IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2006-11-09

koenthe latest one seems to fix that00:00
koenand now you're supposed to say "but I'm already using that" ;)00:00
maddlerhehehe... right... :)00:02
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maddlerunless something came out in the last three days...00:03
maddlerhehe00:06 ?00:06
maddlersame... :D00:08
maddlerbtw... mapper is crashing when trying to download maps... :|00:08
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maddlerno way...00:27
maddlerit segfaults!00:27
maddlercould you please paste URIs again?00:28
maddlerls -ltr00:29
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maddlerkoen: it's working!!!!00:36
maddlerit was %d instead of %s ;)00:36
koenah, right :)00:36
koen%s is for the satelite maps00:36
maddlertrying it now...00:36
maddlersomething wrong with sat URI00:38
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Fenix-Darkanything i can do to speed up mplayer?00:47
Fenix-Darkwatching naruto on my 770 runs at a solid 8-10 fps00:47
partencode to a lower resolution or something00:49
Takimplement codec optimizations for arm?00:50
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Fenix-DarkTak, sounds good, but too much of a hassle00:51
Fenix-Darkpart, what res/encoding do you suggest?00:51
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Fenix-Darkbtw is mplayer more optimized than the regular video player on the 770?00:52
Fenix-Darklol too bad we can't overclock the 77000:53
ssvbFenix-Dark: what resolution/bitrate is used?00:54
Fenix-Darkit uses xvid codec too00:55
ssvbi see, it is quite a good result by the way00:55
Fenix-Darknot sure about the video bitrate though00:55
maddlernot sure... but IIRC there should be something on's wiki...00:55
ssvbi think after making use of hardware colorspace conversion, results will be much better00:55
Fenix-Darkssvb, could you repeat that in english please00:56
ssvbi'm sorry, i can't that's the only language i know :(00:56
Takdoes the 770 support that?00:57
ssvbi mean that mplayer performs RGB->YUV conversion using arm core00:57
ssvbso displaying video takes quite a lot of resources and it has to skip a lot of frames00:57
Fenix-Darki can reencode my videos, but its just another hassle, eh i guess its worth it00:58
ssvbon the other hand, decoding video seems to be fast enough, that's very good00:58
Fenix-Darkssvb, if there's any action in the video (at that bitrate/res/etc) its not very enjoyable, but converstaion is fine00:59
ssvbnokia 770 videocontroller supports YUV colorspace, but we need to make mplayer output module for omap framebuffer, also it will require mplayer to be run as root01:00
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Fenix-Darkssvb, so that means that the only way to run it like that will require using the terminal with root access01:01
Fenix-Darkwhat a bummer01:01
ssvbFenix-Dark: well, it confirms my test results then, mplayer is able to decode 640x480 video at about 700kbps, but it takes about 100% cpu resources01:02
ssvband on action scenes it does not behave well01:02
Taknah, mplayer could just be suid root01:03
ssvbFenix-Dark: it can be run as suid root01:03
Fenix-Darkfor now it seems that the best option is to re-encode the videos i want to play on the 77001:03
ssvbbut i don't quite like this idea, mplayer is quite a big piece of code and can contain bugs and security holes01:04
Fenix-Darkit would be nice to torrent the latest episodes and run it straight off the 770, but i can survive without doing that01:04
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Fenix-Darkssvb, yea, its bound to be big because of all the codecs it supports01:04
Takno way to give user perms to the framebuffer?01:05
ssvbTak: maybe it is possible, i did not try it yet01:05
* Tak shrugs01:05
Takanyone have any luck using esddsp?01:05
ssvbdo you mean esd daemon?01:06
Fenix-Darkhave either of you tested out the voip function of the 770?01:06
Takno, I mean the esd <-> oss translation layer01:06
Takso that apps that expect oss get routed through esd01:07
ssvbFenix-Dark: google talk works fine on 77001:09
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ssvbTak: native alsa support on 770 would be good to have, i don't like esd either01:12
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ssvbFenix-Dark: you can read about regular video player capabilities here:
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ssvbFenix-Dark: support for 640x480 video on 250MHz cpu is quite a challenging task01:18
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ssvbthere is still a hope for mplayer to support such video resolution after some more optimizations, but don't expect too much :)01:21
shaprWhy does maemo use esd? Is it because the sound hardware in the 770 can't mix by itself?01:22
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ssvbshapr: here is an interesting link
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shaprspiffy, esd is going away, alsa is the replacement.01:29
shaprssvb: I enjoyed your post about ARM flavors on internettablettalk01:30
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Fenix-Darkssvb, ok.  thanks, you've been very helpful01:36
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littlefaeHi peeps01:49
littlefaeAnyone familiar with the Tableteer Streamer application?01:50
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revin what way?01:57
