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Anont3rmthanks for the reply...00:41
bef0rdno problemo00:41
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Blackuupdated new ubuntu 13.04 and creator stopped deploying stuff.. is there a trick to get it working?23:21
Blacku"SSH connection failure: Server rejected password."23:27
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ZogG_laptopdo not use ubuntu23:37
ZogG_laptoptry to set from scrstch deployment23:37
gabriel9i use Arch, and now i have 3 qtcreators :D23:37
gabriel9only one works with my N923:37
gabriel9hi all23:37
ZogG_laptopi use gentoo and i have 3 as well23:37
ZogG_laptopbut it's not creator problem23:37
ZogG_laptopit's stupid companies23:38
ZogG_laptopthat's the problem they don't use plugins23:38
ZogG_laptopthey just fucking reinvent sdk23:38
ZogG_laptopnokia/jolla :)23:38
gabriel9you are right23:38
gabriel9oh well, we can just have more qtcreators XD23:38
ZogG_laptophow is it possible that for blackberry i don't need sdk i can just use compile flag :)23:39
gabriel9i did not try bb23:39
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gabriel9but maybe i will get jolla23:40
gabriel9i need car :D23:40
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gabriel9ZooG_laptop: do you have some tutorials or web pages for harmattan development23:41
gabriel9this development is pain in the ass23:41
ZogG_laptopsomething specific?23:42
gabriel9how to create nice client for rest service23:44
gabriel9in C++23:44
gabriel9i code some stuff, but i think they are just wrong :D23:44
gabriel9anything shall be helpfull23:45
gabriel9should i create toolbars in separate qml files etc..23:46
gabriel9there is no guidelines23:46
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ZogG_laptopwhat is the client idea?23:50
gabriel9jira client23:50
ZogG_laptopcheck existing opensources projects23:50
gabriel9you know about jira?23:50
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ZogG_laptopthat would be nice23:51
BlackuZogG_laptop, i get it working. rebooted device, it was somehow fck could not generate even passwd23:51
gabriel9i wish to finish it23:51
gabriel9for now i will just add listing of projects and adding worklogs23:52
gabriel9anyone knows how to create buttons like in twitter app(profile page)23:54
ZogG_laptopgabriel9: again ?23:55
ZogG_laptopwhich one exactly?23:55
ZogG_laptopscreenshot or it doesn't happen23:55
ZogG_laptopgabriel9: btw peple qml source afaik23:56
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gabriel9profile page23:57
gabriel9buttons like tweets, Favorites, Following and they have nice counter on right size23:58

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