IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2006-11-16

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Veggenhmm. the adressbook api could come in handy and make syncing with native adressbook not-so-difficult, eventually, not?01:02
bhimaI haven't looked at the API, but that's usually one of the things I think about when I see address book APIs. :)01:03
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ignotus21when i start xephyr i got this error:02:53
ignotus21[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > ./start-xephyr.sh02:53
ignotus21Xephyr cannot open host display. Is DISPLAY set?02:53
ignotus21DISPLAY is set to :202:53
ignotus21i'm using slackware02:54
ignotus21i got more one error in $sbox-config -cf02:56
ignotus21 "No versions matching your compiler found in /scratchbox/device_tools/fakeroot-1.3"02:56
bhimaUnfortunately, personally, I just do my testing native on the 770. Primarily in Python.02:56
ignotus21where i can get help ?02:58
bhimaHere or the mailing list, I'm guessing. There are definitely peopel here who know how to do this.02:58
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ferencgood morning10:17
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tigertnow this is something cool11:07
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JaffaMorning, all11:28
ferenchello Jaffa11:28
florian_kcgood morning11:31
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Guardianoh still, only sb0.9.8 supported13:02
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jaitany idea why g_io_channel seems to block the main loop when the remote end closes the connection?13:57
jaitthe socket is a UNIX domain one, and it is the listening/server end that hangs13:59
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roopeHi, is any of you using the 770 browser for blogging?15:26
koenif maemo-blog is a browser, yes15:27
roope... nnoo at this. I mean like use etc. with the browser.15:28
* Jaffa updates his online diary using SSH & vim, but that's not a browser either.15:30
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dwdI wrote a post to my blog from the 770 over a GPRS link, once.15:41
tigertroope: you could ask me directly too, :) but I think writing long posts using the browser forms sucks in the device15:41
tigertfor anything but just short words the thumb keyboard is a must,15:42
tigertand then you cannot see much of your text, and if you have a big textarea, its very easy to get it to mess up your writing15:42
tigertthe browser is nice, but I think content editing is one of the weak points of it15:42
koentigert: that's why it's called 'browser' instead of 'content manager' :)15:43
tigertbut I mean,15:43
dwdtigert: I find the normal (mini) keyboard is fine for text work. Not as nice as a real keyboard, of course, but I find it okay for entering human-orientated text.15:43
tigerton desktop its a bit less bad15:43
tigertdwd: yes, but not for the lengths of blogging15:44
tigertunless you are michael meeks of course15:44
tigertwho'se blogs are in the form of "read mail. grunt."15:44
partI think editing large textareas in a browser (any browser) is a real pain15:44
tigertpart: I guess yeah15:45
dwdtigert: Oh, I found it okay. Nothing like as good as a desktop, but usable.15:45
dwdThen again, I've never used the thumb keyboard much.15:45
partexcept maybe with w3m, I seem to recall that it starts a separate editor for texareas15:45
tigertI find it a bit sub-optimal. doable if you must15:45
tigertbut I wish to blog from it all the time since I have it with me15:45
tigertits still better than blogging with a phone of course15:49
* tigert wishes inz a chunk of spare time to hack on maemo-blog15:50
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* inz wishes tigerts wish comes true15:56
inz(I've got metaweblog plugin ported to libsoup)15:56
inzSoon I'll be able to drop xmlrpc-c - yay15:57
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inzAs blogger plugin is basically stripped down version of metaweblog, it shouldn't be a problem to create blogger plugin too15:58
inzBut first I'll need to generate some kind of error reporting to the plugin API15:58
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inztigert, my gf's going to a cabin for the weekend, so I should have some hack time.16:01
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roopeblogger beta is interesting.16:14
roopeit has things like drag-and-drop template editing etc., pretty nice stuff.16:14
roope  i created a test blog. :p16:14
roopebut things like image upload, do you do it with the 770 browser.16:15
inzmaemo-blog supports image uploading through metaweblog api ;P16:16
inzBut that does not help with blogger16:18
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dwd*sigh* I just tried dragging the page around on my desktop browser. I'm getting used to that feature.16:20
inzblogger gives a "link" to rsd...16:21
inzOnly that the link gives 404 =/16:21
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* bhima drops a pin20:17
* nomis wakes up.20:19
nomisbhima: was that necessary?20:19
bhimanomis: I thought it was an appropriate way to wake you up.20:20
* mgedmin peers at bhima's rolling pin20:21
bhimaIt's a very boring, normal pin.20:22
bhimaHas there been any progress on MacOS toolchains for the 770? I haven't seen much.20:29
tkobtw, borat is pretty good20:39
bhimaI can't imagine sitting through an _entire_ movie of Borat.20:47
bhimaA little bit, perhaps20:48
bhimaheh. You can get adaptors to plug microSD cards into both miniSD slots, and memory stick duo.20:48
bhimaUnfortunately, I think that RS-MMC is a bit too much to hope for.20:49
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bhimaOnce somebody develops a cheap wire bonder, I think they'll just start selling raw flash dies, which you wire bond into the slot on your device.20:51
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tigertinz: heya21:54
tigertinz: I made an icon for maemoblog21:55
tigertbut its on the external harddisk, ask tomorrow :)21:55
tkotigert, :)21:55
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mgedminoooh, nice nethack game console :)22:02
inztigert, yay!22:06
inzThat's the way nethack is supposed to be played22:06
tigertthe dungeon looks a bit strange though22:06
tigertvery open, not many narrow corridors like usually22:06
* mgedmin is used to walls being represented as # and frowns upon the decadent line art22:07
inztogert, it's the gnomish mines, they look like that22:08
TakI wonder if they're using
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* mgedmin rotfls22:17
inzI'd like on of those22:18
inzWould kick my ti4400's arse any time22:18
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||cwyou know, that's just not as funny due to the existance of libcaca22:34
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keesjI have this strange behaviour, anybody any idea why c code like this can compile:fffffffffffffprintf(stderr, "dialog name22:40
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keesjan other question then :). how do I test if I have linked the right libs on a home applet22:55
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tkocompiling/linking with -Wl,-z,defs usually catches such things, though I'm not sure it'll work for home plugins :-]22:58
keesjtko thanks (again) undefined symbol: gtk_widget_name.:(23:01
tkowhoops :)23:01
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* bhima growls.23:35
bhimaWhy hasn't Nokia publicly admitted to their secret 600 dpi s60 phone?23:36
keesjlooks like photoshop to me !23:39
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Fatalit's clearly a fake23:41
Fatalone can tell the map is all wrong23:41
Fatalhe's standing on a tenniscourt23:41
Fatalnot a road23:41
sp3000yeah nobody paints roads purple23:41
bhimaIck. They only let you install that app three times. You have to authorize it once per IMEI, and you get three activations.23:41
bhimaAlso, you can't enter a latitude/longitude as a destination.23:42
rev"You are not authorized to view this protected entry."23:43
revwrong channel, apologies23:43
TakYou are not authorized to post to this channel.23:43
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bhimaYou are, however, authorized to PRIVMSG to this channel.23:50
*** izzy has quit IRC23:53
Guard][anyou are not authorized to post to this channel before having communicated your national social security number23:55
bhimaWhat about web servers. Can I POST to them without that?23:56
Fatalnot without a hat23:56
bhimaI didn't realize that the HTTP protocol included the hatness of the user. What about cron scripts? Do I need a hat when I write the script, when I edit my crontab, or when the script actually runs?23:57
sp3000you can use ascii hats in scripts23:58

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