littlefaeIn the sense that I am trying to figure out, is there is an application I have, or can get, to make use of it.01:58
littlefaeDoes VLC act as a suitable server?01:58
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shapraw, he left02:47
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gnuite__man, I wish we had curl 7.16.0 - I could really use that multi pipelining...03:49
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jzacan I get support for N77004:01
jzamy n770 is very slow, I have a 512 memory card04:02
jzasomeone told me that performance improve once I create a swap partiton within that mc04:02
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Takhmm, so trying to run advancewars causes restart for me too07:55
Takis there anything on the n770 that handles zip files natively?07:57
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Takhah - zelda runs...barely09:39
* Tak waits for the triforce to spin onto the screen09:47
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tigerttak, someone compiled the commandline zip tool for the device10:14
inztigert, how's maemo-blog icon coming ;P10:16
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Taktigert: yeah, I found - was without wifi when I asked, though :-/10:21
Taksuccess!  ...ish10:25
inz1. wifi... 2. ???... 3. success!10:26
spaetz_it seems that no Nokian wants to talk about oss_media_server for some reason. But can somebody explain how it usees gconf keys to determine the gstreamer plugins to use?10:31
tigertinz: icon metaphor is in the thinking bin10:31
spaetz_t makes me angry that it works on the command line but stops with an error dialog in the music player10:32
tigertspaetz_: darn. I wish it wanst so hard to irc from the office :P10:32
Tak1) wifi    2) discover that the rom you were trying to use is for the wrong system  3) fix actual problem  4) success!10:32
tigertspaetz_: did you mail the devel list?10:33
spaetz_tigert, I mailed to dev that it works on the command line but not with the music player10:33
spaetz_but according to the howto make multimedia plugins it should work10:33
spaetz_I've talked to at least three people now who ran in the same deadend10:34
spaetz_which is quite frustrating10:34
spaetz_as IT WORKS ON THE COMMAND LINE with gst plugins. dammit :-(10:34
tigertspaetz_: raise the issue in the list again if there is no response. I think Tommi's "unresolved" list is working nicely10:34
tigerthopefyully we can work it out10:34
spaetz_tigert, I will. Thanks for the tip10:34
tigertpeople should be forced to irc :)10:34
tigertits where the community is (here! :))10:35
tigertwe're trying to solve that too, but it is slow, as it needs hardware etc10:35
tigertsince the fireall is such a fascist one10:35
tigerta maemo shell/irc server would be nice,10:36
spaetz_tigert, I can offer Nokia a port redirection if that helps you :-)10:36
Takhave you tried 7000 or 8001 ?10:37
tigertanything that goes out, has to go through the http proxy10:38
tigerteverything else appears blocked10:38
Takwhy so draconian?10:39
tigertnot all of nokia is about open things :)10:39
tigertand the network is huge10:39
tigertI'd be like that too if I was the admin10:39
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tigertbut of course stuff can be worked out with the proxy, but the thing is10:41
tigertit should be something provided by the company since we do care about the community10:41
tigertnot something every interested workedr should run at home10:41
tigertideal thing would be to tutor new hires to #maemo just like they are taught to use bugzilla and mailing lists10:42
tigertbut hopefully we get there10:43
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spaetz_mail to maemo-dev send10:58
spaetz_We'll see if somebody answers. It's a bit tricky to debug that undocumented application.10:59
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spaetz_That internettablettalk.comsite is not too nice. Does it also not load currently for you guys?11:46
spaetz_Also it looks a bit orphaned.11:46
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tigerthmm. lots of fog in tampere11:57
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jaithow do you know he's /24?13:50
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lardmanHas anyone got any figures on DSP code load times? I was thinking of producing some oct files (Octave extensions) which use the DSP and was wondering whether to make individual DSP programs or a monolithic one14:06
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etrunkotimeless: you need a slash after mistral in minimo line14:17
etrunkotimeless: should be mistral/ instead of mistral14:18
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shaprI bought my 770 in Sweden, but I moved to the US.21:10
shaprDoes the AC-4U US Mains adaptor work for the 770?21:10
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* shapr swears at nokia flash-requiring websites21:12
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shaprI think the AC-4 will work, yay!21:48
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shaprquiet today22:07
shaprI nearly bought a BH-501 headset.22:07
shaprBut I don't know the status of btsco or stereo bluetooth music support in Maemo.22:08
shaprDoes anyone else know?22:08
JaffaZip. Nada. Squat (AFAIK)22:17
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keesjoops , kill -9 -1 worked better then expected in scratchbox22:40
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