IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2013-03-04

PaliJonni, how is flashing CAL handled in harmattan?00:06
Paliand also backup?00:06
Palivia softupd?00:06
Palior has for it NOLO some OPCODE?00:06
Jonniits only allowed if you have R&D cert by default, although there are ways around it-00:07
Jonnibut yes in doftupd00:08
PaliJonni, I'm asking because I'd like to know if it is also possible on fremantle n9000:09
Paliwhere R&D cert is not used00:09
JonniI dont remember the details but I believe that in fremantle you can freely copy and restore cal00:10
Paliit is possible from working maemo system00:10
Palibut is there way how to restore it if I damage maemo system?00:10
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Jonniafaik in fremantle you can always load custom kernel and initfs and just dd cal back in place.00:13
PaliJonni, will NOLO load kernel if CAL is damaged?00:19
JonniPali: nope00:20
Paliso then it is not possible to restore damaged CAL00:21
Jonnionly thing that runs is the bb5signed ape-algo kernel, so you can only restore cal on harmattan if you have r&d cert00:21
Jonniwell I havent tested external flasher boxes, so it might be that some JAF flasher or somethings would able to do some deeplevel hacks, but I doubt it00:23
PaliJonni, I mean fremantle n90000:24
Jonniah on fremantle flasher -l -b -k mostlikely works00:25
Jonniand that way you can restore the cal00:25
Palialso when cal is damaged? will fremantle nolo boot kernel?00:25
JonniI would assume that, but I havent played enough with N900 to be sure.00:26
Paliok, I do not want to damage it, but I'd like be sure that I will be able to fix any SW error...00:27
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer05, no sources here :P00:59
DocScrutinizer05I guess there's a DVD image on my cloud-7 server01:00
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MohammadAGbah, no git page?01:01
DocScrutinizer05palyes it does01:03
DocScrutinizer05pali: we had that nandtester guy01:03
DocScrutinizer05after reflashing he had a booting system01:04
DocScrutinizer05I suggested he restored his CAL to an image I provided, but I never again heard of him01:05
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juicemeJonni, ping07:31
Jonnijuiceme: pong07:31
juicemeabout that flash_erase, since that is the most dangerous thing, do you think it is even necessary?07:32
juicemeWhat if I just create an ubifs system on mtd4, without flash_erase07:33
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juicemeIf I remove that command from the instructions, so that people do not accidentally erase their CAL07:34
Jonnihave to do some experiments before I can say if its necessary07:36
Hurrianjuiceme, not really your fault if they aim flash_erase at mtd107:36
Hurrianor, even more stupidly, flash_eraseall.07:37
juicemeHurrian, :(07:37
juicemebut still, I feel responsible if somebody does it by accident.07:37
Hurrianjuiceme, well, Linux's flash layer will take care of setting bits properly, but it's always good to erase it just once, to make sure everything's in order.07:38
juicemeand more, as Jonni demonstrated yesterday, if you have ubifs attached on mtd4, and do a flash_erase, it will can possibly blow your CAL even as you give the correct commands (there is a bug somewhere...)07:39
Hurrianalso, tell the guy who's getting -EPERM to run those commands under devel-su, and not opensh.07:39
Hurrianjuiceme: holy crap, why07:39
juicemeHurrian, read back yesterday night's logs07:40
Hurrianthat's gotta be a kernel bug, or you're not passing the MTD partitions to kernel properly07:40
juicemecould be a bug in the handling of the secure areas of nand, it should be no way possible to override the read-only bits07:41
Hurrianjuiceme: NAND being read-only is an artificial limitation of NOLO, iirc.07:42
Hurrianand it's RO only to the OS.07:42
Hurrianyou can dd kernels onto mtd2 (or was it 3)?07:42
Hurrianbut flasher refuses to flash kernels because of some silly flag.07:43
juicemeyes. altough this opens up intresting (yet dangerous) possibilities...07:43
Hurrianjuiceme: such as wiping out the NAND entirely?07:44
juicemeNo, I was thinking generally of overriding the read-only bits07:45
