IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2006-11-08

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daccis there anyway to preserve apps and settings when upgrading to a new OS version?00:45
Takthere's the backup app in the control panel00:46
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Takalso my personal favorite, making a tarball of your home directory00:46
Tak(both of the above work only for settings and not for apps)00:46
daccahh, ok00:47
daccmaybe i can just save my sources.list00:47
dacc.. and the output of dpkg -l00:47
daccis there any super good reason to upgrade to the latest 2006?00:48
dacci'm running the initial release of it00:48
dacci guess there's a patch now...00:48
Takhonestly I can't tell any difference, but it may just be my usage pattern00:48
dacchmm, ok00:48
Takoh, except that it supports 2G mmc cards w/o flashing a new kernel00:49
daccahh, ok00:50
dacci just got one, and my device complained that it was "corrupted"00:50
daccso that's support for 2gb, but not the 2x speed? (saw another kernel for that)00:50
Takyeah, you have to install the update or flash a new kernel (there's a link on ITT iirc) for it to see the 2G card00:51
daccok, guess i'l go the kernel route for now00:52
dacc.. for the 2x speed, which i'm guessing isn't in the latest official release00:52
* dacc hopes he doesn't brick himself.00:52
TakI dunno @ 2x speed00:53
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dacchmm, ok00:59
daccyeah, i could dig up the uri if you're interested00:59
TakI don't thrash the card enough00:59
dacci'm figuring swap space will be nice to have sped up, maybe01:00
Takeither way it's going to be slower than main memory01:00
daccmm, i see01:02
dacci'm thinking of porting over wifiroamd01:02
daccso that my device attempts to remain constantly on-line01:02
daccmaybe then i can use it more for voip with gizmo project, although it seems like bandwidth quality is pretty huge to get it working01:03
Takseems like that would really hammer your battery01:04
dacchmm, maybe01:05
daccthere is already a feature to leave the wifi radio on when you close the shield01:05
dacc.. i the pprefs01:05
daccnext logical step seems to be roaming01:05
Takhmm, is there now?01:06
* dacc nods.01:06
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shaprMan, I like that job posting on planet maemo.02:10
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inzmorning everyone!09:34
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AD-N770good morning10:51
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timelessi guess it's 1am in california10:52
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Fenix-Darkanyone know if the nokia 770 supports 2gb rsmmc cards?12:11
partit does with the latest update12:11
Fenix-Darkpart, os2006?12:11
partan update to os2006 from last week12:11
Fenix-Darkoh, didn't know there was an update so recent12:12
inzAnd old image with custom kernel does too12:12
Fenix-Darki found the 770 to be great for use as a portable video player, but my 1gB card is a bit restrictive, so i found this
Fenix-Darki'll probably buy it since its comptible12:13
guru3im guessing running this update basically resets the device?12:14
parttake a backup if you have any settings worth saving12:15
timelessyou're supposed to backup your data first12:15
guru3ive set mine up with the mppe stuff12:15
timelessunfortunately apt style updating isn't ready yet12:15
guru3so unless there's something really good in this update12:15
guru3i'll keep as is12:15
guru3just to find a changelog now...12:15
* timeless chuckles12:15
timelesswhat's a changelog?12:15
guru3difference between old version and new12:16
parttimeless: some things can't be upgraded reliably with packages12:16
timelessguru: sarcasm tag required? :(12:16
timelessi don't think most companies believe in change logs12:17
timelessand practically speaking if you have say 1000 changes12:17
timelessno one wants to read, write, review, or touch a changelog12:17
guru3release notes then12:17
guru3same difference12:17
timelessthe download page definitely doesn't have that :)12:17
Fenix-Darkwhich files do i dl for the update?12:18
guru3i'll update some time in the future12:18
Fenix-DarkSU-18_2006SE_2.2006.39-14_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin   or SU-18_2006SE_1.2006.26-8_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin12:18
