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aduhow u doing06:31
adui have nokia n9 but i can not use the social network such as wazapp , wechat how i ca use that things06:33
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aephow can i run a python script as user? as root or devel i cant access the messages15:44
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sledgesaep: python script.py15:47
aepuser 'user'15:48
aepthe ssh login is for developer15:48
sledgessu user15:48
sledgesor devel-su user15:49
sledgesjust speculating15:49
aep~ # su user15:49
aepsu: can't set groups: Operation not permitted15:49
aepoh devel-su worked15:49
sledgesgood, have fun!15:49
aepQMessageFilter.byType(QMessage.Sms)  returns nothing15:53
aepactually using any type filter makes the result empty15:57
sledgesand without filter results non-empty?15:58
aepusing this :15:59
* sledges has no speculations on that one :)15:59
aepQMessageFilter.byStatus works but not QMessageFilter.byType15:59
sledgesthp: ^16:00
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aepbut all of the ones i get returned are QtMobility.Messaging.QtMobility.QMessage.Type.Email16:01
aepso i guess i simply cant access sms at all through qtmobility?16:01
thpaep: try with C++ QtMobility APIs for comparison, could very well be that the PySide bindings for these parts of QtMobility are not fully tested16:04
thpaep: also, aegis?16:04
aepdamn, then i need to install that sdk beast16:05
aepthis is a stock consumer phone with no hacks, so yeah, could be aegis in the way16:05
aepi dont know how to disable it16:05
aepall i really want is get the sms out there in plain text16:05
aepi dont really have an app. just running a script from the developer shell16:06
aepso i wouldnt know where to put that manifest16:06
thpthis one seems to use libcommhistory16:07
aepyeah tried that, doesnt work16:07
aepjust keeps spewing this to stderr:16:07
aeplibqtcontacts-tracker: queue.cpp:104: The task queue's background thread stalled16:07
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aepeh, all of the sudden the thing works16:25
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teleshoeshey does anyone have a guess why GPS fix takes ~10 minutes for me?20:13
teleshoesin modrana and drive, etc20:14
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deramI've had the same speed when traveling and no data connection available.. cold starting gps taeks time to find the satelites and get a fix. with working internet connectivity the gps gets the location much faster20:16
Custodianprobably you use nokia supl servers, change them to google ones20:16
teleshoesi use
teleshoesi have nokia listed as secondary tho20:16
teleshoeswhat does SuplForced do in the config?20:17
teleshoesi have it set to true20:17
teleshoesalso i have PrimarySuplOnlyGprs=false20:17
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CustodianSuplForced=true always ask supl server for data20:18
teleshoesas opposed to?20:18
teleshoesnever? only under circumstances: X?20:18
Custodianif you dont have concurrent internet connection, better leave as false20:18
teleshoesi do have internet connection tho20:18
Custodiandont know the alg here :/20:19
Custodianmine tuned as
teleshoesbtw, thx deram, this confirms my suspicion that im only using real GPS and not AGPS or whatever20:19
teleshoeswell, not 'confirms' per se, but does seem to suggest it20:19
teleshoesi have same config as you, thx20:20
teleshoesill try turning off supl forced, sounds interesting20:20
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Malinuxhow do I actually use vnc over usb in developer-mode? I mean the obvious part is to connect usb between the computer and the phone20:38
MalinuxThe not so obivous part is. When I choose over wifi, it's not a probem to connect, but that is slow. Through usb I can't connect20:39
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Malinuxnver mind. I forgot to set my phone in sdk-mode when attaching the usb-cable...20:54
