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phervieu1does anyone already installed Sailfish OS on her Nokia N9 ?13:19
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pahi guys15:52
paand merry Christmas, for those who celebrate it :)15:52
pai was also wondering: could someone tip me on how to create an external repository (open repo someone was saying?) for my app for the "after 31.12.2013" and how to configure init scripts to add/remove it?15:54
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phervieu1I think, you can find an tutorial on Internet and than can you personalize it for Harmattan/Sailfish OS16:04
phervieu1because they are all on Linux based, that's because I think that's could work16:05
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pai see thanks  try16:07
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paso now everybody are using openrepo?16:07
phervieu1of course, what do you think !16:07
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phervieu1but I'm interesting to hear opinion about Sailfish OS on Nokia N9. I tried it and I thought that's work well, but somes things dont't work and I think that's, for exemple, the battery charging don't work. Is that right ?16:12
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pahow to add all the harmattan repos on openrepos appear in meecatalog?16:25
pais there some system-generated sources.list?16:25
paah i see there's a custom app for openrepos16:28
pashould i thrash meecatalog and use that one?16:28
M4rtinK pa: both work in a different way16:29
M4rtinKmeecatalog shows you what is in the repos you have enabled16:29
M4rtinKwarehouse (open repos app) shows a listing of all apps on openrepos & makes it possible to enable individual repos for the apps16:30
paah i see16:30
paso i need both, right?16:30
phervieu1you can use warehouse or meecatalog16:30
phervieu1but I think that's Warehouse is better16:31
pai see, thanks  :)16:31
phervieu1beacause you only have to click on "active repos" (or somethings like that) and then have you all the applications that you can find on this repo16:31
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pabut when i enable a repo in warehouse, i see this doesnt get into system sources.list17:11
pafor example meecatalog does not see those repos17:11
paam i missing something?17:11
pabtw, can someone point me to a postinst and postrm for adding/removing repos? i remember coderus mentioning something like that17:14
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pahow do i remove an entry from sources.list? do i have to do something like cat file | grep -v > file ?18:46
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