IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-11-15

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shaprhoi koen, hoe gaat het?01:41
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shaprtko_: hey, how'd you like the HaskellDemo? Any questions?01:47
bhima Wow. I now have Apache running on my s60 cellphone.02:06
bhimaIt handles python server pages, as well as WebDav.02:07
bhimaInteresting. Apparently, webdav actually still executes the server pages code stuff.02:10
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Nwallinsis supposed to be a blank page?03:41
Nwallinsanyone have a URL to download flasher for linux?03:50
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NwallinsFYI: tried to use the Windows Installer with an image I had already downloaded from:
NwallinsThe windows installer caused my 770 reboot and update failed04:10
Nwallinsretried windows installer and let it download the new image, instead of using the one I already downloaded.  it seems to be working now04:10
shaprGood solution04:26
NwallinsI think my 770 is still in dev mode or something..  with the green text on boot.  should I revert to normal, and how?04:31
Nwallinsah yes, R&D mode... reading on wiki04:33
Nwallinscan I disable R&D mode on 2006 without the linux flasher?    is there a working URL for linux flasher?04:36
shaprThe url given on the wiki for the linux flasher works for me.04:59
shaprI only use Linux, so no clue about non-linux flasher use.04:59
shaprI sort of wish my 770 had a dock for charging and usb/sound connection.04:59
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Nwallinsshapr: is this the url you see on the wiki?
Nwallinsbecause that url points to a blank page05:14
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tanthalashmm, does anyone know of a good set of instructions for recompiling/reinstalling the kernel on a Nokia 770 (or similar device) ?07:26
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tanthalasnevermind, found the wiki page :D07:50
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spaetzshapr: I wished I could do charging through the USB cable10:28
spaetzdoesn't make sense to have an additional cable/charger10:28
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florian_kcgood morning11:50
florian_kchi tigert +11:57
koen"Maemo is ultra-cool"11:59
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tigertheh, yay for test content :)=12:04
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koenthat says it all about maemo and the community12:31
koen"Access denied"12:31
Fatalthat's the most omnious 403 i've seen in a while12:32
koenDid david whinerhall make that site?12:32
dapepretty cms12:37
dapenow let's add contents ;)12:37
MDKtko_: there is a "recontruct" tool already12:44
MDKit's in hildon-theme-tools12:44
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tigertMDK: tko only ircs from home :\13:09
tigertso he wont see your message until later :)13:09
tigertkoen: yea, the site is in progress :)13:11
tigertkoen: if you want to contribute, please get yourself a garage account and request to join the "maemo2midgard" project13:12
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MDKheh, guess I need to move my ass 5meters to tko's office13:21
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koenhey ferenc15:29
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florian_kchi ferenc15:32
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waiteHi all. I am string to bring to life the Maemo Traffic newsletter. What places should I keep an eye out to report on? So Far I figure maemo-developers, IRC,, and
ferencwaite: cool. i think it would be time for us to host online meetings.15:48
waiteferenc, I like the idea. I have found the time can be difficult to arrrrange tho15:48
ference.g. we will have an internal meetings every 2nd Friday. part of that should be done in the open.15:48
Veggenbtw, anyone tried porting for example ekiga?15:48
Veggenshouldn't be *too* hard, right?15:49
waiteferenc, I apologize for being new and not knowing the poeople here. Are you at Nokia?15:49
ferencwaite: i raise the topic again on Friday and keep the community posted.15:49
ferencwaite: yes I am.15:49
waitegreat, just getting some bearings15:49
_follower_waite: maybe (or whatever the address is)15:50
waiteIt would be great to put into play some part of the meetings being open.15:50
ferencwaite: Carlos had an action point back from guadec 2006 regarding these online meetings.15:50
waiteI wonder how nice it would be to use Google Talk or Gizmo (IE defaults 770 apps to run the meetings15:51
ferenctko_ or tigert might also remember that15:51
ferencwaite: we have a small connectivity issue here at the company, so for instance being here is tricky ;)15:52
