IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2013-04-27

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bef0rdMohammadAG: I guess you never tried to reverse the lock screen media functionality, right?02:46
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MohammadAGbef0rd it uses a very simple API02:52
bef0rdnice, any idea where to start? I'd like to hack it for the 8tracks player02:52
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MohammadAGAh, thats a different story02:53
MohammadAGIt uses a maemomeego interfaces dbus api02:53
MohammadAGSo you'll need to hijack that02:53
MohammadAGNot sure how that'd work without removing the stock player02:54
bef0rdmm yea, just thought about it, I guess the events for the buttons are connected with the built in media player02:54
MohammadAGMaybe patching the lock screen to send a different api call would work02:54
MohammadAGI'll try and have a look at it tomorrow, its 3am now :/02:55
bef0rddon't worry, thanks for looking at it02:55
bef0rdstill have a lot to work on02:55
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faenilanyone who has used triple boot in here?15:32
* dm8tbr only uses moslo15:36
dm8tbris that moslo based?15:36
faenilmaybe not15:42
JonniI've used triple boot15:44
faenilJonni, cool, based on ubiboot?15:45
faenilI find the instructions for 02 a bit cryptic15:46
faenilinstructions look easier to follow for ubiboot-01...and it should be the opposite :)15:46
faenilJonni, I guess we can move this to private though, bit OT here :)15:47
Jonnibtw #ubiboot is the channel where ubiboot users idle :)  02 is really easy15:47
faenilyeah it looks very easy, I just think there are some typos, so things don't match :)15:48
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faeniland #ubiboot is invite only15:48
Jonnioh, lets see, I'll ask why :)15:48
Jonniwell anyways if there is problems, when most likely you can ask in this channel also, as most of the ubiboot users also idle here15:52
faenilalright well basically15:52
faenilI had harm + nemo in dual boot with the modified moslo15:52
Jonniyes that is a good starting point :)15:52
faenilI wanted harm + nemo + nitdroid as I need to do some hacking on an android software15:52
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faeniland latest nitdroid requires PR1.3, I had PR1.215:53
faenile-yes, o/15:53
faenilso I removed Nemo, reset to original partition scheme15:53
faeniland flashed PR1.315:53
faenilthen I started installing ubiboot15:54
Jonniand in this point you go wrong15:54
faeniland instructions are a bit messy there between ubiboot-01 and ubiboot-0215:54
faenilit wasn't clear from the beginning that ubiboot-02 was an alternative to create a volume on mtd415:54
Jonnias most likely after flashing pr1.3, you need to flash moslo and install nemo with that one, and only after that install ubiboot-0215:54
faenilso I actually did both, and then realized they were different things..15:55
faenilthe guide doesn't tell you to skip steps, so I just followed it15:55
Jonnibut yes, so far so good?15:55
faenilJonni, at the moment I have ubiboot installed, no kernels so it doesn't boot of course15:56
faenilshould I remove everything and install nemo before ubiboot?15:56
faenilalso it isn't clear where I should put kernels, /mnt/2 and /mnt/4 says nothing to me15:56
faenilbut they seem references to ubiboot-01 method15:57
faenilwhich is where you mount on /mnt15:57
Jonniwell you can still install kernels afterwars, as when you start ubiboot usb attached, it exports all the partitions to linux15:57
faenilyeah I have partitions exported atm15:57
faenil3 partitions15:58
faenilrootfs, mydocs, and home15:58
Jonniyuou should have 4 partitions if you created the 4th one with moslo?15:58
Jonniubiboot doesnt have partition creation scripts included afaik.15:58
faenilI just told you I removed nemo otherwise I couldn't flash pr1.3 which is requires for nitdroid :D15:59
Jonniyep, after flashing pr1.3, you need to flash moslo and install nemo with moslo15:59
faenilok cool15:59
Jonniand after installing nemo, you flash ubiboot16:00
faenilso how do I remove all mtd4 etc now?16:00
Jonniubiboot-02 doesnt touch to any mtd devices16:00