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Hurrianjuiceme, iirc on previous experiments on the N900 where someone wiped CAL, as long as there's a kernel on-device it still booted.07:46
juicemeAnother thing I was thinking about, after this disaster with flash_erase07:46
HurrianWell, BT and WIFI MAC addresses were wiped, but it boots.07:46
juicemeHurrian, N900 might be a differnt beast, maybe the bootloader works different way07:47
Hurrianjuiceme: maybe NOLO crashes because it can't properly read the ConF entries for serial number etc. to be passed to the kernel?07:47
juicemeBut, what I mean, maybe I should try to make the ubiboot loader start not from ubifs, but from initramfs.07:48
Hurrianjuiceme: and where do you put this initramfs?07:48
juicemeThat was my original goal, but it has some drawbacks, like not havin persistent storage07:48
Hurrianjuiceme: is the MOSLO partition on the N9 blanked?07:49
juicemeso boot.conf at least needs to be stored on mmcblk0p2, for example07:49
juicemeHurrian, I would put my initramfs on mmcblk0p207:50
HurrianI thought an advantage of ubiboot was 'set it and forget it'?07:50
HurrianYou could wipe the entire eMMC, and reflash from ubiboot, not ever touching Flasher again.07:51
juicemeActually I only need to change the command line parameters of the 1stboot kernel to load up the initramfs, like from /boot/ og mmcblk0p2 for example07:51
Hurrianjuiceme: it should probably be an option for users.07:52
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juicemeHurrian, set-and-forget, yes, but when you need to change kernels for example, you need to edit boot.conf07:52
HurrianFlash a kernel that loads from eMMC, or a slightly more bulletproof one that loads off mtd4.07:52
Hurrianjuiceme: emergency kernel could be stored on a different dir on ubifs, and points to mmcblk0p2 with init=/sbin/preinit07:53
juicemeThe only problem about using mtd4 is the flash_erase, I would not wish anyone to end up like Jonni with their device. (for most people it is their only N9...)07:54
HurrianWith that, and a bz2 of Harmattan root stored, it might be possible to make "Downgrade disallowed" irrelevant.07:54
Hurrianjuiceme, about that, the mtd layer should probably be checked for bugfixes integrated in newer kernels.07:55
juicemeHurrian, now I get what you mean :)07:55
Hurrianbecause I'm pretty sure that's a bug.07:56
juicemeIt's highly likely. somehow the flash_erase command leaked over the partition boundaries, something that should not ever happen.07:57
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Jonniit might be that I still was on secure mode when I did flash erase on mtd4, maybe I should have triggered open mode first and then do the commands08:05
Jonnias in openmode cal would have been better protected08:05
juicemeHad you recently reflashed your device to factory settings?08:06
thedead1440Buying a N9: ~$300; Watching Jonni permbrick his N9: Priceless :D :D08:09
juicemeThat's borderline cruel!08:09
thedead1440hehe its fair as he has access to all tools we mere mortals don't have :D08:09
juicemeexcept for the tool that really would make the difference here, factory mode JTAG flasher..08:11
Jonniheh, dont worry, I still  have plenty of spare devices, so one brick doesnt affect me :)08:18
Jonninow I atleast have yet another spare display :)08:18
juicemeand spare battery :)08:19
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Jonniah yes that too08:19
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Jonnijuiceme: new day on debugging, it seems that sometimes harmattan kernel freezes on boot, the last line coming out to console is: "[    1.106842] Power Management for TI OMAP3."08:40
Jonnithats using stock kernel, next I'll try to l2fixed version08:43
Jonnisame failure...ohwell, have to try something different next08:46
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Jonniheh, interesting /mmcblk0p2 only had boot-orig, so nemo mer scripts messed up... so I'll just have to start from scratch :)08:49
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juicemeJonni, have you measued how much slower the stock kernel boots when comparing to the l2-fixed?08:59
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juicemeJonni, did you get the power management error on both vanilla and l2-fixed kernel?09:00
Jonnijuiceme: yep, but most likely that is because p2 device was empty and it could not launch preinit09:00
