IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2013-03-05

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flohollHi all, as an end user, is there a way to make use of Aegis' hardware encryption feature for confidential documents? If I simply put stuff in ~/private or ~/.private, it remains readable without restrictions.00:53
SpeedEvilas I understand it, it's app only00:53
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flohollSpeedEvil: Yes, I get that suspicion too. Only the app writing a file to /home/user/private can later see it there, right?01:10
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SpeedEvilI think so01:16
SpeedEvilit's been a while since I looked at it.01:16
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ladogahurrian what you think of:
ladogajavispedro probably knows what he's talking about13:46
Hurrianladoga, clearing the folders in ~/ owned by Aegis works.13:47
ladogabut I haven't encountered any problems after removing aegis mounts (did so many moons ago)13:47
HurrianYep. I don't know what javispedro's going on about - the Open Mode patch for Aegis simply returns "YES MASTAH" for any and all calls to it.13:47
ladogagps locks under 5sec, battery usage is ca 3mA idle (16+ days on one charge)13:48
HurrianThe slow GPS lock and high battery usage are fixed by clearing odpsd (I think it sounded like that)13:48
ladogahavent had any crashes or apps going zombie yet13:49
ladogabut thqtw likely just because i havent got many apps installed13:49
ladogaon my non openmode phone i've had my share or those13:49
Hurrianlaodga: fwiw, there aren't many apps for harmattan ;)13:50
ladogabut there are few buggy ones:)13:50
juicemeHurrian, ladoga, hi13:51
ladogai removed aegis stuff from ~ before flashing openmode on cleanly flashed device13:52
Hurrianohai juiceme.13:52
ladogaand when in openmode i removed aegis mounts13:52
juicemeThought of the problems some people have booting the 2nd stahe kernel, and there is this thing, I streamlined the /sbin/preinit_armattan a bit... that might cause problems for somebody13:52
ladogahi juice13:53
juicemeDo you know if the /sbin/init is exactly same for 64G and 16G devices?13:53
Hurrianjuiceme: yes, it is.13:54
juicemehi :)13:54
Hurrianjuiceme: the firmware images are the same.13:54
juicemeok, that makes it easier13:54
Hurrianjuiceme: by streamlining, I assume you mean taking out the features and functions that obviously are not available or needed in a direct-Harmattan boot?13:54
juicemeYes, I know they are same in the beginning, but there is some customizaton during the flashing, forex. the partition sizes13:55
juicemeHurrian, exactly13:55
Hurrianjuiceme: IIRC ape-algo takes care of partitioning. After that, the binaries on mmcblk0p2 are the same.13:56
juicemeBTW, I just created a boot kernel with integrated initramfs containing the ubiboot FS :)13:56
juicemeBut I am not sure if I dare to flash it, the size is 11M :) :)13:56
Hurrianjuiceme: With stripped down animations to fit in mtd2?13:56
juicemeit _should_fit13:57
HurrianWell, worst case scenario is that it hangs on boot.13:57
juicemecan I accidentally flash over mtd partition border?13:57
juicemeI don't think so13:57
juicemewell, here goes nothing...13:57
ladogai'd like to see output when booting. who needs animations? :)13:59
juicemeOMB, never took so long to flash a kernel :)14:00
juicemealmost 4 seconds14:00
juicemewhoo, booted :)14:00
Hurrianjuiceme: is that an initrd appended to the end of a zImage?14:00
juicemeyeps :)14:00
HurrianSo, where's configuration stored?14:01
juicemewell, only one thing needs to be stored, and that's the boot.conf14:02
juicemeI decided to put that in Harmattan /boot14:02
juicemeforgot one thing... too bad14:05
juicemeneed to rebuild it...14:05
juicemethee is one dependency in boot conf it needs in init, and it cannot read it until it mounts mmcblk0p2 "later phase...14:06
juicemewell, it only causes it to boot straight off the 1st OS on the list :)14:06
ladogaah..harmattan has kernel config shown in /boot14:08
ladogai was looking for /proc/config.gz earlier14:09
ladoganow i know why it's not built in14:10
ladogaas you seem to know about these things can you tell me what wtd stands for...lot of wtdsomething modules blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf14:13
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Hurrianladoga: it's wdt, the watchdog timer that prevents the N9 from rebooting14:15
Hurrianwell, actually, should the module not respond in time, the N9/50 reboots itself, with the assumption that the OS hung.14:15
ladogayes wdt, sorry14:16
ladogathedead blacklisted power button module yesterday14:17
ladogawhich works, disables powerbtn14:17
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n9flashHi all.  (this is going to sound shady, but...) Does anyone know where I can get the N9 firmware since the Nokia site is down?14:26
n9flashAdding an M4E account to my N9 today and it turned on the security code requirement, but never asked me to set a security code in the first place.14:26
