05:21
minrayou  are a freak.  nice to meet you.05:21
myrenit was required for this computer engineering degree05:22
minrammh... i am freezing... and my internal memory is full with downloads05:26
minragotta hit the sack... ttyl05:26
myrenhave fun buffer dumping05:26
myrentry not to slobber too much05:27
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JaffaMorning, all10:50
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AD-N770good morningç11:19
guru3good morning11:23
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florian_kcgood morning11:53
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florian_kchey ferenc12:20
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* sbaturzio is away: Lunch time...13:58
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* sbaturzio is back (gone 00:43:05)14:41
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X-FadeCanola released yet? :)15:36
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waiteNot that I see. I was hoping for a morning present15:37
waiteFrom Marcelo's blog: "It’s 1:27 am , november 29th, and I’ll post again only to link to the hotsite, etc. Hours left only know"15:39
X-FadeYeah, have been tracking that one too :)15:39
simonso there are more people jumping around waiting for the canola release? ;)15:39
waiteIf the app is a s good as their PR.....15:40
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|tbb|anyone using freedom mini bt keyboard, before ?16:10
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Guardiani just fucking hate the flasher tool16:21
GuardianSuitable USB device not found, waiting16:21
GuardianUSB device found found at bus 003, device address 00316:21
GuardianError claiming USB interface: Operation not permitted16:21
Guardianbleh :(16:21
nomisGuardian: you need to be root for raw access to the USB bus.16:22
Guardianhmm the wiki said "command needs execute permissions" "not as root"16:23
nomiseh, what?16:23
nomisThat'd surprise me.16:23
Guardianah nice16:23
Guardian"try with a newer version of flasher program"16:23
Guardiani just downloaded it =)16:23
X-FadeAre using flasher-2.0?16:24
Guardiani'm making sure of it16:24
Guardiani prolly clicked the wrong link16:24
_follower_flasher 2.0 : more raincoats than ever before!16:24
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Guardianplease where are the rootimagescripts to be put ?17:34
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koencute, media streamer detects my mythbox17:44
Jaffakoen: mine too (I'm sure it didn't before - maybe after I apt-get install libupnp) - but I couldn't play anything17:45
waitekoen, wow. Media streamer could not find my wizd or swisscenter installs17:45
koensame here17:45
koenJaffa: maybe I can get it to work17:46
* koen looks at the media streamer source code17:46
* koen coughs17:46
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koenJaffa: "object not found"?17:46
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Jaffakoen: zactly17:47
* Jaffa had hoped the UPnP server in Myth would also allow you to control what it's playing (I suppose it might in the otherwise dire MythMusic)17:48
Guardianplease, wiki says "As a prerequisite, you need to have maemo 2.1 installed on your computer. Also, you need the following scripts from the  subversion repository installed into your working root reference file system directory: ..."17:48
Guardian"Create symbolic links to these scripts under your Scratchbox home directory, from an empty working directory. As a side note, the same scripts can be used to create custom rootstraps."17:48
Guardianit's unclear where to put what :(17:48
Jaffakoen: Maybe Canola will be better at it...17:50
JaffaShocking. Just because it's constantly hyped and not released. Not sure I agree with the amount of hype for it, especially a v0.1 release which is bound to be buggy.17:54
JaffaCould be good, though (if it's not vapourwareola)17:54
* mgedmin saw the demo video and wasn't impressed with the UI18:00
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Jaffamgedmin: doesn't look like it'll be great for getting to a specific item in a long list (I still maintain the iPod's wheel is best for that as the user can control the scroll rate intuitively)18:02
mgedminI noticed that the person demoing it had to retry his actions very often to actually hit the too-small controls18:03
bergiehas anyone tried to compile the Democracy Player for Maemo?
