IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2006-11-28

||cwas well as `man screen`00:00
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||cwbwhwhahahahhaha!  just got a phishing email that used an ftp:// address with a username and password embeded in the url, so I ftp'd in with that login info and deleted the phishing files00:17
Takthat's incompetence00:21
Takwould be great if there was a known exploit for his ftpd...00:22
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timelesswho's alive?00:54
timelessum, don't recognize your face :( [recognize your from irc, but that's not useful]00:55
timelesscan you give me an "easy" way to find out if there's a source package available for a pacakge that ships w/ os2006?00:58
Takdo you have a scratchbox installed?01:00
timelessi have a 770 :)01:00
timelessother than that, i do have a debian-solaris system w/ apt-get and access to the web :)01:01
timelessi'd rather not ssh to a box that has scratchbox if i can avoid it01:01
timelessand whatever scratchboxes i have probably don't have proper sources.lists for 200601:01
timelessis the sources.list file available from :)01:02
Taknot sure01:03
||cwwhat are you going to do with a source package wihtout a scratchbox?01:03
timelessfigure out whether or not a source pacakge exists for a given binary01:04
timelesslooks like i only need
||cwum, ok01:05
* timeless goes to figure out if this works01:05
timelesshrm, no01:05
timelessmy script expects a list of packages01:05
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* timeless has a script that works01:25
timelessi tested my script and it was able to find sources for a package named 'popt'01:26
timelessbut not for the package i cared about01:26
timelessbut i can't seem to find the pacakge at all01:27
timelessdoes the maemo repository have *every* binary package that's installed in the device?01:27
timelessis anyone else alive?01:29
* timeless is really confused01:29
Takwhat's the package?01:30
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timelessok, how about something simpler? :)01:43
Takdunno, sorry, I don't mess with the core packages much01:46
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timelessok, i think i have a package list02:04
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Takwhee - xmame, fceu, vba, and xmaeme are in the maemo garage extras repo now02:41
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Takhm - how does one upload a source package to the extras repo?04:15
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JaffaMorning, all10:48
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timelessnot a good morning10:50
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AD-N770good morning11:30
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Guard][anany update on sirocco + apophis ?12:55
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timelessi need to bug you about something13:33
timelessbut i don't remember what :(13:33
timelessferenc: where's the source for os2005 on :)13:33
ferenctimeless: if you mean sources for the tablet OS, then we don't have it.13:36
ferencwe only had the sources of the stuff that was in the 1.0/1.1 SDKs13:36
timelesshrm, that's interesting13:36
|tbb|anyone uses dsniff on his n77013:39
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X-Fadeferenc: Are you able to do something about the etc problem?14:17
ferencah, not again :(14:19
ferencyes, i will fix it.14:19
X-FadeI reopened the bug ;) And made it critical level.14:19
X-FadeBut bugs about that go to QA?14:20
ferencX-Fade: depends who is the owner and QA contact14:22
ferencanyway the d*.php's are fixed again14:22
ferenci will change the website product, i should be the owner of it14:24
ferencwell, the owner field seems to be OK for the website components in bugzilla.14:25
ferenci don't know why #858 was assigned to qa, he will surely not fix these issues :)14:26
X-FadeI think it was first filed against another product.14:26
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mndctrlhi guys ;) I've just bought myself a 770 (the new 2006 OS, the one that ships with the nav-kit)15:15
mndctrlWhen adding repositories like: mistral free - just a very limited number of applications show up...15:16
