IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2013-10-25

Malinuxteleshoes: I know. maybe another half could be an attachable keybord00:00
teleshoesmore than maybe, it certainly can00:00
teleshoesi2c with dedicated int00:00
teleshoesthe only question is whether jolla will make an official one, or we'll have to make due with whatever enthusiasts make00:00
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teleshoesim pretty sure there is absolutely nothing about it that is worse than n900:01
teleshoesexcept its hideous00:02
teleshoesforgot that00:02
teleshoesits hideous00:02
teleshoesi think everyone but me likes the design00:02
teleshoesi see it and think: 1) andes candies! 2) oh god thats a phone?00:02
Custodiani dont like transparent fuzzy background00:02
teleshoesoh yea!00:04
Custodianhere it looks okay: and here it does not:
teleshoesi just remembered the Bad THing About Jolla00:05
Custodianit looks like i'm blinded and cannot read anything00:05
teleshoesah, yea, that it bad00:05
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teleshoesbut i mean, thats obviously just aesthetics. im sure it will be extremely configurable00:05
teleshoespreferably with a style sheet like n900:05
teleshoesanyway, the Bad Thing is no oled00:06
teleshoesand thus no LPS00:06
teleshoeswhich is easily my favorite n9 feature00:06
teleshoeshah, i want a 16x2 character LCD on the front of my phone00:07
teleshoeswouldnt that be awesome00:07
teleshoesuse essentially no power00:07
Aardteleshoes: would back work as well? :p00:07
Custodiani guess sailfish will be ported to n9 as pr1.4 :-D00:07
teleshoesaard, what?00:07
Aardteleshoes: the lcd on the back of the phone. would work on TOH via i2c ;)00:08
teleshoesoh snap00:08
teleshoesthats brilliant man00:10
EztranBesides a keyboard, you've just basically described the first OH I'd really want.00:11
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EztranCustodian: just had exactly the same problem with Warehouse that Malinux did up a bit. May have missed the end of the conversation though due to disconnect. Any ideas?00:21
MalinuxEztran: Custodian helped me on a pm00:21
Custodiando you have "installation from uncertified sources" enabled?00:21
EztranYep, Warehouse also worked until latest update.00:22
Custodianyou should not install as root. apt-get remove warehouse, and install downloaded deb.00:22
EztranAh, phone did the update itself. OK, thanks.00:22
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teleshoesman this sucks00:29
teleshoesnow i want a TOH that wont exist00:29
teleshoescombination kb/lcd00:29
Aardteleshoes: don't underestimate the chinese :p00:29
teleshoesi was looking forward to this project tho00:30
teleshoesi was all like00:30
teleshoesim going to get an arduino00:30
teleshoesdesign an i2c gpo circuit thingie00:30
teleshoes3dprint a case00:31
teleshoesand blammo00:31
teleshoesand then i remembered my TOH will be a keyboard, obviously, forever00:31
EztranThat does kinda ruin the fun a bit.00:32
teleshoesyea, i just realized that i dont get to have a TOH00:33
teleshoesand neither does anybody else who thinks that mobile computers are better than smart phones00:33
EztranThe Jolla device looks designed to be a smartphone to me, really. But then, so was the N9, and that didn't work out too badly. (also, this is probably the wrong channel for this, but it's silent anyway)00:35
teleshoesmm, i personally pollute the crap out of this channel all the time00:35
teleshoesn9 is a shitty mobile computer00:36
teleshoeshwkb and removable storage are absolutely essential00:36
teleshoesmy n9 flash gets so much wear everytime i reflash and recopy my 46GB music library00:37
EztranYeah... hadn't thought about the second too much, but it's a fair point. With all the formatting, backup-ing, copying, etc., they get...00:37
teleshoesim sure mine wont last more than a coupla years00:38
EztranGuessing you're going for a 64GB card in the Jolla then, with that collection ;)00:38
teleshoesi have a few already00:39
teleshoesin my n90000:39
teleshoesin my raspi00:39
teleshoesand in my other raspi00:40
EztranHuh, they've got pretty cheap now, apparently. Even decent ones.00:40
teleshoesmy first cost $15000:41
teleshoesthis was way back when00:42
teleshoesit was for my n900; my music lib had just outgrown it and i was panicking00:42
teleshoesi waited 4 months after the release and could wait no longer00:42
EztranYou could always not copy your whole collection onto the device?00:43
teleshoeshah i already dont00:43
teleshoesthis is just the essential core00:43
teleshoeswolke:~/Desktop/Music$ du -hs .00:43
EztranOh, you've got one of 'those' collections. Also, 46GB is essential!?00:43
teleshoesits the top 25% of my music library00:44
EztranI can only guess you listen to music a fair bit.00:44
teleshoesmore or less all the time00:44
teleshoesbut thats not it, really00:44