waiteThat would make the meetings really accessible to people.15:52
waitehehehe. I guess you need to move the meetings to the coffee house down the road15:52
ferencnot a bad idea!15:52
waiteFree wifi + a bunch of 770s.15:52
ferenchmm, i wonder if we have such place nearby...15:53
ferencbut anyways, we should be able to sort this out15:53
waiteI bet we'd get even MORE  bugs fixed if you had to eat your own cooking just to get work done :)15:53
TakI think there would be zero bugs fixed and several deaths from food poisoning15:54
partferenc: there's free wireless at the shopping mall15:54
waiteferenc, if you know the garage admins, can you have them expidite the creationn of the maemotraffic project reqeuest?15:55
partVeggen: I don't think anyone has tried porting ekiga15:55
_follower_Tak: heh :-D15:55
ferencwaite: i know them quite well ;)15:56
ferencwaite: wait a sec and I will approve the project15:56
waitewink ,wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean15:56
ferencpart: cool. and there is also a nice coffee shop..15:57
inznice in totally non-Amsterdamish way ;P15:58
ferencnot really15:58
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Veggenpart: and is there any reason? ui-wise, I think it should be quite straightforward, no? (ekiga)16:00
VeggenMight have a go myself, unless someone has looked at it and said that it can't be done or something ;-) (I'm not a gtk programmer, really)16:01
waiteVeggan, I would love to see a sip client. I don't have tons of time to help but I can beta test :)16:02
koenwhat are the benefits of ekigo over telepathy?16:02
koendidn't the tapioca dudes add sip support to it?16:02
Veggenhmm, yes, but it's not in the maemo version so far, is it?16:03
Taklooking at the screenshots, I don't see why ekiga would be difficult16:03
VeggenTak: exactly.16:03
waitekoen. Does telepathy and a client exist for the 770?16:04
koentelepathy is already installed by default16:04
koenanything using ptlib should be shot on sight16:05
Veggenwell, yes, but can tapioca and/or telepathy do SIP, yet?16:05
waiteLooks like we need sofia-sip library to so sip on telepathy. I know that others have gotten sofia-sip CLI to work16:06
waiteTelepathy-SIP: A partially implemented SIP connection manager implementation using the sofia-sip library.16:07
waiteWell now sofia-sip have a Gaim plugin16:08
VeggenWhy isn't there source packages on application catalog?16:08
VeggenI'd really like to sometimes just drop in a new version of the software and recompile the package...16:09
partkoen: ekiga is sip, google talk is jabber16:09
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koenpart: where did I say 'google talk'?16:16
partkoen: the stuff for 770 is google talk16:18
koenI know, but telepathy isn't limited to that16:18
partno, the applications are16:19
koenbut the framework is there16:19
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koenso no need to go through all seven layers of hell to compile ekiga, ptlib, openh323, etc16:20
ferencwaite: i could be one of the 'victims' who review the newsletters16:20
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ferencwaite: these guys could perhaps join your garage project16:21
waiteferenc, can you send me a mail so I can keep a list of email addies16:21
ferenci will join your garage project16:21
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waiteferenc, Perfect16:22
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ferencwaite: well, i guess I hit yet a gforge bug. I am a garage admin and Gforge tells me that I'm already member of the project and can not join, by clicking the "Join the project" link16:24
ferencwaite: you could add me manually, my nick at garage is 'feri'16:24
waiteferenc, done. That is one cool bug16:24
waiteGot to love SQL voodoo16:25
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X-Fadeferenc: Can you update with the maemo2midgard svn? :)16:27
ferencX-Fade: just a sec16:29
X-Fadeferenc: No hurry :)16:29
ferencX-Fade: done. what are the visible changes?16:33
X-Fadeferenc: IE and 770 fixes.16:33
ferencX-Fade: OK16:34
X-FadeThe menu now fits the sceen in normal-mode on 770.16:35
X-Fadeferenc: Do you think we can make the sidebar in style-init.php only visible if there is 'navi-sub' data?16:39
ferencX-Fade: fine by me, but I'd like tigert to comment on it as well.16:40
X-Fadeferenc: He would like that too :)16:41
ferenc:) I am convienced then16:41
X-Fadeferenc: But I guess it would require some template foo.16:41
X-Fadeferenc: We discussed that already yesterday :)16:41
ferencX-Fade: hmm... our midgard guru (bergie) is away now16:43
JaffaMorning, all16:43
ferenccould you pls drop and email to the discussion list (garage) ?16:43