n9flashAny help in find the relevant firmware would be fantastic, as my N9 is currently just a brick.14:27
juicemeAs far as I know Nokia has not yet pulled plug on the dowlnoad servers14:28
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juicemehave you tried NaviFirmEx?14:29
n9flashNo - tried going to as I don't have a Windows install handy, and I couldn't be bothered installing Wine if I could get away with it14:30
n9flashSo NaviFirmEx can still retrieve the firmware?14:30
juicemeWell I used to run it on wine. Worked for me last time I checked, abouth a month ago14:30
juicemeI can check if you like14:31
n9flashThat would be great - I'll start installing Wine in any cas14:31
juicemen9flash, yep, seems to be up14:33
juicemewhat's your device localization?14:33
n9flashThanks - I'll keep proceeding with the Wine installation :)14:33
juicemeok :)14:33
n9flashAustralian 64GB black14:33
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n9flashI think it was PR 29914:34
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juicemeYep, "Australia AU Black 64GB VI - MR (059l7G7)14:35
juicemeYep, "Australia AU Black 16GB VI - MR (059l698)14:35
n9flash"Failed to get product list, server returned info..... Unsupported Method"14:35
n9flashSim tray says 059L7G714:36
juicemeJust a moment, Ill give you download links14:36
n9flashCheers mte14:36
juiceme059L7G7 is 64G-black, same as mine14:36
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n9flashI thought I would just go back to my N900 for a few days until I could sort the N9 out.  Wasn't until I tried to put the micro sim in that I remembered why I couldn't do that :)14:38
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dm8tbrjust use some tape to put it in place...14:39
n9flashWouldn't it still shift around? Not that it would matter - it would only be temporary.14:41
juicemeok, try these:14:41
n9flashBrilliant - retrieving now.14:42
n9flashThank you very much - you saved me!14:42
juicemeno problem :)14:43
juicemeThere should be an easier way to find the files, something else as an obscure windoze-only browser...14:44
juicemesince they can be retrived by wget in any case.14:44
Hurrianjuiceme: easy solution: mirror them to skeiron after obtaining redistribution rights.14:44
n9flash+1 for that idea Hurrian - that's certainly where I got the flasher from14:45
juicemeyes, that is the correct solution14:45
Hurrianone tiny little problem: how the **** do we accommodate all PR_LEGACY14:45
n9flashI haven't been following t.m.o for a few months now, so I was surprised by all the changes that have been happening14:45
Hurrianeven doing something simple like flashing a kernel requires sw-cert and ape-algo from the rootfs bin.14:46
radiofreen9flash: i use a microsim in my n90014:48
radiofreehaven't had a problem with it14:48
n9flashWith tape or with an adapter (which I have now lost 2 of)14:49
radiofreewith nothing :)14:49
radiofreejust align it correctly14:49
n9flashDoesn't shuffle about?14:49
juicemeaaahhh, Hurrian, now I know what's the problem...14:50
n9flashFair enough - I think I'll give that a try if I can't get the N9 flashed tomorrow morning.14:50
juicemein my integrated kernel+initramfs thingy14:50
juicemeSee, I made the initramfs that is attached to the kernel off the current ubifs image, only tweaking the bits that control how the boot.conf is sourced in init and select_os_animated14:51
juicemethe modules _should_be same on this kernel and the one I built before14:52
juicemebut for some reason I get stuff like " g_multi: relocation out of range, section 2 reloc 1 sym 'printk'"14:52
juicemein my dmesg14:52
juicemeobviously my modules are not correct, i wonder why....14:53
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juicemeand for that reason lots of stuff fails which leads it to just flash the top menu and continue to boot defauld 2nd stage kernel :)14:54
juicemeWell I'll have to fix that later. Good I can boot something :)14:54
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n9flashjuiceme: Thanks again - downloads are progressing nicely and I'll be able to get a good nights sleep :)14:56
*** n9flash has left #harmattan14:56
juicemekeep the files for future reference :) You never know when they pull the plug...14:56
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valdur55oh funny. My device doesn't boot anymore. Just being on NOKIA logo...  problem with /etc/init.d/groups-system.conf file.  How can i acces to phone?14:58
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juicemeuse FIX-MALF maintanance boot14:59
valdur55--set-rd-flags=fix-malf ?14:59
juicemeno, see the page:
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juicemeYou need to download a kernel & rootfs image, and bootflash it to device.15:01
valdur55:D lol. i had ubiboot installed in var. I reflashed with ububoot kernel and now i am in ubiboot (y)15:01
