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juicemeHurrian, ping00:02
Hurrianjuiceme, pong00:02
juicemejust posted the L2 fixed kernel to ubiboot site00:03
HurrianI'll be testing it later, once I fix up some .plists.00:03
juicemeI actually recompiled openmode+l2fix from scratch on top of vanilla as I had tons of own mods on my running kernels :)00:03
juicemetest it, please. I whonder how many others like Theyosh have the same problem00:04
juicemeBecause for me it is just slow to start, it will always boot up eventually...00:05
HurrianAlright, copied the kernel on the device, I'll add it to the boot menu.00:07
juicemeThat is the nice part, no more flashing this and that ;)00:07
Hurrianjuiceme: fwiw, it seems that you can't flash kernels onto the device in Open Mode, which blows.00:08
juicemehmm...? So you mean that the /sbin/flash_* tools do not work on mtd2..?00:11
Hurriannah, flasher.00:11
juicemethat kind of makes sense00:11
HurrianNAND isn't actually locked, but flasher probably reads the config bitfield and refuses to flash.00:12
HurrianAll the more reason to develop a replacement for that blob.00:12
Hurrian…and L2 patched kernel is booting...00:13
juicemetha tshould be doable, it's propably fairly generic flashing algorithms00:13
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juicemeWell, if it doesn't work on open mode that kind of puts a cap on the idea of creating a .deb of ubiboot istall.. which is OK by me anyways, as I like to keep it a manual process :)00:15
Hurrianjuiceme: this is weird - It quickly got to the pulsing Nokia logo, and then rebooted.00:15
juicemeno s*it?00:15
HurrianIt's rebooting again right now.00:15
HurrianLemme try with regular patched Openmode.00:15
juicemeWorked for me... I don't understand00:15
Hurrianhmm, maybe Harmattan's just that picky?00:16
juicemeDo you have the original Harmattan closed mode modules available, it uses those00:16
Hurrianjuiceme, IIRC none of the kernels replace the modules00:17
juicemePR1.3, that is00:17
Hurrianyep, using the shipped modules.00:17
juicemeCould there be some difference in the HW, mine is RM-696 v.150100:20
Hurrian1507, iirc.00:20
juicemeOr more likely, there is some installed SW that is picky about the strtup00:21
HurrianI don't see Nokia changing it up too much.00:21
juicemeI do not have any tweaks on mu device, no fastern9, no overclocking, no n9tweaks00:21
juicememight something like that cause trouble?00:22
HurrianNone on mine too, the only 3rd party program that adds to startup is the battery meter app.00:22
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Jonniwell sometimes harmattan takes a really long time to boot, especially if you have repartioned the flash for nemo, my personal record was over 60minutes to boot into harmattan (1st boot after installing nemo dualboot).00:44
Jonnimost likely because system didnt like that much about changed partition table and it tries to recover from that change on 1st boot and it takes a long time00:44
Jonniboots after that goes smoothly though, if you just are patient enough to wait for 1+ hours and not press powerbutton :)00:45
Jonniofcourse it helps when you attach serial console tx/rx pins and you can see whats happening :)00:46
Jonniand on some cases you might even need to disable watchdog timers to get 1st boot through00:47
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juicemeJonni, does it really just continue spinning the spinner for that long?00:54
fmunozs60 mins is a lot of time00:54
Jonnijuiceme: 60 mins of total black screen :)00:54
Jonnino spinner00:54
bluefoxthat's a lot of patience00:55
Jonnimost people just think that device is dead and press powerbutton, when thats last thing that you should do00:55
juicemeFor me, the longest boot times have been when I botched the mount order in preinit, and my /home/ did notget mounted at all. What happened, was that startup code created a new /home/ hierarchy on my root device :)00:56
juicemeAfter that when it finally came up (and it took about 5 minutes or so), I was really amazed as it looked like the device was wiped clean, of course it was issing everything I had installed on it00:57
juicemeWhen I started restoring it from backups, I only then noticed that my /dev/mmcblk0p3 was not mounted at all :)00:58
Jonnijuiceme: I might try your ubiboot soon, currently Im just dualbooting between harmattan & sailfish with moslo kernel. But it would be nice to have graphical menu and not use volume buttons to choose :)00:59
juicemeplease test it, the more people try it the easier it gets to iron out the potential bugs.01:00
HurrianJonni: I repartitioned the device to have /home on /, and it booted just fine afterward.01:01
juicemeatm I am a bit worried about this reboting on harmattan initialization.01:01