ferencmorning Jaffa16:43
X-Fadeferenc: ok.16:46
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dapedoes anybody know where can I find the free personalization tool that's (broken) linked in customization tutorial?17:07
dwdwaite: You're the weekly news guy, right? I can do some editorial (on good days when I'm not swamped).17:07
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Jaffawaite: on MWN, I'd suggest not bothering with since it's syndicated on as well. Also, I'd second monitoring the forums - lots of interesting stuff in there; finally, I can do proof reading too (although like dwd says, depends on swampedness ;-))17:13
_follower_waite: heh, a mere 2 hours later and you're already the "weekly news guy" :-)17:15
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dwd_follower_: Oh, I've a handful of questions about your python deb stuff, by the way.17:16
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_follower_dwd: ask away... :-)17:16
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dwd_follower_: Firstly, the packages claim to take up 0k once installed.17:16
_follower_yes, i think i noticed that.17:17
dwd_follower_: Secondly, try as I might, I can't get the pretty icons for the packages to work.17:17
_follower_i think the 0k that's part of the figure is because there's no meta-data for the size, but i could be wrong.17:17
_follower_i have to admit i haven't tried with  custom icons.17:18
_follower_were you copying the stuff listed in the python/maemo tute?17:18
dwd_follower_: Yep. I'm a past master at cut'n'paste.17:19
_follower_aren't we all :-)17:19
dwd_follower_: It ends up in the Packages.* files in the repository, and appears to be uncorrupted, but the Application Manager isn't displaying them.17:20
dwd_follower_: I've probably introduced a silly typo, but I can't see what. I admit to not being all that bothered. :-)17:20
_follower_you could try copying and pasting from one of these (if they work):
_follower_i'd be inclined to try to find a working example and work backwars.17:23
dwd_follower_: Not a bad idea. I was going to look at the Packages* files for a working repository, and see what they look like.17:23
_follower_i also must admit to not having been so concerned that i've looked into the whole icon thing much17:24
_follower_dwd: also a good thought.17:24
waitedwd, Can you send me an email with a  good email addie to send to you and a garage login if you have it17:24
_follower_i did notice that when I was using the "long description" field it seemed to be a bit picky.17:24
waiteJaffa, Sounds good Ill look at internattablet talk17:24
_follower_the other thing to try is to fun the command-line tool that lists the package metadata.17:25
_follower_and see what it coughs up.17:25
dwdwaite: and I don't have one. (Maybe I should)17:25
waiteNP. I will give editors write access to the SVN repo but I can accept corrections via email also17:26
_follower_dwd: so have you been using the bdist_maemo code? has it worked for you apart from the issues you've listed?17:26
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dwd_follower_: Kind of. I'm the one whose blog you muttered on - I've built stuff around the arfile/debfile to package Python modules.17:27
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_follower_i just realised that--i googled your name and went "hmmm..." when i saw a reference to isode :-)17:28
dwd_follower_: Why the "hmmm..." about Isode?17:28
_follower_as in, "that name sounds familiar"..17:29
_follower_not, "hmmm, those are a pack of dodgy..." :-D17:29
_follower_ah, i just re-read your blog post which had your reply. i think i lost the page when i had a browser crash...17:31 i had missed your response.17:31
dwd_follower_: Isode appears in your /etc/services file, amongst other places. It's one of the few companies still involved in the OSI standards, but we also do high-end Internet servers.17:32
_follower_yeah, i need to patch the bdist_maemo to do more copying of stuff--i need to be motivated by needing the functionality myself first. :-)17:32
* dwd notes that in the Packages.gz file for the Maemo repo, it's "Maemo-Icon-26:", whereas I have "xb-maemo-icon-26:". Hmmm.17:33
_follower_dwd: it was only familiar to me because i'd remembered reading about them on your blog....17:33
_follower_it's a very real possibility that the tute is out of date17:34
_follower_waite: hee, hee so via the mailing list you've just got your third suggestion for :-)17:35
_follower_dwd: although the samples from the google code search all use XB-*, i noticed the tuner app is listed, it might be worth looking there.17:35
waiteI am going to follow it :)17:36
