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fishbulbstill no success07:53
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fishbulbSicelo: I dunno whether to flash it with pr1.3 or try something else like sailfish. I'm sending it to someone who doesn't need twitter facebook rss and nearly ALL of the shit this thing comes with. TV out and music, yes, browsing and youtube, probably, calls and texts absolutely12:03
fishbulbemails probably12:03
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Sicelocan't it already do all of those?12:27
rigoI think pr1.3 is still the better option because it has many things that sailfish hasn't, like navigation and support for H.26412:31
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Siceloand the end user sounds like a 'basic' user anyway .. no point giving him something he'll have to tinker with a lot12:32
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rigoI just re-flashed mine. But now I have trouble finding all the apps again as I still need to find rzr's mirror of things from the ovi store12:32
rigobut once you have a decent sources.list, it should be pretty smooth12:33
rigomake sure you install warehouse before delivering12:33
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rigohi all, is there a page with all the sources still available for harmattan?14:51
rigomy warehouse client doesn't update the list of available repositories14:53
rigogives an error message14:53
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Sicelorigo: installed n9repomirror?15:13
rigoI had it, but it seems outdated15:20
rigoafter the last flash, it also created a strange orange icon with !!jabber label and I can't get rid of it...15:21
rigoand after dist-upgrade, it wants to uninstall most things as they are not necessary anymore. Because dist-upgrade de-installed pr01-harmattan15:22
rigoha, I found inception_0.1 from itsnotabigtruck, wonder whether this is the actual version15:29
rigochecking TMO15:29
rigoah no, its 02.515:29
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rigocoderus, isn't there a better place for the aegis-installer hack than dropbox?15:49
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coderusrigo ?15:57
rigoI have enabled your repo in openrepos (its just so central :)15:58
rigowill install from there15:58
rigothanks for doing that stuff coderus15:58
coderusits not openrepos repo15:59
coderusits standalone trusted repository15:59
coderuscheck in tmo:
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rigocoderus, I was wrong, I meant for the trusted repos... dropbox doesn't look very trustworthy :)16:07
coderusits my personal account16:07
coderuswell, i can upload it to same place if you want16:07
rigodisclaimer: I'm somewhat security paranoid :)16:07
rigoand it is rather easy to hack/replace the thing in dropbox16:08
coderusdropbox will inject a virus in harmattan arm deb or what?16:08
rigowhile I think it would be a little harder if you would store it in openrepos with a gpg authentication16:08
rigonot dropbox itself16:08
coderuswhat? no, i dont care about that.16:09
rigosure, you do, so you do whatever you want :) Just a remark for more reliability...16:09
rigoI found the dropbox link here:
rigothanks so much for putting the trusted repos in your own repo now16:20
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rigocoderus, BTW, I found a new terminal error :)
rigook, after dist-upgrade, the phone is bricked. Need to reflash I think17:29
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rigoreflashed back up...23:17
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