juicemeThen, your filesystems getexported via USB to your linux PC, and you can fix the problems15:01
juicemeahh, thats different then15:02
juicemeubiboot has integrated repair mode :)15:02
valdur55Yea. i know :D15:02
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juicemeSo, are you in repair mode now?15:02
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valdur55Lol yea!15:02
juicemeok, can you see what is wrong with your /etc/init.d/groups-system.conf15:03
valdur55Because i added two # marks.15:04
juicemethen it's no problem15:04
juicemethis is exactly why I put in the repair mode15:04
juicemecos I f***d up my own device fairly often :)15:04
juicemegotta run, catch a train15:05
juicemesee ya all15:05
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valdur55Good. my device is working again.. but still.. I can't use it with ubiboot boot menu ( wrong conf ).15:42
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thedead1440Hurrian: DocScrutinizer05 good news :D :D15:50
thedead1440got it repaired for S$40 (24eur)15:50
thedead1440went to nokia care they said $150 but they would reflash even though i showed them their service manual which doesn't mention reflashing anywhere15:51
thedead1440Finally found a nerd girl who disassembled but gave up when she thought the brown inner part is glued to the sheel15:51
thedead1440showing her the 20+min video she understood how to do it and fixed it in around a hour and half15:51
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: thanks for reminding me to take the videos and service manuals along. they saved the day :D15:52
valdur55thedead1440: nice!15:53
thedead1440valdur55: thanks :D15:53
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thedead1440had to find among 6 shops for that girl who was interested in fixing this. Of course i told her if she screwed up she wasn't responsible as she wasn't willing to try otherwise.15:54
valdur55OK. my problem is with l2fixed kendel with ububoot. Oke, i will use zImage now.15:58
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thedead1440juiceme: i understood the crashing of apps. coderus posted its when he installs apps from store during installation all his other apps are closed including store. However, i've got in normal mode before too and although all apps are closed including store the remaining installations are completed. So its not a crash but maybe some postinst scripts of apps that restart certain services that do a closure of open apps.15:58
thedead1440s/got in/got it in/15:59
infobotthedead1440 meant: juiceme: i understood the crashing of apps. coderus posted its when he installs apps from store during installation all his other apps are closed including store. However, i've got it in normal mode before too and although all apps are closed including st...15:59
valdur55juiceme: I am waitining your  integrated initramfs  solution15:59
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valdur55thedead1440: I have no problems with ovistore. I renamed prevoius dpkg to dpkg.aegis and copied dpkg.real as dpkg. And i commented "start aegisfs" line in /etc/init/group-mce.conf16:07
thedead1440valdur55: its not necessary for all apps; i would like to narrow it down to which apps but i've experienced this a number of times16:08
valdur55ps ax | grep aegisfs    gives only grep command :)16:08
thedead1440in both normal and open modes16:08
thedead1440ah that's worth doing but i don't know if it helps for ovistore16:09
valdur55And there comes lack of PATH issue. Dpkg needs /usr/sbin path16:10
thedead1440nope /usr/bin/16:10
thedead1440or you meant something else. sorry i understood that dpkg's location16:11
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik16:11
thedead1440s/that/that as /16:11
infobotthedead1440 meant: or you meant something else. sorry i understood that as  dpkg's location16:11
thedead1440~# echo $PATH16:12
valdur55Oh yea.. my english is poor. I meant $PATH16:12
valdur55NB: root's PATH should usually contain /usr/local/sbin, /usr/sbin and /sbin16:12
thedead1440 /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X1116:12
thedead1440so for openmode's instructions the dpkg step should be mentioned too right?16:13
valdur55Lol... developer user have problem with $PATH16:14
valdur55One problem with this dpkg.real is : No AEGIS_HASH_FDS environment16:15
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thedead1440what would that limit? no fixed origin support?16:15
valdur55i used dpkg.real16:15
valdur55s/i /i basicaly /16:16
infobotvaldur55 meant: i basicaly used dpkg.real16:16
thedead1440i'm sorry i don't really know what's AEGIS_HASH_FDS env. Is it limiting in any way to not have this env?16:16
valdur55Dunno... it works for me.16:18
thedead1440fixed origin still works right?16:18
thedead1440ah then maybe this is the reason for some apps closing16:19
thedead1440i think i should test tweak T of N9QT now and see if it still exits halfway thru the process16:19
valdur55no.. usualy is dpkg from aegis times.16:19