mndctrlcould this be because of different maemo versions?15:17
Guard][ananyone ever tried using code::blocks ide along with scratchbox+maemo ?15:17
inzmndctrl, add repositories with more applications =)15:18
inzmndctrl, IIRC only has osso-xterm15:19
mndctrlinz: but only two applications show up adding that rep... And browsing the rep, oh..15:19
mndctrloh, ok ;)15:19
mndctrlis there a list of reps I should add somewhere?15:19
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inzmndctrl, the application manager only shows packages with sections that begin with user/ -- ones that are meant to be installed by end user15:22
mndctrlah, ok.. other I need to use apt-get?15:23
VReHmm, is the wiki somehow broken? Or why I can't modify applicationcatalog2006 as logged in user?15:25
mndctrlinz: I seem to have to be root in order to use apt-get !=?15:26
Veggenthe red pill hack isn't that bad. Then, you'll see all packages.15:28
inzmndctrl, yes you do, you can get root by installing the becomeroot package15:33
inzmndctrl, or enabling r&d mode and doing sudo gainroot15:33
inzmndctrl, for the "red pill mode" Veggen suggested, see
VeggenI ended up enabling r&d-mode and then adding an extra line to sudoers-file...that enables me to sudo any command.15:36
Veggen(with or without password, depending on whether you value security. I've of course set a password for the user)15:36
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|tbb|when the screen of the n770 go into suspend mode,  will the wlan power also go down to 10mw15:56
*** waite has joined #maemo15:58
robtaylordwd: could work, all thatwould be needed would be an sbuild that used scratchbox rather than a plain chrot15:59
robtaylorwow, my scrollback was waaay back, nm15:59
dwdrobtaylor: Indeed. Took me a while to fault that page in. :-)16:07
|tbb|rofl, chose the red or the blue pill16:09
|tbb|i like it16:09
mndctrllool :P red pill mode was what I wanted! now chatting through the 770 :P16:11
*** ssvb has quit IRC16:12
robtaylormndctrl: isn't that  the 'green pill' mode? ;)16:13
mndctrlsure, now you can call it whatever you feel like :P16:14
*** benzea has quit IRC16:16
|tbb|again someone knows that the wlan0 adapter going down to 10mw while the screen is off, or other question is there a possibility to setup diffrent wlan connections with diffrent power settings for the wlan card16:16
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Jaffa|tbb|: apparently 10/100mW doesn't make much difference to the power used when the chipset power requirements etc. are taken into account. The option is for regulatory compliance, not battery reasons.16:30
roopeYes, somewhere (like in France or something) the regulations dictate that the option must be there.16:32
|tbb|jaffa, have u used dsniff before16:33
*** _matthias__ has joined #maemo16:45
Jaffa|tbb|: nope17:00
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|tbb|this dasher input thing for the n770 is it good?17:16
Takhow does one upload a source package to the garage extras repo?17:18
*** ferenc has quit IRC17:19
timelessask ferenc ;-)17:19
*** Zindar has quit IRC17:25
Tak"mistral/scirocco is supposed to be used for development only" ?17:26
*** _follower_ has quit IRC17:27
timelessi think that means don't install it on your device :)17:28
TakI thought they were shipping with mistral...17:30
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timelessthinking is hazardous to my health17:31
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florian_kcI have an improved syncing daemon available (unpackaged binary)18:11
koenpackage it :)18:12
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nelsonSo is it just me, or is Nokia systematicaly repeating all the mistakes that made?18:15
nelson(e.g. starting off with a gazillion repos rather than one centralized one?)18:16
timelessit's not as bad as it looks. it's worse :)18:18
timelesswhat's hh?18:18
timelesshappy hearts?18:18
florian_kcnelson: to be honest, multiple repos were the least important mistakes made18:18
florian_kctimeless: forget it :-(18:19
timelesshrm, something else to index18:19
* timeless plans it18:19
timelessatually, 285g would blow my budget18:20
florian_kcbudgect? ;)18:20