Hurrianjuiceme: so far, it works OK, albeit annoyingly, with just Openmode patched kernel.01:02
juicemeHurrian, so you think it is some partitioning thing that's going on there?01:02
HurrianIt would be a massive b*tch though if you had startup programs that didn't allow CPU to sleep when you lock the screen.01:02
juicemehow about the reboot you faced when you first tried the om+l2 fix?01:02
Jonnijuiceme: I'll have a look with serial output connected, that might give ideas, if there is any problems that why it it would reboot.01:02
Hurrianjuiceme: I should probably install logging facilities for that01:03
juicemeJonni, thanks.01:03
HurrianIt simply blanked the screen, and lit up the LED, as if it were shutting down.01:03
HurrianAnd then went straight back to ubiboot.01:03
juicemeI still have not acquired a spare N9 for myself to play with serial console :(01:03
juicemeHurrian, it did not rty to load up Harmattan at all?01:04
infobotjuiceme meant: Hurrian, it did not try to load up Harmattan at all?01:04
HurrianIt did try to load Harmattan - I was on the pulsing Nokia logo.01:04
juicemeHurrian, if it failed during boot, you propably have a backbox log on /dev/mtd301:06
Hurrianjuiceme: strings /dev/mtd3 gives a blank01:07
juicemethat's odd. Nothing from previous boots there then?01:08
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thedead1440My N9's power button seems to have gone in too much resulting in auto-presses. I've disabled all powerkey behaviour in /etc/mce/mce.ini as well as increased the delays to x10 of previous values. I set the volumekeys to unlock. However, when in LPM, the power key still works to take you to the lockscreen and a number of times it then reboots the device. Anyway to totally disable the powerkey? I don't mind even if I can't turn it on w/o06:59
thedead1440the power key. Need a temporary solution till I get time to take it for repairs next week. Thanks in advance!06:59
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ladogahow can I set meego-terminal to disable text selection mode? I'd like it to default to scroll mode.14:03
ladogaI didn't find any obivious config file for it.14:06
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ladogaor is it only possible to change by editing the sources and recompiling or maybe someone has done it already?14:09
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DocScrutinizer05thedead1440: I'm afraid there's no simple or even feasible fix, since shutdown/reboot is hw15:06
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: :( Need to get it repaired urgently then as if it moves a bit too much it reboots :s15:07
DocScrutinizer05yep, sure. 8s hw shutdown15:08
thedead1440sigh... contacted 14 different repair shops today and all haven't heard of the N9...15:08
DocScrutinizer05if not 2s sw shutdown which could probably get "fixed" in sw15:08
thedead1440yeah seems its that15:08
DocScrutinizer05often the "probelm" is just dirt collected somewhere in button's mechanics15:09
DocScrutinizer05not switch, button15:09
DocScrutinizer05so, if you dare, you could disassemble and clean it15:09
thedead1440oh but mine seems to be the outer switch to have gone in a bit too much15:10
thedead1440its almost flush with the body instead of protruding15:10
DocScrutinizer05then you might actually have smashed something inside15:11
DocScrutinizer05an unfortunate property of those cheap designs is: the microswitch has to take all the force you apply to button15:11
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DocScrutinizer05there's no other mechanical limit that the button stops at15:12
thedead1440ah; would changing the whole body help in any way? One repair shop has asked me to bring it down tomorrow. Maybe i should order a body too so that a replacement can be done then15:13
DocScrutinizer05and those disk spring switches are known to lose their "snap" characteristics and go "flat" on too much mechanical force applied15:13
DocScrutinizer05I doubt the body is defect. You will probably need a new microswtich15:14
DocScrutinizer05does the button come out again when you hold it downwards?15:14
thedead1440nope it doesn't come out15:14
DocScrutinizer05then it still could be dust/dirt15:15
DocScrutinizer05that collected between case and button15:15
thedead1440worst case scenario i'll ask them to swap my lumia's microswitch with the n9s15:15
DocScrutinizer05they should have matchng microswitches15:16
DocScrutinizer05as spare parts15:16
thedead1440i hope that's the case. almost every single repair shop here is for iDont or S3/Note2.15:16
DocScrutinizer05but honestly, particularly when not a warranty repair I'd suggest you disassemble it yourself and clean the button and apperture where button sits in. If you ever disassembled and re-assembled any tech stuff before15:17