teleshoesyou dont need to use sdk mode20:56
teleshoesyou just need to ifconfig up usb020:56
Malinuxis it faster? vnc is slow as a pain in the .....20:56
teleshoesover usb?20:57
Malinuxyes. it's slow even through usb20:57
MalinuxI was giving it a shot as I thought maybe it would be faster20:57
teleshoeswhat are you using?20:57
teleshoesare you using that net-vnc thing?20:57
teleshoesjust use a regular vnc client20:57
MalinuxRemmina in Ubuntu20:57
teleshoesisnt that for rdesktop?20:57
Malinuxnot only20:58
teleshoesim sure its fine20:58
Malinuxokey, but it's slow20:58
teleshoesbut you MIGHT wanna try using tightvnc or something20:58
teleshoesjust to see if maybe its your client20:58
teleshoescoz its ok for me20:58
teleshoesi use 'TightVNC Viewer version 1.3.9'21:00
Malinuxhm. I installed a package called tightvnc-java, that's the closest I could find21:00
Malinuxand I can't even find it after it's installed21:00
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Malinuxmaybe wrong package21:00
teleshoesis the debian pkg i think21:00
teleshoesdpkg -S vncviewer21:00
Malinuxah, it's not in ubutu-repo21:00
teleshoesthats a shame21:00
MalinuxI think, or I could check first21:00
MalinuxI will not conlude before I have checked the command21:01
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teleshoesalso there are things you can tweak21:01
Malinuxsorry for not pastebin21:01
teleshoeslike compression or something21:01
Malinuxdpkg -S vncviewer21:01
Malinuxapp-install-data: /usr/share/app-install/icons/_usr_share_gtkvncviewer_data_gtkvncviewer_64.png21:01
Malinuxapp-install-data: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/gtkvncviewer:data__gtkvncviewer.desktop21:01
Malinuxbash-completion: /etc/bash_completion.d/vncviewer21:01
MalinuxI forgot to grep21:01
Malinuxthe | Status returns nothing21:01
teleshoesyea, no, its not there21:01
Malinuxso that's sad21:02
MalinuxI think it was there earlier21:02
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teleshoesmine is unstable/main amd6421:02
teleshoes{i use sid, and you should too!}21:02
teleshoes{those crazy canonicals are going to die of NIH disease and kill us all}21:03
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teleshoesanyway, try switching clients21:03
Malinuxteleshoes: :p21:04
MalinuxI stick with Ubuntu as I love unity, but if it is possible to install unity on Debian, I can think it over21:04
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Malinuxyeah. It makes workflow faster21:06
teleshoesfaster than cutting off your hands21:07
teleshoesfaster than not having a computer21:07
teleshoesseriously, though, try cinnamon out21:08
teleshoesi hate all "desktop environments", but some are worse than others21:08
Malinuxdoes it contain a search-lense?21:10
teleshoesif im not mistaken, thats a program, not a DE feature21:10
teleshoeswait, whats a search-lens21:10
teleshoesi thought you meant an animated magnifier lens, which would be part of the compositor21:11
Malinuxsearch lens searches for different things. You can search for files through it, video and whatever there is an search-scope installed for21:12
Malinuxand the other thing I love about Unity is the HUD, Head Up Display21:12
teleshoesthe system bar?21:13
teleshoesoh, its a transparent overlay ui21:14
teleshoesisnt that like a per-program feature?21:14
mgedminthe thing where you hit alt and get a type-ahead search in all the menu items of the current app, afair21:14
teleshoesah, its an app menubar replacement21:14
Malinuxteleshoes: here is a demonstration:
Malinuxmgedmin: that's right21:15
Malinuxin my opinion HUD is on of the greatest thing who have happend after the first window-based os came21:15
teleshoesits really poorly named21:16
teleshoesHUDs are typically omnipresent21:16
teleshoesnot summoned up21:16
Malinuxanyhow, here is a demo on HUD
MalinuxThey could indeed have choosen a better name21:16
teleshoesthat looks useful for navigating gui menus21:17