timelessregexp's are first come first serve =b18:21
nelsonflorian_kc: I'm just pointing out there there's a lot of wisdom being lost by not looking at what has done.18:22
timelessbut it's so much fun to make more mistakes than your predecessors!18:22
nelsoner, maybe so, but I'm of the opinion that mistakes shouldn't be repeated.18:22
Pioat least you dont have to do the work of coming up with original excuses18:23
timelessi hope you don't think you're alone in that opinion18:23
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Darknessshi, which one should I install? maemo rootstrap 2.0 or 2.1?19:32
Darknesssthe tutorial still mentions the 2.0 but the tutorial is about installing 2.1...19:33
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waiteflorian_kc, does your gpe syncd actully publish and subscribe to calendars (IE schedule world??20:12
koenwaite: no, gpesyncd is a conduit between the database and opensync20:13
florian_kcwaite: no, that's done by gpe-calendar itself20:13
waiteflorian, I thought gpe-calendar only supported publish *or* subscribe, not both20:14
waitekoen. thx I get it now20:14
koenwaite: gpe-calendar can subscribe to .ics calendards, though20:15
waitekoen, right I am subscribed to my schedule world cal but I cannot publish to it from what I understand20:15
waiteIt is one or the other I thought20:15
Guard][anis it possible to alter definition files to change the vkb layout ?20:16
koengpe-calendar can push to anything libsoup supports iirc20:16
*** rkaway3 has quit IRC20:21
waitekoen, So do I setup 2 calendars? One to publish to SW and one to subcribe to it?20:21
koenone should work afaik20:22
* koen wonders where neal is hiding20:22
waitekoen, is neal a better target :)20:23
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo20:23
*** mproctor has joined #maemo20:23
koenhe wrote the libsoup part :)20:23
waiteBecause my calendar options are Local,Publish, Subscribe. I do not see a Publish and subscribe.20:23
waiteIll keep my eye open then and quite beating on you20:24
*** Guard][an has quit IRC20:25
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roopeoh, engadget.20:47
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:47
mgedminbut why oh why make the newer device uglier than the old one?20:54
koenand no slide on cover20:54
koenI like the slide on cover20:55
koenand looking at the dents, it doesn't like me :)20:55
koenthe "180MB" seems a bit weird20:57
TakI wonder how much faster the cpu is20:57
*** rkaway1 has quit IRC20:58
koenprobably 64MB ram + 116 MB nand20:58
koenTak: if it's an omap it might be 330MHz20:58
*** epx has left #maemo20:58
* koen hopes for an omap with vfp20:58
mgedminthe 770 has 64 mb ram + 128 mb nand20:58
mgedminI'm pretty sure they didn't shrink the "disk"20:58
koenmgedmin: kernel + initfs + bootloader subtracted?20:59
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo20:59
mgedminah, no, I was counting the total, not the available capacity20:59
Takhmm - SD under the battery cover?21:00
*** rkaway1 is now known as rambokid21:01
*** rambokid is now known as rkaway121:02
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X-FadeHmm weird bump on the back/top of that 870.21:18
Takfrom the one top/back view, it just looks like the fs, zoom, power buttons21:20
Takor do you mean the ridge above the battery case?21:20
X-FadeNo, i mean that the back isn't flat.21:20
myrenwheres the 870 pr0n you guys are looking at?21:22
mgedminhey, there's more than was on the front page21:22
X-FadeIn the second image you can see that thicker top part..21:22
X-Fademgedmin: 'Click here for more info' :)21:23
myreni've been waiting for the next iter for a while21:23
X-FadeActually it was 'Continue reading A few more spy shots of Nokia's 870 Internet Tablet'21:23
kenderbut, what you think guys? wait util it apears or buy it now, very cheap? (280€)21:23
myrenstill dont have a 77021:24
kenderI don't know what to do21:24
X-FadeI think it is ugly.21:24
mgedminhmm... it looks thicker than the 770... I don't like that21:24
Takkender: 770 will be even cheaper after the 870 comes out21:24
X-FadeAnd that camera, don't think I will use it much.21:24
myrenthe 870 is uglier.  :/21:25
kenderTak, yes, but I can get it so cheap (280)21:25