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Guardianhow can i change the ip of the 770 when using usb networking ?18:09
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Jaffamgedmin: yeah, I noticed that too.18:13
Jaffabergie: it depends on a whole load of stuff to do the actual playback; Democracy itself is basically just a container.18:14
mgedmindemocracyplayer 0.9.0-1 from Debian doesn't want to build in my scratchbox because "no available versions of package cdbs can satisfy version requirements"18:15
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bergieJaffa: and I guess transcoding on 770 processor would be an interesting experience :-)18:25
mgedminimagine connecting a USB DVD drive to the 770 and ripping DVDs18:26
bhimaInteresting? How is sitting around for a month without your gadget "interesting"?18:26
bhimaYou'd probably just be better off waiting for the movie to enter the public domain than transcode an HD version down using the 770's CPU.18:27
Fatalwithout? you would naturally cradle it for the duration18:27
* mgedmin is struck by an idea: a "boot reason" home applet that shows why my device just rebooted18:27
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koenbhima: people run gentoo on they ~200MHz arm toys18:27
Fatalkoen: that's not people18:27
koenbhima: you'll always had idiots ;)18:27
Takkoen: think of the optimalizations!!!!!18:28
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mgedmingentoo has the noble goal to keep the idiots busy18:29
Takthat would be a great email signature18:30
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bhimaCan you give me a one sentence summary of what's wrong with gentoo? I don't actually know much about it.18:37
Guardianwhen setting up sbrsh, do i have to export /scratchbox/users/<USER>/targets/<TARGET>  or /scratchbox/users/<USER>/targets/18:38
Tak90% of its users build everything from source into identical binaries18:38
bhimaBut, but, can you _know_ they'll be identical if you don't build them?18:39
bhimaI know! I'll make a "gentoo-secure" distribution. It'll be just like gentoo, but it'll md5 all your binaries and make sure they're correct before it installs them. :)18:39
koenthere's nothing wrong with gentoo!18:40
koenit's the only source-based distro!18:40
koen</idiot mode>18:40
||cwwhat's wrong with it is that time it takes you to compile your crap "for optimal performance" will take 5 years to get back from the actual performance gain18:41
Taklol - I can imagine storing like 1000 md5sums for each package18:41
Takactually, I wish apt-source (dpkg --source) would incorporate some of the stuff from emerge/portage, like being able to have a global set of USE flags (-qt) that apply18:42
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Takthen if package foo depends on libhateme because of the way the default binary was configured (but it's not actually required), you could just apt-source it quickly without having to fiddle with debian/*18:43
bergiebhima: I think the use case for something like democracy would be downloading stuff overnight, and then watching during commute18:43
bhima||cw: yeah, but overnight my computer doesn't do much, so I don't mind if it does random recompiling at night.18:44
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||cwTak: dpkg-build supports taking flags to change the compile options18:44
Tak||cw: in a global blah.conf?18:45
*** benzea has joined #maemo18:46
||cwTak: no, generaly that kind of overide is specific to the package you are building18:46
Takeven better would be if apt tracks your flags, and installs binaries for the packages that aren't affected, and automagically builds the source packages for those that are18:49
Guardian        ARMEL <password>18:49
Guardian        nfs<username>/targets/ARMEL  / rw,nolock,noac18:49
Guardian        nfs<username>/home /home rw,nolock,noac18:49
Guardian        bind    /dev          /dev18:49
Guardian        bind    /dev/pts      /dev/pts18:49
Guardian        bind    /proc         /proc18:49
Guardian        bind    /tmp          /tmp18:49
Guardianoops :(18:50
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Takkind of a fusion of apt/emerge18:57
Takwhere the default is to install the binary package, but in special cases reconfooble and build the source package18:57
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Takbut really I'm just BSing19:01
Takso how do I upload a source package to maemo extras?19:01