faenilI know but I did, as that wasn't presented as an alternative on the guide...16:00
Jonniso only thing that you need to do is just to install moslo kernel and your good to go16:00
faenilit doesn't say "skip step 2 if you're using ubiboot-02"16:01
faenilso I just followed the guide, and created mtd4, and only then realized it made no sense16:01
Jonniwell you can ignore mtd4, moslo doesnt use it16:01
Jonniyou dont have to remove it16:01
faenilok, but it's still a 480mb wasted partition, isn't it?16:01
Jonniwell, its 480mb of wasted partition that isnt used by harmattan, nemo and nitroid anyways16:02
faenilok right ;)16:02
faenilas var isn't used16:02
Jonniah yes maybe readme as intergraded version and traditional isnt clean enough, it should say in 1.2 that next step is 3.-16:03
faenilyeah it says16:04
faenil      If you want to use mtd4 or mtd5 as your filesystem extension, see the ubifs preparation instructions16:04
faenil      for ubiboot-01 in 2.1.1) and 2.1.2.)."16:04
faenilthough it isn't clear that it's an alernative16:04
faenil(and 2.1.1 2.1.2 are wrong sections :)16:04
Jonnibut anyways no harm done, you just ignore anything releated to mtd's in the future :)16:05
faenilJonni, no problem, just wanted to avoid problems for other people who'll follow that guide in the future :)16:05
faenilI've already pinged juiceme ;)16:06
Jonniand basicly mnt/2 means harmattan rootfs,   so harmattan and nitroid kernel goes into dev/mmcblk0p2/boot/ directory, nemo kernel goes into mmcblk0p4/boot -directory (just like in moslo), and ubiboot confs goes into MyDocs/boot (mmcblk0p1/boot) directory.16:08
Jonniyes its good to make readme more clear, easpecially when that flash_erase command can brick your device if your unluckly :)16:10
faenilJonni, eheheh yeah read the warning :D16:10
faenilI also had to flash the l2fix kernel first as it didn't want to run the attach command16:11
faenilI read all 28pages of the TMO thread :D16:11
faenilalright Nemo installed16:13
faenillet's see...I flashed yesterday's snapshot...the first boot bug should have been squashed16:15
faenilmmm doesn't look like that...stuck on first boot :/16:17
faenilJonni, I read on chat16:28
faenilon the irclog, "The README assumes that you actually have Nemo installed already :)"16:28
faenilwhat about actually writing it on the README :D16:29
faeniljuiceme, ^16:29
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Jonnistuck on what phase, stuck on booting to nemo or booting to harmattan?16:37
faenilJonni, booting nemo, it's a known nemo bug16:40
faenilbut I though it had been squashed in yesterday's snapshot16:40
faenilNemo doesn't boot on first boot16:40
faenilbecause of some problems with pvrinit not returning the correct value...or something like that16:40
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Jonniah nemo bug and not ubiboots fault? or did it boot fine using moslo?16:43
faenilJonni, nemo bug ;)16:44
JonniUnfortunately I cannot help on Nemo booting problems as I dont use ubiboot to boot into Nemo :), I'm booting into Nitdroid, Harmattan and Sailfish :)16:45
faeniland Sailfish? wth? :D16:46
faenilscrew you :P16:47
faenilJonni, that's not fair, you shouldn't even say that :D16:50
* aard_ does not have dualboot-devices, apart from one n950 where I preserved harmattan to be able to test new moslo stuff16:53
Jonniyou can think of it this way that when you have ubiboot-02 installed, that you are one step closer to upgrade, if arm rootfs is released at some point in time.16:53
faenilaard_, sounds juicy16:54
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faenilI installed nemo and then flashed ubiboot-02 kernel16:56
faenilbut first thing I see now is modified moslo with Harm or Alt_OS choice16:56
faenilif I chooce harm then I see ubiboot's menu16:56
faeniland if I plug into usb I see Alt_OS partition, not ubiboot's 3 partitions16:57
Jonniif your not seeing the graphical menu, then most likely you failed to flash ubiboot kernel, as you should not see moslo16:58
Jonnias ubiboot kernel is written over the moslo kernel16:58
faenilI see the graphical menu, but only after I choose Harm in moslo16:59