juicemeah, ok.09:01
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Jonnijuiceme: now Im again on working dualbooting moslo... and this time in openmode.... next I'll try the ubiboot09:22
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Jonnijuiceme: and that experimented failed as this devices mtd4 is readonly, most likely too many ecc errors have triggered ro bit. There is a reason why mtd4 was not used in final product :)10:00
juicemeOkay, seems I need to create another option at least for the people having difficulties with mtd4 use.10:01
Jonniie I would prefer seeing ubiboot version that uses mmcblk0p3 as exporting that partition is not that important, its enough to export 1,2,410:01
juicemeThat would most likey be creating a initramfs based version, booting off a file on mmcblk0p210:02
Jonniwell that works too :)10:02
juicemewell yes, that is the other option.10:02
juicemeso there are three alternatives to do it :)10:02
juicemeas the whole bootFS is only 14MB, it can be put to a lot of places :)10:03
Hurrianjuiceme: one more alternative: appending an initramfs onto the kernel image.10:03
juicemeHurrian, that sounds nice also, but it would then be stored on NAND also, right?10:04
juicemeis there space enough to do that?10:04
Hurrianjuiceme, but it'd be flashed once using flasher, which is known to be bretty safe10:04
juicemeJonni, Yesterday you told me that CAL is mtd2, but that partition is labeled as "kernel"10:05
Jonnical is mtd1, I just tupoed10:05
juicemeif it is so, where is the kernel stored?10:05
Jonnimtd2 is the kernel10:05
juicemeah, thouhgt so :)10:06
juiceme... gotta go to a pronto meeting... (bugfix planning and deployment) I'll be back...10:07
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juicemeCan anyone lighten me up on a subject?14:01
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juicemeThis guy death_jax seems to be certain that running in Open Mode causes some random crashes  etc, especially related to N9Qtweak.. what is he tlaking about?14:02
juicemeSince I have been running in open mode just about since I got my device and I cannot really say I have any misbehavoiur with my device. (but I don't use N9QuickTweak)14:03
juicemethedead1440, ping14:05
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Hurrianjuiceme: he probably installed some crappy patches or w/e14:17
Hurrianif anything, there should be /less/ crashes on Openmode14:18
Hurrianand fwiw, I haven't experienced an app crash on Harmattan yet14:18
Jonniopenmode doesnt cause any random crashes, if he is experiencing crashes, then its caused by himself :)14:21
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juicemeI kind of assumed this is the case... furthermore, he seems unaware of the differences between degrees of open mode.14:48
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thedead1440juiceme: pong15:07
thedead1440the open mode issue is basically when using N9QTweak and installing unrestricted system-ui and the related applets, the app would close after maybe 2 or 3 applets being installed15:09
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thedead1440this is mainly due to a soft refresh (restarting of status bar) being conducted by either N9QTweak after each applet's installation or for some applets its in their postinst to do a soft refresh15:10
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thedead1440the same thing when done using inception tends not to exit mid-way thru the installation process hence the myth that open mode is the cause for app crashes15:11
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thedead1440around 1.5-2.5months ago this issue was solved in N9QTweak but again re-introduced as the solved method didn't work always. N9QTweak simply does dpkg -i /path/to/deb for each applet so its the unrestricted sys-ui and the frequent soft refreshes to blame instead of open mode /per se/15:12
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thedead1440Ah you pinged me because he mentioned me; I wonder why people without possession of full facts blame me for their lack of knowledge :(15:14
Hurrianthedead1440: you're the Harmattan kids' deity when it comes to Harmattan bugs, apparently15:14
