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HtheBanyone alive? :)01:42
HtheBI need some help with flashing01:42
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juicemespent some time last nigt trying to compile the kernel+initramfs version of ubiboot11:01
juicemeI am bebinning to think there is something I don't know about using initramfs11:01
infobotjuiceme meant: I am beginnig to think there is something I don't know about using initramfs11:02
juicemeI made sure I got all correct module versions on my ramfs, but still there are problems loading them automatically11:03
juicemewhen I log into ubiboot maintanance consile, I can modprobe them11:03
juicemebut the kernel does not automatically load the same modules it does when I mount a partition (whether ubi or ext2/4) on boot11:04
juicemestrange indeed11:04
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juicemeIs it possible that initramfs initializes fater than ubifs, so that something happens too quickly, that when init runs the modprobes system is not yet ready... I'll have to put a "sleep 1" there and see if it helps...14:38
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Hurrianjuiceme: which type of ubiboot is this?14:46
Hurrianubiboot classic, or ubiboot append?14:46
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juicemeHurrian, with "ubiboot classic" it works okay, but with "ubiboot integrated" it does not work14:57
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Hurrianjuiceme: what method are you using to add initrd to kernel?14:57
juicemethe same stuff mounted from mtd4 behaves diffrently when mounted from integrated initramfs.14:57
juicemeAdded the path to the dirstructure in config14:58
juicemeand let make to create the cpio for me14:58
juicemefirst tried adding readymade cpio, but there was some haziness that caused it not to install it correctly...14:59
juicemebut anyway, will comntinue with that tonight14:59
Hurrianjuiceme, so does it boot into Harmattan or just gets stuck in limbo?15:00
juicemeit boots, but as usb modules get not loaded, I cannot telnet to the device. I did some theaks to init, and managed to load usb device but still it did not load up touchscreen driver correctly.15:02
juicemetried different things and sometimes it works, sometimes not. bit of unstable ::(15:02
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juicemebut anyway, I'll continue later. see ya!15:03
Hurrianjuiceme: have you tried editing some =m to =y?15:03
Hurriansee ya, juiceme.15:03
juicemeHurrian, not yet, will try.15:03
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teleshoesdoes anyone know of a decent email client for the n9?21:26
teleshoespreferably one that ties into the notifications api21:27
teleshoesbut anything, really21:27
rubdoskmail works on it...21:27
teleshoesin chroot21:27
rubdosBut not really very well21:27
rubdosNo, just from repos, like any other app does21:27
teleshoesthanks, ill check it out21:28
rubdosNo prob ;)21:28
teleshoeshow do you think it compares with nokia one?21:28
rubdosCan anybody tell me where on my Unix filesystem I can find my sms files? Unix: everything in a file, so tell me. Need to go deepdeep in history. No Windows, so no Nokia PC Suite21:28
rubdosteleshoes, bad :P21:28
rubdosMore options, but not made for N921:28
teleshoessms files?21:28
rubdosmy text messages, sorry.21:29
teleshoesi know where the are on the n9..21:29
teleshoestheyre in the tracker db21:29
teleshoesand nowhere else21:29
rubdosteleshoes, is it plaintext? Or is there any util to read them out?21:29
teleshoestheres a great one!21:29
teleshoessends it to CSV21:29
teleshoesbut yea, its in a sqlite database21:30
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teleshoesi wrote a util wrapping smsbackuprestore21:30
teleshoesfor breaking it out by contact21:30
rubdosteleshoes, I LOVE sqlite :D21:30
teleshoesand restoring 30 days worth21:30
rubdosPerfect! thanks!21:30
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rubdosmmm, where 's the trackerdb? :p21:31
teleshoesbe very careful with it, its delicate21:32
teleshoesits really really over-used21:32
rubdosOk, thanks. If I open it up with a sqlite admin tool, could it break?21:32
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teleshoesyes, but probably wont21:32
teleshoescopy it to your laptop21:32
teleshoesdont forget the -wal21:33
rubdosOh. Yeh. Indeed. what wal?21:33
teleshoessqlite dbs have a, er, cache21:33
teleshoesa pre-commit buffer, sort of21:33
teleshoestheyre named *-wal21:33
teleshoesso, /home/user/.cache/tracker/meta.db-wal21:33
teleshoesif it exists, make sure you include it21:34
rubdosok. Thanks :)21:34
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teleshoesyou probably just want to use smsbackuprestore21:34
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rubdosteleshoes, nah, I love to experiment, but I'm on your topic at the maemo forum, so I'll check it out later :)21:36
rubdosDon't need to backup, just want to mess around :)21:36
teleshoesoh its not my topic!21:36
teleshoesi only wrote a useful wrapper around it, wwwjfy wrote the tool21:37
rubdosoh, okay :)21:37
teleshoeskmail isnt in the repos anymore21:37
teleshoesgot a deb?21:37
rubdosisn't it? :o21:37
rubdosCould be in another repo; I'll cat my sources, have a sec21:37
rubdosdeb ./21:38
rubdosthere you'll find them, I think21:38
rubdosCheck out the link first, to check if it's the right one :p21:38
teleshoesthere are packages that refer to kmail21:38
teleshoesin other repos21:38
teleshoesdoes anyone know what happened to mohammadag's sources repo?21:40
rubdos379 tables O.o21:40
rubdosNo idea :/21:40
teleshoesthe db is more or less totally useless21:41
teleshoesits meant to be accessed through libraries which hide the gnome tracker implementation details21:42
teleshoesp.s. kmail isnt in kolab21:42
teleshoesthats the right repo, tho, for kontact-touch armel debs21:43
rubdosWell, I think int's in kontact touch...21:44
rubdosisn't it? :p21:44
rubdosI'm not a real KDE guy..21:44
teleshoesyea i despise kde21:45
teleshoesalmost as much as i hate gnome21:45
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teleshoesanyone know if the fenix source is lying about somewhere secret?21:48
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rubdosteleshoes, I rather like gnome :p But I can't help you a lot. I'm more end-user than Harmattan Insider :)21:50
teleshoesim one of those too-cool-for-school hipsters that hates desktop environments in general21:51
rubdosteleshoes, ooh, okay. Thats awesome (if you get it)...21:54
rubdosGotta love the InformationElement table -.-21:55
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rubdosteleshoes, okay. Using smsbackuprestore :p22:20
rubdosthe sqlitedb is REALLY a mess...22:20
teleshoesits not documented well22:20
teleshoeslike i said, its intended to be accessed through libraries22:20
teleshoesbefore smsbackuprestore, i wrote a script that extracted sms. it was hundreds of lines of garbage22:21
teleshoessmsbackuprestore uses the same messages framework that the conversations app uses22:21
teleshoesand is much more sensible22:22
rubdosteleshoes, Yes, I just tried to trace a contact of which I'd like to extract the messages from some weeks ago... Horrible to try in sqlite admin...22:22
rubdosYes, indeed22:22
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