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Malinuxhow can I reflash my N9? I accidently made it uninstall a lot of packages02:12
EztranHave a look through
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Malinuxthe NaviFrim program doesnt'f find any firmware02:21
EztranYeah, Navifirm's been locked out to unregistered clients or something. See the post for a link to firmware.02:22
MalinuxEztran: well, maybe this will work? lucky I found this:
Malinuxthe link in the link you linked me (what a sentence :S) is actually leading to a dead site02:24
Malinuxbut well I google nokia firmware and found the something02:24
EztranLooks good, if 059K771 is your product code. And one of the links goes to that site, the post's been rearranged a couple times.02:24
Malinuxnot sure if I can check my product code anymore02:25
EztranBTW: to look up your product code, it's written on the SIM card tray.02:25
MalinuxI am sure it is a norwegian phone with 64GB02:25
Malinuxah, I could check that for sure02:25
MalinuxI have to turn it off anyhow02:25
MalinuxI thik there is a way to flash withoug flashing home-catalog?02:25
EztranIt doesn't care if you remove the SIM while it's running :)02:26
MalinuxI think I got some files rsynced from it before it lost cconnecting to wifi02:26
Malinuxah :)02:26
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EztranYou can flash only firmware, or only EMMC. EMMC has /home/user/MyDocs on it.02:26
Eztran(or kernel, but that's probably not relevant to this)02:26
EztranGuessing you probably just wanna flash firmware?02:27
Malinuxyes, that's the right productcode02:28
MalinuxI too think it's necessary with firmware only, as it just packages who whent uninstalled02:28
Malinuxtried to install the profiler<something> and then it started :S02:28
Malinuxwich one of them do I need to download?02:29
EztranShould just need the file with PR LEGACY etc. in it for firmware.02:29
MalinuxI did this one: DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.13-7.NORTHERNEUROPE EMMC NORTHERNEUROPE.bin02:29
Malinuxbut I see it is marked EMMC02:29
EztranYeah, that's the EMMC image, the one above it's firmware.02:30
Malinuxokey, so i can use the one above?02:30
MalinuxI have flashed my N900 twice or something, but never the N9 :)02:31
EztranLooks like the file you want is 'DFL61 HARMATTAN 40.2012.21-3 PR LEGACY 009-OEM1-958 ARM.bin' on that page.02:31
Malinuxokey. I will try it :)02:31
Malinuxaccording to the link you linked me02:32
EztranThen flasher for your OS from (note: you want the 3.12.1 version, the later one doesn't work with Harmattan).02:32
Malinuxrunning flasher wit this flags02:32
Malinuxflasher -f -F main.bin02:32
Malinuxwill keep home-folder02:32
EztranThat's the one, yeah.02:32
Malinuxah, thanks. Then I have to uninstall the one I installed, but I remembered there was something fishy with some of them02:33
Malinuxor wayt. I think I installed the: flasher_3.12.1_amd64.deb02:33
MalinuxI ran flasher --version and I am running 3.12.102:34
EztranShould be fine, then.02:34
Malinuxdoes it matter if I installed the 64-bit-version?02:34
EztranDon't think so, no. Never noticed any difference.02:34
MalinuxI am running a 64-bit ubuntu and it would be a logical choice02:34
EztranSo yeah, as from the forum post, flasher -i, attach phone, flasher -f -F main.bin.02:35
EztranPresuming you renamed the firmware to main.bin. Obviously you could just sub in the name of the firmware file instead.02:35
Malinuxnice. Then I in the firstplace need to wait for the firmware to download :)02:36
EztranYup, they're pretty big files. Particularly EMMC, but you don't have to do that one.02:36
Malinuxit's easy to use tab for autocomplete02:36
MalinuxI picked the one above. 1.2GB instead of 1.5GB02:37
Malinuxso it slightly smaller02:37
EztranYeah, firmware's a little smaller, thankfully.02:37
Malinuxyeah :)02:37
Malinuxin fact I got the N9 as replacment for my N90002:38
Malinuxthe usb-connector lost connection02:38
EztranArgh, common N900 problem.02:38
