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HtheB~seen arcean00:52
infobotarcean <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo-ssu, 57d 1h 47m 38s ago, saying: '19 utc should be ok'.00:52
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HtheBlol what?00:52
HtheBhe was here just yesterday00:52
HtheBi hate you infobot00:53
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mf2hdmeh, my N9 camera stopped workin a month ago, shortly after that mail & calendar stopped syncing, new phone numbers clears out in some point (boot or some other...) as do new text messages...08:48 any ideas any1?08:48
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mschlensmf2hd: have you tried reflashing?09:04
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mf2hdjust monday09:04
mf2hdno beef09:04
mf2hdfortunately warranty is still valid09:05
mschlensYeah, the question is whether you'll get an N9 as replacement and not a, say, Lumia.09:05
mf2hdbut still i would prefer fixing this myself, because maintenance rollout takes ~3 weeks and yes: "take lumia"09:06
mf2hdmy wild guess would be that userdata filesystem is corrupted, but i haven't checked that yet09:07
mschlensSo you haven't tried flashing the eMMC yet?09:10
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mf2hdnope, good point...09:15
mf2hdmaybe i'll do it right now today...09:15
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thedead1440mf2hd: to be completely clear use --erase-user-data=secure flag too while flashing to make sure no remnants are left behind...09:43
mf2hdk. ty. now backuping userdata :)09:43
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mf2hdreflashmin mmc helped, jei19:13
mf2hdbut where extra repos today? iirc nokia pulled the switch...19:14
mf2hdnvm, found it19:25
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mf2hdmeh, still no bash or curl....19:28
mf2hdfound bash, but no curl19:31
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mf2hdhow can newly reflashed n9's "space is full, free some space and try again" when i try to import carddav from owncloud instance where i made just one testcontact? :)21:02
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Kozziperhaps you didn't include the emmc into flashing ?21:06
mf2hdyes i did this time21:07
mf2hdand everything that was broken started to work, including camera21:07
mf2hdand i was able to add caldav, mfe, facebook, personal mail, but not carddav from personal server21:08
Kozziheh, well add one by one ;)21:10
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Kozziyour contacts21:11
Kozzijust jk21:11
mf2hdehm :P21:11
mf2hdpoint is to take civil contacts from employers exchange to personal caldav...21:12
mf2hd...and it would be nice that it would sync it self :)21:12
Kozzibtw does the code in pr1.3 version matter ?21:13
mf2hdmatter in/to what?21:13
KozziI'm about to flash the N9 myself and couldn't find one specified for Finland 64GB Black21:13
Kozzifrom here21:13
Kozzithinking of going with North Europe Black 64gb one21:14
mf2hduse this:
mf2hdnavifirm does the job21:15
mf2hddownloading etc i mean21:15
KozziI thought navifirm doesnt work anymore21:15
mf2hdand there's no finnish version, it's just north europe21:16
mf2hdolder version did, which i had installed on my laptop already21:16
mf2hdhmmh, wait i'll check21:16
mf2hd(at least it did the job for me today :D)21:16
mf2hdnavifirm 1.7+ doesn't recognize that21:20
Kozzinavifirm 1.7+ I have doesn't even connect to the server :|21:21
mf2hdoh, mine did the job just fine :o21:21
* RzR Wondering who bought #N950 for #2025USD , what are his plans ? pls join #MeeGo #HarmattanDev #Mer community21:22
Kozzi2025$ ...21:23
mf2hdwell, widh you luck, i have to take the dog out now :)21:23
mf2hdbut one thing21:23
mf2hdis there any other working repos than default and openrepo anymore?21:24
Kozziyeah flashing with an old image I have in backup folder21:24
KozziI guess no, even qt5 one is down21:24
mf2hdi'm missing libssl, curl and some python packages21:25
mf2hdcan't get meeprey to work without them21:25
mf2hdbut anyway, the dog21:25
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Kozziand it's alive again21:35
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Kozzithanks god, all contacts, notes and messages are still there21:46
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Kozziwow the phone is so smooth now :D21:56
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juicemeSpeedEvil, yes, am looking at the N9 GPS.22:27
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juicemeSpeedEvil, altough I'd say most today's GPS enabled phones use the same protocol and same architecture, where the GPS receiver and signal processing is on the chip and the positioning logic runs on the device CPU.22:29
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juicemeteleshoes, it is pretty easy to replace Joikuspot now22:30
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juicemeteleshoes, the needed kernel modules (as in NAT-related modules) have been compiled by jackbutron. You also need wireless-tools and wpa-supplicant just as you assumed.22:33
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juicemeAs it is, Joikuspot is just a hack to get around the fact that for some reason Nokia decided to ship the default Harmattan kernel without NAT/forwarding support :(22:34
juicemeIn reality the same functionality can be acieved with just standard tools and a bit of blue script...22:35
infobotjuiceme meant: In reality the same functionality can be acieved with just standard tools and a bit of glue script...22:35
SpeedEviljuiceme: calling them 'the same' is misleading.22:35
SpeedEviljuiceme: yes, the GPS signal format is the same.22:36
SpeedEviljuiceme: however - the way the GPS chip is configured to get that signal into a form where the main CPU can look at it can vary widely.22:36
SpeedEviljuiceme: From chips that just digitise the whole GPS bandwidth and give you an 18mbps bitstream, on.22:37
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SpeedEvilit's like saying 'all ethernet cards use the same protocol and architecture'22:37
SpeedEvil(but less accurate)22:37
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juicemeSpeedEvil, well yes of course you are right there :)23:01
juicemebyt what I meant actually, is that nobody these days uses the "traditional" way of doing it, that the chip itself talks NMEA tu the host processor :)23:02
juicemeand I kind of doubt there exist any chipsets that feed you the raw baseband data... at least have not come acreoss any?23:03
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SpeedEvilThere are - in most cases they're not used for stuff like phones, as the GPS tends to be integrated into a bluetooth/wifi/gps chip nowadays23:08
SpeedEvilBut they are a very cheap option - all you need is a sync serial port, that can do DMA, and you can do GPS on quite a modest processor withthem23:08
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juicemeit's kind of same thing as the cheap DVB-T adapters that have no PID filtering, but instead feed the whole MUX down to the host CPU23:10
juicemebut with DVB that's actually a good thing, and the host usually has plenty of oomph to process the incoming feed23:10
juicemewith GPS it's a bit different thing, as host CPU's tend to be low-voltage low-spec parts. (or at least they SHOULD be as I love my battery so much...)23:12
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