timelesssu-18_2006se_2.2006.39-14_pr_f5_mr0_arm.bin or something12:18
partFenix-Dark: .3912:19
timelessthe 39 is kinda a week number12:19
timelessand 26 is kinda a smaller week number12:19
timelessthe download page actually does have a notes column12:19
inzAlso there's some kind of version number12:19
part2 is also a larger number than 112:19
Fenix-Darkwasn't sure on their naming scheme12:19
timeless"updated internet tablet os 2006 release"12:19
timelessof course, "this is the final release" is sure confusing12:19
* timeless blames marketting12:19
timelessjust always go w/ the biggest numbers :)12:20
timeless2 > 1, 2006==2006, 39>2612:20
timelessguru3: where'd you find that link?12:21
timelessgoogle doesn't know iit12:21
timelessthat reminds me12:22
* timeless doesn't like hand-writing12:22
Fenix-Darkhere's a better link12:22
guru3went to the official 770 page12:22
* timeless sighs12:22
timelesstheey hid 'releas notes' in the middle of a paragraph12:23
timelessi guess you actually read that page12:23
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Fenix-Darkshould i invest in an rsmmc -> usb reader?12:27
Fenix-Darkwould it be faster than going through the 770?12:27
timeless <your choice>. yes.12:28
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timelessi have a reader i got for my camera when i bought it in the states12:28
timelessit supports a bunch of things including mmc (use the rs adapter), i'm very glad i have it12:28
Fenix-Darkadapter being the elongater clip?12:29
timelesslast i checked my 770 didn't automatically let me use usb transfers to my pc w/o turning off the 770 and using some magical buttons12:29
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timelessfwiw mmc sneakernet is much faster than bluetooth/wifi :)12:34
timelessand it costs much less battery :)12:34
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Fenix-Darkdid nokia make any good extra apps for the 770 that i should know about?12:57
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spaetz_has anybody suceeded in compiling the ogg gst plugins for the 770?13:08
spaetz_I just tried setting up a scratchbox just for this purpose but did not succeed as I don't have all required kernel modules13:08
spaetz_I would be very much interested in the two resulting libraries :-)13:09
ssvbspaetz_: maybe it is worth to ask here:
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littlefaeAssistance required, anyone around?13:42
littlefaeI need help in discovering the root cause of why I can't get this 770 to mount a samba share.13:42
spaetz_thanks ssvb13:44
littlefaeNo takers then. :|13:46
partoh, is smb supported?13:46
littlefaeI've certainly got a working client13:47
littlefaeQuestion is, is the ability to mount automatically included also?13:47
inzlittlefae, you've got smbfs kernel module?13:47
littlefaeNot sure.  I installed the samba client package, doesn't really say whats included.13:48
littlefaeOkay, solved it13:53
littlefaeI installed the uber samba package, which does include smbfs13:53
inzAre you using my samba packages, or has someone made better ones?13:54
littlefaeHard to tell.13:54
littlefaeI have so many repositories, I'll check.13:55
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littlefaeWell, it yours13:56
littlefaeBut doesn't install. :D13:56
littlefaeIt failed, right near the end. ;(13:56
littlefaeAny way to find out why, a log, or something?13:57
inzThey're not that good, mostly I packaged them to get the libsmbclient13:57
inzFrom the menu Tools->Log...13:57
littlefaeAll I want, is the ability to mount a drive via the network13:57
partthere's nfs...13:58
littlefaeMy iBook has very few daemons for serving files, namely Apple FS samba, or FTP, but its glitchy13:59
littlefaeI dunno much about linux, I'll be honest, but isn't there a way to simply install smbclient then smbfs?13:59
partsmbclient is just a command-line tool for using sbm shares14:00
littlefaeThen smbfs only? :)14:00
littlefaeinz, where would you like this log sent to, so you may read, apparently there is a 'bad option in substitution expression'14:01
partmy ibook has debian, it serves nfs to my mips box14:01
inzlittlefae, unfortunately I've really no time for fixing it, sorry14:02