valdur55Lol.. i don't know what i am tlaking....16:20
valdur55When i tried  apt-get install without fixed origin, then it just stopped in one point16:21
valdur55s/in /at16:21
thedead1440this one is weird.16:21
thedead1440i just tried Tweak T16:21
valdur55s/in /at /16:21
infobotvaldur55 meant: s/at /at16:21
thedead1440and it rebooted he phone but it waited for everything to finish installing16:21
thedead1440but it kept spewing No AEGIS_HASH_FDS environment errors16:22
thedead1440i'll uninstall the tweak and install it again to see if it really works as the errors were quite a number16:22
valdur55yea. it will spew much AEGIS_HASH_FDS errors.16:22
thedead1440but things still get installed via fixed origin dpkg -i right?16:23
valdur55then you should use old dpkg16:23
infobotvaldur55 meant: then you should use original dpkg16:23
thedead1440? you said earlier on that fixed origin still works so then why use original dpkg? sorry if i'm a bit slow in understanding as i want to be certain about it16:24
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valdur55Oh noes.... i meant that you are meaning original dpkg :)16:25
thedead1440so you mean dpkg.real can't install via fixed origin?16:26
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valdur55it doesn't check origin.16:29
thedead1440ah so if you were to replace a stock system package with an unknown origin package it would go ahead with it?16:30
thedead1440ah so that's good isn't it?16:31
thedead1440ah thanks :)16:32
valdur55But only problem is with  AEGIS_HASH_FDS error. I found commit about it.16:33
thedead1440Jonni: is there a reason why fixed origin dpkg -i is recommended over using dpkg.real? If dpkg.real disables origin checking isn't that better altogether?16:33
thedead1440hehe "Shut up Aegis."16:37
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Jonnithedead1440: dpkg handles the refhaslist signing etc, so if your only secure mode, it malfs the device if you use .real.16:56
thedead1440Jonni: so in open mode wouldn't .real be better than fixed origin then?16:56
Jonnithedead1440: in open mode .real malfs the device too if you have aegis active.16:57
Jonnithedead1440: using real is bad in secure and in open mode.16:57
Jonnithedead1440: as in openmode you can just use " dpkg -i "16:57
thedead1440how is aegis active in open mode? you mean if the aegis mounts are not removed?16:57
Jonniand all your applications are installed as trusted nokia zone16:58
thedead1440yup i do that for a few things as and when required16:58
Jonnithedead1440: there is always aegis, unless you compile a custom kernel without aegis16:58
valdur55aegis and aegis-session is started on boot.16:58
Jonniif you want a working device in openmode you just use full aegis and use AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN16:59
valdur55damn.. i rm-ed my dpkg.real :D16:59
thedead1440ah i see16:59
valdur55Oh i have backup for that.16:59
Jonni(you can even patch the system to have fixed origin by default, that way you just call dpkg without any parameters, and fully working device without ever seeing origin errors17:00
thedead1440patching the system is just adding an alias for dpkg -i isn't it?17:00
Jonniwell that works too17:01
JonniI've patched my secure mode side installer to allow AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN too, so dont even need to use open mode.17:01
thedead1440ah in that case alias won't work then :D17:02
thedead1440any idea about why apps close when installations occur via store? I've got the same issue in normal mode before too so its not an open mode issue per se.17:02
Jonnimaybe out of memory process killer hits it?17:03
Jonnias system kills applications on low memory situations17:03
thedead1440ah that would explain it17:03
*** faenil has quit IRC17:08
*** Martix_ is now known as Martix17:10
valdur55OK.  i made shell script for dpkg fixed origin.17:11
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:13
thedead1440why would you need a sh script for it?17:14
valdur55It is system wide. Alias is only for current user17:15
valdur55#!/bin/sh17:16 dpkg.aegis "$@"17:16
*** arcean has joined #harmattan17:16
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juicemevaldur55, I will retry the initramfs solution tonight17:57
valdur55lol: --force-confold --force-remove-fail --force-remove-reinstreq --status-fd 38 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/frontcamera_0.1.3_armel.frontcamera17:58
juicemeoookay... that sure gets rid of it :)17:58
valdur55It is behind ovistore :P17:59
*** did85 has joined #harmattan18:00
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khertan__BitPurse 1.5 submitted to the Nokia Store18:27
khertan__let s see what will be the reason this time for the QA Failed18:27
*** Morpog_PC has joined #harmattan18:34
rigoanybody a clue whether there is a businesscard ocr software for meego (N9)?18:35
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:39
khertan__camera :)18:39