kenderat nokia shop, it cost 35021:25
myrenkender, you dont live in MD do you?21:25
mgedminor is it actually thinner for the most part?21:25
kenderI'm from spain21:25
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC21:25
myrenuhhh never mind21:25
Takapparently I paid about 260 eur for mine21:26
mgedminthe camera looks like a cell phone antenna21:26
kenderTak, where?21:26
Taktexas ;-)21:26
X-FadeWell some of us only paid 100 euro ;)21:26
kenderbut, through internet?21:26
X-FadeYep, direct.nokia21:26
kenderwell, tell me me how21:27
Takmgedmin: the comments make it sound like it's thinner overall21:27
X-FadeYou're about one year too late :)21:27
mgedminthin is good21:27
mgedminI loved my Palm m50021:27
kenderX-Fade, yes...I suppose..21:27
mgedmin(until I dropped it one time too many and it stopped working)21:27
kenderso, any place to get it cheap?21:28
kenderwait till the new one appear?21:28
X-FadeToo bad they didn't ask the users what they want. And what they like.21:28
myrenyea/win 321:28
kenderto get it cheap?21:28
myrenmaybe they'll magically read our minds and put in gps21:28
myrenand improve that DSP21:28
kenderX-Fade, yes...21:28
X-FadeMore RAM, better CPU ;)21:30
myrenwhat hte current cpu?21:30
myrenits not an omap is it21:31
kenderwell, my old pda, a sony cassiopeia, have more CPU than the 770, and is 7 or more years old21:31
koena beefier cpu wouldn't help a lot21:33
* mgedmin would prefer better optimized software + the current cpu + longer battery life than current software + faster cpu + shorter battery life21:33
koenbetter graphics thingy would make more sense21:33
Takditto @ mgedmin21:34
mgedminthe cairo performance work that is happening now is inspiring21:34
timelesswhere can you get it for 280?)21:35
Takhardware accelerated 3d would be cool, although probably of limited usefulness for the majority of apps/users21:35
* mgedmin tries to imagine compiz with wobbly windows on the 770 and fails21:35
* rev is a wobbly!21:35
kendertimeless, a friend of mine....21:35
kenderhave some of them21:35
myrenomap3 is being built to accelerate opengl es21:35
kendermgedmin, hehe21:36
myrencairo is such a dog21:36
myreneven with a $600 video card21:36
myreni just dont understand how such a simple drawing library can perform so mother f'ing slow21:36
myrenoh wait21:37
kenderhey zumbi21:37
*** _matthias_ has joined #maemo21:37
rev@myzoombie Herbert, Frank - Dune [txt v4].zip21:37
kenderrev, a good book ;-)21:37
revkender: indeed21:38
zumbii got a bluetooth Nokia GPS module :-)21:38
zumbimaemo mapper does fine, but gpsdrive is a little more tricky21:38
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:39
* zumbi looking for maps21:39
*** phil|work has quit IRC21:39
*** phil|work has joined #maemo21:40
timelesscairo is anything but simple21:40
TakI prefer pdf for ebooks21:40
kenderme too21:40
timelessos2005 is the best choice for pdf :)21:40
X-FadeThey are working hard to improve cairo. But if you can do better, please offer them your services :)21:41
kendertimeless, why?21:41
timeless2006's reader won't open google ebooks :(21:41
* rev is very impressed with the PDF reader in 200621:42
revthe stock PDF reader, even21:42
revit beats out anything on the Zaurus or on CE/PPC21:42
*** arj has joined #maemo21:42
revfaster than other readers are even on a 624 MHz Axim on Windows Mobile21:42
Takyeah, it handled my signed first-edition scan of The Gunslinger perfectly21:42
revwith the exception of the Picsel Browser, but you can't buy that21:42
reveven though it runs on Linux/Qt and WinCE-derivatives21:42
timelessi had rally bad experiences w/ someone's evince port, i need to track them down and complain21:43
kenderrev, is nice to hear that21:43
revwhich bugs the hell out of me... but until you can buy it for your device, the n770's PDF reader is quite impressive21:43
revit is fast, renders text quickly enough... the N770 is the first tiem i've actually read PDFs on a device, except for checking a bus schedule quick out of bare need.21:43
revit was always too painful a process. most of this is the speed and usability of the built-in PDF reader, part of it is the resolution; but i've used a good PDF reader on Palm OS (Picsel Viewer), on a lower res device (480x320) that was a bit better, but that's because the app is so great; my point being resolution isn't the main factor here21:44