MalinuxIn fact I lost it in the floor with chager plugged in. I think a phone shouldn't break of that02:38
EztranIt was basically the one big hardware fail on the N900 from what I've seen.02:39
Malinuxanyhow. an exfriend brought a new N900 to me through ebay. I haven't spent any time taking it in use yet02:39
Malinuxit's a lovely phone02:39
EztranStill basically nothing matches the N900 for functionality. N9's nice for slightly different reasons.02:39
MalinuxThere is about two things I miss from the _N900 on the N902:39
Malinuxphysical keyboard and a fm-transmitter02:40
Malinuxin fact I think the gps on N9 is faster and more responsible than N900, so that's one of the things I like better with N902:40
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EztranAlways liked that Nokia allow offline maps.02:40
Malinuxnokia maps is very good02:41
EztranI mean, people talk about caching small areas on Android, and it's like, 'Yeah, but I have the whole of Europe offline.'02:41
Malinuxtheir not as good as for terrain info02:41
Malinuxthat's a norwegian map02:41
Malinux:)02:41 works on n9, but I see it's not optimiced for phones02:42
Malinuxbut I can see my position it02:42
Malinux2 minutes left for firmware to download :)02:42
MalinuxI am looking forward for the Jolla-phone02:42
Malinuxnot sure how good it will actually be02:42
Malinuxbut if I can, as the other half, choose some keyboard, I would like that at least02:43
EztranIt's got a chance, at least, of being great. And the Other Half keyboard discussions on TMO look really promising.02:43
MalinuxI know there is some people who either stick with an old phone with physical keyborad, or can't wait for a new one to arrive02:44
MalinuxI have heard those who means physical keyboards are old fashin, but I don't agree with them02:44
Malinuxor I rather be old fashioned then02:44
EztranThere really aren't many, these days. Onscreen ones aren't bad for most stuff now, but I'm pretty sure I'd still get higher WPM on a decent physical.02:45
Eztranwords per minute, sorry.02:45
Malinuxah, words per minute?02:45
MalinuxI figrued it out somehow02:45
MalinuxI am slow on touch02:46
MalinuxI am more used to it, but It's nothing like physical response when hitting the keys02:46
EztranI'm not exactly slow, but making mistakes is easier, so correcting them all the time slows me down.02:46
MalinuxI have to correct often my self02:47
EztranParticularly when I go to backspace and hit 'l' like 5 times, on the N9.02:47
MalinuxI have seen an way to have less typos02:47
Malinuxby pressing the button for a while I can see if I hit right, or I can, while still my finger pressed, move it over to the right key02:47
Malinuxbut that's making me slower as well02:47
MalinuxI was dissapointed that N950 was not for custommers. Don't know if it made me happier to hear from someone who hade one, that the phone was not good at all02:48
EztranIt would've needed a lot of polish before release. Seemed like they gave up on the hardware halfway through. The concept of it was really nice, though.02:49
Malinuxwhen I connect the phone, after I think I made to switch it off and disconnect it from usb I do the following02:51
Malinuxrunning fdisk -l02:51
Malinuxand then connect the phone, nothing happens02:51
Malinuxon N900 I had to press the key u or something02:51
Malinuxah, so That's why it was not released :)02:52
EztranUhm, fdisk -l?02:52
Malinuxsorry. I ran flasher -l02:52
Malinuxfdisk was a typo when I wrote it here02:52
Malinuxin the channel02:52
EztranAha. Slightly different programs there :)02:52
Malinuxit is indeed :)02:53
EztranAnyway, think you wanted flasher -i rather than -l.02:53
EztranShould say it's waiting or something (can't remember the wording).02:53
EztranThen attach phone.02:54
Malinuxnothing happens yet02:55
EztranHave you connected the phone, yeah?02:55
Malinuxyeah :)02:55
Malinuxand I am not gonna press any keys when connecting as on the N900?02:56