thedead1440its tiring to keep explaining people why they are having issues when its been covered so many times before15:15
Hurrianthedead1440, it's the Internet Forum Syndrome.15:15
thedead1440i bet he'll send me a PM soon asking me to post for him... :(15:15
HurrianNo one ever bothers to use " $MYPROBLEM"15:16
thedead1440death_jax's issue is because english isn't his first language so he doesn't seem to exactly understand and express himself15:16
Hurrianjeez, don't people bother trying to learn the language anymore?15:17
thedead1440Hurrian: you would be surprised the number of people who post using google translate15:18
HurrianWell, to Google Translate's credit, it's getting pretty good for a machine translator, but not the kind of thing I'd use for highly technical documents.15:19
infobotaegis-no-thanks is probably, or, or
thedead1440A standard PM i rec'd from a few days ago: "be indulgent with my English (google translation) .."15:19
HurrianGood infobot.15:19
infobotaw, gee, Hurrian15:19
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thedead1440shouldn't that factoid have the link for openmode kernel pr1.3?15:20
Hurrianthedead1440: it seems that the guy complaining about Openmode hasn't cleared out aegisfs.d.15:21
thedead1440Hurrian: indeed most people don't clear it out15:21
thedead1440ask him to post df output you'll see it15:21
HurrianI blame the old NITDroid instructions for not making it clear enough.15:21
thedead1440indeed even the Aegis&Open Mode thread doesn't have it15:22
thedead1440I learned it thanks to ladoga15:22
thedead1440Maybe i should moderate the first post of the Open Mode thread with the instructions to clear it out15:22
thedead1440goodness me the first post is so long-winded i don't have the mood to add to it :s15:24
HurrianThere, edited my sig.15:25
HurrianIt should hopefully make it abundantly clear to TMO users who haven't heard of aegisfs.15:25
thedead1440yup :)15:26
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: i went down to the repair shop and he quoted me $120 (74Eur) to repair it without even looking at it properly. I gave him the finger; looks like some more searching needs to be done...15:27
Hurrianoh, on an unrelated side note, it seems that the failed writes to CAL area are likely related to WiFi radio adjusting parameters.15:29
ladogai learned it from some random post by hurrian. I actually thought removing aegis mounts was merely cosmetic15:30
thedead1440Hurrian: didn't know that. Btw does 1 bad block in mtd4 swap mean anything? My dmesg gives: "mtdswap: Enabling MTD swap on device 4, size 422144 KB, 183 spare, 1 bad blocks"15:31
Hurrianthedead1440: meh, usual life of a NAND flash.15:31
Hurriangot one on my N900, zero on my N9 so far, but I have ECC corrections every time I attach mtd4 to ubi0.15:32
thedead1440Seems its time to retire this N9 :(15:32
Hurrianthedead1440, not so fast.15:32
thedead1440Hurrian: my power button is really unstable; moving the phone a bit and it reboots15:33
HurrianIt shorts the button for that long?15:33
thedead1440that's the one i was referring to above; the repair shop says S$120 to fix it when i bet he knows shit about it15:34
Hurrianthedead1440: you may, in the future, due to swap, burn out the area occupied by mtd4, but everything /should/ still work.15:34
thedead1440i printed the whole service manual (levels 1,2,3) and took for his reference too but bloody fsker wants $12015:34
Hurrianthedead1440: the part to be replaced probably isn't worth US$5.15:34
thedead1440Doc says its most probably just requiring a cleaning of dirt/dust15:35
thedead1440hmm i wonder if rd-mode allows the disabling of power button functionality15:35
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Hurrianthedead1440: disable the button in board config15:35
thedead1440in /etc/mce/mce.ini ?15:36
thedead1440i disabled it there15:36
thedead1440but when in LPM it toggles the lockscreen and still switches off15:36
HurrianNo, in the kernel's config.15:36
thedead1440oh how do i do that?15:36
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thedead1440Hurrian: adding twl4030_pwrbutton to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf is sufficient right? it seems not to work now :D :D15:55
HurrianIt's sufficient.15:55
thedead1440thanks for this idea ;) now its not too urgent to get it repaired :D15:55