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mgedminwith dput?19:06
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Guardianhmm when i try to setup sbrsh, i stop at the step where the device is supposed to open a dialog box, just after having checked the "enable cpu transparency" box19:10
Guardianany idea please ?19:10
Takdput is fine; other methods are fine as well19:12
TakI noticed when I ran the ExtrasRepository instructions, it only uploaded the binaries and diffs19:13
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|tbb|what about the canola playa, is it allready out now?19:34
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adoyleAnyone know if there's a command-line equivalent of the "Select connection" dialog? I want to be able to sense other wifi access points while still remaining connected to whichever network I'm currently on.19:37
*** Eloi has quit IRC19:37
|tbb|iwlist scan ?19:38
mgedminbut you'll probably need to install wireless-tools separately19:38
|tbb|mgedmin: your macchanger .deb wont work with n77019:39
*** Eloi has joined #maemo19:39
adoylerats. I just had to reflash yesterday and have not reinstalled that. So I can't test it. I'll be back...19:39
adoyleI seem to recall that that doesn't quite work.19:39
mgedmin|tbb|: suspected so19:40
mgedminwhat's the error message?19:40
|tbb|i cant even install it19:40
mgedminwhat's the error message?19:40
|tbb|with the application manager19:40
adoyleok. this is it. If I'm connected, iwlist scan returns only the current AP19:40
mgedminwhat's the error message?19:40
adoyleIf I disconnect, I see more APs19:40
|tbb|will try it later at home again akku power down :/19:41
mgedmin... you know that the application manager has a log that shows error messages?19:41
*** Eloi has quit IRC19:41
bhimaThis would be a lot easier if the 770 had a massive DSP and a software-defined radio system.19:41
|tbb|i know but without battery power and no cable for powersupply its hard to read a log file on the n77019:41
mgedminah, ouch, yes19:42
adoyleiwlist scan (with no current connection) -> wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning.19:43
* adoyle digs to find magic to make it scannable19:44
|tbb|iwconfig wlan0 mode managed and then try again btw ifconfig wlan0 up before19:44
adoyleooh. that works19:46
adoylebut then if I connect, I can only see my own AP.19:46
adoyleI guess I can drop the connection, scan, then connect again and see if that's not too disruptive19:47
|tbb|may the others be hide the essid19:47
adoylebasically, I'm trying to build this:
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pokute_Anyone else excited about canola?20:17
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo20:17
*** rev has quit IRC20:18
*** rev has joined #maemo20:18
Takpokute_: apparently not20:18
revwell, we all love rapeseed oil20:18
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:18
revbut i don't see canola becoming a bigger part of my life than say, olive20:19
bhimaYeah. I'm fine with olive. I don't see canola really doing much.20:19
waiteAhh but I wouldn't want to fry with olive.20:19
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:21
*** Piega` has joined #maemo20:22
|tbb|olive who or what is olive20:23
waiteIt is 4:20 PM in Brazil. It can't be much longer < 12 hours anyway20:23
waiteWeren't we discussing the merits of vs ???20:24
*** spect has joined #maemo20:26
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:26
revwaite: yeah20:26
revbut i don't tihnk that is what pokute_ intended!20:26
revthis seems to be canola:
waiteWell EVERYONE is excited about the media player I thought that was understood :)20:27
revi'd not heard of it myself ;20:27
pokute_Heh, figured it was a stupid question.20:27
waiteI've been refreshing Marcelo's blog all morning20:27
pokute_I'm just idling on this channel a lot but rarely read it.20:28
* Tak is less than excited as well20:28
pokute_Just like I was excited about a mineral water some years ago. :-)20:28
revit looks like a neat app20:29
revbut not my thing20:29
* rev mostly programs/develops, web browses and reads ebooks on his 77020:29
Takditto @ not my thing20:29
revi guess i i listen to NPR streaming, but that's it, so i don't need an app to manage such a thing20:30
revi just hit play at the home screen20:30
TakI use mine for dev/testing, remote control, emulated gaming, and my fiancee uses it for PIM stuff as well as music player20:30
revit's the only thing listed there20:30
waiteMy 2 year old refers to my 770 as "Dance! Dance! Dance! Peease!"20:31