EztranSometimes the USB mode the phone was in makes a difference - try turning it on, setting to USB suite, turning off, plugging it in. And nah, you don't need to press anything.02:56
Malinuxah. puh.. it starts again It looks like02:58
MalinuxI see nokia logo02:58
Malinuxthat's all at the moment02:58
EztranPresumably this is after you've changed mode and turned it off again?02:59
Malinuxno. I haven't made it boot yet02:59
Malinuxit just showing the nokia-logo02:59
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Malinuxtried to turn it off again, now trying to boot again03:00
EztranOK, wait for it to do... whatever it's doing :)03:00
Malinuxlet's hope it dosen't do it for hours03:00
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EztranSo it's just going through the boot process right now?03:02
Malinuxnot sure. It still black screen with the white/gray nokia-text-logo03:02
EztranOh, OK. Is it connected, or not?03:02
Malinuxnot connected03:03
MalinuxI tried to boot it not connected to usb03:03
EztranRight, cool. Boot's just taking a long time then, presumably.03:03
Malinuxit might have stopped somewhere in the boot-process03:04
Malinuxhard to tell without text-boot03:04
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EztranYeah, that's the 'fun' of having everything hidden.03:04
EztranI guess one upside of this, if it won't boot at all, that's one thing flashing can fix :)03:05
MalinuxIt has not booted yet :(03:06
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EztranWow, that's taking ages. Did you have boot problems previously?03:07
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MalinuxEztran: no. I didn't turn it off when this things started to happend03:09
MalinuxI turned it off when I should do the flasher -i thing03:09
EztranOh, I see, it's your first reboot since things started going wrong?03:10
Malinuxis it a way to reset the usb-state by holding the powerkey for ages?03:10
MalinuxEztran: that's right....03:10
EztranThink so, yeah. Worth a try if it's not looking like booting.03:10
Malinux I read there is something called phenix who also can flash the phone03:15
Malinuxbut I have to check if my hold down the powerbutton for a looong-time method workd first03:15
EztranHuh, remember that from the Symbian days. And yes, do that. :)03:15
EztranThe power button thing, that is.03:16
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Malinuxsomething happend ?!03:16
Malinuxnot sure if it failed?03:17
MalinuxI wasen't sudo03:17
EztranYeah, was about to say looked like a privileges thing.03:17
EztranStill, it found something, so that's good :)03:17
Malinuxthat's a good thing03:18
Malinuxwhat to do now?!03:18
Eztransudo flasher -i, plug it in, see what it says.03:18
Malinuxthis is magical :D03:19
Malinuxlook at this03:19
EztranGreat, that's what you want.03:20
Malinuxit is :)03:20
EztranNow, sudo flasher -f -F main.bin (or whatever you called it).03:20
Malinuxoki :)03:20
Malinuxthis looks right03:21
EztranCool, you're probably near done, then.03:21
Malinux25% done on rootfs03:21
Malinuxwow, there is an fancy progress bar on the N9-screen03:21
Malinuxwhat they do this days :p03:22
EztranYeah, I like the graphical bar, it's a nice touch to show the phone IS actually doing something.03:22
Malinuxit dosen't mve, but there is something. the graphics on the n903:22
Malinuxsucess it says03:22
Malinuxthen I can restart it. Think I have an hell of a job to reinstall apps03:22
EztranAnyways, when it's definitely finished, just sudo flasher -R and it should reboot into your flashed OS. And yeah, you might wanna look at app backups.03:23
MalinuxI should have made an backup so it would have been gone faster03:23
Malinuxapp backups will save some time next time this happens....03:23
EztranI feel that pain. I reflashed firmware & EMMC back a while, but didn't have any backups 'cause my laptop HDD died at about the same time.03:23
Malinuxwow there it reboots. hopfully03:24
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Malinuxand it's back on :D03:28
EztranWorking, then?03:28