DocScrutinizer05disabling hw powerbutton completely doesn't work16:02
DocScrutinizer05if system/kernel ignores powerbutton completely, standard hw shutdown function will kick in afaik16:03
HurrianDocScrutinizer05, well, it gives thedead1440 around 5 more seconds before shutdown is initiated.16:04
*** trigpoint_n9___ has quit IRC16:04
DocScrutinizer05otherwise no way to powerdown/reset a hung system16:04
DocScrutinizer05yes, that's true16:04
Hurrianinstead of the roughly 2-3 seconds press needed to shutdown Harmattan16:04
*** trigpoint_n9___ has joined #harmattan16:04
DocScrutinizer05hw shutdown is 8s iirc16:04
DocScrutinizer05but honestly I wonder if that helps16:05
thedead1440so even if the module is blacklisted it still can reboot?16:05
DocScrutinizer05hw shutdown is sw independant16:06
Hurrianthedead1440, if the OS doesn't explicitly prevent TWL4030 from shutting down, yes, but it'll take a longer press on the button to shut down.16:06
thedead1440now can the OS explicitly prevent it other than blacklisting the module?16:06
infobotthedead1440 meant: how can the OS explicitly prevent it other than blacklisting the module?16:06
DocScrutinizer05yes, it can reset the timer before it expires16:06
DocScrutinizer05sort of watchdog16:07
thedead1440hmm so a watchdog monitors the twl4030_pwrbutton and resets it every few seconds?16:07
DocScrutinizer05you press and hold powerbutton -> 8s timer starts -> when exoirng, it does hw shutdown16:07
DocScrutinizer05sw can reste that timer16:08
thedead1440yup just tried it; it restarts with a 8s press16:08
DocScrutinizer05it can reset but not stop / disable it16:09
thedead1440how would the reset occur?16:09
DocScrutinizer05I2C command to twl4030 iirc16:09
DocScrutinizer05done somewhere in kernel16:10
thedead1440is there some kind of command for it? something that while sleep 7; do xxx; done can monitor?16:10
thedead1440oh i2c; so i would need i2ctools?16:10
DocScrutinizer05yep, probably16:10
DocScrutinizer05though I guess the kernel driver for hw powerbutton will lock that addr on i2c-bus16:11
DocScrutinizer05so i2cset can't access it16:11
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: is there any way to assign the power button's full functionality (incl 8s turn off) to one of the volume keys?16:12
Hurrianthedead1440: you can assign the OS-level function, but not the 8s shutdown.16:15
thedead1440Hurrian: i assigned the vol up for unlocking the screen but yeah the 8s turn off is the main thing16:15
DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: no, probably not16:16
Hurrianthedead1440: try your N9 out for a day, and see how often it restarts with an 8s timeout for shutdown instead of 2s.16:16
DocScrutinizer05since 8s off is a function in tel4030, not in CPU16:16
thedead1440Hurrian: will do that; hopefully i get a capable repair shop tomorrow. Will go to Nokia Care too just in case they are of some help16:17
thedead1440hmm even though i added twl4030_pwrbutton to blacklist.conf it still loads at boot-up.16:20
Hurrianthedead1440: rm the module ;)16:22
HurrianReplace it with a 0length file.16:22
thedead1440i did a modprobe -r on it for now16:23
thedead1440if its fixed tomorrow i'll need it again anyway :D16:23
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC16:24
thedead1440thanks to you and DocScrutinizer05 :)16:24
DocScrutinizer052s, 8s. Seems not much difference for a hw problem16:25
thedead1440yup but it now needs to be pressed in for 8s. its not pressed in that bad. anyway i'll see if someone is charging a reasonable amount to open and clean it otherwise i'll give it to nokia care who'll most probably take 2-3weeks16:27
Hurrianthedead1440: don't shut it down by pressing for 8s, that's a forced shutdown, and may corrupt your FSes.16:28
HurrianIf you've got unrestricted systemui, just install the power button applet.16:28
thedead1440Hurrian: yeah i don't require shutdown anyway. I did the test just to be sure if it does shut down that way. I've the power applet and of course shutdown -n is good enough16:29
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:30
thedead1440hmm i wonder what is /usr/sbin/qmkeyd216:34
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #harmattan16:34
thedead1440its been taking 85-90% CPU16:35