revtimeless: yeah, people keep saying you need evince, but for me it's just slow... ymmv21:44
kenderthe theme is different or isn't the it06?21:45
Takcomments say it's os200621:45
revlooks like os06 with a theme, that's all21:46
revthe icons are all the same and in the same spots21:46
revjust skinned21:46
timelessevince just caused my device to reboot fairly consistently21:46
timelessit turns out there's more than one evince provider, you don't want the one i chose :)21:46
revi like the new stand looking thing on the 870... also looks like a buigger battery, much bigger. does anyone else see a USB port?21:47
revat the bottom21:48
TakI saw the small usb port like the 77021:48
revoh, ok21:48
revif it had usb host port i'd buy one of these immediately21:48
kenderI think that will be difficult21:49
kenderno battery21:49
kenderno way21:49
Taklot of the ports/plugs apparently got moved to the right side21:49
kenderyes, and the cover of the battery, is big21:50
Takright, but if you look at the third pic, the battery only takes up like 1/2 to 2/3 of the space underneath21:50
kenderyes, so....what is in the other "hole"?21:51
kenderin the other...part21:51
Takapparently an SD slot21:51
*** Pio_ has joined #maemo21:51
kendersorry my poor english21:51
*** benzea has quit IRC21:54
*** Pio has quit IRC21:54
*** zuh has joined #maemo21:58
*** Pio_ is now known as Pio22:00
*** florian_kc has quit IRC22:00
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:03
*** benzea has joined #maemo22:03
*** kender has quit IRC22:21
*** spect has joined #maemo22:25
*** Guardian has joined #maemo22:29
arjwould it be a good idea to upgrade to maemo 2.1 and how do I do that?22:29
koendunno and reflash22:29
arjdo you have a url with instructions?22:32
||cw2.1 is IT2006?22:33
||cwguess not22:33
Takit's it2006 second release, isn't it?22:33
*** epx has joined #maemo22:38
Tak"New SDK matching the latest IT OS 2006 edition"22:39
arjwhere can I find information on setting up a development enviroment so that I can test on my pc?22:47
*** _matthias_ has quit IRC22:55
*** epx has left #maemo23:07
*** benzea has quit IRC23:08
*** florian has joined #maemo23:12
*** bhima has joined #maemo23:29
revwhat does re even stand for?23:29
Jaffasort of "re-hello", "re-welcome" type thing.23:29
bhimaREgarding? Regular Expression?23:29
Takrhinoceros enema23:30
revahh ok23:30
revi always read it as rejoin23:30
revlike hi guys, i rejoined the channel23:30
revnot sure why23:30
revit's one of those irc slang questions i just never asked about :P23:30
Jaffaworks that way too. I'm not sure there's any consensus on what it means23:30
JaffaJust a shared understanding of the concept23:30
bhimaIt's not just on IRC, though. My e-mail client likes to use it in replies.23:30
revbhima: but that is different23:31
revderr derr derr!23:31
bhimaIt might be different, or it might not be. Maybe one started the other.23:31
revbhima: well, yeahm, we know it's differe23:32
revbhima: Re: for an email originated in written memos, meaning regarding23:32
revmaybe the irc use comes from the memo/email usage, but the meaning is pretty different, so it seems unlikely23:33
Guardiananyone ever made a tutorial on how to program the dsp on the 770 ?23:34
revwhat does the dsp get used for? sound?23:35
revi mean, does it have any auxillary use with the 770 now? decoding of mp3s or something?23:35
Guardiani want to speed up scalar products23:36
waiteHow can I get new radio stations to show up in the internet radio applet?23:40
revwaite: i just edited the file manuially23:41
revwaite: but i thin kyou can add the stream to your 'favorites' list and it'll show up, after a reboot23:41
*** izzy_ has joined #maemo23:41
revwaite: i don't have my 770 on me now, but it's in a dot file, or a file in a dot-folder in your home directory... called .favorites or something along those lines23:42
waiterev, thx. I missed the 'add to favortives nuaince23:45
*** izzy has quit IRC23:46
waiteIt actually works without reboot also23:50
*** luck has quit IRC23:53
brendancat /proc/mdstat23:57

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