thedead1440nope hw is something i would end up breaking15:17
thedead1440i just don't dare to do it myself :D15:18
DocScrutinizer05then find a shop which is not instantly selling you expensive repair15:18
DocScrutinizer05when simple cleaning will suffice15:18
thedead1440will keep that in mind15:18
DocScrutinizer05insist in them disassembling and showing you the problem15:19
DocScrutinizer05check microswitch yourself if it's good15:19
thedead1440will do that15:19
thedead1440i'll take a picture and ping you to confirm too. anyway you are living in JRTZV so you would most probably be around :D15:20
DocScrutinizer05also for a good measure get service manual for them ;-)15:20
thedead1440which one would it be from:
thedead1440or would this be sufficient:
DocScrutinizer05  whatever15:23
thedead1440ah same thanks15:23
ladogaheh gor exactly opposite reason I usually try to do repairs myself and well the cost too15:26
DocScrutinizer05first seems to link to ilivit which seems rogue/infectious15:26
thedead1440ladoga: that's unfair you are used to (dis)assembly :p15:27
thedead1440DocScrutinizer05: it seems for the microswitch its level 3/4 of service manual not 1/2?15:28
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DocScrutinizer05quite possible15:59
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Jonnijuiceme: my 1st attempt of making dualboot ubiboot system ended up in a bit of failure by destroying CAL and device not booting up on anything :). Luckily serial cable stated whats the problem so I'm now back into cold flashing the device back to life and trying again. :)19:05
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Jonniactually its perm brick now, I just remembered that I didnt have cal backup made for that device, ohwell that teaches me to make backups when tweaking the devices :)19:13
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AardJonni: if you don't need the screen anymore.. :p19:14
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JonniAard: heh, lets see, I'll still test all my tricks that I have in my sleeves for fixing the device :)19:15
AardI'm sure you don't need a display for that ;)19:16
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kralorhey guys my phone entered an infinite loop, at some point it shows an alert msg stating "too many reboots, failure something"20:06
valdur55Jonni: You flashed with flag: --flash-only=kernel , so you need use other kernel for bringing phone back to life.20:06
kralorit happened after I pushed the SIM tray (it was a bit off during a couple of hours) to its normal plugged position, it began to reboot20:07
valdur55kralor: remove sim tray and reboot :)20:09
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Jonnivaldur55: I wish it was that simple, I erased cal, which makes hwid to be 0000 and there is no way to alter that other than in the factory :), and bootloader refuses to boot if hwid is 0000 :)20:25
Jonniso even if I flash stock firmware it refuses to boot :)20:28
kralorvaldur55: haha already tried :P20:30
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juicemeJonni, ping21:47
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Jonnijuiceme: pong21:48
juicemeToo bad you permbricked your device... I don't understand how you did it, as I never try to mess with CAl21:48
juicemeWas it some special thng you tried to do, now I am afraid that may happen to other people who try ubiboot?21:49
Jonnijuiceme: flash_erase /dev/mtd4 nuked the cal, but party my fault, as I forgot that I've already did ubiattach before that and forgot to reboot before doing flash_erase again.21:52
Jonnijuiceme: it looks like that if you have attached and then try flash_erase, then on some cases it erases all the partitions including cal21:53
Jonniso it might be a bit dangerous to use mtd421:53
Jonnisafer option would be to use mmcblk0p2 or mmcblk0p4 on some alternative dirpaths21:54
juicemeI will have to make an extra warning about that, then.21:55
juicemeyes, using some directory structure on mmcblk0 is also an option. I will have to think about that.21:56
juicemeThe nice thing about having the boot on mtd4 is that then all mmcblk0 partitions can be exported via USB. I am not sure it works if I mount some of them as my root...21:57
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juicemeThe CAL is mtd1, label "config", isn't it?22:00
Jonnical is mtd222:00
juicemeIs it possible to take backups of the mtd partitions just by usind dd, and is it also possible to restore?22:01
juiceme"cat /proc/mtd" says mtd2 is "kernel", I always thought that's the place flasher stores the boot kernel?22:02
Palinanddump and nandwrite22:02
Jonniit depends, on secure mode yes, but when open mode triggers cal turns readonly normally22:02
Jonniofcourse in this case cal was already readonly when I was playing with flash erase, so it somehow screwed the readonly protection too22:03
