IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2006-11-19

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tkoMDK, yup, seen that00:37
tkothere was also a comment about forking gtk was our biggest mistake00:37
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tko is addictive.. :-]01:27
wasabi_I had some great convos with carlos at uds-mv01:27
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Jadestormdo any of you use scratchbox/the maemo sdk/etc with ubuntu?  i am having the worst time getting it set up and i would lean towards thinking i've just done something wrong  =)06:13
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shaprJadestorm: I'm just setting up under debian/unstable, where did you get in the tutorial? Are you reading ?06:57
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shaprI get : Directory /targets/HOST already exists! \n  You have 4 other Scratchbox sessions running! \n You must terminate them before the active target can be changed. \n awk: cmd. line:2: fatal: cannot open file `/targets/links/scratchbox.config' for reading (No such file or directory)07:06
shaprAny clues?07:06
shaprI had errors trying this previously, so I did apt-get remove --purge on my scratchbox debs and reinstalled.07:07
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gnuiteAnybody home at this late hour?  I was wondering how to get the current IAP status.  I use status_changed to get changes, but when my app starts, how do I know what the current state is?09:35
dacci probably can't help, but what is IAP?09:39
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Taknew fceu and xmaeme releases at
Tak(I know the buttons are ugly, leave me alone)10:18
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daccwoah, cool10:21
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daccnow i can play bionic commando on my 770 =)10:24
Takooo, I forgot about bc10:53
TakI've been playing contra10:54
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floriangood morning13:18
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kkubasikhey, anyone active? I can't seem to download the flasher utility13:32
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kkubasikany solution in sight?13:35
tkoI think that was found out during the weekend, just wait until tomorrow13:37
kkubasikalright :)13:39
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Kupis it possible to write a hildon home plugin in python?18:15
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majixKup: unfortunately not, the plugins are implemented as shared libraries and run in-process in the desktop18:26
Kupi see .... thx18:26
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tkowell, technically you could write a C plugin which runs the python code..18:36
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Jaffatko: don't suppose there are any plans to implement the plugins & applets in more of a sandbox, so a duff one doesn't crash  maemo-af-desktop and therefore reboot the whole device.19:33
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keesjJaffa, yea .the desktop really needs that19:35
JaffaHaving them run in a nice JavaScript library (or Python or some other easily embeddable VM) would be quite easy, and lower the barrier to entry19:35
keesjperhaps lua?19:36
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JaffaYeah, lua could be interesting. Nice and lightweight.19:36
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tkoJaffa, well, we could always run plugins in processes but that would suck (memory)19:36
keesjbut I would already be happy with a html/javascript aproach19:36
tkopython is somewhere in the roadmaps19:36
Jaffatko: indeed, but having (say) the BT plugin reboot the device because of a duff null dereference (or somesuch) is very annoying19:37
tkoOTOH software is supposed to not have such bugs19:37
Jaffatko: yup; but we live in the real world where it does :-(19:38
tkoyou're supposed to *test* it before releasing :)19:38
JaffaC's not a good language for rapid development of stable applications, IMHO19:38
keesjafter installing my own applet I had to flash the thing because the desktop kept crashing19:38
tkofeel free to suggest an architecture which would allow developing applets with everyone's pet languages19:39
tkoor in separate process for that matter19:40
tkoor simply restarting the task navigator if it crashes, instead of rebooting19:40
* Jaffa 'll have a think19:40
keesjtko, Well I would be interested how you would implement such a component :)19:40
tkokeesj, I guess you missed the point.. it's not my problem :)19:41
tkofor example, we chose rebooting instead of recovery because it's by far more simple and reliable19:41
Jaffatko: it goes back in some ways to the still outstanding, end-user roadmap. If we don't know what Nokia's plans for Maemo are, why would people invest in creating patches which may go either a) in the opposite direction to Nokia and get rejected or 2) duplicate effort already being made internally :-(19:42
keesjtko, I understand it's not what you want. but I am asking you as an "domain expert"19:42
tkoJaffa, sounds more like developer roadmap rather than end user roadmap19:42
Jaffatko: true19:43
JaffaThere's more of one of those, but I think it's out-of-date and talks about technologies at a very block level19:43
tkokeesj, one could xembed the plugin widget from other process, or do plugin loader similar to epiphany (allows C and python plugins), or put effort into making m-a-d restartable, ...19:45
tkoor in the long long term, all three19:45
tkoit's only a matter of going through the little details..19:46
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tkoor one could even consider writing m-a-d itself in managed language19:46
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keesjI guess the best thing to do is to look at what is happening in the gtk community?19:51
tkognome panel plugins won't be using bonobo for long19:52
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buck68anybody here tried/succeeded at building maemo 2.1 kernel yet?23:41

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