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan16:38
thedead1440thanks phako! so its due to modprobe -r of twl4030_pwrbutton16:39
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:42
*** trigpoint_n9___ has quit IRC16:43
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan16:48
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*** ecloud has joined #harmattan17:04
jabiscool - my N9 declines importing contacts & starting the camera... *sigh* end of an era ;<17:11
jabiswhat shuld I get next17:11
dm8tbra full reflash?17:11
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil17:18
thedead1440i've seen a few people with camera unable to start; i wonder why this issue is suddenly plaguing people. Might be some app/tweak causing it...17:19
*** loide has joined #harmattan17:27
valdur55Maybe it is related to GPRS settings.17:30
thedead1440How so?17:31
ladogaprobably some zombie app already using camera module17:42
ladogathat needs killing17:42
*** macmaN has quit IRC17:43
ladogahow to restart bme server17:43
ladogaseems like i managed to kill it :)17:43
thedead1440 /sbin/start bme?17:43
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan17:44
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:45
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan17:46
thedead1440the camera thing is a bit weird; people get it to open and then a not responding message appears that doesn't disappear for them17:47
*** arcean has joined #harmattan17:48
ladogado they have anything in common?17:48
thedead1440not investigated further as most of them seem unwilling to respond in a timely manner17:48
ladogafe. has it happened to anyone that is not using n9qtweak17:48
thedead1440i asked one to post output of camera-ui he refused to post17:49
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:49
thedead1440another i asked to re-install the lib and app but no reply from him17:49
ladogai have only had camera-ui not responding when i used camera somewhere else17:49
thedead1440not sure about n9qt but i use n9qt and no issues17:49
ladogaplaying with gstreamer or iirc once zombie cutetube (tho i don't understand the connection)17:50
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan17:51
ladogaor maybe it was camera pro that had gone zombie17:52
ladogathat would make more sense17:52
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan17:52
*** arcean has quit IRC17:53
ladogaanyway nothing that killing the process wouldn't remedy17:53
ladogawe'll see if/when someone who can troubleshoot bit more (or report well enough) stumbles into it17:55
thedead1440those 2 i remember them saying a reboot too wasn't helping17:55
thedead1440ah this guy has posted the ouput of camera-ui which is the usual output:
thedead1440I'll ask him to do a re-install and post back17:57
thedead1440also your cutetube thing may be valid as another poster too has complained of the same thing working for him17:57
*** arcean has joined #harmattan17:57
*** mgedmin_ has joined #harmattan17:58
*** arcean_ has quit IRC17:59
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:00
jabismeh - camera-ui 3.120216.2+0m8 from got aegis rejected18:00
thedead1440jabis: could be a failed/corrupted download; try it again18:00
*** Martix_ has joined #harmattan18:03
*** Martix_ has quit IRC18:03
*** Martix_ has joined #harmattan18:04
*** Martix_ is now known as Martix18:04
*** thedead1440_ has joined #harmattan18:04
jabisnah - camera still not working - 1 pid using the camera (the camera app itself) no 3rd party camera shim installed, maybe I'll go with yet another full reflash - or straight with an open kernel and buy another phone that won't lose my contacts -.-18:06
thedead1440killall camera-ui and if you have used cutetube kill it too18:09
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:09
*** VDVsx has joined #harmattan18:12
jabisnope - nada doesn't work18:15
thedead1440what does typing camera-ui in terminal output?18:16
thedead1440also could you post the logs of your re-installation? maybe pastebinit18:16
jabisMApplicationService: registerService() registering failed18:17
thedead1440its a two-liner output right?18:17
jabisyep other is calling launch18:18
thedead1440yeah that's normal18:18
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan18:18