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littlefaeK, seems silly to leave it up there, on the catalogue in broken form though, is there a way to flag it as 'bad' for now, so others don't have the same issue?14:03
inzlittlefae, I could rebuild them with no user/ prefix in the section.14:04
inzThat way they would not end up in the manager...14:04
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lardmanOn the image download page ( it says you must accept the end-user software agreement. Where is this14:25
mgedminin the text box above the accept button, iirc14:25
lardmanAh, silly me, forgot there was an intermediate page14:25
littlefaeThere an SSH daemon for IT2006?  I'm getting a little.. hassled.. picking at a keyboard as I try to fix this samaba issue.14:26
littlefaeI managed to correct the install bug, but smbfs isn't in any of the system files, paths, etc.14:27
lardmanDrat, it says that disassembly of the components is not allowed, which will include the avs_kernel I fear14:27
littlefaeBut I'll be damned if I'll pick around on-screen. >_<14:27
_follower_littlefae: the openssh package should be fine--that's what i use...14:28
littlefaeCan't find it on the repositories14:28
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mgedminlittlefae: it's in repository.maemo.org14:29
mgedminthe application installer doesn't show it14:29
mgedminbut if you have root, you can sudo apt-get install it14:30
mgedminor you can use the red pill mode14:30
mgedmin(the package name is ssh)14:30
littlefaeNo idea what that is, but I'll use my becomeroot thingy14:30
_follower_search red pill on the wiki14:30
mgedminbecomeroot is great14:30
littlefaeApparently already installed.14:31
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littlefaeHrm, I think I've totally fricked this thing up14:47
littlefaeThought I'd try to remove ssh, but, if I do, it claims it'll remove everything, every app installed on this handheld is listed.14:48
littlefaeThink I did something wrong, I am not good with aptitude, so, I assumed apt-get remove ssh would suffice, when it listed everything, I obviously said 'N' to the prompt..14:54
littlefaeMust be something to do with its 'Super Cow Powers'..14:54
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littlefaeIncidentally, the wiki is crap, I am unable to follow the instructions, as they are wrong14:56
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lardmanlittlefae: Change them?14:59
littlefaeDunno what to replace with, thats my problem15:00
lardmanah, well you could at least add a note that they may be wrong15:00
littlefaeClaims you have to type cd /var/lib/install/bin15:00
littlefaeGood point15:00
lardmanOh, that's for the 2005 edition15:01
lardmanwhere does ssh get installed now?15:01
lardmannot /bin surely?15:01
mgedminlittlefae: when I type 'sudo apt-get remove ssh' on my 770, it only lists one package to be removed15:02
littlefaeTrust me, it isn't over here15:02
lardmanIt would probably be fair enough to go through the entire HowTo and simply remove all '/var/lib/install', though people may want to keep this for posterity or something?15:03
_follower_for : wich ssh15:03
_follower_err, which ssh15:03
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* lardman is hungry15:05
littlefaeI surrender.  How do I factory reset this thing, so I can go back to easier times, when installing meant double clicking?15:05
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch15:05
mgedminreflash always helps15:05
_follower_you want sandwich ssh then :-)15:05
mgedminthere's a "restore factory settings" option somewhere in the control panel, but that doesn't uninstall applications, I think15:05
lardman|lunchlittlefae: If you;'re going to reflash, try the apt-remove and see whether everything is uninstalled (out of interest)15:05
littlefaeWhat I want, are plain simple instructions that work, so far, everything I've done, or tried to do, has been challenging for tech savvy people, let alone me.. >_<15:06
littlefaeIf I could fine this script, that would be half the battle.15:06
littlefaeI hate nokia, for not including a locate command15:07
mgedminlittlefae: plain simple instructions are (1) install xterm, (2) become root, (3) sudo apt-get install ssh, (4) change the root password to something more secure (or lock the root account)15:09
