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thpi didn't get the 'lazen' part00:03
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RzRthp, jo-la ti-zen00:33
ketaswhat RzR01:00
ketasalso... i booted my n900 and i really don't get this this platform didn't continue01:02
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Jef91is there a wiki page for setting up a scratch box for building software for the n9?02:41
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Jef91thanks Hurrian02:56
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Jef91Got scratch box setup/installed - how do I install build deps and things?04:24
Jef91I get this -> /scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not set when I try to use apt-get04:25
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ElleoJef91: iirc you need to run sb-menu and setup the armel target with qemu04:34
Jef91Elleo: just got past that one :)04:35
Elleocan't remember the exact steps (it was a couple of years ago I last setup scratchbox) , but it's all menu driven so should be fairly obvious04:35
Elleoah excellent :)04:35
Jef91now getting04:35
Jef91now getting /scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: : No such file or directory04:35
Elleonot sure about that I'm afraid04:36
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Elleoah, did you extract the rootstrap?04:38
Elleo(also from sb-menu)04:38
Jef91Elleo: I did not04:39
Jef91in the menu now04:39
Jef91which file is it?04:39
Elleothe armel one04:39
ElleoHARMATTAN_ARMEL  cs2009q3-eglibc2.10-armv7-hard04:39
Jef91this is what I have
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Elleoah, you might need to install the rootstrap to the target first?04:40
Elleovia the install menu04:40
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Elleothis is really testing my memory :P04:41
Jef91Elleo: is there just a wiki page somewhere that details all this?04:41
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Elleomight be something on the maemo wiki somewhere04:42
Elleoah yes,04:44
Elleoyou have to download the rootstrap from
Elleo <-- see the "installing target rootstrap" section04:45
Jef91thanks Elleo04:48
Elleono problem :)04:49
ElleoI forgot how much of a headache setting up the harmattan scratchbox was :P04:50
Jef91bleh still getting this error ->
Jef91Yea. Seems very user unfriendly04:50
Jef91no wonder not much software was ever written for the platform04:50
Elleowell you don't *have* to use scratchbox, there used to be a qtcreator package with some cross compilation built in iirc04:51
Elleonever really used that myself04:51
raininjaJef91: are you running e17 on a harmattan device?04:52
raininjair e1804:52
Jef91raininja: well my goal04:52
Jef91is to compile EFLs04:52
Jef91for the N904:52
Jef91so I can run a few applications I've written on it04:52
ElleoI like the way mer/sailfish handles it, by just giving you a nice premade virtualbox image that works out of the box04:52
Jef91if I can just get this damn build ev setup04:52
raininjawell I will be your test monkey04:52
Jef91Elleo: I just want to cross-compile some software04:52
Elleoyeah, for compiling EFL scratchbox will be your best bet04:53
Jef91I know :-/04:53
Jef91Wish it would just f***ing work04:53
Jef91I finally upgraded my N90004:53
Jef91to an N904:53
Jef91Maemo was too old to build current EFLs on04:53
raininjai just bought an N904:53
Jef91Harmattan looks new enough though04:53
Jef91raininja: mine is due to get here by the end of the year :)04:53
raininjaJef91: i was half thinking of trying archarm on it04:54
raininjaor 'alarm'04:54
Jef91I don't want a different OS04:54
Jef91that is always a pain04:54
Jef91I just want to build some software for it04:54
raininjathat way I already have an easy way to cross compile04:54
Jef91since the apps are what matter04:54
Jef91I have ARM systems laying around04:55
raininjaJef91: well for me it is not another os, and someone has done it04:55
raininjai already run arch04:55
Jef91Is there a harmattan ARM root FS I could download?04:55
Jef91and then just CHroot into04:55
ElleoJef91: does the rootkit show up in sb-menu's rootkit menu now?04:55
Jef91from an ARM system?04:55
Jef91no Elleo04:55
Elleotry going through sb-menu's install rootkit with the file you downloaded04:56
Elleothen see if it shows in the extract rootkit section04:56
ElleoJef91: just as a side note in case you aren't already aware; you have to be very careful when removing scratchbox to make sure it's fully stopped and unmounted before deleting /scratchbox otherwise you'll hose your host system as well04:57
Jef91good to know Elleo04:58
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ElleoJef91: seems there's a script for automated scratchbox setup:
Elleonot sure that's much help when you're already most of the way through getting things installed though, unless you want to start again05:01
Elleohaven't used the script myself though, so can't really vouch for its effectiveness05:01
Jef91I started with that Elleo05:02
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Elleowell, I'm pretty much out of ideas I'm afraid :/05:05
Jef91i figured it was just too old05:06
* Jef91 shrugs05:06
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raininjaso there is no way to build qt creator with MADDE support without the older qt516:37
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raininjaI neglected the qt/nokia past17:34
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Sazpaimon__so i accidently formatted my N9's user data partition20:02
Sazpaimon__as in, new partition table20:02
Sazpaimon__what do I need to do to get the N9 to read it properly again20:02
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coderuswhat exactly you did?21:03
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raininjaflasher does not see my device22:18
raininjawhat is the proper syntax for the -U option?22:18
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raininjagot it23:08
raininjapower off.23:08
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