faenil[x] kernel       [finished   100 %    7647 /    7647 kB    5012 kB/s]16:59
faenilUpdating SW release16:59
Jonniand you have not mixed up the kernel files?17:00
faenilwhat do you mean17:00
faenilI flashed moslo, extracted Nemo on Alt_OS, then flashed ubiboot-0217:01
Jonniofcourse you edited ubiboot configs before flashing ubiboot-02?17:01
Jonniand you are booting into ubiboot without usb cable beeing attached?17:02
faenilI left default, as I didn't make any weird change to Nemo's installation17:02
faenilI'm booting into moslo in both cases17:03
faenilbut if Usb is not attached, after I choose harmattan I get ubiboot's menu17:03
Jonniwell then your ubiboot kernel flashing has failed, since there is no way to choose harmattan as ubiboot kernel overwrited moslo17:04
faenilI'll try flashing again..don't understand why the graphical menu shows then17:04
Jonnior your mtd4 is screwing things, up, if you happened to put configs in mtd4/boot also17:04
faenilno I didn't put anything in there17:05
Jonniie 02 kernel searches mtd partitions before MyDocs/boot17:05
faeniljust copied default files to MyDocs/boot17:05
faeniljust flashed ubiboot-02 kernel again, when it reboot with it went to Moslo's screen, and Alt_OS partition is the only one exported17:05
Jonnigood, so you never did 2.3. step which would cause this17:06
faenilno I did not17:07
faenilI did the three mtd commands yesterday, after I flashed PR1.3, before I understood they were an alternative17:08
faenilbut I did not put anything in mnt17:08
Jonnisounds really weird, sounds like that your moslo is readonly if its not overwritten on flasher command, so your not forgetting -f :)17:09
faenilsudo ./flasher -a fw.bin -k ubiboot/zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_050413 --flash-only=kernel -f -R17:10
faeniland this for moslo: sudo ./flasher -a moslo-rootfs.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R17:10
Jonni2b744f42baf999d37fd54c4e76c02622  zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_05041317:11
Jonnihmm your moslo flashing looks wierd17:11
Jonnifaenil: ah that must be the difference, I use single boot for flashing nemo, dualboot method most likely flashes most to mtd517:13
Jonniflashes moslo to mtd5, and bootloader loads moslo from there 1st17:14
faenilI see17:14
faenilgot to remove everything and start all-over again17:14
Jonnino need to do that17:14
Jonnithere is instructions how to clean the dualboot moslo in that wiki17:14
faenilyeah I meant that )17:15
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faenilthis could be another nice addition to the readme17:15
Jonnitouch empty.img; flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L empty.img -f -R17:16
faenilyeah yeah, I'm doing that ;)17:16
Jonniyeah, simplified howto and preferable even without needing to flash moslo might be nice.17:17
Jonnishould be doable as you could do the repartioning inside harmattan script17:17
faenilalirght, dualboot moslo removed17:17
faenil4 partitions exported now17:18
Jonnisounds better17:18
faenilgoing to copy kernels to rootfs's boot folder17:19
faenilgot to read nitdroid's instructions now, as I've never installed nitdroid :)17:21
faenilJonni, what about dual-book kernel and sillyboot now?17:21
faenilskip both?17:21
Jonniyou skip them, you only need to copy that nitdroid kernel inside rootfs boot folder17:22
faenilyeah but that's a dualboot kernel17:22
faenil+ I read something aboue the l2fix for nitdroid17:23
Jonniwell, nitdroid will only uses it, eye's has done l2fix kernel for nitroid17:23
faenilok, got to look for that one then17:23
Jonniits that one that you should use17:24
faenilk good, different from what's in the guide17:24
faenilthanks ;)17:24
Jonnithat boots 50% faster than the one in the guide :)17:24
faenil:) yeah read about that, and had the same problem in Nemo ;)17:25
faenilI remember when it discovered it was because of l2 cache not being enabled :facepalm:17:25
faenilit was*17:25
faenilJonni, what do you recommend for Harm instead? alwasy l2fix kernel?17:28
Jonniwell the l2fix kernel from readme is good enough for the default harmattan17:29
Jonniunless you want to compile a custom kernel yourself :)17:29