littlefaeDoesn't work, thats the issue though15:09
mgedminwell, it did work for me in OS2006.115:09
mgedmincould you clarify the "doesn't work" bit?15:09
littlefaeDid all that, but am unable to ssh in15:09
mgedminhow are you trying to ssh in?15:09
mgedminthat will most likely not work15:10
mgedminssh root@ should15:10
littlefaeWorks for all my other servers.15:10
mgedmin(the password is 'rootme' if you haven't changed it)15:10
mgedminlittlefae: I'm betting that your username in all your other servers is not 'user'15:10
mgedminssh user@ will also work, after you've set the user's password in the 77015:10
littlefaeUsually it asks me for username, then password. :)15:10
mgedminor dropped your ssh pubkey in the appropriate place15:11
mgedmineh?  what sort of ssh client asks for a username?  not openssh, surely15:11
littlefaeWhat key, according to the setup, you need to generate one15:11
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* mgedmin tires to edit the wiki and gets a 500 internal server error15:14
* mgedmin gives up15:14
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littlefaeOkee dokee.  Where (if any place) is the original IT2006 image and OS X flash tool, I'm sending it back, assuming I don't brock it15:20
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littlefaeAfter all this, it may be a more technical issue15:24
littlefaeFor some odd reason, I can ping any machine in the internet, (Pretty much) but can't ping this handheld, so it stands to reason I can't connect to it either.15:25
mgedminis it online?15:25
littlefaeNone on the router, dunno about the 77015:25
_follower_can 770 ping your pc?15:25
mgedminI can ping my 770 when it is online15:26
littlefaeping not installed (Thanks a fricking bunch Nokia..)15:26
littlefaeI can VNC my iBook, I can terminal into it, using tinyfugue to my MUSH game, so its online fine.15:26
littlefaeWonder if this is a pre-release issue, like the new one I'm getting in Jan. :s15:27
littlefaeWhats the extension support like so far? :)15:30
littlefaeI noticed Adblock there, so that pleases me already. :)15:30
jobilittlefae: it's running on ubuntu, not in scratchbox or 77015:33
littlefaeWheres the OS X flasher tool?15:35
littlefaeCheers.. I keep getting a 500 error on that site15:37
inzworks fine for me...15:38
_follower_a "known issue" due to fastcgi15:39
_follower_apparently according to the mailing list15:39
* mgedmin creates
littlefaeI meant, the link worked, but when I searched it 500'd15:39
mgedminreview and critique is welcome15:39
timelesswhy do you need to do any of that?15:40
timelessssh root@localhost15:40
timelessworks very nicely, has since the beginning of time15:40
timelessnote that once you have xterm and sshd+ssh15:40
timelessthere's absolutely no need for the lame gainroot thing15:41
timelessor sudo su15:41
timelessan ssh-keygen + well placed authorized keys works quite nicely15:41
timelessi.e. step 3 is totally useless15:42
mgedmintimeless: ah, but to install openssh you need to have root beforehand15:42
timelessand why don't you provide steps to use the repoistory's gui to install sshd?15:42
mgedminunless you use red pill15:42
* mgedmin updates the wiki15:42
timelessred pill for the win15:42
inzred pill is pita for most uses15:42
* timeless shrugs15:43
timelessi just did a cvs commit from my 77015:43
inzI prefer xterm + apt-get over red pill anytime15:43
* mgedmin finds installing becomeroot simpler than the red pill dance15:43
timelessif you guys are seriously complaining about something, i'd like to hear it15:43
timelessafaik red pill persists15:44
timelessbecomeroot or whatever requires you to do it each time15:44
timelessdancing once and getting a working ui for a touch display15:44
timelessor dancing dozens of times for no gain and having to use a keypain ...15:45
mgedmindo what each time?15:45
timelesseach time you want to become root15:45
mgedminhey, these are solutions to different problems15:45
mgedminred pill doesn't let me become root15:45
mgedmin(not that I want that very often, anyway)15:46
timelessssh root@localhost once you have ssh+d15:46
mgedminsudo -s is easier to type than ssh root@localhost15:46
timelessit isn't15:46
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo15:46
timelessbecause the system will complete root@localhost15:46
