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fishbulbnobody is in #n921:33
fishbulbI need to make this 64gb phone operational21:33
fishbulbcan someone give pointers, the repos don't work, I might need to flash it to a newer version of whatever21:34
fishbulbit's running pr 1.321:36
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tbr1.3 was the last release IIRC22:11
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fishbulbI installed repomirror 0.6.022:46
fishbulbdeveloper mode won't turn on22:46
fishbulbit says installed but the size is 0kb22:48
fishbulb"actual n9 repositories"22:48
fishbulbI cant' get developer mode to download what it needs, is there something else I have to do?22:48
fishbulbI'll try that again22:56
Sicelohe needs to remove the aegis* files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:58
Siceloafter that you will be able to install developer mode without issues22:59
Sicelothat's teh part which is not *too* obvious from the repomirror page22:59
Sicelowhat i did was install the terminal manually from the deb file23:01
fishbulbI really just want to use the phone as a phone23:01
fishbulbit's functionally useless at the moment23:01
fishbulbwhere is a terminal .deb?23:01
Siceloto remove the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ does not need root23:01
fishbulbI mount the phone in linux or something23:01
Siceloas a phone? doesn't phone not even need developer momde?23:01
fishbulbI can't get any applications23:02
fishbulbI can't change anything23:03
fishbulbhow do I remove those files?23:03
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Siceloinstall terminal from the deb files given in that link23:03
Siceloyou can install some of the other files too, but terminal > remove those aegis files .. you should then be able to install developer mode properly23:06
Siceloin thinking about it further ..23:06
fishbulbok this tiny keyboard is difficult23:06
Sicelomaybe you only just need "warehouse" and not even developer mode23:06
fishbulbwhere is warehouse?23:07
Siceloyeah, annoying, haha .. i couldn't bear it .. but then .. the N9 belongs to a special friend, so23:07
Sicelolook in ;)23:07
Sicelothat's basically the new home of the N9/Harmattan23:08
fishbulbthis is for my father23:09
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Siceloi have 2 N900, but will definitely say i love the N9 UX .. wow! and also the construction of the hardware23:10
fishbulbyeah this phone feels great, and looks great, but I have a couple of n900's too23:11
fishbulb1 working and 1 spare and 1 broken usb23:11
Sicelofix the USB one :) worth it23:12
fishbulbI'm not going to move to a different phone until n900 is totally extinct23:12
fishbulbyup worth it but very annoying taking them apart. it's not important yet23:12
fishbulbI can't find warehouse23:13
fishbulbwarehouse installer?23:14
Siceloanyway, i don't knw N9 very well .. read openrepos, ask here, and make your own decisions23:16
fishbulbhow do I even open these things23:20
fishbulbI installed it23:20
fishbulbI can't find it to open23:20
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fishbulbrestart again or something23:21
Sicelowhat things? :)23:23
Sicelohave you installed the terminal? open the links on N9 browser .. then when you click the deb it will be possible to install by simply clicking it in the list of downloads23:24
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fishbulbI installed it then it said couldn't refresh parts of cache23:30
fishbulbdeveloper mode deb file won't install either23:35
Siceloso you have terminal in the application list/menu?23:36
fishbulbwarehouse installer won't work23:37
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Siceloopen this from a browser *on the N9* ..
fishbulbyeah I'm doing that man23:40
fishbulbok I used the first link, it' sfetching repositories....23:41
fishbulbsame error :(23:41
Siceloi am a bit confused -- is a terminal installed on the N9 right now? yes/no23:42
fishbulbok finally23:42
Siceloalright. aegis* files removed?23:43
fishbulbI'm reading off a very small screen, where are they?23:44
viljamifug, my gf says everyday that "why don't you buy a new phone"23:44
viljamii love my n9 ;_;23:44
Sicelo /etc/apt/sources.list.d/23:45
Sicelomove them to /home/user for example23:45
fishbulbmove them? why?23:45
fishbulbpermission denied23:46
fishbulbis there a "stock" root password?23:46
Sicelohaha, no permission denied :)23:47
Siceloread that error correct .. just said it can't set file ownership properly23:47
Sicelotry install developer mode the "normal" way now23:47
fishbulbpermission denied23:47
fishbulbinstall dev mode in the menu23:48
fishbulbtrying that23:48
fishbulbit won't.23:52
Sicelowhat was your command to remove the aegis.. files?23:53
fishbulbrm aegis*23:53
fishbulbpermission denied23:53
Sicelodo `ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/` and show us output23:54

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