IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2006-11-14

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AD-N770hello all00:17
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AD-N770do you know if there is a package with oprofile ?00:22
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AD-N770good morning11:11
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JaffaMorning, all11:15
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JaffaIn the SDK should apt-get distupgrade work to go from mistral to scirocco?11:42
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inzJaffa, you can try, just take a copy with cp -ax of the /scratcbox/users/<username>/targets/<targetname>, copy and alter the config file where appropriate11:56
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partJaffa: afaik it should12:41
Jaffapart: does seem to be working, yeah13:01
Jaffaroope: nice13:01
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koenhey ferenc13:13
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florian_kchi ferenc13:41
X-Fadetigert: the margins of the breadcrumbs on don't look ok?13:56
ferenchi florian_kc13:59
ferencX-Fade: yes, TigerT keeps on breaking the style ;)13:59
X-Fadeferenc: Hehe ;)14:00
tigertX-Fade: yea, its broken now14:00
X-FadeDon't try to look at the application catalog in IE also..14:00
tigertI just made so many changes I wanted to commit and fix later :)14:00
X-FadeSomething is really wrong there..14:00
tigertX-Fade: will check14:00
X-FadeI guess you should float:left that div.14:00
X-FadeAnd maybe specify a width.14:01
JaffaThe apps page has some broken styles too now (dotted line down the middle)14:02
tigertX-Fade: want commit access?14:02
tigertit's ok if you want14:02
tigertif you dont have a garage account, create one, and then join the "maemo2midgard" project14:03
tigerttheres a lot of stuff to test and for different browsers etc and help would be nice14:03
tigertalso my css is rusty14:03
X-Fadetigert: I submitted my request.14:04
tigertX-Fade: okay14:08
tigertso you need to tell us when you have made changes,14:08
tigertwe'll approve your request in a moment14:09
X-FadeIt already has been :)14:09
tigertbut the changes wont be visible live immediately, but let us know once you have changed something14:09
tigertand ferenc will sync it to the site14:09
tigertthanks :)14:09
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X-FadeOk, well I will take a look at it :)14:09
tigertawesome :)14:12
X-Fadetigert: do you have a design for the applications?14:12
tigertapp catalog?14:12
tigertor the app page in there?14:12
X-Fadethe block of one app in the apps page..14:13
X-FadeThe 'click to install' logo. Where do you want it? :) Is it ok when it floats completly to the right?14:14
X-FadeRight now it floats over the description div.14:14
tigertX-Fade: yea, the css is broken a bit14:15
X-FadeYeah, that is what I will try to fix. But I need to know how you intended it to be.14:16
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tigertX-Fade: the css might be a bit messy too14:17
tigertbut basically everything that is in the "content area" is in content.css14:17
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tigertthere's "main" that wraps around the whole "page" content area14:18
tigertbut wait a bit14:18
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tigertthere are some css bits not synced yet14:18
tigertI think I might have fixed that part already14:18
X-FadeOk, i still need to setup a local test page. So I can test the css agains the page without having to ask ferenc to refresh it after every change ;)14:19
tigertfirefox has stuff to edit css on a page14:19
tigertits kinda nifty14:20
tigertsome extensions I mean14:20
X-Fadeyeah, webdeveloper plugin is nice too.14:20
tigertbut I try to be around here, the problem is to keep our work in sync14:20
tigertwebdeveloper is awesome yeah14:20
koentigert: shouldn't the 'click to install' button only be visible when browsing from the 770?14:20
tigertwhen you commit, ferenc needs to sync the style to the test site14:20
tigertkoen: good question :)14:21
tigertkoen: the problem is there's a proxy cache in front14:21
tigertso it is a bit hard14:21
tigertbut you can technically save the .install to a file and it should work when you open it in the app manager in the device too :]14:22
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koentigert: right, but that's 'click to download so you can save the .install to a file and it should work when you open it in the app manager in the device'14:23
koentigert: and that doesn't look so snappy on a button ;)14:23
tigertits a good point though14:24
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X-Fadetigert: the tableteer website only works on 770? Maybe you can do it the same way?14:25
dwdtigert: You could look at the browser's UA field and change the button. Click to download would be a good replacement.14:27
tigertX-Fade: yea, tableteer is "the other guys somewhere else" :)14:30
tigertbut yeah14:30
tigertgood points14:30
tigertalthough, I  would rather have it like this than just linking to package files14:31
tigertthe "add repo" feature is so nice14:31
JaffaBrowser sniffing on the server is too prone to error (as you've seen). Only display the button when the JS engine is executing on a 770.14:47
partJaffa: that breaks when js is turned off (the browser crashes less often)14:51
X-Fadetigert: that dotted line on the app page is from the sidebar. Which is empty on that page.14:52
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tigertX-Fade: its still quite borken15:26
tigertX-Fade: I was thinking the links from the bottom of the app page could go there15:26
tigertbut I need to talk with bergie about it15:26
ferenctigert: lemme know if you need a style refresh15:28
X-Fadetigert: Yeah, it is fixed size 25%. So it takes up a lot of space even when empty.15:29 is now updated with the 2.1 docs. unfortunately the APIs still not published :(15:30
tigertX-Fade: the idea is to remove it when a page doesnt need it15:31
Jaffapart: indeed, but at least on a captive device like the 770 you can have a greater expectation that JS will be available by default.15:41
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JaffaAnyone have xwininfo compiled for Scratchbox/x86?15:51
