IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2015-08-09

fishbulbI have perfect eyesight and this writing is small00:03
fishbulbhow do I get root?00:06
Siceloyou can't (yet)00:06
fishbulbI dunno what to do00:06
Sicelo`mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis* /home/user/`00:06
fishbulbpermission denied00:10
fishbulbcan't preserve ownership of blahblahblah00:10
fishbulbpermission denied blahblahblah00:10
Siceloi have no idea. that worked just fine on the N9 i worked on .. earlier this week00:10
fishbulbwhat other packages00:11
fishbulbshould I install00:11
fishbulbif I can't get root how the hell do I do this?00:11
Siceloperhaps install as many of the packages as will install .. and retry moving the aegis stuff00:11
Siceloas long as it sits there, you can't really update/install anything else00:12
fishbulball of them?00:13
Sicelonot all will install .. just try as many as you can00:14
Jonninono dont do that00:14
Jonniall you need is to install repomirror, set clock and time to right time and install developermode through the ui.00:14
fishbulbwhich of these do I actually need00:14
fishbulbset clock to what?00:14
fishbulbI haven't yet00:14
Jonniif you install seperate deb files then you dont get the right permissions00:15
fishbulbrepomirror is installed00:15
Jonni(developer-mode install fails if clock and time is not the current one)00:15
fishbulbthe clock and time is the current one00:15
fishbulbI don't get it00:15
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Jonniand date and year needs to be current one too00:15
fishbulbit's current for my city and location.00:15
fishbulbit is00:15
fishbulbfor australia it's all correct00:16
fishbulbit won't fetch repositories00:17
fishbulbI'm using the Warehouse Installer00:17
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Jonniwhat command did you try to fetch repositories?00:17
fishbulbthere's a warehouse installer00:17
Jonniyou are not able to use warehouse untill developer mode has been installed00:17
Jonnias it wont work00:18
fishbulbwhat then?00:18
Siceloit won't fetch them because you still have aegis repos. you can try all you can .. you need to remove them00:18
Jonnithats why Im asking if you have installed something on top of the repomirror, like terminal?00:18
Sicelotbh, i don't understand why n9repomirror isnstall doesn't remove them. fail imo00:18
fishbulbterminal yes00:19
JonniSicelo: there is no need to remove aegis repos00:19
Siceloi had the same problem until i removed them00:19
fishbulbI installed terminal so that I could type these commands00:19
Jonnifishbulb: ok, terminal should be helpfull, have you tried to install developer-mode through terminal yet00:19
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Sicelo .. and that user is *not* me00:20
fishbulbdon't know how to install it00:21
Siceloyou cannot install it from terminal, trust me :)00:22
Siceloanyway ....00:22
* Sicelo heads to bed00:22
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Jonnifishbulb: a second I'll tell you terminal commands:00:22
JonniI've installed developer mode many times00:22
fishbulbI'll wait00:23
Jonnifirst try to run "pkgmgr refresh-cache"00:23
fishbulbsome parts of the cache could not be refreshed00:25
fishbulbthis is why "warehouse installer" kept failing00:27
JonniI'll login to my n9 to refresh my mind about right commands00:28
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fishbulbheh thanks00:28
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Jonnithat warehouse thing might cause problems, since with only flashed device and n9repomirror, that refresh-cache command says successfull... but lets try something00:30
fishbulbHOLY SHIT00:30
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fishbulba fukcing garbage truck just crashed outside00:30
fishbulbinto another car00:30
fishbulbahaha fucking hell00:30
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Jonni"pkgmgr install -p developer-mode"00:31
Jonnitry that00:31
fishbulboh man00:33
fishbulbone whole side of hte car is wiped out00:33
fishbulbnobody is fucked up I don't think00:33
fishbulbsomeone's car is  TOTALLED00:34
Jonniif that doesnt work, then you need to uninstall warehouse etc packages to get cleaner sources.list   (or just reflash the device and only install n9repomirror and terminal, and then "pkgmgr refresh-cache; pkgmgr install -p developer-mode")00:34