teleshoeshopefully its a standalone app21:17
mgedminit's part of the desktop shell, afaiu21:19
Malinuxthis is the harmattan channel :) I wonder. Is there a backup-tool as in Maemo? What I think of is the ability to backup apps. So They will be installed after a reflash or something21:19
teleshoesmm, i changed my mind already anyway21:19
Malinuxmgedmin: yes, it's very useful21:19
mgedmindo they still ship unity as a compiz plugin in current versions of ubuntu?21:19
Malinuxnot sure in 13.1021:19
Malinuxbut I  run 12.04 because it's a lts21:19
teleshoesi thought hud was new in 13.0421:19
mgedminbackup tool? yes, the N9 came with one21:20
mgedminI don't remember if it backs up installed apps21:20
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Malinuxmgedmin: so the backup I took with the built-inn backuptool takes backups of the apps as well?21:20
mgedminit backs up app data, I'm sure21:20
mgedminlet me take a look21:20
MalinuxHUD came in Ubuntu 11.04 I think. It came with Unity21:20
mgedminit backs up apt repos you've added21:21
mgedminit backs up the list of installed packages21:21
teleshoesit backs up the list21:21
teleshoesyou can backup /var/cache/apt21:21
teleshoesi have an extremely eccentric automatic backup/restore system21:22
teleshoeswhen i restore, it automatically, without human intervention, enables dev mode, installs an openmode kernel, installs all my apps, restores my SMS and call history, wifi networks, launcher button order, etc21:23
Malinuxmgedmin: nice. then i don't need to worry about that. I had to reflash my N9 last night or so, because I somehow made it uninstall the entire harmattan-gui-package :S21:24
Malinuxbefore it went toast, even the keyboard was unistalled :p21:24
teleshoesits fine to remove mp-harmattan21:24
mgedminsounds like fun :)21:24
teleshoesas long as you dont auto-remove afterwards21:25
teleshoesi remove it as part of my automatic reinstall, and then i have a script which marks all its dependencies as manually installed21:25
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teleshoeswhat you did to toast it was remove twitter or facebook or something, right?21:25
teleshoeshere is my bizarre backup/restore machine:
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Malinuxwell. I went nervous when It happend, and special when the flasher didn't recognise the phone at first21:31
Malinuxteleshoes: no. I tried to intsall profiler-something, but I think it was wrong package, the program I tried to install was profile matic21:32
teleshoesthat is normal21:32
teleshoesi see21:32
Malinuxbut it failed in openrepos-app21:32
Malinuxand I tried a packge with a name close in terminal thinkig it maybe was the right app21:32
teleshoesyou should always look at the "the following packages will be REMOVED" warning21:33
Malinuxand then the terminal showed a looong list of apps it said I could remove with apt-get autoremove. I dindn't made it do that through the terminal I exited the terminal then21:33
teleshoesobvious in retrospect, im sure, but i mean you shouldnt be afraid to try to install things in future21:33
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Malinuxand tried to install the profile matic from the openrepo-app instead21:33
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teleshoesyou should probably always use the terminal, so you can see what its going to do21:34
Malinuxand then I understud fishyu things happend,21:34
Malinuxteleshoes: shure21:34
Malinuxanyhow. In retrospect I see I have used the oldest versjon of openrepo-app21:34
teleshoesoh man theres an openrepos app?21:34
Malinuxafter installing the newest I have not getting problems installing apps from the openrepos app21:34
Malinuxteleshoes: yes there is :)21:34
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teleshoesthats exciting news, now all the people asking how to set up a repo can stop asking over and over in every thread announcing a new project21:35
Malinuxyes, I was one of those who asked how to add the entire repo21:35