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partJaffa: I turn it off on the device16:01
inzyay, return of the foo!16:09
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tigertpart: but most people have it on16:42
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Ayozehi all16:48
florian_kchi Ayoze16:51
Ayozehey florian_kc :)16:51
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X-Fadetigert: There are a few fixes in svn now.17:15
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iunknownhello world18:01
iunknowndoes anyone here happen to have any tool that lets you preview a theme using a web browser? i have components from a theme (.png files) and i'd like a way to preview how the theme would look18:02
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waiteIs there any reason why no one has ported cron/atd to the 770?18:03
partbecause it doesn't make a lot of sense as the device isn't on all the time?18:05
spaetzwaite: because it is not online for long enough to be running cron?18:05
spaetzcron seems to suck when the device is only infrequently on.18:05
waitespaetz, hmm interseting.18:06
waiteI like the idea of it actually working when on. But if cron wretches on large time jumps I guess it is right out18:07
koenspaetz: that's why anacron exists18:07
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waiteI was hoping to use cron and atd to run GPE alarms and auto syncing.18:07
waitekoen, are you running anacron or just know of it?18:08
koenI've anacron on my mythbox18:09
partthere was some talk about an alarm framework on the list18:10
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waiteSounds like it is done just no out there.18:15
waiteThanks for the pointer. I'll hit them. I still wish we could use industry standard tools like cron. Makes integration that much easier.18:16
waiteLooks like I'll be installing scratchbox18:16
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jbirdAngelis maemo expected to grow past the Nokia 770, how far? any thoughts19:32
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nelsonHmmmm.....   maemo-blog crashed when it didn't get the response it expected.19:44
* iunknown needs to give some feedback on maemo-mapper19:48
iunknownthe select button triggering gps modes when there's no paired bluetooth gps module really sucks :(19:48
iunknownyou end up in the middle of ocean19:48
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nelsonOh, fuck.  maemo-hackers error reporting system HAS AN ERROR!!20:22
tkoso, just report the error? :)20:23
* nelson cries in his beer.20:23
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nelsonSo ..... who's in charge of maemo-hackers?20:32
nelsonLooks like Mika Suhonen.  Does that name ring a bell?20:33
nelsonIn fact maemo-blog seems to crash whenever anything goes wrong.20:33
tkoconsistent error handling :)20:34
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nelsoner, um.20:38
brendantko: the same tko that did the ssl code for mutt some years back?20:43
tkobrendan, yep.. small world, eh? =)20:45
brendanyep :)20:45
tkoI recognize the nick but can't remember the last name, though.. sorry20:45
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brendancully. still mutt hacking :)20:45
tkohate to say but I'm using evolution these days20:46
brendanfor shame20:46
tkomainly because it can do exchange calendar20:46
tkowell, now that we have a mutt hacker here... :)20:47
tkoeveryone is complaining about the email client, you're not planning to port mutt, are you? =)20:48
* brendan runs20:48
brendanI hadn't planned to, but I wonder how hard it would be20:48
brendan(was thinking about trying to get myth to stream to it)20:48
iunknownhrm, active channel20:49
iunknownso, does anyone here have any theme visualization tools?20:49
iunknownand is it possible to install a os2006release theme on os2005?20:49
tkoiunknown, see* -- one of them is a huge png file which you can draw over and get a new theme20:51
iunknowntko: i'm trying to use someone else's theme20:51
iunknowni just need to see what it looks like, all i have are png files and a web browser20:51
tkoiunknown, it's unlikely it'll work correctly, even if you redid the packaging20:51
tkoah, tricky20:51
iunknownwell, i might have os2005 if i'm lucky20:51
tkowhy would anyone prefer 2005.. mind boggles :)20:52
* iunknown looks for http://ph/ to figure out who tko is20:52
iunknownwell, 2005 lets me read google ebooks20:52
iunknown2006 doesn't20:52
iunknownso i do have a reason20:53
tkoMDK, we might consider using the theme engine to reconstruct a template.. or reimplement the tiling (it's pretty trivial anyway)20:54
tkoiunknown, never tried google ebooks.. what's broken?20:54
iunknowncan you /join the channel?20:55
iunknowni'll fish for the maemo bug while i wait20:55
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koen"because the Flash is accessed using a21:56
koengnome-vfs module instead of a FUSE module?"21:56
koenplease hand me the stuff you are smoking, I want some too21:56
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florianwho is working on maemo-blog?22:05
Jaffamaemo-hackers is inz, isn't it?22:06
koenJaffa: it is22:08
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Jaffakoen: that's some pretty out there thinking (just caught up with maemo-dev)22:10
* Jaffa wants to just reply "Eh?" but that's probably bad-form.22:11
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Takso what's the deal with "scirocco" ?23:10
Takis it binary-compatible with mistral?23:10
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* bhima waves at koen.23:13
koenhey mr flaherty23:14
koenhow's CMU?23:14
* bhima isn't there anymore. I now work in Florida for a small startup doing fixed wireless foo.23:15
koenso you live and work in a swamp ;)23:15
koenbhima: panhandle, mid or south florida?23:17
bhimaStuart. mid-east.23:17
bhimaactually, no, it proably counts as south-east.23:18
Takah - so lauderdale/miami23:18
bhimaA bit north of West Palm.23:18
bhimaI haven't really been using my 770 all that much. I tend to shuttle back and forth between home and the office, rather than wandering around a campus like I used to.23:24
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bhimaI did just get a Nokia E70. I'm thinking of writing a little keyboard app for it, to use it as a keyboard for my 770.23:25
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