IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2006-11-18

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Arn1Hi! Could someone send me the flasher-2.0 utility?00:09
Arn1The maemo downloads site doesn't seem to work properly.00:10
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Guardiani love this kind of users00:12
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Guardianah well i typed to fast :D00:13
Arno_AAGuys, I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a link to flasher-2.0 The main download link doesn't work atm.00:14
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Arno_AAthe flasher tool, anyone?00:23
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guru3ive got a copy00:24
brendanit's here for about 10 minutes:
* brendan pulls his copy00:25
Arno_AAThank! Got it.00:26
Arno_AANow I can try the updated 2006 firmware.00:26
guru3im debating whether or not to upgrade to the new it2006 release00:26
guru3i mean00:26
Veggenhmmf. maemo-launcher package is in a bad state after trying to reinstall it. Would like to get it in a consistent state again...00:26
guru3it works now00:26
Veggen(package-wise, it does seem to work, though)00:27
Takmy battery life seems vastly improved since I upgraded00:27
Taknot sure if this is actual or only perceived, though00:27
brendanmine too00:27
guru3any other bonuses?00:28
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Veggenare there new repositories for scirocco, or does mistral packages consistently work?00:29
TakI haven't had any problems with mistral packages00:29
Arno_AAflashing now...00:30
guru3the thing is if mppe/pptp doesn't work with the newest release00:30
guru3i can't upgrade00:30
guru3because i need to use vpn with the uni network00:30
Takah - I don't use those00:30
Veggenthere, the no-lifeguard-reset trick worked..00:37
Arno_AAseems to have worked. No obvious changes so far. Thanks again.00:40
Veggennuts. now, it's broken. It's got the screen messed up.00:44
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||cwguru3: how did you get mppe on it?00:56
guru3there's this guy with a website00:57
||cwlooks like it can work, if you replace the kernel00:59
Veggenuhm. something's seriously broken.01:00
VeggenI reflashed. thought it'd fix it. but no - the 770 messes up its screen.01:00
dwdWoah. I misread, thought you'd said MPPP. Had visions of carrying around multiple mobiles.01:01
dwdVeggen: Is it the vertical lines thing?01:01
dwdVeggen: Looks like the screen is badly smeared vertically?01:01 does the vertical lines thing look?01:02
Veggenhmm, yes..could be.01:02
dwdVeggen: Weird. Makes the screen unreadable, but you can recognise bits.01:02
dwdVeggen: But it also shows some vertical lines of the image in the wrong place, vertically distorted. Some are white.01:03
Veggenwhite except for a few vertical lines. will respond to some keys and make more vertical lines.01:04
Veggenanything to do about it?01:04
dwdVeggen: If so, that sounds like what happened to mine. Nokia's out-sourced idiots, called CRC, promptly took it away for 6 weeks to repair it.01:04
dwdVeggen: Mind you, I understand the outsourced idiots in the UK are particularly bad, I've not heard of it happening elsewhere.01:05
dwd(the delay, I mean)01:05
* shapr hugs Finland01:05
shaprFinland has good things for me. For example, ssh, Linux, neural network, and of course, Nokia!01:06
shaproh, and IRC of course!01:06
* shapr hugs Finland more01:06
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dwdAnyone ever looked at the Telepathy stuff on Maemo? In particular, does anyone know if it ought to work with the Python Telepathy library?01:18
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Creteilhi all !02:35
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Creteilsomeone know if there is a new kernel image with nfs+MMCPlus52Mhz for the latest upgrade ?02:37
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rillianwell, that was fun03:09
rillianthe task manager will ignore your .desktop file if there's trailing whitespace on the Version= line03:09
rillianI also discovered, /etc/others-menu isn't used any more in the latest IT2006 release!03:09
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brendanhi rillian03:24
rillianhi brendan!03:25
rillianhow've you been?03:25
brendanpretty good. what's new?03:25
rilliangoing to in january, excited about that03:28
brendannice time to be in the other hemisphere03:28
brendanjust got back from osdi03:28
rillianbought a condo on Pendrell St. does that make us neighbors03:28
brendanit might. where on pendrell?03:29
rillianOffshore Digital Services Inc. ?03:29
rillianjust behind the Supervalue03:29
brendanoperating system design and implementation03:30
brendanthat's my building03:30
rillianno way!03:30
rillianwe're in 30403:30
brendanI'm in 30603:30
rilliancome up and say hi, dude!03:30
brendanthat's just ridiculous03:30
brendanI thought I heard more baby sounds recently03:31
brendaner, kid sounds03:31
brendanif I were home now I'd be knocking on your door03:32
rillianoh my god03:32
rillianyes, we noticed you're not home :)03:32
rillianthis is so hilarious03:32
rillianwell, stop by next time you're around, it would be good to see you again!03:32
rillianin any case, G is back, so I must go play03:33
rilliansee you later!03:33
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sandySo, coming by later for some wine?03:33
brendanyeah, that'd be fun03:34
sandyok,  well, give us a knock later ...03:34
brendanhow long have you guys been there?03:34
sandytwo weeks03:35
brendanman, that's funny03:35
sandyyou must've been out that day, the moving process was painful enough that I would've thought that everyone at home would've noticed03:36
brendanmoving is never fun. and that elevator doesn't help.03:36
sandyyeah. Nor the lazy racist movers.03:37
sandybut, I'm off for dinner, so see you later!03:37
brendanok, bye!03:37
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myrendamn teh video for canola looks nice04:42
myreni still am wiating for the next hw iteration though04:43
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JaffaMorning, all10:51
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tkoheh, different unit, different base distro11:09
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inztko, probably the level of support provided by RH is crucial when making networks11:59
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inztko, but I'm very glad that maemo isn't built on RH technology, rpms are a biatch11:59
koenReally Poorly Maintained12:01
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floriangood morning13:18
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buck68anybody here using 2.1 developer fs on their device?20:05
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myrennew hardware before or after christmas?21:59
myrenspeculation?  conjecture?  wise ass remarks?  anyone?21:59
JaffaWon't be before.22:01
suihkulokkido we have industrial spies here? ;)22:01
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Takreboot seems to have fixed, but wtf22:14
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MDKtko: ping23:15
tkoMDK: You sent me a contentless ping.  This is a contentless pong.  Please provide a bit of information about what you want and I'll respond when I am around.23:15
MDKtko: "The graphics framework is based on GTK+ 2.x, in conjunction with the Matchbox window manager." (OpenMoko)23:16
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