timelessit can't complete -s15:46
timelessit requires some annoying shifts15:46
mgedminI use the virtual kb, not handwriting15:47
* _follower_ gets some popcorn to watch the fight...15:47
timelesshand writing would actually work better for sudo -s15:47
mgedminand I mostly do difficult stuff while ssh'ed from a laptop anyway15:47
* timeless never uses hand wrting15:47
timelessi ssh from my 770 to places15:47
timelesssshing into the 770 is really silly15:47
* mgedmin stopped using handwriting when /me discovered that you have to click silly shift keys to enter http://15:47
inzI only use 770 to ssh to the server I have my screen on15:47
mgedminhey, I don't have a bluetooth keyboard15:48
mgedminssh is the only way for me to avoid the pain15:48
* timeless warns mgedmin about the hazards of self references in the third person15:48
timelessi don't have a bluetooth keyboard either15:48
timelessi use a stylus or a fingertip15:48
timelessas i said, i just did a cvs commit from it15:48
timelesswhich included making the changes to the file in question, merging, etc15:48
mgedminspeaking of annoyances, why are the ssh client and server bundled together in a single package?15:49
timelesswhich btw, is a bit of a pain since notes corrupts files, and vi wants ESC whcih doesn't work15:49
timelessi haven't asked15:49
inztimeless, why doesn't esc work?15:49
timelesspersonally i use both together15:49
* timeless srhugs15:49
mgedmintimeless: what do you mean ESC doesn't work?15:49
timelessbad TERMCAP?15:49
* timeless has no idea15:49
mgedminah, maybe15:49
timelesstry loading vi in xterminal15:49
mgedminthe internal /bin/vi is a bit horrid15:49
mgedminI use vim15:49
timelessinstead of getting the prompt15:49
mgedminworks like charm15:49
timelessenter also doesn't work in vi15:50
timelesswhich makes quiting fun15:50
* mgedmin should really package his version of vim built with xterm mouse support and syntax highlighting15:50
timelessor maybe, it's just slow15:50
mgedminI found that enter doesn't often work for me if I use screen in an ssh session from my 77015:50
* timeless is ssh'd across the globe15:50
timelessi send a lot of otnrol keys using the menu feature15:51
mgedminthe enter key sends a KP_Enter (\033OM) instead of a plain \n15:51
inzmgedmin, if you use maemo-hackers version of xterm, it sends normal enter15:51
timelessi've been meaning to bug the vkb layout people about offering a control key :)15:51
mgedmininz: that explains why I haven't encountered the problem for quite a while15:51
* mgedmin wanst a ctrl key too15:51
mgedminany news about .profile loading with the maemo-hackers xterm?15:52
mgedminI miss my .profile15:52
timelessi miss my home directory, but i haven't extracted it from my tarball since i installed the 2006dot release15:52
inzmgedmin, no, haven't been hacking xterm lately...15:53
inzmgedmin, I've spent my extra time (if any) on maemo-blog...15:53
littlefaeSome shoot me in the head? :(15:55
littlefaeWhats this mean: Invalid FIASCO subblock count (2)15:57
konttoriis there an updated fbreader that works in the new 2006 version and supports thumb page turning?15:57
mgedminkonttori: do you want to say that the regular fbreader 0.7.4m doesn't work in os2006.2, or that it doesn't support thumb page turning?16:02
konttoriI'm trying ot say that as far as I've understood, the new 39 2006 image has altered thumb press behaviour and at least the fbreader version that I installed doesn't support thumb presses anymore16:03
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*** ajturner has joined #maemo16:06
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mgedminin os2006.1 a thumb press sent mouse button 7 press/release events, iirc16:17
mgedminat least that's how mplayer interpreted them16:17
littlefaeAnyone familiar with what the dial code is, for a RAZR under IT2006?  Trying to reinstall my GPRS info16:19
ajturnerlittlefae - depends on your provider I believe16:20
ajturnerwho do you have?16:21
littlefaeBT Mobile.  The one for SPrint worked fine though, was something bizarre like *#****99# or something16:21
ajturnerT-Mobile US is *99#16:21
ajturnerno username/password16:22
*** Rebe_ has joined #maemo16:22
timelesshas anyone here had problems with x terminal where zoom doesn't work ?16:23