revbecause of the music?20:31
*** Piega`_ has joined #maemo20:31
pokute_I use mine for rare web surfing when away from home, watching videos when away from home and occasionally webradio when away from home and having a wiki access.20:31
*** florian_kc has quit IRC20:31
*** Piega` has quit IRC20:32
waiteI use it at home for web/email/music20:32
revspeaking of kids and the 770... i started doing this reading program at a local elemtary school- i have a 'reading partner' with whom i read a book for 30 minutes every thursday20:32
bhimaMy 770 is missing half the 'A' in Nokia from when my 1 year old bit it last year. :)20:32
revbhima: hahaha20:32
waitebhiam, I will remember that!20:32
revanyway, i was showing my reading partner my new tiny ipod shuffle and my nokia, both of which i had on me, and she found the chess game in there... so, instead of reading, for the last two times we've met we've played chess instead of reading. pretty smart kid for a 7 year old!20:33
pokute_My 770 has made some close contact negotiations with asphalt, but the dents and scratches just give it some character.20:33
revheh, yeah20:33
* rev is glad that outer shell is metal20:33
revi've a couple dents in it, but i was glad it was dented metal and not scuffed plastic20:33
Takmine has this weird chip out of the rear part of the plastic around the bottom plugs20:33
myreni've got a fujitsu p1120 that has been severely abused20:34
myrenthere's a two inch gash down the cover20:34
revi've dropped my nice fancy-pants phone (ppc-6700) way too many times20:35
revit has a habit of jumping out of my hands somehow20:35
waiteAnyone else remember the old Motorola Startak phones. Could run over it and it would work20:36
revsame with apple's newtons20:36
waiteNow my paint scrapes after a week in my pocket20:36
bhimaI remember them.20:36
revi still have an eMate... the emate can take a cinderblock dropped onto it from 2 meters and barely get a scuff20:37
bhimaThe starTAC phones were quite pricey, though...20:37
bhimaOh, the eMate was the rugged one. The others aren't that rugged through.20:37
bhimarev: Have you done the hinge modification to it...?20:37
waiteThey were, but well worth it. It is the only phone that I have owned that lasted the full 2 year contract20:37
revbhima: what's that?20:37
* rev googles20:37
bhimarev: Something that you _must_ do before you open it up again...20:37
myrenthoe startaks were pretty amazing20:37
bhimaBasically, there's soem grease that will seize up.20:38
waiteand once you need to buy a phone at full price, they don't look that expensive20:38
myrensupposedly a guy who was here before me had a oldschool panasonic toughbook20:38
bhimaWhen it does, the spring will pop out of place...20:38
myrento show how tough it was, he hurled it off the balcony20:38
bhimaAnd when you close the lid, you'll puncture the ribbon cable.20:38
myrenof course it shattered into a million pieces20:38
revbhima: good lord, sounds ghastly20:38
bhimarev: Yeah. it takes a couple years to happen, but it's pretty much guaranteed to happen :(20:39
bhimaRibbon cables are prolly worth as much as eMates. :)20:39
revi wish i was a hardware hacker type... i wonder how hard it would be to have the keyboard from an emate be used on an 77020:39
revi guess i could maybe put a bluetooth keyboard in the emate shell20:39
revif it'd fit20:39
bhimaIt wouldn't really fit. What's your goal?20:40
revto make a convertible laptop20:40
revi've made a few before20:40
|tbb|anyone using freedom mini bt keyboard?20:40
revcouple for the dell axim and one half-done for the 77020:40
rev|tbb|: i do, but not yet on my 770- i have to find where it went after we moved... is it working for you?20:40
bhimaFind an emate with a shattered screen. Write a little app which loads up at boot and sends the keystrokes out the serial port.20:41
revbhima: an emate case, with handle,  would be so much neater than the stuff i've used before- cardboard, plastic VHS boxes, and a metal nintendo DS case20:41
bhimaPut a USB/serial converter in the eMate, or put a bluetooth interface into it.20:41
|tbb|i dont have it now, i think about to buying it20:41
rev|tbb|: don't20:41
|tbb|not a good device?20:41
rev|tbb|: they don't do bluetooth HID, but use a serial profile that requires special drivers20:42
rev|tbb|: for any platform they're used on...  there are drivers written for it for teh 770, but i've not tried it yet myself. someone in channel wrote it, can't remember the nick though20:42