Malinuxthank you so much Eztran :)03:28
Malinuxlooks like :)03:28
EztranGreat! NP.03:28
Malinuxthink I have to reinstall a lot and maybe reconf something, that's not so problematic03:29
EztranBecoming a bit easier to get apps other than Nokia Store ones now though, with OpenRepos.03:30
MalinuxI have to check out that packagename again who put a bucnh of programs on installed and not need anymore or what it said03:33
MalinuxI exited my terminal and tried to install from the openrepos instead, But I think it somehow ran apt-get autoremove03:33
EztranMaybe something removed mp-harmattan? Then autoremove basically nukes your system.03:33
Malinuxnot sure if it was triggered from openrepo or something I did in terminal03:33
Malinuxso that's the metapackage?03:33
Malinuxit listed a looong list of packages03:34
MalinuxI thinked that I can't remove them03:34
Malinuxso I quited the terminal03:34
Malinuxso when trying to install the app from openrepo the mess started03:34
Malinuxnot sure if the packagename in terminal is the same as the one I tried in openrepo03:34
Malinuxthat's what I will investagete at first03:35
Malinuxbut not tonight I think :)03:35
EztranIs getting a bit late, yeah.03:35
Malinuxand now I have to figure out why I can't connect to my server :( that's not a N9-question, so I am getting help from one in my ubuntu-community03:40
MalinuxI like this communities. People are often happy to help :)03:40
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Malinuxwhat do I install to get autocomplete on apt-get in terminal?16:35
Malinuxi enabled autocomplete on regular commands in the .bashrc16:36
sledgesare you talking about bash-completiong ?)16:36
Malinuxanyhow it dosen't work for apt-get install16:36
Malinuxthat packages is not to be found16:36
sledges(never used that)16:36
sledgesdunno, tab complete works oob16:36
Malinuxnot here16:36
sledgesfor commands and then for paths and files16:36
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Malinuxbut now it works for commands and paths16:37
sledgesdeveloper mode is on? all tools?16:37
Malinuxafter adding code to my .bashrc16:37
sledgesheh ;)16:37
Malinuxsledges: developermode is enabled. I let it download and install without touching anything, so I guess it installed all it need16:37
sledgeshas it?16:37
sledgesdoublecheck pls16:37
Malinuxhow do I check?16:38
sledgesin settings16:38
Malinuxah. developer mode is actiavetd, but none of the programs underneath Developer mode16:38
sledges-> security16:38
sledgesthere ya go16:38
Malinuxas debugging, networking and so on16:38
Malinuxso maybe the "utilities" contain something?16:39
sledgesmaybe utilities?16:39
sledgeslol ok16:39
Malinuxlol what?16:39
sledgesgreat minds think alike |)16:39
*** trx has quit IRC16:40
Malinuxwll. devtools-utilities is a metapackage for wget, nano and x11-utils16:40
MalinuxI installed wget manually today16:40
sledgesMalinux: autocomplete on apt-get is not possible on n916:41
sledges(not via standard means)16:41
sledgesjust read your question 2nd time16:42
sledgesharmattan it's not ubuntu16:42
MalinuxI had it enabled before I reflashed yesterday16:42
Malinuxsure it's not ubuntu16:42
sledgesyou did? i then don't think this is standard means still :{16:42
sledgesprobably if you install dash for n916:42
sledgesif that exists ;)16:42
sledgesgoogle around, i never done that16:43
Malinuxhehe dash for N9 doesen't exists I think16:43
Malinuxokey, I will google around again16:43
sledgesbash-completion does not complete apt-get iirc16:43
sledgesdash does16:43
Malinuxisn't dash the search-bar in Ubuntu unity?16:46
Malinuxmaybe I remember wrong about autocompelte :S16:47
Malinuxshould have found the solution in links I visited earlier16:47
Malinuxso I might be remembering wrong16:47
sledgesdash is ubuntu's bash16:47
Malinuxd'oh... what I don't now :)16:48
deram"Debian Almquist shell"16:49
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Malinuxah :)16:52
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