faeniljust wanted to make sure there wasn't any better choice ;)17:30
faenil3.5.3 is still WIP iirc17:30
JonniI have plans to make a custom one, with nat support etc :)17:30
faenilgood :D17:30
Jonnibut my free time is so limited so its not happening anytime soon17:30
faenilyeah I can imagine...approaching device sneak peek :p17:30
faenilmodifying boot.conf :)17:35
faenilJonni, mmm Nemo runs, Harm gives black screen18:02
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faenilJan  1 13:45:52 (none) user.notice root: Selecting Harmattan OS, running kernel /boot/Harmattan/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix_harmattan18:02
faenilJan  1 13:45:54 (none) user.notice root: kexec_load() successful18:02
faenilJan  1 13:45:54 (none) user.notice root: Restarting to selected OS18:02
faenilJan  1 13:45:54 (none) user.notice root: Saving ubiboot log files18:02
valdur55faenil: i had same problem when i used l2fixed kernel18:02
faenilvaldur55, oh  :)18:03
faenilthough I used it without ubiboot, and it ran without problems18:03
faenilI mean, harm booted without ubiboot with that kernel18:03
valdur55Same here.18:03
faenilI see, thanks for telling then ;)18:03
valdur55Which revision ?18:03
faenilof what18:03
faenilof the n950 you mean?18:04
faenildon't remember18:04
valdur55Oh. you are using n950 .. ok :D18:04
Jonnifaenil: how long did you wait, or does it reboot automaticly after black screen?18:04
faenilJonni, Nemo boots fast18:04
faenilHarm stays black18:05
Jonnifaenil: as sometimes 1st boot can take 60+ minutes18:05
valdur55grep "Revision" /proc/cpuinfo18:05
Jonnias harmattan does fsck on 1st boot18:05
faenilJonni, oh I see...I guess I have to leave it there thinking then ;) thanks for the hing (one more thing for the readme :D)18:05
faenilvaldur55, will let you know, I'll try waiting first ;)18:05
Jonnias it reboots to ubiboot if there is something wrong, patience is the key :)18:05
faenilJonni, I see...18:06
faenilthough fsck never took so long on my n950 xd18:06
valdur55Ok. But ubiboot should print something about fsck executing18:06
Jonniwell its not liking the repartitioning and it tries to 'fix' it :)18:06
Jonnibut next boots are fast again, that is just one timer 60+minutes on some devices :)18:07
faenilxD ok xD18:07
valdur55but when you use other method for ubiboot. then it shouldn't appear?18:07
Jonniit has happened to me on dualboot moslo too18:08
faenilI just hope I won't waste 1 hour :D fingers crossed :D18:09
Jonnifaenil: oh and just checking, you have extracted the preinit.tar to harmattan rootfs?18:09
faenilyes, I think I copied them from the N95018:10
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faenilJonni, is the fact that the screen stays on a positive feedback?18:13
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Jonniif there would be kernel panic etc, then watchdogs would trigger reboot18:14
faeniloh right, watchdog :)18:14
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ToAruShiroiNekoanybody around? I am trying to follow
ToAruShiroiNekowhere can I find DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin ?18:40
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*** xes has joined #harmattan18:53
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faenilit's not the same file though, that's for n95018:57
faenildon't know if you need the n9's one18:57
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faenilJonni, 50mins, screen still on19:02
Jonni:) patience :)19:03
Jonniit ofcourse would help when you attach serial console to device, it helped on my patience when I saw it doing something19:03
faenileh :P19:05
faenilJonni, are you selling your serial console? lol19:18
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faenilJonni, any way I can check what it's doing without jtag or stuff like that?19:33
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan19:39
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Jonnifaenil: I think that juiceme added some logging possibility to some file, but I havent looked into that, since I have serial ttl19:46
faenilyeah the log is what I pasted earlier19:47
