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freemangordonhi guys, I wonder has anyone tried on N9/5008:40
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freemangordonand what is the situation with third-party kernel modules in general, having aegis on board08:41
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rikaneefreemangordon: guessing by "unseal.ko", hacking Aegis from kernel-space isn't particularly enforced08:50
freemangordonrikanee: and what does "unseal.ko"? is it used to enable overclocking?08:51
rikaneeIt tampers with Aegis settings, and can be loaded from rootsh/opensh in Closed Mode.08:52
freemangordonrikanee: the reason why I ask, is that by using the ^^^ tech, I am having 40fps when streaming the video from /dev/video0 to every wall of a 3d spinning cube. That is on n900.08:54
freemangordonSo I plan to try to upstream a patch to mozilla to use this for html5 video playback08:55
rikaneewait, 40 fps on the pudgy SGX530 streaming video to a 3D object?08:55
freemangordon... and wonder if n9/50 could benefit from that too08:56
freemangordonrikanee: all this is in the context of embedlite browser08:57
rikaneeGPU is the same, and IIRC the GPU driver is similar to the one in Nemo right now08:57
freemangordonsee, one of the reasons I am still focused on n900 is that IMO "ooh, such an outdated HW" is an urban legend ;)08:57
freemangordonrikanee: yes, but there is a need of an additional kenel module loaded08:58
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rikaneefreemangordon: I just realized that if bc-cat is used, video player on N9/00/50 doesn't need to flicker when switching to app launcher or showing play/pause buttons anymore08:59
freemangordonrikanee: and maybe a patched kernel to support more than one streaming device, see the link ^^^08:59
freemangordonrikanee: yep, on n900 video plays in task navigator with the same 40fps ;)08:59
freemangordoncontinues to play that is08:59
freemangordonrikanee: I am not talking 40fps in fullscreen, this is in a window :D09:00
rikaneefreemangordon: finally, just like the demo videos :)09:00
freemangordonwith compositing and all the shit enabled09:00
rikaneefreemangordon: new project to patch Maemo with bc-cat support in apps that would benefit?09:01
freemangordonrikanee: n900 don;t have a problem with that patching, I can (and most probably will) provide that support through CSSU09:01
freemangordonbut I wonder what is the situtation with n9/5009:02
freemangordonthus my questions :D09:02
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ToAruShiroiNekoI want to try the dual boot but the link mentioned doesnt work13:40
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to follow
rikaneeCheck the link that says "Maemo 4.1.2 Diablo kernel patch …"13:47
pacan qml pages be generated at runtime?13:49
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ZogG_laptoppa: what do you mean?14:09
pai mean i want to define somehow (at runtime) what pieces i want on my interface14:15
paand then generate it14:15
pai dont mind having to generate actual QML14:15
paor using an API14:15
leinirYou'll want to have a look at the Loader element :)14:20
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer51: ping18:08
ZogG_laptopqwazix: ping218:08
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: stop jumping18:16
ZogG_laptopearly here today18:16
ZogG_laptopor is it late there?18:16
bef0rdit's 10 a.m18:17
bef0rdworking from home today18:17
ZogG_laptopbef0rd: did you have tacking number when returning bb dev?18:17
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ZogG_laptopbef0rd: how much time did it take till you got everyting?18:24
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bef0rdI returned it on april march 1 I believe, got a mil about it being received on 20th march, and received the LE on april 8 I think18:25
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ZogG_laptop on april march 118:28
bef0rdmarch 118:28
ZogG_laptopso it would be about a month18:28
bef0rdwell i don't remember dates, it was like 20 days for them to receive it and 8 days after that I got the new one18:29
ZogG_laptopi got my metawatch btw :)18:29
bef0rdnice, do you like it so far?18:32
ZogG_laptopthe n9 support is not the best and the angle of it is poor but not bad18:34
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bef0rdcool, I wanted one of those too18:43
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ZogG_laptopElleo started to work on pebble client19:06
ZogG_laptopi bet it wold have good support19:06
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boumacmilanhi every body19:08
boumacmilanim trayin to develope for harmattan using Qt/QML19:08
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bef0rdthats good boumacmilan19:09
bef0rdZogG_laptop: yes, I see the thread hope on tmo19:09
boumacmilani have a problem starting the QMEU simulatore19:09
boumacmilanon linux19:10
boumacmilan(ubuntu 12.10)19:10
boumacmilanit gives me can't start QMEU Emulator the error code is 12719:10
boumacmilanany idea on how to fixe this ??19:18
bef0rdno idea19:22
bef0rdmaybe get a full error message for more info?19:22
boumacmilanbef0rd, i don't know how to get the full error message all i gate is a popup message saying'can't start QMEU emulator the error code is 127"  (sorry for my bad english)19:24
bef0rdunfortunately I've never used the qemu emulator, Qt simulator is enough for my emulator needs, otherwise I just use a device19:25
bef0rdwrong window :P19:26
boumacmilanbef0rd, thanks for your answer unfotunly i don't have the device right now and the simulatore thasn't give me what i wont :s19:28
boumacmilanany way thanks for your help :)19:28
bef0rdyou are using Qt Creator SDK, right?19:28
faenilis there any updated guide for triple boot on n950?19:29
boumacmilanbef0rd, yes19:29
bef0rdboumacmilan: I think its also possible to do qml with scratchbox and Xephyr19:29
bef0rdI think it's *harder* to do it than just using qtcreator, but you might want to test it19:30
boumacmilanbef0rd, thanks i'll try it :)19:31
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faeniljuiceme, ping19:48
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ToAruShiroiNeko ?20:00
ToAruShiroiNekorikanee am I looking for WinFlasher_3.12.1.exe ?20:00
ToAruShiroiNekoI am really confised as to what I need to do to dual boot my N9 with Android and Meego20:10
pacool, this channel is still alive :)20:16
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pabef0rd, how fast is it to run apps on scratchbox?20:18
paand does scratchbox emulate all the devices that the phone has?20:19
bef0rdpa: I've not tried the harmattan sdk, but on n900 it was good enough20:19
bef0rdnot all the devices are emulated, but it allows more advanced "integration" than qtcreator20:19
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bef0rdit runs some daemons that are available on the phone for example20:20
paah cool.. maybe i should try it20:20
pabecause at some point the simulator cant do more than that20:20
paand i have to move to the device20:21
pawhich is slow (transfer/install all the times)20:21
bef0rdi know, sometimes I get reboots while testing my apps20:22
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ToAruShiroiNekocould someone tell me what I need to do?21:17
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ToAruShiroiNekofor dual boot androidifying my phone, I also want to reinstall meego 1.3 so that no trace of the previous software remains as it is way too slow for whatever the reason21:18
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louisdkHi. I've reasambled an Nokia N9 laying around after I got a new screen for it. But know the battery seems drained. I've followed this guide: The front light flashes for about 10 minutes then I reconnect  and have tried charing the battery many times over the last 3 days. But the flasher will not recognise my phone. I have no charger but a spare battery, but I really want t22:30
louisdko avoid disassembling my phone again.22:30
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SpeedEviltried a different charger, and cable?23:37
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