*** benzea has quit IRC16:24
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_follower_mgedmin: re: "in os2006.1 a thumb press sent mouse button 7 press/release event" ah, i'd wondered how that all that worked...16:41
_follower_thanks :-) is it documented somewhere that you know?16:41
mgedminno, but I think there's a #define somewhere in hildon headers16:47
mgedminah, mplayer numbers buttons starting from 016:52
_follower_thanks, taking a look now--that really is an attractive URL, isn't it. :-)16:57
dwd_follower_: URIs are so clever, because they're designed to be easy to remember and easily transcribable by hand.17:00
mgedminok, I give up17:03
mgedmingtk/hildon include files in my scratchbox do not have anything resembling a constant for the thumb press button number17:04
_follower_is that why the file you linked to doesn't use a named constant then?17:07
_follower_right, so depending on the start it will probably be 7 or 8...17:10
_follower_that's handy, thanks. i wondered how they determined the difference between the two presses and hadn't thought of that...17:10
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Takhah, I saw some dell tablet pcs yesterday18:00
Takomg, they were crap18:00
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tkohmm, the method for thumb detection is changing.. it's different between the 2006 releases and yet again different in future releases19:07
*** skodde has joined #maemo19:07
spaetz_dang, the instructions to get osso-music-player to play ogg files are wrong on the wiki19:11
spaetz_at least registering the tremor plugin as described does not work19:12
spaetz_while launching gst-launch filesrc location=xxx ! tremor ! dsppcmsink works just fine19:12
spaetz_so the libs are ok19:12
spaetz_I hate non-open source apps19:13
suihkulokkispaetz_: I think the gst ragistering changed from gstreamer 0.8 (IT2005) to 1.0 (IT2006)19:14
spaetz_so, wouldn't "Getting started with multimedia in the Maemo 2.0 SDK" apply anymore?19:14
* spaetz_ is puzzled19:15
spaetz_I'm following: and it mentions gsreamer-0.1019:15
spaetz_so this seems to be current19:15
suihkulokkioh, I thought you where referring to some random wiki page19:16
spaetz_but the instructions there lead to the music player giving back an error dialog19:17
spaetz_but as I said launching gst-launch on the command line works fine.Weird19:17
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:28
mgedmintko: do you have more information about that (thumb detection)?19:33
mgedminI spent 30 minutes googling today, and didn't find anything substantial about thumb presses on maemo.org19:33
*** mproctor has joined #maemo19:36
*** mproctor has left #maemo19:37
jobitko: how does GTK determine which icon theme to use?19:42
Takcouldn't you just make a little app that registers all keypresses and mouseclicks and prints what it's received?19:45
*** Ionakka has quit IRC19:46
partTak: like xev?19:48
Takor use xev ;-)19:48
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sab_I'm preparing to flash to 2006.6 image, but would like to backup my stored wireless network configs/keys.  Does the backup tool do this for me, or if not, what files should I be copying off to my MMC?20:33
sab_2006.2 rather20:33
*** univac has joined #maemo20:35
*** benzea has quit IRC20:36
*** benzea has joined #maemo20:44
Takno idea if the backup tool stores them20:45
Takthey're in /var/lib/gconf/system/connectivity/IAP iirc20:46
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo20:47
mgedminthe backup tool backs them up20:47
mgedminin, iirc20:47
sab_thanks, I'll check those out20:48
*** smux has joined #maemo20:49
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:54
*** Guardian has joined #maemo20:57
tkomgedmin, basically thumb is 2006v1 => button1 followed by button8, 2006v2 => Mod4+button1, 2007 => button1+pressure >= magic -- it's rather limited use and far from stable so we're not making much noise about it21:02
tkojobi, GtkSettings::gtk-icon-theme-name and gtk-fallback-icon-theme (latter being 2.10 feature IIRC)21:04
mgedminthanks for the info21:04
mgedminwhat's the reason for changing it?21:05
tkojobi, and gtksettings are set through XSettings (which we don't have) or gtkrc21:05
tkomgedmin, first version is unreliable and hard to use, and filtering out button1 breaks all widgets, second version can't be implemented with newer X21:07
