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HtheBguys, please read:
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phervieu1does anyone know, if the Nokia N9 on Sailfish OS does charge or not ?00:46
befordi don't know00:50
phervieu1do you habe already installed it on your N9 ?00:54
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befordnot yet00:57
befordI'll give it a try maybe tomorrow00:57
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phervieu1a tip, the documentation is very good. You only have to make attention because it's could be dengerous for you N901:00
phervieu1Otherwise when you take attention on the documentation it would without problems work01:01
phervieu1and I think that's better when you would work with a Linux computer, because that simplier01:01
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befordI'd believe that charging  N9 works on sailfish as AFAIK it works on nemo01:02
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coderusphervieu1 funny :D12:30
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phervieu1hello :)15:54
coderusphervieu1: hello funny :D16:24
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phervieu1does anyone here speak french or german ?16:59
coderusrussian bear17:05
coderusmeans i'm russian bear17:05
coderusso no intruders language here, sorry17:06
tbrphervieu1: what's your need for those languages?17:09
phervieu1I'm only asking that's because my English is not so good :)17:10
phervieu1but I think that's good for me, when nobody speak these languages. So I must write in English17:12
tbrjust ask your real question and things will happen17:12
phervieu1Does the N9 charge when it's booted on Sailfish OS ?17:13
coderusphervieu1: yes it is17:15
coderusphervieu1: latest r4 image contains fixies for battery charging17:15
phervieu1this one sailfish- ?17:18
phervieu1that's the same17:22
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