*** ortylp has joined #harmattan19:49
Jonniwell your log didnt look much like there were any kernel messages in there, so either logging needs you to setup serial-console rd-flag, or something, but better ask juiceme when he wakes up19:49
Jonniusb to ttl serial converters are not that expensive, although its a bit tricky to connect to right pins
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Jonni2e postage included19:52
faenilJonni, mmm :)19:53
faenilwe're at 100mins here XD19:53
Jonniheh, at 120mins I would just give up and reboot :)19:54
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faenilbut kexec successful says that it's not a matter of paths19:54
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Jonniofcourse you could just add the stock zImage to boot directory and try booting with that one, it just is slower than with l2fixed one, but should work too20:00
faeniloh yeah of course...but it's a weird problem20:00
Jonninice to have 6 different choises to choose from20:01
Jonniif you would be in Tampere, I could just attach it to serial to see whats wrong20:01
faenilI'll be there at Devaamo Summit :)20:01
Jonniheh, hopefully you get that fixed earlier, but if not, then I can debug20:02
Jonnifaenil: one question that came in mind :)20:07
faenilI'm ready for the fix, lol20:07
Jonnifaenil: hopefully when you flashed pr1.2 to pr1.3 you also flasher pr1.3 emmc? as some cases pr1.2 emmc fails to boot pr1.3 :)20:08
faenilflasher -f F 900+Mb file20:08
Jonniflasher -f -F main.bin -F emmc.bin -R, both are about 1gig files20:09
Jonnibut usually the old emmc should not bother the boot20:09
faenil120mins...I'm rebooting20:09
Jonnibut for getting factory state pr1.3 you need to flash both :)20:10
faenilI thought that was all of it...haven't flashed an official fw in a year :(20:10
Jonniwell anyways, as you can boot to nemo, you can mount harmattan partitions and extract nitdroid in there, and get that booting 1st, and then you can fight with harmattan again :)20:11
faenilcan't I extract it from the maintenance mode?20:12
Jonniah yes that works too20:12
faenilin rootfs?20:12
Jonniwell you need to follow nitroid instructions which dir to extract it to20:13
Jonniso not in rootfs :)20:13
Jonnithats mmcblk0p320:13
faenilI only have home in rootfs :/20:13
Jonnidefine rootfs?20:14
faenilthe partition which is mounted as rootfs on my linux, lol :D20:14
faenilthe one where I put harmattan and nitdroids' kernel20:15
Jonniwell you need to mount the other partitions to some other dir manually :)20:15
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:16
faenilthere are already other dirs20:16
faenilone is MyDocs partition20:16
faenilone is Alt_OS, one is rootfs20:16
faeniland the other has has folder developer/user in it20:16
Jonniyes its that last one20:17
faenilok so that's home :) thanks, so it has to be on same level as dev/user20:17
Jonniyou make nitdroid directory in there, and extract it there20:18
faenilyeah yeah20:18
faenilbad news, ubiboot's log doesn't say anything about the past 2 hours20:18
Jonnimost likely it stops logging after kexec, as only real serial console can read those20:21
faeniloh there's also a dmesg log20:21
faenillet's see20:21
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*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:23
faenilJonni, well it's not happy with the fs for sure20:25
faenilalso, I need harmattan for this
faenilnah I can probably do that via maintenance mode20:28
*** ortylp has quit IRC20:40
faenilJonni, any idea?20:43
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan20:46
faenilsame black screen with nitdroid20:46
Jonniusually its just typoes in config files, or you forgotten to extract that preinit tar to harmattan rootfs20:48
faenilI have the preinits files20:49
faenilthey're in sbin20:49
faenilin the partition mounted as rootfs20:49
Jonnior forgotten to run sync after extract and before reboot20:50
faenilno I didn't run it20:50
faenilbut that shouldn't affect harm20:50
Jonniyeah, that only stops nitroid from booting20:51
faenilmaybe I should run e2fsck myself from maintenance mode?20:52
Jonnirunning fsck on harmattan partition is a bad idea, as aegis will stop your device from booting if fsck changes anything20:52