*** benzea has quit IRC21:07
*** benzea has joined #maemo21:09
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roopeHm, was thumb used for something in 2006? I don't remember...21:31
roope:D Oh yes. Thumb keyboard. :D21:32
roopeI should remember that, yes.21:32
TakI found out last night that I don't have the correct cable to try the host-mode+powered-usb-hub hack21:33
tkoroope, :-D21:37
*** bedboi has left #maemo21:37
saerdnaerbtw: i talk about my never ending boot problem some time ago, today mounted my flash rootfs from an mmc rootfs and now booting from flash works again21:41
*** matt_c has joined #maemo21:43
*** florian_kc has quit IRC21:43
saerdnaera small rescue rootfs image whould be a nice thing21:53
*** tommie has joined #maemo21:57
*** tommie has left #maemo21:57
partsaerdnaer: smaller than the dev rootfs?22:13
saerdnaerhmm i haven't looked at the dev rootfs22:13
partcheck it out22:16
*** ssvb has joined #maemo22:33
*** ab has quit IRC22:52
*** tenshiKur0 has quit IRC22:52
*** bilboed has joined #maemo22:52
tigertkoen: cool22:54
*** amv_ has joined #maemo22:54
koenonce I find out why dbus doesn't work, I should have a geo-cluefull ipaq :)22:54
*** waite has joined #maemo22:54
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*** waite has joined #maemo22:55
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timelesstigert: ping23:01
timelesshave you ever tried using's ApplicationCatalog2006 ?23:01
tigerttimeless: everytime I need to install stuff23:02
tigertand I know it sucks, its just a wiki23:02
tigertwe're working on a new one23:02
timelesstry installing minimo according to the instructions23:02
timelesswhen i tried, i ended up w/ an invalid catalog23:03
timelessand could no longer do anything23:03
koenminimo is kinda special23:03
* timeless needs to bug someone about the feedback being silly23:03
koenas is gnumeric23:03
timelessdefine special23:03
timelessmy definition is 'braindead'23:03
koenit's indt-ware23:03
timelessyes, how is that special?23:03
koenthe indt dudes rocked with it200523:03
koenand kind of left it there23:03
etrunkokoen: the packages don't work?23:04
koenhaven't been able to install any indt package with it200623:04
timelessanyway, it's in the applicationcatalog2006 page23:04
timelesswhich has something about ~this page is for things that won't normally fry your device~23:04
etrunkokoen: gnumeric installation should be fine23:04
timeless~things that might should go elsewhere~23:04
etrunkokoen: at least it was 'till some time ago23:05
timelessanyway, could someone please just confirm that following the wiki directions for installing minimo breaks application manager?23:05
etrunkobut i can't say muck about minimo23:05
etrunkotimeless: i'm testing23:06
etrunkotimeless: what was your problem?23:16
etrunkominimo is on my list23:16
etrunkoinstalling it now23:17
*** gnuite has joined #maemo23:21
timelessyou really left one of the fields blank?23:31
timelessi got an error about an invalid sources.list line23:31
timelessand couldn't update my package info because of it23:31
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo23:32
etrunkotimeless: yes23:35
etrunkothe last one23:35
timelessone sec23:35
*** maddler has joined #maemo23:35
maddlerhey all...23:40
timelessanyway, i'm flying in a few hours, i'll fiigure it out later :(23:40
*** luck has quit IRC23:41
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC23:42
*** benzea has quit IRC23:42
revtimeless: have fun23:42
*** ajturner has quit IRC23:43
*** epx has quit IRC23:43
maddlergnuite: alive?23:47
maddleram I the only one experiencing problems downloading maps with Maemo Mapper?23:47
maddlerI mean, I'm only getting geographical data/images23:47
maddlerno roads...23:47
maddlernor cities...23:47
koenmaddler: probably a wrong url23:49
koenmaddler: try opening on your desktop and see what uris it pulls from23:49
maddlerkoen: it works on my desktop... :|23:50
maddlerI know it's something with maemomapper... but can't guess what...23:50
maddlerhave you got a URI?23:52
maddlerI've been using those on ITT23:53
koenreplace the last three integers with %s23:54
koenand mt0 with mt23:55
maddlerlemme try...23:55
koenthe satelite coverage has an url like
maddlerdamn... now it's crashing...23:59

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