Malinuxand the answer was a link to that app21:35
MalinuxI don't know why it is organized under social network21:35
teleshoesbecause thats EXACTLY what it is21:36
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MalinuxRemember to install the newest version and not 0.0.8, as I did first :p21:36
teleshoesentire repo wouldnt really make sense21:36
Malinuxis it?21:36
*** pntiummx133mhz has quit IRC21:36
teleshoesbecause of conflicts with developer's repos21:36
teleshoesthis app talks between different developers repositories21:36
*** RzR has quit IRC21:36
Malinuxthere is a way to add dev-repos within the app21:36
Malinuxit does21:36
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teleshoesthats the social networking part21:37
teleshoesand in fact, thats the important part, the thing you were missing21:37
Malinuxoh my gooood. there is even an even newer version out now :D21:37
*** RzR has joined #harmattan21:37
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Malinuxthe easiest way to use terminal on N9 is through ssh because of the lack of physical keyboard21:39
teleshoesyou can help make swype your terminal friend21:39
teleshoesby adding ifconfig and apt-get as words21:39
MalinuxI have an N900 too, but that's one is a used one. My original N900 became broken because the usb lost contact with the motherboard21:40
teleshoesif swype was frickin opensource, id have tied in bash completion21:40
MalinuxI have added completion to my N9, but it dosen't work with apt-get <and whatever after>21:40
MalinuxI got my N9 as a swap-phone for my N90021:40
teleshoeshah, my n9 broke a few months ago, and while i was waiting to replace it, i used my old n90021:41
teleshoesand i wondered why the hell i ever stopped21:41
MalinuxI wonder too :p21:41
teleshoesthe answer, of course, is that its slow21:41
teleshoesthats it though21:41
MalinuxI have a N900 in the closet. i think I will fix it up someday21:41
Malinuxyeah, that's what i have never like about N900. It's always being so slow21:41
teleshoesyouve heard, yes?21:41
MalinuxI heard?21:41
Malinux*never liked21:42
Malinuxwhat is a neo900?21:42
Malinuxa new phone?!21:42
teleshoesits essentially an n900 board upgrade21:42
teleshoesit will probably be everything youve ever hoped and dreamed21:43
teleshoes1GB of ram, 1ghz cpu21:43
Malinuxhm, I have a N900-screen somewhere too, but I didn't needed it, as it was fixed by garntee then21:43
Malinuxhm, that cool21:43
teleshoesits still in pre-pre-production as some large hardware questions are still being explored21:44
teleshoesbut if you would want what they describe at the projected price point {700euros}, vote!21:44
*** pntiummx133mhz has quit IRC21:45
Malinuxso it's 700€ for the motherboard?21:45
teleshoesno, more like 550 for the board21:46
teleshoes700 for the full phone21:46
teleshoesthose are best estimates21:46
Malinuxwhat will the phone look like?21:46
teleshoes== n90021:46
*** piggz has quit IRC21:46
teleshoessame case, screen, etc21:46
*** Pat_o has joined #harmattan21:47
Malinuxand if they are going to make a brand new phone too and a motherboard upgade  for N900's I think it's strange they will have a resistive screen21:47
teleshoes{please dont bother mentioning that on the forum, its been discussed to death}21:47
teleshoes{the plan is pretty solidly in place, with only highly technical research questions left}21:48
MalinuxI see. What is the reasons?21:48
teleshoeseconomics, mostly21:48
Malinuxprice? possibility21:48
MalinuxI see21:48
MalinuxI have even thinked about find a replacement-screen with a more modern touchscreen21:48
Malinuxbut havent found anyone21:48
teleshoesi dont think one exists21:48
MalinuxI see21:48
teleshoesor really can exist21:49
teleshoeshonestly, i would much rather have a resistive screen21:49
Malinuxthere are benefits with both21:49
teleshoesn9 screen drives me crazy with inaccuracies, especially when connected to a high-interference charger21:49
MalinuxI like the pen I can point with21:49