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fishbulbcould not resolve host00:36
fishbulbetc etc00:36
fishbulbwhole screen of could not resolve host00:36
fishbulbreset the whole device?00:36
Jonnimaybe your internet is not working, or does web browser work in device?00:36
fishbulbweb browser works fine00:37
fishbulbit' slooking on for some reason00:37
Jonnimaybe n9repomirror was installed without the "allow 3rd party setting"?00:37
fishbulbI allowed 3rd party apps00:38
Jonniwell yes quickest way is to reflash and only install n9repomirror and terminal, as without root its hard to clean sources.list00:39
Jonniand only install warehouse etc packages after developer-mode has been successfully installed00:39
fishbulbI'll just uninstall all of them00:40
fishbulbapart from n9repomirror and the other one00:40
Jonnilets hope that it cleans /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory00:41
fishbulbI only have meego terminal and... oh shit00:41
fishbulbok reset the whole damn thing00:41
JonniI only have 3 files in there: osa.list n9repomirror.list aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list, thats why developer-mode install works nicely00:42
fishbulball the wallpapers anda other bullshit00:42
fishbulbclearing device, it'll take a while00:43
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fishbulbshould I do this in sdk mode00:48
fishbulbI'm using linux00:48
fishbulbI don't want to have to type that shit out again.00:48
fishbulbon the phone00:48
Jonnisdk mode only appears after installing developer mode00:51
Jonnichicken egg00:51
fishbulbman can you upload something for me to flash to this phone00:53
Jonnibut its only about writing 2 commans in terminal, so shouldnt be that bad :)00:53
fishbulbwith the settings and shit00:53
fishbulbok I'll go through it again00:53
Jonniafter the 2 commands, you should be able to connect ssh from linux and things get easier00:53
fishbulbcan you tell me them again, I'm reading from a tiny piece of screen00:54
Jonnipkgmgr refresh-cache; pkgmgr install -p developer-mode00:55
fishbulbwait a minute terminal is here00:55
fishbulbI reset the device and meego terminal is still installed00:56
Jonniso whats in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?00:58
JonniI said to reflash and not to reset (but if reset clears the dir then I dont mind)00:58
fishbulbparts of the cache could not be refreshed01:00
fishbulbreset the device01:00
Jonnifishbulb: you need to reflash, as reset doesnt clear repolist01:00
fishbulbreflash how? with windows?01:00
Jonni  there are flashers for windows, linux and mac01:00
fishbulbI'll reset the thing, that's what fucked it up in the first place01:01
fishbulbit had this crap from back when it was supported and it was cluttered with someone elses shit01:01
Jonnireset only clears some settings, you always reflash the device to start fresh01:02
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fishbulbI'm clearing the device01:03
fishbulbit reset the whole thing the first time I did this01:04
fishbulball data and settings should disappear.01:04
Jonniclearing the device from UI does not clear the device, nor does the reset, Only way to clear the device is to use that flasher binary and usb cable01:04
fishbulbI'm sick of this01:05
Jonniusing flasher is pretty easy, but ofcourse it takes time to readh the flashing instructions.01:06
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JonniI just have like four or five N9's alive with custom repoes. And couple N950's in the shelves.01:08
fishbulbsoon as this has the necessary stuff I'm sending it off to my father01:10
fishbulbhe's on some broken old phone with buttons01:11
fishbulbI use an n90001:11
fishbulbwhen every n900 breaks, I'll have to move to android01:12
fishbulbclearing the device reset it back to the beginning the first time01:18
fishbulbwhy won't it do it this time?01:18
fishbulbalright, done, wiped01:29
fishbulbn9 repomirror01:32
fishbulbthen meego terminal?01:32
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fishbulbhey can someone upload an image of their phone01:41
fishbulbwith working repos and shit01:41
fishbulbis there such a thing out there? settings that can be loaded onto it?01:41
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Sicelohmm so no success fishbulb?09:33
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fishbulbfell asleep17:21
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