Paliso you erased cal from open mode?22:03
juicemeYes, I am aware that it gets locked somehow. That's what worried me, I have been quite sure I cannot brick my device whatever I do with it...22:03
Jonniflash_erase is the most dangerous command on the N9, as it can perm brick your device on some cases, and in this case erase cal from open mode.22:04
Paliso then unlocking nand regions working from open mode too?22:04
juicemeIs the protection done in HW of the memory circuity, or is it somehow done on the drivers?22:04
PaliI heard that it is possible to lock nand memory for writing (and also possible to unlock)22:05
Jonniit done in bootloader by setting hw readonly bits22:05
Paliwhats is flash_unlock doing?22:07
Jonnithis is kind of my second device that I've nuked with flash_erase, but I managed to recover the 1st one as back in those days I had access to better tools22:07
Jonnithere is no way to call unlock function elsewhere than from bootloader so thats not happening22:08
Palifremantle flasher support changing HW revision22:08
juicemeMy guess is, as the partition was mounted, flash_erase must have somehow ran across the partiton boundaries.22:08
Paliharmattan not?22:08
Jonnijuiceme: yep, thats my guess too22:09
JonniPali: you can only change hw revision if you have R&D cert on device22:10
juicemeJonni, if the bootloader can access the lock/unlock function, it should be possible to do that from any other software too, unless the boot loader runs on a separate physical core than the main system.22:10
juicemeIf that's the case, there can be private bus to the memory manager HW22:11
Jonnijuiceme: unlock function runs in secure PA-side, that kernel and userspace have no access to22:11
juicemeSo it's a different core? (I am not that familiar with omap HW...)22:12
SpeedEvilthe modem has its oown processor and 'is'22:13
Jonniits kind of trusted execute env, like android have trustzone22:13
SpeedEvilignore me, I have not read back scroll22:13
Jonniofcourse that kind of accidental partition boundaries bug could be exploited and in the end one could be lucky enough to replace bootloader with a better one, but I'm afraid that experimenting on that would cause a great number of bricks.22:16
juicemetrue. I feel uncomfortable about experimenting on that kind of functionality, as chances to bet it working are slim.22:18
PaliJonni, so you do not have R&D cert in device?22:19
JonniPali: nope.22:19
Jonnithat device is now brick, atleast it teaches me to be more carefull with flash_erase command22:20
Paliso there is really no way to fix device with erased cal?22:21
juicemeYou don't have access to jtag flasher?22:21
Jonnijuiceme: dont have access to jtag flasher anymore.22:22
JonniPali: well fixable in factory with jtag flasher :)22:22
*** fmunozs has joined #harmattan22:23
Jonnimost likley alternative dir structure to /home partition would be optimal, that way harmattan and nemo rootfs'es can still be mounted22:24
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan22:24
*** Martix has joined #harmattan22:29
PaliJonni, in fremantle and also harmattan linux kernel I found code for device RX-71. Do you know what is/was it?22:32
Palithere are files board-rm680.c, board-rm696.c, board-rx51.c, board-rx71.c22:34
Jonniyes I do know what rx-71 was, but sorry cannot comment on that as it was never released to public.22:37
juicemeoo, top secret :)22:37
Palifrom number I think that unreleased device after n90022:38
juicemeIf the device is listed in fremantle configs, it must be an older one.22:39
Paliin fremantle kernel there is incomplete code22:39
Paliand in harmattan kernel there is full code for video, camera, ...22:39
Paliin harmattan kernel there is code for tvout22:40
juicemeall the nice could-have-beens :(22:40
Paliit has some himalaya display panel22:41
*** rubdos has quit IRC22:42
Paliwow, device has right and left shitfs, left and right ctrl, left meta key22:43
Palidevice with big keyboard22:44
Palisyntm12xx touchscreen22:44
juicemeWell that's the stuff people on TMO would give their other kidney for :)22:47
juicemes/people/some known people/22:47
infobotjuiceme meant: Well that's the stuff some known people on TMO would give their other kidney for :)22:48
PaliRX-71 has OMAP 363022:48
Paliit also has ssi, hsi and cmt_speech configuration, so it *is* phone22:49
PaliJonni, nothing you can comment?22:49
Palibtw, in board-rx71.c header is: "Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Nokia"22:50
Jonnidevelopment board for N950, but dont take my word for it.22:50
Palidoes SU, RX and RM means someting?22:51
Palior only some random chars?22:51
Palihere are all known maemo/meego devices:
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC23:02