dwd_follower_: I'm just ripping apart one of the packages which has a working Icon.17:36
waiteJust lurking now.17:36
dwd_follower_: And it uses Maemo-Icon-26:17:36
dwdHo hum.17:36
_follower_dwd: "ripping apart" ==> "oh the huge manatee!"17:37
_follower_so, does yours work if you change it?17:37
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dwd_follower_: Well, that's the next thing to try, yes.17:37
_follower_sorry, i realise i was stating the obvious :-)17:38
dwd_follower_: And yes, that seems to work fine.17:41
dwd_follower_: So might be useful to you.17:42
_follower_interesting. perhaps a follow-up email to the list to see if it's officially documented?17:42
_follower_found it17:43
*** fab has joined #maemo17:43
_follower_"Icons are included in the control information of a package as a17:43
_follower_137 base64 encoded field named "Maemo-Icon-26"."17:43
_follower_"The way to get these fields into your .deb files is to include them17:43
_follower_165 with a "XB-" prefix in your debian/control file, see the Debian Policy17:43
_follower_166 Manual, section 5.7."17:43
_follower_bah, what crappy copy & paste...17:44
dwdSo the tutorial's out of date?17:44
_follower_anyway, it seems the "XB" prefix is for the debian build tool17:44
_follower_so the tute is correct17:44
dwdOh... Yes, that makes sense.17:44
_follower_it does now :-)17:44
_follower_well, that's helpful to know.17:46
_follower_it's a bit of a pain the python tute isn't wikified17:46
_follower_(and another reason why it would be handy to have downloadable versions of the files referenced)17:47
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_follower_dwd: sorry, flakey connection...17:56
dwd_follower_: We'd best stop talking about you behind your back, then. :-)17:57
_follower_that's what the logs are for :-)18:01
_follower_dwd: i've added a link to your version in the bugzilla entry for bdist_maemo so i don't forget it :-)18:03
_follower_thanks for the link18:03
dwd_follower_: NP. There's other stuff there, including (in the, I think) stuff to put a "deb" format into bdist_dumb, if that's useful.18:03
_follower_could you humour me and suggest  the benefit to doing that? :-)18:05
dwd_follower_: I'm sure it had a point at the time I wrote it. :-)18:05
_follower_i think i noticed it when i was looking through your code the other day and decided it was just a different way of implementing the same functionality...18:08
dwd_follower_: Oh, no, it's much better. Must be, because I wrote it.18:08
_follower_i'd definitely be keen to get bdist_maemo to a point where you don't find it necessary to keep a separate version...18:08
_follower_so if you wanted to add issues to that bugzilla entry i'd appreciate it...18:09
dwd_follower_: Oh, I remember now. It was to work around making bdist_maemo do packages and suchlike. If I wrapped it into bdist_dumb, then I ended up solving the problem of writing debfiles instead of trying to work out what needed to be in them.18:09
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_follower_ah, i think i follow... btw what platform are you doing this on?18:11
dwd_follower_: Ironically, Ubuntu. I've full scratchbox and all, I just can't be bothered jumping through the hoops that dpkg requires. (Like having a changelog, etc)18:12
_follower_incidentally, what version of ubuntu are you using. i'm still trying to work out how best to set up a VM machine with scrathbox in it and have some ubuntu cds handy...18:13
dwdErm. Dapper. I think.18:15
_follower_that's like 5.X?18:15
*** koen has quit IRC18:15
_follower_i can never keep up with the name/number combos. :-)18:16
dwd_follower_: Me neither. :-)18:16
_follower_cool, ok, well, thanks for the feedback. i need to head off and get some zzz...18:16
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tkoI for one welcome our new weekly news overlords19:41
koenall hail the weekly issues overlord tko19:41
tkogah. and I was so hoping someone else would be willing to take over :)19:43
Tak1) Create weekly news  2) ???   3) profit!19:43
roopeweekly news for great success.19:43
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waiteall your news are belong to us20:08
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bhimaIs the EU warranty on 770s two years?20:24
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bhimaoops. re.20:26
sp3000so that's what return_true_24() does20:28
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bhimawhat does it do? cause netsplits?20:37
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inzsp3000, it's one of (at least) 24 functions, that may -- or may not -- return true, in various ways22:58
waitereturns true iff char(a) == 'x'22:59
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