Jonnior could stop the booting if your unlucky20:53
Jonnibut serial console would show that too20:54
Jonnianyways if nitroid is extracted and you sync, and if that doesnt boot, then my guess would go to config file20:55
faenilI just changed name of the kernel files...and if it says kexec successful...20:55
faenil[    2.264282] UBI error: ubi_read_volume_table: the layout volume was not found21:00
faenil[    2.264343] UBI error: ubi_attach_mtd_dev: failed to attach by scanning, error -2221:00
faenilno help from there?421:00
faenilJonni, Jan  1 16:48:27 (none) user.notice root: Selecting Harmattan OS, running kernel /boot/Harmattan/boot/zImage_2.6.32.54-openmode_l2fix_harmattan2222221:03
faenilJan  1 16:48:28 (none) user.notice root: kexec_load() successful21:03
*** trigpoint_n9___ has joined #harmattan21:03 kexec is successful even if it doesn't find the file...very nice21:04
*** arcean has joined #harmattan21:04
Jonnioh, one thing that you could test...21:04
faenilso my kernel files are not in the folder it is looking at.21:05
*** trigpoint_n9__ has quit IRC21:06
ToAruShiroiNekofaenil I need an N9 one21:10
*** ortylp has joined #harmattan21:16
*** trigpoint_n9____ has joined #harmattan21:19
ToAruShiroiNekoDFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin :(21:19
*** trigpoint_n9___ has quit IRC21:22
*** sqrt7744 has joined #harmattan21:23
ToAruShiroiNekoNaviFirmPlus.exe doesnt run on windows :(21:23
*** Martix has joined #harmattan21:25
ToAruShiroiNekothank you! :)21:27
*** rashm2k1 has joined #harmattan22:18
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*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin22:33
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ZogG_laptopJonni: ping22:41
JonniZogG_laptop: pong22:41
*** ZogG_lap1op has joined #harmattan22:43
*** e-yes has quit IRC22:45
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*** e-yes has joined #harmattan22:46
ZogG_lap1opJonni: ping22:46
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: sup man :)22:46
JonniZogG_lap1op: pong22:46
faenilZogG_lap1op, all good...spent the day trying to get triple boot to work, Jonni helping me out :)22:47
faenilmaybe e-yes can help out in some way?22:55
ZogG_lap1opJonni: i just wanted to ask why Jolla maikng same mistakes that Nokia made with all this sand cloud promisng and talking around but not delivering or showing actually anything?22:57
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan22:57
Jonnicannot really comment on that in any way :)22:58
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: there was some boot package to do it22:58
*** ortylp has quit IRC22:58
ZogG_lap1opJonni: yeah i expected that :)22:59
faenilZogG_lap1op, yeah, if only it worked on my n950 :(23:00
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to get sillyboot with graphical menu so I can pick what to dual boot too android or meego, can I have some help with this?23:00
faenilcan't understand what's wrong23:00
ZogG_lap1opJonni: it's not only me :)23:00
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: there was thread on TMO23:01
faenilZogG_lap1op, read all the 28pages23:01
Jonnifaenil: btw what version of nitdroid did you extract btw?23:02
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: it's you trying, not me :)23:04
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: there are few threads regarding it btw23:04
ToAruShiroiNekoI would also prefer removing the rather annoying warning23:10
ToAruShiroiNekohmm android doesnt seem to be able to connect to wifi on an n9?23:18
ToAruShiroiNekoit can list them just wont connect?23:18
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan23:23
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*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan23:23
ToAruShiroiNekoor is wifi not implemented?23:23
*** Martix has quit IRC23:25
*** ZogG_lap1op has quit IRC23:25
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:25
faenildoesn anybody have a link to PR1.3's emmc for n950?23:26
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #harmattan23:33
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan23:49

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