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan18:39
khertan__rigo, didn't know any18:40
khertan__rigo, anyway there is a qrcode scanner18:40
khertan__everybody use qr on businesscard18:40
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC18:43
*** floholl has quit IRC18:44
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:45
valdur55Wow.. i got now malf screen :P cool18:46
*** trigpoint_n9 has joined #harmattan18:46
rigokhertan__: thanks, I have the qrcode scanner, but I have tons of business cards and saw apps for android and ios that just scan+OCR business cards for contacts. Very impressive18:50
thedead1440valdur55: so reflash? :p18:50
rigothedead1440, no, brick! :)18:51
deram_rigo: seen those even for symbian... not for N9 though18:51
thedead1440n9's almost unbrickable unless you did something like Jonni a few days ago18:52
* rigo bricked it by trying to export the Xwindow to PC18:52
valdur55going back to ubiboot :)18:53
*** ashakunt has quit IRC18:56
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan18:57
valdur55wow: / # /sbin/initctl emit --no-wait MALF_CHECK_OK18:58
valdur55initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused18:58
thedead1440valdur55: you shouldn't have rebooted before re-signing refhashlist18:59
valdur55thedead1440: yay. i thinked same .19:00
thedead1440~# accli -c tcb-sign -F /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist -i /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist  && ~# /usr/sbin/validator-init; aegis-loader;echo 1 > /sys/kernel/security/validator/flush  in an opensh shell. Jonni's instructions always help :)19:00
valdur55oh. opensh shell19:01
thedead1440yup because you don't get tcb privs regularly even in open mode :) only opensh/ariadnesh give you the privs required to do so19:02
thedead1440that's why i didn't reboot until doing the above19:02
valdur55:) ok. but what about my apt-get failure ?19:02
thedead1440that would have been solved by doing the above19:02
thedead1440it was simply refhashlist issue19:02
thedead1440it needed resigning19:03
valdur55Still :accli.cpp(1449): ERROR: cannot sign '/var/lib/aegis/refhashlist' (Permission denied)'19:03
thedead1440did you put those above in an opensh shell?19:03
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan19:04
thedead1440do accli -I | grep tcb to see if it has the tcb::sign privs19:05
*** Timo has joined #harmattan19:05
valdur55bad chroot :/ accli.cpp(1370): ERROR: could not read credentials, quit19:05
thedead1440ah that i'm not sure on how to solve :/ ; my paste when i realized my apt-get being screwed:
valdur55Good. looked arch wiki and used correct mounts :)19:10
*** Pali has quit IRC19:13
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valdur55aegis-loader: File '/var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf' fails 'tcb' signature19:16
valdur55aegis-loader: Rejecting untrusted configuration -- policy not loaded19:16
*** jpnurmi has left #harmattan19:17
*** lordross has quit IRC19:19
valdur55Better error:
thedead1440that error is when not in opensh19:23
valdur55Nope. I am on opensh19:23
infobotvaldur55 meant: Nope. I am in opensh19:23
thedead1440weird maybe your reboot caused some issues?19:24
*** jluisn has quit IRC19:27
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:27
valdur55Ok... I give up ... i use Nokia Software Updater ... i need boot to Windows :(19:35
valdur55I don't flash it.19:35
*** trigpoint_n9 has quit IRC19:36
*** trigpoint_n9 has joined #harmattan19:37
thedead1440isn't that the same as flashing it?19:37
valdur55Nope. Software updater can keep programs installed.19:38
thedead1440oh ok19:39
*** snowpong has quit IRC19:49
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valdur55Omg.. useless tool.. It requires working phone...20:05
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:10
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valdur55Oh. Maybe i know .... I reinstalled some aegis packages and i had sdk repo activated. so it installed sdk repo aegis .... ( apt misconfiguration)20:22
*** tobbe_ has quit IRC20:33
valdur55OK. going to reflash ...20:35
*** xes has joined #harmattan20:41
valdur55Difference between openmode and closed mode kernel flashing is: [x] cert-sw      [finished   100 %       1 /       1 kB      NA     ]20:46
*** xes has left #harmattan20:46
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valdur55Oh funny. I already messed my just flashed phone :)20:50
*** Morpog_ has joined #harmattan21:03
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valdur55Yeay. Nicely done... again at same point! (y)21:07
valdur55Now i am testing restoring :) Interesting toy!21:15
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:16
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan21:17
valdur55Damn... Restoring is like a widnows using :(21:29
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bappaauenfx4, hey22:53
bappaflux, heymaster22:54
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