EztranAh. Would help to have some variety, then. What format's it in?00:45
teleshoesits more that my favorite song is a quantum superposition of my entire library00:45
teleshoesmost of it is flac00:45
teleshoesbut on the phone, gets converted to quality=6 oggs00:45
teleshoesvorbis i mean00:45
teleshoesabout 15% is mp300:46
EztranHeh, right. And FLAC would explain some of that monstrous size at least. Little bit overkill for mobile though, sure.00:46
teleshoesi dont put FLACs on my phone00:46
teleshoesi convert them to ogg vorbis first00:46
EztranAh. I don't really like converting for stuff, but I can understand why with that massive pile of tunes.00:47
teleshoeswell, i do it incrementally and in the background on my laptop00:47
teleshoeswhen i add an album or whatever, the music player thingie i wrote converts it to ogg in a mirrored directory structure00:48
EztranSure. To which you can say it's a good thing you have a decent phone, you can transfer stuff in far more useful ways than mass storage or whatever-the-manufacturer-wrote.00:48
teleshoesover wifi00:48
teleshoesat night00:48
teleshoesevery night00:48
teleshoeswith flacs converted to oggs, my library is 148GB00:49
teleshoesinstead of 260GB00:49
teleshoesso i guess 48GB is the essential 1/3 of my library, not 1/400:50
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EztranWell, that's a bit more managable. You can see from the size it's still fairly high quality.00:50
teleshoesi personally cant hear the difference between FLAC and ogg quality=600:50
teleshoesquality=5 i totally can, but only with expensive headphones00:50
EztranWell, there's kinda a cutoff where all of a sudden, ugh compression, I find.00:51
EztranAnd badly compressed mp3 is one of those things you can't unhear.00:52
teleshoes128kbps is tolerable in a noisy environment00:53
teleshoesmy friend listens to 96kbps music in his car, and my eye twitches the whole time00:54
teleshoesmp3, i mean00:54
Eztranyeah, anything less is painful. Don't know how people even listen to 64kbps Internet radio stations.00:54
teleshoesvorbis is definitely higher quality even at low bitrates00:54
teleshoes96kbps ogg vorbis is more like 128kbps mp300:55
EztranI'm not sure if it's just 'cause I hate how mp3s compress, but yeah, noticed the same.00:55
teleshoesfor myself, ive done some blind tests00:55
teleshoesgenerates a bunch of oggs and mp3s, with hidden filenames, from a source and arranged in order of quality00:57
EztranAbout as scientific as you could want, I guess. Is that how you found the above?00:57
teleshoesi ranked 96kbps-ogg above 128kbps-mp300:59
teleshoesso did my audiophile friend00:59
EztranAssuming decent hardware, that's pretty definitive, then.00:59
teleshoesincase headphones01:00
teleshoesnot the best in the world01:00
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teleshoesbut they were definitely decent01:02
teleshoesi should re-do the test with v-modas01:03
teleshoesalso not the best in the world, but definitely sufficient01:03
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teleshoesi really should have done some controls though, like un-audiophile people, and repeating the tests with the files in the reverse order01:04
teleshoesthe order was randomly generated, but still always in the same order01:05
teleshoeser, i mean, it was randomly generated once01:05
teleshoesand then used for everyone01:05
EztranYeah, like some audio player shuffles.01:05
teleshoesheh, my audio player does that01:06
teleshoesi like it that way01:06
teleshoesalmost calvinist01:06
teleshoesi recently found out that my music player doesnt have hardware mp3 decoding01:07
teleshoeson the n901:07
EztranReally? What player?01:08
teleshoesmine, its a weird eccentric thing called klomp01:09
teleshoesits chief feature is that it works on n900, n9, and desktop linux01:10
teleshoesand that i can do the tagging and metadata processing on the desktop01:10
teleshoesand share it with the phone01:10
teleshoeslike itunes does with ipods01:10
teleshoesit also does that flac=>ogg thing i mentioned01:10
teleshoesit currently has a userbase of 301:11
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EztranAh, right, so the stuff you were talking about earlier's handled by the player. Pretty cool, then. Suppose the CLI thing can put users off, though :)01:11
teleshoesoh yea, its not for everybody01:12
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MalinuxI asked last day about autocomplete in terminal when doing apt-get install and so on02:27
Malinuxinstall n9 tweaks and start it, after bash-completion is available :)02:27
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* hahlo got n9 booting again \o/09:50
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MalinuxDoes anyone now of a nordic keyboard spare part for N900 ?15:27
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