bhimaIf you wanted to be uber-l33t, you could figure out how to write a Newton app which would directly do PCMCIA bus transactions on the PCMCIA slot in the eMate...20:42
rev|tbb|: it works great for me on both WM2003 and WM5 on my dell axim x51v, but on other platforms, unless there's a driver you are SOL20:43
revbhima: now you're getting way too complicated... ;)20:43
bhima...and then write a stub driver that would pass PCMCIA over a comms link from the n770.20:43
rev|tbb|: it is a tempting keyboard because of the number row- i personally can't stand the lack of number rows on other PDA keyboards20:43
|tbb|on internettablettalk forum someone says it worked for him, cant remember the name20:43
rev|tbb|: well, you will probably be able to get it to work with the driver20:44
|tbb|so if its run it is a really good keyboard? what about the nokia bt keyboard?20:44
rev|tbb|: but because it doesn't use HID, the minute you try to use it on something new- whether it's something like windos vista  or maybe IT OS  2007, or OS X some platform for which there's no driver, you'll be completely SOL20:44
rev|tbb|: the only bluetooth keyboard i've used is the freedom kb- and it's a fine kb, i like it myself, and it's worked great on WinCE for me.  like i said, i don't know where i put it, so i've not tried it out on my  nokia yet20:45
rev|tbb|: i'm not saying don't get it- just know what you're getting into20:46
bhimaI liek the ThinkOutside keyboard, though I need to get mine repaired. A pin dropped out of it.20:46
rev|tbb|: i've been quite satisfied with it, and very happy that i have a number row- i have having ti hit 3 keys for various punctuation, which i had to on the last PDA keyboard i had20:46
|tbb|how fast u are typing textes with the keyboard20:48
revi wonder if this keyboard works on thbe 770... it uses the HID and has a number row-
rev|tbb|: i've not tested. but easily 60-70 WPM20:48
revi have fat fingers, but i've never had a problem typing fast on little keyboards; i can get a good 60 WPM on my jornada 72020:49
bhimaI've been a keyboard fetishist since Apple released the Newton Keyboard.20:49
revbhima: i actually didn't like the newton keyboard all that much... funky feeling.  i prefer the emate's. but with the newton HWR, i was able to write a good 40-45 WPM, so the only thing i used the keyboard for when i was in happy MP2100 land was writing NewtonScript or LaTeX code20:50
|tbb|ctrl and alt keys working?20:51
|tbb|oh i forgot u havent test it on a 77020:51
rev|tbb|: like i said, never used it on the nokia 770... but they both worked fine on WinCE20:51
revand i used both ctrl and alt on CE in my programming environment20:52
revbut that'd be more a feature of the driver, so yeah20:52
revi wish i knew where that freaking keyboard was20:52
revman, i wish the 770 just had a usb port20:53
koenit has20:53
revkoen: well, i don't want to solder20:53
koennext to the charger input20:53
revno, a usb host port20:53
revfor plugging in a usb keyboard20:53
|tbb|rev ./join #wishlist soon its christmas ;)20:53
mgedminor a ready-made battery-powered usb power injector20:54
* mgedmin bought all the parts already and is now looking for a friend who knows how to solder20:54
revfun, mgedmin !20:54
revanyone ever used a bluetooth mouse on the 770?20:55
* rev has a nice Stowaway Travel Mouse20:56
TakI thought you could use a self-powered usb hub?20:56
mgedminyou still have to find or make a three-headed USB cable for it20:57
mgedminI looked in all the shops, and none have it here20:57
mgedmin(and most online shops do not want to ship to eastern europe)20:58
Takcan't you go: 770 <--->hub<---->other device(s) ?20:59
mgedmindoesn't work with a regular cable20:59
mgedminI tried20:59
Takthat sucks20:59
mgedminyou need to inject the +5V into the 770 <--> hub cable20:59
Takdo you know why not?20:59
mgedmintwo reasons20:59
waitetak, you need to feed 5V into the 770 to power the USB host chip20:59
Takwhy, if the hub doesn't need the power?20:59
mgedminsome say the USB chipset on the 770 is powered from the USB port, not internally21:00
TakI didn't realize the 770 usb chipset wasn't 770-powered21:00
mgedminalso, many USB hubs use switched power and only enable the other device ports when they sense a connection on the upstream port21:00
mgedminthere are some USB hubs that don't do that, and instead send +5V to the upstream port21:00
mgedminthese work out of the box with the 77021:00
mgedminbut violate the USB spec21:00
mgedminas far as I've heard21:00