Malinuxyes. inaccuracies is a pain too21:50
Malinuxwill it not support multitouch?21:50
teleshoesof course not21:50
teleshoesit will be the same as the n90021:50
Malinuxbut this is true21:50
MalinuxFinally the first true successor to the N900.21:51
Malinuxaccording to their homepage21:51
teleshoesit will be n900++21:51
teleshoesi saw literally nothing that wasnt better than the n90021:51
mf2hd21:39:33 <@zzzub> ttu mikä aivopieru, suolijärvellä on avanto ja lämmitetty pukukoppi, fillarilla vaan21:51
mf2hd21:39:45 <@mf2hd> jaajaa21:51
mf2hd21:40:13 <@zzzub> + teki mieli vetokoukkua21:51
teleshoesthose are words i think21:51
mf2hd21:40:22 <@zzzub> se avaisi mahdollisuuksia... :)21:51
mf2hd21:40:44 <@mf2hd> ostetaa kimppapaku retkeilyautoks :P21:51
mf2hd21:41:34 <@mf2hd> ei vaa, kyl mä tarvin oman21:51
mf2hd21:39:33 <@zzzub> ttu mikä aivopieru, suolijärvellä on avanto ja lämmitetty21:51
mf2hd                  pukukoppi, fillarilla vaan21:51
Malinuxwhen talking about N900. Is it possible to get a nordic keyboard as sparepart somewhere?21:51
mf2hd21:39:45 <@mf2hd> jaajaa21:51
mf2hd21:40:13 <@zzzub> + teki mieli vetokoukkua21:51
mf2hd21:40:22 <@zzzub> se avaisi mahdollisuuksia... :)21:51
mf2hd21:40:44 <@mf2hd> ostetaa kimppapaku retkeilyautoks :P21:51
mf2hd21:41:34 <@mf2hd> ei vaa, kyl mä tarvin oman21:51
mf2hd21:39:33 <@zzzub> ttu mikä aivopieru, suolijärvellä on avanto ja lämmitetty21:51
mf2hd                  pukukoppi, fillarilla vaan21:51
teleshoesno idea, but i think its unlikely21:51
mf2hd21:39:45 <@mf2hd> jaajaa21:52
mf2hd21:40:13 <@zzzub> + teki mieli vetokoukkua21:52
mf2hd21:40:22 <@zzzub> se avaisi mahdollisuuksia... :)21:52
MalinuxThe one I got from ebay (because the one I owned was taken and a N9 came back) has a uk-keyboard or so21:52
mf2hd21:40:44 <@mf2hd> ostetaa kimppapaku retkeilyautoks :P21:52
mf2hd21:41:34 <@mf2hd> ei vaa, kyl mä tarvin oman21:52
mf2hdputty :/21:52
teleshoesthank god21:52
Malinuxmf2hd: ah. that's happens21:53
MalinuxEI SAA PEITTÃÃ21:53
Malinuxit's written all over electric ovens. Do Not Cover is the English word I think21:54
*** no has joined #harmattan21:57
MalinuxI have a lot of questions about N9, or at least, a new one. How do I get rid of this messages when running apt-get ?21:57
*** no is now known as Guest7648421:57
teleshoesno idea, except its obviously a language config issue; try setting those env variables to other things21:59
*** anonfriese has joined #harmattan21:59
*** bef0rd has quit IRC22:00
*** Guest76484 has quit IRC22:01
teleshoesparticularly, try adding "LC_ALL=nb_NO.UTF-8"22:01
hahlogot error "recovering from update do not interrupt" it went to 100% but boot stuck to nokia logo22:01
*** friese has quit IRC22:02
teleshoes{use ubiboot to recover you documents tracker db and such, and reflash?}22:03
hahlook thanks22:03
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:06
teleshoes{note that tracker-db is where all your text messages and calls and such are}22:08
hahloI see ok thanks22:09
Malinuxteleshoes: you mean I should add the "LC_ALL=nb_NO.UTF8" where?22:12
Malinuxis it possible to just put export in fromt of it?22:12
teleshoeseither /etc/environment or to export22:12
teleshoesLC_ALL=nb_NO.UTF8 apt-get install22:12
teleshoestry that out22:12
Malinuxon one command?22:12
teleshoesif it works, stick it in /etc/environment, or .profile, or .bashrc, or wherever you like22:13
Malinuxah, smart :)22:13
teleshoesLC_ALL=nb_NO.UTF8 apt-get install modrana22:13
teleshoesas if you havent already installed modrana..22:13
Malinuxcouldn't find package modrana22:14
*** Martix has joined #harmattan22:14
Malinuxhm, problem is. to install, I have to enable it's repository first22:14
Malinuxthat's pretty much why I would have all repos actually available22:15
teleshoesexcept what if i add a modrana to mine22:15
teleshoeswhich one to choose22:15
teleshoeswhat if i depend on an existing version of some library in his repo22:16
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan22:16
