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juicemerigo, instead of rebooting the device to regain GPS lock, did you try to restart the Nokia Positioning Daemon? That could maybe fix it, and help to pinpoint where the problem is?10:47
juicemerigo, the command to do it is "sbin/stop xsession/nped; /sbin/start xsession/nped"10:49
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JackaLXjuiceme: or as a single command: "initctl restart xsession/nped"14:53
juicemeJackaLX, yes, same thing basically :p14:54
JackaLXsaves a little bit of typing, always a good thing :-)14:55
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juicemeI'd love to have sources to that, nped I mean. Too bad it's one of the bloody binaries14:57
juicemebeen trying to reverse the GPS protocols, and that's the beast that does the heavy lifting14:57
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JackaLXCould the open street map people help you there, if not directly, maybe indirectly by pointing to someone who could?15:00
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JackaLXor the people behind "marble" in KDE15:00
juicemepossibly. However I doubt that since positioning apps (like marble, maps, drive,  whatever...) just eat up nice coordinates provided by lower level drivers.15:02
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juicemethe ugly stuff happens on the lower levels, GPS receiver chip talks to nped on i2c bus, giving positional differentials.15:03
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juicemenped then does the magic spinning the time differentials with epemeral data and churns out positional data15:04
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SpeedEviljuiceme: is this the n9 gps?15:59
SpeedEvilTried similar things on the openmoko gps, and some on the n90016:00
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teleshoeswhoa, n9 joikuspot uses my data plan to download advertisements!20:56
teleshoesanyone replace joikuspot on the n9?20:56
Aardthey are probably high quality advertisements20:57
teleshoestheyre just a kb, but im still blown away at how disgusting that is20:58
teleshoesa few kb*20:58
teleshoesbuilt-in ads are one thing, but contacting the outside world without my permission in order to get me to change my behaviour to better suit the interests of the corporate world is a little too HAL-ish20:59
teleshoesanyway, has anyone written a gui like mobilehotspot for the n9, or perhaps just a nice script for doing iptables etc?21:01
teleshoesoh man, is this even going to be possible? i cant find anything out there to interface with wlan, iwconfig, wpa_supplicant, hostapd21:03
teleshoeswhew, found wpa_supp and wireless-tools21:04
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teleshoesapparently necessary to backport kernel drivers, someone else is doing21:09
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