Takthat would be perfect21:02
* Tak hates soldering21:02
*** febb has quit IRC21:03
|tbb|perfect would it be if the n770 doesnt need extra modifications to use it in host mode :)21:04
Takwell yes21:04
Takperfect would be if the 770 was a fanless, well-cooled dual opteron machine with 4 gigs of ram, a builtin usb hub and hardware keyboard, as well as some goddamn buttons on the right side21:05
mgedminooh ooh ooh and a vga out port21:05
mgedminand smaller and with longer battery life21:05
glasswireless vga21:05
Takand several SD slots21:05
glassand a projector21:05
glassand 10000 gigs of ram21:05
waiteSo basically an OQO21:06
koenbuilt-in altix cluster21:06
glassand all usb devices you could possibly want attached already, so no need for usb really21:06
waitewell that would be a compromise to the Opeteron21:06
mgedminbut thinner and running linux21:06
mgedminand cheaper21:06
mgedminand would come with a pony21:06
Takand a gallon of napalm for use with said pony21:06
waiteDon't forget HD TV tuner and 1 Tb drive space with no seek time21:06
glassdunno, pony meat isn't that good afaik. better make it beef21:07
waitemmmm cooked pony.21:07
Takdwarf-ridden ponies taste the best21:07
|tbb|what about the coffee machine, a must have in this price class! ;)21:08
Takooo!  it could be part of the cooling solution21:08
Takthe water for the coffee is used to extract heat from the cpus21:09
Takso not only is it liquid-cooled, but you have a continuous source of fresh coffee21:09
Takthe perfect geek device21:09
* Tak begins filing US patents21:10
|tbb|Tak, dont forget to sign my name under the patent, k!?21:12
Takis there nfs client support in the stock kernel (2006.whateverthesecondreleaseis) ?21:12
Tak|tbb|: roger21:12
*** |tbb| has quit IRC21:12
*** mproctor has joined #maemo21:15
bhimaDrive space? Why don't you simply put in a TB of non-volatile zero wait-state full bus speed cache?21:16
Takyeah, HDDs are so 1990s21:17
glassinfinite space drive21:17
*** Piega`_ has quit IRC21:22
*** Piega`_ has joined #maemo21:23
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo21:25
*** Guardian has joined #maemo21:26
Takhmm, what's the variable you have to export for SDL apps?21:27
* Tak apparently hasn't been doing so21:27
*** skodde has quit IRC21:34
*** bilboed has joined #maemo21:36
timelessthere are powered hubs from targus...21:38
timelessoh, right, but to use it requires some soldering or something :)21:39
Guardianis flashing supposed to work when the 770 is connected to a hub ?21:42
timelessi'm pretty sure it does work21:42
timelessi could test if you are really curious21:42
* timeless has a bunch of hubs handy21:42
timeless(keyboards, displays)21:42
Guardianfor me it did not this afternoon21:43
Guardianmay be because of the hub itself21:43
timelessok, lemme try :)21:43
Guardianbut nothing really worked this afternon =)21:43
Guardianfrom flashing to sbrsh with scratchbox apophis21:44
* timeless got an error from windows complaining about the device21:44
Guardiantomorrow is another day ... i was pretty pissed off :)21:44
timelessworks fine w/ a powered hub21:48
timelessdoesn't work w/ a keyboard hub21:48
timeless(tested wXP)21:48
*** |tbb| has joined #maemo22:04
*** inz has quit IRC22:08
*** alump_ has joined #maemo22:15
revneat, timeless!22:16
Taktimeless: do you know if the powered hub you tried is one of those that provides +5V upstream?22:16
sbaturzioPiega`_: Ciao! Posso aprire una query?22:16
timelessthe hub was for flashing the device..22:17
timelessthe powered hub i use on the 770 is a hack an engineer does22:17
timelessunrelated thing :|22:17
*** buck68 has left #maemo22:19
|tbb|who like trance music? go to and put the plazlist toyour radiostation on n77022:19
Taktimeless: so you used a hacked hub and not a stock one?22:20
timelessfor which?22:20
timelessto flash the device i used a standard dell lcd22:20
timelessto plug random devices into the 770 w/ the 770 as the computer, i have but don't really use a hacked powered hub22:21
Takto use with the 770 in host mode22:21
Takk, thanks22:21
*** alump has quit IRC22:21
timelessi'm not a hardware engineer, i have no idea how the hack goes, but presumably it's something  one could figure out from schematics and specs if one was familiar w/ hardware and soldering22:22
* timeless sighs22:22
timelessis it bad that this web sight can't spell "heights" correctly?22:23
koenor spell 'site'22:24
*** skodde has joined #maemo22:24
* timeless cries22:24
timelessi don't think i've made that typo before22:25