Jonniheh, I can see that its missing atleast one device :)23:05
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #harmattan23:06
tehdelyinteresting that nolo has a shell. any idea how to access it?23:06
Palitehdely, via serial console :-)23:08
PaliJonni, some meltemi device?23:10
tehdelymeltemi :(23:11
*** Oni^^ is now known as Oni^23:11
tehdelyPali: is there way to hack nolo?  i could think of a feature or two that would be handy...23:11
Palitehdely, on harmattan device without R&D certificate it is not possible to replace bootloader23:12
JonniPali: nope, more like in N900 timeline23:12
Palitehdely, on fremantle, it is possible teoretically23:12
tehdelymy desired feature is that it would boot in open mode without locking the CAL23:13
PaliJonni, did you have (or touch) that devices?23:13
tehdelythen i could eat my cake and have it too23:14
tehdelyi understand it is nolo that sets the CAL read-only, cirrect?23:14
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC23:14
Jonnitehdely: its bootloader that sets it readonly, and no shell avail in there23:14
juicemeJonni, so bootloader starts before NOLO?23:15
PaliOMAP bootrom --> X-Loader --> NOLO --> kernel23:15
juicemePali, ok23:16
tehdelythanks for the info23:16
PaliX-Loader and NOLO are stored in one nand partition23:16
juicemeAnd NOLO is the part that interacts with flasher, for example, is ti?23:17
infobotjuiceme meant: And NOLO is the part that interacts with flasher, for example, is it?23:17
Paliomap bootrom load & run only signed code from nand partition23:17
Paliso X-Loader is signed23:17
PaliX-Loader disabling CAL (if open mode is activated)23:17
Paliand boot NOLO23:17
PaliNOLO then doing some parts of flashing and booting kernel23:18
Palibut harmattan flasher sending APE kernel image with attached initfs which has own softupd binary which implement server application for flashing23:19
Paliusing Mk II protocol23:19
Palion there is softupd application and is used only for flashing eMMC and is stored on rootfs23:20
Paliso without working fremantle rootfs it is not possible to flash eMMC23:20
tehdelyquite an orchestration!23:22
juicemePali, there is something I was wondering the other day; When kernel is flashed, the flasher needs the firmware.bin file where it gets the "APE algorithm" as it says. Well the firmware file is fairly large, would the flasher work if only some part of the file was given to it, or does it need the whole packaged firmaware?23:23
juicemePali, So the "APE algorithm" is some linux kernel, is it?23:24
Paliin FIASCO harmattan firmware there APE image which is linux kernel with initfs23:24
Palithat contains softupd userspace binary which can flash some components via USB23:25
PaliJonni, where is source code of APE kernel image?23:25
Jonnino idea, most likely never released23:26
PaliIf I'm right that APE image is linux kernel, then it must be distributed under GPLv223:26
Pali(at least linux kernel)23:26
PaliJonni, look at scrollback. Am I right about booting?23:27
Jonniyou can always send email to and ask the sources if you believe that is linux kernel.23:27
PaliI cannot23:28
PaliI'm blacklisted23:28
juicemePali, I have hard time beliving that !23:29
Palisomebody who reading source code requests sent me some unreleased code for fremantle under LGPL23:29
Paliand after more months Nokia officialy released source code of that application23:30
juicemeso, that's okay if it is GPL'ed. Should not matter it was unreleased.23:31
Palijuiceme, not it was closed23:31
Paliit was control panel aplet for certificate manager in maemo523:31
juicemeah, you mean they accientally sent you closed sources?23:31
juicemeand now you are persona non grata there :)23:32
Palibecause that code has LGPL COPYING file, also LGPL header in every source code and also LGPL in debian/control23:32
Palibecause debian/copying is avalilable in binary DEB packages, I tried to sent email with request for source code23:33
Palijuiceme, look:
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:35
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:36
juicemeI could make the request for the APE kernel23:38
Jonniactually I think that ape kernel is the same 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 that is already released, it just packaged in custom way and accompanied with some scripts23:39
Palijuiceme, ok, try23:40
Paliand write here if you get responce23:41
Palijuiceme, refer to firmware fiasco bin where is that APE image glued23:41
juicemefor my version (nordic) it is on DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin23:45
juicemeactually I think localization applies only for emmc image, the firmware image could be same for all variants?23:46
*** NIN102 has quit IRC23:53
juiceme... time to go to bed, early morning tomorrow23:54

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