thedead1440if you could post your reinstallation logs it might help to find out why aegis is rejecting it18:18
jabisI did it with terminal - simple apt-get --reinstall install - and I got it to update and install, but the ui is still dead18:19
jabisjust cleared apt-cache18:19
thedead1440ok can you reinstall libqcamera1 too?18:19
jabisreinstalled - restarting the camera-ui18:22
jabisnope - nada18:23
jabisinteresting issue this one is18:24
*** trigpoint_n9 has joined #harmattan18:24
ladogawould ps -A or pstree output from a working device be of any help?18:30
*** cityLights has quit IRC18:32
*** khertan_ has joined #harmattan18:34
Jonniwell if you have added repo, then there is your reason :)18:36
Jonnias most people dont know how to use it with aegis18:36
Jonniie they dont know howto enable AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN to work in secure mode, or howto re-sign the packages so that the origin would be
Jonniblaah, I mean harmattan-dev repo18:38
*** ecloud has quit IRC18:40
Jonnibut those issues can be pretty easily spotted by reading refhashlist18:40
*** Martix has quit IRC18:41
*** ecloud has joined #harmattan18:41
*** ashakunt has quit IRC18:42
*** MBOUKSIM_ has joined #harmattan18:49
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*** napcode has quit IRC18:50
MBOUKSIM_hi every body18:51
MBOUKSIM_can any one helpe me im stuck with using SQLITE on Harmattan18:51
phakojust ask18:56
*** XenGi_ is now known as XenGi18:56
*** rnovacek has quit IRC18:56
MBOUKSIM_i used to do this code in Symbian18:57
MBOUKSIM_QString pathOfflineStorage(QApplication::applicationDirPath());18:57
MBOUKSIM_pathOfflineStorage = QDir::toNativeSeparators(pathOfflineStorage);18:57
MBOUKSIM_QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");18:57
MBOUKSIM_QFileInfo i("qml/Myproject/sqlite/Databases/bd.sqlite");18:57
MBOUKSIM_but it dosn't work in Harmmatan18:57
MBOUKSIM_he don't find the bd.sqlite18:57
jabisJonni: it was just a broken apt cache entry :) re-downloaded and everything went okies, but nonetheless the sudden borkage of camera and other native apps (twitter/facebook contacts) etc could be related18:59
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*** jean_brat has joined #harmattan19:28
jean_brathi guys.. i am planning to get an N9, if i buy a 16 gb device will it limit me from installing or updating the firmware ?19:30
thedead1440jean_brat: nope 16GB doesn't limit your freedom from installing/updating firmware19:30
thedead1440basically Harmattan's file system is 4GB for rootfs (/), 2GB for userfs (/home) and remaining for emmc (/home/user/MyDocs/). If you have a 16GB variant you are effectively left with ~9GB for emmc while the 64GB variant gives you ~58GB for emmc19:32
jean_bratbasically for user memory , like images , Songs etc  thats all ?19:32
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valdur55lol... I am playing with fire...  Touching aegis stuff20:15
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valdur55Funny: root is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.20:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:51
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valdur55RzR: hey. I flashed to openmode and went to ubuntufs.  Runned bash and got one error: groups: cannot find name for group ID 67021:04
valdur55Oh. it is pulse-access21:06
*** xes has joined #harmattan21:06
liarhi, i do have an application on my n9 which renders into a SDL window, i want that the volume + and - buttons can be used to actually change the volume and not the phones profile, how can i do that?21:07
*** trigpoint_n9 has quit IRC21:09
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valdur55RzR: simple fix for group issues: cat /etc/group > /home/rzr-rootfs/etc/group21:33
*** trigpoint_n9 has quit IRC21:35
RzRhi valdur5521:38
RzRthx let me add this21:38
*** tonyoy has quit IRC21:41
valdur55RzR: lol. test it! It is start of the idea...21:48
valdur55it causes some problems like:  syntax error: unknown group 'crontab' in statoverride file21:48
valdur55Oh... and add: groupadd crontab  . Then dpkg is working nicely again21:52
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valdur55yep. it is working.22:16
juicemeevening, people22:16
valdur55juiceme: evening22:18
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