*** povbot` has joined #maemo22:32
timelesse.g. i don't read what i'm writing here, because it comes back to me longer after i've written it (very high latency due to ssh tunnels)22:32
mgedmin"firefox can't find the server at"22:33
*** inz has joined #maemo22:34
timelessgoogle cache? *shrug*22:34
timelessit's available in cache22:34
koenJaffa: "Make sure you set the proper external IP in mythtv-setup, otherwise you will be able to see your server via UPnP, but the file location urls will contain the default IP address."22:34
Taktimeless: well, I'm talking more specifically about documents and emails22:35
* timeless nods22:35
Takirc isn't permanent enough to care about22:35
timelessi'm appologizing for botching sight22:35
*** povbot has quit IRC22:36
*** bergie has quit IRC22:36
bhimaOne older MacOS word processor had a really nifty dictionary system. It stored hashes of words, rather than words themselves...22:41
bhimaThe only real problem with it is that you can't enumerate a list of words in the dictionary.22:41
pokute_that's bad when there's no suggestions in correct forms...22:42
bhimaTo come up with alternate spelling suggestions, it would apply some permutation algorithms to the mis-spelled word, and check which of them were in the dictionary.22:42
bhimaNormally this would work well, but it would at times come up with hash collisions.22:42
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC22:42
bhimaVirtually all the time, the collisions were words taht looked like gibberish.22:43
*** Piega`_ has quit IRC22:43
bhimaPeople who didn't read the documentation would dutifully delete these gibberish words from their dictionary...22:43
*** Piega`_ has joined #maemo22:43
*** minra has joined #maemo22:45
minrawhich ssh should i install?22:46
minradropbear or openssh?22:47
robtaylorminra: might aswell go for openssh22:48
minraok... thanks.  i will be a nokia noob for  a while22:49
TakI'm running openssh, but that's because I experienced a fiasco with pubkey auth22:49
mgedminI'm running openssh because I am familiar with it22:49
Takspeaking of which, is there a way to get the virtual kb to pop up for ssh-tunneled apps?22:50
minrai filled up my root filesystem real fast.  had to delete all the games.22:50
mgedminI noticed that page today by accident22:51
mgedminI didn't read it deeply22:51
mgedminbut got the impression that no, you can't, but there's an alternative solution22:51
Takok, slightly less than perfect -
|tbb|dont really understand what is xvkbd good for?22:55
Takwhen you run a gui application remotely via a ssh tunnel, the virtual kb doesn't pop up22:56
*** minra has quit IRC22:57
|tbb|"run a gui application remotely via a ssh tunnel" never done that before22:57
timelessalways or only if the app isn't hildon?22:57
|tbb|i have ssh -x root@mydesktopip23:00
*** Piega`_ has quit IRC23:00
*** minra has joined #maemo23:00
|tbb|but if i start an application i get cannot connect to x server23:00
|tbb|hmmh, where to do that -> XForward enabled in SSH config files23:01
TakI don't think it works with dropbear23:01
Takalso it's -X iirc23:02
|tbb|i have done -X23:02
*** Piega`_ has joined #maemo23:02
timelessanyone here ever crashed connection manager? :)23:02
roopethat's some kb.23:05
mgedmintimeless: I have23:06
mgedminand sometimes icd starts eating 100% CPU like mad23:06
*** minra has quit IRC23:06
|tbb|where to have xvkbd installed on desktop machine or n77023:08
TakI would think the 77023:09
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:09
*** minra has joined #maemo23:10
|tbb|how to start the thememanger on n77023:12
*** minra has quit IRC23:15
*** minra has joined #maemo23:17
minrasorry xchat seems to be unstable23:17
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo23:18
minrahi milhouse23:18
minraso are you guys using unionfs to deal with limited memory?23:19
Milhousejust going to be a lurker while i get irc setup on gaim :)23:19
minrasamba sucked up 13MB  and im all full here23:19
minrai am using irc with xchat23:19
Takxchat in general is not unstable23:19
Veggenminra: my strategy is to mainly leave the internal storage for program, storing as much as possible on the mmc.23:20
Milhouseis that better than irc on gaim?23:20
Veggen...and skip the way-too-large programs.23:20
Takgaim is terrible for irc23:20
Takmore terrible than usual23:20
minraah... well it doesnt respond to the maximize key.. and the default layout is pretty unusable...23:20
Milhousek will give it a go - the irc protocol package has errors too23:20
