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DocScrutinizer05errr, N900? Has 5GHz? New to me01:02
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lpapphi, anyone having a Mac host here?03:13
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teleshoesin case anyones curious, i have not solved the peculiar wifi-re-prompt-for-passphrase problem04:01
teleshoesemail me at if you also experience this issue04:02
teleshoesfor now, im just going to use 802.11 a/n 20mhz instead of n-only 40mhz04:02
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teleshoeshas been out long?04:40
teleshoesive been trying to install mt-toggles and busybox-power-noaegis all day04:41
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teleshoesoh, google says mohammadag has a twitter and i could just read that04:44
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RzRe-yes, hi are you around ?13:24
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e-yesRzR, hi13:27
RzRe-yes, cckwes : are you here ?13:27
cckwesyes, i'm here13:27
RzRe-yes let me intruduce cckwes , he's a meegoon from singapure13:28
RzRcckwes, e-yes is mr nitdroid from moskow13:28
cckweshi e-yes13:28
RzRe-yes, remember when i talked about cckwes at fosdem ?13:28
cckwesrzr, actually I'm a meegoon from malaysia :D13:29
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cckwesjust that currently working in singapore13:29
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e-yescckwes, hi, singapore is beatiful place to live, but a way expensive:( what do you do (as your job)?13:32
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cckwessoftware engineer for a instrumentation company13:33
cckwesso i heard from RZR that you are frequently travel to singapore13:33
e-yesactually, have been once in sg, in jan'1313:34
cckwesi see13:34
cckwesso when is the next time you will be here?13:34
thedead1440cckwes: wow someone else from Singapore too13:34
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e-yescckwes, hard to say exact date, I think it will happen in late April13:35
e-yes(if I will not be fired before this date, heh:)13:36
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cckwesthedead1440: so you're from singapore too? haha13:37
thedead1440cckwes: yup :D13:37
cckwese-yes: great, then we might be able to have a meetup the next time you come singapore13:38
e-yescckwes, sure13:38
RzRa meego convention :)13:38
RzRbeware that's what happended to me :)13:38
cckwesyup, and at the same time can meetup with the great thedead1440 too :D13:38
RzRand i'll ask my boss to pay me a plane to shake your hands too :)13:39
cckwesRZR: lol, i think it will be just a personal meetup13:39
e-yesRzR, you should choose singapore airlines. free singapore sling even for economy class;)13:41
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cckwesRZR it will be great if you can come, maybe can choose singapore as your next holiday destination? :)13:41
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RzRe-yes, what does sling mean ?
thedead1440RzR: its a cocktail ;)13:42
RzRcckwes, i wont take many vacation since i am starting a new job13:42
RzRi see13:43
RzRbtw this malysian desert rocks sandol13:44
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cckwesrzr, we called it cendol, a very nice desert, especially in hot climate countries(malaysia, singapore)13:45
RzRI discovered that , most european wont try those liltle green worms :)13:47
RzRdonno if i can find those ingredients in my place13:47
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RzRe-yes, try that
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e-yeswhat is that green stuff? noodles or some fruit?13:52
cckweserm, it's some kind of short noodle that's made using the leaf (pandan leaf)13:54
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RzRcckwes btw are u still on harmattandev ?14:01
cckwesrzr: sure, but my pace of developing has been very slow since quite busy with the day job14:04
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paHi guys20:26
paquick check20:26
padoes N9 have support for Bt4.0?20:26
mschlens_ 2.1 +EDR20:29
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paoh ok20:30
paso it has the hardware for 4.0 but again not the software, right?20:31
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mschlens_Hmm, interesting. WP speaks of 2.1+EDR, other sites report it to have 4.020:37
dm8tbrIIRC I've heard recently that it higly depends on which spin of the wl127x silicon you have20:39
dm8tbras on some the BT-LE features just don't work20:39
dm8tbrin that regard, no idea what Nokia got from TI20:40
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valdur55yep.  hardware supports  wifi N   so   BT4.0 must be supported20:48
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dm8tbrI don't think there is a connection from 802.11n to BT4.020:51
valdur55bluetooth and wifi is in same chip20:52
dm8tbryes it's a WiLink620:54
Jonnibt4 bluez version was never released to public for N9.20:59
dm8tbrso the silicon supports it?21:00
dm8tbrbecause older spins of the wilink6 certainly don't21:00
Jonniafaik yes21:00
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mschlens_whoops, wrong window21:04
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valdur55RzR: Hey! scummvm lastest version is 1.5  in  repo is 1.3 - link
valdur55RzR: forum link:
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paJonni, and obviously  there is no way to have that version leaked, is there? :)22:25
bef0rdwhat version? :)22:25
bef0rdI read on twitter there were updates comming for N922:26
Jonnipa: about 0% change, all N9 new feature development was freezed dec 2011, and all the dev was killed after that one, so bt4 code was scraped and destroyed, all the people have left to company already and there are zero copies of that code around.22:27
bef0rdTwitter is forcing obsolescence on V1.0 of its API in a few weeks22:28
bef0rdI would suggest that this "update", is to make use of 1.1 API. would be surprised to see any real changes beyond that22:28
bef0rd:its something:22:28
bef0rdwhy would they destry the code :/22:28
Jonnijust to prevent leaks :)22:29
bef0rdthen they would destroy the previous version source code too? or just from unreleased software22:30
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valdur55Someone leaked updated version for N95022:31
bef0rdmine is still on 1.2 though22:33
rashm2kI wish I could get an N95022:34
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pathat's a pity of course..22:41
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Jonnimy N950 is dualbooting between PR1.3 and Sailfish OS ;-)22:42
bef0rdpics or it didn't happen22:43
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RzRvaldur55, dsc please22:47
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SpeedEvilJonni: :-)22:57
bef0rdbtw anybody knows if its possible to use QML (without harmattan components) to distribute apps for N900 in the store?23:00
Jonnistore still supports N900 apps? :)23:01
bef0rdwant to try :P23:02
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Jonniafaik qtdeclarative is only in extras-devel in fremantle, so most likely store apps connot depend to it.23:05
Jonnicannot even23:05
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bef0rdI see thanks, I'll do something else then23:24
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