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ToAruShiroiNekocam I have some help with andorid on the N9?10:09
ToAruShiroiNekoit cant seem to connect to wifi is this expected?10:09
ZogG_laptopToAruShiroiNeko: ask at nitdroid forum maybe?10:17
JonniToAruShiroiNeko: alpha 5 nitdroid  works for me atleast. no problems with wifi.10:35
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faenilanyone in here who has got ubiboot working on an n950?12:54
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Jonnifaenil: me ;-)14:19
Jonniyour next question is that anyone else than Jonni :)14:19
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faenilJonni, eheheh lol :D15:11
faenilJonni, meanwhile, I'm placing an order for a usb2.0 ttl uart adaptor :P15:14
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ToAruShiroiNekoJonni I am using alpha 5 as well16:21
ToAruShiroiNekothe forums talked about a graphic interface but all I got is the volume up key16:22
ToAruShiroiNekowhen I try to connect to a password protected wifi it just fails without trying16:22
ToAruShiroiNekoand starts searching which never ends until I disable wifi and re-enable it which detects the networks that I again cannot connect to :(16:23
Jonnilong press to open forget details menu, and then re-enter the passwd?16:23
ToAruShiroiNekoyou mean in android?16:25
ToAruShiroiNekobooting into android again to check :)16:27
ToAruShiroiNekoso I go to settings then wifi16:27
ToAruShiroiNekowhat do I long press?16:28
Jonnithe accesspoint row16:28
ToAruShiroiNekoI am under the wi-fi menu, is this the place I need to be?16:29
ToAruShiroiNekoit has one row listing the wifi netowkrs and other signal strength per network16:29
Jonniit scans and lists the accesspoints, and you long press the accesspoint that you want to connect to16:29
Jonnior which details you want to frix16:29
ToAruShiroiNekothat seemingly done something16:30
ToAruShiroiNekoIt is authenticating :/16:30
Jonnilong press shows you options to forget the network or to modify the details16:30
Jonnishort press only connects to ap16:31
ToAruShiroiNekoand it asks for the password but ignores it when I pnput16:31
Jonnidoesnt ignore for me :)16:32
ToAruShiroiNekomaybe my phone hates me :p16:34
faenilrikanee, using nemo kernel on Harm or Nitdroid makes the phone reboot here16:35
rikaneehuh, odd, it should work with HARM. I'll poke juiceme about it when he comes back online.16:35
faenilI also tried sticking kernels inside the cpio16:36
ToAruShiroiNekoJonni so do you know how to remove that rather annoying message on boot? and also replace the volume button login to a menu system?16:50
Jonniyes, tmo has multiple howto's on howto remove warranty void warning on boot16:52
ToAruShiroiNekoright but I dont want to break something :/16:55
rikaneeToAruShiroiNeko: to join a protected network, you have to add it manually and then connect to it.16:55
rikaneebizarre bug, probably somewhere in frameworks.16:56
rikaneeToAruShiroiNeko: also, if you are seeing warranty warning now, you will have to reflash everything.16:57
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ToAruShiroiNekothat sucks17:00
ToAruShiroiNekocan you link me to the page I should follow to remove the warning, add a graphic interface at preboot (so I dont use the up volume trick) and format the phone completely?17:01
Jonni1st look nemo install howto with warranty remove insturcionts, and 2nd part is to use ubiboot readme.17:08
Jonniinstructions even17:08
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faenilToAruShiroiNeko, ever had harmattan saying "recharge battery" and rebooting?17:48
ToAruShiroiNekofaenil only once maybe17:53
faenilToAruShiroiNeko, I can't get past that17:53
ToAruShiroiNekohow odd17:53
ToAruShiroiNekoI wouldnt know why unfortunately :(17:54
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ToAruShiroiNekoJonni its complicated17:57
ToAruShiroiNekoI am badly confused17:58
ToAruShiroiNekoI dont want to brick my phone18:02
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faenilToAruShiroiNeko, did you get wifi to connect?18:22
faenilit says "impossible to connect" here18:23
ToAruShiroiNekoI have18:35
ToAruShiroiNekoI had to connect by pushing it for a  while18:36
ToAruShiroiNekotry disabling and renabling wifi if it cannot find anything18:36
faenilyeah I got the enable/disable thing18:37
faenilbut after I enter password it says "impossible to connect"18:38
faenilI'll try pushing it for a while :/18:38
ToAruShiroiNekoI had to press on the network for a while18:38
ToAruShiroiNekoso you get to type in the password without being asked for it18:38
ToAruShiroiNekoI cant seem to install chrome or firefox :/18:39
faeniland vkbd keeps crashing can't input the password anymore ...18:40
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juicemeOK, seems that channel mode of #ubiboot was changed to invite/moderated due to netsplit (or my regainig it after split)20:56
juicemeI'm sorry about that, but its fixed now20:56
juicemehiya :)21:12
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