minrabut maybe i am blaming the wrong thing23:20
Milhouseirc protocol for gaim that is23:21
bhimaAnybody heard of any financial tracking foo for the 770?23:21
TakLOL - I'd love to see somebody try a gnucash port23:21
minracan i delete debs from /var/cache/apt/archives ?23:21
minranormally i archive them elsewhere and delete them to save space23:21
Veggenminra: uh...shouldn't remain there anyways, should they?23:21
Takthey must be deleted; if they weren't, mine would be clogged with huge xmame debs23:22
*** bilboed has quit IRC23:22
minrait is not a lot of data, but there is some junk left in archives... normally a debian system leaves everything you install in archives.  i typically symlink archives to another partition23:23
Milhouseonly pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin in /var/cache/apt23:23
Robot101it's a cache, you can delete it however you want23:23
Milhouseon my device23:23
Milhouseand i've just installed a whole load of packages23:23
*** koen has quit IRC23:23
minrai still think this is the coolest thing ever.  with a bluetooth keyboard....23:24
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:24
minrathanks for the confirmation Robot10123:24
Milhousehave just started using a stowaway sierra... very good but still gettging used to the layout23:24
Milhouseand it's a US layout (I'm from the UK)23:24
Milhouseanyone know if it's possible to get the FN key working on this kb?23:25
|tbb|could i resize the pluginbar in his width by editing the themes.xml file?23:25
minrayeah... unusual keyboards are a real strain.  its like learning to ride a bike with new laws of physics23:26
Milhousehas anyone managed to get sardine installed on device yet?23:27
*** Piega`_ has quit IRC23:27
Milhousehave followed the instructions in the wiki (latest version from carlos) but it hangs on the progress bar at boot :(23:28
*** bergie has joined #maemo23:28
minrai can not help tbb23:28
Milhouseno worries, i'll keep trying :)23:29
|tbb|minra i was thinking u german23:30
Milhousebtw, the sierra keyboard has a nifty little stand which is ideal for the 77023:30
|tbb|thats why  italk to u with pm  in german language23:31
Milhouseobviously not needed for the self supporting "870" :)23:31
*** etrunko is now known as etrunko_afk23:31
minratbb ich bin eben unregistriert kann sein dass es da probleme mit privmsg gibt23:31
*** etrunko_afk has quit IRC23:31
|tbb|thats it23:32
|tbb|then feel free to register :)23:33
*** epx has quit IRC23:33
*** bergie has quit IRC23:34
|tbb|i always get cannot connect to x server, any idea why23:35
|tbb|where to do that -> Xforward enabled in SSH config files23:37
minraja ich bin deutscher staatsbuerger23:39
Takare you using dropbear or openssh?23:40
Takok - on the server it should be in /etc/ssh/sshd_config23:40
Taksometimes /etc/ssh223:40
Taksometimes sshd2_config23:40
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC23:41
|tbb|i have found config, i have edited the line from #X11Forwarding no  to  X11Forwarding yes23:42
|tbb|still the same after restarting sshd23:42
Takand you're running ssh -X blah ?23:42
|tbb|i followed that instructions23:43
|tbb|ssh -CX -l user remoteserver23:43
inzdoes the server have xbase-clients installed?23:43
|tbb|how to check that23:44
Veggenyou need "xauth" program.23:50
|tbb|xauth is there23:51
|tbb|what to do with them23:51
|tbb|# xauth23:52
|tbb|Using authority file /root/.Xauthority23:52
Veggenuhm. what is your DISPLAY variable set as, when you try to start the x-program remote?23:52
Veggenfirst - you need to ssh out as the user that is logged in :) that user is the user that has the right to start x-program. second, if you su to someone else remote, it gets more complicated.23:53
|tbb|dont have set anything just typed ssh -CX -l root@
|tbb|an error msg appears23:54
Veggenok. "echo $DISPLAY" on the remote box, what does that one say?23:54
|tbb|warning no xauth data using fake authentication data for x11 forwarding23:55
Veggenoh, that's definitely wrong.23:56
Veggenusually, it'll be localhost:10.0 or something like that that is the tunneled X connection.23:56
Veggenis there something that sets root DISPLAY varibale in ~root/.profile or something like that?23:57
|tbb|dont got this .profile23:58
Veggen.bash_profile or .bashrc or something else. Something that a (login-)shell executes when it starts :)23:59
Takhow about X11Offset (or whatever) in sshd_config ?23:59

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