teleshoesbut then a newer lib comes out22:16
teleshoesits impossible to reconcile automatically22:16
MalinuxI see22:16
MalinuxI can try the package nano, ho is not installed22:16
teleshoesbest remove it when youre done22:17
teleshoeswouldnt want hipsters to think youre lame22:17
Malinuxnano works, but the message still presist22:17
teleshoesalso do LANGUAGE=22:17
MalinuxI was lame and used nano before, because vim made me agressive as I understood nothing at all22:17
Malinuxah, yeas, that's unset, so it's not actually the same command :)22:18
teleshoesvim requires a conscious investment of time22:18
Malinuxso I need to do a LANGUAGE="en_US" LC_ALL="nb_NO.UTF8" apt-get install <packaga>   ?22:19
Malinuxteleshoes: indeed, but I now understand the basics, and then I use it22:19
teleshoestry different things22:19
MalinuxI can try22:19
teleshoesvim and emacs are definitely the only reasonable text editors on earth22:20
teleshoestry setting it all to nb_NO.UTF822:21
teleshoesand then to en_US22:21
teleshoesand then combinations22:21
teleshoesmaybe there's a nordic lang pack youre missing?22:22
Malinux I can try22:22
MalinuxI have to eat a little, so I'll be back later :)22:22
teleshoesbe careful, eating is tricky22:22
*** Pat_o has joined #harmattan22:25
*** Zotan has joined #harmattan22:28
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:28
*** Zotan has joined #harmattan22:29
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:31
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:32
*** trigpoint_n9____ has quit IRC22:33
*** Pat_o has joined #harmattan22:37
*** trigpoint_n9____ has joined #harmattan22:38
*** RzR has quit IRC22:48
*** RzR has joined #harmattan22:49
*** teleshoes has left #harmattan22:54
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*** anonfriese has quit IRC23:00
*** trigpoint_n9____ has quit IRC23:05
*** trigpoint_n9____ has joined #harmattan23:17
Malinuxwhat's the command for starting the warehouse-app from terminal? I can't get it to start gui-way after ugprading to 0.1.223:18
*** ceci has joined #harmattan23:27
*** ceci has quit IRC23:27
valdur55Malinux: /opt/waterhouse/....23:34
Malinuxah, there it is :D thanx23:35
Malinuxit started from terminal, but GUI23:36
Custodianwhats the problem after upgrading to 0.1.2?23:36
Malinuxit won't start from program icon23:36
Custodianjust shows nothing?23:36
Malinuxit shows startupscreen, then it dissapear and probebly crash23:37
Malinuxit shows for a long time23:37
Malinuxthere. then it crashed23:37
Custodianand starting from terminal is fine?23:38
Malinuxit startes from terminal, so I can't find errormessages23:38
Custodianunder the user23:38
*** jreznik has quit IRC23:38
Malinuxyes, I started it as user through ssh23:39
*** trigpoint_n9____ has quit IRC23:39
Malinuxnot root23:39
Custodianare you sure that it is user, not developer ?23:39
MalinuxI login with ssh user@<ipadress>23:39
Malinuxso that's the user23:39
MalinuxI have a $ on the prompt and not the #23:40
Custodiantry to start not like /opt/warehouse... but 'xdg-open openrepos://client/start'23:40
*** tom___ has quit IRC23:45
*** tom has joined #harmattan23:47
*** tom has quit IRC23:47
*** tom has joined #harmattan23:47
Custodianrun "grep openrepos /usr/share/applications/defaults.list"23:48
Custodian4 lines?23:48
Malinuxah yes, 4 lines23:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:49
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan23:50
*** Eztran_ has quit IRC23:53
*** Eztran has joined #harmattan23:54
*** Martix has quit IRC23:56
*** teleshoes has joined #harmattan23:57
teleshoessomeone tell me something bad about jolla23:57
teleshoesbefore i die from longing23:57
Malinuxit has not a physical keyboard23:59
teleshoesvery very probably false23:59
Custodianhuge problem with entire repo is that you have to redownload packages list after *any* package added/removed. thats huge traffic and battery drain23:59

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